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1-10 NOVEMBER 2019



NOVEMBER MUSIC 2019 Crossroads were used to control traffic in the not so distant past. Now roundabouts are more popular as they ensure better circulation. And whereas we used to say that November Music was like a crossroads (for the latest music trends), it seems more apt these days to talk of a roundabout where traffic can merge seamlessly and flexibly as drivers pick and choose the best solutions. Translated into our own terms, November Music has become a musical roundabout. A place where composers, musicians, and makers collaborate and meet each other as well as the audience. This year, too, the festival programme is brimming with premieres and extraordinary projects that can rarely be seen – or heard – in other locations. The genres weave in and out. Just as happens on roundabouts. This year, for the first time, together with Buma, we are organizing a New Music Conference with the aim to write a roadmap for the future, in close consultation with our (inter)national guests. An excellent occasion to kick-start our European project Sounds Now. Experience it with us at November Music 2019! Bert Palinckx & Theo van Dooremalen



Heleen Moors Management Koen Graat Programming Jazz & world / communication Bernard Jussen Technical coordinator Klaartje Wouters Marketing coordinator

Lucas Vis Chairman Gerton Heyne Treasurer Edo Dijksterhuis Member Karen Neervoort Member Annette den Heijer Member

PHOTOGRAPHY & VISUALS Studio Kluif, Sylvain Gripoix, Yani Pictures, Egil Hansen, Marc Bolsius, Merijn Bisschops, Sanne Peper, Bowie Verschuuren, Jan van den Bossche, Simon van Boxtel, Teun Hocks - courtesy Torch Galley Amsterdam, Grégoire Verbeke, Jostijn Ligtvoet, Rüdiger Schestag, Isabelle Renate la Poutré, Stamatis Xanthoulis, Jan Hoek, Lana Duiverman, Chris van Wyk, Maarten Jüngen, Michal Grycko, Tom Leentjes, Nichon Glerum, Elini Mik, Anouk van Kalmthout, Annelies van der Vegt, Sarah Wijzenbeek, Maurits Giesen, Igor Studio, Marcel Krijgsman, Sander Heezen, Caroline Forbes, Eric van Nieuwland, Thomas Huisman, Daniel Nicolas, Michiel van Nieuwkerk, René Castelijn, Wout Nooitgedagt, Helga Raimondi, Anna van Kooij and others



Mark van de Voort

Anke Schalk (Toelgroep)

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FRIDAY 1 NOV 7-7.15 PM

7.45-9 PM

Vocaal Ensemble Markant Jesse Passenier / Eric Alink


Willem Twee Toonzaal

Grote Kerk

8-9.15 PM

philharmonie zuidnederland Verkadefabriek


4-5 PM

Claudia Molitor & Sanne Rambags

Stian Westerhus Bij Katrien


4-5.15 PM

The Riot Ensemble Georg Friedrich Haas Willem Twee Toonzaal

SUNDAY 3 NOV 11.30 AM-6 PM ArtmusicRoute

Remy van Kesteren / Eric Vloeimans / Michel van der Aa a/o various locations Schedule p. 12-13


Music Hub Night Sanne Rambags / Eva van Pelt Rianne Wilbers / Mathijs Leeuwis a/o Verkadefabriek 4

9.45-11 PM Rymden

Theater aan de Parade

7.45-10 PM

Bosch Requiem 2019 Calliope Tsoupaki Lot Vekemans Theater aan de Parade

7-8 PM

Capella Brabant Kris Oelbrandt Grote Kerk

8.45-10 PM

` ` Danielsson Fresco Trio Mozdzer & Holland Baroque Verkadefabriek

8-9 PM

Arno Schuitemaker Aart Strootman Verkadefabriek

9-10 PM

Arno Schuitemaker Aart Strootman Verkadefabriek 5


Anna Korsun / Gilius van Bergeijk Grote Kerk & Willem Twee Toonzaal


Trio Catch Willem Twee Toonzaal

8.30-9.45 PM

Schweigman& Theater aan de Parade

8.30-10.30 PM Silbersee


THURSDAY 7 NOV 12.30-1.45 PM

Yuko Kakuta & Yukiko Sugawara Willem Twee Toonzaal

4-4.30 PM

Veronique van den Engh Daan Manneke Sint-Janskathedraal

5-5.15 PM

Joost van Balkom Daan Manneke Sint-Janskathedraal

6-6.15 PM

Joost van Balkom Daan Manneke Sint-Janskathedraal


8.30-9.45 PM

LeineRoebana Verkadefabriek

8.30-9.45 PM

Estafest & Andreas Schaerer Verkadefabriek

7-8 PM

Ralph van Raat Daan Manneke Willem Twee Toonzaal

7-8 PM

Florian Magnus Maier Paul & Menno de Nooijer Verkadefabriek

8-12 PM

Moodz - Anna Meredith DJ Gabriel Prokofiev BeraadGeslagen e.a. Willem Twee Poppodium & Verkadefabriek

