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Responsive ~ Perceptive ~ To the Point! Edition 169 Vol.4 week 11 Edition 169 Vol.4 week 11

The true voice of the silent majority

The true voice of the silent majority

Sunday, November 27h , 2011 Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Cordel & Mark Out ! ...As PUP abolishes Senior Deputy Leaders posts

Friday: November 24th added that has been authorized to put together ‘a new 2011 Belize City: Following a series of private and internal meetings over the last few weeks under the new PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, a meeting of the National Executive was held last Friday morning at Independence Hall to chart a way forward that will enable the Party machinery to progressively move into campaign mode in the wake of municipal and general elections looming ahead. During the meeting, several proposals were brought forth for consideration but most importantly, they gave serious consideration to the restructuring of the National Executive body which will abolish some posts and by so doing, will solve some of the ongoing problems the party has had to deal with during the last 46 months. Although no information was issued to the media after the meeting last Friday, PUP Leader Francis Fonseca told the press that the meeting was concerning the composition and structure of the National Executive of the People’s United Party. He

executive moving forward ‘and that was what he was working on. Fonseca pointed out that he did not believe a 36 member executive has not been very efficient and one of his objectives of his mandate was to streamline as best as possible. Meanwhile, the grapevine within the national executive told this publication that the idead for the abolishment of posts primarily had to do with getting rid of the two Senior Party Leaders, Mark Espat, Area Representative for Albert Division and Cordel Hyde, Area Representative for Lake I. The idea to remove Hyde and Espat from the upper level of the PUP’s national executive body caused mixed views and some believe that there should have been dialogue while others expressed that they should be expelled from the party. It is believed that the two inlaws were primarily responsible for the party’s defeat in the last general elections and even while in Opposition,

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Drug Plane Crash Lands near Democracia

Friday: November 25th, 2011

Belize City: Two men believed to be drug related were found dead inside a white with maroon striped single engine Cessna Centurion ll aircraft that crash landed in a savannah area just behind the Belize Zoo Thursday night around 10:00 pm, not too far from la Democracia village. The two men confirmed to be of Colombian national-

ity are believed to be the pilot and a passenger who both died as a result of the violent impact when the plane slammed into a tree in the cover of darkness. They have since been identified as Colonel Miguel Rodriguez and Hector Salcedes. Residents from as far back as 15 miles south on Coastal Road including the Democracia Mahogany Heights area tell authorities that they heard the off and on

humming of the plane from around 8:00 to 10:00 pm when it came to an end. While Police authorities say after combing the area no illicit drugs were found inside the plane or near the wreckage, it is believed that the drop-off was made somewhere along between the coast line in the immediate vicinity of the Coastal Hwy. It is believed that the aircraft may have developed engine problems after they had already completed their intended mission and went down behind the Belize Zoo in the dewy grasslands lost control and eventually slammed into a tree. The aircraft lost its leftwing when it hit the tee and the entire center-top of the plane destroyed, the plane literally disintegrated: the gnarled propeller ground into the earth - and five feet from that the wing-tip. What’s left of the wings is stained with the color from the grass the engine is almost literally disengaged

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Page 2 Since the General Election of 2008 and the United Democratic Party became the Government of Belize major agitations has erupted as these agitators see the UDP Government as weak, corrupt and incompetent. No one can ever forget that every major criminal activity occurred under the UDP. For emphasis think back to 1998 prior to the then general election when the “alien” criminals hijacked a passenger bus travelling southwards from Belmopan in which a Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldier was murdered. It was the UDP that was the Government at the time. The said present Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow was the Minister of Police at the time that incident occurred. No one was penalized for the lost of the innocent life and the trauma lived by those passengers, the common man. At the time of the incident the Government acted very callous and with neglect as they were accused of being slow to alert all the border crossings early enough. It was the UDP Government in 1995 that borrowed millions of dollars to hire gang members via a program they call Conscious Youth Development Programs (CYDP) and have these gangs work on refurbishing Belize City’s infrastructure such as streets and drains. This was done in an effort to reduce unemployment among the gangs and eventually the rise in criminal activities that these gang members were prominent in. That program failed as history has recorded that the crime situation did not subside and today the criminal activities including murders are at its highest peak. What should be noted with disgust also is that Belize City got inferior streets and drains (infrastructure) that lasted a few months and now, for example, all those streets are either deteriorated to dirt roads or are filled with holes the size of craters. The drains have caved-in and are now a detriment than an asset since the dirt has caused blockage which dams the water and prevent it from flowing. Fast-forward to 2008, a chronicle of the social landscape in Belize will show that almost every nongovernmental organization (NGO) has had a major public disagreement with the UDP Government. The recent governmental disgrace was the Government Accommodation Agreement with street gangs, such as the George Street Gang, who threatened both the Prime Minister and the country of Belize on a whole when the stated in anger (after a GSU shook down their base on George Street) that

Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Cow Knows The Weak Fence

they were prepared to wage war on innocent civilians by using grenades and other weapons stolen from the Government Armory after 2008. In response, the Prime Minister of Belize scurried back to the country (he was out the country) and immediately after disembarking, he rushed to a meeting with all the gang leaders one infamous Friday afternoon, August 26th, 2011. That Friday should be dubbed “the real Black Friday.” Because that was the day when all Belizean felt real humiliation when Belize’s maximum leader kneeled and begged for peace with the scourge of the earth. How weak and pathetic was that? This maximum leader is Belize ultimate “bully” and sadly, the Prime Minister of Belize, who has the entire arm forces and the law on hi side, yet he chose knee’s blisters. To date, the Prime Minister and the UDP Government are accused of paying extortion fees to the gang members i.e. providing them consistent allowance disguised as payment for doing no work and with the hope, they will not commit any crime. What the Prime Minister has not calculated is that the gang members are few in numbers compared to the thousands of Belizeans they imprison everyday due to fear. The residents of Belize City live in fear because their reality, not an imagination, is the constant robbing (jacking), shooting(murders of innocent bystanders) and home invasions carried out or commissioned by these same gang members that Belizeans tax payers, who are living in fear, are maintaining via the extortion payments. I guess saying thanks to the Prime Minister is in order for the two (2) or so days that no murder was committed in Belize. Paying extortion fees to the gang members are vehemently opposed by the ordinary man (voter) on the street, so it should be a policy of the new PUP Government to investigate the events and prove if these “extortion fees” have been indeed paid by the Prime Minister and the UDP and to personally persecute them for misuse of public funds. The reason such an action is necessary by the new PUP Government is because the UDP Government is mask-

ing their incompetence to solve the social ills of the Belizean society by squandering the country’s scarcest resource, the people’s money. Now, Belizeans and the churches are faced with the mother of all agitations which most definitely was launched due to the fact that everyone in Belize has decided that the UDP Government in incompetent and useless because of their historical record of “reverse midas The newest agitation is that of the same-sex advocates launched their legal challenge in the Courts of Belize to remove “sodomy” from the laws of Belize as a sign of eradicating stigmatization. This move by UniBAM has sent the churches of Belize into an attack mode, in particular, those churches classified as Pentecostals. The issue of samesex relationships has been a taboo discussion in Belize for decades. Recently, with the advent of the talk shows and the heavy competition for audiences the media houses have been putting on persons that are advocates/ practitioners of same-sex relationships and are comfortable to come out of the “closet” and speak on this taboo matter. Those oppose on radios to the removing the “sadomy laws. The opposition had had its muttering outrage. However; it did not crescendo and was allowed to lie quiet. Recently, a group called UniBAM (United Belizeans Advocacy Movement) has become outspoken against the stigmatization and discrimination against gays and are advocating for an increase in gay rights and for the society to exhibit more tolerance to the fact that there are people who are just simply put “different.” UniBAM is suing the Government claiming that the existing sodomy laws of Belize are discriminatory and violates their basic human rights. It is clear with the improved technology it must be agreed that times has changed, and many of the large jurisdictions of the world have been moving ahead in their recognition of same-sex relationships and marriages. Most of the Europeans countries, including the United Kingdom have endorsed this new wave of human interaction. The

United States of America has also grappled with this morality of same-sex relationships, and many states in their federation are under heavy lobby pressures to pass laws that will allow same-sex marriages. Some states such as California have already made it legal for same-sex marriages to occur. Belize is considered a Christian society and sees same-sex relationships as an abomination. As mentioned earlier, the Pentecostal religion is the most vocal and visible against this attempt by UniBAM to challenge the Constitution of Belize and has mounted a campaign to stifle that legal challenge with a public outcry. It would appear that their intention is to have the case of public opinion influence the legal outcome. On the other hand, the mainstream Christian religion such as the Catholics, Methodists and Anglican has been playing to catch up. The records do not reflect a stern public position from the Council of Churches denouncing this move of the Gay Rights promoters. However, the Council of Churches has no choice but to eventually denounce this effort of UniBAM, because same-sex relationships are considered immoral and a sin in eyes of the Church and God. Moreover, the Catholics Church has to tread lightly on how they address this issue because the Catholic Church has been at the center of many child (boys) abuse scandals that has cost the Vatican millions of dollars in compensation or as the streets would say, “hush money.” What has also exploded this UniBAM initiative into living room con-

versation by Belizeans is the cadre of prominent lawyers affiliated to the People’s United Party that has flocked to UniBAM side in a feeding frenzy ($$$). This matter has now become a political time bomb, and caution should be exercised by the PUP. They should err on the side of the Church as there are more votes against UniBAM initiatives that there is support. So it is political suicide for any political party to choose UniBAM’s cause now. The PUP Belmopan Primary proved that UniBAM side is not the majority. In that primary, the early leader (a prominent lawyer and PUP Senator) among all three (3) in the polls lost in the final vote count because she chose to represent UniBAM in their legal challenge and the majority heterosexual/Christians/God fearing PUPs were upset with her decision. Campaigning on a platform that your lead competitor supports Gay Rights was also a very popular campaign message that was skillfully utilized by the other opponents. This issue of Gay Rights will continue to be a major factor because all advocate groups have discovered that the UDP Government is useless. Their uselessness might be because they are either lazy, ignorant (void of knowledge), corrupt/greedy (what is my share) or incompetent. Presently, the UDP Government camp has only two (2) insider lawyers who are handling almost a score of cases. Therefore adequate time cannot be allocated for a proper and successful defense thus the reason why the Government has lost so many cases in the Appeal Court and Privy Council level. The issue of Gay Rights will not go away. However, politically the status quo must be maintained. Everyone must stay vigilant and ensure that the UDP Government do not wilt and allow their lawyers/relatives to drop the ball in the Court room and soon Belize may resemble Sodom and Gomorrah. OPEN YOUR EYES THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE!!!

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

ONCE BITTEN IS OKBITE ME AGAIN Contributed: by Sojie As the title of this little piece of writing indicates, so is mentality of United Democratic Party candidates for the Belize City Council Election. This is what they are saying to the citizens of Belize City when they are offering themselves for re-re-election. The proverbial saying is “once bitten, twice shy”, which analogically means that if you get negatively affected by something once, if the second time of that same encounter occurs you should ensure that you are not affected as before. For the record I am not a voter in the upcoming Belize City Council election, but hope to be able to vote in the next General Election. I would like to think that my views are not interpreted as political but as an insight for municipal bodies to do the right thing for their communities. Since March of 2006 the United Democratic Party has been in charge of Belize City. Their responsibility which was imbedded in their campaign promises was foremost to make life better for the citizens of Belize City. What inspired me to write this piece was a WAVE Radio broadcast I was forced to listen to while taking a taxi cab one morning this week. It was their morning show and for the first time I listened to this broadcast for an extended period. I could not believe my ears of how vile and scandalous this show was. I shock and I made some snide comment to my cab driver who to engage me in a conversation. He told me that one of the panelists was the father of the aspiring Belize City Mayor for the UDP. I said to the cab driver “you must be joking”. He went on to explain that the person (I should use the word “gentleman” but I don’t think he is one) speaking the most scandalous things was christened Joseph Bradley and was married to one Rose Valpie Bradley. He guessed that he had three (3) sons with his wife. He was certain that the wife, Rose, had a daughter that was out of union with Joseph Bradley. The radio program at the time was focusing on the conservationist people and this person Joseph, who is called “Joe” on the show, accused one conservationist, Greg Chuc, of having a large house in Punta Gorda. Bradley was insinuating that Greg Chuc may have acquired the house under some strange arrangement (I will not elaborate or repeat on what he really said out of respect for Greg Chuc). In listening I thought out loud on how the authorities can allow these sorts of

things to happen. The cab driver responded “Miss one thing you can say about the UDP, them lawless”. “If you carry them to court, they take the government money and pay the lawyer which is either the bredda or the old wife”. I must say I knew immediately who and what he was talking about so I did not ask for an elaboration. All this time the taxi driver is swerving to avoid pot holes and falling in most of them. The car was screeching all over. I said to driver “why are the streets so terrible for like forever, when you have a Council that should take care of these things”? He said, “Well if you talk up against them as you the listen, they use hound dogs as this Bradley, Noble and the fat one (he explained is a female named Juliet that was not on that day) to publicly attack you”. “Also remember the UDP has been in the City Council for six (6) years and things only the get worse”. “You know, miss, they collect around $20.0m every year and what we get?” “They even get money from the tourist them, and all the tourist can see is the garbage and crackheads”. I could hear the frustration in his voice as he dodged more pot holes and I said “Wow that is $120.0m over the six (6) years and not one street in the city is fixed”. He lowered the radio and said “they will lose, you know that?” “The people tired of them lying and stealing”. As the conversation ensued I found out a whole lot such as the Mayor, Zenaida Moya has stop working as Mayor for some time now and is abroad but is still being paid by the Coucil and that the Councilors earns close to $50K per annum to attend twelve (12) meeting for the year. Former Prime Minister Esquivel daughter, Laura, has a triple figure job at the Belize Tourism Board and is still collecting her $50K or so from the Belize City Council. If that is so, then that is so wrong and she needs to pay back the Council that money. That money that she is collecting without working can fix several streets in the city. I also learned that the Joseph Bradley son, the aspiring UDP Mayoral candidate is an attorney. I wondered why a successful attorney would want to be the Mayor of Belize City. I was informed the present absentee Mayor earns around $90K per year while most cheeky attorney earns that in month. So could it be that he is a lousy attorney and wants to be assured of a pay check or does he have intention to do illicit practices similar to scandal that

