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Our 6B students had an unforgettable experience: they were invited to one of the most famous programs of SVT.

Inspiring People Malala & Mandela

Video Games


The staff Interview Jenny Linhart



T h e se a re the br i l l i a n t m i n ds t hat w o r k e d o n t hi s i ssu e : Ghina Amir Viktor C. Ryan Hamid Helmi Lucas K. Lucas M. Mario Raghd Goodness Victor O. Aron Kubilay Anton Angelina Ludvig Hannah Antonio Harman Emil Edla Coordination: Maria Levert & Felipe V. de la Torre Copy Editor: Helmi Contributors: Shqipe Shabani Margit Norberg Layout and design: Felipe

THIS NOVIA’S MAGAZINE is published bimonthly by Novia Engelska Skolan. Sjöviksbacken 24 117 43 Stockholm Tfn: 08-400 121 40 E-post: felipe.villa@ published on November 2019.



In this section we tell you the latest news from our school. News that interests us students, parents and staff. In this issue: Dagsverke, Utvecklingssamtal, PRAO and other stories.

We hear a lot about climate change and its fatal consequences, but what can we do as citizens to contribute to the environment? Here you will find some simple tips to follow.



Who are our schoolmates? We will meet some of our partners: What they like to read, what they like to play and something else.

In this issue we will highlight Nelson Mandela and Malala, two people who have contributed to the improvement of their communities.



In this issue we interview our teacher of Textil Slöjd, Jenny Linhart. We will know more about her commitment to teaching.

You’ll know some odd sports that maybe aren’t so popular but still played and there are healed championships in it.



Are you curious about the Lunch in our school and around the world? Maybe you want to know more about the food waste and the effect it has?

Not everything has to be education and duties. We also have the right to games and fun, so we tell you what are the latest and most popular video games nowadays.





TO TH E RE ADE RS After a pause of a few months, this fantastic magazine of NOVIA ENGELSKA SKOLAN returns with renewed energies. The eighth grade students, with the help of teachers Maria Levert and Felipe Villa, have worked enthusiastically to offer interesting articles for all our potential readers, both for students and for parents and school staff. In this issue, the magazine has





dedicated several pages to one of the most sensitive topics of today: the environment! And we have done it from different perspectives, not only warni ng about the terrible consequences of climate change, but also offering advice on what each of u s can do for the environment. You will also find articles on a wide variety of topics, such as fashion, sports, technology, and of course school news. All of us who have collaborated on this issue hope you enjoy this magazine.

Album from SVT By Rebecca Locarini

On October 4, 6B students were invited to participate in the Lilla Aktuelt program. This is the log of that fantastic day.



2. We took the train to Karlaplan and we had to walk a bit to get SVT


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It was a great experience that we’ll Never Forget!

7 7. In the end, they showed us many television studios

NEWS FROM NOVIA By Antonio, Mario & Lucas K.


The Dagsverke Operation in NOVIA was a succes!

9th grade students made muffins and cookies to collect money for school children in Philippines. Last October, the Operation Dagsverke was carried out in the Swedish schools. NOVIA ENGELSKA SKOLAN once again participated in this campaign. Operation Dagsverke is a collection and information campaign organized by Swedish students. Created in the 1960s, our school joined to this campaign three years ago. The campaign gives students in Sweden the chance to learn more about children’s rights and create

Campaign poster in the school.

their own fundraising campaigns for school children around the world. Prior to the campaign, the schools receive study material to discuss children’s rights and create an understanding of the purpose of the fundraising. Anela Dedovic, SO teacher and mentor of class 7th, is the one who coordinates the campaign at Novia Engelska. During the collection, the students choose how they do their day jobs. The

money they raise goes to school and education projects in other countries, through UNICEF Sweden. The money collected this year will goes to educational projects in Philippines. Our ninth grade students decided to bake delicious muffins and cookies that they later sold among the school staff. In the end the collection was 7500 crowns. Very good job, guys!

New playground attraction Out on the schoolyard the school has built a slide, a climbing attraction that’s in shape of a ball and an attraction that looks like a bridge with loose floor, so the kids can run around and play... Enjoy it!

NOVIA’S NEWS By Antonio, Mario & Lucas K.

NOVIA started applying utvecklingssamtal this year

ning documentation for the teacher and a way for the student to evolve. With student-led conversation, the student prepares together with the

Grade 8 has gone away to PRAO

Hanna caught at her workplace. Grade 8 went away to PRAO during weeks 42 and 43. They got some experience about the work-life. They had to choose a company to work at so they could learn about how

it is to be an employee and wonder about what they want to work with when they grow up. They got to think if they want to keep study or if they want to work immediately / after high school. In 1990 the students were not finishing school and they had no experience about how it is to work. Skolverket decided to do what we called prao so the students would know how it is to work before they go into the workplace.

teacher to understand what they can do and what is the next step. This becomes a good way to learn about their own learning.

