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THE PHNOM PENH POST – AUG 03 - AUG 09, 2012. ISSUE #155

On Song Inside Phnom Penh’s lastest karaoke palace

Munching Men The incredible eating machines


Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST

P4 | How to get a Levi jeans bargain

P9 | Inside the newest karaoke palace

P5 | Riding around the world with strangers

P10 | A glorious fashion spread

P6 | Cambodia is a noodle mad nation

P12 | Gemstones and their health powers

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Cover Story - P8 Photo: WILLIAM KELLY


This thin man Ny Kheng regularly devours 30 baguettes in one sitting, and will be seen on TV on Sunday night. photo: SOU VUTHY

Story - P6



THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012

blood, I believe. I can’t stop painting everyday in my free time. I started to take my painting career more serious last year when I begun to paint with Peap and saw how passionately he did his art. I also get inspiration from my own culture. I love Cambodian traditional art and want to express my own love of my culture through my art.

I do art not just for business. When I started painting, I never thought that it would lead to many business opportunities; I just did painting because it is what I love. But many opportunities happened so I have been lucky to find a way to earn a living from my art. It’s all about having the motivation and passion and belief in yourself that will make anything you do in life a success.

3. How do you keep up with the fashion trends in Cambodia? It is quite different from the artwork I have been doing when it comes to clothing. I just create what I like seeing and what I would want to wear myself. I love shoes and dresses.

5. Studying to be a dentist is so different from what you are working on now. How are you going to balance your interest in art and a career in dentistry? I am in my fifth year as a Dentist at the University of Health and

Quest ion s


products either when I have a new art shows like the one Peap has now or like the one I had in Thailand with Lotus Arts De Vivre. People also can contact me through my Facebook fan page or email me directly to where they can order my shirts or commission me to do paintings. To see more of my work, just go to my personal tumblr site http://lisamam727. 7. How do you expect your work will develop in the future? And how are you planning to expand the business? Over time, my work will grow into something new, but as an artist,

ellie dyer @ellie_dyer Also, Olympic fans, I believe the @phnompenhpost sports editor is in London covering the games. So excellent coverage ahead.

Lisa Mam Pursuing a degree in dentistry, 23-year-old Lisa Mam has also embraced her passion for art. The young artist’s works were highly regarded and purchased for a Cellcard XG commercial and for decoration in the Libiz Hotel. She has also contributed her work to the Loy9 programme and Phnom Penh in 2058 at the French Cultural Center. Since her works have become known, she is regarded as one of the city`s most notable street artists. Now the young artist has furthered her passion and moved into clothing design. 1. What is your fashion label called? And what kind of designs have you used on the clothes? I have been working on various art projects including some art commissions for buyers from overseas. Recently, I have been working on a clothing line with my friend Peap Tarr under a label called ‘REPTILE’ which is our premiere street clothing label launched in Phnom Penh. Both Peap and I also have some exciting future art jobs happening later this year, but we will keep it a secret until the time is right. The artwork I have designed for the clothes is a combination of graffiti/ street art and traditional Khmer art elements. 2. Graffiti/street art is quite a new thing for a Cambodian, let alone designing clothes using art. Where do you get the inspiration from? Art is what I love to do. It is something that is naturally in my

eTN Global News ‫@‏‬ eTurboNews Did you hear? Former Khmer Rouge stronghold becomes next must-see destination: Want to see Pol Pot’s grave ... #eTN

Erica Lyons @AsianJewishLife Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni meets with Phnom Penh’s ChabadLubavitch representative Rabbi Bentzion Butman … Ben Domenech @bdomenech ! RT @bethanyshondark: I had a dream I was on a party bus in Cambodia from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville with Bill Clinton.

Lisa Mam is an amazing talent - dentistry student and celebrated artist/fashion designer. Photos: supplied

Every day I look at the latest releases on the Internet or in magazines, but at the same time I don’t like to copy what I see. I like to have my own idea of how I can create my own fashion and style. 4. Was earning money your ultimate goal when you first started to work in art? Did you even think of turning your artwork into a business?

Science. It can be a lot of hard work because I have to stay focused on my studies, but at the same time I have to think about my artworks. But nothing is impossible in life. It is also about me that I love to stay busy and I’m just thankful I have found a way to balance both disciplines. 6. Where have you shown and marketed your products? At the moment, you find my

Everyday is like a new adventure. It is the way we as artist create is not just to paint a pretty picture, but also to explore ideas of our imagination. The ways that I plan to expand my work are by having more future art shows and also starting to produce more installation art works. I really want to see my paintings of girls become more 3D-like that you can actually see them as sculpture. Anyway, only time will tell.

phnompenhpost @ phnompenhpost @NikkiJMajewski: The Post thanks you for an outstanding year of service in video & multimedia, building the department from the ground up. @hello_its_anna Your outstanding service to the paper’s Lifestyle section will be missed. We wish you success in all your future endeavors. Claire Byrne @claireshares Only one more piece to write for the @phnompenhpost sad

Cheap jeans offer helps kid’s orphanage Chhim Sreyneang

jeans will be donated to an orphanage. They will re-use If you have old jeans and or recycle the old jeans, want to buy a brand new pair turning them into bags or for a good cause, then you purses. can get a Levi`s jeans from Mam Dathalineth, the Lucky Department store. the fashion and apparel You will get a special manager for Levis, said the discount and your old “Swap Jeans” project offers

a discount of $25 on any purchase of $70 or more to customers who exchange their old pair of jeans, regardless of the brand. And the purpose is to remind people of the quality and fabric strength of Levi`s – an old pair of jeans can be re-used by the children from the Mith Samlanch Organization. DKSH (Cambodia) Ltd and Levi’s have adapted a philosophy of giving back to the community. So DKSH, which licenses Levi`s in Cambodia, will coordinate the donation programme. Dathalineth would like to ask the customers to

Big discounts on offer for the famous Levis brand for a good cause Photos: SUPPLIED

continue to support the company as well as the community by participating in a good cause like the “Swap Jeans” campaign that will be running from the 1st until the 31st of August at Levi’s Licensed Store located

inside Lucky Department store. Levi’s is the world’s largest and one of the most famous apparel companies in the world. They are in more than 110 countries worldwide. Levi’s philosophy of doing

business is to be original, definitive, honest, confident and trendy. DKSK (Cambodia) Ltd has opened it first Levi’s licensed store at Lucky Department store in October 2010.

Global story

Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST


In tandem with the social world Julius Thiemann jorn Troch’s bare feet are dark brown, tanned by tropical sun and impregnated with thick dust of countless roads. For more than two years the 33-year-old Belgian has travelled the world, leaving behind more than 50000km of roads, using all means of moving forward imaginable: walking, hitchhiking, flying, driving. But now it’s a tandem bike he is cycling on from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, a 5000km ride. He is never alone as people he meets on his travels accompany him for a few kilometres or more. Bjorn calls them his “tandem buddies”. With eight tandem buddies so far, he has already managed 1000km and is now very happy to rest in Phnom Penh for a few days. Sitting on the terrace of the Top Banana Guesthouse on street 51 he sips on his beer and is visibly relaxed, ready to tell the unusual story of what will be his five-year journey around the globe. Comfortably sinking in the red sofa cushions he explains his passion for life on the road “At home I hate to see people on buses playing with their smart phones not bothering to talk to the people around them,” he says. Bjorn felt an urge to hit the road two years ago. He left his job as a social media manager, left friends and family behind to take on a real social challenge. He wanted to find out how people connect offline, in the real world, as well as being social to help charity. It is a simple yet brilliant concept that allows Bjorn to meet the world and help people who are in need. He takes on travel challenges people suggest to him, such as his mission


Bjorn Troch tries three men on a tandem bike. Photo: SUPPLIED

to ride a bike from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. These challenges attract attention and people can follow Bjorn’s adventures on twitter, f\ Facebook, Google+ and other online networks. On his way Bjorn meets many people who help him. He gets invited to stay at people’s houses for example – but Bjorn is a real helper himself. When he comes across people who need financial aid Bjorn encourages his online followers to organise charities like sponsored cycling tours at home – be that in South America, Eastern Europe or Australia. When cycling through Thailand he visited a school for disabled children. They needed fresh paint on the walls and functioning fans. It was a small $1000 project which means so much to the children. “It doesn’t matter how much you raise,” he says. “Small amounts also help and it’s fun.” Social media companies help Bjorn to sustain himself.

For 1km they donate one dollar. In return Bjorn mentions the companies on his websites, reaching a target group of around 10000 highly committed people who donate the program. Following Bjorn on the internet is like reading an ongoing adventure story. For a while he stayed with Aborigines in Australia’s Northern Territory. “I was adopted into a family and became Jenny’s grandson and Stuart’s brother and would introduce myself to other Aborigines in the area like this,” he says. You don’t have to be related by blood to be someone’s brother because they believe everything and everyone is connected anyway in their culture. Meeting many with people of many different cultures, Bjorn feels all people of all cultures are more alike than they are different. “We all have a need for genuine attention, love, and people around us who appreciate us for who we are

Cambodia’s leading newspaper

The Phnom Penh Post

is seeking an experienced and dynamic Cambodian reporter fluent in both English and Khmer to work as a Lifestyle reporter and feature writer for our Monday to Thursday Lifestyle pages, plus Friday’s 7Days magazine. The successful applicant will be required to generate story ideas and meet tight deadlines and be a team player. You will be required to work for both the Khmer and English language editions of The Phnom Penh Post. A translator converts the Khmer stories into English. Your salary will be determined upon negotiation. To enquire about the position contact Pan Simala on (0) 23 214 311 or

social is about,” he says. A few days later in the early morning Bjorn stands on his dark brown feet and puts on his sandals again; ready to tackle the next stage of his travel. From Phnom Penh he will cycle around 400km to Ho Chi Minh City accompanied by his new tandem buddy Cloé from France. On his website Bjorn invites everybody to “meet”, “follow”, “support”, “guide” and “join”. It is an invitation to get in touch with him and meet up. You might meet Some of the thousands of people Bjom has met. Photo: SUPPLIED him by chance anyway. After reaching Hong Kong he has without judging,” he says. they could stay for the night. It another 150000km ahead, almost four times the length This belief is substantial to was morew than 30km from of the equator. He will meet Bjorn and many encounters the wedding. new challenges worldwide proof him right. Wherever he goes Bjorn and finally arrive in Santiago In Thailand he and his then fascinates people with his de Compostela in three years cycling buddy had a flat tyre story and openness. This time. Wandering the road in the middle of nowhere, in is why he gets help. He has to Santiago was the first the middle of the night. A never approached the media short distance off the road himself – it is through friends challenge he accepted for his social mission more than two they stumbled into a wedding of friends that people finally party. The bride and groom approach him. “It is important years ago. invited them to sit in the back to me that every contact I have To contact Bjorn go to www. of a pick up truck and drove made is more or less traceable them to a friend’s home where because this is also what being



THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012

A very deep art show Hannah Sender here is a general consensus that the making and exhibiting of creative work follows a certain trajectory. It goes like this: idea, creative process, final piece, exhibition. Australian curator Roger Nelson has defied this trajectory in an experimental show – titled New Artefacts –, with which he proposes to “counter a problematic model for creative exchange in developing and post-trauma societies like Cambodia.” New Artefacts ushers in a wind of change. Works by both Cambodian and Australian artists which have been “left over” from past exhibitions will be shown in the white cube space of Sa Sa Bassac Gallery, which until now has only hosted solo shows for Cambodian artists. Nelson is the first independent curator to be granted a show at the gallery and his presence is felt strongly, being the driving force bringing together a diverse set of names and works. His is a creative role, but he is not an artist. “I learn from the artists I work


with,” says Nelson, whose belief in the artists he works with is evident. The eight artists will display anything from videos to drawings, which have a connection with a previously exhibited final piece or more generally with their usual practice. “I didn’t want a unified aesthetic for the show”, says Nelson. “I wanted the show to be a space for dialogue between the works as well as between the audiences for those works.” Australian artist Clare McCracken predicts that exhibiting working materials for her permanent installation, Speed Check, will have a “demystifying effect” on her final piece. “A transparent process helps people to follow your thoughts,” she says. While McCracken sees her work in the exhibition as a helpful tool for understanding, other artists speak of a different natured relationship between their working materials and the “proper piece”. Renowned artist Khvay Samnang speaks of his video as “real documentary”. The video shows Khvay wading

