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Term 2 Week 1

30th April, 2013 Issue 12 Term 2 Week 1 194 Old Southern Road SOUTH NOWRA NSW 2541 Po Box 620 NOWRA NSW 2541 Ph: (02) 44221199 Fax: (02) 44221992 Email Web Bounceback sms Text NCS to 19922767 (the msg will ‘bounceback’) Twitter Follow us Ncschool Facebook Join us ChristianSchool Office Hours 8am – 3.30pm School Hours 7–12 8.25am – 2.50pm K–6 8.35am – 2.50pm

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The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God. Genesis 17:8 Welcome back to school for what is sure to be a busy second term! We are looking forward to many opportunities for our students to be extended both in and out of the classroom through normal lessons, excursions, camps, sporting events and the like. Last term I took the opportunity to introduce our school community to the "4G's" of peacemaking: "Glorify God", "Get the Log Out of Your Eye", "Gently Restore", and "Go and be Reconciled." This week I want to explore a little bit more about how we respond to conflict. The PeaceWise model talks about the Slippery Slope of Conflict and divides our responses into "Peace Faking", "Peace Breaking", and "Peace Making". I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about the peace faking and peace breaking responses as these responses are unhelpful and need to be strongly discouraged. I believe that the extremes of these types of responses in the diagram (suicide and murder) are certainly extreme if taken literally, but even when taken metaphorically, they are extremely unhelpful. What I mean by this, it is incredibly destructive when we "murder" the reputation of people around us. It is just as destructive to "commit relational suicide" by completely withdrawing from relationships or even living behind a mask that means that the real us is never seen. The peacemaking responses are biblical and helpful and much more worthy of consideration. The six responses in the peacemaking model are responses that are not necessarily sequential although the strength of each response, increases as we move from the left to the right side of the model. The first three involve only the parties involved in the conflict. The first response, "Overlooking an offence", is simply where one person deliberately and unilaterally decides to forgive a wrong and walk away from the conflict. This is the model that we see in verses such as Proverbs 19:11, Proverbs 12:16 and Colossians 3:13. The second step, "Reconciliation", is where personal offences are resolved through confession and loving correction which leads to forgiveness and restored relationship. This approach is encouraged in Galatians 6:1-3, Matthew 18:15 and Matthew 5:23-24. (Continued over the page)

School Calendar MAY Wed 1

Stage 3 Canberra Excursion Starts Secondary Camp starts CIS State Swimming

Thu 2

Secondary Camp Stage 3 Canberra Excursion STEPS - Vision Screening program for Kinder

Fri 3

Secondary Camp ends Stage 3 Canberra Excursion ends Close of Board Nominations

Tue 7

Illawarra/Shoalhaven Rugby 7’s @ Kiama with Mr Harrison Mr Whitehouse absent @ School Inspection K - Yr 2 AASC 7.00pm 2014 Secondary Enrolment Information Night in MPC

Wed 8

Richard Whitehouse absent @ School Inspection PASS Excursion - Milton/Ulladulla with Mrs Dallimore STEPS for Years 7 – 10 NCS Board Meeting

Thu 9

PASS Excursion - Milton/Ulladulla with Mrs Dallimore Primary MCMT Yrs 3 - 6 AASC 7pm Mother's Day Evening @ NCS MPC Gallery

Fri 10

Program Check - Term 1 Evaluations & Work Samples Due K-12 Assembly 7pm Crossroads @ NBC (see information over page)


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Term 2 Week 1

SCHOOL NEWS From the Principal (Cont’d) The third response which involves only the parties is "Negotiation". Here, material issues are resolved through a discussion process in which the parties seek to reach a mutually agreeable settlement of their differences through the exchange of promises. This process requires the parties to move away from being selfish and to see the best of others, following the principles taught in Philippians 2:3-4. It takes courage and maturity to implement these responses to conflict and we acknowledge that these responses are not always appropriate but they are a wonderful starting point and something that we wish to encourage across our school community. Next week, I would like to explore briefly the assisted peacemaking responses of mediation, adjudication, and accountability. This material was developed by Peacemaker® Ministries and is used by permission, For information on peacemaking in Australia, please contact PeaceWise,, or telephone 02-0908-3771, or 1300- PEACE (1300173223).




All students need to be here at 6.30am with buses leaving at 7am sharp. Please follow this LINK for Student Checklist.


Secondary Camp

Buses leave at 8.45am sharp. Please follow this LINK for Student Checklist.

Please pray with us Praise for  Praise God for safety over the holidays.  Praise God for the great support from NCS at the ANZAC ceremonies.

Pray for  Please pray for students and staff who will be going on the Secondary Camp and the Stage 3 Canberra Excursion this week.  Please pray for next week’s Enrolment Information Evening and that God will send new families to our school.

