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The Cover Biography of Rhonda Manwaring. P 4&5

What's Inside Mastering the Morning Rush. P7 Common hair mistakes to avoid. P8 & 9 Gadgets for Men. P10 & 11 Symptoms to Never Ignore. P14 & 15

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Model: Rhonda Location: Town of Arima Affilation: Robinson 1 Entertainment Birthdate: October 18th

Started modelling in 19th April, 1997 with Meiling. I have done alot of print and runway productions. Starting with the Z Meiling line to Fashion Week. Coco Velvet International run by Mr. C. Nathan is the place in which both my print and runway abilities has been greatly challenged and has given me opportunities that i may not have been able to achieve on my own: Some of my commercial work include but is not limited to: White Oak, Flament, Coca Cola light with Wendy Fitzwilliam, Pepsi etc., Republic Bank, Nestle - Eggnog/Chocnut/Peanut Punch… Some of my print work includes, being the face of: acuvue contact lens, Ponds, Nes Caf'e (Located in Movie Town Presently), Francis Fashion and TSTT (Billboards)… Voice Over Work: NIHERST: National Institute of Higher Learning, Robinson 1 Entertainment events. Music Videos: JayZ and H2 PHLO….

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 5 1. Why modelling? Everybody has a passion for something. My passion is and has always been modelling. I love being in front of a camera and clearly it shows… 2. Who in modelling do you look up to? Wendy Fitzwilliam and Sharon Imbert – Local Ageless beauties. They make me realize that I can continue my passion even at my age… 3. What did you learn so far? I have learnt that you cannot let this business go to your head because when the phone stops ringing you have to prepare yourself mentality. This business have a shelf life but it can be an extended shelf life if you don’t lose your integrity. 4. What’s the life like? Like any other business it have its pros and cons. The pros are the fame, glamour, money and travel then there is the cons. Peer Pressure (mainly to be thin) Drug use, pornography, eating disorders are such some of the downside to this business. Modelling can be a great profession once you market yourself properly and align yourself with the “who is who” in the modelling world. You also have to be prepared to hear “No” and have all your flaws pointed out. Flaws which can be worked to your advantage. Being “unique” will make you who you are and stand out. 5. What do you have to tell other young females about modelling? As a model you are considered a product not a person. (Especially in the beginning when you are still an unknown.) As such people tend to talk at you not to you. The Key word to modelling is Confidence. Do not spend money on "professional modelling schools". If an agency sees potential in your look they will work with you in-house. Most modelling schools are simply etiquette training centers in disguise. Research is also very important. As long as you avoid the darker side to this profession and insist on putting your personal values first (before profit) then you can enjoy quite an interesting career path. It is also good to remember that this is a job and you will work HARD to earn your money. Long hours, jet lag, heavy makeup, weird haircuts and standing forever in awkward poses are all part of this exciting profession.

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 7 Mastering the Morning Rush Mornings are never easy, especially when a new school year begins. Here's how to give kids a morning routine and get them out the door on the right foot. 1. Prepare for re-entry. Have the kids go to bed and wake up earlier for the two weeks before school starts, says Marcella Moran, an organizing expert in Hartsdale, NY. Get them in the habit of laying out their next-day outfits, and pack their lunches the night before. It's the number-one way to chill out family mornings, according to Moran. 2. Rinse, eat, repeat. Set a morning schedule for your kids: Hit the bathroom, get dressed, then eat breakfast, suggests Laurie Zelinger, Ph.D., a child psychologist in Cedarhurst, NY: "It gives children a sense of structure and teaches organizational skills.“ 3. Reserve some Q.T. "Get up 20 minutes before your kids so you're calm, ready — and showered! — when they wake up," says Ann Pleshette Murphy, author of The 7 Stages of Motherhood. "This builds in time for you to eat breakfast together or blast music while they're getting dressed. The rest of your morning will run smoother and happier."

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People pay lots of attention to their hair. In fact, many people spend more time and money on their hair than their wardrobe. However, a lot of people do not realize that they are wasting loads of finances and energy by not avoiding these simple hair mistakes. • Fighting your hair’s natural texture. There’s nothing technically wrong with trying to curl your straight hair or straighten your curly hair. But just know that you’re setting yourself up for spending a lot of time and energy—and possibly frustration—to achieve your desired style. And sometimes, all that effort may be for naught. If it’s a humid day, you are much better off letting your hair remain in its natural state—because the second you walk outside, it’s going to revert back to it anyway! • Using the Wrong Brush The incorrect brush can not only ruin your style, it can get snagged in your hair. Generally, the longer your locks, the larger in diameter your brush should be (basically, more hair, more brush). To create volume, use a round brush; to smooth hair, a paddle shape is best.

