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Together, NP3 and the Groninger Museum are searching for the talent from Groningen: Young Grunn Artist (YGA) 2013! Are you actively working as an artist and has your education or the start of your artistry been a while back? Do you want to make the next step in your development? Are you open to critical reflection on your own artistry? Do you want to make new contacts and to develop your artistic career further in terms of content, business, promotion and technique? Are you ready to make a distinction and to conquer the (inter)national art world? And, do you want an opportunity to exhibit at the Groninger Museum?

Then you are the artist we are looking for! YGA II – What does the trajectory entail? The YGA trajectory is meant as an extension to your current work practice as an artist. In addition, NP3 and the Groninger Museum offer you over the course of one year all the necessary support on content, business and promotion to further professionalize yourself and present yourself to the art world. With this, you will have all the 'tools' within reach to obtain the artistic aims you have set for yourself, and you gain the necessary connection to the (inter)national art world. Next to intensive coaching, you will receive a personal work and development budget which gives you the opportunity to, for instance, create new work or hire expertise, to network with art professionals, to take part in a short international exchange programme, or to make a short working trip to an artistic and cultural metropolis. And, if you are able to convince the curators of NP3 and the Groninger Museum of your artistic talent, you will have an exclusive final presentation at the Groninger Museum.

Hereby NP3 and the Groninger Museum invite you! Apply for YGA II, the challenging, one year trajectory. YGA II – Application Send us your documentation or presentation on November 12, 2012 at the latest. The documentation provides us with an insight into your work up to that point, your motivation to particpate in the trajectory and which goals you have set yourself for the future. Give us a clear representation of your talent, vision and engagement at this moment, and convince us why you are the next YGA! YGA – Selection The curators at NP3 and the Groninger Museum will compile a shortlist out of all the entries. With those selected artists the curators will have a meeting, to make the final selection for the YGA trajectory. NP3 and the Groninger Museum will give the necessary professional support, to offer these talented artists an unique opportunity to make the next big step in their career, to sharpen, deepen and to take their artistry to the next level!

Send your documentation, indicating YGA II, to: – Hofstraat 21 – 9712 JA Groningen or Less than 5MB via: More than 5MB via:

Do you have further questions? Questions, prefered by e-mail: Telephone: every Thursday from October 4th until November 8th from 1 pm – 6pm at: +31(0)50-3138260


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