This week’s classes and staff

Please pray for and thank God for families and students in Kinder and Year 7 and for Mrs Schipp, Mr Smith & Mrs Petts.

 Please pray for the Board as they meet next week.  Please pray for a great rollup of volunteers at Crossroads next Friday night.

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Term 2 Week 1

SCHOOL NEWS UNIFORM CHANGEOVER From Monday 13th May ALL students are to wear their FULL WINTER UNIFORM.

On Thursday 9th May, we are holding a light supper for

ALL mums or

female carers of students at NCS. The evening will run from 7 - 8.30pm. Kids—this is where you come in!! You will need to buy a ticket for mum for $5.00. Please send your money in an envelope with your mum’s name written on the front. We will need bookings, so please ask mum to show you this email and you can let me know by clicking and giving me your mum’s name. You can then bring the envelope into school too.

We will need to know if your mum is coming by Tuesday 7th May.

CROSSROADS MINISTRY is a local ministry to disabled adults in the Shoalhaven area. They meet once a month on Friday nights onsite at NCS in the Church Hall, with the aim of demonstrating God’s love in both practical ways (games, friendship) and by communicating the message of salvation in Jesus. NCS has committed to helping with the program this year by taking a dozen volunteers, drawn from the NCS community and including students, teachers and parents, and providing: assistance to the carers, supper and a short talk and song. We are helping on Friday 10 May from 6.15 – 9.15 pm. If you are interested in being a part of the team, please contact Mrs Bate in the office and let her know! We are looking for volunteers… If you are unable to make it and would be willing to provide something for supper, that would also be great. From Mrs Bate “I first went along to Crossroads about 2 years ago to help my husband who is involved. At first I was overwhelmed and a bit daunted. As time went on, and with prayer, I could hear God challenging me to continue to help, with the words of ‘there but by the grace of God go I’ and ‘who will help these people if you dont?’. I persevered and today I absolutely love to go. I have made many great friends and they just love anyone going. They have nothing but themselves to offer, but inside each and everyone one of them is a HUGE heart. Because they are so loving and accepting, I was even able to get up on stage last year and MC their talent quest (which is huge for me). All we ask is to give it a go, you may be challenged, but most of all you will come away with a new sense compassion. Please join us. It would be great to have as many people there as we can”.

For the first 2 weeks of term, if the weather is still warm, students may continue to wear full summer uniform. A combination is not permitted.

RoSA LITERACY AND NUMERACY TEST FOR STUDENTS IN YEARS 10 AND 11 ONLY Students in Years 10 and 11 who do not anticipate completing their HSC have the opportunity to sit for Literacy and Numeracy tests later this year. Their results will be included on their Record of School Achievement (RoSA) that is provided by the Board of Studies. Sitting for these tests is optional, but students wanting to do them need to inform Mrs Dallimore that they wish to do this. Please inform Mrs Dallimore (an email to the school office is sufficient) by Friday 10th May. Note that there will be another opportunity later in the year, around November to do this if you are currently unsure of your future plans.

2013 YEAR 12 STUDENTS INVITED TO ACTIVATE THEIR STUDENTS ONLINE ACCOUNT This week the Board will send all Year 12 students an email, inviting them to activate their Students Online account. index.cfm/2013/4/8/2013-Year-12-studentsinvited-to-activate-their-Students-Online-account

CONGRATULATIONS TO …...Ebonie Lynch in Year 10 who last term competed in State Little Athletics Championships at Homebush in the 200 metre Hurdles. Ebonie ran very well & equalled her PB set at Regional Championships at Wagga. Ebonie didn't get through to the finals, however her performance at State level was impressive.

ACTIVE AFTER SCHOOL CARE Our Term 2 program gets underway next week Week 2.


Kinder to Year 2

Thursday Years 3 - 6

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Term 2 Week 1


HEALTHY LIVING TIP Eat a balanced diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and get rid of the high sugar, processed foods. Along with eating better it’s getting the right nutrients in the system.

MESSAGE FROM CANTEEN There is to be no frozen food ordered from the canteen as food for recess. The short period of time for this break means that the children are often delayed in returning to class as the food item takes too long to “eat”.

The canteen will be closed tomorrow Wednesday 1st May.

Unit 3: Peter, the Rock Week 1: Simon Peter, the Rock!