I found on the World Wide Web involving Mayor Moya, an act that she was arrested and charged for. My driver who seem to like the gossip further added “Well me and my family natural capabilities, the diviknows which one of the lasion became worse and worse. dies we will vote for as Mayor Especially, the Jane Usher area of Belize City, and it won’t be where all the streets are damfor the fake one”. I was puzaged and most are practically zled and asked “so aren’t the impassable by vehicle. Area UDP candidate a man?” He residents complain that the answered “he only looks like city busses and taxi operaa man” then he made a fliptors no longer go in the area pant gesture with his hand. because of the terrible condiAs a writer I will not proceed tions they encounter with the to elaborate on the meaning By Gilroy Usher Sr. streets. There are big ponds of the hand gesture for fear of There is a very interesting in the middle of the main being in Joseph Bradley’s cat- situation presently in the Port streets and potholes as deep as egory. Loyola Division. It is the most graves on most of the adjoin I thought to myself I neglected division in the en- ing streets. This horrible situwould be ashamed if I had a tire city and has the second ation compounded with the father that behaved like Jo- largest number of voters. I use poor housing condition and seph Bradley. He cannot be the word interesting because the high unemployment rate considered an asset to his one of the most influential makes life very hard for most son especially since his son is Ministers, Anthony ‘Boots’ residence. an attorney and in Belize at- Martinez is the Area Repre- What makes matters worse torney’s are highly respected sentative and the Minister of is that many residents comand now this same son is the Works. This is a man that is plain of being treated very UDP Mayoral candidate. If living the life of the rich and harshly and being subjected Joseph Bradley does not ex- famous as a result of the voters to insulting words when they ercise respect and decency from Port. Now to get the full visit Boots for assistance. One on the radio waves it is clear sense of the article you have to resident recounted when she that his son fate as a candi- have an understanding of who got up from four one morning date is sealed. People will vote Boots Martinez is and where in the pouring rain to see the against Joseph Bradley’s son he came from. I remember Minister and was treated in the because of him. seeing Boots Martinez around most disrespectful manner. It Of interest my driver in the division in 1998 when seems that the Minister does also stated that the said Jo- he loss by over 700 votes. He not know how to treat people seph Bradley works at the Be- lived in a small structure be- with dignity and forgot that he lize City Council and was re- hind Excelsior High School. was living worse than many of cently paid $20K to retire and He had nothing. these people. Instead of inwas rehired on a new bloated Now the purpose of this ar- sulting single mothers Boots contract designed that once ticle is not to insults Boots but should focus on fulfilling his the PUP take over they will to highlight certain points. party’s manifesto promises have to embark on a court He went on to win in 2008 and proved the jobs that are case when they fire Joseph and within a short space of needed so people can work Bradley. time everything changed. and uplift themselves. Beliz So the whole thing Firstly, he was caught mak- eans want to know, where are came together in my twenty- ing huge deposits in one of the jobs? Where are the decent five (25) minutes drive from the local banks. He now owns houses? Where is the entremy cousin’s house in Belama property all over the city and preneurial assistance? These to the Taca Warehouse in lives in fancy concrete struc- very hard living conditions Port Loyola with the help tures outside of Port Layola. are not the possibilities that of my taxi driver/informant Simultaneously while Boots people imagined when they who was clear on why no enjoys a life style beyond his elected the U.D.P to office. one should vote for any of the UDP candidates in the upcoming Municipal elections. In short he has indicated that Published & Edited by: they are corrupt OMAR SILVA and incompetent Assistant Editor: Saida Xiomara Silva and the evidence is what Belizeans Registered Address: # 3 Piccini Site, Third Floor of the city live ev3 Mls Northern Hwy ( In front of SOL ), Belize City eryday. They live in squalor. I myBELIZE, Central America self am convinced that unless one is Web Site: insane there is no way the UDP can Email Addresss: be rewarded for their mismanageemail: ment of Belize City with another three (3) years. Happy reading and send comments via this medium as we appreciate all views.

Port Loyola is a Living Hell with Boots

Phone: 501- 635-3506

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011


Two Cessna Caravans adds to Tropic fleet

Dow loses almost 250

NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market was not exactly surprised that a so-called supercommittee in Congress failed to reach a deal to cut the federal budget deficit. But since summer, investors have sold at the first hint of trouble. So on Monday, they sold big. The Dow Jones industrial average lost almost 250 points on a day when investors despaired over debt problems at home and abroad. Members of the special committee, created in August to come up with $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts over 10 years, indicated all day that there would be no deal. After the market closed, the committee’s bipartisan leadership made it official. “They’re essentially giving up,” said Robert Robis, head of fixed income macro strategies at ING Investment Management. The supercommittee stalemate is supposed to trigger automatic spending cuts across the government, but there were already hints that Congress would find a way around them. Analysts say that could lead to another downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. In addition, the failure raises the question of how a gridlocked Congress will find a way to renew a cut in the Social Security tax or agree on whether to extend long-term unemployment benefits. Congress passed the tax cut last December for one year,

and some lawmakers support extending it through 2012 because economic growth remains weak. Both measures would put cash in the pockets of Americans, who can spend it and help the economy grow. The stalemate also shows lawmakers may not be able to make progress on anything budget-related in the coming months, said Robert Pavlik, chief market strategist with Banyan Partners LLC in New York. “It shows that there’s a bigger problem at hand, and if they can’t work to resolve these relatively small yet meaningful issues, what’s going to happen if we get into a situation like Europe is in?” he said. “And we’re kind of headed there.” The result was another day of heavy selling in a market that has grown used to big swings. The Dow finished down 248.85 points, or 2.1 percent, at 11,547.31. At its low point of the day, the Dow was down 342. Volatility seized the stock market in late July, when Congress was wrestling with whether to raise the limit on how much the federal government can borrow. The Dow rose or fell 100 points or more on 15 trading days in August, 16 in September and 15 in October. Monday was its 10th tripledigit move this month, with six trading days to go. “People are getting so shortterm oriented now that all

they know is how to make day trades,” he said. The selling swung the Dow from a gain for the year to a loss, the first time that has happened in a month. In Europe, Moody’s, a prominent ratings agency, warned that France could face a downgrade because the debt crisis in Europe has pushed borrowing costs higher for the French government. For now, France has a rating of AAA, the best. One European country after another has fallen into crisis because of debt. Wary of the ability of countries to pay back their loans, bond investors have insisted on higher returns on national bonds, pushing borrowing costs to dangerous levels. Stock indexes fell 3.4 percent in both Germany and France — bigger declines than in the United States. Germany and France are the two largest economies in Europe. Investors still see American debt as safe, despite the failure of the supercommittee. On Monday, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell to 1.97 percent. It traded at 2.01 percent late Friday. Bond yields move down when bond prices go up. The higher demand for U.S. bonds Monday was a sign that investors believe in their safety. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index dropped 22.67, or 1.9 percent, to 1,192.98. The S&P 500 fell 3.8 percent last

Today, Tropic Air celebrated the arrival of two new Cessna Caravans in Belize at the company headquarters in San Pedro. Ambergris Today had the privilege of taking a close look at the new Caravans at the John Greif II this morning. The aircrafts were flown in directly from Cessna Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas after the official handing over ceremonies there on November 15, 2011. Each new Caravan 208 represents an investment in the growth of tourism in the region and costs over US$2 million (over $4 million total). The G1000 “glass cockpit” equipped aircraft each seat 14 passengers plus crew and have air conditioning. The aircraft are also equipped with a STOL (Short Takeoff or Landing) Kit, weather radar and a terrain avoidance system for improved safety and better performance in all operating conditions. “Tropic has a fleet renewal plan that will see us operating some of the most modern, fuel efficient and technologically advanced aircraft in the region” said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “We have been looking forward to the delivery of these new aircraft for some time. Not only are we committed to providing our passengers with the most comfortable aircraft, but the safest ones available as well.” week, its worst since September. The Nasdaq composite index declined 49.36, or 1.9 percent, to 2,523.14. Last week’s steepest falls were Wednesday and Thursday, after Fitch, another ratings agency, warned that the European debt crisis could hit the largest American banks. The S&P 500 is down more than 5 percent for the year. On Nov. 15, it was still up slightly. The declines Monday were broad. Energy and technology stocks lost the most. All 30 stocks in the Dow average fell, led by Boeing Co. with a 4.7 percent decline. The dollar rose along with U.S. Treasury prices. Gilead Sciences Inc. stock plunged 9 percent, the most in the S&P 500. The compa-

Tropic Air has four more Caravans on order with Cessna, with two planned for delivery in each of the coming years. Tropic has already taken delivery of five in the last several years which has allowed it to become the market leader in the region, and has allowed it to launch new regional routes such as Guatemala City. “For an airline our size, this represents an enormous investment, and is an important step in our business plan” said Steve Schulte, CEO of Tropic Air. “We believe that it is a vote of confidence in our customers, our staff and in Belize. We know that Tropic must continue to build on its success by investing is its future through new equipment, new facilities, and new destinations. It’s not often that we have the chance to make history, to do something big and bold that will change Belize in untold ways and lead tourism into the future.” With these two new aircraft, Tropic Air will be operating a fleet of 11 aircraft (including 9 Cessna Caravans) to 13 destinations in Belize and Guatemala. In March, Tropic Air will commence service to both Roatan and San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Belize City. With over 250 employees, Tropic Air is Belize’s largest carrier and will serve over 220,000 passengers in 2011. ny plans to buy drug developer Pharmasset Inc. for $11 billion. Pharmasset, which has an experimental hepatitis C drug in late-stage clinical trials, jumped almost 85 percent. Alleghany Corp. fell almost 7 percent after the property and casualty insurer said it had agreed to buy the reinsurance company Transatlantic Holdings Inc. for $3.4 billion. Transatlantic edged up almost 1 percent. Irish electronics company Cooper Industries PLC bucked the market trend, rising 2.6 percent, after S&P said it will be added to the S&P 500 index. Stocks often rally when they are added to major indexes, because investment funds that mirror the indexes must buy them.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Cordel & Mark Out !

EU to finance BEL’s Rural Electrification

...As PUP abolishes posts …Over 34 villages to get electricity supply of Senior Deputy Leaders Continues from page 1 the two have become far too radical to take the party’s interest into consideration. Over the last 46 months, Hyde and Espat have disregarded the party’s leadership, boycotted several official position the Opposition has taken and been absent from just about every meeting at party and official level in the House of Representative. There is the belief that the party can’t rely on Hyde and Espat as integral part of the national executive and the party has nothing to win by continuing to reward them for their open and blatant disregard for the greater good of the party. On Wednesday, the PUP announced the results of what was decided at last Friday’s meeting. The posts of Senior Party Leaders and parliamentary liaison have been abolished, meaning that Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde no longer hold any position within the na-

tional executive of the PUP. Other posts abolished are the following: National Strategic Development Manager, Research and Development Coordinator and Liaison for Civil Society and Social Partners, formerly held by Luke Espat, Bill Lindo and Hugh O’Brian respectively. There are three Deputy Party Leader positions held by Mike Espat, Carolyn Trench Sandiford and Florencio Marin Jr. The post of National Campaign Manager, once held by Senator Eamon Courtenay, is now held jointly by Julius Espat and Jaime Briceño. The position of Director of Communications changed hands from Narda Garcia to Lisa Shoman. Narda Garcia now take over the post for ‘Policy and Reform’. The open post of Treasurer is now held by Rodwell Ferguson Senior. The Leader of the Opposition proposes to name Lisa Shoman, Oscar Requena and Arthur Saldivar as Senators representing the People’s United Party.

Oceana says it has been exonerated

Thursday: November 24th 2011 Belize City: Oceana Belize issued a release regarding Cabinet’s decision this week to approved the establishment of the Environmental Common Fund. The release said that it is proof that Oceana has been right all along in highlighting the many laws, rules and regulations under the petroleum Act that has never been complied with. Amongst the many provisions not being complied with the establishment of the ECF is only one, despite current oil contracts dating back as far as 2000 and despite Belize has been exporting crude oil since 2005. “It has taken so long for the government to finally decide to comply with the very laws of this country, yet the people are to be convinced that we are able and competent to regulate this industry for the benefits of all Belizeans”, says Oceana VP Audrey Matura-Shepherd. She also adds that Regulation 15 under which this ECF will be legally established also calls for the Minister responsible for Petroleum to “appoint an environmental Pollution Control Board to ensure that all petroleum operations comply with the requirements of environmental standards and the relevant laws of Belize”, sadly this has never been done. Oceana calls on the Government to estab-

lish this Board and to include representation from members of environmental NGO’s along with representations from the unions, churches and business community, so that true and meaningful oversight can be effected. On the matter of the EFC, Oceana notes that the range of 0.1% to 0.5% is negligible considering the impacts of environmental damage that can be caused. “Of great concern, however, is the fact that we are not being informed as to how this fund will be managed, who the trustee will be and what process will be in place to ensure that in time of need the right people are indemnified without fear or favor”, said Matura-Shepherd. Regulation 15(2) does call for this fund to be managed “for the sole purpose of indemnification against any or all environmental damages caused during petroleum operations.” While the existing contracts at article 27.3 require the contractor to contribute to the Environmental Common fund, it is unclear if government will make attempts to renegotiate these contracts to increase this meager range of contribution. Government needs to inform the public, what, if any, such monies were ever collected from the single producing oil company seeing the EFC is just being established..

