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Every moment. Every day. Every way. 2014 Rate Card

Effective February 1, 2014

ST. JOSEPH Daviess



PO BOX 29 - 825 EDMOND ST. - ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI 64501 816.271.8500 - FAX 816.271.8696 •

RETAIL ADVERTISING RATES NPG Newspapers, dba St. Joseph News-Press. Published every morning, Monday through Sunday. Member: Audit Bureau of Circulations, Newspaper Association of America, Inland Press Association, Missouri Press Association



St. Joseph, Missouri is the regional hub for the fourteen counties of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas with a combined population of over 150,000. Located in the heart of America, St. Joseph is the seventh largest city in the state of Missouri.




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a. Retail rates are net and non-commissionable. No cash discount for camera-ready, pre-payment or net 10 days b. Charged advertising accounts are due and payable by the 15th of the month following publication. Accounts not paid by the 30th of the month accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month until the advertisement is paid.


a. The St. Joseph News-Press reserves the right to refuse any and all advertising. b. Retail advertising rates apply to advertising done by retail stores which sell to the public through one or more locations they own or control. c. All advertising is cash with order except where credit has been approved by the St. Joseph News-Press. Applications for credit must be approved by the credit manager. We consider both an advertiser and its agency equally responsible for payment. If payment is not received we reserve the right to seek relief from both. d. The St. Joseph News-Press’ liability for an error in an advertisement will be limited to the space occupied by the error on the first insertion of the advertisement. Any claim for allowance must be made within 15 days after the occurrence of an error. Any makegood for such allowance must be made within 15 days of the occurrence. e. Rates are subject to revision. Contract advertisers will be informed by letter, 30 days prior, of any changes or additions to this rate card. f. Placement fees from third party entities will be added to the cost of the advertisements. g. Local contracts must be signed by an authorized official to the company. Contracts signed by a company’s advertising agency will not be accepted. h. Ads in regular paper over 18-inches in depth will be charged 20-inches. i. The receipt of a contract or order is construed as an acceptance of all rates and conditions under which the St. Joseph News-Press, at the time, sells advertising space. j. Advertising simulating news copy shall have the words “Paid Advertisement” at the top of the advertisement. k. The St. Joseph News-Press will not accept cancellation of any order for advertising space after publication deadline. l. Advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify the NewsPress, its officers, agents, employees, and contractors against any and all liability, loss or expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, resulting from the publication of Advertiser’s advertisement, including, but not limited to claim of libel, plagiarism, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, infringements of trademarks, copyrights, trade names, patents or proprietary rights, or violations of rights of privacy. m. Advertising contracts may not be assigned or transferred by the advertiser. n. Brokered space in any form is unacceptable. o. Incorrect rates on insertion orders that do not correspond with the current rate card in effect will be regarded as clerical errors. The advertisement will be published and charged at the applicable rates in effect at the time of publication. p. Position requests will be honored as makeup permits. Under no circumstances will adjustments, reinsertions or refunds be made due to the position in which an advertisement has been published. q. The St. Joseph News-Press reserves the right to cancel Advertising Agreements upon 30 days notice to customer.

Effective February 1, 2014

PO Box 29 - 825 Edmond St. - St. Joseph, MO 64501 816.271.8500 - Fax 816.271.8696 •

DOLLAR VOLUME AGREEMENTS Open Rate $1,000.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00 $7,500.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $25,000.00 $50,000.00 $75,000.00 $100,000.00

Daily $54.28 $38.52 $33.71 $31.30 $29.50 $27.49 $26.90 $26.33 $25.48 $24.33 $24.21

Sunday $59.98 $42.17 $37.25 $34.59 $32.58 $30.39 $29.74 $29.08 $28.16 $26.89 $26.74

Repeat $35.28 $25.04 $21.91 $20.35 $19.18 $17.87 $17.49 $17.11 $16.56 $15.81 $15.74

All St. Joseph News-Press advertising revenues will count toward dollarvolume commitment. This includes space (ROP and Classified), preprinted insert revenue, print & insert revenues, color and position charges. Advertiser has one year to complete dollar volume commitment. Daily rate applies to any Monday through Saturday newspaper.

