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2015-2019 2006 - Diadema was selected by ADI for the XXI Compasso d’Oro Award. 2007 - In its second edition Eurispes awarded a prize to Vistosi as a case of success and excellence in the Italian system. 2009 - The murrine technique was applied to large models. Rina was released. Precision sandblasting was used to create new textures. Cheope09 was released. 2010 - Product marking was introduced. 2011 - Refined decorations such as the reticello: nets trapped in the glass and then cold-blown. Assiba was released. Iridescent chrome outside: a metal lamp when switched off, is dressed in honey colour when switched on. Cloth was released. Vega is the first LED lamp by Vistosi.

La storia recente

/ Recent history

2016 - Futura vince Archiproduct Design Award. Nodo selezionata da ADI per il XXV Premio Compasso d’Oro. Trepai premiata con la menzione d’onore al grandesignEtico.

2016 - Futura won the Archiproduct Design Award. Node was selected by ADI for the XXV Compasso d’Oro Award. Trepai was awarded with a honourable mention at grandesignEtico.

2017 - 50° Anniversario di Giogali. Jube e Stone vincono Archiproduct Design Award. Sata vince il Good Design Award e il Red Dot Design Award

2017 - 50th Anniversary of Giogali. Jube and Stone won the Archiproduct Design Award. Sata won the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

2018 - Vistosi selezionata e premiata tra le 100 Eccellenze Italiane per il Made in Italy.

2018 - Vistosi was selected and awarded among the 100 Eccellenze italiane for Made in Italy.

2019 - Sata vince il German Design Award e IF Design Award.

2019 - Sata won the German Design Award and IF Design Award.

2013 - New crystal blend: the lead-free blown glass was released. 11

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vistosi general catalog  

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