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““ Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth.”, Portfolio“ Simplicity, wit, and good typography.”, “ Not everything is design. But design is april/ about everything. So do yourself a favor: 2018 by/for anything.”Michael Bierut. be ready BOOKLET PORTFOLIO/APRIL/2018

46 pages. This booklet consist of some selected works of Novie Carolina from 2016 -

2018, ranging from promotional design,


re-branding, branding, packaging to website user interface. As in formal,


she also attached her Curriculum Vitae inside. She puts up all her perspective of the beauty of art, crafted in this simple portfolio booklet design.


/ About Novie Carolina

Curriculum Vitae


/Jalan - Jalan ke JKT

Promotion media


/ Uni Papua

Web design/ User Interface


/ Museum Wayang




Branding and packaging


/ Galvani Music Education


““ Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth.”, “ Simplicity, wit, and good typography.”, “ Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.”Michael Bierut.

Personal Information

Experience & Award

Place / Date of birth Jambi / Nov 15th 1997.

Graphic design freelancer 2015. Honoured Merit Award by ASPaC (Asian Student Package Design Competition) in 2017 (LOADBAR).


Nasionality / Indonesian. Contact person/ +628 12 9733 0001 Address / Poris Garden AC No. 15, Cipondoh, Tangerang.

Bahasa Indonesia English



Junior and senior high school / Mutiara Bangsa School II, 2009-2012.

Manual illustration by using watercolor. Competent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. Beginner in HTML and CSS.

University / School of Design Pelita Harapan University, 2015-now.



Curricurum Vitae

“I am Novie Carolina a graphic designer who always strives in simplicity on my work, as it reveals the pure beauty of art. I always put structure and apply design principle to make sure that my work could function aesthetically. I mostly do branding, promotion, editorial design and websites user interface.�


Novie found herself interested in developing creativities, her ways of developing it would be through design and craft. Her view and understanding about art and design changed by the way she learn. Whereas the scope of art and design are changing, designer always challenged to innovate beyond. She is someone who love to learn new things, easy-going, well


balanced, on time and able to work in individual and team.


“ Jakarta kota limpahan ilusi, mimpi-mimpi warga yang tak bisa terbeli. Jakarta kota yang tunduk selera pribadi, menawarkan mimpi dan ilusi.�Najwa Shihab.


Jalan - Jalan ke JKT Promotional media.

This is my college project for designing travel brochures in three specified medium sizes. In this project I choose the city of Jakarta as my promotional material due to its historical context. It’s a city that sustains many historical heritage from colonial period up to now, as well as the various cultures. Jakarta is also known as a never-sleep city. Thus, it attracts many people from different ethnics, cultures, and regions to visit Jakarta.


Concept of "Jalan - Jalan ke JKT� was a synthesis from the old and modern lifestyle in Indonesia. The idea of this brochures was inspired by black and white photograph that gave an old or historical impression, then combined with white and red colour to represent the colours of Indonesian flag. The combination of red, white and black colours was intended to create contrast and balance in the design composition. In order not to make it too old, the design composition was created minimalist and modern through the layout and use of display with san-serif typeface.








*Almost all information were taken from google and the pictures were borrowed from many sources. I do not own any photos nor written information.

“ Character development and human values for sustainable social changes through football”, “Peace Building and Humanitarian, Children and Youth Development, Family and Education,Healthy Life and Drugs Prevention, Gender Equality” Uni Papua FC.

Uni Papua FC

Uni Papua FC is a social football organization that was established in 2013, focuses on character development and human values for sustainable social changes through football. As a professional nonprofit organization, they have to connect with international partners and engaged with social. Therefore a website would help to share their values, information, and get funding.


Designed in responsive size, with systematic and youthful design,


purposed to be used easily on any device.


U ni Pap u a FC





U ni Pap u a FC


News section on screen.




U ni Pap u a FC


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Football is the key passion point for across Indonesia. 52% identify it as their biggest passion

U ni Pap u a FC


Football is No. 1 Passion Across Indonesia


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Team devotion is identified as the main driver for Indonesian people watching soccer matches on TV Top international & local leagues including BPL, Serie A, La Liga, Indonesia Super League are available on FTA The impact of the huge exposure of soccer on TV and other media makes a lot of Indonesian children have dream of becoming the world class football players Soccer schools / Sekolah Sepak Bola (SSB) grow everywhere, including those affiliated with the top international club. Uni Papua was established on November 8th, 2013. Uni Papua is a social organizationand Non Governmental Organization with Social Sport Development category.



*Almost all information and the pictures were taken from Uni Papua FC.


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Provinces, Kupang and Sentul (Bogor) Uni Papua had privilege to receive Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award 2014.

Our Vission 01

To provide a foundation and nurture youths and adolescents to be able to keep them from alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and other social problems.

“ A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.� Mahatma Gandhi. Raise the standards of domestic football with current Uni Papua Football School curriculum combined with sport science & technological approach.

To develop and distributing players for professional football through well-defined youth development vision & strategic.

Our Mission A place to channel the talents, providing moral background of sportsmanship andteamwork to sharpen the ability to play football. Further, for those who espier to have acareer in football will have additional training & guidance. Execute comprehensive and integrated football educational campaign which is done by activating all possible touch points.

