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URGENT² - APPEAL Crème de la Crème la condition humaine! If you respond the FASTEST, you will determine which ARTIST will have an EXHIBITION in NP3!!! NP3 IS URGENTLY SEEKING THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME THE CITIZEN WHO DETERMINES THE ARTIST FOR A SOLO EXHIBITION IN JANUARI 2011 SO PAY ATTENTION!!! NOW THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU! Towards the end of 2010 NP3 has initiated several projects in which she has completely let go of her well considered artistic choice and curatorship. With Ranking the Arts she has thrown her curatorship into the lap of Google and the artists have curated themselves in Garde Blanche, now the focus turns towards the citizens. For one time only NP3 offers each and every citizen an opportunity to take responsibility and make an artistic choice for NP3. With this project NP3 appeals to the citizens to intervene and determine the artist for Crème de la Crème in the spaces NULL, DISplay or Promo The Bill & Board. DATE OF APPLICATION: 12th of December 2010 at 12.00 o'clock DATE OF INSTALLATION: 11th of January 2011 EXHIBITION: 21th of January until 27th of February 2011 NP3 offers three spaces for the exhibitions: – NULL – DISplay – PROMO The Bill & Board NP3 asks you to choose an artist or artist's collective; an artist who you think should exhibit at NP3. The citizens who applies FIRST for this project on the 12th of December from 12 o'clock onwards and puts forward their FAVORITE ARTIST for one of the spaces, determines the exhibitors of Crème de la Crème!

HOW IT WORKS: – you, as a citizen, approach the artist of your choice by asking: would you like to participate in Crème de la Crème? – together with the artist of your choice, you check their availability with regards to the time schedule of the programme; – you go to the NP3 website for pictures, maps and measurements of the three available spaces: > > NOW > CREMEdelaCREME;

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the application is specifically for one of the three spaces NULL, DISplay or PROMO The Bill & Board; the artist makes, possibly after discussing this with you, a choice for a specific space and develops a project proposal that reflects the plans clearly; you, as a citizen, will e-mail the proposal made by the artist as soon as possible at the start of the application on the 12th of December 2010 from 12 o'clock onwards to: ; if your mail is the first to be received, then you are the winner and the artist that you have put forward can execute their proposal in the chosen space; YOUR MAIL NEEDS TO CONSIST OF: your name, telephone number and the details of the artist who you would like to see exhibit in NP3 in the subject line you put the name of the chosen space: NULL, DISplay or PROMO The Bill & Board the project proposal consists of a maximum of 5 MB. CONDITIONS: there will be no assessment of the content of the project by NP3, only the feasibility and safety of the project will be assessed; the proposal contains an exhibition plan that is realisable within the available time and the artist can guarantee their cooperation; applying a proposal is binding, winning means: the artist executes the proposed plans; the dates of installation and exhibition are set; the person applying, is responsible together with the artist for execution of the project; you can only apply for one of the three spaces; in deliberation with NP3 a compensation fee can be made available (for things such as transport and installation; There will be no correspondence about the results; Employees of NP3 and their relatives/family are excluded from participating; applications in which the artist put themselves forward for participation are excluded from the competition; after you have sent in your proposal, both you and the artist of your choice, agree to the terms and conditions as listed here!

EXTRA: Viewing of the spaces: From the 19th of November 2010 onwards during opening hoursThursdays to Sundays 14.00-18.00 o'clock. Inquiries regarding technicalities or practicalities can be e-mailed to Zwaan Ipema at: or contact her by phone on Thursday the 2nd of December 2010 or Thursday the 9th of December 2010 between the hours of 14.00-18.00 o'clock.

When necessary we will include additional information in this appeal during the time leading up to the application date. So please check this info on a regularly basis. Groningen, 12th of November 2010 NP3 Hofstraat 21 9712 JA Groningen


URGENT² - APPEAL Crème de la Crème la condition humaine! If you respond the FASTEST, you will determine which ARTIST will have an EXHIBITION...

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