Nowra Christian School is governed by the School Board. The board is comprised of representatives of Nowra Baptist Church - the original sponsors of the School, the Principal of the School and two members elected from and by the parents of students attending the School. All elected Board Members serve a two (2) year term. Before each Annual General Meeting of the School, parents are invited to vote for a person to fill a two (2) year term on the Board. Currently, Parent appointed Board Members are Mr Ben Dootson and Mrs Yvonne Starrit. Mr Dootson is standing for re-appointment for 2013-2015. We understand that other parents might be interested in standing for the 2013-2015 Parent Appointed Board Member position, and consequently, we are calling for nominations for this position. In accordance with the School’s Constitution any nominee must be able to subscribe to the School’s Statement of Faith (link here) and live a life that is consistent with that statement. Nominations must be on the official form (click here to download) and must be signed by two nominators and the nominee. Completed forms are to be returned to the school office by 12 noon Friday 3rd May 2013.

Review: Welcome back! We start Godspace this term with one of Jesus’ disciples, Peter. Through his many experiences he gained deep insight into knowing that Jesus was God’s Son, the Christ.

If more than two nominations are received, a Ballot will be conducted. The Ballot will close at 12 noon on Friday 17th May 2013.

Mr Petts, Chaplain

Signed nomination forms need to be returned to the office by 12 noon Tuesday 1st May.

Please give this matter your practical and prayerful consideration.

STAGES 5 (YEARS 9 AND 10) & 6 (SENIORS) HANDBOOKS All students in Years 9 - 12 have been handed their 2013 Handbooks.

DIFFERENT LIKE ME SUPPORT GROUP Different Like Me: is a support group for NCS families of children with special learning differences arising from diagnoses such as ADHD, the Autism spectrum including Aspergers Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, and others as needed. We would like to invite any interested parents/carers to attend our next meeting in Week 3. Meeting: Wednesday 15th May 2013, 7.00pm in the Library. Tea/coffee provided. For further information, or to book in, contact the NCS office by phone, email or in person, or Amy Davey (Group Facilitator) 44235390/0414817696.

STATEWIDE EYESIGHT PRESCHOOLER SCREENING (STEPS) Our Kindergarten students have the opportunity to participate in this initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health. It is a free vision screening assessment. Information was sent home with your child. This assessment has been booked to take place on Thursday 2nd May. Should you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Mrs Longfield or Mrs Hefferan.

ATTENTION SNR STUDENTS NSW Mining will be hosting a Careers in Mining Evening on Monday 13th May in Wollongong. (5.30 - 8pm) The evening is designed for students in Years 10—12, parents and teachers to come along and find out more. For further details, including how to register, see Mr Vidler. Wollongong (venue to be confirmed).

Handbooks and Assessment Policy Schedules are available on our Website for viewing as well. Please follow this LINK.

Contours in Nowra is offering mum’s of NCS to train FREE for the month of May. The office has vouchers, so please email or send your child in to pick up a voucher. (Thanks to Ms Lindsay, Tayla Catling’s mum, who is the Proprietor for the kind offer.

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Term 2 Week 1


ANZAC DAY MARCHES NCS was represented at two ANZAC Ceremonies on Thursday the 25 th of April. GREENWELL POINT - This year we had a great contingent of students and parents march in the Dawn Service at Greenwell Point. The morning was quite mild compared to previous years. It is always an honour to be part of this service and each year we are getting more families join NCS. Part of the service requires singing and repeating pledges etc., but because of the dark and not enough sheets of paper to follow, our students were only able to listen as others around them followed their sheets. The highlight however, was when it came time to say the Lord’s Prayer. Each and every student knew it off by heart and to listen to them (from Kinder to Secondary), join in was very moving. You could hear them over everyone and it was a very special moment. (Mrs Bate) NOWRA - On Thursday 25th April the annual ANZAC Day parade down Junction Street, Nowra once again took place. We were gathered to commemorate the sacrifice made by Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women, who so unselfishly gave their lives for our country. We met about 15 minutes before the parade took place. Our group consisted entirely of Primary students who willingly came out and marched with our school. It was so encouraging and heartening to see the young students come and take time out of their holiday to voluntarily show their respect for those that made the ultimate sacrifice. All throughout the parade, students represented our school with the maturity and discipline one would expect of Secondary students. They stood in the 25 degree heat, never once complaining, and even volunteering to hold the school banner. It was such an honour to represent Nowra Christian School alongside those students at such a significant event. The parade itself, including the magnificent turnout, was a testament to the respect and gratitude felt by the people of Nowra towards all those who have given of themselves to protect our country. I felt great pride in our school, our local area, our country, and above all our Defence Force, and I hope to be able to continue to attend such events in the future. (report written by Nick Banic, our School Captain). Please come and join us next year, it is such an honour to be part of this special day in our community.

Wed.: 8.15am to 9.30am Thurs.:2.30pm to 3.00pm

We are aiming at having an on-line uniform order on our Website for all uniform orders and will let you know as soon as we do.


NCS newsletter #12 2013 Term 2 Week 1

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