An artwork called In Flight using recycled materials, string and other objects by Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan. photo Supplied

through the oftentimes dirty water of lakes, soon to become development sites. The photographs – the work

that is usually for exhibition and sale – establish a simple language of symbols which anticipates and parodies the

impending development. The video differs immensely from the photographs, placing more emphasis on the effort of the artist and the threat to his work by security officials. Khvay speaks of a “fight” between the photographs and the video, which, in his mind, is “opposite from the photographs”. Other artists offering “documentary” include Amy Lee Sanford, Drew Pettifer and Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan. Svay Sareth’s video offers a trace of his endurance piece, Mon Boulet. Svay Ken’s Palette Canvas stands out as a piece which has not clearly accompanied or constituted as work towards a particular final work. Its simplicity of form – attempting to represent nothing, being blotches of colour on a white canvas – contributes something entirely different to the unique show. Mention of “dialogue”, “discourse” and theory-led curatorship has the potential to intimidate audiences, but Nelson is keen to point out the presence of humour in each of the works. “Many of the works invite giggles and

smiles: Clare McCracken’s public installation with a smiley-face made from LED lights is all about the enlisting power of play; Svay Sareth’s deadpan answers to the people he encountered during his Mon Boulet performance provoke squeals of laughter; the naughtiness of Drew Pettifer recording the sounds of masturbation is titillating; the baffling strangeness and futility of Khvay Samnang’s Untitled performance is comic in its absurdity.” New Artefacts is as engaging as it is complex and as humorous as it is serious. Emerging from the spaces inbetween these diverse effects is the human element. All of the artists exhibiting in new artefacts have used their practice to confront a human issue, such as the experiences of diaspora communities, trauma or sexuality. It is the human element which makes new artefacts not only intellectually stimulating, but inspiring to see. New Artefacts is opening 9th August at Sa Sa Bassac Gallery; it is supported by The Australian Embassy and Institute Francais, Cambodia.

The incredible men who eat like giants Sou Vuthy man who can lift an entire oxcart by himself, another who uses his bare hands to capture giant fish from the Mekong and another who can swallow razor blades and then regurgitate them without injuring himself. These are the types of people Apsara television show House Number 11 tracks down each week to amaze viewers with peculiar skills from all over Cambodia. This week we meet men you may not want to invite to a dinner party – because they may just eat everything you’ve prepared for a planned group of 15. Along the way to Takeo Province, 54km southwest of Cambodia, producer Sok Samnang bought three big bags of baguettes, each containing 10 of the long French bread loaves. But they were not for TV crew’s lunch. They instead were off to capture the amazing talents of village people ranging from a disabled man climbing a sugar palm tree to a young man using his teeth to pull a van along the road. But the show’s producers had also heard about the man who can eat a basket of baguettes, so the loaves were bought to see if it was true he could eat up to 30 in a sitting.


when mixed with water. That’s why Ny Kheng did not drink even a drop of water. He only gargled to clear his mouth and teeth along the way. His talent was not appreciated by some neighbours. “What a total useless talent,” one said. “He doesn’t go to school. He does not know how to farm. Yet he boasted about his eating talent!” After filming finished Kheng weighed 50kg and pulled up his shirt to show his flat abdomen. But he is not the only big eater who is skinny. In an earlier episode a man named Thim Chanthy from Kampong A very thin Ny Kheng from Prey Nhoek in Cham province gorged on 45 sticky the Kvao commune sits down to devour rice cakes in just a few minutes. Thim Chanthy from Kampong Cham province is another eating freak – gorging 30 baguettes, his party trick. on 45 of sticky rice cakes in just a few minutes. PHOTO SOU VUTHY The 33-year-old man said: “I’m PHOTO SOU VUTHY a farmer. I need strength to plough a pile of baguettes before him. In and carry heavy load under the The show’s producer and presenter laugh, but also fear his trick could make his stomach explode. less than 20 minutes, he managed scorching sun”. Samnang has people from all over In Prey Nhoek village, Kvao to finish 16 baguettes and was on The sticky rice cake, or Banh Cha the country contact him to tell of commune, villagers gathered at Noeuk, is a Vietnemese dessert made his way to 30 when Samnang told their talents to feature in his 30with rice flour and beans. It is very him to stop, fearing the young minute weekly show, which has run Ny Kheng’s house wondering every Sunday on Apsara TV since why the TV crew was in their tiny glutton would have a severe stomach sticky and difficult to swallow and the station was founded in 1996. neighborhood. Nobody knew that usually people can only manage to problem because the baguettes he this local man could eat like a giant. “Our TV programme helps to eat two at a time. had bought were not common – Even the TV crew was suspecting it promote people with amazing He said being a big eater is not a they weighed twice as much as ones talents,’’ he says. Some can do magic was a hoax, because the man looked sold in streets. useless talent. Once he devours a lot, or weird stuff that make the viewer’s small and did not seem to be a big The 16 baguettes were equal to 30. he can work without food for the Ny Kheng, whose nickname next few days. And besides sticky eater at all. jaws drop.” is ‘Fatty’ despite his scrawny rice cake, he can also eat a big pot But it was true. Such as one man who can eat “My special talent is that I can eat appearance still insisted that he of rice and eat more than 3kg of burning coals. up to 30 baguettes,” he says. could eat more, but Samnang didn’t Cambodian noodles in a sitting. But last week the crew filmed something special. A man with a “House number 11” airs on Apsara Then the 21-year-old skinny man want the show to end in tragedy as weird talent that would make people sat on the big wooden bed with TV at 8pm Sundays baguettes expand in the stomach


Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST


Noodles aren’t just food – they’re a local lifestyle Lareina Choong

Opens from 7am – 5pm

HMERS have a noodle fixation and it’s one which has defined the country’s diet for thousands of yeras. Most people eat them everyday in many different varieties. The staple food of hardworking Cambodians is a toss between rice and noodles. For a quick meal, it’s not uncommon to see people slurping a small bowl of nom banh chok. “It’s like fast food for Cambodians,” says local university student Sothea Ines. “There are so many street carts that sell ‘mobile food’ such as noodles. It’s affordable and convenient to get.” Here are four of Phnom Penh’s secret noodle haunts.


On a really good day, she earns up to one million riels (US$250) selling noodles, chicken porridge and homemade sweet desserts Many tuk tuk and moto drivers head to Café Ariya on weekends for two things: to watch kickboxing on TV and enjoy a hearty breakfast of Soup Mee Prahat (US$1.10), accompanied by a glass of iced coffee. The delicious broth is served piping hot and chock-full of fresh bean sprouts, coriander, beef balls and egg noodles cooked to al dente perfection. For an extra bite, include the small green chilies with every mouthful. This noodle stall caters to ravenous early-risers. Business is especially brisk between Saturdays and Monday mornings. At least you’ll have no problems getting a ride back afterwards Café Ariya, corner of Street 2 Opens from 6.30am – 11.00am.

A robust broth makes Café Ariya’s Soup Mee Prahat a winner for keen local diners. photo Lareina Choong

Some of the city’s best meals can be found in the heart of the Russian Market., but save room for the fried noodles. Lok cha is a tasty concoction of short rice noodles, vegetables,

A vendor prepares Kari Nom Yah at Orussey Market.

strips of beef, coated with sweet, black soya sauce and stir-fried in a sizzling wok. The bare minimum – noodles and veggie only – costs US$0.75. Adding beef slices and an egg will set you back by US$1.25. What a

steal at that price! Simply put, “business is good,” says one shop owner, Koth Sawath, who sells up to 20 kilos of noodles everyday - an amazing amount. Russian Market in the Toul Tom Poung district.

Lok cha is the perfect way to start and end any trip to Russian Market.

An establishment that’s almost as famous as Wat Botum is the adjacent noodle house specialising in nom banh chok. The decade-old family business sells between 50 to 60kg of noodles each day. Piecing together my local guide’s broken translation, I gather that the shop is renowned for its fish-based (Prahok) yellow curry gravy made from lemongrass, turmeric root and kaffir lime. Before tucking in, stir in the combination of banana flowers, mint leaves and cucumbers beneath the tangle of noodles. Customers may opt for the unadorned version or request for Kari Nom Yah, which comes with pig’s blood jelly, liver and chunks of chicken meat (approx. US$1.40). Order a glass of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice for a sweet finish. The shop is known as ‘The Khmer noodle shop beside Wat Botum’, corner of Street 7 and Street 240. Open from 2pm – 8pm In an area well known for streetside snacks and fresh fruits, the amiable Madam Chor Wee has a loyal following. Afterall, she is the only vendor selling the popular Kari Nom Yah (US$1.25), and it’s halal certified. Her homegrown recipe boasts the sweet distinction of chicken stock and curry paste that have been simmering for hours. It is the result of “practice makes perfect,” she says. On a really good day, she earns up to one million riels (US$250) selling noodles, chicken porridge and homemade sweet desserts to polish off the meal. My local guide tells me that on the same street, one can choose from bai sach chrouk (pork with rice), fried Chinese noodles and pong tia koon (fertilised duck embryo). However, the place for “best service” is still at Madam Chor Wee’s. Address: Orussey Market, street 182 and corner of Street 125 Open from 5pm – 12am

Wat Botum’s nom banh chok is a homegrown favourite.


Inside story

THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012

Karaoke for the

The $1280 Presidential room (above and top right), gleaming corridors (left), the reception hall (right). Photo: WILLIAM

Marcus Casey

the city’s most modern street market. A case of beer alone costs $96, $100 or T’S the dozens of luxury $200 for a bottle of vodka – and we’ll get Lexus, Audi, Toyota SUVs and onto the price of rooms later. more which suddenly appear The neon tower is a sign to the palace – from 6pm in the normally for that is what the neon covered place can quiet Sangkat Toul Tompong area a few blocks south of the Russian Markets which stand out. The area has few general stores, only one or two bars, a few massage parlours and its main feature was its plant market until three months ago. Now a three storey neon tower lights up the otherwise empty street 436, and the super-vehicles turn into a dirt laneway and fill its parking spots and ones in surrounding streets, or drive into a three level parking lot. There must several million dollars worth of engineering making this a seven day destination, and they disgorge wealthy groups of Chinese and Khmer people who obviously enjoy the best of life. The Mecca they have come to is Phnom only be described as. Penh’s newest and most expensive karaoke Golden Egyptian lions guard its entrance palace, the KTV Royal Empire which where three people led by customer greeting glaringly takes up a corner of a new fancy boss Richard Thay, a former office worker office and shopping centre which has few and marketing department head of a other tenants, but a mall which is perhaps company, welcome customers.


But it’s the $1280 Presidential Room which boggles. In a country where there is much poverty there is also great wealth, concentrated at the top of society

Behind him sit a group of heavily armed security guards – some of 16 who work there each night - who store any guns customers may be holstering before the guests get into a lift where an attendant presses button for the fourth floor. “We have had many visitors in the three months we have been open and while we are busiest on Friday night and the weekend, we have a steady stream of guests each night,’’ says assistant general manager Guoyong Hui. “The majority are Chinese but we also have many Khmer guests as well. “There are 39 rooms with three different prices, and we rent out an average 126 rooms per week. “The guests are businessmen taking their clients out for a night of karaoke, and other people who just want to unwind – people like factory and company owners who are wealthy enough to enjoy our services. “Some are families having a special night out.” When the elevator doors open, an incredibly opulent scene unfolds before them. Two rows of karaoke hostesses form a guard of honour, in uniforms of red and blue. The guests walk over a marbled floor

Hostesses who greet and wait on guests. Photo: WILLIAM KELLY

Inside story

Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST


city’s wealthiest


under thousands of stick lights hanging from the ceiling, past a pond and fountain, two life sized gold elephants and onto the reception desk. The humble groups hand over $88 for the smallest rooms, which hold five people on a three sided velvet lounge in either red or blue (the two colours seem to be a theme here) with one TV screen. Other groups may decide for the Royal Empire Room which can hold 15 to 20 people. They will pay $888 for their room featuring several gold gilded velvet couches, throne like chairs and is a split level design with soft drinks, ice tea and water set out on tables – costing $4 a pop. But it’s the Presidential Room which boggles. In a country where there is much poverty there is also great wealth, concentrated at the top of society. It is these people who pay $1280 for an average four to five hour stay, using cable free mikes while singing under five chandeliers, padded blue velvet walls, five huge goldgilded couches with red velvet cushioning. It can hold 20 people and has four huge screens for singers to read lyrics from as they sing from wireless microphones. But it’s not just locals who frequent this

palace, which it must be said would be seen as over the top by some. This multi-million dollar karaoke palace has a total 50 staff, including the hostesses who wait on their customers and prepare drinks and like. The owner Chen Ai Ming arrived from Shanghai, where owns a string of bars, a year ago and has a network which has spread the word among wealthy Chinese planning a holiday in Cambodia. “Word has spread amongst the tourists and KTV has become known as a must goto place when they are Cambodia,’’ claims the greeting chief Richard Thay, 30. “Our reputation has spread far and wide among Chinese tour groups. We believe that we are now Phnom Penh’s best karaoke operation.” Thay – who adopted the English name after he was given it by his English teacher more than a decade ago – says the 6pm to midnight hours have made his life much easier. “I was the head of the marketing department at a tobacco company and before that I had done many jobs including being a driver,’’ he says. “My hours mean I can continue my studies in English, Korean and Chinese.”

