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Term 1 Week 8

19th March, 2013 Issue 08 Term 1 Week 8 194 Old Southern Road SOUTH NOWRA NSW 2541 Po Box 620 NOWRA NSW 2541 Ph: (02) 44221199 Fax: (02) 44221992 Email Web Bounceback sms Text NCS to 19922767 (the msg will ‘bounceback’) Twitter Follow us Ncschool Facebook Join us ChristianSchool Office Hours 8am – 3.30pm School Hours 7–12 8.25am – 2.50pm K–6 8.35am – 2.50pm

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For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23 This week, we will finish our introduction to the Peacewise 4G principles, outlining a Biblical approach to conflict resolution. We have discussed the goal in resolving conflict as Glorify God, through Getting the log out of my own eye, and seeking to Gently Restore the relationship and the people involved in the conflict. Part of this process involves working through issues, avoiding the temptation of premature compromise (which leaves issues unresolved, likely to rise again and breeds resentment), or the temptation to allow the relationship to wither and die. We need to actively seek genuine peace and reconciliation, forgiving others as God, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven us. We need to seek just and mutually beneficial solutions to our differences. This is consistent with the Bible’s teaching in Matthew 5:23-24, Ephesians 4:1-3, Ephesians 4:32 and Philippians 4:3-4. I believe that as we apply these principles as a matter of stewardship, seeing conflict as an opportunity for growth, we will model faithful obedience to God’s will and our community will continue to be known as a place of peace. Over the next few terms, I will take the opportunity to discuss in a little more detail some of the practices that we need to employ to faithfully practise these 4G principles. Returning now, briefly, to our 2013 theme of “The King and His Kingdom”, we have looked at the Pattern of God’s perfect Kingdom and how, through humanity’s sinfulness, that Kingdom Perished. At this week’s assembly, Mr Petts will be speaking to us about the highlight of God’s intervention in His agenda to bring about the Perfected Kingdom, as he leads our school in our Easter Assembly. Our Year 9/10 Drama class will be presenting a drama, and we’ll be looking at the Promise to Abraham in Genesis 12, and then celebrate its fulfilment in Christ as we look at the wonderful saving work of Jesus. A reminder that these articles, and an opportunity to comment on them, can also be found on my blog.

School Calendar MARCH Tue 19

K - Yr 2 AASC

Wed 20

‘10 a Side' Junior Rugby - Kiama Showground with Mr Harrison Principal's Retreat Dr Gannell attending 9.15am Year 7 Girls and Boys and Year 9 Boys Immunisations in MPC 3.10 - 4.30pm STEPS for Yrs 7 - 10

Thu 21

Principal's Retreat Dr Gannell & Mr Wright attending CSSA Touch Football - Coffs Harbour with Mr Harrison Year 3 Fitzroy Falls Excursion with Mr Terlich Harmony Day Year 10 PE Swimming Assessment Yrs 3 - 6 AASC

Fri 22

CSSA Touch Football Mrs Brown absent Mr Clarke absent Principal's Retreat Dr Gannell attending 9:30am Whole School EASTER CARING BOX Assembly

Mon 25 Tue 26

Stage 4 Poetry in Action (Yrs 7 - 8) K - Yr 2 AASC

Thu 28

7:30am Society & Culture Excursion Jewish Holocaust Museum with Mr Dallimore Secondary MCMT Year 10 PE Swimming Assessment Yrs 3 - 6 AASC

