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2011-2012 Advertising Media Guide Develop your company’s image within the Playground Construction Industry. North America spends between $450-500 million on products and services for playground equipment. Surfacing and installation of playground equipment q p is nearly y$ $100 million industry y in North America. Most of our members are playground Contractors with an interest in: • Playground Equipment/Components • Insurance Options • Playground equipment distribution opportunities • Construction equipment sales and rentals • Technology resources • Playground Safety Service

Post Office Box 2364 ● Salt Lake City, UT 84110-2364 Tel: 1-888-908-9519 • Fax: 801-355-2788 buyersguide@playground contractors org

Ab t U About Us Since our inception in 1997, the International Playground Contractors Association (NPCAI) is a worldwide partnership to contribute to the advancement of the playground building industry by promoting playground installation as a legitimate contracting profession. The NPCAI currently serves over 260 playground professionals as members. By advertising in our annual publication, NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide, which is read by all of our members, related industry leaders, Parks and Recreation Directors, City Planners, Architects, Board of Education, and is the l di resource ffor the leading th playground l d professionals. f i l W We are committed itt d to t increasing i i the value of this essential tool by offering additional information that is relevant to the professionals we serve. I have enclosed a brief advertising rate and layout sheet. I have also enclosed a copy of our latest dynamic issue. As you preview NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide, Guide I am sure you will recognize the advertising opportunity this resource offers your business. Member feedback has encouraged us to reach out to organizations not directly related to the playground industry but essential to our professionals’ business needs. Please do not hesitate to contact the NPCAI directly, to find out more about this rapidly p y expanding p g industry. y Or,, yyou can ensure the p presence of yyour valuable company information in our next issue by contacting us. We eventually expect to limit our advertising agreements, so call today to reserve your space in the next issue of NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide. Sincerely,

James C. Snider James C. Snider NPCAI Editor

Edit i l Calendar Editorial C l d CIRCULATION INFORMATION The NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide, is the official publication of the International Playground Contractors Association (NPCAI). It is read by playground professionals. Most NPCAI members are playground contractors with an interest in the following: ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰

Playground equipment/components Insurance options Playground equipment distribution opportunities Construction equipment sales and rentals Technology resources: cell phones, digital cameras, business software Playground safety resources

CALENDAR 0 2011 Deadlines and Publication Dates 2011-2012 Issue

Closing Date




NPCAI BUNDLE PROGRAM Th NPCAI now as a New The N Bundle B dl Program P that th t can offer ff you tremendous t d savings i in i advertising: Annual Manufacturer Membership $900.00 10- Playground Construction School Discount $1000.00 Full Page Ad in Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide valued $1789.50 160 X 160 Pixel Banner Ad on NPCAI website - 50,000 impressions $2000.00 Platinum Social Sponsorship Level $3000.00 Valued at $8689.50 NOW Available for $4500.00. Act Today. Space is limited.

Net Advertising Rates Members M b Directory Di t & Buyer’s Guide

The NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide, is an ongoing project that will change and grow with every new member and quarterly update. The directory is an exclusive sample of playground professionals who seek to improve safety and responsibility for playground construction. It is the goal that this NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide, will become a great tool for the playground industry. Become involved with the NPCAI by joining a committee and coming to the NRPA Congress and Exposition Show each year.





Full Page (7.5” X 5”)



2/3 Page Horizontal (5” X 4.5”)



1/2 Page Horizontal (3.5“ X 5”)


Full Page (7.5” X 5”)


1/3 Page Horizontal (5” X 1”)


2/3 Page Horizontal (5” X 4.5”)


1/4 Page Horizontal (4” X 1”)


1/2 Page Horizontal (3.5“ (3.5 X 5 5”))


1/6 Page Horizontal (2.5” X 2.5”)


1/2 Page Vertical (7” X 2.5”)


1/8 Page Horizontal (2” X 2”)


1/3 Page Horizontal (5” X 1”)



1/3 Page Vertical (5” X 2”)