The tower pointing to KTV. Photo: WILLIAM KELLY



THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012

Australian designer

Julie Schrag is part of a new generation of Cambodian inspired fashion designers who are world class

CHHIM SREYNEANG A new era of Cambodian fashion design is emerging with a generation of designers more savvy and up to date, creating new and unique styles. Many designers have pushed creative boundaries to give customers classy options. There’s also a lot of ex-pat designers who have come here for inspiration, using Cambodian fabric to make clothes, classy evening dresses, bags and other accessories. One such expat is Australia’s Julie Schrag who lived in Cambodia and fell in love with its fabrics, made by hand. She loved the craftsmanship of women such as handloom silk makers. She purchased the fabrics and has made several elergant collections such as the dresses seen here in our exclusive display of her works. Bright colours and soft forms dominate her new collection for the spring and summer of 20122013. She has made an extensive collection her La-or label, and become a success story thanks to her Cambodian experience. Models: yulia khorui & Eldh chilem | Photos: Zeeshan Haider | Makeup: the dollhouse

August 03 - 09, 2012

The Lowdown on Temple Town


In your face or what? From a pictorial series titled Displaced: The Cambodian Diaspora – USA that will feature at this year's Angkor Photo Festival. PHOTO © Pete Pin / Magnum Foundation



he program preview for this year’s Angkor Photo Festival has been released, and the festival, now in its eighth edition, will be bigger with a record number of submissions and exhibitions. The festival will be held from December 1- 8, and Jessica Lim, the festival’s Asia coordinator, is obviously upbeat about this year’s response. She told Insider, “We had a really amazing response to our call for applications, receiving a record number of over 1,200 submissions. This year, the program will be showcasing more photographers, about 130 photographers from over 65 countries. That's a lot of

amazing work to look at.” But the increased showcasing of photographers will not come at the cost of the quality. Jessica added, “As always, our priority when planning for the festival is maintaining the quality of the program, ensuring that it remains cosy and accessible for as many photographers as possible, and that we serve out our objective of highlighting photographers from Asia.” This year there’ll be an added emphasis on outdoor exhibitions, and the contributions from the popular Blowup program – a sort of photographic graffiti – will also be ramped up. Jessica said, “The outdoor exhibitions that we're having this year will be rather spec-

Cambodian immigrants in the US. PHOTO © Pete Pin / Magnum Foundation

tacular. There will be more details to come about all of them, but for now, I can say the group show exhibition by Greenpeace is a massive story that is in production and will be

shown for the first time at the festival. “Our local outreach activities are also having a revamp. Blowup Angkor this year will be more mobile, more acces-

sible, and while I can't give more details now as we are in the planning stage, I can say we will be using technology to really bring photography to the masses.” Jessica also gave an insight into new developments that give her a buzz. “Personally, I'm looking forward to Andri Tambunan's exhibition. Since he won the inaugural 2011 Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant last year, he has been working really hard on his winning project, documenting the AIDS/HIV epidemic in Papua, Indonesia. One year later, it is going to be really interesting to see what he has accomplished. It is really great for us that we've been able to be involved in some

way in this project, from the start to the end. “Also, I'm really keen to see the group shows that we're going to have. Group shows have a different energy, and it is always great to see one that is curated well. Japanese photographers are becoming more exposed now, and the Tanto Tempo Cafe Gallery from Japan is putting together Labyrinth, a rather unique exhibition of six Japanese photographers. Another one would be Birthmark on the Map, a collaborative project by a blog community from Russia, which aims to capture everyday life in Russian provinces.” Siem Reap Insider will be running regular festival updates in the coming weeks.



Siem Reap Insider

THE PHNOM PENH POST Siem Reap insider Aug 03 - 09, 2012

Man About Town Peter Olszewski SULLIVAN QUITS CKS

The ever-popular Dr Michael Sullivan has officially resigned as director of the Center for Khmer Studies, and will depart at the end of the year. While director, he oversaw the construction of the new campus at Wat Damnak, with a new library and Research Centre. He introduced a new training program in Southeast Asian Studies and research methodology for Cambodian university students and faculty. He led major international conferences and workshops, and recently launched a public lecture series in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. And he was instrumental in establishing CKS as an active member of the Association of Asian Scholars. He will be missed.

ODE TO PUB STREET Liking Pub Street is locally unfashionable. Certainly not expat-cool and perhaps politically incorrect. But Man About likes Pub Street – sort of. At least once a week Man About can be found in a favorite restaurant, Sushi Bar Koh Kong, tucking into a $10 sashimi, and imbibing a potent $4 sake. But people watching is what Pub Street is all about. The watching is done to a discordant backdrop of sound, feverishly generated by the disabled dudes sitting on the street going hell for leather on their instruments; the amplified Khmer music coming from several joints; sounds of soccer coming from the big screen TVs in some bars; the clapping of hands as tourists take in yet another Apsara show in assorted venues. Pub Street really is only a strip of real estate about 500 meters long, but it’s the commercial engine of Siem Reap. Over a year, more than a million people will have walked the walk along this small patch. Bucket loads of tourists of all shapes, sizes, colours, creeds, denominations and ethnicities parade along the colourful and yes, garish, walkway and yet months can go by without spotting a local expat. Which can at times be a plus. Occasionally one of the local expats working in the bars can be seen checking the scene. The local tuk tuk drivers work the strip in pent-up anticipation of a fare, and on a nightly basis two or three working girls walk the walk, led by their roly poly ersatz mama san, scoping for trade, ready to zero in mosquito-like on unaccompanied white males. It’s an endless parade of churning humanity clad in a variety of fashion and non-fashion. Where have they come from, where have they been going, where will they go, what fate awaits them? They become like ghosts constantly walking, constantly replacing each other, neverending.

BIG FIELD AT GOLF OPEN The Angkor Amateur Open celebrates the largest field yet in its brief four-year history, with 77 golfers having registered at time of writing. There is a strong local element, with the two leading Cambodia Amateur players in Ly Hong and Seng Van Seiha participating. Fourteen nationalities are attending, from Nepal to the Philippines. Two past champions are also attending in Scott Puzey, 2010 Champion, and Don Bland to defend his title which he won in style last year. This year’s winner will also receive two return flight tickets to Yangon courtesy of Myanmar Airlines. There will be also be golf clinic from 3-4pm, hosted by Asian Tour professional Chris Rodgers.

This year’s Whiffenpoofs’ line-up features fourteen of the best male singers from Yale’s senior class. PHOTO SUPPLIED



he ‘Whiffs’ are back in Siem Reap for the third time. They’re performing at the Victoria Angkor Resort hotel on Monday evening, where their performances have become an anticipated favorite, and one must ponder the question of what is this odd relationship all about. The Whiffs are of course the quirkily-namedWhiffenppofs, the oldest collegiate a cappella group in the US. The group is an ultra-American tradition that dates back over a hundred years, having been formed in 1909, and was – and continues to be – spawned at that core American institution, Yale. So why does a group like this successfully and repeatedly perform in Siem Reap? Is Siem Reap besotted with the

Whiff’s, or are the Whiffs besotted with Siem Reap? Apparently, it’s a little of both. The group is certainly a draw card at Victoria, hence the return performances. And David Martinez, the Whiff’s world tour manager focusing on Africa and Asia, says Siem Reap is a draw card for the group. He tells Insider, “The stop in Siem Reap has actually become a highlight of our world tour over the last few years. Our relationship with the Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa has remained strong, and the wonderful accommodations are a great launching point. “The opportunity to visit Angkor Archaeological Park is one that we can't imagine giving up, and the food in Siem Reap has actually become a legendary part of the stop among successive classes of Whiffs as well.�

Kiwi drowns in river ID difficulties prompt cops to warn guesthouses to correctly register guests By Thik Kaliyann Siem Reap police have urged guesthouses and hotels to fully comply with rules about registration of guests and to fill in all identity details in case of emergencies or deaths. Last week a young New Zealander drowned in the Siem Reap River, and police were

frustrated that they had difficulties identifying him at first because he hadn’t registered at his guesthouse with his full details. Chao Maovireak, Chief of Immigration Office in Siem Reap confirmed the identity of the dead man as New Zealand passport holder Toby Clarke, born in 1991.

The Whiffs are here as part of another of its traditions, a world tour. Each year, fourteen of the best male singers in Yale's senior class are chosen to be members of the Whiffenpoofs, and then each May the singers and their entourage embark on a threemonth international tour. Past tours have visited Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, and of course Cambodia – three times. The group also performs in the US in concert and on special occasions, and has made TV appearances on Saturday Night Live, The West Wing and The Sing Off. Each year the group supports and donates to a cause, and this year it’s performed for the benefit of the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS

Foundation, dedicated to eliminating pediatric AIDS, and The Trevor Project, America’s leading provider of crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. The group’s repertoire is reasonably diverse, containing traditional Yale songs, American golden-oldies, and a spattering of relatively recent material including The Drifter’s On Broadway, Paul Simon’s The Boxer, and Stevie Wonder’s You are the Sunshine of My Life. No Sex Pistols but. And yes, they do sing When the Saints go Marchin’ In.

Clarke arrived in Siem Reap on July 19, and stayed at the The Prohm Roth Inn. He checked out of the guesthouse on July 22. On Tuesday July 24, his body was fished out of the river near the Old Market, near the river bank which is a popular spot for young people to hang out in the evenings. He’d obviously been in the water for some time, and police said there were no suspicious circumstances to his death. Siem Reap City’s Deputy Police Chief, Saron Som Eaoun said the victim may have been drunk and fallen into the river.

He said, “We saw his body in the morning time in the river near the old Market without any signs of murder shown.� He added that after police lifted the body out of the water, they found a black plastic bag containing a camera and some money. The body was taken to Siem Reap Provincial Hospital. The deputy police chief also complained about the “carelessness� of the guesthouse for not taking complete details of the nationality and full name of Clarke during the check in at the guesthouse. He said, “They might think that it’s useless to note the full name and nationality of the guest. However it’s very important in finding the guest’s identity as in Toby’s case.� A suitably chastened staff member at the guest house said he had requested that Toby Clarke fully fill in the check-in form, but he had only entered a nickname.

Ready to eat Asian Food Cakes - Mini Pizza’s - Pies Dessert’s - Fresh Juice and more ‡•‡”˜‡ƒ˜œœƒ‘ƥ‡‡ƒÂ?†ÂŽÂŽÂ?ƒ–—”ƒŽ ‡™‡ƒŽƒÂ?† …‡”‡ƒÂ? ‡ŽÇŁÍ”Í?͛͛Í•Í›Í?Í›Í?͔ǥ͔Í?͙͔͙͛͛Í?Í™Í? Â?ƒ‹ŽÇŁ•Â?ƒ’’›Ǥ•‹‡Â?Â”Â‡ÂƒÂ’ĚˇÂ‰Â?ƒ‹ŽǤ…‘Â? ™™™Ǥˆƒ…‡„‘‘Â?Ǥ…‘Â?Ȁ•Â?ƒ’’›Ǥ•‹‡Â?”‡ƒ’ ‡Š‹Â?† ‘–‡Ž‹˜‹‡”ƒČ‹Â”Â‹Â˜Â‡Â”Â•Â‹Â†Â‡ČŒ ƒÂ?†‹Â?ˆ”‘Â?–‘ˆ ˜› —‡•– ‘—•‡ǥ ‹‡Â?Â‡ÂƒÂ’ÇĄƒÂ?„‘†‹ƒ

The Whiffenpoofs perform on Monday August 6 at the Victoria Hotel. Welcome cocktails from 7-8pm. BBQ buffet dinner and performance, only $26 per person, taxes not included. Be there or be deprived.