Fri 29

Good Friday

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Term 1 Week 8


Secondary State Swimming Carnival Last Thursday, a team of NCS students represented our school and South Coast Zone at CSSA State. Sam Ellery, Josh Parsons, Aimee Parsons, Phoebe White, Emma Newell, Ebonie Lynch, Michael Green, Ruari Waiter and Noah McMillan all represented our school well and had excellent swims, with quite a number of personal bests. A special congratulations to Sam Ellery who received State Age Champion (a huge achievement!) and also qualified for the National Christian School Games and NSW CIS (Combined Independent Schools). He qualified for CIS by achieving 1st in the 50m Butterfly (where he was half a second off a state record) and 50m Backstroke and 2nd in the 50m Freestyle. Aimee Parsons also qualified for NSW CIS with a 3rd in the 100m Freestyle. Overall it was a fantastic day with a great effort given by all as well as lots of support and encouragement. Thank you also to all the parents who came to support us. The whole team should be very proud of themselves. CARING BOX ASSEMBLY IS THIS FRIDAY. NON-PERISHABLE FOOD OR GOLD COIN DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Car Wash

NSW Netball School Cup

NCS Prime Movers - The Stage 3 Relay For Life team are happy to announce their annual NCS fundraiser for 2013 – The staff carwash will go ahead on Wednesday 27th March on the Basketball / netball courts behind the church buildings. Students who are enrolled in the team will wash staff members (and a few parents too if booked in and space available!) cars for a donation towards the team’s total between recess and lunch (10:45am – 12:30pm) that day. Team members will need to bring a bucket and sponge / chamois cloth from home (clearly identifiable with name / initials). School will provide hoses, water and eco-friendly detergent. We will be wearing our team shirts (which are due to arrive this week) and sports uniforms with suitable footwear. Parents able to lend Mr Parker and Mrs Poulden a hand assisting with washing, rinsing and supervising on the day will be more than welcome – Please let the office know beforehand. Please encourage the team members who will be participating on the day that their hard work (literally elbow grease!) will raise much needed funds to help fight these dreadful diseases. We are looking forward to washing many cars and having a fun time of fellowship together - ‘whistling whilst we work!’.

Last Thursday, some Stage Three girls participated in the NSW Netball School Cup at the Shoalhaven Netball courts at South Nowra. It was a fantastic day competing against other local schools in a round robin competition. The girls played really well together as a team, playing 5 games. We won 4 and drew 1. Many goals were scored and this helped us achieve the position of overall winners. We are now off to Queanbeyan on the 5th June to compete in the next phase. Well done, girls! A big thank-you to Chloe Dickinson who was our umpire. Thanks also to the girls who accompanied us as scorers and photographers

9 *

Unit 2: Jesus’ Love for Us

Week 8: Jesus Shows His Love (John 19:1-30)

Review: What did Jesus do for the sheep? Why did Jesus have to die? 2 Corinthians 5:21 explains ‘Christ never sinned! But God treated Him as a sinner, so that Christ could make us acceptable to God.’ Thank God for Jesus this Easter season! Mr Petts, Chaplain

Please pray with us

Praise for  Praise God for the Easter message and for the hope that Jesus’ death brings us all.  Praise God for the wonderful results at the recent State Swimming Carnival and NSW Netball School Cup.

Pray for  Advertising for our school’s new Principal has commenced. Please pray that the person of God’s choosing will respond and that the Board will be prayerful, wise and open to God’s leading throughout the appointment process.

 Praise God (and congratulations) to Mr & Mrs Brown on the arrival of another grandson (Marcus) to their daughter Amy and Pinghan Schua.

 Please pray for our Easter Assembly this Friday and for Mr Petts as he speaks to our school. Also please pray for a great response for the Caring Box appeal.  Please pray for Mr Wright as he speaks at this week’s Principal’s Conference.

This week’s classes and staff

Please pray for and thank God for families and students in Kinder & Year 8 and for Mrs Longfield, Mr McLennan & Mrs Millburn.

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Term 1 Week 8

SCHOOL NEWS Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April at the Nowra Showground.

HEALTHY LIVING TIP Gimme five! Eat fruit and vegetables with each meal and as tasty snacks!

GUITAR LESSONS We now have a Guitar tutor, Mrs Annette Smyth. Students who were receiving lessons last year will be contacted to confirm whether lessons for their child will continue. There is room for more students to learn so please email/phone the school if you are interested.

