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MacroFrameworks, Micro-Skills & Subtle-Skills Re-patterning organisational cultures

MacroFrameworks (attuning collective energy and intent)

!! Tuning a culture

Micro-Skills (adjusting moment-tomoment interactions)

Macro-Frameworks, Micro-Skills and Subtle-Skills

Macro-Frameworks, Micro-Skills and Subtle-Skills The nowhere practice enables organisations to re-pattern their cultures through the use of MacroFrameworks (liberating-disciplines that attune collective energy and intent) and Micro-Skills (ways of taking our moment-to-moment interactions to a high order of productivity and creativity). When practiced over time, and used with skill and in creative combinations, they can transform the way individuals, teams and organisations work, lead change, catalyse innovation, generate breakthrough strategies and create and capture new value.

Some of our Macro-Frameworks include...

Organisational Backbones: for tuning cultures

7-Generational Thinking Maps: for discovering core purpose

Strategic Stars: for bringing strategy to life in the day-to-day

Systemic Maps: for choreographing functional/organisational transformations

Macro-Frameworks, Micro-Skills and Subtle-Skills

Some of our Micro-Skills include...

How to design co-creative meetings

Macro-Frameworks, Micro-Skills and Subtle-Skills

How to shape and hold Breakthrough Questions

We have also been researching new models of leadership and are developing a set of SubtleSkills that evoke, or call forward, the creative potential of teams and organisations. They include, for example: • Speeding up and slowing down time • Working with embodied leadership • Generating creative fire in organisations • Working with presence, story, pattern and creative energy

How to move into creative and generative dialogue

How to deepen contact between key people

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Frameworks and skills  
Frameworks and skills  

Frameworks and skills