Siem Reap Insider

Aug 03 - 09, 2012 Siem Reap insider THE PHNOM PENH POST


Spreading the message to youth By Claire Knox


oody, dark clouds began to thunder across the sky near a market on Siem Reap’s outskirts, sending tarpaulin covers flailing and a curious crowd that had trickled into the nearby dusty Angkor Kyoung Yu field scrambling to find shelter. The looming rain also whipped an impressive MTV stage crew into a whirl, frantically packing up amplifiers, artwork and a vibrant set in anticipation of the storm. But tempestuous weather only briefly interrupted an otherwise slick operation last Saturday evening for MTV Exit’s (End Exploitation and Trafficking) finale concert, the final leg of a road show campaign through five provinces to heighten youth awareness of safe migration and anti-exploitation messages on a grassroots level. MTV Exit’s partners include AusAid, USAid, Asean and local media. Anti Human Trafficking and Exploitation organisation Sisha was also on board, with an information

stall with children’s games and a large mural for children to paint anti-trafficking messages on. The MTV Exit team had staged 40 district-level screenings throughout Cambodia country since April, featuring Khmer chanteuse Khatsokhim and revered rapper Poukhlaing, who is also the MTV Exit Roadshow celebrity ambassador for Cambodia. Coordinator Adam Sharpe told the Post last month that, “These provincial areas often have limited access to information and many do not know about the dangers of human trafficking.” Meanwhile in Siem Reap the rain had eased by 6pm and the crew had returned, inflating a gargantuan portable cinema screen used to broadcast anti-exploitation cartoons and MTV’s Enslaved documentary later in the evening. An inquisitive crowd of what was eventually almost 10,000 trickled into the grounds; parents with toddlers slung languidly on their hips, children and teens bouncing about and bemused oldies placidly observing. Thirteen-year-old Seang Kimhun

Rapper Pou Khlaing wows the crowd in Siem Reap. PHOTO KHMER FACE PHOTOGRAPHY

was at the stage’s edge, tapping her feet and looking up in awe. She’d never been to a concert before, or seen a set-up of this size. “I’m here to see Pou Khlaing,” she gushed, “I love his music.” Pou Khlaing himself said that music and entertainment was still the most effective way to propel crucial

social messages. He told Insider, “I think music is the best way to reach people. If you want them to notice something you can’t be forceful and just tell them so, it is a great tool to engage people to listen.” He added that it was an issue close to his heart.

“This is something I have seen my whole life, growing up in Sihanoukville. Even my own family has been affected by this. Plus I lived in the States and talked to people that were open about their experiences over there, so it’s part of the reason I came back really.” “When MTV asked me I just thought, ‘Yes, I have hit the jackpot, ’ because I could not just go and sing about these issues on my own. It’s a huge project to organise and a collaborative effort, so yeah, this was a platform to spread a message important to me.” By 8pm, around 120 youth leaders gleaned from provinces had joined Loy 9 TV stars, Catherine and Yaro on stage before Pou Khlaing arrived The rap star wowed the cheering crowd with his heavy bass, looping synths and ironic lyrics, tempered with Khatsokhim’s saccharine tones. Pou Khlaing said the performance was “a huge success” and communicated the three big messages – don’t trust people you don’t know, don’t trust people that promise you they will take you somewhere, and don’t give your identity away to anyone.



THE PHNOM PENH POST Siem Reap insider Aug 03 - 09, 2012



FRIDAY 03 ANGKOR AMATEUR OPEN Angkor Golf Resort, Kasekam Village, Sra Nga commune.

Friday August 03-05 PARTY NIGHT Elements Bar, Pub Street.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 7:30pm MONTHLY CHARITY PUB QUIZ AND RAFFLE In support of Angkor Hospital for Children, $1 entry. 20 great raffle prizes! Raffle drawn after the quiz, tickets $1. Rosy Guesthouse, East River Road. Friday August 03

8pm OPEN MIC NIGHT All instruments and musicians welcome, free beer for performers. "Tune up, Tune in, Stagger out" The Warehouse, Old Market area

Friday August 03 9pm LADY BOY REVIEW

TY-TO ZNAECH QUARTER Anton Davidyants - BASS Evgeny Shcherbakov - DRUMS Patrick Charb - SAX Alexendre Scarpati – TROMBONE Laundry Music Bar, Old Market

Saturday August 04 9pm THE FABULOUS DIAMOND PARADISE DRAG SHOW Linga Bar, Pub Street.

Saturday August 04 10:30pm

SUNDAY 05 WINE NIGHT Special offers for wine lovers Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo road.

Sunday August 05 12 noon BBQ POOL PARTY Sunday BBQ including homemade beef sausage, pork chops, chicken and vegetable skewers, jacket potatoes, crispy salad, home-made special sauce and a baguette. The Siem Reap Hostel, 7 Makara Street Wat Damnak

wine includes an intimate performance from George Alexander on the Soria Moria rooftop. Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo road.

Tuesday August 07 8pm

WEDNESDAY 08 1$ NIGHT All drinks $1, all food $1. Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo road.

Wednesday August 08 5pm MOVIE NIGHT Film: Swerve, 6pm Film: Source Code, 8pm Hotdog and mushroom movie meal specials only $3.50 Free entrance / free popcorn Rosy Guesthouse, East River Road

Wednesday August 03 6pm MASSIVE JAM SESSION All musicians from all levels are welcome, instruments available and free beer for those who'll take part. X Bar, at the end of Pub Street.

The Station Bar, Street 7, Old Market area.

Sunday August 05 4pm

Friday August 03 9:30pm


Wednesday August 08 7pm


Outdoor pan-Asian BBQ buffet with classical Khmer dances and Bokator Khmer martial arts. Experience the magic of the Apsara dance in our lush gardens. Traditional music, beautiful dancers, delicious food and a great atmosphere. Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, Vithei Charles de Gaulle. Dinner Commences 7pm Culture Performances 7:45pm

SATURDAY 04 SUPER SATURDAY Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo road.

Saturday August 04 12 noon PUB CRAWL Free drinks, games and prizes. Siem Reap Hostel, Wat Damnak area.

Saturday August 04 7:30pm LADIES NIGHT Free a glass of sparkling wine for ladies. Elements Bar, Pub Street.

Saturday August 04 7:30pm SHOW SPECTACULAR Show Spectacular featuring lady boys, male dressers and Khmer comedy. The Station Bar, Street 7, Old Market area.

Saturday August 04 9pm

Please come and join us and discover what the locals have Apsara Holiday Hotel, National Road 6. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7am. Tuesday, Thursday,

and Saturday 7am and 5pm MOVIE NIGHT Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo area.

Monday August 06 6pm THE WHIFFENPOOFS LIVE


Monday August 06 7pm

The Station Bar, Street 7, Old Market area.


Special orientalism party with Dj Tom Tom, Dj Sakura Boom and Steve Cadd on sax. Mezze Bar, Above F for Felafel

LIVE MUSIC AND OPEN MIC NIGHT Chilly Si Dang, River Road, Tuesday August 07 6pm LADIES NIGHT Complimentary glass of sparkly

Somadevi Angkor Hotel and Spa, Sivutha Blvd. Daily 2pm

Think fitness, behind the main ANZ bank, a few doors along from Frangipani Spa.



Voice, Trumpet, Trombone, DJ Happy Hours: 6.30pm – 8.30pm Cocktail bar, wining and dining Heritage Suites, Beside Wat Polangka

Street food tours. River Garden Hotel, River Road.

Tuesday and Friday at 8.30am Thursday at 6.30pm

Thursday August 09 6:30pm

Happy hour meal of $1 from 5-7pm only. Thai, Khmer, Spanish and Japanese cuisines. Angkor Night Market, Sivutha Boulevard. On going 4:30pm

Thursday August 09 12 noon

WEEKLY CHARITY PUB QUIZ Come along and help a local charity helping local people. $1 entry The Warehouse Bar, the Old Market area

Thursday August 09 8pm ONGOING SUNDAY POOL BRUNCH Only $16 per person (access to the pool included). Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa, Central Park On going until 30 September

IMAGES OF A CHANGING CAMBODIA BY PETER OXLEY FCC Angkor Cafe-Bar-Lounge, Pokambor Avenue On going until August 15

A WONDERFUL POOLSIDE FRESH BBQ LUNCH Fresh BBQ lunch free swimming pool 12 USD per person and additional portion of lamb rack, filet salmon, langoustines are available. Somadevi Angkor Hotel and Spa, Sivatha Blvd. Every Friday, Satur-

day and Sunday 11:30am SOMADEVI LOUNGE SPECIAL


LADIES NIGHT PROMOTION Island Bar, Angkor Night Market.

Every Wednesday and Saturday 4:30pm WEEK-LONG SPECIALS Buy 1 cocktail or long drink and get the next one for FREE $3.50 Every Monday-Thursday 6pm Get 1 FREE Cambodia draft beer Every Friday 6pm-8pm Roll the dice for your price on cocktails, wines and jugs of beer. Prices between $0.50 and $2.75 Pair of sixes and it's for FREE Under Construction Bar & Restaurant, Wat Bo Rd

LADIES NIGHT All cocktail buy 1 get 1 free. Picasso, Alley West.

Every Wednesday 6pm PILATES WITH CONCHETTA $6 per person for an hour class, Private classes also available on request

HAPPY HOUR Buy 1 gets 1 free selected drink at 3-6pm buy 1 get 1 free on cocktails at 9-11pm Nest Angkor Cafe-Bar, Sivutha Boulevard. On going

GRAND VIEW TERRACE NIGHTLY APSARA PERFORMANCE Dinner under the stars, features Cambodian cultural performance. Dinner Commences at 7pm Cultural performance at 7:30pm Angkor Century Hotel, Sivutha Blvd. On going



Saturday and Sunday 16:00 English lessons:

Tuesday and Thursday 15:00 French lessons: Monday 15:00 German lessons:

Monday and Tuesday 17:00 Wednesday and Friday 15:00 Peace Cafe, Wat Bo Area

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

See America’s oldest collegiate a cappella group in its third return performance. Welcome cocktails from 7-8pm. BBQ buffet dinner and performance, only $26 per person, taxes not included. Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa, Central Park.


Saturday August 04 9pm


Bo road.

Free cocktail for all female customers. Pyramid Night Club, National Road 6A

Wednesday August 08 8:30pm GOLDEN BUTTERFLIES LADY BOY SHOW Wednesday August 08 9:30pm

THURSDAY 09 OH MY BUDDHA! Buy one get one free, 50 per cent off all food. Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat



+855 (0) 63 96 91 00


Beside Wat Polangka Siem Reap, Angkor

in the city 6:30pm - 8:30pm Happy Hour | Cocktail Bar Every Thursday


Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST





THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012

Film stars ask for spiritual blessing despite some criticisms of its genre Seth Kimseourn usic label The Sunday Production Company has successfully produced two films, and despite some criticism the second was seen as shallow with little social messages it is pushing ahead with a third film. The company is hoping for a significant box office return, and last weekend the cast and crew and director held a special Krong Pealy , an offering to the spirits ceremony in the hope their efforts will be blessed by them. Superstar singer and now actor Khemarak Sereyman took part in the ceremony where a pig was roasted and the feasted on by the cast and crew after prayers. But it’s expected Sunday Productions will again be criticised for making another horror film, this time a scary one called Vinhan Bisach Chunchok Chheam (Vampire Blood Evil). While horror films have had a long tradition in Hollywood and are regarded as a totally legitimate genre – and a super successful one at that – there is a more conservative reaction by some Cambodian commentators. But making such films is yet another example of the great leap forward in Cambodia’s culture as it’s younger generation continues sets its own standards. Director of the film Lay Sok Chamroeun staged the ceremony after enjoying success with his


The cast and crew of Vampire Blood Evil pray before feasting in a ceremony to bless the film. PHOTO: SETH KIMSOEURN

previous two films. The first shot in 2003 was titled Angkoulimea (the name of the lead character who started out as a young troublemaker who later became a better man) did not attract criticism, but the second Preay Dek Koul or Nail Evil did because it focused on evil spirits. When the third film was announced, there was another round of boos because it was again in the horror genre. Chamroeun says he has a budget of around $20000 to $30000 for Vampire Blood Evil and is hoping it will be a box office hit.

