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God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

12th February, 2013 Issue 03 Term 1 Week 3 194 Old Southern Road SOUTH NOWRA NSW 2541 Po Box 620 NOWRA NSW 2541


Ph: (02) 44221199 Fax: (02) 44221992 Email Web Bounceback sms Text NCS to 19922767 (the msg will ‘bounceback’) Twitter Follow us Ncschool Facebook Join us ChristianSchool Office Hours 8am – 3.30pm School Hours 7–12 8.25am – 2.50pm K–6 8.35am – 2.50pm

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Term 1 Week 3

Students participating in the Open Secondary 200m Freestyle and Prim/Sec. Indiv. Medley events will be held at the Pool at 8.30am - PLEASE ARRIVE EARLIER FOR WARM UP. TRANSPORT By bus from School, or parents assisting may drive students directly to the Pool. Those within walking distance may walk to the Pool and arrive between 8.45am and 9am. Buses will leave the Pool in time to connect with afternoon School runs. UNIFORM School sports uniform. On arrival, students may change into suitable protective clothing in house colours. AS PER SCHOOL POLICY IN THE INFORMATION BOOK ONE or TWO PIECE SWIMMERS. A RASH SHIRT OVER MODEST 2 PIECE COSTUME IS PERMITTED for girls; towel, sunscreen and hat for all. (LINK to Policy). PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS. COST

Covered in school fees


Black Hawks is black & green Sea Kings is white & purple


The pool will be operating their usual canteen.


Years 1 - 6 Parent Information Night

School Calendar FEBRUARY Tue 12 Yrs 1-6 Parent Information Night Board Meeting 3pm - 4.15pm AASC (Kinder - Yr 2) Wed 13 NCS Swimming Carnival Thu 14 STEPS mentoring training at Lunch 3pm - 4.15pm AASC (Yrs 3 - 6) Mon 18 6.30pm Kinder Information Night (in Kindergarten classroom) Tue 19 3pm - 4.15pm AASC (Kinder - Yr 2) Thu 21 All Schools Triathlon 3pm - 4.15pm AASC (Yrs 3 - 6) Fri 22

9.30am Whole School Assembly – The Pattern and Perished Kingdom

NCS Family Sausage Sizzle A reminder that we would love for the whole school community to come together on Saturday, 9th March for a sausage sizzle. We will start at 11.30am and end around 1.00pm. The school will provide cordial, tea and coffee and sausage sandwiches will cost $2 each. To assist with catering, can you let us know if you are able to come, and how many from your family are coming, by Tuesday 5th March. To RSVP, click this link Dr Gannell

Canteen closed tomorrow

TONIGHT 6.00 - 6.30pm Years 1 & 2 (Rooms 3 & 4) 6.30 - 7.00pm Years 5 & 6 (Rooms 7 & 8)

Unit 1: Living as God’s Kids

7.00 - 7.30pm Years 3 & 4 (Rooms 5 & 6)

Week 3: Kids Are Important (Psalm 139, Luke 18:15-17

Kinder will be held in the Kinder classroom on Monday 18th @ 6.30 - 7.30pm.

Memory Verse: ‘I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me.’ Psalm 139:14 (CEV) Mr Petts, Chaplain

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Term 1 Week 3

SCHOOL NEWS Last week, I started to write about the 4G model to conflict resolution that we believe reflects Biblical teaching. NCS is looking to integrate the 4G model into our policies and practices, as appropriate. The 4Gs are Glorify God, Get the log out of your own eye, Gently restore and Go and be reconciled. Step one, Glorify God, reminds us that instead of focussing on our own desireds or dwelling on what others may do, we will rejoice in the Lord and bring Him praise by depending on His forgiveness, wisdom, power and love, as we seek to faithfully obey His commandments and maintain a loving, merciful and forgiving attitude. Following this principle not only has a huge impact on how we view conflict, but also how we view others involved in any conflict. In our assembly on Friday, we looked at the first of the 8Ps of God’s Kingdom. In Genesis 1-2 we read about the Pattern of God’s Kingdom. We saw God’s Kingdom, as originally created, as a place where God’s people lived in God’s immediate presence doing God’s work. This means that at this time there was no fear, no death, no hate and no uncertainty. This is the pattern for God’s Kingdom, and we believe that this is what will ultimately be experienced in God’s Perfected Kingdom. A reminder that these articles can also be found on my blog.