Maria levert is back again Last year grade 8 had a mentor called David Longo, but this term they got their old teacher back and she will have them for the rest of the year. She got a baby girl and was off on parental leave almost a year and half. Before she left she was teaching english for 8th and 9th grade. She also taught spanish from grade 6 to 9th and now she is still teaching Spanish and English while being grade 8th mentor.


Skolverket felt that the students have not been involved in the utvecklingssamtal. Skolverket had to find a new strategy to inform the students about their progress and show how to improve their grades. In the so called talks, it is the student who holds the conversation and preparations for them. The student tells us what it can do and what is the next step. Only at the end of the conversation does the teacher come in and give their thoughts. According to the school law, the development interview should be information for the parents, plan-

WHO ARE OUR MATES IN NOVIA? In this section we want to introduce some of the students who are educated in our wonderful school. We asked them about their favorite food, as well as their movie and their favorite book. So, if you cross them through the halls of the school, you will know a little more about them. By Anton / Aron




Food: Injera Movie: Black Panther Sport: Football Book: Alex Dogboy

Food: Hamburger Movie: Dumma mig 3 Sport: Football

Movie: My little pony Food: Sushi Book: Mina bästa superhjältar




Movie: The baby boss Food: Sushi

Food:Sausage Sport: Swimming

Movie: Jurassic world Book: Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Food: Burger Sport: Football

Jenny Linhart, teacher of Textil Slöjd:

By Raghd,Ghina and Amir

Not having enough time to do anything.

to them and see how they solve problems.

How long have you been working in Novia? Eight years.

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be? I would be a costume designer.

Why did you want to become a teacher? I didn’t know why I wanted to be a teacher actually it just happened. I was working with something else, with costumes. I wanted to work with something else, cause I also had a baby in that time.

Describe your worst teaching day. I don’t think I ever have had a bad teaching day. Maybe it was my first teaching day as a teacher, because I haven’t been a teacher, I was put in a classroom with twenty 15 years old students.

What frustrate you the most in the classroom? That we don’t have a bigger classroom.

Why did you choose this profession? Well I started working with clothing in the theater because I was interested in fashion and sewing. And then I started working as a teacher.

What would you like your students to take from their learning experience with you? I would like students to be aware of environment issuess.

How does a teacher’s personality affect their success? I think you have to want to know stuff about people and you have to be friendly as well as organized. What’s the struggle being a teacher?

What are your strength and weakness as a teacher? it’s a frustrating question maybe you guys should answer. Do you think working as a teacher is less valued nowadays than it used to? It’s a very good question actually, I don’t think it’s less valued a lot of people have a lot of opinions.

How would you deal with an angry parent? I guess I would listen about what are they angry about. And try to understand.

What’s the best thing about working in Novia? It’s a small school. I like that because you get to know everyone. I think we have great students and it’s a very good think to have small classes.

How to do evaluate students? Well I look what they do in the classroom, but I also try to talk

What would you do if a student got bullied? I would talk to them firstly and

see what their experience is and then I will bring it out to our elevhälsan team (student health) and we will have meetings about it. What would you do if a student screams at you? That happens a lot. I think it’s the same thing with an angry parent I would try to listen to them. How will you encourage parents to support their children’s education? I guess I just ask parents to be interested and ask their children “what have you learned today?” and “how can I help you with?”. If a student in your class has a serious behavior problem, how will you manage it? I think it depends on students I try to talk to them and try to understand and ask why they act this way, and if I can’t figure it out I try to get help from someone else like another teacher.


“I don’t think I ever have had a bad teaching day”

Food From Our Dining Room... Are you curious about the Lunch in our school - or around the world? Maybe you want to know more about the food waste and the effect it has? In this article we are going to talk about all of this and more! By Goodness O. & Helmi K.

Sara, our chef in Novia Engelska

What’s your motivation for working as a chef? My big interest in food. It’s fun to work with people and no day is the same, Sara says. What do you do to make the lunch more enjoyable? Well, firstly I make sure that the dining room is fresh and clean. I also add flowers and decorations to the room and encourage students to try something new with their lunch.

