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Catalysing breakthrough! • building cultures of innovation • co-creating next generation strategies • developing next generation leadership • exploring next generation communication

For the last 15 years, nowhere has been supporting leaders and teams in some of the world’s largest businesses, government agencies and local communities, catalysing business innovation, building cultures of innovation and designing and leading organisational transformations. This document outlines the four areas of organisational mastery that we work to release the creative potential of organisations, their people and their wider eco-system of stakeholders.

Contents 5 principles for building cultures of innovation 1 Find your creative wellspring 2 Strengthen your posture 3 Tune your leadership communities 4 Generate pride by celebrating success 5 Ride the highs and lows of the creative-rollercoaster together

5 principles for developing next generation leadership 1 Master the human dimensions of change 2 Step into the unknown 3 Build core energy 4 Master complex skills 5 Work with the invisible

5 principles for co-creating next generation strategy 1 Create at a higher frequency 2 Unlock the space between 3 Touch the future 4 Create new relationship 5 Accelerate innovation

5 principles for exploring next generation communication 1 Go beyond messaging 2 Inside-out branding 3 Learn great storytelling 4 Create new language and symbols 5 Support & nurture virtual communities

5 principles for building cultures of innovation‌

Exec team finding the hidden patterns

1 Find your creative wellspring... We help organisations discover, or re-discover, their organisational purpose, enabling them to stand up and stand out from the crowd while attracting the diversity of talent they need to shape the future.


Making intangible assets tangible

Energising the whole organisation – regional leaders forming a human symbol

2 Strengthen your posture... Great companies know how to leverage their intangible assets. We co-create the core foundations around which senior leaders can lead business transformation and culture change, through the elegant alignment of purpose, values, vision, strategy, brand, story and leadership.

Deepening contact and speaking the truth Taking ownership

Co-creating new ways forward

3 Tune your leadership communities Using the power of co-creative conferences we design unique spaces for senior leadership communities and a diversity of stakeholders, to make-meaning of, and energetically lead, a new strategy, change initiative or wider transformation.

Award trophies – iconic and bespoke symbols, layered with meaning

4 Generate pride by celebrating success... We help align what people say, with what they do with how they behave by designing world-class Awards programmes that use the power of storytelling to galvanise organisations around common values, knowledge sharing and brand ambassadorship.

Introducing new ways of working

Training internal catalysts

5 Ride the highs and lows of the creative-rollercoaster together... We transfer capability through the development of internal communities of change agents who, through mastery of what we call ‘micro-skills’, can support leaders, teams and communities ride both the highs and lows of the creative process – catalysing breakthrough insight and innovative solutions.

5 principles for co-creating next generation strategy‌

1 Create at a higher frequency... We use strategic tools and frameworks to raise the quality of thinking and conversation of teams beyond the everyday in order to bring more focused attention to the creative multipliers of value: strategy, innovation, people and learning‌

Co-creating a breakthrough strategy

2 Unlock the space between... Conventional, one-dimensional competitive strategy is dead! We use systemic and immersive approaches to help generate post-conventional strategies that tap into the space between departments, functions, organisations, value chains and the wider eco-system of stakeholders – weaving together tangible and intangible, present and future assets in new and innovative ways.

Across-Industry innovation

3 Touch the future... Our creative lab helps organisations to pull their future into the present, so that it can be entered into and experienced – enabling employees and stakeholders to touch, feel, believe and in turn coauthor the way forward. We do this by animating visions, strategies and innovations as images, spaces, products & services, digital & online media and brands & symbols.

Walking into the future – rapid prototyping new product and brand innovation

4 Create new relationship... One way of neutralising a good strategy is through the clash of worldviews. We specialise, for example, in unlocking the potential of R&D functions by bringing scientists (experts) and commercial teams (achievers) together, into creative relationship, so they can craft future facing landscapes and generate innovative and co-owned stepping-stones to the future. Finding the metapositions from which to shape the future

5 Accelerate innovation... Accelerating innovation is a paradox, as you need to slow down to go fast. Our creative team and innovation deep-dive processes use the power of intent, the expansion of personal and systemic awareness and the deepening of contact as prerequisites for accelerating growth and innovation.

5 principles for developing next generation leadership‌

Leading change

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1 Master the human dimensions of change... People don’t mind change, they just don’t like being changed. Our work on large-scale change initiatives helps leaders skillfully lead change by learning how to create passionate intent, compassionately speak the truth,deepen contact, build an infrastructure for change and enable everyone to elegantly find their new place. By paying attention to the human dimensions of change you can minimise resistance and spiraling costs while maximising ownership, impact and ultimately pace.

Know you know

Know you don’t know

Don’t know you don’t know The larger the island of knowledge ... the greater the shoreline of wonder

2 Step into the unknown... Leading innovation requires leaders to step out of their comfort zones and step into the unknown. We coach and train leaders to do this for themselves as a prerequisite for helping others do the same – with skill and at will.

3 Build core energy... Re-patterning an organisation at a higher level of order, tonal frequency and creative potential is an art form. We work, often embedded, with core teams to design transformational journeys and help hold the energetic field necessary for deep transformation to occur.



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4 Master complex skills... g

To shape the future and to elegantly work with ever increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, we coach and train senior leaders to embrace and master a whole new set of complex skills.

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5 Work with the invisible... We help leaders see and work with the invisible forces that shape our lives and work. These energies can either help us be all that we can be, or they can distract us, distort us and create systemic entanglements from which we find it very difficult to escape.

5 principles for exploring next generation communication‌

1 Go beyond messaging... Unfortunately most internal communications are still message centric. A new generation of communication is emerging that focuses instead on outcomes, challenging us to be more discerning and skilful about when we need to inspire, when we need to disrupt, and when we need to simply listen‌

2 Inside-out branding... Great brands are built from the inside-out and are not cosmetic applications. We specialise in allowing the core essence and values of a brand to manifest in the actions, behaviours and mindsets of the collective, such that from this place of congruence, authenticity and discipline a new or refreshed brand can burst forth.

3 Learn great storytelling... What is the story on the street, by the coffee machine, or in the corridor? We design experiences that enroll people in the unfolding story (or strategy), enabling them to become co-authors of a future that they are excited about and committed to making.

4 Create new language and symbols... Cultures have their own signs, symbols and artefacts that unconsciously protect the status quo. We work with organisations to co-design new symbols and evolve new language that subtly shifts and unlocks the creative potential of their people and their organising systems.

5 Support & nurture virtual communities... The time is ripe to not only bring new ideas and new ways of working into our organisations, but to nurture them, expand them and refine them through virtual communities and their power to unite us in our diversity. This brings a sense of support, dignity and challenge to the work place that is highly scalable and needed in today’s increasingly interdependent world.

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Creative Catalyst Brochure  

20 principles on how to catalyse breakthrough in organisations

Creative Catalyst Brochure  

20 principles on how to catalyse breakthrough in organisations