Superstar Khemarak Sereymon lights a candle at the blessing ceremony. PHOTO: SETH KIMSOEURN

“Our company is ready to invest that amount of money when we shoot the third film,” he told 7Days. “We prëdict a bigger return than our investment because we plan to distribute it to other countrries. “We’re hoping that this film will be a much more good looking film on screen because we have selected famous actors, actresses and singers and have also cast some Hong Kong film stars. “Now we’re planning to shoot one film per year to promote the Khmer movie industry. ” Stars cast in the film special include the famous singers

Khemarak Sereymon and Sok Srey Neang, while other well-known singers from the Sunday Production Company like Chhay Virak Yuth, Iva, Phan Monika, Kong Chan Sreymom, Heng Pitou, Sok Raksa, Bun Sak, Meas Saly and Keo Veasna will also feature. While it has attracted criticism, the director believes such a production can only benefit the overall Cambodian filmmaking industry which is growing. Production is scheduled to end soon and Vampire Blood Evil launched in November at the Phnom Penh Theatre Centre.

Gemstones are usually worn but they can have healing powers too On face value, gemstones make exquisite accessories. On a more spiritual level, however, they have long been known for their healing properties and their ability to channel energies. These properties have been adapted to design specific jewellery to match the wearer’s needs. So why not use it with something that already promotes energy and inner peace like a spa treatment? Pariyaporn Lertvanichsutha, director for business development at Shin Shin Spa in Bangkok explained gemstones used in treatments can soothe the soul more deeply. “We use three different gemstones and each of them has its distinctive property,” said Pariyaporn. “Amethyst powers include healing and peace, so it is

Gemstones such as citrine and amethyst like these ones have healing power. Photo Reuters

perfect for those who are under a lot of stress or are having some trouble sleeping. “Rose quartz gemstones are well known as a symbol of love, and they are believed to promote emotional bonding between a couple. Citrine aids digestion and removes toxins from the body.” Gemstone therapy has been used for thousands of years, and as a crystal varies in colour, properties and benefits also vary. The spa has researched the power of these gemstones, focusing on their ability to aid relaxation rather than for medical purposes. The gemstones are soaked in essential oil to bring out their energy and transfer their properties to the oil which is then used as part of the treatment. Pariyaporn compared two bottles

of oil, one with gemstones and one with fake stones. The oil in the bottle with fake gems turns murky while the other remains clear. “We only use real gemstones because we really want to make use of their energy,” she explained. The use of gemstones to promote inner well-being goes with the spa’s concept _ the simplicity of nature for physical and mental comfort. Shin Shin in Japanese means “body and soul”, and each treatment has been designed to enhance relaxation at both physical and spiritual levels. Another unique point of the spa is its Silk Protein Massage Oil, in which the gemstones are blended. Citrine aids digestion and removes toxins from the body. The Bangkok Post


Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST



From Manhattan to Phnom Penh, the lady has class Sean Gleeson f anything, Phnom Penh’s the perfect laboratory for the globalisation of culture. High speed internet and cable television, my two dearest friends in life, have bestowed a mixed bag upon this fair city. Regional influences play a role, with Korean pop and Thai film having a rabid local fan-base, but through western eyes the overwhelming point of curiosity is how close some of the capital’s aesthetic and cultural tastes skirt the current fads of the west, and how far they lag in other arenas. Naturally, some Joanna Lumley types would condemn local sartorial tastes as woefully passé, likely not taking pause to consider that Cambodia’s fashion designer community could probably be counted on two hands – unlike, say, its sweatshops. On the other hand, the guiltless pleasures of piracy and a solid DJ community have allowed those possessing the requisite amount of coin and dancemoves to remain at the forefront of global music trends. If the next big thing drops in the clubs of Williamsburg or Neuköln for the first time tomorrow, expect to hear it blaring out of the doorways some sleezy corner of Street 51 inside of a month.


Azealia Banks grew up in New York but her music is loved here. PHOTO: OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE

At the beginning of the year, playing Azealia Banks’ de facto debut 212 was a kneejerk formality at Pontoon, the Cotton Club and even a few of Daun Penh district’s local-oriented venues, and with good cause. Recorded when Banks was 20, the song would’ve been an impossible feat twenty years ago. The radio edit cuts a good 40 percent of the lyrics out, censoring 10 uses of my personal favourite four-letter word. The promotional

clip flashes said word on screen for a frame after every utterance, as if trying to turn its audience into modern day Manchurian Candidates ready to spew out the vilest obscenities in the English language the next time a certain code word is triggered. That’s not even the best reason to love the track, of course. A homage to the more interesting uptown parts of her native Manhattan, 212 starts out innocuously enough,

the sweet-faced Banks dancing in a Mickey Mouse sweater before launching into a verbal barrage of menace so poetically sound, so blisteringly insulting that it would make something even as emotionally inert as one of Honda’s ASIMO service robots start weeping with fear. Modern music consumption has bred fickle tastes, and 212 is now old-hat with after nine months of wild success. It’s heartening


Book Review

Old tales told by the young ones now back home Sean Gleeson There’s a certain logic to the bookshelf bombardment of memoirs from the Khmer Rouge era in the last five years. Those that were children under regime are now in their forties, and the combination of maturity and distance has granted the necessary perspective for pouring one’s heart out on the page. At the same time, the attention granted to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal over the last five years has granted these authors an international market. If there’s one thing to quibble with in this trove of recollections, it’s that most of them are written by those who fled the country in the upheaval of 1979, often winding up in the chaotic filth of Thai refugee camps before making a new home in France or the States. While these stories have their own merits, as their authors become reacquainted with the culture and society from which they have been forcibly alienated, rare is the

to a non-descript village, and his education at the hands of an organisation rabidly committed to violently upheaving the individual family structure, Mom and Angkar’s Kids is rich with historical detail, coloured by Chhay Sophal’s extensive knowledge of the structure and workings of the Khmer Rouge gleaned from the tribunal’s testimony. As a former Reuters reporter teacher, Chhay Sophal’s work shows a meticulousness and attention often lacking in other memoirs. A reader could be in two minds about the prose itself: either the lack of a strong editor has made the book a much more convoluted read than necessary, or the author’s sovereignty over his work has allowed for more local language quirks and idioms than a westerner with a red pen would’ve allowed. genocide memoirist who remained in the country to watch it rebuild under the most fraught circumstances while staying sane.

Mom and Angkar’s Kids Chhay Sophal’s recollections are valuable for by Chhay Sophal is available from Monument Books for this reason. An account of the Phnom Penh evacuation, $9.00. his family’s forced relocation

to see Banks’ notoriety rising, with a feature in a recent remix of M.I.A’s runaway hit Bad Girls and a slavish fanbase for the periodic mixtapes put out through her Twitter feed. One can resent the dilution of local culture through the impact of foreign influences, but to my mind, there’s nothing so sorely needed and underrepresented in modern music than women telling men what ****s they are.

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What’s on TV

THE PHNOM PENH POST 7DAYS 27JUIY - 02 august, 2012




01:45 Days Of Thunder

03:25 House Of The Dead 2:

03:35 Robots

11:10 Private Practice

14:35 Wipeout

03:30 Hbo Central

05:00 Arabesque

05:10 When A Stranger Calls

12:05 Top Model Specials

15:25 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow

04:00 Magnolia

06:45 Universal Soldier:

06:50 The Double

13:00 Mobbed

16:15 Hawaii Five

07:00 Lost Souls

08:10 Assassination

08:30 Crazy On The Outside

13:55 Ugly Betty

17:10 Ncis: Los Angeles

08:35 Hbo Central

09:40 Blink

10:10 The Fighter

14:50 Ghost Whisperer

18:05 Criss Angel Mindfreak

09:10 Nutty Professor Ii: The Klumps

11:45 Murphy’s Law

12:05 So I Married An Axe Murderer

15:45 How I Met Your Mother

18:35 E Buzz

11:00 The Bourne Supremacy

13:25 Hush

13:40 Neverland

16:15 Australia’s Next Top Model

19:05 Chaos

12:45 Dumb And Dumberer:

15:00 The Double Man

15:10 Neverland

17:10 Reality Specials

20:00 Chaos

14:15 Baby Geniuses

16:55 Twins

16:40 The Mechanic

18:05 Friends With Benefits

20:55 Hawaii Five-O

15:45 Goldfinger

19:10 The Road Warrior

18:15 X-Men

18:30 Happy Endings

21:50 Criss Angel Mindfreak

17:35 Honey I Blew Up The Kid

20:45 Epad On Max

20:00 The Next Three Days

19:00 Splash TV

22:20 E Buzz

19:10 Ghost And The Darkness

21:00 House Of The Dead 2:

22:15 FMP Soundstage:

19:30 Raising Hope

22:50 Chaos




The Next Three Days

06:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 6

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:20 Food Lovers Guide To The Planet

13:00 Dealers

13:00 Mutant Planet

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 6

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:45 Food Lovers Guide To The Planet

14:00 American Chopper:

14:00 Must Love Cats

14:15 Is It Real?

15:00 American Guns

15:00 Clinically Wild: Alaska

15:10 Wild Case Files

16:00 Sons Of Guns

15:30 Wild Island

16:05 Attack In The Wild

1700 Factory Made

16:00 Tales Of Nature

A married couple’s life is turned 07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games upside down when the wife is 08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 09:30 London 2012 Olympic Games accused of a murder

09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:00 Monster Jellyfish

17:30 How Do They Do It ?

17:00 Animal Cops South Africa

11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 6

11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

18:00 Air Crash Investigation

18:00 Auction Hunters

18:00 Whale Wars 2

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Seconds From Disaster

18:30 Auction Hunters

19:00 The Jeff Corwin Experience

20:00 Is It Real?

19:00 Dealers

20:00 Rattlesnake Republic

21:00 Wild Case Files

20:00 The History Of Singapore

21:00 Untamed China With Nigel Marven

22:00 Narco Bling

21:00 Moments Of Impact

22:00 Tales Of Nature

23:00 Taboo

22:00 Destroyed In Seconds

23:00 Wildest Africa

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games


08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:55 London 2012 Olympic Games




1:55 Facing Ali

03:20 Blink

03:35 The Mechanic

08:25 A Tale Of Two Parties

11:30 Criss Angel Mindfreak

03:35 Snow Day

05:00 Blind Fury

05:10 Killers

09:20 Forever Hold Your Peace

12:00 E Buzz

06:50 The Family Stone

10:15 Got To Dance Uk

12:30 CSI

05:00 Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? 06:30 Beverly Hills Ninja 07:00 Connor Undercover

08:00 Hard Luck

08:35 The Double

11:10 The Glee Project

13:25 Chaos

07:30 Connor Undercover

09:35 El Mariachi

10:15 So I Married An Axe Murderer

12:05 Mobbed

14:20 Chaos

08:00 Unknown

11:00 Hanna

11:50 Blitz

13:00 Splash TV

15:15 So You Think You Can Dance

09:50 Justin Bieber:

12:50 Epad On Max

13:30 Robots

13:30 A Tale Of Two Parties (23)

17:05 So You Think You Can Dance

11:35 Fast Five

13:10 Faster

15:00 Open Season

14:25 Forever Hold Your Peace (24)

18:00 NCIS: Los Angeles

13:45 Kangaroo Jack

15:10 Superman/Batman:

16:30 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:

15:20 Top Model Specials

18:55 Blue Bloods

15:15 Grown Ups

16:30 Dragonheart

18:10 I Am Number Four

16:15 The Glee Project

19:50 So You Think You Can Dance

17:00 The Chronicles Of Riddick

18:10 Red Skies

20:00 International

17:10 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 21:40 So You Think You Can Dance