P. 8


“Think twice when deciding the amount of food”

How much food is wasted? About 130 kg food is being thrown away every month. It all depends on the food that’s being served. plenty of food is being


wasted when the most popular dishes is being served, probably because of the mindset of the food running out so the students take more food than they can eat (Sara then explained that the food waste gets turned into biogases). What’s the most unpleasant thing for you? The very loud noises during the school lunches, it can be very disturbing and distracting. Do you have a message for the students? Enjoy the lunch in peace and don’t stress. Think twice when deciding the amount of food you want to take.

e food served in our school is provided by a company called Martin & Servera. They are a Swedish family-owned company that was founded on January 1st 2012. According to their page, they are “Sweden’s leading restaurant and food service specialist”. Their sales pitch is to supply with the best

Sara Andersson, Novia’s chef.

food and service so that their customers can simplify their daily life and evolve. The company has more than 20 000 employees and has a turnover of ca. 70 billion kronor. Around the World California, America: In California the foodmenues in schools can include a hamburger with potato wedges or some type of chicken with an alternative salad like pickles, lettuce and fruit. A total cost of this would be around 12 kr, which is paid by the state of California.

Sweden, Europe: The Swedish law says that every commune should provide free food for students in elementary school. A typical lunch can include meatballs with potatoes and mixed salad. Elementary schools in Sweden has an average to spend 10 kr per student meal.

Different food, different impact

We could feed everyone

Tray with wasted food in our dining room.



very kind of product impacts our environment. CO2 measures how much greenhouse gas something takes. Some examples of products with low environmental impact are tomatoes, eggs and potatoes, 1kg of these foods releases under 5 kg CO. Some products with high environmental impact are beef and lamb, which can release up to 39 kg CO2 per kg. When you look at these numbers it’s clear how important it is to be aware of what food we buy.

pproximately one in nine people doesn’t have access to enough food to survive, meanwhile one third of the food being produced is being thrown out. This means that we could feed 152% of the human population, but 11% of the people are still starving. Reports show that there is more people dying from starvation than from disease as AIDS and Malaria. A few reasons to this is lack of money, laziness and a lack of education. People in rich countries who isn’t experiencing hunger can have a harder time realising importance or caring about the issue.


South Africa: Some school in South Africa doesn’t serve meals at all. The schools solve this by giving the students a break at 1:30 pm for them to go home and get their lunches. In other parts of the country the national nutrition program prepares school lunches.


Japan, Asia: A school lunch in Japan can cost around 24 kr. A typical meal can be rice, a side soup, vegetables and cooked chicken or pork. The families has to pay for the meals themselves but there is help available for low-income parents. Some kids bring home-made bento lunch boxes to school.

By Lucas K. & Victor O.


o u r e v planet a s s ’ t e

How can you contribute to a better environment?


Food waste

One lesson and every lesson you get a new paper then that’s a waste. Instead, teachers can have assigments digitally. Now is the time!

if eveyone used the bus or train ins tead we would only need 0.9 earths. Food waste is a big problem in many schools and homes. We throw away too much food which is thrown into our garbage bin and ends up in landfills. Because of the way food waste breaks down in landfills it can create methane. Reducing the amount of food waste will reduce the impact of waste on the environment. Try to throw away less food.

Almost everyone has some sort of electronic device at home. Having homework digitally is much better than all those papers.

Save water and electricity

How do plastic bags affect our environment?

Plastic bags and other plastics tend to disrupt the environment in a serious way. They get into the soil and slowly release toxic chemicals and if animals eat them they will often choke and die.

Print as little as necessary Printing papers for the whole class uses a lot of paper and if the teacher has 20 copies for every student for

Second Hand

Water and electricity are wasted more frequently than you might think. Just leaving your faucet on when you’re brushing your teeth or leaving your tv on when you’re not watching. Small adjustments in your life can contribute to big problems and it helps a lot.

One of the major reasons why second-hand clothes are better than new clothes is because it saves you money and helps contribute to the environment, it encourages everyone around you and develops a recycling community.



Cars are very harmful to the environment, but taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bike to class are better options for the environment and your budget, as well as getting some exercise. If everyone owned a car and used it we would need 6.7 earths to survive.

It is calculated that 63% of global fish are now overfished. This has led to smaller fishes in the oceans. Overfishing leads to an imbalance of ocean life, it seriously affects natural ecosystems in to the process.

Inspiring People In this section we tell the lives of women and men who, by their actions, have inspired other people in the world.

By Hamid & Harman


Malala is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where the Taliban have banned girls from going to school. Malala was the first youngest participant for the Nobel prize: she was 17 years old. Malala has done a book that’s about her upbringing and the struggle for girls’ right to attend school. The book, I am Malala, has attracted much attention worldwide. Nowadays Malala is a student at Oxford University in England.

Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”


magine if you live in a country where you don’t have the same rights as other people, then they put you in jail for 27 years for claiming those rights. That happened to Nel-

son Mandela (1918-2013), one of the most important people in the world last century. Mandela was born in South Africa, a country where Apertheid ruled. The


Apertheid was a system that denied rights to black people and was imposed by Britain that had invaded and colonized the African country. Mandela fought against the laws of oppression, and that is why he was sentenced to prison for life. But 27 years later (in 1990) he was released to reassure the demonstrations in the country. After leaving prison, he became the first black president of South Africa. In 1993 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. For all this, Mandela has inspired millions of people arounf the world. If you want to know more about Mandela, you can watch the biopic Long walk to Freedom, made in 2013. You can also watch the movie Invictus, starring Morgan freeman and Matt Daemon. Mandela left many quotes for posterity, but perhaps the most important are the one that accompanies the photograph of this article and: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”


magine being a girl who loves playing football, and this desire is forbiden. What if the authorities in your town tell you that you can’t play because you are a girl. What would you do? Would you claim your right to play or would you just accept it? Malala claimed her right, for that reason she was shot. on October 9, 2012 Malala got shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt by Taliban believers when she was 15 years old. Malala is an activist known for confronting Tallibans on the matter of of girls education in her native country, Pakistan.

Page 14 / Octuber-November

Novia Engelska Skolan

EXPLORING... We wanted to know what our neighbors in Liljeholmen think about both our neighborhood and about our city, Stockholm. So we took our mobiles, our journalists’ spirits and went out to the street to ask. By Angelina & Ludvig

These were our questions


1. What do you think about the fact that they will build a third school in Sjövikstorget? 2. What do you think about the weather here in Stockholm? 3. What should you do when you visit Stockholm as a tourist? 4. What’s your favorite thing about Liljeholmen? 5. What do you think about the buildings that are currently being built? (ÅRSTADAL)

Nedim, 56 years

1. I think it is very good. 2. well, so and so. It was up and down last year, but this year it was good. 3. You should come to Ømerick’s or Gamla Stan. 4. Ømerick’s, of course. 5. Very nice, very beautiful.

Kombrun 19

1. It is very nice and beautiful. 2. Sometimes great. 3. Gamla stan. 4. You live close to the city but at the same time, it’s private from everything else. 5. It’s getting a little bit too much, but it looks good!

...STOCKHOLM Gamla Stan, the favorite!


ost of the people we interviewed thought that Gamla Stan is the best place for tourists to visit! Gamla Stan is where Stockholm was founded in 1252. There are several museums and attractions, as well as the Royal Palace. Gamla Stan consists of three islands, Stadsholmen, Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen and in the center of gamla stan is Stortorget. Stortorget has a sad story about

when Christian II from Denmark, who was a ruler at the time (1520), killed more than 80 of the leading members and he also buried their heads. This is called the Stockholm Bloodbath. In this square, there are Nobel Museum in one side and buildings built from 13th century to 19th century. When it rains, the stones get red and there’s a myth that says that it is the blood of all the people who died there.

sp orts In this section we’re going to talk about some odd sports that maybe aren’t so popular but still played and there are healed championships in it.


Yes you heard it right, Quidditch!

like a protector. The Hunter job is to score goals with the ball and get points and last we have the searcher who is looking for the fast little ball that is

floating around, when you get that little ball the game is over and your team gets 150 points. The winner is the one with the most points in the end.

Chees boxing

Chess boxing is a sport where you are boxing and playing chess, it sounds pretty weird but it is true. Its played for 11 rounds, you first play chess for 3 minutes and the you box for 3 minutes. The way you win is that you have to either get a chess math or knock the other player out or that the other players clock goes out on the chess table. But if none of these things happen they just count the punches that they landed and the one with the most wins.

Boot throwing “Kasta stövel” “Kasta stövel” or “throw a rubber boot” as its called in english is a finnish and swedish sport and I dont think its played anywhere else.

In the sport you have to stand with your back to the field and hold in a robber boot and then you are going to swing a the boot and then when you think you have enough power you throw it away and try to get the furthest distance. The person with the longest distance win the game.’


It's a very very different sport that is just like quidditch in Harry Potter but its on the ground and not in the air like in the movie. It's mostly played in USA. In 2012 the first world cup was held. The game is played with 7 players on the field and everyone has their position just like it is in the movies. The positions are Guard, Batsman, Hunter and Searcher. The guards mission is to guard the goal so the ball doesn't go inside the goal, it's like a goalkeeper in Football. The batsman job is to not get the other ball to hit his teammates, he is

TECHNOLOGY AND VIDEO GAMES No Not everything can be education and duties. We also have the right to games and fun, so we tell you what are the latest and most popular video games on the market.



Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter game with survival horror and stealth elements. Set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation. The player must cope with the new hazards and engage in combat against mutated creatures as well as hostile humans. The player wields an arsenal of hand-made weaponry which



By Kubilay & Viktor

can be customised through scavenging materials and a crafting system. The game features a mixture of linear levels and sandbox environments. It also includes a dynamic weather system, a day-night cycle, and environments that change along with the seasons as the story progresses. It is set over the course of one whole in-game year.

FIFA20 Is a football game where you can play against your friend or with your friend. the producer of the game is EA sports. You can play online games, build your own football team and you can play different gamemode and earn money by winning matches.

Fashion it’s something we see every day. Fashion is everything from our clothes to shoes, handbags, makeup, accessories, hats and more. It is your way to express yourself with clothes and what you wear. Style looks different all over the world, although some cities are known for being particularly fashionable. These are the cities where fashion is the most popular.

FENDI Fendi is an Italian brand that was invented in 1925 by Adele Fendi and Edoardo Fendi. Fendi is a very trendy brand and quite fashionable. Fendi is worn all around the world but it’s most popular in Italy. In 1962 the Fendi’s logo got changed by Karl Lagerfeld. The iconic “FF” symbol is the most known logo for Fendi which you can find in a lot of their products such as bags, clothes, shoes, wallets and many more. Fendi also got a logo that they usually use in their t-shirts and their sweaters which are the “Fendi Bag Bugs Eyes”. The Fendi sweaters, t-shirts and hoodies with the Bag bugs Eyes logo are actually sold out in most stores.

By Ryan and Lucas

Paris, Rome, New York, Vienna, London, Barcelona, and Milan. There are lots of famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi Roma, Polo Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Balmain Paris, dsquared2, Versace, Moncler, and many more. Fendi and Ralph Lauren are two of the best known clothing brands worldwide. What do you know about them?

Polo Ralph Lauren shortened (Polo) is an American brand that was invented in 1972 by Ralph Lauren. Polo is famous and known all around the world. Polo is worn around the whole world and the most worn is the polo, it’s a t-shirt with a collar. Polo got a lot of products such as t-shirts, bags, shoes and even winter jackets. The company chose the polo horseman as its symbol because it brings the feelings of pride, elitism and the spirit to enjoy the lifestyle-oriented “good life”. Because it’s a very popular brand many companies make copies of it and sell it, which is illegal.


n o i h s a f



What are We doing for the environment?


By Edla & Hanna

If we want a healthy planet, there’s many things we can start by doing in school and at home. But how to stop waste in school? One thing is if you want you can do a project and do a compost for the school in home economics or NO. Another thing is the school can start donating our leftovers to for example churches if they can give the food to homeless people. We can start a project where we plant a few vegetables in every class and eat them in school or take home. Every class would have a greenhouse in their classroom. It doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we do something just to change our habits at the moment cause they’re not good enough if even good at all. We are sorry to say it but the adults and older people (35-65) are the ones who has the biggest impact on the environment. It’s a little double

from their side since they are the ones who tell us (the younger ones) to try and save the environment. What are they doing to change this situation? The only thing they’re doing is telling us to change what we do, even though we are better than them.

We’re sorry to say it but the adults and older people are the ones who has the biggest impact on the environment. It’s a little ironic from their side since they are the ones who tell us (the younger ones) to try and save the environment. What are they doing to change this situation?

Some of the people with more power in the world like politicians are doing something at least. It’s not something that remarkable but they started somewhere. Then there’s this one person who’s really trying to get everyone to deal with this problem. Greta Thunberg had an idea not long ago, she wanted to get people to stop what they were doing and protest for the environment. But most important of all, kids, the ones who go to school so they can have a good and healthy life in the future. She thought that if these people actually would skip school just for the environment in the future then maybe the politicians would do something about it, maybe they would realise that this is a big and very important problem. Eating healthy and more vegetables is a good choice for both you and the environment. We don’t have to kill other living creatures if we do this and it’s a lot easier for everyone. It does also taste really good.

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TO THE READERS After a pause of a few months, this fantastic magazine of NOVIA ENGELSKA SKOLAN returns with renewed energies. The eighth g...

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TO THE READERS After a pause of a few months, this fantastic magazine of NOVIA ENGELSKA SKOLAN returns with renewed energies. The eighth g...