BEL, CEO Jeffery Locke EU, Rep: Cosimo Lamberti Fossati Tuesday: November 22, together with a multitude of is in there. We have since last other services. year an office in Belize that we 2011 Belize City: Belize Electricity Limited has entered into a three-party venture with the Government of Belize and the European Union. A ceremony was held this morning at BEL’s Corporate Headquarters for the signing of a contract for a five point five million dollars grant to extend the national electricity grid and provide safe and reliable electricity to a number of communities. Signatories to the contract were EU Country Representative in Belize, Cosimo Lamberti Fossati and BEL’s Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Locke. These 34 communities that will benefit directly includes Steadfast, Belize City’s Belama Phase 4, Belmopan’s Salvapan and Maya Mopan, Dangriga’s Wagirale and Rivas Estate, Independence’s New Site and Noralez Extension, Benque Viejo Town, the villages of Cotton Tree, Valley of Peace, Ontario, Hattieville, Rockstone Pond, Soccutz, San Lazaro, Guinea Grass, Paraiso, San Narciso, Patchakan, Carmelita, Libertad, Hope Creek, Sarawee, Hopkins, San Roman Village, Seine Bight and Bella Vista. Chief Executive Officer for Belize Electricity Limited, Jeffery Locke said that the quality of life in these communities will improve with this development. He said that usually wherever BEL provides electrification, cable, and telephone follows Oceana notes that it has taken over a decade to finally put in motion steps to comply with the law on matters as basic as this administrative compliance under the Petroleum Act, which seem to only require politi-

To get the grant for the project, BEL submitted a project plan which showed the villages targeted for electrification over the next two years. Locke said that during the next couple of weeks, they will revisit that plan and make sure that it is still applicable. The EU will then be informing the Government and also making public announcements as to work phases and which villages we will be handling one at a time. Locke added that these Projects are not economically possible for BEL to fund on its own so thanks to the EU and Government that are making the funds possible to make these projects to a reality. The various funding into the project will eliminate the burden from the average consumer with the capital investment needed for these communities and it also ease the pressure on electricity rates. The grant is financed under what is referred as the ACP EU Energy Facility II , an agreement between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries to channel funds into energy. EU Country Representative, Cosimo Lamberti Fossati said: “It is our task to oversee that the funds are spent properly so there is a set of rules which is spelt out in the contract and it is the responsibility of the grantee which in this case is BEL to follow up what

did not have before so it will be easier for us to go out in the field and see how things proceed. In the contract there is a list of villages and there is a schedule of the activities so based on that we plan to follow up and go with BEL and see how things are proceeding”. Belize Electricity Limited sought out funding from the European Union after the company became aware that the EU was accepting proposals under its ACP EU facility II source of funding. BEL submitted a proposal to the EU for the expansion of electricity in several rural communities throughout Belize. The proposal was approved on the terms that the EU would finance 75% of the total cost of the project but a 25% counterpart contribution was required before BEL could access the grant fund. The Government of Belize then partnered in and provide 25% counterpart contribution. The Government readily agreed and now we have a tripartite venture between the EU, the Government of Belize and BEL where the EU and the Government will provide the funding and BEL will contribute its technical expertise and administer the project.” With the implementation of the venture it is expected the over 30 communities will benefit from electricity supply within the next two years.

cal will and some papers work. This thus lends to Oceana’s continued concern of Belize’s ability to regulate this industry in the offshore sector which involves compliance with more complicated and technical safeguards

and standards beyond paper work. Regulating and monitoring such sector will require, expertise, man-power, finance and a fearless will to monitor and ensure enforcement is never compromised.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Rhett Fuller Throws Him- San Pedro’s Boca del Rio Bridge closes self On Mercy Of Court for serious repairs after five years

Tuesday: November 22nd 2011

Belize City: Rhett Fuller’s legal defense has been fighting his extradition to the State of Florida since 1998, and he has exhausted just about every legal avenues. What seemed like his last ditched effort hinged on seeking judicial review in the Supreme Court on the decision made on the 20th September 2011 by Foreign Affairs Minister, Sedi Elrington, to extradite him. Justice Samuel Awich who heard the application delivered his judgment around 4:00 in the afternoon denying Fuller’s request contending that the Foreign Minister’s Warrant remained valid adding that Fuller should be returned to prison to await his surrender to authorities for extradition. The courtroom packed with friends, well-wishers and Fuller’s family members suddenly went numb with

the words spoken by Justice Samuel Awich and Fuller’s wife could be seen shedding tears while Fuller could be seen in the box hanging his head and hands over his eyes. Attorney Godfrey Smith - who appeared for Eamon Courtenay told the judge that Fuller and his family throw themselves on the mercy of the court. He asked Justice Awich to suspend the decision of the Minister for a month while an urgent notice of Appeal is filed at the Court of Appeal. Magali Perdomo who represented the government side objected to Defense Counsel’s request saying that the application has no prospect of success and that the case has been argued in every court right up to the Privy Council. She reminded the court of the Belize Government’s treaty obligations. After listening to the set of arguments, it took Justice Awich just five minutes to write and give his judgement where he granted that one month stay requested. The leave for appeal must be filed very soon if not immediately - and Fuller must put down twenty thousand dollars as security for cost of court.

The Road to Upliftment in Port Loyola By: Gilroy Usher Sr.

Education is very expensive throughout Belize even at the primary school level. To help defray this primary school cost in Port Loyola, at the beginning of the school year in September ,Gilroy Usher, Sr. the PUP Standard Bearer for the division distributed over $1,400.00 worth of school supplies to deserving families in the area. Later in the month of October Gilroy Usher, Sr. sponsored the prizes for a Checkers Tournament that was held in the division Cor. Central American Blvd and Freedom Street. In making every effort to bring upliftment to Port Loyola Gilroy Usher, Sr. provided some youths of the division with a stipend to help clear the drain on Jane Usher Blvd that was responsible for the terrible flooding of long areas of the street whenever it rains heavily. Today at night the youths of Jane Usher Blvd. enjoy

playing basketball and other sports at the basketball court in that area because Gilroy Usher, Sr. sponsored the floodlights for the court and pays the bill every month to keep the lights on. The floodlights that Gilroy Usher ,Sr. sponsors at the basket court in the Jane Usher Blvd area of Port Loyola also provides needed lighting for people who live in that section of the city. Prior to the installation of the lights by the PUP Standard Bearer for the division, the area was very dark and risky to travel at night. The political office of Gilroy Usher, Sr. is now located Cor. Central American and Trinity Street. This spacious office is centrally located in the division and is recognizable from far as a blue and white flag in front of it 24 hours per day reminds everyone that the People’s United Party is on the rebound in Port Loyola and the other parts of the

There are serious concerns regarding the rapid stress of the Boca del Rio bridge on Ambergris Caye especially because of the obvious signs of deterioration that could pose a deadly safety risk for San Pedro commuters. The Boca del Rio bridge was the islands first bridge built just five years ago but the continous corrosion has stressed the structure causing large patches of the platform to be rotting away at a fast pace. The salty marine environment have battered the galvanized and concrete structure and as a result in its rapid deteriorating because of the corrosive effects. The San Pedro Town Council undertaken measures but could only afford to carry out remedial patch work replacing planks of lumber in the rotten areas of the bridge. Severo Guerrero, the Town Council infrastructure official said that the toll money received will be used to carry out necessary repairs on the fast deteriorating structure in the short term. The deterioration is more obvious on the pedestrian

section of the bridge perhaps because lighter material was installed in that section. Prior to the construction of the bridge in 2006, residents had to use a primitive manual ferry to move from the northern part of the island to San Pedro and visa versa. It was the vision of the late Barry Bowen who foresaw a bridge spanning across the Boca del Rio and connecting San Pedro to the northern section of the island. Bowen who resided in San Pedro at the time, personally financed the project, sought the proper design, engineering and other technical details that made it a reality. The triple span modern bridge, measures 120 feet long and 23 feet wide, was constructed on schedule, taking only four months to build and reportedly costing $750,000.00. At the time they brought in galvanized steel to carry on the construction and it was believed that it would withstand all the salt air and coastal weather conditions. Bowen provided the financing for 5 years at a rate of 12

per cent after it was calculated that the entire construction cost of the bridge will pay for itself with a ten dollar tolls fee collected from golf carts per round trip and indeed, the loan had been paid off within the specified period. Monies collected from the toll will be used to finance the cost of the urgent repairs. In order to facilitate the necessary repairs to the bridge structure, the bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic for as long as it takes to complete the necessary repairs on the short term. On the long term however the Council will be exploring a way of acquiring corrosion free materials to redo or replace what needs to be replace over the next few months. Meanwhile, slabs of wooden boards have been put in place to patch up the iron-clad holes. Other factors contributing to the problem are aging, increasing daily traffic, increasing truck weights, more frequent vehicle overloads, and insufficient maintenance and repairs.

country . The new office was necessary as the attendance for the meeting at the residence of the Knox Arnold ,Chairman PUP Port Loyola Committee, on Allan Pitts Crescent ,had outgrown the available space. For hosting the many previous committee meetings in the division sincere gratitude is extended to Mr. Knox Arnold. The PUP Port Loyola Committee is happy to report that its first meeting at its new office cor. Central American Blvd and Trinity Street had the attendance of over 40 persons from the division. The committee meetings are held every two weeks ;the next meeting of the PUP Port Loyola Committee will therefore be held

this Sunday November 27th at 3:30 p.m. sharp. All residents of the division are welcome to attend the meeting on Sunday to hear the latest political developments in the area. In championing the cause of the people in Port Loyola Gilroy Usher, Sr. the PUP Standard Bearer for the division writes articles on challenges that confront the Belizean people t every two weeks in the Belize Times and calls the Morning-CallIn Shows regularly to standup for the rights of the people. Now with the support of the people Gilroy Usher, Sr. has obtained a public address system that he and his committees uses to take the PUP message of hope and up-

liftment directly into the homes of residents of the division. It is this public address system that PUP Belize City Council slate used to address hundreds of the residents of the area in their homes on Tuesday of this week in front of the office of the PUP Standard Bearer on Central American Blvd. after a very successful house to house campaign in the division earlier. All are invited to continue supporting the People’s United Party in every possible way so that together we can take back Port Loyola and the rest of Belize to offer each and every single Belizean the opportunity for a better life which they rightly deserve.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Police Constable charged Sharon Matola of the Belize Zoo, with Stealing a Battery nominated for Indianapolis Prize

Thursday: 24th 2011

November moving a black and orange

Belize City: Police Constable Mark Roches, 33 years attached to Eastern Division Patrol Branch on Queen Street in Belize City was arrested and charged with theft after he was surprised stealing a battery. According to a report made by Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Roches was at the Raccoon Street Police Branch on Sunday when he was caught in the act of re-

Atlas brand battery which has a value of $125.00 from a Lifan motor scooter that was parked in the police compound. The motor Scooter is the property of Rafael Hernandez. Roches appeared before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez on Tuesday where he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charge. He was offered bail in the sum of $500 dollars which he met. The case was adjourned until January 6th, 2012.

Belizean Students Honoured at Special Ceremony

Wednesday: November 23, 2011

Belize City: The CXC National Committee in Belize this week held its senventeenth annual ‘National Awards’ ceremony at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts to honour the outstanding students who performed exceptionally well in the 2011 May to June Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination (CSEC). The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) show a four point eleven percentage point increase compared to 2010. Ninety five point two percent of the units sat were awarded grades one to five which are satisfactory grades and above CAPE level. One hundred and thirtyfour candidates registered for thirty-five CAPE subject units of the forty six offered by CXC comprising of nineteen unit one and sixteen unit two. Performance improved in 14 Subject Units; declined in 11 Units and 10 Units remained the same. CAPE’s Most Outstanding Candidate for 2011 was Ravesh Sukhnandan who comes from St. John’s Jr. College. At the ceremony we were delighted with the remarks of Sukhnandan’s father who offered the speech

on his behalf since he is away studying. The Guest speaker at the ceremony was the Minister of Education and Youth, Patrick Faber. For the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), out of the thirty-four General and Technical Proficiency subjects, Two thousand seven hundred and eighty four students registered for thirtyone. English A remained stable with eighty three point three percent compared to eighty three point seven percent in 2010 earning grades one to three. English B decreased by six point five percentage because where as in 2010 it was at seventy four point nine percent this year it stood at sixty eight point four percent. Mathematics also had a decline of six point seven percentage points for grades one to three from fifty eight point seven in 2010 to fifty two percent this year. Subjects that showed creditable improvement were Economics, Office Administration and Spanish. Romel Rudon is 2011’s CSEC Most Outstanding Candidate. He attended Saint Joseph Roman Catholic School and graduated from St. John’s College with Math being his favorite subject. He also offered remarks at the ceremony.