19:00 True Blood

19:30 Supershark

22:00 You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

17:35 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 22:35 CSI





Grown Ups

After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 7

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:25 Wild Case Files

11:00 Discovery Sunday

14:00 I’m Alive

07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:20 The Dog Whisperer

12:00 Kidnap & Rescue

15:00 Mutant Planet

08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:15 The Dog Whisperer

13:00 The History Of Singapore

15:10 Seconds From Disaster

14:00 My Shocking Story

16:00 Rattlesnake Republic

16:05 Cameramen Who Dare

15:00 Ar Crash Confidential

17:00 Shark Men

16:00 Deception With Keith Barry

18:00 Monster Fish

17:00 River Monsters: Lar Of Giants

19:00 Ultimate Disaster

18:00 I Shouldn’t Be Alve

20:00 World’s Worst Weather

19:00 American Guns

21:00 Swamp Brothers

09:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 7 12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games


09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 12:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:00 Animal Cops Philadelphia 18:00 Groomer Has It 19:00 Wildest Africa 20:00 Bite Nite

14:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

21:00 Last Secrets Of The Third Reich

20:00 The History Of Singapore

21:30 Stranger Among Bears

19:30 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

22:00 Narrow Escapes Of Wwii

21:00 Deadliest Catch

22:00 Finding Bigfoot

20:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:55 London 2012 Olympic Games

23:00 Narco Bling

23:00 Aircrash Confidential

23:00 I’m Alive



02:00 Intersection

04:00 Bonnie And Clyde

03:35 Love & Other Drugs

13:30 Switched At Birth

12:30 So You Think You Can Dance

03:35 Superstar

05:45 Dragonheart

05:20 Blitz

14:25 Switched At Birth

14:20 So You Think You Can Dance

04:55 Iron Jawed Angels

08:00 Faster

07:00 Ufc: Shogun Vs. Vera

15:20 Switched At Birth

15:15 NCIS: Los Angeles

07:00 Connor Undercover

09:45 Supershark

09:10 X-Men

16:15 Switched At Birth

16:10 CSI: New York

07:30 Connor Undercover

11:15 Green Zone

10:55 X2: X-Men United

17:10 Switched At Birth

17:05 CSI: Miami

08:00 The Chronicles Of Ridrick

13:10 Clash Of The Titans

13:10 Fmp Soundstage:

18:05 Switched At Birth

18:00 Leverage

09:55 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

14:55 Knight Rider

14:55 When A Stranger Calls

19:00 Mobbed

18:55 Breaking In

11:30 Veep - 001 : Fundraiser

16:25 Stripes

16:35 Crazy On The Outside

19:55 The Glee Project

19:20 Breaking In

12:00 Veep - 002 : Frozen Yoghurt

18:05 The Flash

18:15 Killers

20:50 Got To Dance Uk

19:50 CSI

12:30 Veep - 003 : Catherine

19:40 Superman: Doomsday

20:00 Shark Night

21:45 How I Met Your Mother

20:45 CSI New York

13:00 Veep - 004 : Chung

21:00 The Patriot

21:35 Ufc: Shogun Vs. Vera

22:10 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 21:40 CSI Miami

13:30 Veep - 005 : Nicknames

23:45 The Book Of Eli

23:15 You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

22:40 Splash TV

22:35 E Buzz





The Book Of Eli

A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.

06:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 8

05:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:20 Locked Up Abroad

12:00 Singapore

12:00 Ants! - Nature’s Secret Power

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 8

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:15 Fight Science

13:00 Auction Hunters

13:00 Wildest Africa

07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

15:10 Last Secrets Of The Third Reich

13:30 Auction Hunters

14:00 Whale Wars 2

08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

16:05 Narrow Escapes Of Wwii

14:00 I Shouldn’t Be Alive

15:00 Animal Cops Philadelphia

09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:00 The Dog Whisperer

15:00 The History Of Singapore

16:00 Dogs 101

10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

18:00 The Dog Whisperer

16:00 Extreme Peril

17:00 Must Love Cats

11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Taiwan Medical Miracle

17:00 Life In Cold Blood

18:00 Bite Of The Living Dead

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

20:00 Shark Men

18:00 Singapore

19:00 Into The Shark Bite

21:00 Monster Fish

20:00 Untamed China With Nigel Marven

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Man Vs Wild

21:00 I’m Alive

19:00 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

22:00 Ultimate Disaster

20:00 The History Of Singapore 21:00 Discovery Sunday

22:00 Whale Wars 2

19:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:55 London 2012 Olympic Games

23:00 World’s Worst Weather

22:00 Life In Cold Blood

23:00 Groomer Has It

08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 09:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 8 12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games




01:15 Meatballs

05:45 Jet Pilot

04:50 Crazy On The Outside

12:05 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 14:35 CSI

02:45 Pay It Forward

07:40 Superman: Doomsday

06:30 Vampires Suck

12:30 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 15:25 CSI: New York

05:15 Gattaca

09:00 The Book Of Eli

07:55 Who’s Your Caddy

13:00 How I Met Your Mother

16:15 Cash Cab Asia

07:00 The Messenger

10:55 Timecop: The Berlin Decision

09:30 Robots

13:25 Splash TV

16:45 E Buzz

09:00 Arthur

12:15 The Patriot

11:05 The Double

13:55 Ugly Betty

17:15 Spring Wipeout

11:00 Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 15:00 The Incredible Shrinking Man

12:45 Shark Night

14:50 Ghost Whisperer

18:10 Wipeout

13:25 The Forsaken

16:20 Paradise Alley

14:20 Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

15:45 How I Met Your Mother

19:05 Breaking In

15:30 Kung Fu Panda 2

18:10 Hollywood On Set

16:10 International

16:15 Britain’s Next Top Model

19:30 Breaking In

17:05 How Do You Know?

18:40 The Karate Kid

18:10 You Again

17:10 Reality Specials

20:00 Leverage

19:05 Panic Room

21:00 Triassic Attack

20:00 X-Men: The Last Stand

18:05 Friends With Benefits

20:55 Blue Bloods

21:00 Veep - 006 : Baseball

22:30 Spartacus Vengeance

21:45 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

18:30 Happy Endings

21:50 Breaking In

21:30 Enlightened

23:30 Legion

23:35 The Double

19:00 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 22:15 Breaking In

What’s on TV

27JUIY - 02 august, 2012 7DAYS THE PHNOM PENH POST





06:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 9

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:20 Megastructures

14:00 Discovery Sunday

14:00 Swamp Brothers

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 9

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:15 Perfect Weapon

15:00 Singapore

14:30 Stranger Among Bears

08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

15:10 Last Secrets Of The Third Reich

16:00 Sons Of Guns

15:00 Breed All About It

16:05 Mega Factories

17:00 Factory Made

07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 09:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 9

11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:00 Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled 17:30 How Do They Do It ?

15:30 Wild Island 16:00 I’m Alive 17:00 Animal Cops South Africa

18:00 The Dog Whisperer

18:00 One Man Army

19:00 Nat Geo Amazing!

19:00 Kidnap & Rescue

20:00 Perfect Weapon

20:00 Man Made Marvels

21:00 Last Secrets Of The Third Reich

21:00 Discovery Sunday

20:30 Stranger Among Bears

18:00 Dogs 101 19:00 The Jeff Corwin Experience 20:00 Swamp Brothers

18:30 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

22:00 Narrow Escapes Of WWII

22:00 Deadliest Catch

21:00 Whale Wars

19:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:50 London 2012 Olympic Games

23:00 The Border

23:00 Man Made Marvels:

22:00 I’m Alive


03:15 Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee 05:30 Born In East L.A. 07:00 The King’s Speech 09:05 Panic Room 11:00 Mr Wonderful 12:45 Morning Glory 15:00 Thunderball 17:10 A Few Good Men 19:25 Due Date 21:00 The Bourne Supremacy 22:50 True Blood 23:55 The Rite

05:15 07:05 08:40 10:10 13:00 15:00 16:40 17:15 19:30 21:00 22:40 23:35

The Bastard Triassic Attack Deep Red The Karate Kid Lethal Weapon Assignment To Kill Hollywood On Set Silverado Body Snatchers Death Race Spartacus Vengeance The Adventures Of Hercules

04:55 Omen

10:45 How I Met Your Mother

14:35 CSI: Malice I

06:50 Gulliver’s Travels

11:10 Private Practice

15:25 CSI: New York

08:20 Cheaper By The Dozen

12:05 Don’t Trust The B.....In Apartment 23 16:15 Cash Cab Asia

10:00 Open Season

12:30 How I Met Your Mother

16:45 E Buzz

11:30 I Am Number Four

13:00 Glee - Specials - Glee

17:15 Spring Wipeout

13:20 You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

13:55 Ugly Betty

18:10 Wipeout

15:10 Marmaduke

14:50 Ghost Whisperer

19:05 Breaking In

16:40 Robots

15:45 How I Met Your Mother

19:30 Breaking In

18:15 Limitless

16:15 Britain’s Next Top Model

20:00 Leverage

20:00 Wall

17:10 Reality Specials

20:55 Blue Bloods

21:45 Blitz

18:05 New Girl

21:50 Breaking In

23:25 Shark Night

18:30 Happy Endings

22:15 Breaking In


06:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 10

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:20 Built For The Kill

13:00 Man Made Marvels

13:00 Tales Of Nature

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 10

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:15 Kung Fu Monk

14:00 Discovery Sunday

14:00 Whale Wars 2

15:10 Fight Science

15:00 Deadliest Catch

15:00 Breed All About It

16:05 I Didn’t Know That

16:00 Sons Of Guns

15:30 Wild Island

16:30 I Didn’t Know That

17:00 Factory Made

16:00 Mutant Planet

07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 09:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:00 Kimchi Chronicles

17:30 How Do They Do It ?

17:00 Animal Cops South Africa

11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 10

11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:30 Kimchi Chronicles

18:00 Man, Woman, Wild

18:00 Rattlesnake Republic

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

18:00 The Dog Whisperer

19:00 Dual Survival

19:00 The Jeff Corwin Experience

19:00 Nat Geo Amazing!

20:00 Man Made Marvels Asia

20:00 Wildest Africa

20:00 Slammed: Inside Indie Wrestling

21:00 Life In Cold Blood

21:00 The Great Rift

21:00 Fight Science

22:00 Flying Wild Alaska

22:00 Mutant Planet

22:00 Locked Up Abroad

23:00 Man Made Marvels Asia

23:00 Untamed China With Nigel Marven

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

15:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

02:55 Coming To America

05:00 The Double Man

03:00 Water For Elephants

10:45 How I Met Your Mother

12:50 The Voice

05:10 Held Up

06:45 Rosemary’s Baby

05:00 One Fine Day

11:10 Private Practice

13:45 Wipeout Australia

07:00 A Few Good Men

09:00 Universal Soldier: The Return

06:50 Limitless

12:05 Raising Hope

14:40 Wipeout

09:15 Dumb & Dumber

10:20 Victory.

08:35 X-Men: The Last Stand

12:30 Raising Hope

15:30 Caught On Camera

11:00 Due Date

12:15 Hard Luck

10:20 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

13:00 Jane By Design

16:20 Hawaii Five-O

12:35 The Bourne Supremacy

13:40 Superman/Batman

12:10 Blitz

13:55 Ugly Betty

17:15 CSI: -019 : Split De

14:30 Days Of Thunder

15:00 The Deady Affair

13:50 Monster House

14:50 Ghost Whisperer

18:10 Wipeout

16:20 See Spot Run

16:45 Kintergarten Cop

15:25 The Da Vinci Code

15:45 How I Met Your Mother

19:05 CSI: Miami

18:00 The Green Hornet

18:40 Godzilla

17:55 Seven Pounds

16:15 Britain’s Next Top Model

20:00 CSI: New York

20:00 The Newsroom

21:00 The Book Of Eli

20:00 Men In Black

17:10 Reality Specials

20:55 Hawaii Five-O

21:00 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

22:55 Spartacus Vengeance

21:40 Men In Black II

18:05 New Girl

21:50 CSI: Miami

23:35 Bad Company

23:50 Godzilla

23:10 One Fine Day

18:30 Happy Endings

22:45 CSI: New York



06:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 11

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:20 Taiwan Medical Miracle

14:00 Life In Cold Blood

15:00 Breed All About It

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 11

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:15 Cameramen Who Dare

15:00 Flying Wild Alaska

15:30 Wild Island

08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

15:10 The Dog Whisperer

16:00 Sons Of Guns

16:00 Groomer Has It

17:00 Factory Made

17:00 Animal Cops South Africa

17:30 How Do They Do It ?

