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January 2010 Anniversary Issue



Documenting America’s Future Generation IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition - P h o t o

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IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition







Happy New Year ! As I mentioned in our last issue, 2010 is an extremely exciting year for Nicholas Price and the Nicholas Price group of companies. We begin with announcing the new special edition issues of IN Focus that includes a unique anniversary cover photograph painstakingly selected from the Nicholas Price Archives. Each IN Focus Editor cover is a celebration marking the Grace Price 10 year anniversary of Nicholas Price’s documentation of America. These special photographs are also available for sale as a collector’s print on We hope you enjoy seeing some of the style, scope and variety of a Nicholas Price photograph illustrated in these unique issues throughout 2010. Beginning with our January cover, (we released this issue a little later than usual due to the holiday period); we embark into the Nicholas Price’s visual perspective of America. It was during one of the IN Focus brainstorming sessions that we decided to begin the anniversary celebration by looking at the future of America –our children. The child photographed for our cover is a first generation American whose ethnicity is so diverse that she represents at least four different racial groups and six different cultures. She is THE new global citizen as she embraces and brings together the different and enriching society that the world today should be proud of. I can only live in hope that a day will come when the countries will be more accepting of their diverse societies and everyone is judged and measured as a human being and not by their culture, religious affiliations or their income. I believe that only then can we can become truly empowered and united on the international stage. Our children are our future leaders, thinkers, artists, athletes, scientists and educator’s whom we invest our love, care, challenges and compassion to build a better leader and citizen - a better global citizen. The subject of a child in a photograph evokes many emotions to the viewer; pride, hope and opportunity. They are our stepping stones from the past and into the future. Some people think that childhood is a place that many of us “adults” strive to go back to as we grow older; there is a sense of charm and innocence that we tend to lose as we become more entrenched in the adult world of responsibility. I

know there are many adults who choose to still maintain a sense of the child within in everything they do. As Bob Monkhouse perfectly summed it up; "Growing old is compulsory - growing up is optional" Our sense of place on the international stage is sometimes challenging and we can only hope that our children, our future generation, can help us become better neighbors and leaders in every industry and learning from the mistakes made in history and by our forefathers. In the meantime, we must take great care in nurturing these little souls as they find their own little steps in the bigger world. I hope that we also learn as adults and as leaders in our own families and communities, the importance of maintaining the “old and traditional ways” of doing things as a family. This experience has been proven time and time again to be important in the nurturing of our children whilst maintaining happy, healthy and honest family bonding. For example, next time you tell the children to play a video game, why not switch off the game and TV and actually read a book together? How about spending time together with your child volunteering at an event or for a community cause? Help illustrate to your child the importance of compassion. Next time you take a drive out as a family; why not visit a local place of historical interest in the local community? There are many things we can do to teach our children value, integrity, compassion, hope and success and to use those skills in everyday life. Throughout our 2010 Anniversary IN Focus editions, we celebrate, learn and admire humanity. 2010 really is all about the people. I hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to seeing you all again in February! On behalf of Nicholas A. Price and the Nicholas Price Group of Companies, we wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year! Warmest Regards, Grace Price, Editorial Director, In Focus President of Marketing and Business Development Nicholas Price Enterprises

IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition



By Sam Gilbert

CHILDREN An Historical Moment & Favorite Quotes

Travelling Exhibitions 2010 - 2015 Collections Announced Featured in Unique Homes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, USA Today and other prestigious media, a Nicholas A. Price Fine Art Photography Exhibition or the exclusive Nicholas Price Artful Soirée, creates a unique cultural experience for private events, fundraising events, public events, institutions, business expos, corporate summits, retreats and other special V.I.P. Events. You can book an exhibition or we can help you create that special one-of-a-kind cultural experience. We also provide full marketing support. Please contact us for event options, available photography collections, terms and conditions. Available collections: Playground of The Gods, Cleared Hot! Anatomy of A Ballet, Trick Trunk and Historic Icons. Updates

Creative Portfolios With over 60,000 photographs in our archives, this page now showcases just a few examples of the collections created by Nicholas A. Price. Click here to view this update