Bodies of Two Men

Killed in plane crash pge 1

Indianapolis Zoo, November 18, 2011 - Acclaimed conservationist and educator vies for prestigious international honor and $100,000 award - Poachers, disease, civil wars, heat, cold, rain, drought, pollution, ignorance, indifference. Those are just some of the challenges faced by the 29 conservationists who have devoted their lives to saving the Earth’s endangered species and who have been nominated to receive the biennial Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation. Sharon Matola is one of them. Matola, director and founder of the Belize Zoo, has been recognized for her dedication to educating both the citizens of this small Central American nation and the rest of the world about Belize wildlife. Matola founded the Belize Zoo 30 years ago from nothing, and it is now known as “The Best Little Zoo in the World,” due to the impact it has had in bringing about awareness on behalf of the biodiversity in Belize. The jaguar species has played a large role in Matola’s efforts along with a heightened awareness about the Endangered Central American tapir, the harpy eagle, and all species of native fauna. Additionally, her years of fieldwork on behalf of the endangered Northern Central American scarlet macaw brought international attention to the unsound development of a dam project that would destroy their only known reproductive grounds in Belize and publication of the book “The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw.” Most recently, Matola was awarded the Meritorious Service Award by

the Belize government for her work over the years on behalf of education and the preservation of the nation’s wildlife. The work of all the Indianapolis Prize nominees spans the globe, representing a range of species and locales. The Nominating Committee will review the applications and select six finalists, who will be announced in the spring of 2012. The Prize Jury will then determine the winner, who will be announced in mid-2012 and honored at the next Indianapolis Prize Gala presented by Cummins, Sept. 29, 2012, at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. In addition to receiving the $100,000 Prize, the recipient is also awarded the Lilly Medal, an original work of art that signifies the winner’s contributions to conserving some of the world’s most threatened animals. The 2010 Indianapolis Prize was awarded to legendary elephant advocate Iain Douglas-Hamilton. His accomplishments span decades and continents, bringing global attention to the issue of blood ivory and inspiring others to join the battle against poachers and traders. “Douglas-Hamilton has set a high bar, but the current nominees are remarkable,” said Michael Crowther, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo, the organization responsible for initiating the conservation award. “Each conservationist has his or her own unique story and has made significant contributions toward the preservation and awareness of Earth’s precious wildlife.” Matola shares this presti-

gious nomination with 27 other conservationists who have been nominated for the prize which includes conservationists working along with polar bears, penguin colonies, the endangered black rhinos, kangaroos, gorillas, sea turtle, snow leopards, butterflies and many other animals from around the world. Sharon Matola has been nominated for spearheading Belize’s environmental education on behalf of jaguars. (The Indianapolis Prize was initiated by the Indianapolis Zoo as a significant component of its mission to empower people and communities, both locally and globally, to advance animal conservation. This biennial award brings the world’s attention to the cause of animal conservation and the brave, talented and dedicated men and women who spend their lives saving the Earth’s endangered animal species. The recipient also receives the Lilly Medal, an original work of art that signifies the winner’s contributions to conserving some of the world’s most threatened animals. The 2010 Indianapolis Prize was awarded to Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder and CEO of Save the Elephants and legendary conservation figure. Additional Prize predecessors include Dr. George Archibald, the co-founder of the International Crane Foundation, and Dr. George Schaller, the world’s pre-eminent field biologist and vice president of science and exploration for the World Conservation Society. The Indianapolis Prize has received support from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation since its inception in 2006.)

Page 8 In late 2006, the then PUP Government of Belize (GOB) took a proactive decision based on the best international financial expert advice. This action resulted in Belize entering into calm and respectful negotiations with commercial/private external debt holders (with Eligible Claims such as from the Bear Stearns bond holders). This discussion culminated in what has now been referred to by the present UDP Government as “THE SUPER BOND”. The Belize Offer to Exchange, new US Dollars Bonds due 2029 (“Super Bond”) for the Eligible Claims (then existing bonds and other debt) was officially concluded in early 2007. A total of US$520.0 Million in Belize Public sector outstanding external private debts were exchanged for New Notes with new repayment terms and conditions. Belize was able to convince the external lenders to take a significant reduction in their present value flows which resulted from a significant reduction in the interest being paid. The average interest rate on the Eligible claims was 10.0%, this was reduced to a three stage interest rate step up starting at a low of 4.25% and reaching 8.5% after 5 years.

Sunday, November 27h , 2011


The true facts about the ‘Super Bond’ As the name of the arrangement clearly indicates, there was no disbursement of loan proceeds (cash) to the GOB or anyone else. Also the overall External public sector debt did not increase as a result of this arrangement. The transaction was a transfer of “paper” between creditors and debtor. The Creditors (Bondholders) showed long term confidence in Belize by agreeing to collect their initial investments and interests over a longer period of time. The debtor (GOB) bought time for Belizeans and the Belizean economy to develop while creating thousands of new jobs and securing thousands more. It must be remembered that within the total debt exchange there were loans that the PUP Government inherited from the previous UDP Government, House on Wheels (Minister Elrington’s Project), Airport Authority’s CIBC Bank and Trust loan, Citicorp Merchant Bank and Suppliers credit which were responsible for some $55 million of the total ex-

changed debt. For instance, the 2002 Bear Stearns Bond brought US $120 million net proceeds of which US$117 million were used to pay off 31 GOB loans including UDP loans (see Pg 5 of the Bond Prospectus). One of the direct upfront benefits to the Government’s fiscal account was a total savings of Bze$180.0 Million in debt service over the first three years, which the now UDP Government benefited from since coming to office. The PUP Government plans were to prudently invest these savings, grow the economy and create jobs. In so doing, as the interest rates gradually rise, we would have been in a stronger financial position to easily meet the debt service with a more robust economy with Belizeans working. What one could “not have imagined” is for a reckless UDP Government to squander the accumulated debt service savings of Bze$180.0 Million and now try to mislead the public about the burden of the debt service for the “Super Bond”. This is

a clear case of lack of vision coupled with greed within the UDP Government to satisfy their cronies and puppets with social hands out. Even the $64 million in recent housing loans “give aways” were paid for by the PUP government and falls into the ‘Super Bond”. In order to connect the dots and show the deceitful nature of this UDP Government (“All Glitter and No Substance”) one only needs to compare the present UDP GOB revenue base to that of the PUP GOB in 2007. The fiscal revenue base of the present Government has increased significantly. Topping the list is the oil revenue which now accounts for over $80.0 Million in foreign currency. This $80 million per annum plus $180 million in interest savings should have made the debt service of the “super bond” easily manageable for this UDP GOB. The facility of the “Super Bond” is clearly obvious when one compares the previous debt service structure before the offer to exchange was arranged on a timely basis by

the PUP GOB in 2007. What the UDP Government needs to do is to answer the cry of the Belizeans public, “Life harder out here” now than before February 7, 2008. Belize with this UDP GOB has the highest unemployment rate in Central America and the Caribbean. SIB put the number at 23%, but the man on the street says that it is more like 33%. One third of the labor force of this country is unable to find legal gainful employment. Crime is at an apocalyptic level. Most Belizeans cry shame on this UDP Government! The UDP solution to the unemployed youths is “join a Gang or go to Kolbe first”, then the Government will try to find you some form of employment. Today the UDP excuse for Belize’s economic collapse with constipation in the investment sector is the “Super Bond”. The Super Bond paid millions of UDP debts and saved them some $180 million in interest payments for three years. New oil revenue of some $80 million yearly, created by a visionary PUP GOB, has gone to the UDP GOB. The UDP has squandered all this! They have only themselves to blame!! Contributed

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Caribbean News Haiti official denies knowledge of prison killings

LES CAYES, Haiti (AP) — One of 13 Haitian police officers being tried in the killings of inmates during a prison riot in the chaotic aftermath of the 2010 earthquake testified Monday that he doesn’t know who caused the deaths. The assertion by Sylvestre Larack, who oversaw the prison, seemed to stun many in the crowded courtroom. “You were responsible for the prison that day, and you don’t know anything?” Judge Ezekiel Vaval asked the defendant. “How can that be? How did they die?” “I don’t know exactly who has the responsibility for the deaths,” Larack said. Larack and 12 other officers are charged with murder, attempted murder and other crimes for allegedly opening fire during a prison uprising one week after the earthquake. It’s not clear how many inmates were slain during the unrest on Jan. 19, 2010, but United Nations police reported seeing 10 dead prisoners. Investigators believe other bodies may have removed. Dozens of inmates were wounded. Now in its sixth week, the trial has captivated the coastal town of Les Cayes. Dozens of people with no connection to the defendants or lawyers jam into the courtroom just to watch what is an unusual proceeding for Haiti. The country’s justice system is widely considered corrupt and dysfunctional, and few cases make their way to trial. About threequarters of the 5,000 people imprisoned in Haiti have never even been charged with a crime. The more than 20 defense

lawyers have argued that the real architects of the prison riot aren’t present to testify. One attorney, Jean Renel Senatus, said a prisoner nicknamed “Ti Mousson” started the riot and the leader of the police riot unit, Olritch Beaubrun, have both left Haiti. “We’ve only heard from people who don’t know anything,” Senatus said. “The commander Beaubrun has escaped, along with the man who started the riot. Among my accused men, I can’t say if there are any who are responsible.” In statements to a joint United Nations-Haitian government commission after the bloodshed, both Larack and Beaubrun said that prisoners had attacked each other. Prosecutor Jean-Marie Salamon said Larack’s statement Monday contradicted his pre-trial statements. “When you were interviewed before, you said there was a fight between police officers and prisoners,” Salamon said. “Now you say you don’t know anything. Why are you changing your story?” Larack didn’t have a chance to respond as defense and prosecution lawyers began arguing over whether pretrial statements could be used in court. The judge said was important to focus on testimony used in the court. If convicted, the defendants could face life in prison with hard labor. Twenty-one other people also are being tried in absentia because they have fled. Even if convicted, they would be entitled under Haitian law to a new trial if they returened to face the charges.

Jamaica leader targets slum politics

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — In the battle-scarred slum of Tivoli Gardens, Latoya Brown lavishes thanks on two powerful men who have taken care of her: a former top politician and a drug kingpin. Brown, 30, credits ex-Prime Minister Edward Seaga for building her housing project in the 1960s and promptly filling it with partisans of his Jamaica Labor Party. Her other patron is gang leader Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who for decades ran the slum by doling out public services the government could never offer and enforcing a lawless, violent order. Come election time, Coke’s brutal Shower Posse gang made sure residents voted for Seaga’s party. “We’re always going to keep it Labor,” said Brown, on a landing of the sun-parched complex, long the most notorious ghetto in a bleak gash of gritty neighborhoods in West Kingston. Such symbiotic relationships between politicians and criminals have long been, in fact, the rule in Jamaica’s sprawling slums, which are separated into areas loyal both to underworld bosses and one of the island’s two clanlike parties. With elections looming in weeks, Jamaica’s new prime minister, Andrew Holness, is saying it’s time to finally cut the link between the country’s legal and illegal power brokers. His predecessor, Bruce Golding, resigned last month in part due to controversy over his reluctance to carry out a U.S. extradition request for Coke, whose slum strong-

hold was the heart of the Jamaican leader’s constituency. “Jamaica is yearning, crying out, for a new politics to emerge,” Holness said at the start of his inaugural speech. “Zones of political exclusion are incompatible with freedom, and aspects of our politics are an affront to liberty. It is time to end garrison politics.” Holness has invited opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller of the People’s National Party to walk with him through one-party areas in a symbolic gesture of change. He maintains that this will lead to concrete steps, as yet unidentified, to remove slum neighborhoods known as garrisons from the political landscape. But Simpson Miller insists that Holness must first agree to a program of “social transformation” to help the slums before any symbolic walks can happen. Simpson Miller is a former prime minister who represents a powerful garrison constituency and whose party controls more politicized slums than Labor. She’s complained that Holness’ use of the word “garrison” only serves to stigmatize inner city communities. “The opposition leader says it’s just a name, as if garrisons don’t exist,” said Horace Levy, who works to reduce community violence through the nonpartisan Peace Management Initiative. “This is not true, they do exist. It’s not as bad as it was 20 years ago, but they are still there.” Herbert Gayle, an anthro-

pologist of social violence at Jamaica’s University of the West Indies, said Holness’ calls to finally end garrison politics seems like “a lot of salesmanship” ahead of the elections. Vote-buying by the political parties is now a bigger problem than blatant intimidation by paid-off enforcers, Gayle said. “The garrison relationships are becoming more sophisticated, more subtle,” he said. Still, the divisions remain tribal and occasionally erupt in bloodshed around election time. In the 1970s, Jamaica’s two main political parties enlisted gangs to intimidate voters, including arming them to enforce partisan loyalty. In the lead-up to the 1980 elections, more than 800 people were killed in political clashes. Successive debt-wracked governments of both parties gradually ceded power in the slums to gang leaders who were the only real providers of social welfare. Slum powerbrokers called “dons” received government contracts for public works projects that included building clinics and schools. Meanwhile, the gangs fought bloody turf wars over drugs and extortion rings that have provoked a cycle of seemingly endless revenge killings, giving Jamaica one of the highest homicide rates in the world. With the gangs firmly entrenched, most poor people were forced to affiliate themselves with a party and an af-

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Bodies identified in Mexico mass slaying

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities say they have identified 14 of the 26 slaying victims whose bodies were left on an expressway in what may be a growing war between the powerful Zetas and Sinaloa drug cartels. Tomas Coronado is a prosecutor for the western state of

Jalisco, where Guadalajara is located. He tells MVS Radio that authorities are still trying to confirm an apparent Zetas claim of responsibility. Coronado says investigators have found evidence that the Zetas are working with a local gang known as the Resistance, comprising former

members of several other cartels. The bodies were stuffed in two vans and a pickup truck abandoned on an expressway near the Milennium Arches, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Guadalajara, which hosted last month’s Pan American Games.