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 9 • Tying Hair Too Tight: If you like to pull you hair back in braids or ponytails, be careful how tight you pull them as the band is literally ripping at your hair the tighter you try and pull it. In addition, because strands tend to get caught — and broken — in bands, it's a good idea to alternate the fastening point. • Blow-Drying Hair That's Dripping Wet: Not only will this make it difficult to style your hair, it will cause a ton of heat damage. "A blow dryer should be used on damp — not wet — hair for 20 minutes, tops," says stylist Peter Coppola, creator of a QVC hair-care line. Before applying heat, wrap hair in a towel for five minutes, then let hair air-dry for another five. • Not Cutting Your Hair: For those of you who are planning on growing out your short hairstyle, it is important not to avoid the hairdressers for months at a time. It can be easy to not get your hair trimmed because you are trying to grow it out, but this can lead to split ends and frizzy hair over time.

• Masking — Not Treating — Dandruff: Trying to nix flakes with moisturizing stylers like oils and pomades is only a temporary fix: Dandruff is actually an inflammatory scalp disease unrelated to dryness. The cure? A shampoo with salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide or tar to eliminate flakes.

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 10 Are you a guy that loves tech and cant live without you mobile and or PC? Well this month russel k joseph takes you on the road to new technology that’s help us everyday of our lives…. • HP TouchPad Tablet: If your Looking for a cheap but great tablet pc without paying for the Apple IPad, then check out the HP TouchPad 32GB. It was a bright 9.7-inch diagonal LED backlit multitouch display and the HP webOS 3.0 with essential productivity apps. The 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core APQ8060 processor will keep you productive without any slowness or delays when switching between programs or running multiple multimedia programs. Weighing only 1.6 pounds and measuring only .5 inches think you will be able to take it with you everywhere! • Nokia N9: Nokia unveiled the new Nokia N9 smartphone to break some ground in the competitive smart phone industry. The Nokia N9, based on the MeeGo platform, is planned to be launched later this year. Exact release date for the N9 in 2011 and price are unknown at this time. The touch screen N9 has an 8-megapixel camera and 3.9-inch (9.9cm) high resolution AMOLED display.

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 11 • Kindle eBook Reader: If you are a book reader but love the convenience of a small tablet, then check out the Amazon Kindle. It is a great gift idea for anyone or maybe just a present for yourself. Some great features are that you can read in the sunlight with no glare, smaller design but same 6″ screen, store up to 3500 books and a battery life that lasts up to one month on one single charge.



Model: Rhonda Location: Town of Arima Affilation: Robinson 1 Entertainment Birthdate: October 18th

Model: Rhonda Location: Town of Arima Affilation: Robinson 1 Entertainment Birthdate: October 18th

Model: Rhonda Location: Town of Arima Affilation: Robinson 1 Entertainment Birthdate: October 18th

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 16 Like it or not, in most families, Mom is the honorary doctor. As good as your diagnostic skills are, it's easy to miss something — especially in yourself. So we asked 15 doctors, across all the main specialties, which red flags are often overlooked. Spot one of these symptoms in yourself, your kids, or your partner and you'll know it's time to call the doctor… • Being drop-dead tired: Exhaustion seems like the status quo for busy parents, but it can also be a warning sign of something serious. How to tell the difference: "Go through a check-list," says internist Sandra A. Fryhofer, M.D. "Have you been getting your usual amount of sleep? Are you eating normally? Is your schedule the same as always?" If you or your hus-band struggle to get out of bed but there's no lifestyle change that could be to blame, the cause could be as simple as anemia or as complicated as cancer. "It's easy to rule things out with tests," Fryhofer says, but many people wait to get help because they think it means they can't hack work or parenthood. That's just wrong: Fatigue is your body's way of telling you some-thing. So listen!

NOVON | 05/09/11 | Page 18 2. Painful sex: If sex hurts, tell your doctor right away, says Mark Perloe, M.D., an ob/gyn in Atlanta. If it's not simple dryness (easily fixed with lube), painful sex might be an indication that something is wrong. It could be a vaginal infection, benign fibroid tumors in the uterus, or — perhaps most serious — endometriosis. Endo, which affects 5.5 million women, mostly in their 30s and 40s, is a condition in which the lining of the uterus grows outside of the organ in the pelvic area and often causes heavy, painful periods. Aside from enjoying sex again, treatment is key because endometriosis can cause infertility… 3. Feeling really, really thirsty: Excessive thirst and peeing all the time (possibly coupled with unexplained weight loss) are blaring warning signs of type 2 diabetes in adults and juvenile diabetes in kids, which often pops up around puberty, says Elizabeth Seaquist, M.D., a professor of endocrinology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Diabetes in grownups and kids is serious business. Not only does it more than double a person's risk of heart disease, but it can also lead to stroke, blindness, and even some cancers. Rates of type 2 diabetes have gotten so high that a recent study warned that if Americans don't start exercising and losing weight, a whopping 50 percent of adults will have the disease or pre-diabetes by 2020…

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