WEEKLY FREQUENCY AGREEMENTS Open Rate 1-inch 2-inches 6-inches 18-inches 30-inches 60-inches 90-inches 120-inches

Daily $54.28 $23.51 $23.06 $22.22 $21.48 $21.12 $20.66 $20.53 $20.31

Sunday $59.98 $25.97 $25.47 $24.56 $23.73 $23.33 $22.82 $22.68 $22.43

Repeat $35.28 $15.28 $14.99 $14.45 $13.96 $13.72 $13.43 $13.35 $13.20

Weekly frequency contracts are non self-renewing agreements. Advertiser agrees to publish the minimum amount of original space each week for duration of agreement. Daily rate applies to any Monday through Saturday newspaper. Repeat rates apply to ads picked up within six days of original insertion with no changes in copy. Sundays are excluded from pickup rate. Ads must run on consecutive weeks. 13-week agreement add $1.00 per column inch. 26-week agreement add $.50 per column inch.


• Rates are per thousand pre-prints. • Preprinted insertion dollars may count toward St. Joseph News-Press Dollar Volume agreement. • Preprinted insertion rates are for single advertisers only. • Minimum quantities: Monday thru Saturday - 5,000; Sunday & Holidays - 15,000. Minimum quantity for Sundays and Holidays from Thanksgiving through New Year are 20,000. Thanksgiving distribution is full circulation only. • Add at least 2% for circulation quantity for spoilage • Rates available for standard distribution in St. Joseph News-Press and TMC mailer Single sheet 2 reg/4 tab 4 reg/8 tab 6 reg/12 tab 8 reg/16 tab 10 reg/20 tab 12 reg/24 tab 14 reg/28 tab 16 reg/32 tab 18 reg/36 tab Addl 2 reg/4 tab

5,000 up to 10,000

$41.70 $60.33 $83.07 $93.26 $97.67 $100.65 $103.93 $107.21 $110.50 $113.78 $3.28

10,000 up to 20,000

$39.71 $55.96 $77.31 $86.52 $89.76 $95.50 $98.54 $101.60 $102.34 $104.57 $2.97

20,000 up to full distr

$37.29 $49.00 $69.71 $76.42 $79.95 $82.78 $85.74 $88.64 $91.56 $94.51 $2.96

FREQUENCY DISCOUNTS: Minimum quantity for discount is 20,000 per insertion 75-99 Annually: 10-22 Annually: 4% 100-109 Annually: 23-36 Annually: 6% 110-119 Annually: 37-49 Annually: 8% 120 or More Annually: 50-74 Annually: 10%

full distr (no zoning)

$32.69 $40.63 $56.71 $66.23 $69.75 $71.66 $74.84 $77.37 $80.43 $81.17 $2.75

14% 18% 20% 22%

SIZE INFORMATION: Regular Pages - More than 11.5” in width or 12.0” in depth; Maximum size: 11.5” x 22.0” and must be half folded. Tabloid Pages - Pages over 80.5 square inches; Maximum size: 11.5” x 12.0” Flaps are counted as an additional regular page. Mini-Tabs or “Flexi’s” - With 8 pages or more of 80.5 square inches will be charged at half the number of tabloid pages. TOTAL MARKET COVERAGE (TMC): 23,000 delivered to non-subscribers each Wednesday in the metro area. Rate for TMC mailer will be same rate as St. Joseph News-Press distribution rate Minimum Distribution = 5,000 CIRCULATION Daily: 24,381

Add 35% to column-inch (including color) rate

Sunday: 27,339

(Source: ABC Publishers Statement 3/31/13)


30-column inches and over - flat rate Daily Sunday Spot Color $225.00 $225.00 Full color $440.00 $440.00


PU Discount $146.25 $286.00

Under 30-column inches - inch rate (Minimum size - 2-inches) Daily Sunday PU Discount Spot Color $8.00 $8.00 $5.20 Full color $15.00 $15.00 $9.75

Quantities Needed: Daily: 25,100 Sunday: 28,200

TMC: 28,548

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS Ship to: TJ Lake, Mail Room Supervisor St. Joseph News-Press 1301 S. 58th Street St. Joseph, MO 64507 Ship prepaid disposable skids, 39x49 in lifts of the printer’s convenience. Bundles are not to be tied, just strapped to the skid. Packaging Phone: 816-271-8663 RECEIVING HOURS: Mon. - Fri., 7:00 am to 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

THE POWER OF VIBRANT, CLEAR COLOR Color strongly influences a reader’s attention. Color can convey a mood, emphasize a point or make your ad jump off the page. In a recent readership study by the Newspaper Association of America readers said they were 60% more likely to read through an entire full color ad versus an ad that used black as its dominant color.