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chilean police fired tear gas and clashed with demonstrators who protested an event honoring a former military officer imprisoned for killings and other abuses committed during the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. At least seven people were injured, including six police officers, during the clashes Monday night outside an exclusive club in Santiago, where about 1,000 protesters had congregated. Protesters hurled rocks at police and eggs at those who attended the tribute. Nine people were arrested. Chilean human rights activists organized the protest to condemn the gathering in honor of former Brigadier Miguel Krassnoff, who is serving a 144-year prison sentence for the kidnappings and killings of leftist opponents during Pinochet’s rule from 1973 to 1990. Several hundred people attended the tribute, where a new edition of a sympathetic biography of Krassnoff was sold. The event was organized with the help of Cristian Labbe, the right-wing mayor

of Santiago’s Providencia district, who also was a police official in Pinochet’s regime. Those hurt during the protest included a woman who was struck in the abdomen with a tear gas canister. Krassnoff has been imprisoned since 2005 after being convicted of homicide, kidnapping and torture. He was charged in 23 separate cases, which officials said involved 128 deaths or disappearances and 18 instances of torture. A judge on Monday opened a new case against Krassnoff and three others for the disappearance of an engineer in 1974. When word of plans for the tribute emerged, activists promptly organized the protest. “The possibility of paying homage to Miguel Krassnoff ... is a product of the impunity we’re living with in the country,” said Lorena Pizarro, president of a group of families of the detained and disappeared. Pizarro and another activist are suing Labbe and demanding to know whether any public money was used in planning the event to honor

Krassnoff. The mayor condemned the violence at the protest, saying the demonstrators had committed “acts of intolerance and vandalism.” Labbe is seeking re-election in October 2012. Krassnoff ’s lawyer Carlos Portales spoke at Monday night’s event, criticizing the government for failing to speed the trials of former military officers. Krassnoff ’s wife also demanded that her husband’s rights be respected. The 65-year-old former military officer appears to have a small but vocal following. One blog dedicated to his case describes him as a “hero ... in the fight against the Marxist enemy.” Krassnoff was born in Russia and arrived in Chile as a baby with his mother and grandmother. His father and grandfather were both convicted and executed in 1947 in the Soviet Union for aiding the Nazis and committing war crimes during World War II. Krassnoff played an important role as the Pinochet regime captured and killed leftist opponents, according

Chileans protest pro-Pinochet tribute; 7 injured

Mexico catches escapees from island penal colony MEXICO CITY (AP) — Six inmates from the last island penal colony in the Americas were recaptured at sea after they used buoyant containers and wood planks to try to swim to freedom in an escape reminiscent of the 1973 movie “Papillon.” The Mexican navy said the inmates used empty plastic gas or water tanks to help stay afloat as they swam about 60 miles (90 kilometers) south of the Islas Marias, a Mexican penal colony where inmates live in small houses and are normally not locked up. Prisoners can tend small gardens and raise food. The six men were only about 60 miles from the Pacific coast resort of Puerto Vallarta when they were spotted by a passing boat early Thursday. The boat called in a tip to a local naval base, and patrol boats were quickly dispatched to take the men into custody. Photos provided by the navy showed them men sunburned but alert — and unhappy — on the deck of the patrol vessel. The men, who range in age from 28 to 39 years, were taken back to Puerto Vallarta for a medical check and to be turned back over to prison authorities. Later, the federal Public Safety Department, which is in charge of Mexico’s federal prisons, said the men had been found to be in acceptable health and would be returned to the penal colony “within hours.” The department said the prison oversight agency wasn’t notified until Thurs-

day that the men were missing from the prison — the same day they were found at sea, suggesting that their absence had not been noticed when they set off on the escape bid. The Islas Marias penal colony lies about 70 miles (110 kilometers) from the mainland, but the prisoners did not swim to the closest shore, which is due east. Instead they apparently swam south, either because prevailing currents carried them that way, they didn’t know where they were going, or because they were aiming for Vallarta. The Pacific ocean forms the main security barrier at the island. While dozens of prisoners are believed to have tried to escape since the penal colony was founded in 1905, local news media reports indicate few, if any, are believed to have made it to the mainland. The escape bid drew comparisons to the movie “Papillon,” in which the main character, played by Steve McQueen, uses a buoyancy device to swim away from a penal colony in French Guyana. Islas Marias is the last island penal colony in the region. Panama closed Coiba Island, the only other remaining island penal colony in the Americas, in 2004. That same year, Mexico announced it would spend $2 million to revive the crumbling prison at Islas Marias and increase the inmate population. Normally, about 1,000 to 1,200 inmates are held at the facility.

to the accounts of some survivors. Dr. Patricio Bustos said in an interview Tuesday on the Chilean radio station Cooperativa that Krassnoff was one of two officers who tortured him in a secret jail known as Villa Grimaldi. The old house has since been turned into a “Peace Park” by former prisoners. A national commission has determined that 3,095 people were killed or disappeared during Pinochet’s dictatorship. The controversy over the tribute for Krassnoff also touched Chile’s government. Andrea Ojeda, an adviser to President Sebastian Pinera, resigned after appearing to wish the organizers well in a letter in

which she declined an invitation for the president to attend the event. In the letter, the presidential adviser sent “best wishes of success” to the organizers. Ojeda resigned and said in a statement that an incorrect response was mistakenly sent, Cooperativa radio reported. During the tribute, a letter from Krassnoff was read aloud in which he called “illegal” his nearly seven years in prison. Krassnoff is being held at a special prison at an army base, where inmates sleep in small cabins and live in better conditions than those of the country’s lockups for typical prisoners.

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Was Calif. police use of pepper spray justified?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Los Angeles and San Francisco are seeking long-term solutions to the entrenched encampments by anti-Wall Street protesters, hoping to end the drain on resources and the frayed nerves among police and politicians. Officials in both cities have considered providing protesters with indoor space that would allow the movement to carry out its work in more sanitary, less public facilities. Occupiers are debating among themselves about whether to hold their ground or try to take advantage of possible moves. Talks in both cities mark a distinctly different approach than tactics used elsewhere that have seen police sent in to dislodge Occupy camps. Violence and arrests plagued camps in Oakland and New York, while the use of batons and pepper spray against peaceful protesters on University of California campuses has led to national outrage and derision. San Francisco is negotiating with Occupy SF members about moving their encampment from the heart of the financial district to an empty school in the city’s hip Mission district. That would allow the occupiers to have access to toilets and a room for their daily meetings, while camping out in the parking lot of what was once a small high school. The move also could help them weed out drug addicts and drunks, and those not wholly committed to their cause. Protesters in Los Angeles said officials rescinded a similar deal, in which the city would have leased a

10,000-square-foot space that once housed a bookstore in Los Angeles Mall to the protesters for $1 a year. But after the proposal was made public at an Occupy LA general assembly, it generated outrage from some who saw it as a giveaway of public resources by a city struggling with financial problems, and the offer was withdrawn. Deputy Mayor Matt Szabo told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the encampment around City Hall would be shut down at some point next week. “The encampment as it exists is unsustainable,” Szabo said. Whether the city continues to negotiate with Occupy LA for a new location remains to be seen. Occupy LA camper Alifah Ali said she would pack up her tent at City Hall when the order to leave came down in Los Angeles and welcome the possibility of new digs. “Maybe we need to move,” Ali said. “Maybe this will give us room to organize, make our voice clear.” Los Angeles officials initially endorsed the movement and allowed tents to sprout on City Halls lawns. More than 480 tents have since been erected. But problems arose with sanitation, drug use and homeless people moving into the camp. In San Francisco, several hundred protesters have been hunkered down for some six weeks in about 100 tents at Justin Herman Plaza, at the eastern end of Market Street and across from the tourist-catching

Ferry Building on the bay. The city has declared the plaza a public health nuisance, though city officials also credit the campers for their efforts to rid the camp of garbage and keep the grassy area clean. Mayor Ed Lee has met with the occupiers at several heated closed-door meetings at City Hall. He’s repeatedly told them he supports their cause and the right to protest the nation’s confounding inequality between the rich and the poor. But they cannot, he has said, continue to camp out overnight in a public plaza. “The mayor is being patient,” said Christine Falvey, a spokeswoman for Lee. “He wants to see some sort of long-term, sustainable plan because the city cannot sustain overnight camping for any long period of time.” Ken Cleaveland of the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco, which represents the hotels and businesses that have been impacted by the noise, loss of tourism and concerns of violence, said some hotels had to reimburse guests who could not sleep, and small businesses in the tourist hub have lost thousands of dollars. “It’s time to move the camp,” he said. “Nobody’s disagreeing with their right to protest or the inequities in society that they are protesting, but it’s not a place to camp out permanently.” A survey by The Associated Press found that during the first two months of the nationwide Occupy protests,

Mexico’s military seizes vehicle containing $15 million

Tuesday: 22nd 2011

November packages of cocaine in the ve-

Tijuana, B. C.: Mexican army soldiers guard a table holding some of the $15.3 million seized from a vehicle in the city of Tijuana. STORY HIGHLIGHTS • In addition to money, troops find jewelry and packets of cocaine • Soldiers find the stash during patrols in the border city of Tijuana • Authorities show reporters stacks of $100 bills seized in the operation Mexico City (CNN) -- Mexico’s military has seized more than $15.3 million in cash from a vehicle in the border city of Tijuana, authorities said Tuesday. In addition to the money, troops also found jewelry and

the movement that is demanding more out of the wealthiest Americans cost taxpayers at least $13 million in police overtime and other municipal services. Gentle Blythe, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco public school district, said city officials had approached the district about allowing Occupy SF to relocate to the Mission site that formerly housed Phoenix High School. The School Board is considering a facility permit that would allow the city to lease the property for six months. Occupy SF members say they’re mulling over the proposal. “We’re waiting for whatever caveats the city is going to come back at us with,” said Jerry Selness, a retired Navy medic from Eugene, Ore., who has volunteered for a

hicle, the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement. Soldiers found the stash during patrols Friday, the statement said. Authorities believe the vehicle was heading to a home used as a financial hub by the Sinaloa Cartel, the statement said. On Tuesday, officials showed reporters in Mexico City stacks of $100 bills that they said were seized in the operation. The cash is the second largest quantity of money the Mexican military has seized since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006, the statement said. In 2008, soldiers seized more than $26 million in Sinaloa state. Calderon announced a government crackdown on cartels shortly after taking office. more than a month at the Occupy SF medical tent. “I do feel that we’re at a crux point here: we are either going to give this movement enough time to be able to make our next move, which will be to not only to move this camp, but move to a new phase in the way that we occupy,” he said. There is debate among the occupiers in San Francisco as to whether it’s better to stay put, move to another long-term location or make quick hit-and-run occupies at symbolic sites such as bank lobbies and foreclosures auctions. “For instance, there’s a neighborhood in San Francisco right now where they’re foreclosing on 11 houses in one street,” Selness said. “What a perfect place for us to occupy.”

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This Week in Cabinet

Caribbean News

Thursday: 24th Novem- funds in case of an event this year, the Jamaica Continues from page 9 extradition, including hiring a Earlier ber, 2011. Washington lobbying firm to Gleaner newspaper ran a conrepresenting a significant Belmopan: Cabinet met in their regular session on Tuesday, 22nd November, 2011 and the following was agreed upon: 1) A measure was approved for the removal of the ‘Environmental Tax from CARICOM imports’. This has become necessary in order to achieve consistency with the Government of Belize commitment under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. It is fair to expect that, as a result, consumers will benefit from lower prices for CARICOM originating imports. 2) Cabinet also approved a measure for the establishment of the ‘Environmental Common Fund (ECF)’ as provided for in Regulation 15 (2) of the Petroleum Regulations. All current Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) under Article 27.3 require the contractor to contribute a percentage of the annual gross revenues to the ECF after a discovery is made and production commences. The percentages range from 0.1% for onshore PSAs to 0.5% for deep offshore PSAs. The primary objective of the ECF is to provide the Government access to

threat to the Belize environment and related to the petroleum activities under PSAs. In terms of the liabilities of petroleum companies, the ECF is not intended to constitute in any way a mechanism that could or would reduce or limit the companies’ liability in terms of environmental damage for which they might be responsible under the petroleum law and PSAs and under the general law. Government has also approved the renewal of the standard fuel subsidy and the waiver of license fee which according to them will benefit cane farmers significantly. While the license will still be required, the fee will be waived. With the municipal elections nearing and the general elections close behind, this measure is viewed as a political sweetener to cane farmers up north with the objective to secure votes. The third decision approved has to do with the strengthening of the Attorney General’s Ministry, in the area of providing additional staff both at the professional and support levels, and the addition of physical space for staff and facilities.

Will purge Five Years in prison for a pen gun

proaching Ceasers Palace night club on Newtown Barracks, they saw Baldwin acting suspiciously. He was stopped and subjected to a body search where police found the pen gun in the waistof his pants. He told police that he had just found the

Monday: 21st November 2011 weapon on the street. was taken into custoBelize City: A twenty year He dy where he was formally old youth identified as Linsford Baldwin of South-side Belize city will be spending five years behind the Hattieville Correctional Facility after he was found to be in possession of a pen-gun. Police say they were on mobile patrol in the area of Princess Margaret Drive Sunday night just after 2:oo am and as they travelled ap-

charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm. In Court on Monday, Baldwin appeared before Magistrate Sharon Frazer where he pleaded guilty as charged. Magistrate Sharon Frazer sentenced him to five years in prison instead of the maximum ten years.

filiated gang since they relied on patronage for jobs, houses and land. Such pork barrel politics siphoned taxpayers’ money into constituency development funds in a loyal don’s turf. “Politics in Jamaica for far too long has been about distribution — who gets what, how, where and when,” Holness, 39, said Sunday during a Labor party conference. On a recent day in Kingston’s Waterhouse area, an opposition slum in Holness’ divided urban constituency, 29-yearold Mark Harrison and other young men sat on cinderblocks along a pitted road and expressed pessimism about the chance for any major changes in the slums. “Politicians won’t ever do nothing for us, no matter what they say,” said Harrison, an ad hoc civic leader for the poor area. Regardless of his distrust of what he termed “politricks,” he and a 23-year-old man nicknamed “Zum” were still decked out in loud orange shirts promoting a candidate for the People’s National Party. They had attended a party rally that morning. During his political career, Golding also spoke of ending garrison politics, but he stonewalled for nine months when the U.S. asked for Coke’s

try and stop the request. When Golding finally authorized the extradition in May 2010, the raids launched to capture Coke sparked violence that killed at least 76 people. Golding resigned last month. Political analysts note that the capture and extradition of Coke, long known as the island’s most powerful slum don, was initiated not because of internal pressures but only because the U.S. demanded it. “Unless the U.S. are going to start calling for the extradition of all the dons, it is hard to see what pressures there are within the system which are going to bring about fundamental change,” said Amanda Sives, a University of Liverpool academic who spent years doing research in Jamaica. Some politicians representing garrison constituencies have asserted that political connections to the underworld no longer really exist, but you’d be hard pressed to find any other Jamaicans who believe that. “Without politics, we all live good. But when elections come, the old lines separating us come back and things tense up,” said Michael “Bizzie” Murray, a 54-year-old leader of the People’s National Partyaligned Rollington Town area. Police have classified Murray as an East Kingston don.

troversial series of editorials painting the island’s two main parties as gangs, saying “politically aligned criminal gangs are praetorian guards of the parties.” A Gleaner-commissioned poll of 1,008 islanders found that nine in every 10 Jamaicans agreed with the portrayal. In Tivoli Gardens, Brown and other residents still express a loyalty to Coke bordering on fondness. But they also insist they will keep voting for the ruling party even though it was a Labor government that eventually extradited the slum boss. Seaga, for one, has kept on giving to the neighborhood, she said, even personally paying her hospital bills if she asks his office for help. Just a few blocks away lies Bob Marley’s old neighborhood of Trench Town, a sprawling neighborhood allied with the People’s National Party. Brown, who was blinded when a bullet cut her optical nerve in a police shooting, said she and her neighbors know the parties need the gangs to operate, just as much as the gangs need the politicians. “Most of the politicians here build gangs,” said Brown, as a convoy of security forces drove by her apartment, rotating machine guns at the ready. “They don’t break gangs.”

