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A TWO-DAY SEMINAR ON ADULT DEVELOPMENT FOR CONSULTANTS Fall 2010 Paris, France The way adults develop their thinking and a social skill is still a hidden dimension in the business world. For those whose responsibility it is to develop others, either through coaching or consulting, this is a definite drawback. At the Interdevelopmental Institute, Boston, MA, USA, we have developed a novel methodology to bring adult developmental research findings into the business world, by training those responsible for human capital and strategy development in absorbing and using concepts that make it easier to understand why direct reports and clients behave and work in the way they do. Taking everyday behaviors in life and at work as the point of departure, this two-day workshop introduces participants to an unconventional way of thinking about adults. The workshop intersperses theory background with concrete exercises in small groups. The focus is on the development of thinking (pensée) and social deliberative skills, but also takes into account how people experience their work emotionally and make meaning of it. PROPOSED SCHEDULE Day One, AM 1. Introduction to laws (principles) of cognitive development 2. Exercises to gauge comparative complexity of thinking at work 3. Introduction to the Quadrants of Dialectic and their thought form representations in the human mind. Day One, PM 1. Practice of selected thought forms in small groups 2. Discussion of strategy and/or human resources issues using a dialectical thought form perspective, using an action learning scenario Day Two, AM 1. Review of Day One short lectures and own experience 2. Introduction to laws (principles) of socio-emotional development 3. Exercises to gauge comparative complexity of self conduct and interpersonal perspectives at work Day Two, PM 1. Introduction to interviewing (conversations) based on an awareness of socio-emotional levels 2. Participants interview each other: a. cognitively b. socio-emotionally, under supervision of the instructors 3. Debriefing and further steps of apprenticeship Note: Participants obtain the IDM “Gateway Certificate” that makes them eligible for further studies at the Institute.

The thinking course