ADDITIONAL POLICIES: • Preprinted inserts are due at the St. Joseph News-Press production facility no later than one week prior to insertion date • Single sheet inserts should be printed on minimum 70# paper. • Inserts requiring special handling due to printer damage, improper skidding or transportation damage may require an additional charge. • All preprinted inserts are subject to postal regulations and publisher policies.

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PO Box 29 - 825 Edmond St. - St. Joseph, MO 64501 816.271.8500 - Fax 816.271.8696 •



Based on a 6-Column format.


Rate below are per agate line except three, four, and five visual lines - which are rated per visual line. Open Rate 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days Per Visual Line $7.17 $6.39 $6.02 $5.64 $5.61 $5.54 $5.36 Disp Open Rate per inch $71.70 $63.90 $60.15 $56.40 $56.10 $55.35 $53.55 (2” minimum)


Classified contracts require a minimum of 2 lines per day for the duration of the agreement. LINER ADS (per line per day) Rates are based on consecutive publication of advertisement. 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 2 - 4 visual $4.67 $3.86 $3.23 $2.99 $2.82 $2.69 $2.25 5 + visual $3.36 $2.78 $2.32 $2.15 $2.03 $1.93 $1.62 13 week premium $0.70 per visual line. 26-week premium $0.35 per visual line DISPLAY ADS (per inch per day) Rates below are per column inch - 120 column inches per page. Inches 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 2-7” $33.59 $26.87 $20.15 $16.79 $13.44 $11.76 $11.76 7-16 “ $31.07 $24.86 $18.64 $15.54 $12.43 $10.87 $10.87 16-40 “ $28.55 $22.84 $17.13 $14.28 $11.42 $9.99 $9.99 40-60 “ $26.03 $20.83 $15.62 $13.02 $10.41 $9.11 $9.11 60-120 “ $23.52 $18.81 $14.11 $11.76 $9.41 $8.23 $8.23 120”+ $21.00 $16.80 $12.60 $10.50 $8.40 $7.35 $7.35 13 week premium $7.00 per inch. 26 week premium $3.50 per inch.

Liner ads are per agate line. Display ads based on 6-column format. Open 70-Inches Per Year 140-Inches Per Year 350-Inches Per Year PER VISUAL LINE $13.15 $7.00 $6.50 $5.60 350-Inches Per Year $56.28 $50.82 $44.94 $37.59 $32.76 $28.14 $25.41

Repeat Your Recruitment Ad for $27.00 per column inch. ($2.70 per line minimum $27.00) Repeat rate available within six days of original insertion. 7 Day on-line listings will be added at $50 per job Special front page treatment on with Top Jobs.

Top Jobs & Priority Listings Also Available $99 Galaxy Network

SPECIAL CLASSIFICATION RATES Political (per column inch) Churches (per column inch) Charitable Organizations (per column inch) Public Notices (per agate line) Commemorative Ads

Daily $52.19 $18.00 $26.59 $4.25 $20.00

Sunday $57.67 $18.00 $29.50 $4.50 $20.00

Repeat $31.31 $10.80 $16.02 $20.00



Lafaye tte downs S overtim a e thrillvannah 64-5 7 er to win class 4, dist rict 16 C hamp

FRONT PAGE Un ions Under attack in


ST. joSeph,

± Uni

ons, tea

Citizens push for sewer bond approval

By Clin

St. Josep

ton tho

h News

party gro



A har

d ple lang sell requires uag simThe Sew e. er Rev Citizen s Cam enue Bond mittee paign will put Com into pra that theo ry month. ctice over the The grou next convinc p hop a $105 e voters to app es to mill issue Apr ion sewer rove bond il The city 5. will use funds for to a fede projects rela the it add ral mandate ted ress its that sewer overflow combined to mee issues t and concern new regu lations ammoniaing the amo and othe unt of cals it may disc r chemithe Mis harge souri Rive into “We hav r. e to put simple this in can und language peo tee memerstand,” com ple mitsaid. “If ber Bob Slat this muc they vote yes er it’s this h, if they vote it’s much. no has to The city do the way.” work either If vote rs app bond, the city rove the will app ly Please see CItIZenS/ Page a