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Belizean Students Invited to New Planetarium in Chetumal

Resident Guatemalan Teen Killed near Western Border Crossing

Thursday: 24th November, 2011

Belmopan: November Belizean teachers. The Em- the teachers that will accom21, 2011 - The Mexican bassy will facilitate Mexican pany them will be selected Embassy invites 100 of the best Belizean students for a trip to visit the new “Yook´ol Kaab” Planetarium and the Museum of the Mayan Culture in Chetumal, Mexico. The aim of the trip is to expand the knowledge in astronomy and Mayan culture among Belizean students. All schools in Belize are encouraged to nominate their best students born between 1998 and 2001 in order to participate in the selection process. The day trip will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2011. It is free and will include transportation and food, entry tickets and guided visits to the Planetarium and the Museum of the Mayan Culture. They will be accompanied by

immigration and customs procedures. The newly inaugurated “Yook´ol Kaab” (our universe) Planetarium in Chetumal is a high-tech space designed center to encourage studies in science and technology, and is an excellent opportunity for Belizean students to discover firsthand the fascinating world of astronomy and science in general. Interested schools should apply to the Embassy by filling out the appropriate formats provided by the Embassy and send them to before the deadline on December 2nd, 2011, at 2:00 pm. The 100 students, as well as

by the Mexican Embassy in public draws that will be held during the piano concerts on December 3rd and 4th at the Bliss Center in Belize City and the George Price Centre in Belmopan. The Embassy will report the results to the winning schools on December 7th. From that date and until 2:00 pm on December 12th, schools will have to send a second format, along with a picture passport size of the selected students. The trip will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2011. Schools will take their selected students to the Institute of Mexico in Belize City, or to the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan, at the time that will be directed.

UDP fight for C.Shores get nasty, Santi cries wolf!

Thursday: 24th November 2011 Belize City: As it gets closer

to Sunday 4th December when the UDP will hold their political Convention to elect a Standard Bearer for the Caribbean Shores, the campaigning have engaged in psychological mind games among the aspirants. Santino Castillo called out the media on Thursday to complain that some one has been tearing down his political banners placed at different locations of the divisions. While he said that anyone could

be the culprit and fell short of accusing the rival camps of Chandra Nisbet Cansino or that of Ann Marie Williams, he said that there maybe thuggish individuals within thos camps even though the had all agreed to carry out a clean campaign right up to the convention. Castillo tod the media that his banners located at the Cinderella Plaza, on 6th Street near K-Park and on his fence in front of his home were all sliced. Santi said that the one that gave the order for the destruction of his banners may be feeling intimidated alluding that he is the front runner in the race to the convention. Castillo then said: “ I more want to believe it may be my opponents in the PUP”, but which opponent is he talking about, he is not yet the official standard bearer for Caribbean Shores. He said that Anthony Mahler

had torn one of his flyers when a campaign worker tried to engage Mahler. Another incident involving the Mahler team according to Castillo, occurred last Sunday night at the Leal’s family house where Castillo sponsored a BBQ and cses of Miller beers. He said that the PUP slate walked into their sponsored party and began to campaign with family members and guests at the house. It seem that Santino felt intimidated saying that the proper thing the PUP slate aught to have done was to miss that house and come back at another time. Castillo said thatin 1993 when he ran against GlennGodfrey in San Pedro, over 100 banners and signs were cut down and destroyed and even though he replaced them then, it was cut down again. He said this time around, he will leave them this way, and will not replace them

Benque Viejo Town: Benque Viejo Police Formation say they has made no arrest regarding the murder of Esvin Ernest Reyes who was killed last Saturday and have requested the assistance of the Guatemalan police authorities in Melchor de Menco ,Peten. Esvin Reyes, 16 years was travelling in the company of his parents, Estevan and Teresa Reyes trekking on a trail walk along the Mopan river from Benque Viejo del Carmen where they lived to the border town of Melchor to visit a family member when they were confronted by two border bandits who tried to rob them of their money. When the young Esvin tried to run away, one of the bandits took out a pistol and fired a shot which caught

him in the back and exited through his heart killing him instantly. As the teenager dropped to the ground, his father Estevan Reyes hurried back to Benque Viejo Town to report the matter to the police while his mother, Teresa Reyes stayed there in the company of her fallen son. Soon after the two bandits came back on the scene and attempted to throw the body into the river but Teresa shout at them saying that the police were on their way. The mother said that at that point, the two men jumped into the river and swam onto the other side. The Reyes family of Guatemalan nationality lives in the Benque Viejo new extention area near the Western Border without proper immigration status and frequently trek back and forth into the Guatemalan border town of Melchor using the trail that serves as a back door entrance. Last Saturday morning, they left their home around 7:00 am and began walking along the river bank heading towards the borderline when the incident occurred.

Drug Plane Crash Lands near Democracia

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from the front of the plane. The fuselage was twisted around, but inside the cabin there were six seats - which is not standard for a drug running plane – but no traces or packages of drugs. Of course, that mission may have been carried out before the crash landing but then again there are many Colombian and Mexican enforcers and rerouters presently in Belize that oversee the transshipment of drugs into Mexico. This plane travelled with no flight plans and under the radar screen may have been bringing enforcers person/persons or money - but unlikely any large quantities of drugs. A conservationist who work in the area said that around 7:30 am he went to the area to check his cameras and his attention was drawn to what appeared to be a white house from far. He said that as he rode closer on his ATV, he saw it was a plane wreck with

two dead bodies nearby. He said he immediately called the police. The police came quickly and Police ADU (AntiDrug Unit) processed the area between 9:00am and mid-day on Friday. They have concluded that the aircraft is of Mexican registration, the Men killed in the crash were of Colombian origin but nothing said about drugs or money found. In almost four years, the Cocaine drug trade has taken root in Belize to the point that the country has been black-listed by the U.S. State Department as one of the main transshipment points for Cocaine besides Honduras and Guatemala. In March of 2008, a drug plane landed on the Northern Hwy near Orange Walk Town, in November of 2010, a Super King Air with a load of cocaine landed on the Southern Hwy, in June 2011, in the outskirts of Guinea Grass village another was found and now this adds to the list.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

What Is Asthma? Asthma (AZ-ma) is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or early in the morning. Asthma affects people of all ages, but it most often starts during childhood. In the United States, more than 22 million people are known to have asthma. Nearly 6 million of these people are children. Overview The airways are tubes that carry air into and out of your lungs. People who have asthma have inflamed airways. This makes the airways swollen and very sensitive. They tend to react strongly to certain inhaled substances. When the airways react, the muscles around them tighten. This narrows the airways, causing less air to flow into the lungs. The swelling also can worsen, making the airways even narrower. Cells in the airways may make more mucus than normal. Mucus is a sticky, thick liquid that can further narrow your airways. This chain reaction can result in asthma symptoms. Symptoms can happen each time the airways are inflamed. Figure A shows the location of the lungs and airways in the body. Figure B shows a crosssection of a normal airway. Figure C shows a cross-section of an airway during asthma symptoms. Sometimes, asthma symptoms are mild and go away on their own or after minimal treatment with an asthma medicine. Other times, symptoms continue to get worse. When symptoms get more intense and/or more symptoms occur, you’re having an asthma attack. Asthma attacks also are called flareups or exacerbations (eg-zas-er-BA-shuns). It’s important to treat symptoms when you first notice them. This will help prevent the symptoms from worsening and causing a severe asthma attack. Severe asthma attacks may require emergency care, and they can be fatal. Outlook Asthma can’t be cured. Even when you feel fine, you still have the disease and it can flare up at any time. However, with today’s knowledge and treatments, most people who have asthma are able to manage the disease. They have few, if any, symptoms. They can live normal, active lives and sleep through the night without interruption from asthma. You can take an active role in managing your asthma. For successful, thorough, and ongoing treatment, build strong partnerships with your doctor and other health care providers.

What is Asthma?

What Causes Asthma? The exact cause of asthma isn’t known. Researchers think some genetic and environmental factors interact to cause asthma, most often early in life. These factors include: An inherited tendency to develop allergies, called atopy (AT-o-pe) Parents who have asthma Certain respiratory infections during childhood Contact with some airborne allergens or exposure to some viral infections in infancy or in early childhood when the immune system is developing If asthma or atopy runs in your family, exposure to irritants (for example, tobacco smoke) may make your airways more reactive to substances in the air. Some factors may be more likely to cause asthma in some people than in others. Researchers continue to explore what causes asthma. The “Hygiene Hypothesis” One theory researchers have for what causes asthma is the “hygiene hypothesis.” They believe that our Western lifestyle—with its emphasis on hygiene and sanitation—has resulted in changes in our living conditions and an overall decline in infections in early childhood. Many young children no longer have the same types of environmental exposures and infections as children did in the past. This affects the way that young children’s immune systems develop during very early childhood, and it may increase their risk for atopy and asthma. This is especially true for children who have close family

members with one or both of these conditions. Who Is at Risk for Asthma? Asthma affects people of all ages, but it most often starts during childhood. In the United States, more than 22 million people are known to have asthma. Nearly 6 million of these people are children. Young children who often wheeze and have respiratory infections—as well as certain other risk factors—are at highest risk of developing asthma that continues beyond 6 years of age. The other risk factors include having allergies, eczema (an allergic skin condition), or parents who have asthma. Among children, more boys have asthma than girls. But among adults, more women have the disease than men. It’s not clear whether or how sex and sex hormones play a role in causing asthma. Most, but not all, people who have asthma have allergies. Some people develop asthma because of contact with certain chemical irritants or industrial dusts in the workplace. This type of asthma is called occupational asthma. What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Asthma? Common signs and symptoms of asthma include: Coughing. Coughing from asthma often is worse at night or early in the morning, making it hard to sleep. Wheezing. Wheezing is a whistling or squeaky sound that occurs when you breathe. Chest tightness. This may feel like something is squeezing or sitting on your chest.

Shortness of breath. Some people who have asthma say they can’t catch their breath or they feel out of breath. You may feel like you can’t get air out of your lungs. Not all people who have asthma have these symptoms. Likewise, having these symptoms doesn’t always mean that you have asthma. The best way to diagnose asthma for certain is to use a lung function test, a medical history (including type and frequency of symptoms), and a physical exam. The types of asthma symptoms you have, how often they occur, and how severe they are may vary over time. Sometimes your symptoms may just annoy you. Other times, they may be troublesome enough to limit your daily routine. Severe symptoms can be fatal. It’s important to treat symptoms when you first notice them so they don’t become severe. With proper treatment, most people who have asthma can expect to have few, if any, symptoms either during the day or at night. What Causes Asthma Symptoms To Occur? Many things can trigger or worsen asthma symptoms. Your doctor will help you find out which things (sometimes called triggers) may cause your asthma to flare up if you come in contact with them. Triggers may include: Allergens from dust, animal fur, cockroaches, mold, and pollens from trees, grasses, and flowers Irritants such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, chemicals or dust in the workplace,

compounds in home décor products, and sprays (such as hairspray) Medicines such as aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and nonselective beta-blockers Sulfites in foods and drinks Viral upper respiratory infections, such as colds Physical activity, including exercise Other health conditions can make asthma harder to manage. Examples of these conditions include a runny nose, sinus infections, reflux disease, psychological stress, and sleep apnea. These conditions need treatment as part of an overall asthma care plan. Asthma is different for each person. Some of the triggers listed above may not affect you. Other triggers that do affect you may not be on the list. Talk with your doctor about the things that seem to make your asthma worse. How Is Asthma Diagnosed? Your primary care doctor will diagnose asthma based on your medical and family histories, a physical exam, and test results. Your doctor also will figure out the severity of your asthma—that is, whether it’s intermittent, mild, moderate, or severe. The level of severity will determine what treatment you’ll start on. You may need to see an asthma specialist if: You need special tests to help diagnose asthma You’ve had a life-threatening asthma attack You need more than one kind of medicine or higher doses of medicine to control your asthma, or if you have overall problems getting your asthma well controlled You’re thinking about getting allergy treatments Medical and Family Histories Your doctor may ask about your family history of asthma and allergies. He or she also may ask whether you have asthma symptoms and when and how often they occur. Let your doctor know whether your symptoms seem to happen only during certain times of the year or in certain places, or if they get worse at night. Your doctor also may want to know what factors seem to trigger your symptoms or worsen them. For more information about possible asthma triggers, go to “What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Asthma?” Your doctor may ask you about related health conditions that can interfere with asthma management. These conditions include a runny nose, sinus infections, reflux disease, psychological stress, and sleep apnea. Physical Exam Your doctor will listen to your breathing and look for signs of asthma or allergies. These signs include wheezing, a runny nose or swollen nasal passages, and allergic skin conditions (such as eczema).

