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Bird’s-eye view on Market Square


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The Old Market Square Shaped as a regular square, the Old Market Square is surrounded with a grid of perpendicularly intersecting streets. The Square’s dominant building is the Renaissance Town Hall, the work of John Baptista Quadro. The tenement houses lining the square were reconstructed in Baroque and Renaissance styles. Next to the Town Hall are the so called Vendor Houses featuring characteristic arcades.

Other features include a Rococo Proserpine’s Fountain, the fountains of Apollo, Neptune and Mars, a torture pole, a well featuring a Bamber woman monument and a Baroque of St. John of Pomuc.

The Parish Church The Parish Church of St. Stanislaus is one of the most monumental Baroque churches in Poland. The tree-aisle basilica with transept was constructed in the years 1651 – 1732. The exquisite façade of the church is best seen from Świętosławska Street. The niche above the portal contains a figure of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Its interior is richly decorated with sculptures, stuccowork and paintings. The main altar of the church was created by Pompeo Ferrari. The church also houses quite unique of equipment – a 19th century organ conctructed by Fryderyk Ladegast.

The Former Imperial Castle The Former Imperial Castle is situated in St. Martin Strees, one of Poznań’s major arteries. This huge neo – Romanesque building is designed by Franz Schwechten. It was a seat of Polish presidents in the inter-war period and Hitler’s residence during World War II. The dominating element of building is the clockwork tower, which originally rose up to 74m above the ground. After the war, due to the damage caused during the fighting, the tower was lowered by about 20m. At present, the castle is the seat of the ‘Castle’ Culture Centre, it’s a venue for numerous exhibitions, meetings and concerts.

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