ups rally



i r166Th




, FebruAry

27, 2011

at Missou

ri Capitol


please see





no. 309



$ 1.5


Details in SPORTS matt reID/

St. Joseph

Missouri la right-to-w wmakers push ork legislat ion


By jimm y myers St. Josep h News -Press tors and opment economic The Mis develsouri consult is look ing for Legislature even conside ants won’t million busines about r loca worth trim from of plac $500 is not ses in a stat ting es to righ e that its bud pared get. Com Daniel P. t-to-work,” to stat said Mehan, es like - Cha sin, whi Wis Mis mber presiden souri $3.6 billi ch is staring con- chief exec t on at and deficit, a wor utive. lawmak Missou “Right-t k legi ers are oless con looking ri Missou slation wou trov ld put ri in the in opti Protest ersial plac first tier ons of highligh s in Wis es. velopme for economi con t c sin that stat bate searchin nt professi dee’s over onals g for public-s de- tions unions, to exp the best loca and or its own but Missouri ector Righ loca future struggle overfaces in plac t-to-work law te.” of orga e s are nized labothe in the in 22 states, The Mis mostly souther r. souri of Com part n or Chambe merce r cord of the cou western is sup and Indu ntry ing por attempt ting a legi stry site Mis to the new , acslative s web sou right-to- to make Mis The legi ri Watchdog. souri a slat groups, work state. Labor souri would ion in Mis oppose like the AFL prohibit datory the legi -CIO, slation. the pay membership man“It is ment or edge that common of due knowl- condition many of emp s as a site sele loyment. cPlease see ± Pol mISSoUr itics trump I/Page a facts

According to Gallup ,


percent of the Am eric public fav an ore some form d of gun control in 1990. The number 63 percent dropped to in 1995 and 51 percent in 2007. Last year, a 44 percent Gallop poll found that onl would fav y or stricte r gun law s.


See your St. Joseph News-Press Advertising Is g Consultant or Call 816-271-8527 for details. controlun a Photo illustra

tion by GeorG

e L. Stant on IV/St.


News-Press Bethany , who that wou co-s ld low ponsored carry a bill er the age conceal said the requirement ednot disp number of bills from 23 to roportio this yea 21, up in prev nate to r are thos ious e legislat offered “We’ve ive sess seen Amend ions. a lot ment, tion ever rights-r of Second he said y year since elated legisla-. I’ve been Accordi here,” the Am ng to Gallup, form of erican public 78 percent of favored ure dropgun control some in fell to ped to 62 perc 1990. That fig51 a Gallup percent in ent in 1995 and 2007. Las cent wou poll found t year, that ld “The gen favor stricter only 44 pergun eral suppor law downwa t rd tren s. continu for stricter By jimm d in ed, in gun y mye laws has profile spite of St. Josep rs civilian h News seve -Press Gallup gun crim ral highrevi es,” said “Voters ew on gun Propose a d legi these issu have spok laws. capitol es,” said en on a mirrors slation at the D-St. ment lot regardin the nationa state the Joseph. But Rep. Pat Con of people l sentiway prop g fire he are in less abo osed legislatviews some , favor of arms: Few er gun of ut gun ion -con er passing Of the trol laws. strict- defining the s and mor as being e 13 about the fede relation eight wou bills rega rerdin state gov ral govern ship between gun law ld allow mor g firearm ment ern s, s. Rep e men ment, lenienc t. “There and the . Casey which Guernse y in is maybe y, Rin som a movee ways is Please see FeWer/Pa ge a

Libyan pr continue otests

dea issue?d Fewe


r seem in favor of to be more

please see Page a3

Governor Avoid causis to feds: n any more g states pain


d Press

ington: WASHI prevent their stat NGTON — ment a govern financia es on the brinWith from shutdown, abst govern l catastrophe k of dramatspending cuts ain ors plea , U.S. ically that day for states ded Satu will govern the divided fede r- liminarand end evenaffect ment to y disc ral allo preanythin avoid doin wing stat ussions abo g ban ut per the g that would kruptcy es to declare ham tenu ous econ recovery “Anythi . omic back hom does that ng that Con Their message e. gres will und s to Was ermine h- Pleas e see GoVe rnorS/P age a

