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Unlock your future Our creative lab helps organisations to pull their future into the present, so that it can be entered into and experienced – enabling employees and stakeholders to touch, feel, believe and in turn co-author the way forward. We do this by animating visions, strategies and innovations as images, spaces, products & services, digital & online media, brands & symbols. This unique approach has been important in helping to build cultures of innovation within businesses all around the world.

Contents ‘If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values’ • Bringing values to life • Reminding leaders of the original innovation • Animating purpose • Sharing stories of success • Recognising achievement ‘If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse’ • Innovation Hothouse • Touching the future • Bespoke websites & digital media • Captivating customers with a vision of the future • Rethinking the past • Baa baa black sheep have you any wool • From waste ... to taste ‘The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been’ • Frameworks for growth • Tune your leadership communities • Marking a transition for a leadership culture • An enduring symbol of China

‘If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values’ Martin Luther King

Award trophies – using iconic and bespoke symbols layered with meaning, these awards bring alive the organisation’s values

Bringing values to life... Water & air, light & heat, seed & plant, minerals & nutrients are all needed to bring plant potential to life. As well as creating the Awards Programme for our client, we designed these beautiful award sculptures to recognise achievement in-line with the values of a business and it’s purpose ... bringing plant potential to life.

Reminding leaders of the original innovation... We designed this invitation to an innovation workshop to remind leaders of the original product their business was founded on – tea, and how innovations from the past can inspire innovations for the future.

Animating purpose... Taking the breakthrough from a Purpose Quest, we put together a creative team from within the organisation to co-create new business models, products and services, which animated the newly found Purpose of the business. The outputs, co-created through a 4-week deep-dive, became the inspiration for a 2-year culture change programmeme and new product innovation pipeline.

The Creative Team

Visualising new business models, products & services

The Exec Purpose Quest Team

Sharing stories of success... When a culture shares stories of success it releases tremendous energy and enthusiasm into an organisation. These special awards are three-dimensional stories of the values of this business. Since their creation in 2003, they have become icons for celebrating achievement.

The awards on display at the Global Award Ceremony

Recognising achievement... This pocket guide to an Awards programme sets the tone for leaders to recognise achievement in-line with organisational purpose and values – building brand awareness and action, based on brand values.

‘If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse.’ Henry Ford

Innovation Hothouse... From a blank warehouse space our creative lab helped this High Street Retailer design and set-up an innovation hothouse to accelerate new business development, brand building and product innovation. The outputs from the hothouse led to the complete transformation of the customer offer in the form of a new concept store.

The unique Innovation Hothouse space

Touching the future... Code named Project Touch this venture into the future of this organisation led to a multi-disciplinary team undertaking a global journey over 10 days, with 39 hours flying, across 4 time zones and 3 continents. This ‘immersion’ provided the inspiration for a whole new way of retailing and a vision for the future. This vision was brought to life as a space that leaders and employees could walk through, experience and give feedback on, upskilling and challenging them in turn to play a larger role in shaping the future of the organisation.

The door to the ‘immersion’ space New products

The ‘Adventure Factory’

Digital animation of ‘zone-zero’

Concept Store layout

Bespoke websites & digital media... Creating websites and digital media that are vehicles for new ventures is an art form, requiring craftsmanship of code, strategic thinking and creative vision. Where ‘off the peg’ solutions just can’t cut-it, our bespoke tailored approach brings ideas to life in web and other digital environments.

Retail and community web spaces

Digital media – communicating brand, purpose and vision

The front window, ground and first floors of the final Concept Store

Captivating customers with a vision of the future... As well as creating the brand, product and people strategies for this High Street Concept Store, we also created an installation of flying birds from the books and products they sell – using poetry and local children’s work to bring alive the brands ‘love of words’.

Customers experience the installation

Rethinking the past... In order to move forward sometimes you need to rethink your past. This project went right back to the very essence of the brand in order to project it forward, re-energised and revitalised, into the future. The innovations from this project became the foundations for the company’s new product development strategy.

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool... Exploring the wit and humour of furniture, these bespoke stools were made for the Crafts Council to challenge our perception of the origins and uses of traditional furniture materials.

The hanging display of ‘sweet wrapper clothes’ in Sotheby’s

From waste ... to taste We were asked by Sotheby’s to design a product that used waste as its source material for their exhibition ‘From Waste to Taste’– the result was a series of children’s clothing made from sweet wrappers!

‘The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been.’ Henry Kissinger

Frameworks for growth... We designed a series of high quality strategic booklets to bring to life the new backbone for growth for a global business. Part of a large culture change piece, they were co-created with senior leaders to challenge and support their people to step forward and become leaders, innovators and brand ambassadors for the future.

Listening to an Evocative Talk

Leaders in dialogue in their Home Groups

Tune your leadership communities Using the power of co-creative conferences we design unique spaces for senior leadership communities to make-meaning of, and energetically lead, a new strategy, change initiative or wider transformation.

Leaders ‘making’ the tree Planting a stake

The finished tree

Marking a transition for a leadership culture... A tree, or not a tree, that is the question ... This beautiful symbolic sculpture was created to mark an important transition for a group of senior leaders in an Agribusiness. The tree was bare before they started the process. They brought it to life by placing leaves on its branches (representing a letting go of behaviours) while planting a stake (symbolising the seeds of change and the setting of new intent).

The tree proudly on display in the Exec offices as a reminder of their shared commitment

An enduring symbol of China... To help a group of leaders in Asia commit to a collective strategy and vision, we designed a bespoke artefact that echoed an enduring symbol of china – the chopsticks. By collectively breaking the object during a leadership conference, they committed to delivering the strategy together as a unified community.

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’ Alan Kay

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Creative Lab Brochure  

Examples of hothousing innovation from nowhere's Creative Lab

Creative Lab Brochure  

Examples of hothousing innovation from nowhere's Creative Lab