Praise for  Praise God for our students at NCS, both current and ex-students.

Can you help? The school is looking for a Guitar tutor to teach some of our children. If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested and able please contact Mr Smith.

This afternoon, Mr Steve Campbell visited Update on our Volunteer students and staff to say “goodbye” helpers form after 12 years of faithful service at For the information of our parents, we NCS (on 12 month’s leave last year). have recently updated our volunteer During Mr Campbell’s leave, he caught a vision for a new way that he and his helpers form. The new section states: wife could serve God, combining his Accidents love for God, his beloved Narrawallee, Should there be an accident/injury to you surfing and young people, along with while you are acting as a volunteer for the his long association with Christian school, our insurance requires that you Surfers. He tendered his resignation notify the school on our Accident Report late last year while he was still Form within 14 days. overseas and today was our first The full form is available from the NCS opportunity to see him face to face to website click here, and front office. say “goodbye”. We want to thank Mr Campbell for his faithful service at NCS and wish him and Mrs Campbell NCS Ex-students Shine… again God’s blessing for the years ahead. Once again we have good reason to be proud of our ex-students. Last week, the University of Wollongong held its Discovery Days for Year 12 students across southern Sydney, Illawarra, Southern Highlands and the South Coast. These Year 12 students were addressed by 2 handpicked current University students. The University has over 30,000 students at 9 campuses, and for Nowra Christian School to have an ex-student selected to deliver this presentation speaks highly of NCS. But last week, BOTH of the University’s ambassadors were ex-NCS students. Congratulations to Anthea Jirgens and Craig Stanbury! Last week, I was speaking to Anthea’s mother, who said “Who would have thought that a small school like NCS could provide both of the University’s ambassadors?” We know who would have thought it. Anyone who knows the quality of NCS graduates – know that our students have always had wonderful reputations in our community and have experienced great success in further studies and the workforce. We believe that this is the result of a combination of the students themselves, their families, and the wonderful input of our talented and hardworking staff. Be encouraged – you are a part of a wonderful school.

Please pray with us

 Praise God for Mr Campbell and for his faithful service at NCS.  Praise God for our school and for staff who love Jesus and who are seeking to embody their relationship with Jesus into all of their teaching and interactions at school.

This week’s classes and staff

A long anticipated farewell

Pray for  Please pray for all involved in our Swimming Carnival tomorrow.  Please pray for Mr & Mrs Campbell as they prepare for new ways of serving God.  Please pray for Mr Petts, in his role as Chaplain.

Please pray for and thank God for families and students in Years 2 & 9 and for Mrs Dallimore, Mr Dallimore and Mrs Edwards.

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Term 1 Week 3


STEPS Homework Centre 2013 STEPS Homework Centre will run this year on a Wednesday afternoon from 3:10 - 4:30pm. STEPS Homework Centre is based on a peer-peer mentoring model. That is, senior students mentor students in Years 7 - 10 with homework, assignment preparation and study organisation and skills. We attempt to have only two students working with one mentor at any one time. This is not always possible but we strive to achieve this. As a result there are limited places available for students in the homework centre. It is NOT a drop-in centre. Students who attend make a commitment to regularly attend each week. In the event, we have more students interested than mentors available at this time, students will be considered in consultation with year advisors and class teachers as to which students would most benefit from attending STEPS. If this needs to be the case, a waiting list will be formed of interested students and families. If you are interested in your child being considered for a place in the homework centre this year please email Mrs Kylie Hetherington (Teacher) by Wednesday, 13th February 2013 at Mrs Kylie Hetherington (Teacher) STEPS Organiser


HEALTHY EATING TIP NO 2 Gimme five! Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal and as tasty snacks.

Uniform We encourage all parents to make sure you read the Information Book for the School Policy on uniform to ensure your child/children are adhering to the correct uniform etc. and support the ethos of our school. The areas of concern are jewellery, shoe type and hair length of boys.