An apple a day kee but when ps the doctor we're Accept you need one, away... ing ne • Most w pAtie Major Insu rances Acce United nts Health pted

restrictive laws The St. Joseph News-Press can print multi-page tabloid and broadsheet sections. Ask for details. Commercial printing price quotes are given on an individual basis, depending upon individual needs. Libyans Associated hit Libyan leadea defaced billbo Press ard of r Moam during a demonstra mar Gadhafi the regim tion again eastern e in the city of Tobru st Libya, on Saturday. k,

For deta ils see Pag es A2,


Care, Blue Including UMR, Med Cross Blue Shie ld, icare Offering Allergy Testing & Therapy

• Now

INSID Design, Print and Deliver Inserts demand readership andE deliver results! Fred E. Potts MAin nuM ber

816-271-8 500

COLOR For color rates see page 3. RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING RATES DISPLAY ADS (per column inch) Inches Open 70-Inches Per Year 140-Inches Per Year 1-5” $131.46 $70.14 $65.31 5-15 “ $118.23 $63.21 $58.59 15-30 “ $105.21 $56.07 $52.08 30-60 “ $87.78 $46.83 $43.47 60-90” $76.86 $40.95 $38.01 90-120” $65.73 $35.07 $32.76 120”+ $59.22 $33.18 $29.19


Design Print& Deliver

Classified.. Obituaries. ............ D1 Busin ess............ Dear Abby ............B3 Deba te.............. ... B5 ............. E7 Movie .... Ads........... A5 ..C3

Full color, glossy DPD inserts target your best audience. Your St. Joseph News-Press Advertising Consultant will help you with date selection, zoning and advertising message. You get production, printing, insertion and delivery all at one affordable price!

Rates to Design, Print and Deliver (cost per thousand) Distribution



5,000 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000

$102 $79 $72 $70 $66

$87 $61 $56 $54 $53

• Minimum Quantity 5,000 • Full Color on Both Sides • Printed on 70# gloss coated or 75# uncoated white stock • Other sizes and stocks available • Deadline is 12 business days prior to insertion • Bleed or no bleed

3921 Sherm


an Aven

, IV M.D

816-233-ue, Saint Joseph, 3700 Toll Miss Free 877- ouri 64506 415-3700





1” g Since 198 All Year Lon & Arby’s) Comfortable l Crest “Keeping You Hwy. (North of Coo • Sat. 9 am to 4 pm 1804 N. Beltrs: M-F 9 am to 6 pm Hou e Stor New

Deborah’s St. Josep

h Christ

ian Scho


Pre-Kinde rgart Enrollm en – Grade 6 ent Op March 3 rd ens

• Christ-C entered Educati • Challen on ging Ac ademic Program • Smaller Class Siz es • Pre-Kind ergarten , 1/2-day • All-Day Kinderga rten • Fine Ar ts: Art, Mu sic, Band • K–6 Co Technologmputer and y Instru ction

Apply NOW fo Fall 2 r 008! Contact

816-279-3 Mrs. Vic

ki Lipira


St. Joseph Chr 5401 Gen e Field • istian School St. Joseph, MO 6450

Accreditation (K-12) Associ Association ation of Commission on Accred Christian School itation and s Interna School Improv tional (ACSI) ement Associ ; North Centra l ation (NCA CASI)


or ni r Ju h fo Hig er d l ov an oo rn h ch Tu Hig S

FOR MORE INFORMATION... contact your St. Joseph News-Press Advertising Consultant or call 271-8527. Effective February 1, 2014

PO Box 29 - 825 Edmond St. - St. Joseph, MO 64501 816.271.8500 - Fax 816.271.8696 •

Tougher times call for smarter targeting. News-Press Digital Media will get your ad message visible results you can track. • - put your offer on this webiste for local shoppers and service seekers • - target home buyers and sellers in this market and beyond • - place an ad in the only local magazine for women • Local Display Banner Advertising Network - splash your ad across the most-read local news site, Contact your News-Press Advertising Consultant for more information.


