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IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition

Nicholas Price Fine Art Photography 2010 and Cleared Hot!

Cover Story 2010 IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE By Simone Harris






As we mark the end of 2009 and look forward to 2010 we face the future with both concern and with hope.

IN Focus Editor Grace Price

However we choose to observe our individual Holiday traditions this month, I hope that we can all take just five minutes to reflect on the challenges our world face today but more importantly, CHOOSE to make a difference in 2010.

The disturbing and sad images we have witnessed in the news throughout 2009 have had more of an impact on me than normal. Personally, I feel that humanity has gone insane - the increased reports of senseless murders, abuse, exploit and neglect by parents on their own children, police officers who choose to go out on a limb with pride and dignity to protect our community are gunned down in broad daylight. The immense greedanomics of people that cause misery to others on a scale and proportion I have never seen, even during my own time in the world of high level business and finance in the 1980’s and 90’s. I cannot surf the internet or turn on the TV these days without seeing some horrific story of human tragedy being reported. I can’t get away from it even if I wanted to because the world today bombards me with information 24/7. My business cannot function without access to media if I am to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Her site is dedicated to only Good News and claims that “good news stories and images can improve our lives by bringing emotional well-being, health and even prosperity.” I totally agree with this statement and have found that I am increasingly productive and of a more positive mindset as a result of my daily dose of Good News. Therefore, it was a last minute editorial decision to replace our December Issue Cover Story with our January 2010 announcement. Working with a photographer such as Nicholas Price allows our company a special privilege – it allows us to see the world through this artist’s eye before any public release of his photographs. These images show us the best, the beautiful, the talented, the inspired, the irony, the humor and the hope of humanity. With over 60,000 photographs in archives, Nicholas Price will celebrate 2010 as his 10 year anniversary of photographing the American People and is building on this legacy on a global basis. Ironically, next year is also the year of the US Census (good news of jobs being available to hundreds to help with the massive info-gathering effort was announced during the time I was writing this), so I felt it was fitting that we showcase a celebration of Humanity through the art of Nicholas Price. I hope that this visual story will inspire you to feel good and positive about the human race and about where we are today and where we lead tomorrow. Warmest Regards,

My question through all this media madness is “where has the COMPASSION gone in the human race?” In my opinion, the amount of reported “bad” news far exceeds the reports of “good news” these days and this is what concerns me.

Grace Price, Editorial Director, In Focus President of Marketing and Business Development Nicholas Price Enterprises

If we are to set an example to our children, our local and global community –we need to recognize and celebrate the examples of hope, good leadership and compassion. Stories of this nature need to be reported more often to allow a balance in our own mental stability. I make it a point to always read at least one good news story (and if time permits, maybe more) a day. One website I definitely visit regularly is the This site was set up in 1997 by Gerry Weis who had had enough of Bad News and decided to do something about it. IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition



By Sam Gilbert

People Just L VE A natomy of A Ballet by Nicholas Price

Showcased in a feature spread in the November Issue of Sarasota Magazine® “Thank you everyone who called and emailed us with on this article and Nicholas’ photography.”

Travelling Exhibitions 2010 - 2015 Collections Announced Featured in Unique Homes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, USA Today and other prestigious media, a Nicholas A. Price Fine Art Photography Exhibition or the exclusive Nicholas Price Artful Soirée, creates a unique cultural experience for private events, fundraising events, public events, institutions, business expos, corporate summits, retreats and other special V.I.P. Events. You can book an exhibition or we can help you create that special one-of-a-kind cultural experience. We also provide full marketing support. Please contact us for event options, available photography collections, terms and conditions. Available collections: Playground of The Gods, Cleared Hot! Anatomy of A Ballet, Trick Trunk and Historic Icons. Updates

Creative Portfolios These are just some of the comments posted on Sarasota Magazine’s website Posted By: Jim Duncan “I loved the elegant feature spread of this beautiful work in your magazine. After looking at his website as referenced in the article, Mr. Price has undertaken some very important commissions and projects in the USA and to have the Sarasota Ballet photos taken by such an acclaimed artist must be something both the ballet and our community should be very proud of. Bravo to an excellent project. I hope we see more photos/exhibition soon.” Posted By: Linda “Beautiful Photo's! I hope we will be able to see an exhibition of all the photos in Sarasota.” Posted By: Marie “Wow! Great photos that tell the REAL story of the hard work behind a performance.” Posted By: Michelle Steinberg “Gorgeous! I love Nicholas Price's use of black and white photography in telling such a compelling story. Thank you SM for sharing such wonderful work and talent!” Click here to see the collection


IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition

With over 60,000 photographs in our archives, this page now showcases just a few examples of the collections created by Nicholas A. Price. Click here to view this update

Dance in Focus

The complexity of dance, the simplicity of form, the combination of available light and the use of black and white film provided the perfect medium for Nicholas Price’s Dance in Focus collection. These photographs are part of a broader study of modern dance and an illustration of how the human body, caught in a moment, can provide the eye with a delight similar to that of an abstract sculpture. “I wanted the dancers to appear as statues for a moment rarely appreciated whilst a dance is being executed upon the stage” says Nicholas Price. Click here to view this update


Foundation of Mankind

Playground of The Gods Keeping in the theme of this month’s issue on people, we felt it was a fitting tribute to show nature’s homage to humanity. Nicholas A. Price takes us on another of his unique photographic journeys, this time into his perspective of where all of the ideas of life as we know it began - in the Playground of the Gods, based in The Valley of Fire in the State of Nevada. From the 2,500 photographs taken, this journey shows the natural sites and scenes never seen before in such a unique place as this and through the lens and humor of the artist, further challenges the long debate between Darwin and Intelligent Design theorists. The exhibition of 30-40 traditionally hand printed photographs has been created not only in Price's trademark black and white film but we are also treated to the beautiful sky and landscapes in Kodachrome color at

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IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition


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IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition





2010 I T ’ S





By Simone Harris

2010 will mark the ten year anniversary of We the People: Nicholas Price’s photographic study of the American story including the people, culture, economic and engineering achievements. Showcasing these successes, trials and tribulations using his unique style and highly technical skills all through the lens of his manual film cameras. Some of his most important photographic commissions and projects that were created on film in this single artists' style, are included in this study and have never or have rarely been, duplicated by another single photographer. Nicholas Price has been commissioned by many prestigious entities including Fortune 500 Companies and his work is collected in over 35 countries. He has been highly commended by many important people and important entities, but his largest group of fans by far, is the general public who express their emotions, gratitude and personal reflections in response to the photography that he creates on film, with a skill and mastery that has not been aided with or manipulated by, modern digital applications. We the People is a collection of works that covers various subjects including: ecological and natural studies, urban studies, aviation, conservation, music, portraits and people, animals, flora and fauna, skyscapes and landscape, fine art nudes, human forms and classical dance. These photographs depict a certain humble and inspiring perspective of this artist and photographer – the Nicholas Price style of photography that is truthful, objective and usually candid, is in greater demand today than ever before in helping tell the stories of the individual, the corporation or the masses, through the personal photographic journey of Nicholas A. Price created ultimately and to the end, to be shared with the greater public.

IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition



IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition

IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition



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IN Focus | December 2009 Client Edition

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December Nicholas A. Price In Focus Ezine (December 1 2009 Issue)  
December Nicholas A. Price In Focus Ezine (December 1 2009 Issue)  

Cover Story: 2010 It's All About The People – A sneak preview into 2010 - the year of the census, humanitarian goals and the 10 year anniver...