18:00 Swamp Brothers

18:00 How It’s Made

18:30 Stranger Among Bears

18:30 How It’s Made

19:00 The Jeff Corwin Experience

19:00 Deception With Keith Barry

20:00 Must Love Cats

20:00 Build It Bigger

21:00 Dogs 101

07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games 09:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 11

11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games 13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

16:05 Brilliant Beasts 17:00 Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled 18:00 The Dog Whisperer 19:00 Nat Geo Amazing! 20:00 Cameramen Who Dare

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

21:00 The Dog Whisperer

21:00 Air Crash Confidential

22:00 Groomer Has It

19:00 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

22:00 The Dog Whisperer

22:00 Man Vs Wild

23:00 Swamp Brothers

19:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:55 London 2012 Olympic Games

23:00 Cameramen Who Dare

23:00 Build It Bigger

23:30 Stranger Among Bears

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

02:30 Wood

05:45 The Beast

04:50 X-Men: The Last Stand

14:50 Ghost Whisperer

12:40 Breaking In

04:45 The Man In The Iron Mask

07:40 Half Past Dead

06:35 So I Married An Axe Murderer

15:45 How I Met Your Mother

13:10 Breaking In

07:00 Bond Girls Are Forever

09:20 Camel Spiders

08:10 One Fine Day

16:15 Britain’s Next Top Model

07:50 The Green Hornet

10:45 Epad On Max

10:00 Letters To Juliet

17:10 Once Upon A Time

13:40 Leverage

09:50 The Newsroom

11:05 Up In The Air

11:50 Marmaduke

18:05 New Girl

11:00 Licence To Kill

13:00 The Book Of Eli

13:20 Men In Black

18:30 Happy Endings

13:10 2 Fast 2 Furious

15:00 The Time Machine

15:00 You Agar

19:00 Mobbed

15:00 Transformers

16:50 Godzilla

16:50 Guiver’s Travels

19:55 Top Model Specials

17:30 Kung Fu Panda 2

19:10 Dante’s Peak

18:20 Unstoppable

20:50 Reality Specials

19:00 Battle Los Angeles

21:00 Never Back Down

20:00 Shark Night

21:45 Once Upon A Time

18:10 Charlie’s Angels

21:00 Inception

22:45 Spartacus Vengeance

21:35 Big Mommas:

22:40 Mobbed

20:00 NCIC: Los Angeles

23:25 Untouchables

23:45 Up In The Air

23:25 The Next Three Days

23:35 Top Model Specials

20:55 Leverage - 001



Action Godzilla A enormous, radioactively mutated lizard runs rampant on the island of Manhattan.


17:15 Leverage



13:00 Bite Of The Living Dead

07:00 Sportscenter Espresso Day 12

06:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

14:15 The Dog Whisperer

14:00 Singapore

14:00 Into The Shark Bite

07:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

07:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

15:10 Test Your Brain

15:00 Man Vs Wild

15:00 Breed All About It

08:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

08:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

16:05 Test Your Brain

16:00 Sons Of Guns

15:30 Zig & Zag:

09:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

17:00 Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled

17:00 Factory Made

16:00 Animal Cops Phiadefcha

10:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

18:00 The Dog Whisperer

17:30 How Do They Do It ?

17:00 Animal Cops South Africa

11:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Nat Geo Amazing!

18:00 Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?

18:00 The Great Rift

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

20:00 Megastructures

18:30 Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets

19:00 The Jeff Crow Experience

21:00 Ultimate Disaster

20:00 09 Aug L2 I’m Alive

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

19:00 Extreme Bodies 20:00 Desert Car Kings

21:00 Finding Bigfoot

18:30 Primetime Update

14:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

22:00 Witness: Japan Disaster

21:00 American Chopper

22:00 Animal Cops Philadelphia

19:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

15:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

23:00 Locked Up Abroad

22:00 American Guns

23:00 Whale Wars 2

13:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

An American seminary student travels to Italy to take an exorcism course.

16:45 Breaking In

13:00 Dual Survival

12:00 London 2012 Olympic Games

The Rite

15:30 Leverage

13:20 The Dog Whisperer

11:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 12


15:00 Breaking In

05:30 London 2012 Olympic Games

10:30 London 2012 Olympic Games


14:30 Breaking In

06:30 Sportscenter Espresso Day 12

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When a young woman realises her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancée’s true colors.




You Again









Untouchables Federal Agent

Eliot Ness sets out to stop Al Capone because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team.



Mind boggles

THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012

Free will astrology Week of aUGUST 03


(March 21 – April 19) The astrological omens suggest that you now have a lot in common with the legendary Most Interesting Man in the World -- adventurous, unpredictable, interesting, lucky, one-of-a-kind. To create your horoscope, I have therefore borrowed a few selected details from his ad campaign’s descriptions of him. Here we go: In the coming weeks, you will be the life of parties you don’t even attend. Astronauts will be able to see your charisma from outer space. Up to one-third of your body weight will be gravitas. Your cell phone will always have good reception, even in a subway 100 feet underground. Panhandlers will give you money. You could challenge your reflection to a staring contest -- and win. You’ll be able to keep one eye on the past while looking into the future. When you sneeze, God will say “God bless you.”


(Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) On a spring day in 1973, an engineer named Martin Cooper debuted the world’s first cell phone. He placed a call as he walked along a New York City street. The phone weighed two and half pounds and resembled a brick. Later he joked that no one would be able to talk very long on his invention, since it took a lot of strength to hold it against one’s ear. Think of how far that amazing device has come since then, Libra. Now imagine some important aspect of your own life that is in a rather primitive state at this moment but could one day be as natural and fully developed as cell phones have become. Are you willing to work hard to make that happen? Now’s a good time to intensify your commitment.

Scorpio Taurus

(April 20 – May 20) Psychologist Bruno Bettelheim said the dreams we have at night are “the result of inner pressures which have found no relief, of problems which beset a person to which he knows no solution and to which the dream finds none.” That sounds bleak, doesn’t it? If it’s true, why even bother to remember our dreams? Well, because we are often not consciously aware of the feelings they reveal to us. By portraying our buried psychic material in story form, dreams give us insight into what we’ve been missing. So even though they may not provide a solution, they educate us. Take heed, Taurus! Your upcoming dreams will provide useful information you can use to fix one of your longstanding dilemmas.

(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) In the coming week, you will lose some clout and self-command if you’re too hungry for power. Likewise, if you act too brazenly intelligent, you may alienate potential helpers who are not as mentally well-endowed as you. One other warning, Scorpio: Don’t be so fiercely reasonable that you miss the emotional richness that’s available. In saying these things, I don’t mean to sound as if I’m advising you to dumb yourself down and downplay your strengths. Not at all. Rather, I’m trying to let you know that the best way to get what you really need is to tailor your self-expression to the unique circumstances you find yourself in.

Sagittarius Gemini

(May 21 – June 20) When French composer Georges Auric scored the soundtrack for Jean Cocteau’s movie Blood of a Poet, he produced “love music for love scenes, game music for game scenes, and funeral music for funeral scenes.” But Cocteau himself had a different idea about how to use Auric’s work. For the love scenes he decided to use the funeral music, for the game scenes the love music, and for the funeral scenes the game music. In accordance with the current astrological omens, Gemini, I recommend that you experiment with that style of mixing and matching. Have fun! (Source: A Ned Rorem Reader, by Ned Rorem.)

(Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) For a while, French writer Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) was very poor. He lived in a place that had no heat and almost no furniture. To enhance his environment, he resorted to the use of fantasy. On one of his bare walls, he wrote the words, “rosewood paneling with ornamental cabinet.” On another, he wrote “Gobelin tapestry with Venetian mirror.” Over the empty fireplace he declared, “Picture by Raphael.” That’s the level of imaginative power I encourage you to summon in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. So much of what you’ll need will come from that simple magic.

Capricorn Cancer

(June 21 – July 22) “Piglet was so excited at the idea of being useful that he forgot to be frightened any more,” wrote A.A. Milne in his kids’ story Winnie-the-Pooh. That’s my prescription for how to evade the worrisome fantasies that are nipping at you, Cancerian. If no one has invited you to do some engaging and important labor of love, invite yourself. You need to be needed -- even more than usual. P.S. Here’s what Rumi advises: “Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.”

(Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) It’s an excellent time to overthrow false gods and topple small-minded authorities and expose fraudulent claims. Anyone and anything in your environment that do not fully deserve the power they claim should get the brunt of your exuberant skepticism. When you’re done cleaning up those messes, turn your attention to your own inner realms. There might be some good work to be done there. Can you think of any hypocrisy that needs fixing? Any excessive self-importance that could use some tamping down? Any pretending that would benefit from a counter dose of authenticity?

“HEY THERE!” Across

  1 Variety or type   4 Formed before delivery, as concrete 11 “The Outsiders” foe 14 XY chromosome bearers 15 Hearing-wise 16 Tavern by a tube station 17 Spry 20 Strange person 21 Doggie rewards 22 Oakland gridder 23 Neither winning nor losing 25 Coffee source for a crowd 26 Add highlights to, at a salon 28 Kimono accessory 31 In the fashion of 32 Winning margin 34 How a suspect might try to act 37 It might break the camel’s back 40 Unlikely winner 43 Spike, as punch 47 U.N. worker protection gp. 48 “___ volunteers?” 49 Antietam soldier, for short 52 Bear, Cub or Bruin 53 Type of decree 55 Mine shaft borer 57 Like a lamb

61 English counties 62 Treacherous person 65 Housebroken animal 66 Coming down in flakes 67 Body of saltwater 68 “Lemon” end 69 Some bagel seeds 70 0.0000001 joule


  1 World banking org.   2 Away from the wind   3 Wrestler’s ploy   4 Matched by twos   5 Become depleted of water   6 Word used in logic   7 Coral islet   8 “That was ___ of fun!”   9 Bit of slander 10 Whitewall, in Whitehall 11 Having depth 12 Beat on the Top 40 13 Network with an eye logo 18 Travel mug topper 19 Morsel for a horse 22 Be sorry about 24 Midnight to midnight 27 Sweepstakes submission

28 Expert swimmer of the weasel family 29 Prickly chestnut case 30 Certain S&L acct. 33 Yellowstone bugling beast 35 Hinny’s mother 36 Aid in punching holes 38 “Caught you!” 39 He may be a junior 40 Gunga ___ 41 Trued a car’s wheels 42 Looking on the bright side 44 Pacify 45 More crude and vulgar 46 Really long geological time 50 It’s derived from natural gas 51 Stratton’s partner in manufacturing 54 ___-jet printer 56 Make a mistake 58 Trueheart of the comics 59 Toe the ___ (be obedient) 60 Nephew of Cain and Abel 61 Adjust with a wedge 62 Jacuzzi 63 Airline once controlled by Howard Hughes 64 Succumb to gravity

Thursday’s solution


(July 23 – Aug. 22) You’ve been making pretty good progress in the School of Life. By my estimates, you’re now the equivalent of a sophomore. You’ve mastered enough lessons so that you can no longer be considered a freshman, and yet you’ve got a lot more to learn. Are you familiar with the etymology of the word “sophomore”? It comes from two Greek words meaning “wise” and “fool.” That’ll be a healthy way to think about yourself in the coming weeks. Be smart enough to know what you don’t know. Cultivate the voracious curiosity necessary to lead you to the next rich teachings.


(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) A few years ago, a Malaysian man named Lim Boon Hwa arranged to have himself “cooked.” For 30 minutes, he sat on a board covering a pan full of simmering dumplings and corn. The fact that no harm came to him was proof, he said, that Taoist devotees like him are protected by their religion’s deities. I advise you not to try a stunt like that, Virgo -- including metaphorical versions. This is no time to stew in your own juices. Or boil in your tormented fantasies. Or broil in your nagging doubts. Or be grilled in your self-accusations. You need to be free from the parts of your mind that try to cook you.