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gist NOW Meteorolo t lates News-Press 3 gives you the ers Justin Gesling mation and answ a 2011 forecast infor her questions in 20 , RY your weat 7UAp.m. at BR ning FE live blog begin AY,NOW .com. D at NewsPress







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Details in LIFE

and MacklRyan Lewis, left,left, accept the d emore, secon new artist from award for best Kendrick, right presenters Anna Williams at the at and Pharrell s Grammy Award l annua 56th r on Sunday. Staples Cente

tos r snow pho Send us you ld and they cou on be featured





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8 p.m.

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8 a.m.

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8 p.m.

4 p.m.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis make a ‘Heist’ 14 11 of Grammys

Associa ted

out of







FEBRUARY 1, 2011


NO. 283



ds for center

Bi m come in $1M or st r fo e City, region brackes a return to ovMer idcitiony’wssest ST. JOSEPH, MISSO




Brutal cold ma

NO. 278



on smoking ban Thoughts differ

Associated Press



St. Joseph News-P

test the

r could ation cente ual weather — An unus A new recrefitness. A nt ceme CHICAGO cold air from cial repla HOPP edTIN city’s finan ng bitterly plann KRIS city’s By r came ress in pattern drivi e south across a huge News-P Bids for the ger Cente Circl St. Joseph forcing Muchenber expected to the Arctic for the aging higher than expected, Midwest is it will take nents, swath of the res plummeting today steps significantly the s ing-ban oppo veSmok eratu the , Ky., -Pres to re-evaluate the sville Capital Impro city ws send temp Loui outrage in the h Ne ise from eapolis to sparked by ded smokinger that is Josep from Minn to keep a prom amen /St. h from a wintone of the tly it found d in a am. y, LE punc t recen Progr Frida s as ment d bids unite the lates $1 WEDD osal,than city openebanined shaping up prop more TODD discuss When the in some areas d. ing ct. to option rema cthe proje recor publi for meet the cheapest in in the ate n’s to the sition coldest on oppo ructio egic res will rema 2½ days, Const n over its estim strat ford millio sched Craw the Temperatu for ban, e E.L. t to ing closes r smok deep freez Local firm s in on of n came of grips of the the voter $5.2 millioindooto go Mike Huds tototal r. million. A base bid of orologist uled st eate ice in Kanate of $3.99 said mete l. highe i Th Aprithe city’s estim ed, with Weather Serv early sour 00. we need were receiv the National will be similar to what $500,0that Mis eight bids think by about It ss from h when oric separated “Icost estimate St. Joseph News-Pre voters that sas City, Mo. hist and lowest ctget it out toVince TODD WEDDLE/ er this mont ly and in e proje g g earli the to takin mornin th ger quick Mana happened to p Monday “Obviously Cityonen ts) are back ound on-ram was low,” res dropped (prop looks,” next a piece of said Roy te 229 northb winter storm. to take aright temperatu the architects was on the Intersta for days when in this “We’re going circuaway our fire r of the got turned around ice that has accumulated stayed low Capell said. owneof winds that g on e help m, the motorists that of the find out why.” just eastInn, vortex — Hambuilt “brokcrews locatand try to of snow on top ildin er the polar h Pole — rtation y, to be Lamp light ure 35,000St. “We e buget several inches ment of Transpo nd the Nort The new facilit um,Old onissaid. will meas expecte . 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And Please est busin als are hopin in anticipa- please see Satubelow non-smokwell t the Midw s to rly City offici and even A5 for the worst expected to ea , cities throughou dents minu ring Page Legends the prepa at anchill but red colder than e winter storm in e of 210 ers gathe tion of a sever will feel far located at was expected scen state. to at Cafe, said e ts ted entire on uts this the Spor th expec 4 that Huds ka, the nation’s north was tal- pound way, to form PA of snow is buildingPearly News-Pr ess h aron rk at in | St. Joseph re to 2 inches ity to start N. Belt High s day Sait HO the sepGurbuz Serkan d es ay at Eagles rs wo Barrow, Alas e fi a bat m- One with the major s throughout st. 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St. Joseph residents every week!

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The St. Joseph News-Press reaches over 55% of local adults each weekday and 73% on Sunday, including an extraordinarily high percentage of the area’s s for highest income and highest educated residents. State push begin

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Source: MORI, August 2009





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.............B2 Comics ........... ............. A4 Debate ...........G ........ A6 Obituaries ...........