NEW SIGNS You will notice that there are new signs around the driveways. There are speed signs, a no entry sign and a one way sign. We ask that you please obey them to avoid any accidents.

THANK YOU Thank you to parents and students for ensuring you were all in correct school uniform last week for our school photos. Even the photographers made a comment about how nice it is to work with a students where the students all wear the correct uniform.

PLEASE NOTE - we are unable to ‘lend’ spare hats from the office. IF your child has forgotten their hat for the day, the ‘no hat, play in the shade’ rule will apply.

Enrolment Information Nights

If any parents would like to join the staff Walkie Chalkie team please email Phil Smith: For further information about the event click on this LINK.

HOT CROSS BUNS Money and orders need to be returned to the office by Wednesday 20th March and delivery will be Wednesday 27th March. Follow this LINK for order forms.

We need your help We are looking for volunteers who would be able to deliver our Enrolment Information flyers to letter boxes around the Worrigee area over the next 2 weeks. If you are able to help, please email Mrs Bate in the office with the area you are able to cover.

Kinder 2014 If you have put in a sibling application form for Kindergarten next year, we will acknowledge your application in the next few days. The normal procedure is that we run our K - 6 Information Evening on the 9th April, hold our interviews for new families, and, in June we contact your child’s preschool to get a report from them. If there are concerns regarding the reports, we will contact you. Letters of offer will be posted home at the beginning of Term 3. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Bate in the office if you need any clarification.

K - Year 6

BABYSITTING I am an 18 year old exCommunity News NCS student available for babysitting. I am currently studying nursing part time. I have experience babysitting and enjoy spending time with kids. I have a drivers license and a car. You can contact me on 0401787640, or 44235330.Alice Leonard SHOALHAVEN AUSKICK will be having a free Come and Try day on Saturday 6th April 2013, Nowra Showground Added Area, 9:30am. Our season proper starts on 27th April. Auskick is a great opportunity for boys and girls aged 4-10 to get out and have fun with no pressure! If you need any further information please call me on 0412009991. SHOALHAVEN SOCCER APRIL HOLIDAY CLINIC (ages 6 – 13 boys & girls) Venue South Nowra Tue 23rd AND Wed 24th 9 am – 12 noon . Cost = $ 70.00 To register Contact Mark Johnston – or 0488034500

EXCHANGE STUDENTS Thank you for your responses for exchange students. We will be organising a meeting for the families that have offered before the end of term.

CROSS COUNTRY The School Cross Country will be held Wednesday 3rd April. Whilst students are doing some training here at school we would love to have you encourage your children to do some training at home as well.


Tuesday 9 April 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Years 7-12 Tuesday 7 May 7.00pm – 8.30pm

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Term 1 Week 8


Harmony Day is happening this Thursday March 21st 2013. Primary classes and some Secondary classes at NCS will be undertaking various activities and discussing the meaning behind this important day, when Australians can ‘celebrate diversity’. The theme this year is “Many Stories, One Australia. We live in a very multicultural society, therefore it is important for us to discuss issues like tolerance of others who are different (in appearance, race, religion, skin colour, etc…) and more importantly how our lives can be enriched by embracing the contributions that people from different backgrounds can bring to our own lives. Please visit the following website: and check out some of the information there. Parents, why not take the opportunity this week to have a discussion with your children about the many ways in which our lives are enriched a result of living in a multicultural country such as Australia. It’s all about RESPECT!

MARCH Wed 20 Jo

KISS & DROP The ‘Kiss & Drop’ area is for quickly and safely dropping your child off. Drivers are not to get out of the car. Please do not stop and get out so you can get things out of the boot. If you need to do this, please park your car and do so.


LINK for helpers roster Wed.: 8.15am to 9.30am Thurs.:2.30pm to 3.00pm

Please note - there is a 20c charge for toasting any sandwiches brought in from home. Please make sure they are wrapped in foil and not plastic.


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