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contents Introduction The Seasons – Kumi’s calligraphy The nowhere interviews You are now here, welcome to nowhere The myth of nowhere The growth dilemma Animating the soul DeSign manual It was a sunny afternoon... Wabi-sabi

Spring Children are our future nowhere’s foundation Releasing the creative potential of our children and young people ecl enhancing children’s learning My family – ecl products Feelings Thermometer Balancing Mobile Place People Springtime Party People t-shirt Place People t-shirt Kid’s Hoody

Summer Ideograph coffee table Old skool breakin Fibonacci Zero Hoody Party People Organic cotton Myth of nowhere t-shirt Seasons of nowhere t-shirt It all comes out in the money... now here The escalator story Invisibility Catalysing breakthrough Being nomadic Nomads

Fibonacci wallets Fibonacci Bags Co-creation Creative-rollercoaster Creative-catalyst Edge Ecology & economy Oikos, logos, nomos

Autumn Ancient wisdom Spiritus The Children’s Count Our patterns Releasing the creative potential of our relationships ccm Cultures of innovation The shadowy rock leaner and I... Releasing the creative potential of work and life Co-Creative conferences Transformational change Human Energy – 5 essentials Micro-skills book Hidden Manual Before nowhere Design Transformation Group DQ1 Closing the gap between Subject + Object DQ2 Changing energy into form Concept store

Winter Why do you wear black? One jacket Bamboo Tea Ceremony Layers of meaning Zero gloves Zero scarf Medicine blanket The launch – Kumi’s dance nowhere family christmas party nowhere journal You’re s•••e and you know you are...

Bamboo grove in Arashiyama, Kyoto

The myth of nowhere myth of our film, talking about the Here’s some people from m in their d how they feel it helps the nowhere, what we do an work and life. icult to pinpoint because ation which, it’s quite diff ‘I think it’s a sort of organis been involved in.’ met or ever seen or ever it is unlike anything you’ve s into that other side of s differently, to me, is it tap ‘What nowhere really doe real genius and innovation , which is actually where the brain, the creative side come from.’ k they don’t necessarily see ining … nowhere, is that .’ ‘One way of perhaps def you n wee y seek out the space bet out a role for you, but the actually, they are holding I look at them and think, ‘There are also times when for the world.’ big, quite ambitious goals lly know how much more intriguing. You never rea ‘I would describe them as is to come.’ much harder to see that impact in the world but it’s big a king ma is ere wh ‘no working in.’ the companies that they’re because it’s … hidden in e stories, stories that hav e nowhere is through ‘The best way to describ nce.’ happened through experie different, and I feel it’s ntions. It’s very skilful. It’s ‘It’s deep … It has good inte the future.’

oes ‘What nowhere really d taps differently, to me, is it the into that other side of hich brain, the creative side, w nius is actually where real ge m.’ and innovation come fro

Clients, Partners, Associates views of nowhere

‘Simplicity is not an end in art, but one arrives at simplicity in spite of oneself, in approaching the real sense of things’

Constantin Brancusi

DeSign manual Creativity, Consciousness, Community As you’d expect from nowhere, our approach to design is very different. The key to our work is our unique way of designing that encompasses creativity, consciousness and community. Creativity – because our products are designed to release the creative potential of people. Consciousness – because our products raise our awareness of our self, of others and of the world in which we live. Community – because our products encourage co-creation and a sense of belonging to a wider community. We are passionate about the need for products to be meaningful and relevant, so they fulfil a purpose that makes them part of the story and narrative of our lives, whilst being as light on the planet as possible. We call this approach DeSign – making-meaning.

nowhere’s foundation Our foundation reaches into people’s personal lives through its social intent, working with teachers, parents and family systems. It catalyses social and educational innovation, transforming classroom practice and enabling our children and young people to see the world and themselves as interconnected. It is a small part of a profound social transformation.

ecl enhancing children’s learning ‘The aim of ecl is to create the ground for learning and creativity to take place. It tends to the well-being, to their relationships with each other as pupils, and to their relationships with teachers and parents. Is everybody aligned and working for the same goal? You can then start to encourage and enhance the very learning itself. And, I think once you’ve got learning taking place, we can then release their creative potential.’

Terry talking about ecl

myfamily Place People home set – to find out more log on to


PLAYFUL LEARNING PRODUCTS Over the past five-years, we have worked with teachers and parents to develop practical ing and ways to better support children’s learn creativity. Central to the development of this

approach are practical exercises and activities to s of involve children and to give them experience

different ways of learning.

From these exercises we have designed three hese simple but versatile learning products. T re aspects of products offer opportunities to explo , our family life. They allow us to look at our feelings creativity and relationships, in ways that enable nriching us to break out of our familiar patterns, e our lives and learning.

myfamily Feelings Thermometer and Balancing Mobile home sets

Kid’s hoody When we took our hoodys home, the kids loved them, so much so that they nagged us until we gave in and made them some too. A cross between Harry Potter and mini ninjas, these hoodys manage to combine coolness and cuteness in the same package – our children just love them!