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Stitched & Trimmed Tab Modular (25 inch TRE)

1/2 H ................................ 4 Col (9”) x 5.5” 1/2 V........................... 2 Col (4.437”) x 11” Regular Tab Modular (22 inch)(St. Joe Live) 3/8........................... 2 Col (4.437”) x 8.25” 1/4 H .............................. 4 Col (9”) x 2.75” 1/16............................. 1 Col (2.34”) x 2.5” 1/4 sq ....................... 2 Col (4.437”) x 5.5” 1/8 H ......................... 2 Col (4.805”) x 2.5” 1/8........................... 2 Col (4.437”) x 2.75” 1/8 V............................... 1 Col (2.34”) x 5” 3/4.................................. 4 Col (9”) x 8.25” 3/16 H ......................... 3 Col (7.27”) x 2.5” Full Page ............................. 4 Col (9”) x 11” 3/16 V.......................... 1 Col (2.34”) x 7.5” 1/4 H ......................... 4 Col (9.735”) x 2.5” 8.5” x 11” (3 col Mag DSC) Josephine 1/4 SQ............................ 2 Col(4.805”) x 5” 1/4 V............................. 2 Col (2.34”) x 10” 1/12.......................... 1 Col (2.54”) x 2.59” 1/2 H ............................ 4 Col (9.735”) x 5” 1/6 H ......................... 2 Col (5.21”) x 2.59” 1/2 V........................... 2 Col (4.805”) x 10” 1/6 V.......................... 1 Col (2.54”) x 5.19” 3/8 H .............................. 3 Col (7.27”) x 5” 1/4 H ......................... 3 Col (7.88”) x 2.59” 3/8 V.......................... 2 Col (4.805”) x 7.5” 1/3 SQ........................ 2 Col (5.21”) x 5.19” 3/4 H ......................... 4 Col (9.735”) x 7.5” 1/3 V...................... 1 Col (2.54”) x 10.375” 3/4 V............................ .3 Col (7.27”) x 10” 1/2 H .......................... 3 Col (7.88”)x 5.19” Full Page ...................... 4 Col (9.735”) x 10” 1/2 SQ........................ 2 Col (5.21”) x 7.78” Double Truck .............. 9 Col (20.309”) x 10” 2/3 V...................... 2 Col (5.21”) x 10.375” Full Page .................. 3 Col (7.88”)x 10.375”

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Medium Rect. 300x250 Pxls ....4.17” x 3.47” Half Rect. 300x100 Pixels .......4.17” x 1.39” Leaderboard 728x90 Pixels ...10.11” x 1.25” Dimensions are figured for 72 dpi

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Kraftwraps Horizontal Layouts..........(21”) 126p x 12.5” Vertical Layouts ................(12.5”) 75p x 21” Outside margins are 0.375” (2p3) on all 4 sides Full Page ..................... 4 Col (9.735”) x 9.5” Double Truck ............... 9 Col (20.31”) x 9.5”

1/24......................... 1 Col (2.25”) x 1.125” 1/12........................... 1 Col (2.25”) x 2.25” 1/6 V ........................... 1 Col (2.25”) x 4.5” 1/4 H .............................. 3 Col (7”) x 2.25” 1/3 H ................................... 3 Col (7”) x 3” 1/3 V............................... 1 Col (2.25”) x 9” 1/2 H ............................... 3 Col (7”) x 4.5” 2/3 H ................................. 3 Col (7”) x 6” 2/3 V ........................... 2 Col (4.625”) x 9” Full Page ............................. 3 Col (7”) x 9”

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ine Joseph

2013 10|04|

ouri ent est Miss Northw iversity stud ively State Un mpetit fishes co e Expo

phin the Jose

a.m. to from 10

inning The award-w Brass Fountain Citythe Saint Band joins phony for a Joseph Sym on opener spirited seas



. Oct. 4 p.m

Josephine - a monthly magazine for women published the last Tuesday of every month.

s tj

the Fall istime perfect squash to try most e th Make nery trips of wi

No lazgy fishin here


L ve om

October 2013

nake Blacksr Girls Rolle face change spor ts of local scene blazer Add a ur fall to yo robe ward

oe liv e.c


women’s maga


c Aren 5 at Civi

St. Joe Live - the latest arts & entertainment information

every Friday.