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Aries - You’re an activator, an instigator, maybe even an agitator on Monday. Get stuff started! Add nice little details to your plans and convince a certain someone that your way’s the best way. Talk about lucky -- if you’ve got love on your mind around Thursday (and you probably do), you’ve got a way with compliments and general wooing right on time. Just keep it sweet and light, and save the big questions and answers for later. This weekend brings pertinent emotional developments. Taurus - Be conscious of your pace and time on Monday, or you’ll be working alternating with wasting time., though, you should hit your stride; the kind of energy you have now is highly conducive to achievement that gets you noticed. You won’t have to toot your own horn so much as present your latest and greatest to the right parties. The end of the workweek is not the time for financial or legal matters. If you must deal, get a consult and get sign-off. Gemini - You’re thinking so fast on Monday that you might really benefit from bouncing your ideas off somebody. Then, if information’s en route or a secret’s circulating around, don’t get so caught up that you fail to look at things critically. Does it all add up? Is it worth getting all wound up about? Love’s in the air around Thursday. You can thank the stars later, as you ought to be busy making the most of your love interest through Friday (you’re still extra hot, and they know it). Cancer - Monday’s a less-said-the-better type of day, particularly when it comes to interactions with your boss or other higherups. Concentrate on reading them instead. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, however, you’ve got a skillful way of making even an outlandish idea seem workable -- which, with your original thinking, it probably is. Get out in front of the crowd. Seek out some stress relief at the end of the workweek and be smart about it; exercise helps you focus, excess makes you tired. Leo - Fit in a little fun on Monday to get your week off to a good start -- try lunch with a friend, a movie, an impromptu outing to somewhere new. Over the next couple of days, you’re likely to be entangled in work, and you may feel somewhat inflexible. Doing something to loosen up physically (yoga, anyone?) helps your whole being. And guess what? Your hopes and desires come into play around Thursday -- and the stars favor a risk. Take a romantic idea and run with it! Virgo - Those around you may drive you nuts on Monday, but could it be that you’re expecting too much of them? Around Tuesday and Wednesday, the stars send an opportunity your way, but you’ll need to do your part, too. Seek out inspiration, make your world an interesting place and embrace existence. If you’ve got love on your mind around Thursday, you’ll already have the good karma going to take advantage. Libra - Be direct and clear on Monday. Your innate diplomacy is a great skill, but you might be shading into beating around the bush now. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, make a real effort to give positive feedback. A little encouragement and gratitude among all the hard work can make all the difference. Then set your sights on something new at the end of the workweek -a challenging project, a fresh role, an additional skill. And this weekend, prioritize family or your family of friends. Scorpio - You’re a bit accident-prone on Monday, so go slow, be methodical, back your work up and keep track of your keys. You’re a force to be reckoned with around Tuesday and Wednesday -- but can you acknowledge your sensitive side along with your strength? Forcefulness is fine if you can also see when to relent and when to be gentle. And while going out on a romantic limb may seem like the normal thing to do around Thursday, don’t get carried away. Sagittarius - Perk up as the week gets going -- the stars say the chance for romance is high right now, regardless of the usual weekend-oriented mentality! Find something interesting to do, get out there and have fun (or stay in for a special night with a certain someone!). You might be thinking big around Wednesday and Thursday, but the specifics still matter in matters of the heart. How’s the whole picture, all things great and small? On Friday and over the weekend, amongst all the busyness. Capricorn - Anxiety isn’t the most productive state of mind, so process whatever’s of concern consciously on Monday. A sensible plan makes you feel leagues better -- as does the shift in energy around Tuesday and Wednesday, when results are tangible and you’re looking good. Consider cutting any email you write, presentation you give or report you’re making in half at the end of the workweek. Be clear, be concise and be aware of the level of detail necessary. Aquarius - You’ll find your own unusual (and probably funny, and definitely awesome) way to express yourself as the week gets going -- let it work for you when it comes to romance! Get something started now, and make plans for the weekend, because Wednesday and Thursday may contain doldrums. If you do have a date now, make it something active and different, lest you sit there yawning at each other. But on Friday and over the weekend, say buh-bye to anything humdrum and hel-LO to some sizzle. Pisces - Allow for changeable moods and evolving relationships on Monday. Letting go of an illusion and seeing things as they are makes room for some reality-based greatness. You’ll have energy to get it going, too, around Tuesday and Wednesday. Your romantic (not to mention work) instincts are amazing right now, so listen to them and just go with it. When Thursday comes, it’s inadvisable to have too many expectations or get too specific -just relax and you won’t be disappointed. You’re burning hot this weekend. Have your own celebration of love!


Eva Bassem to Bassem Hussain Chakaroun and Salam Chakaroun nee Mohamed-Ali Logan and Brandon to Luca Michelus and Octavia Michelus nee Dreer Amberly Rebekah to Peter Guenther and Marlys Guenther nee Letkeman Englebert Elloy Efraim to Engleberth Elvis Perrera and Janel Stacey Perrera ne Mai Aedan Joel Cazim to Alain Giovanni Gonzalez and Bertha Anita Gonzalez nee Pacheco Rihanni Ibani to Harris Bani Alfaro and Luisa Roxana Alfaro neeNal Peter to Herman Dyck and Helena Dyck nee Petkau Arabella Joy to Robert Gordon Lee and Charlene Elizabeth Lee nee Allen Danny Guillermo to Jose Pedro Pineda and Yanira del Carmen Pineda nee Guzman Gabriela Francine Lizeth Yonella to Hpesoj Snaveb Bevans and Leticia Yolanda Bevans nee Salinas


Mark Adrew Paulina, Jr to Janell Kimberly Francis, 29 both of Belize City Peter Wall, 20 to Anna Wibe, 20 both of Shipyard, Orange Walk District. Troy Wayne Owen McBride, 39 of Unitedville Cayo District to Barbara Marie Rosado, 32 of Belize City Adolfo Navaro, 23 of Orange Walk Town to Silvia Velasquez 20 of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District Travis Michael O’Rourke, 34, to Tana Lynnette Boatright, 36, both of Leesville, Louisiana, USA Carlos Antonio Chaneck, 36, to Celeste Marisol Sil Chiguichon, 30, both of San Pedro Town Ambergris Caye, Belize District Steven Portillo, 30, of Slidell Louisiana USA to Katie Martens, 28, of Augusta Georgia, USA Rene Amilcar Gudiel , 31, to Sandra Lizet Perez , 28, both of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. Efren Anavisca, 23, to Tamika Nadina Affichia Ceasar, 23, both of Buena Vista, Toledo District Orlando Neri Madrid, 27, to Celena Lisette Rivera, 19, both of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District Nestor Amaya, 28, of Roaring Creek, Cayo District to Francisca Membrano 25, of Belmopan Reynaldo Diaz, 28, to Lilia Isabel Flores, 20, both of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District Oscar Armando Velasquez, 42, to Herminia Mejia, 49, both of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo District Byron Alvarado, 26, of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District to Olga Virula, 22, of Sarawee, Stann Creek District Rigo Francis Zuniga, 22, of Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District to Randine Sharmaine Garcia, 21, of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District Chad Randall Knupp. 38, to Tamara Nikki Carter, 31, both of Chantilly Virginia, USA Elias Isaias Hoil, 33, to Hilaria Butz, 29, both of Mayan King Farm, South Stann Creek Kenneth Kevin Itza, 22, to Carla Kimberly Rodriguez, 19, both of San Pablo, Orange Walk District Woping Chen, 28, of Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District, to Xiu Xia Zhou, 25 of Belize City John Alvarez, 28, to Priscilla Dasheane MCDougal , 29, both of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District Lesta Kenneth Kelly, 25 to Nicole Patricia Williams, 20, both of Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District Willard Elsworth Levy, 38, to Reinalda Ursula Ocampo, 34 both of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District


Karl Robert Galvez, 33 Rodney Roosevelt Bowen, 73 Beverly Desiree Flowers, 47 Andres Del Valle, 94 Rafael Thompson, 80 Karen Cecilia Trumbach, 46 Derol Chesterfield Dominguez, 55 Alexander Antonio Lopez Garcia, 30

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Making Sense of Your Skin Drake finds new groove on “Take Care”

Drake poses for a portrait in New York November 4, 2011. Skincare lingo is incredibly confusing. As usual, one of the best pieces of advice is the simplest: go to a professional. As someone with oily, acneprone skin who spent years in denial about my skin predicament, my biggest piece of advice is: GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST. There are products out there that work and many of them are available without a prescription but the truth is that there is no one thing that works on every case of acne. Only a trained professional who is looking directly at your skin will be able to tell you what will work best for you. Honestly, I have a lot of trouble figuring out what kind of skin I have, especially considering it changes depending on the season. Clinique is great for this—you can go, answer some questions, and they show you which variations on their 3-step system will be best for you. Mine is typically combination skin; I have oilier skin on my forehead and note, and dryer cheeks. The first thing you need to realise is that the skincare industry is simply looking for a million ways to re-package the wheel, so the skincare language will keep evolving to keep you buying new stuff, so words like revitalize, nourish etc are simply ways to make things sound more appealing rather than achievements. I’d suggest learning some basic aromatherapy and horticultural (easily Google-able) as so much of what happens in skincare is based on essential oils and natural ingredients that have been synthesized. (Eg: salicylic acid is the active ingredient of aspirin and is a beta hydroxy acid. And it was originally derived from

willow bark. It helps exfoliate the skin by increasing the speed of cell turnover and is also an anti-inflammatory. This means you will get salicylic acid in both acne products and anti-aging products under the terms BHA, salicylic acid and willow extract. Knowing the different uses and names for common ingredients will help you know whether you are using too many products with the same ingredients and spending too much money.) Companies tend to use the Latin names for natural products, so don’t forget to check those too. You’ll start to know quite soon what things in products are meant to do and will get an idea that way if they are suitable for you. Don’t be swayed by matching ranges that look nice on the shelf, lovely packaging and gifts from companies. Think about what you actually want from your skin and your products and ask for that. If you are intimidated by a counter then order online. Another possible issue is brought up by mosaiclobster: Recently, I discovered I might have a soy allergy. I’ve been really bad about it lately, but when I cut out soy for a few weeks, my face started to clear up. More than any product had EVER done, prescription or over the counter. If you’re finding that no products are working for you, I recommend getting tested for food allergies. There’s no proven link between acne and soy/dairy/ wheat allergies/intolerance, but there are TONS of testimonials online that echo my experience. Another possibility? Vitamin deficiency. All the topical treatments in the world can’t help

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Despite the success of his hit debut album “Thank Me Later,” rapper Drake feels the record never showed his best work. The follow-up “Take Care,” available in stores and online Tuesday, is another story. The 25-year-old rappersinger, born Aubrey Drake Graham in Toronto, Canada rose to stardom under the tutelage of rapper Lil Wayne, who signed Drake to his Young Money record label in 2009, and “Take Care” tells of his rocket ride to rap stardom. Drake had released three, free mixtapes online including 2009’s “So Far Gone” before “Thank Me Later” hit record stores and websites and went on to become the third best-selling U.S. album of 2010. He told Reuters that the transition from making free music for the Web to the regimented market of album sales proved very difficult. “With mixtapes it’s complete creative freedom and there’s just no politics, there’s no sample clearances there’s no producer agreements... all these little things you learn about when you make

your first album that has to be sold in stores,” explained Drake. He still believes “Thank Me Later” was an “inconsistent” album because he hadn’t quite found his groove creatively in the world of major record labels. “I pulled from a lot of different places and it was like, ‘Oh Timbaland wants to work, and this guy wants to work, and Kanye wants to.’ So I tried different things,” he said. “On this album, you’ll be able to tell that I realized what works for me.” BACK TO ROOTS On “Take Care” Drake has found what works, and that is collaborating with fellow Canadians Noah “40” Shebib, Matthew “Boi-1da” Samuels, and The Weeknd, who produce the bulk of the record. The album also features a song with R&B legend Stevie Wonder who, Drake said, “is like family to me now.” He said the majority of the album he recorded at home in Toronto, which made him realize how far he had come on his journey from aspiring artist to hip-hop star.

that. But how can you tell what “skin type” you have? Here’s a few suggestions. If you look at your wrist and see that the veins are greenish, then you are warm toned, if you see that they look blue, then you are cool toned. I struggled for years to figure out my “tone.” Foundation looked orange or pink on my skin, no matter what company, no matter what shade I tried. Then I discovered Asian

make-up lines (Shiseido, Shu Uemura). They have different undertones than most makeup brands which have been designed for Western-European skin tones. Lolabelle provides a primer on oily/dry/combination skin: To figure out your skin type, simply think about the oil production (or lack of) on your face: Normal= average level oil production. no major skin problems.

“I thought about how I got there, what happened,” he said. “Why did I drop out of school? And how did I ever dig my mother out of this hole of debt we were in? I just address it all on the album. I tell every story I can remember leading up to this moment right now and tried to vividly capture this rise.” The result is “sonically, a very consistent piece,” he said. “I’m excited for the world to hear it. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.” While Drake has enjoyed massive success early in his career and earned the support of many of the biggest names in hip-hop, he tries to avoid getting caught up in his own hype. “I don’t take compliments well,” said Drake. “I don’t like ‘best rapper’ conversations. I always feel weird when people are like, ‘You and Jay are my favorite rappers’ or ‘All I listen to is you and Pac.’ That throws me off because I feel like I have so much work to do and so much to accomplish.” On his to-do list is a return to acting. Before he was the rapper Drake, Aubrey Graham appeared for eight seasons on the TV teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” When Drake was the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” last month, he appeared in two well-received sketches. “(Acting) is something I’m very, very eager to do especially after ‘SNL.’ I’m really dying to get back into it,” said Drake. “I’m definitely well on my way to finding key roles that will allow me to birth, or rebirth, an acting career.” His dream role? “I want to be on ‘True Blood,’” said Drake, a huge fan of the HBO vampire series. “I’m down, whatever they want to give me!” Dry skin= little oil production. skin is tight and possibly flaky and/or itchy. Combination= oily in some areas (usually the t-zone which is the forehead, nose, and chin) while dry or normal in others. Oily= lots of oil production on most of the face. (if you feel like you constantly have a “shiny” face) Sensitive= can vary by type, but skin gets irritated after using certain products or chemicals.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Aids-related deaths ‘down 21% from peak’, says UNAids Aids-related deaths are at the lowest level since their 2005 peak, down 21%, figures from UNAids suggest.

people living with HIV.”