1/4 Page Horizontal (4” X 1”)


1/4 Page Vertical (3.5” X 2”)


1/6 Page Horizontal (2.5 (2.5” X 2.5 2.5”))


1/8 Page Horizontal (2” X 2”)


Sizes Si Double Page Spread

Rates R t $2,489.50

Outside Back Cover (7.5” X 5”) Inside Front & Inside Back Cover



Member Feature Rate - Listing includes a $100.00 Company Description (50 words & Company Logo) B & W $100.00 Business Card Listing Rate - B & W (2” X 3 3.5”) 5”) Advertiser indemnifies NPCAI against losses and liabilities arising from the advertising. NPCAI assumes no liability whatsoever, expect to the extent of a one time paid advertisement of the same specification, in the next or similar publication. If any proven or admitted errors or omission have occurred. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Interest shall be charged at 2% per month compounded to yield 26.82% per year on overdue accounts. Revision to previously submitted ad copy are subject to additional charges. A charge if $30.00 will be levied for returned checks. All premium positions are non-cancelable.

Net Advertising Rates Banner Ads With the internet continually evolving as an important way for Playground Associates and Playground Buyers to gather services and/or product information to assist them with their jobs or projects, the time is perfect for you to reach that specific market with a banner advertising. advertising Featured at our website the site is current and archives information for the industry. Your advertising opportunities for full banner ads (468 X 60 pixel) and sponsorship ads (120 x 60 pixel).




Full Banner Ads

(468 x 60 Pixel) $ CPM (see below)

Vertical Tower Ads

(160 x 600 Pixel) $ CPM (see below)

Sponsorship Ads

(160 x 600 Pixel) 50,000 Impressions free with Platinum Sponsorship Valued at $2000.00 $

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions and is the industry wide unit used to set pricing for banner ads. You will be paying .4 cents every time your banner ad is displayed on our NPCAI website regardless of how many times your banner ad is clicked on. Example: 10,000 impressions cost $400.00 25 000 impressions cost $1000 25,000 $1000.00. 00 50,000 impressions cost $2000.00

Di it l Specifications Digital S ifi ti The Publication The 2011-2012 Member’s Directory and Buyer’s Guide is an 8.375” 10.875”, digital online only.. The directory will feature up-to-date membership information and association i ti news. Premium advertising position are in the first come first served basis. All space reservations require a completed insertion order receive on or before the dates closed. Invoices are issued upon submission.

Digital g Ad Files: High Resolution PDF files are preferred.

Delivery: Files will be accepted via email UNLESS they are over 6 MB. Email to:

Formats: Grayscale / CMYK color images must be, TIFF, .PDF, or .EPS format. 200 dpi or higher. Please do not send PDF of BMP formatted photos for print. Please scale photos to the correct size or larger with a least 400 dpi or higher. Line art must be .PDF, .AI, or .EPS format

Requirements: All advertisements are subject to the terms of the signed agreement between the advertiser and the International Playground Contractors Association. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. Cancellations after advertising deadline will still be billed for that issue. Advertisers’ preference for advertising position will be honored whenever possible, but publisher reserves the right g for final p placement of all advertising. g Advertiser the p assumes liability for all content of advertising printed. Mail any files greater than 6 MB on Zip disc, or CD-ROM to: NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide Post Office Box 2364, Salt Lake City City, UT 84110-2364 84110 2364 1-888-908-9519


NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide James C. Snider, NPCAI Member’s Directory & Buyers Guide Editor PO Box 2364 Salt Lake City, UT 84110-2364 Tel: 888-908-9519 ● Fax: 801-355-2788 E-mail: Website:

Executive Director Sylvia Salazar, Executive Director PO Box 2364 , Salt Lake City, UT 841100-2364 Tel: 1-888-908-9519 ● Fax: 801-355-2788 E-mail: Website:

Post Office Box 2364 Salt Lake City, Utah U 84110

NPCAI 2011-2012 Media Kit  

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