Mrs Miles and Ms Lindsay are our Managers and Zac Musson and Kate Tasker will be coaching. K - 2 Tuesdays (3 - 4.15pm)

AASC We are looking for expressions of interest from students from Year 10 and up and parents who are interested in becoming an AASC Coach. We are planning to hold a coaching clinic here at NCS. Please either ring or email the office with your details.

3 - 6 Thursdays (3 - 4.15pm)


If you are interested in your child attending, please get an information sheet/application form from the front office.

Year 8 2012 Art Unclaimed Pots Mrs Brown still has some beautiful ceramic pots from Year 8 Art last year that still need to be collected. If you forgot to take yours home at the end of last year, please collect them from the front office this week. Any uncollected pots will be given away at the of the week.

We are extremely concerned about the speed of some drivers using our carpark. FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS, please ensure the following The sign as you enter our car park says it is a shared zone and the speed limit is 10kph (walking pace) – please keep to this speed at all times. A reminder to all drivers that the only exit driveway is the one at the southern end of the school grounds. Picking up children – a reminder to all our parents of Primary students – parents MUST park their cars in the car park and physically come and pick up your child.

Parenting in the 21st Century Gerringong Uniting Church is hosting a one-off parenting seminar on Saturday 16th February titled 'Parenting in the 21st Century'. This free parenting workshop will be facilitated by David Kerr, a local family counsellor who is offering his time and expertise to local families for this event. The seminar will include topics such as: Modern Day versus “Old Style” parenting, Authority and Respect: Do your kids respect you?, Parenting Styles: Do you know your style & are you getting the results you want?, The matter of Discipline - is smacking OK?, Family Rules – do you know what they are?, Children/Adolescents and the media, and the 5 Great Challenges Facing Australian Parents. The seminar will be run at Gerringong Uniting Church (28 Fern St), and will run from 10am till around midday. Admission is free, with child minding and morning tea provided. To register your interest in attending, or for more information please call Peter & Carlie Chapman on 4234 1044.

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Term 1 Week 3

CANDID CAMERA Canteen News Mrs De Blasé will be making Gluten Free Muffins and Wrap Bread each week.


NOT OPEN MONDAYS Wed.: 8.15am to 9.30am Thurs. CLOSED THIS WEEK

Congratulations to the Dootson family Morgan (Yr 6) came First in Lego construction 12 yrs and under; Josiah (Yr 3) came First in the Ceramic Pottery 8 yrs and under; Jude (Kinder) came Second in the Animal, Bird, or Human made from Fruit, Vegetables or Garden Material.

ST GEORGES BASIN FOOTBALL (SOCCER) Community News CLUB Registration dates are Saturday February 16 & Sunday February 24 at the Basin Sports Ground, The Wool Road, St Georges Basin. Or register on-line at and go to ‘register now’. REBELS NETBALL CLUB REGISTRATION DAY 9am - 12noon Saturday16th February 2013 at Shoalhaven Netball Association Clubhouse Park Road, Nowra for more information please call Rae Thomson 0413 809 748 or go to BLUEJAYS HOCKEY CLUB REGISTRATION DAY Friday 8th and Friday 15th February at Bernie Regan Sports Complex, West Cambewarra Rd, North Nowra between 5:00 and 6:00pm. Male & female senior and junior players welcome. Greg Pullen 4421 4861, Juanita Mackay 4422 1780 or NORTH NOWRA BOMADERRY NETBALL CLUB registration day will be held at the Shoalhaven Netball courts on Saturday 16th February from 9 AM to Midday. Any further queries can be directed to Amanda Gore on 0421 851 189 or visit our website at NOWRA WARRIORS JRLFC - registration Day is Saturday 16 February 10am-2pm at Lyrebird Park. New players and transfer to supply birth certificate

Congratulations Samantha Fletcher (Yr 6) who came First for her Unicorn Embroidery, First for her Little Red Riding Hood Cross Stitch Cushion, a Highly Commended for her Machine Sewn Dress, a Second for her Roald Amundsen Project and Second for her Sydney Harbour Bridge Project


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