Our Philosophy Champions of Life The reinstatement of UNI PAPUA provides to the new generation a place and programs to succeed in life. Coach phylosophy of UNI PAPUA FC.

Champion Champion Champion Never Quit

Opportunity Game is an Opportunity.

Museum Wayang Re-branding.

Shadow Puppet or called Wayang is the traditional art form of story telling with puppet controlled by skilled puppet master in Indonesia. Indonesia offers a variety of tribes, cultures, religions and dialects. Many regions in Indonesia have their own specific shadow puppets. Appreciating these vast and rich collections, including other traditional dolls and musical instruments from other part of the world, the Museum Wayang was born.


The concept behind the element of this primary logo is Javanese script. Since the name of the museum is ‘Wayang’ that comes from the Javanese language, we decided to use a Javanese script like logo for the museum. Using a parallelogram grid with 45° to emphasises the progressive characteristic and provides the modern design into it. Paying attention to each details to show and produce a consistent, bold and good change. It contains high aesthetic values in the logo. And taking the opportunity of strokes from the logogram that meet each other in the middle. Those strokes become the auxiliary or axis for the logotype. Thus, it created a more balanced design.


Attitude Sportive Attitude in every aspect of life

Commitment Commitment in every game

Honour Football is an honour

Through the game of football, we provide the opportunity to excel. To be a successful athletic requires dedication and teamwork. Further, only by proper health and habits can one succeed in game and life.

Uni Papua FC.

Email : Call : Andi +62823 1234 7890 Rekening Bank : Perkumpulan Sepak Bola Uni Papua Rekening IDR : 118.00.0767111.7 Rekening USD : 118.00.0764812.3 Cab Bank Mandiri Puri Indah Mall 11610 Swift Code : BMRIIDJA Š Copyright 2015, Uni Papua Football Community







*The pictures were borrowed from some sources as mock up models.


“ Load of positivity.”,“We still got a load of work to do.”, “Load of energy for load of work.” LOADBAR.

LOADBAR Branding and packaging.

LOADBAR is an energy bar and healthy snack preserving local-traditional ingredients.  Contained Lo Han Kuo, Winged Bean, Yams as the main ingredients and added small amount of sugar to make the bar more tasteful and appetising.  The name of “LOADBAR” came from the concept of a loading bar that can be seen everywhere such as in the smartphone, tablet, computer, or other gadgets and digital interfaces. Loading bar is all around us, as


we live in the generation where digital is crucial to our daily activities. The main selling point of Loadbar is the primary packaging. The design has a unique aspects which have no other energy bar emphasising the unique shapes and illustrations for the whole packaging. Packed in simple and fun working shapes, without disregarding the convenience of ‘easy-to-consume’ and as an energy source to be enjoyed anytime. When being consumed, the letter ‘O’ in the Loadbar (which represent loading bar) will slowly full: means 100% energy gained. In October 2017, Load Bar joined an international packaging design competition named ASPaC (Asian Student Package Design Competition) which is organized by Japan Foundation and in December  Loadbar honoured with Merit Award.












Loadbar mock up.


“ Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the univers, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and the charm and gaiety to life and to everything�Plato.

Galvani Music Education Branding,

Galvani music education is a multidisciplinary music education by Alessandro Galvani, music composer. For Galvani, being a musician is not simply about playing an amazing harmony over an instrument, or sing a song with just a good voice. “Being a musician also means that you understand the “how” behind the “what”, the music academic education.” This passion leads him to create a 21st century music institute. With the aim to guide students become a real musician


alongside the technological evolution. This institute isn’t only targeted for segmented ages, but also available for various ages who have passion in music or learn music. The brief was to make the whole branding designed in simple, fun, good environment learning space, so can be enjoyed and suitable for every ages from child to adult. The logo for Galvani music education was created as logotype, by using sans serif typeface which is humanist to make it clean and modern. The other use monospace, typeface that indicates the formalities of institute and also represents the mechanistic of technology.



Galvani Music Education





The idea for the branding was inspired by musical staff that it’s crucial element for musician activities. So for the secondary logo which is logogram, built from the combination of musical staff to dispatch the character of Galvani as music composer.


Galvani Music Education Colour of Galvani dominant with vibrant colour, which is orange colour that becomes emphasis and represents energetic, fun atmosphere. The orange colour combined with white and navy blue to give contrast on design applications. Other than that, brown colour also used as "craft" element to aim the dynamic and good environment space.



*The pictures (human face) were borrowed from some sources as mock up models.


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Thanks for the attention for viewing until the end of this booklet! For another works you can see more on Behance, id: noviecarolinaa.

Portfolio-april/2018 by/NOVIE_CAROLINA

Portfolio of Novie Carolina 2018  

This booklet consist of some selected works of Novie Carolina from 2016 - 2018, ranging from promotional design, re-branding, branding, pack...

Portfolio of Novie Carolina 2018  

This booklet consist of some selected works of Novie Carolina from 2016 - 2018, ranging from promotional design, re-branding, branding, pack...