St. Joseph’s


The St. Joseph News-Press is the AREA’S #1 SOURCE for Local Retail Store Shopping Information Bombings ro ck Egyptian capi killing 6 tal,

Drive Preferred Source for Local Shopping Information... St. Joseph News-Press................... 74.5% Television (All stations combined) ............. 6.4% Home sales in crease in 201 Internet ............................................... 4.0% 3 Radio (All stations combined) .................... 6.4% Girl Scou ‘She will n selling coo ts Other Print Editions ........................... 0.6% k ever be fo this monthies rgotten’ Direct Mail Fliers .............................. 3.7% Friend/Word-of-Mouth ..................... 5.8% An Egyp tian man stan in rubble ds after an explosio n the Egyp at tian police head quarters downtow in n Cairo, on Friday.

Details on Page A2

Taurus is

Details on

Assoc iated Press



St. Jose



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Ford’s big, beauti

ful sedan

Page E1 Parents cl at Hosea aim cases mishan Elementa ry Details in MIdled



25, 2014

on mo net St. Jos startin ary policie s that g to put continu eph’s housin are for sure upw g marke ed to Nodawa as hom rec t fall on mortgage ard presy Val ley e sales over in 201 ing to Mortg highes 3 las around rates. After Ban reache t t year, d the at nea age rates hav k. 3.5 per sion beglevel since includ the r-recor cen e the rec ir year, fi an mo xed mo rate on a 30-t eral years, d lows for been other es Buchanan esyears re tha rtgage countie ago. and eig sev hel reboun n five percent at s in the ht Realtor Sales d in the ping to fue the beg was 4.3 2014. reg volum l a tional inning ever, are s and lender e reache ion. housin local and na- mil lion of “I s, St. Jos in the thi g d $13 keepin eph Reg market. The area las g a clo how- to bum nk the rates St. Jos 9 t year, tion of se eye ional are goi eph p thi up, Rea marki rd con ” ng day Mace, ltors rep Associang secutiv assista said Michel e annual the nt vice le 9 perthat home sal orted Fri- crease in res preside nt the cent from 201es increased tate since sal idential rea inl eses at $10 St. Jos 2 3 mil lion bottomed eph are to 2013 in out a, wh in 201 ich 0. The Please see REGION ’S/Page A5

in region,

NO. 276




The Girl Subm it Northwe Scouts of Nort ted photo st Citrus Cris Missouri introheast Kansas and fundrais ps as the new duced Cranberr cookie to er. the annu y al


St. Jose


ph New


The cos t of a $4 bring box of mu 3,00 0 gir ch more val cookies wil l ue to ls in the of the nearly nor the Gir rn reg sas and l Scouts of ion Nor Nor Earlier thwest Mis theast Kansouri. this mo began nth cookie selling the , the Scouts s ir tra benefi as an annual demark t said Ginlocal troops fundraiser to and act brand a Gar vin, vic ivities, and ma a total rketin e president of g. In St. of troops 471 Scouts repres Joseph, began ent order forms. visiting hom ing 42 es wit “Cooki h a lot of es are obviou people sly a this gre , but the tre re is mo at to box of at treat and re to mo cookie s,” Ms re to a great . Gar vin said. Please see GIRL/Pag e A3

Tammy Mack, left, Ashley Mar tine z’s mom, and her mot her Sue Kibb le, far right, hand balloons out Friday even ing at Krug Pool. Fam and frien ily ds released balloons celebrat in ion of Ashley’s 25th birthday. She wen missing t at the age of 15.

The St. Joseph News-Press reaches over 90,000* readers in the St. Joseph Retail Market area (14 counThree vie ties of Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas). No other advertising medium can provide for twthis o sch kind of board seatool s reach or this many buyers with your advertising message. Pulse Research, April 2008 PREPARING Source: FOR PRAY Jessi ca

Stewa r t St. Josep h News -Pres s

Friends, fa honor birt mily of missinghday girl


FOX 26

Effective February 1, 2014





Friend of a gir s, family and l cade gat missing for suppor ters almost place shehered Friday a , at the dewas see wou ld last n, to be her 25th bir honor what thd In Jul ay. y 200 Ashley Martin 4, mothe ez’ r droppe her off d Pool on at Krug Avenue St. Joseph , exp ing to see her ectAshley hours a few la

Group tra veling


to New Yor k City to fi


ER BOWL 20 14

ght human


through pra yer.

Details in LIFE


St. Jose


ph New



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