© Copyright 2012 Rob Brezsny


(Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) In old China, people used to cool themselves by sipping hot drinks. After taking a bath, they buffed the excess water from their skin by using a wet towel. When greeting a friend, they shook their own hand instead of the friend’s. To erect a new house, they built the roof first. You’re currently in a phase of your astrological cycle when this kind of behavior makes sense. In fact, I suspect you’re most likely to have a successful week if you’re ready to reverse your usual way of doing things on a regular basis.

Thursday’s solution


(Feb. 19 – March 20) I’m really tired of you not getting all of the appreciation and acknowledgment and rewards you deserve. Is there even a small possibility that you might be harboring some resistance to that good stuff? Could you be giving off a vibe that subtly influences people to withhold the full blessings they might otherwise confer upon you? According to my analysis of the astrological omens, the coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to work on correcting this problem. Do everything you can to make it easy for people to offer you their love and gifts.

Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST

A TV network cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor’s ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit. The Flicks 1 & 2. 8pm

FRIDAY NORODOM SIHANOUK JAZZ The Music of King Father Norodom Sihanouk arranged for a jazz piano trio as part of the ongoing KING - COURT - MUSE Project Entrance $5/$2 for students. Meta House 37 Sothearos Boulevard. 8pm

SUNDAY Global Art School Painting Class Art teachers show the children how to paint on glowing masks and stones they can take home afterwards. Masks available for 4$, stones are free. Monument Books & toys 111, Norodom Blvd.2.30-4pm

GTS JAZZ A selection of standard and original tunes to recreate a typical jazz club feel. Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra 25 Old Auguste Site, Sothearos Blvd. 7.30pm


TEXAS BBQ All you can eat Texas barbecue. $7.50 per head. Sundance Inn and Saloon. 3pm till late.

CLEANSKIN A British secret service agent is faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a British-born suicide bomber and his terrorist cell. The Flicks 1 #39b St 95 & The Flicks 2 #34 St 130. 6pm

HOT WHEELS COMPETITIONS Every Saturday and Sunday, race Hot Wheels cars on the store’s famous model track. Monument Books and Toys 111 Norodom Blvd. 10am-12pm

THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO Story of two female Manhattan book editors fresh out of college, both finding love and themselves while frequenting the local disco. The Flicks 1 & 2. 8pm

WOMEN’S 8 BALL COMPETITION First prize is a $25 Bar Tab, second and third prize is a bottle of wine. Sharky’s #126 St 130. 8:30pm JAM SESSION With Smokin’ Kenny Smith. All musicians welcome. Margaritas and Cranbullkas $1.50 all night from 8pm. Sharky’s #126 St 130. 8pm

 Kimchi Collective presents an exquisite line-up. DJs playing : Balaton & BFox, Cyncity, DanBeck
Free entry. 
Meta House, #37 Sothearos Blvd

FILIPINO DANNY Acoustic covers of crowd favourites every Sunday.
 The Local 2 Cnr Sisowath Quay & St 144. 8pm



KIDS SESSION: JUMANJI Wealthy thrill-seekers pay huge premiums to have themselves inserted into military adventures – only this time, things don’t go exactly to plan. The Flicks 1 & 2. 2pm

KIDS SESSION: JUMANJI The Flicks 1 & 2. 2pm THE KILLING FIELDS A photographer is trapped in Cambodia during tyrant Pol Pot’s bloody “Year Zero” cleansing campaign, which claimed the lives of two million “undesirable” civilians. The Flicks 1 & 2. 4pm

CASA DE MI PADRE Wealthy thrill-seekers pay huge premiums to have themselves inserted into military adventures – only this time, things don’t go exactly to plan. The Flicks 1 & 2. 4pm

CLEANSKIN A British secret service agent is faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a British-born suicide bomber and his terrorist cell. The Flicks 1 & 2. 6pm

FRIENDS WITH KIDS Two best friends decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic, so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic relationships. The Flicks 1 & 2. 6pm NETWORK

King-Court-Muse – Frederick the Great in META house until the 5th of August. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

BLUE VELVET After finding a severed human ear in a field, a young man soon discovers a sinister underworld



THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012




GTS JAZZ A selection of standard and original tunes to recreate a typical jazz club feel. Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra 25 Old Auguste Site, Sothearos Blvd. 7.30pm

Global Art School Painting Class Art teachers show the children how to paint on glowing masks and stones they can take home afterwards. Masks available for 4$, stones are free. Monument Books & toys 111, Norodom Blvd.2.30-4pm

CLASSIC NIGHT AT THE FLICKS 1&2 CASABLANCA Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expat meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications. 8pm

lying just beneath his idyllic suburban home town. The Flicks 1 & 2. 8pm

MONDAY ONE MAN, ONE VOICE, ONE KEYBOARD Listen to Bert playing Romantic popsongs in a cosy atmosphere. 8:00pm Musicians’ Session Jam MUSICIANS’ SESSION JAM AT EQUINOX. 8pm MARGARITA MAYHEM Shake your blues away with Margaritas in every flavour. Buy one get one free all night. Enjoy mash-up remixes and tunes with DJ Narata. Riverhouse Lounge Cnr Sisowath Quay and St 110. 8.30pm GTS JAZZ A selection of standard and original tunes to recreate a typical jazz club feel. Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra 25 Old Auguste Site, Sothearos Blvd. 7.30pm

TUESDAY ONE MAN, ONE VOICE, ONE KEYBOARD Listen to Bert playing Romantic popsongs in a cosy atmosphere. Riverside Bistro 273a Sisowath Quay 8:00pm KICKBOXING Partner-oriented, energetic, good humoured kickboxing class. All levels catered for. $5 per person. Private lessons and private groups available upon request. Pontoon St 172 near St 51. 6:30pm

Ommm – Prenatal and Aiki Yoga in the NataRaj Yoga Centre. PHOTO: SUPPLIED OPEN MIC Musicians, poets, comedians or other entertainers invited to join. Sundance Inn and Saloon #61 St 172. 8pm TWO 4 TUESDAY Resident DJs playing the best popular dance tracks, buy two get one free for cocktails and mixed drinks all night. Riverhouse Lounge Cnr Sisowath Quay and St 110. 4pm SALSA DANCING AT EQUINOX Equinox #3a Street 278 near Wat Lanka. 8pm


1&2 CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG A hapless inventor finally finds success with a flying car, which a dictator from a foreign government sets out to take for himself. 6pm CASABLANCA Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications. 8pm

WEDNESDAY DRINK AND DRAW Our interpretation of a life drawing class. We supply the art supplies

and model, and you bring your creative energy. Artillery St 240½. 7-9pm TRIVIA NIGHT $2 entry per player, maximum seven people per team. The Willow #1 St 21. 7:30pm STRICTLY SALSA Salsa lessons and dancing in the heart of Wat Langka. Equinox. 8:30pm QUIZ NIGHT Lots of prizes and drink
specials. $1 entry. Sundance Inn and Saloon #61 St 172. 8pm GTS JAZZ A selection of standard and original


Aug 03 - 09, 2012 • 7Days • THE PHNOM PENH POST




DRINK AND DRAW Our interpretation of a life drawing class. We supply the art supplies and model, and you bring your creative energy. Artillery St 240½. 7-9pm

OCHILDREN OF THE COUNTRYSIDE & DURING THE DARK Two Cambodian artists – two exhibitions: Hour Seyha portrays the children from the rural village she grew up in. #34E Street 178, Daun Penh, Opening Wednesday 8th August 6.30pm, runs until 3rd September 2012

SHAMELESS With the Digital Punks and The Phnom Penh Pussycat Dolls. An exuberant wild night of entertainment, sexual freedom, creative expression and partying Hard. Attitude Free and LGBT friendly. Pontoon #80 St 172. 10pm

Kimly’s Last month belonged to the zodiac sign of Cancer. Characterised by a tendency towards their emotional side, those born under the Cancerian sign are supposed to be kind, loving, generous and nurturing. These traits make Cancerians social and quite often maternal, often wanting to provide for and protect friends and family. Cancer’s zodiac symbol is that of the crab. The fact that it was the month of the star sign strongly associated with crustaceans and with providing sustenance, it seemed like providence that last week we were in

Kimly’s’ staff are attentive without being overbearing, charming and helpful, dressed smartly in white shirts and red waistcoats. Like all the venues here, Kimly’s overhangs the water and diners can watch fishermen and women drag in their wicker pots, full with a fresh catch. Their fried crab with green Kampot pepper is the best that I have tasted in the town. A big meaty serving of crab in a spicy creamy sauce with generous sprigs of the ubiquitous local pepper comes served up with a bowl of rice to sop up the juices and absorb the savoury flavours.

tunes to recreate a typical jazz club feel. Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra 25 Old Auguste Site, Sothearos Blvd. 7.30pm


THURSDAY SWEET TENDANCE Try different wines and fusion food. Bring a friend and relax at the pool or the lounge bar. Elyxir Urban Wine Spot #3 Street 466 Tonlé Bassac. 6pm OPEN MIC NIGHT All musicians and singers welcome to join. Paddy Rice Cnr Sisowath Quay & St 136. 9pm PUB QUIZ Cutting Edge of Ignorance Pub Quiz. The Local 2 #8 Street 144 (near Psar Kandal). LADIES NIGHT It’s ladies night and the feeling’s right. Hot dance and house tunes. Buy two get one free. Riverhouse Lounge Cnr Sisowath Quay and St 110. 8.30pm

Kep, feasting on crab. Visitors can hardly go wrong at any of the eateries in Kep, sweet and plentiful seafood fresh from the water being served almost everywhere. However Kimly’s is one of the classier establishments in the little strip of restaurants making up Kep’s renowned crab market and well worth seeking out. Tables are laid with red satin cloths and huge shutters are opened wide at the end of the room to allow a stiff breeze, the sound of the sea and plenty of light to enter the wooden structure.

Cracking open the crab is a messy business but the sauce is so good, not a drop can be wasted. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I spent a long time sucking every morsel from the shells and licking every hint of pepper from my fingers. With a view of the Gulf of Thailand and a cold beer, it was time well spent. Kimly’s is at the end of the crab market Small plate $7 big plate $10

SHAMELESS With the Digital Punks and The

Phnom Penh Pussycat Dolls. An exuberant wild night of entertainment, sexual freedom, creative expression and partying Hard. Attitude Free and LGBT friendly. Pontoon #80 St 172. 10pm

FILM ONGOING PHOTO EXHIBIT Photos of Venezuelan composer Gustavo Dudamel & The Simón Bolívar National Youth Orchestra, by Luis Cobelo. Monday to Saturdays, 5pm till 10:30pm, until August 31. Chinese House Tepui Cnr Sisowath Quay & St 84. YOGA CLASSES Catering for all levels. New Prenatal Yoga on Wednesday 12.15pm and new Aiki Yoga (self-healing) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30pm. See for schedule or call 012 739 419. #52 St 302 OPEN SPACE BAND Live music Wednesday-Sunday, playing ‘60s, soul, jazz, blues, rock Riverside Bistro #273A, Sisowath Quay. 8pm


OCHILDREN OF THE COUNTRYSIDE & DURING THE DARK Two Cambodian artists – two exhibitions: Hour Seyha portrays the children from the rural village she grew up in. Nget Chanpenh’s body of work During the Dark depicts and arranges Chanpenh’s family in a number of ways in a process which can be seen as reconciliation. #34E Street 178, Daun Penh, Opening Wednesday 8th August 6.30pm, runs until 3rd September 2012 KING-COURT-MUSE A celebration of Frederick the Great with music from the Royal Prussian Court. Concerts every night and an exhibition about the Culture King. Chamber music is played by high quality international musicians such as Him Savy, Chan Vitharo, Anton Isselhardt, My Hunng Nguyen, And Katharina Roth.Must-go for lovers of classical music. For more information check out: Meta House ‚37 Sothearos Boulevard until 5th of August


Last look

Men hold a tamed and trained Crested Serpent Eagle at a private zoo in Preah Vihear province. PHOTO: HENG CHIVOAN

THE PHNOM PENH POST • 7Days • Aug 03 - 09, 2012


My portfolio #3