Dance in Focus

The complexity of dance, the simplicity of form, the combination of available light and the use of black and white film provided the perfect medium for Nicholas Price’s Dance in Focus collection. These photographs are part of a broader study of modern dance and an illustration of how the human body, caught in a moment, can provide the eye with a delight similar to that of an abstract sculpture. “I wanted the dancers to appear as statues for a moment rarely appreciated whilst a dance is being executed upon the stage” says Nicholas Price. Click here to view this update


On January 1, 1892, a fifteen-year old Irish girl named Annie Moore became the first of the more than twelve million immigrants who would pass through the doors of the Ellis Island Immigration Station in its sixty-two years of operation. This small island off the New Jersey coast in the New York Harbor lies in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. Together, these two landmarks have welcomed millions of immigrants to America. We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~Author Unknown If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all. ~Pearl S. Buck In the United States today, there is a pervasive tendency to treat children as adults, and adults as children. The options of children are thus steadily expanded, while those of adults are progressively constricted. The result is unruly children and childish adults. ~Thomas Szasz Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~Frederick Douglass There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. ~Walt Streightiff Children are one third of our population and all of our future. ~Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981 Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. ~John W. Whitehead, The Stealing of America, 1983

IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition


By T.J. Harris

Playground of The Gods -“The images are simply breathtaking." -“Ah, the beauty of life. Softer moments can be enjoyed in "The Baby," its pretty bald head and big eyes grabbing the viewer's attention” – Jarrett Keene – Art Critic Article: Godland - Photographer Nicholas Price divines the Valley

of Fire Keeping in with the theme of this month’s issue on America’s future generation, we felt it was a fitting tribute to show nature’s homage to children. Nicholas A. Price takes us on another of his unique photographic journeys, this time into his perspective of where all of the ideas of life as we know it began - in the Playground of the Gods, based in The Valley of Fire in the State of Nevada. From the 2,500 photographs taken, this journey shows the natural sites and scenes never seen before in such a unique place as this and through the lens and humor of the artist, further challenges the long debate between Darwin and Intelligent Design theorists. The exhibition of 30-40 traditionally hand printed photographs has been created not only in Price's trademark black and white film but we are also treated to the beautiful sky and landscapes in Kodachrome color at

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IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition

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2010 marks the ten year anniversary of Nicholas Price’s photographic study of the American story. We begin our glimpse into this amazing collection of works by showcasing some key photographs of the next generation of Americans – our children. Nicholas Price candidly captures the humor, thoughts and acts of childhood through the lens and we celebrate the rich diversity of tomorrow’s America. The many cultural influences these children absorb help shape the harmonious balance in maintaining their history and identity in every day American life. This anniversary collection begins the visual journey that will take us over our next twelve collector’s edition issues of IN Focus throughout 2010. The cover photos will be released as part of a collector’s edition of 12 photographs officially marking the anniversary of this landmark achievement by Nicholas A. Price. For more information about the anniversary edition photographs, please contact us at or go to

About Nicholas A. Price A successful business entrepreneur turned professional photographer, Nicholas A. Price has spent the past decade documenting the American people, culture, economic, engineering and other achievements and its trials and tribulations using his unique style and highly technical skills all through the lens of his manual film cameras. Some of the most important photographic commissions and projects that were created on film in this single artist’s style, have never or have rarely been, duplicated by another single photographer. His most personal work includes Urban Subjects, Aviation, Conservation, Portraiture Studies, Animals, Flora and Fauna, Skyscapes and Landscape, Fine Art Nudes, Human Forms and Classical Dance. These photographs depict a certain humble and inspiring perspective of this artist and photographer – the Nicholas Price style of photography that is truthful, objective and usually candid. Nicholas has been commissioned by and has collaborated with many prestigious entities including Fortune 500 Companies, and other American institutions such as the National Parks Service, the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, and other non-profit organizations. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets’ including The Boston Globe, L.A. Times, USA Today – Life, Fox News, and KNPR- National Radio, and his work is collected in more than 35 countries including the recent acquisition of 60 photographs by one of the world’s most prestigious institutions – the United States Library of Congress.

IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition



IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition

IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition



IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition

IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition



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IN Focus | January 2010 The 10 Year Anniversary Client Edition

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