Globally, the number of new HIV infections in 2010 was 21% down on that peak, seen in 1997, according to UNAids 2011 report.The organisation says both falls have been fuelled by a major expansion in access to treatment.Its executive director, Michel Sidibe, said: “We are on the verge of a significant breakthrough.” He added: “Even in a very difficult financial crisis, countries are delivering results in the Aids response.“We have seen a massive scale up in access to HIV treatment which has had a dramatic effect on the lives of people everywhere.”

has seen the most dramatic improvement, with a 20% rise in people undergoing treatment between 2009 and 2010.About half of those eligible for treatment are now receiving it.UNAids estimates 700,000 deaths were averted last year because of better access to treatment. That has also helped cut new This latest analysis says the HIV infections, as people number of people living with undergoing care are less HIV has reached a record 34 likely to infect others. million.Sub-Saharan Africa

In 2010 there were an estimated 2.7m new HIV infections, down from 3.2m in 1997, and 1.8m people died from Aids-related illnesses, down from 2.2m in 2005. The figures continue the downward trend reported in previous UNAids reports. The UN agency said: “The number of new HIV infections is 30-50% lower now than it would have been in the absence of universal access to treatment for eligible

Some countries have seen particularly striking improvements.In Namibia, treatment access has reached 90% and condom use rose to 75%, resulting in a 60% drop in new infections by 2010.UNAids says the full preventive impact of treatment is likely to be seen in the next five years, as more countries improve treatment.Its report added that even if the Aids epidemic was not over: “The end may be in sight if countries invest smartly.” ‘Promising moment’

HIV/Aids, have we been at such a promising moment to really turn this epidemic around.“Governments in some of the hardest hit countries want to act on the science, seize this moment and reverse the Aids epidemic. But this means nothing if there’s no money to make it happen.”The International HIV/Aids Alliance said: “We welcome the ongoing commitment of UNAids to changing behaviours, changing social norms and changing laws, alongside efforts to improve access to HIV treatment.

“For bigger and better imThe charity Medecins Sans pact though, we must not Frontieres urged govern- be complacent. There is still ments to keep up their fund- much more to do.” ing.MSF’s Tido von SchoenAngerer, said: “Never, in more than a decade of treating people living with

Climate sensitivity to CO2 probed

Global temperatures could be less sensitive to changing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels than previously thought, a study suggests.

“This implies that the effect of CO2 on climate is less than previously thought,” he explained By incorporating this newly discovered “climate insensitivity” into their models, the international team was able to reduce their uncertainty in future climate projections.

The researchers said people should still expect to see “drastic changes” in climate worldwide, but that the risk was a little less imminent. The results are published in Science. Previous climate models have used meteorological measurements from the last 150 years to estimate the climate’s sensitivity to rising CO2. From these models, scientists find it difficult to narrow their projections down to a single figure with any certainty, and instead project a range of temperatures that they expect, given a doubling of atmospheric CO2 from pre-industrial levels.

The new models predict that given a doubling in CO2 levels from pre-industrial levels, the Earth’s surface temperatures will rise by 1.7 to 2.6 degrees C.

The new analysis, which incorporates palaeoclimate data into existing models, attempts to project future temperatures with a little more certainty.

plained that by looking at surface temperatures during the last Ice Age - 21,000 years ago - when humans were having no impact on global temperatures, he, and his colleagues, show that Lead author Andreas this period was not as cold Schmittner from Oregon as previous estimates sugState University, US, ex- gest.

The authors stress the results do not mean threat from human-induced climate change should be treated any less seriously, explained palaeoclimatologist Antoni RosellMele from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, who is a member of the team that came up with the new estimates.

But it does mean that to induce large-scale warming of the planet, leading lead to widespread catastrophic consequences, we would have to increase CO2 more That is a much tighter range than we are going to do in than suggested by the Inter- the near future, he said. governmental Panel on Cli- “But we don’t want that to mate Change (IPCC)’s 2007 happen at any time, right?” report, which suggested a rise of between 2 to 4.5 de- “At least, given that no one grees C. is doing very much around the planet [about] mitigating The new analysis also re- CO2 emissions, we have a duces the expected average bit more time,” he remarked. surface temperatures to just over 2 degrees C, from 3.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Gwen Liz & SCA girls win in

CSSSA basketball

The Gwen Lizarraga High School, St. Catherine Academy and Wesley College girls all enjoyed big wins in the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association basketball competition at the Belize City Center last week. The Wesley College girls won over the Ladyville Technical High School girls 29-16 on Monday, when Genae Samuels had led the Wesley girls with 13pts, while Gloria Garcia scored 6pts for Ladyville Tech. The St Catherine’s Academy girlsposted a 29-9 win over the Anglican Cathedral college girls last Wednesday evening. Kurhs apollar land a 3-pointer as sh led the SWtCatherine’s cgirls with 9 pts asn the convent girls were up 9-5 at the end of the first qurter. ACC’s shntel labey responded with 7pts, but gilda Estra tossedina nother 6ots and kafira Gill added 8pts for SCA to lead 23-9 at intermission. Kafira gill scored 2 more baskets in the 3rd quarter to finish with 12pts, while Chelsea Noralez tossed in a

girls’ 34-16 win over the Wesley college last Friday. Genae Samuels scored two Gwen Liz’s Deandra Coote led 3-pointe3rs as she led the Weswith10pts, in the Gwen Liz ley girls with 10pts, but the bucket. ACC’s Janelle Grinage scored a basket but the SCA girls were up 29-9 when the ACC girls abandoned the fray and SCa posted 29-9 win.

Belize Rural High girls wins silver at III Central American & Caribbean scholars games Panama City, Tuesday, November 22, 2011 The Belize Rural High School girls softball team returned home to a heroes’ welcome after winning the silver medal at the recently concluded III Central American and Caribbean Scholars Games held in Panama City, Panama from November 12-22. The Belize Rural girls began their vitory roll last Monday, November 14 when they crushed the hosts, Panama 110in a game that ended in the 4th inning by mercy rule. Tyra Moriera led the Belize attacks scoring three runs, while Sabrina Campos, Rebecca Nicholson and Sherrie Gillett scored 2 runs each and pitcher Ashley Lucas and Kayle Macfadzean scored one run each. Star pitcher Ashley Lucas shut out the Panamanian batters, while Panama changed their starting

pitcher, Kristy Zarzovilla, and Natalia Zeballos who relieved her also had to be replaced by Eneida.

ed up on Wednesday and hammered the Panama girls again 11-7 on Thursday, November 17. Tyra Moreira, Sabrina, Kayle, Mandy Nicholson and After a disheartening 1-4 loss Leeza Mcfadzean scored two to Guatemala on Tuesday, No- runs each, while Ashley Lucas vember 15, in which Sabrina scored once. Campos scored the only consolation run for Belize against the They finished top of their group pitching of Sharon Castro who when they went on to swat the struck out 11 batters, they rest- Guatemalans 12-3 on Friday,

Wesley girls were down 7-8 at the end of the first quarter. Ann Ma added another 10pts ffor the Gwen Liz girls but they were still ahead 12-10 at intermission. Kenya Brown added 6pts for Gwen Liz, while Reenya Gentle added four and Shaneen Flowers tossed in one basket as they led 22-12 in the third quarter. Brenda Brown scored four points for Wesley, but the Gwen Liz girls went on to post a 34-16 win. November 18. Again Tyra Moreira and Ashley Lucas led the attack, scoring 3 runs each, while Kayle, Sabrina, Rebecca, Mandy, Amber Wade and Shanne Garcia scored one run each against the pitching of Guatemala’s Maria Carmen Rivera.

Kayle, Rebecca Nicholson and Sherrie Gillett scored one run each, against the pitching of Venezuela’s Alondria Perez who struck out 8 batters. The Venezuelans scored 7 runs to take the championship, but the Belize girls brought home the silver medal.

The stage was now set for them to advance to Sunday’s finals against Venezuela, who had walloped everyone in their group, including Colombia and El Salvador. The undefeated Venezuelans faced their toughest opponents in the Belize girls who scored 4 runs: Shanese Rowland,

Team captain Kayle Mcfadzean received the 2nd place team trophy in the award ceremony and Belize’s International Softball Hall of Famer Philipa Bailey was on hand to present the individual medals and congratulate the Belize girls.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Caye Caulker Island Stars scorches Hattieville Heat 3-1 in women’s football Ladyville, Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Caye Caulker Island Stars, the No. 2 seed entering the Belize district women’s football playoffs, got on the good foot to making it all the way to the championship finals, after they toasted the No.3 seeded Hattieville Heat 3-1 in Game 1 of the playoffs at the Ladyville football field on Sunday afternoon. Caye Caulker’s team captain Lillian Joseph and Stephanie Duarte led their offensive, with the help of Sofia Diego, Josefa Enriques, Angi Lima and Shehady Chan at midfield, and the Hattieville defenders Kelsey Pou, Felicia Gillett, Sylvanna Barrow and Janel Thompson were hard put to contain their attacks.

tellanos and Vannessa Smith shut out the Hattieville girls up to the ahlf time break.In the 2nd half, Hattieville’s Kenya Brown and Candice Neal entered the ball game, taking over from Lauren Stevens and Jaslyn Myvette, and they won a free kick, which Jersha Estrada bent over the wall of Caye Caulker defenders to beat goalie Maribel Dominguez and tie up the ball game 1-1.

Angi Lima completely outfoxed the Hattieville defenders with a long lob to the goal area, which bounced over the head of the Heat’s goalier Kadijah Marin, and into the goal for the Caye caulker girls to take a 1-0 lead in the 1st half. Hattieville’s Iaisha Dyer substituted for Sylvanna Barrow, Ashlyn Gordon and Lauren and Felicia Gillett moved up Stevens led the Hattieville forward but the Caye Caulker counterattack with the help girls remained on the attack of Deandra Coote, Jersha Es- as Angi Lima sent a long trada, Ebony White and Jaslyn forward pass to Josepha EnMyvette at midfield, but the riquez on the right flank, who Caye Caulker defenders Saira advanced it almost to the goal Reyes, Carina Te, Wendy Cas- line before she crossed the

ball to center to find Lillian Joseph, whose immediate right foot kick sent the ball into the net to lead 2-1. The Hattieville girls won 2 more free kicks, but Estrada sent both tries outside the sticks, and

E.P. Yorke SadieVernon boys lead CSSSA basketball hit 2 treys as he added 10 pts,

but Albert Longsworth hit two 3-pointers to led Gwen Liz’s counterattack with 22pts, and they took over the lead 20-16 at intermission. Dennis Talbert also hit two long treys for 10pts while Travis Gabourel added 7 pts as the Gwen Liz boys continued to lead 32-28 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The Edward P. Yorke High School, Sadie Vernon Technical high School and Wesley College boys each posted 2 wins in the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association basketball competition at the Belize City Center last week. Terrique Gabb sank thee 3-pinters for a game high of 26 pts as he led the Edward P. Yorke High School boys to a 64-54 victory over the Anglican Cathedral College boys on Friday night. Daniel Sanchez added 8pts as the E.P. Yorke boys led 22-10 in the first quarter.Auburn Rivero also hit a 3-pointer as he led the ACC boys with 15 pts, as they sought to get back in the game but with Gabriel Taylor also hitting a 3-piinter to score 10 pts for E.P. Yorke to lead 33-24 at intermission. Cordel Gonzalez scored 9pts, and Tyler Myvett added 7pts, but the ACC boys fought back with Keron Moss and Travis Bermudez each scoring a 3-pointer for 11pts each, Douglas Val-

In the 4th quarter, Rodney Morris and Welton Franklin each scored a basket, and Devaun Williams and Kadeem Loredo each scored free throw for Welsey to take over the lead 48-45 at the final buzzer. Dijon smith had scored 4 pts for Gwen Liz and Akeem Richardson scored a single free throw.

ley added 8pts and Alexander O‘Brien – 7pts as they trailed 48-41 in the third quarter. Marcus Lewis added a basket for E.P. Yorke’s 64-54 win.

posted their second victory on Thursday evening, outlasting the Gwen Lizarraga High School boys 48-45. Brian White led Wesley with 23 pts and they were up 11-4 in the The Wesley College boys also first quarter. Rahyme Sacasa

Defending national champs, the Sadie Vernon Technical High School boys also enjoyed their 2nd win in a 105-63 blowout of the Canaan Seventh day Adventist high School boys last Thursday. Andrew Ortiz led the Sadie Vernon boys with 23pts, while team captain Kachief Thomas hit two 3-pointers to add 20pts, Lincy Lopez added 12 pts and the Sadie Vernon boys led throughout: 25-12 in

when Caye Caullker’s Iriani Pineda and Esperanza Reyes entered the ball game for Josepha Enriquez and Sofia Diego, they won a 3rd goal when Stephanie Duarte put the finish on a long lob forward from Angi Lima. Kenia Duarte substituted for Shehady Chan as the island girls pressed for more goals, and remained on the offensive to secure the 3-1 victory.The Caye caulker girls will be hunting 2nd win in Game 2 at the MCC grounds on Sunday, November 27 to secure a berth in the finals. the first quarter, 53-23 at intermission and 82-39 in the third quarter. Winston Michael added 8pts, Kadeem Olivera added 9ps and Charles Amrstrong tossed in 6pts. Winston Reynolds scored a 3-pointer as he led the Canaan High boys with 30pts.The Sadie Vernon boys had also enjoyed a 81-64 win over the ACC boys on Monday. Kachief Thomas led Sadie Vernon with 27pts, while Lincy Lopez added 18pts, Andre Ortiz had 15pts and Roderick Williams added 10pts. Travis Bermudes led the ACC boys with 16pts, Auburn Rivero added 14pts and Douglas Valley had 13pts.Alejandro Baptist had also scored 27 pts as he led the boys of Nazarene High School to a 70-64 win over the Gwen Liz boys last Tuesday. Anthony Neal added 15 pts and Tyrell Ramclam had 11 pts. Gwen Lizarraga’s Travis Gabourel and Akeem Richardson each scored 18 pts. Winston Reynolds had scored 26pts as he led the Canaan High boys to their first win 52-43 over the Ladyville Technical high school boys also on Tuesday. Ladyville’s Denroy McCord scored 15 pts while Alex Gordon added 10 pts.

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Sunday, November 27h , 2011

Another Drug Plane Land in Belize  

National Perspective e-copy Cordel Hyde And Mark Espat out! Drug Plane Crash Lands! Two Colombians Dead. Editorial: Cow Knows The Weak Fenc...

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