Marc making a comeback after 18 years! – Nick’s Party 2000

old skool

I remember in the early eighties going to the cinema with my brother to see Beat Street, all decked out in body warmers, hoodies and Puma trainers – with extra fat laces! We were really looking forward to seeing the movie and the much talked about battle between Rock Steady Crew and New York City Breakers. We, of course, were on the side of Rock Steady, as they had been the inspiration for our interest in breakin’ from the beginning. I’ll never forget as the music changed in the Roxy and the crews made their circle to begin the battle... First Doze, then KenSwift, followed by Buck4 doing his turtle and Kuriaki with his windmill – both of which were stunningly fast to our young eyes. And then the ending when Crazy Legs went from his windmill into a backspin, taking off his shoes and putting them onto his hands as he flipped over to finish. Amazing! It made a lasting impression on me, and I think this was the first time I saw how hoodies and clothing can become symbols of belonging for people and cultures – and how practice can really make talent shine.

nowhere party ‘What was interesting about the party was its level of excellence. The first thing I saw as I came into the room was some kind of sign, sprayed on to the wall in some way. I spent the first two minutes of the party trying to work out how the sign had been put on the wall, knowing that any other company would have just stuck a sign on the wall … Then I walked through a little bit and hit all the hoodies. Then I met the guys wearing the hoodies and the humour of it all and the quality of it all …They also throw great parties.’

Brendan’s experience of the nowhere party – Summer 2008

nowhere Party People, walkaway gifts from the nowhere party – Summer 2008

Harnessing the power of the moment ‘I think at a very base level we’re talking about a repeated experience that allows you to then get closer to this moment of [clicks fingers] I’ve got it, you know, collectively and individually … It’s probably infinite in its quality … And the more mysterious it is the more you go into it, and the deeper it becomes. Yet, there is so much in the conscious mind that gets in the way of these crucial moments.’ ‘I know people use edge quite a lot in terms of language, but it’s like a journey; it’s a journey full of edges. It’s a rough road in that sense; it’s not smooth. But it’s a continuum. Okakura Kakuzo described the present moment as the moving infinity; it is infinitely movable, that transition between past and future.’

Marc’s experience of the present moment

the escalator story... I remember it very clearly. I was travelling down the escalator on the London Underground with one of the other founders of nowhere. We were talking about the principles of Gestalt Therapy and smiling at the elegance of how the now and here, the present, is such a beautiful gift. It was in this moment that we both looked at each other and said, "Wow. Let's call our new company nowhere". Then there was a brief pause. We looked at each other again and simultaneously said, "We can't call our company nowhere, that would be stupid". Then the rest ‘as they say’ is history. nowhere founded in name 1998.

Nick describing a moment of inspiration on the escalator with Ty

Co-creation ‘My sense of being part of nowhere is that our purpose of co-creation is a very powerful foundation for the business. It's not just about evolving our consciousness, but it's doing that with an intention to help individuals enjoy the creative adventure of life; to help, whether they're in business or whether they're with their families – how can we make more of the creative adventure of life?’ ‘I think all of nowhere looks at working with a sense of interconnection. We really draw quite deeply on being present, being present in relationship, and what's actually arising in the space between, what's arising in the relationship between us.’

Chris and Sue talking about co-creation

I awoke to a calm morning. The unseasonal sandstorm that had choked western Morocco and held me captive for two days had finally abated. I looked out from the terrace to the beach below; three feet, light offshore breeze, perfect. I grabbed my board and wetsuit and scrambled down the half-mile slope to the beach. I stopped short of the sand greeted by a wave of plastic bottles. I felt and still feel responsible, not just as a consumer, but as a designer too. It was crushing. I couldn’t bring myself to paddle out that day. Even though we are living in a time of heightened environmental and economic concerns, we continue to view the goods we buy and create in isolation. We rarely consider a product’s social impact before the illicit joy of purchase, beyond its eventual, often premature disposal. This reminded me about the need to design products with their ecology in mind – working with artisans and craftspeople as locally as possible. Championing their skills, retaining capital in the economy and ensuring that they are well paid, well treated, and not exposed to any hazardous processes or substances. Being conscious of the effects our products will have on the world and all its inhabitants is at the heart of our philosophy.

Liam’s holiday experience in Morocco

Our patterns ‘There is an analogy which I love, that water has, over millennia, carved channels through rock. How can water carve a channel through rock? That’s power. Our habitual patterns are like the power of water carving channels through rock. And our task, if to become present, is to overcome those patterns, those grooves in our consciousness, which have become so incredibly well worn.’

Council dialogue on the power of our patterns

Hidden Manual The Hidden Manual is the mythical nowhere book of practice. This small, humble book holds within its pages the secret keys to the ever emerging nowhere practice. The wisdom is encoded in chapters that are created from single sheets of paper, folded many times to enclose and hide the sequence and order of its teachings. To gain access to its secrets one must first tear open the sealed chapters that lead to encoded symbols, text and poetry. Hidden within this language are the secrets of wisdom traditions that have been catalysed into an emerging practice for the 21st Century and beyond.

Mike doing what he does best – cutting something heavy!



So why do you wear black? ‘Part of that blackness, the invisibility is about staying in the background as much as possible, and then it becomes more humble.’ ‘Black also stands for what we call the void. The black square in the nowhere logo stands for the void, and out of the void comes everything new. So it is based on the practice, great ideas come from nowhere.’

Marc & Mike’s experience of wearing black

nowherefamily christmas parties

You’re s•••e and you know you are... The annual Christmas footy match is an event of great importance in the nowhere calendar. Often videoed, sometimes photographed, but always remembered – occasionally for the wrong reasons with usually broken bones and battered pride!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.� Mahatma Ghandi

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Nowhere's story book  
Nowhere's story book  

Nowhere's story book