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High Demand for Custom Oak Wood Floorings Durability, availability and affordability have made oak flooring the most preferred flooring options among people. Oak flooring is well known for its high permeability and can be purchased in different colors to suit the various rooms. While buying make sure whether you want to go for distressed oak or a factory new one as these two look quite different. This is considered as the most versatile flooring as it can take stains more evenly. Various color combinations like black, white and brown can be applied on them without any difficulties. Oak flooring is a good choice forbedrooms and family rooms. Moreover it is highly resistant to insects and fungal attacks. Oak also has an attractive grain which makes it a very good option for flooring. Considering the case of formal rooms like offices and parlors,it is better to stain the white oak floors to dark. Thus, the custom-colored white oak flooring can be installed. Aged wood flooring can be used to add style to any part of the house.In case of older properties, it suits very well. Red oak is also the most preferred wood flooring along with others. This beautiful wood can resists wear like no other wood. Its color ranges from white cream color to exquisite warm, pale brown tinted with red. Red oak appears to be reddish brown in color. Its utility can be made across all kinds of applications. The flooring is soft and its grain pattern is open as well. Red and White oak hardwood flooring gives more versatile look to the interiors.It is also extremely strong and durable. Oak flooring can add more value to your home, because it acts as a good thermal insulator, which will also save you money on heating the rooms. For almost 120 years, Noyeks has been leading the way in supplying timber sheet materials and associated products to the Irish market. The company supplies timber panel products, kitchens, kitchen doors and accessories, hardwood flooring, decorative laminates, decking, interior doors and associated products to merchants, shop fitters, office furniture manufacturers, carpenters and joiners to the general public, countrywide. Learn more on Wide Plank Flooring and Kitchen Accessories. Visit:

High Demand for Custom Oak Wood Floorings  

Oak wood flooring is stunning in any home and is well known due to its rich traditional look and feel. It comes in various forms and materia...