8.30-9.30 PM

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil Mayke Nas Verkadefabriek

8.45-10 PM

Cappella Breda Daan Manneke Grote Kerk 7

FRIDAY 8 NOV 12.30-1.15 PM

Quertetto Maurice Georg Friedrich Haas

10.00-6 PM

New Music Conference 2019

Willem Twee Toonzaal


4-5 PM

Genetic Choir Babel

SATURDAY 9 NOV 12.30-1.45 PM

Quertetto Maurice Willem Twee Toonzaal

2-3.15 PM

James Oesi Vincent van Amsterdam Babel

2-3 PM

Anne-Maartje Lemereis Kenza Koutchoukali Theater Artemis

3.30-4.45 PM

De Toverfluit (7+) De Toneelmakerij Silbersee Theater aan de Parade


4-4.45 PM

Evelien van den Broek Babel

4-4.45 PM

Brendan Faegre Robin Coops Verkadefabriek

4-5 PM

MAZE Claudio F. Baroni Willem Twee Kunstruimte

7-8 PM

TEMKO Slagwerk Den Haag Aart Strootman Theater aan de Parade

8.30-11 PM

Metropole Orkest Colin Benders Ibeyi Theater aan de Parade

8.45-10 PM

Ensemble Modern Sarah Maria Sun Verkadefabriek

6.45-8.15 PM

Ives Ensemble Willem Twee Toonzaal

6.45-8 PM

Amstel & Keuris Quartet Maxim Shalygin Verkadefabriek

7-8 PM

MAZE Claudio F. Baroni Willem Twee Kunstruimte

8.30-9.30 PM Genetic Choir Babel

8.45-10 PM

Asko|Schรถnberg Wu Wei Theater aan de Parade

8.45-9.45 PM

Brabant Koor Sergej Rachmaninov Alfred Momotenko Jheronimus Bosch Art Center

7-11.30 PM

Colours of Improvisation Avishai Cohen Quartet Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Tineke Postma Free Desmyter & Bassem Hawar Verkadefabriek

9 PM-3 AM Plug



SUNDAY 10 NOV 12-5.30 PM

1-1.45 PM

Ragazze Quartet Morton Feldman

De Paraplu (4+)

Willem Twee Toonzaal


1.30-2.45 PM

Tigran Hamasyan & Mathias Eick Verkadefabriek



De klank van de buren Installatie Expeditie Werkwarenhuis p. 18

The Body Imitates the Landscape Willem Twee Kunstruimte p. 70

4’33 Galerie Mieke van Schaijk p. 70

Return to Zero Verkadefabriek Matzer p. 70 10

9 AM-7 PM



2-3 PM & 4-5 PM

11.30 AM, 1 PM, 2.30 PM, 4 PM & 5.30 PM


11 AM-5 PM

11 AM-5 PM 9 AM-5.30 PM

12.30-5 PM

12.30-5 PM

2-3 PM

3-3.45 PM

De Paraplu (4+) Verkadefabriek

3.30-5 PM

Yazz Ahmed

4.15-6 PM

Collegium Vocale Eindhoven / Ad Parnassum Grote Kerk & Jheronimus Bosch Art Center


8.30-9.45 PM

Nieuw Ensemble Joël Bons Verkadefabriek






7-8 PM

7-8 PM

5-6 PM

5-6 PM

9 AM-7 PM

9 AM-7 PM

11 AM-5 PM

11 AM-5 PM

2-5 PM

2-5 PM

2-5 PM

2-5 PM

9 AM-5.30 PM 9 AM-5.30 PM

2-5 PM

2-5 PM

7-8 PM

7-8 PM









Remy van Kesteren

Willem Twee Poppodium

Michel van der Aa

Babel Pleitzaal

Helge Slikker

Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal

Heleen Hulst / Gerard Bouwhuis

Babel Pleitzaal

Eric Vloeimans / Markus Stockhausen Grote Kerk Erik Bosgraaf

Museum Slager

Matthijs Koene

Babel Hofzaal

Maya Youssef Trio

Verkadefabriek Clubzaal

Sebastiaan van Bavel project

Verkadefabriek Clubzaal

Sinan Arat

Museum Slager

Kamerkoor JIP / Ghaeth Almaghoot

Noordbrabants Museum Statenzaal

The Riot Ensemble

Willem Twee Toonzaal

Zubin Kanga

Verkadefabriek Cabaretfirma

Evan Parker / Matt Wright


Tatiana Koleva

Verkadefabriek Matzer




Pand 18

Nerea Vera

Verkadefabriek Filmzaal 5

Mervyn Groot / Ytjse Rosier

Bij Katrien (v/h Bank van Leening)

Arthur Wagenaar


Cecilia Arditto

Design Museum Den Bosch

Germaine Sijstermans

Galerie Mieke van Schaijk

Claudio F. Baroni / Adi Hollander

Willem Twee Kunstruimte

Installatie Expeditie


Cathy van Eck

Bij Katrien (v/h Bank van Leening)

fc Jongbloed


Ensembles AMPA


11.30 12 PM 12.30 1 PM 1.30 AM



2 PM 2.30 AM

3 PM 3.30 AM

4 PM 4.30 AM

5 PM 5.30 AM



Vocaal Ensemble Markant and other choirs from ’s Hertogenbosch Fri 1 Nov Grote Kerk 7-7.15 PM free vocal / choirs


Music November, together with the town council, commissioned Jesse Passenier to write a composition to celebrate the liberation of ’s-Hertogenbosch 75 years ago. Passenier’s Alan was inspired by Operation Alan, which was executed by the 53rd Welsh Infantry Division that freed ’s-Hertogenbosch following an intensive six-day battle. The work juxtaposes four groups of singers and is conducted by Bernhard Touwen. A truly dynamic acoustic spectacle. Town chronicler Eric Alink provides a personal perspective in Krijt (Chalk), a lyric he wrote specifically for this occasion. His layered text is reflected in the choir sound; it is alternately warm and forceful, as a girl shares her experiences from the eve of the battles until liberation is a fact. Her world is innocent but the music expresses the ambiguity that is captured in the narrative. Alan will also be performed during the event Liberation ’s-Hertogenbosch 75 years at De Parade on Saturday 26 October.


From cinematic chamber music to superfast clarinet improvisations – clarinettist Yom (Guillaume Humrey) has imbued the klezmer tradition with a new and contemporary vigour. The Frenchmen loves Yiddish music. He interprets it in his very own way.

Fri 1 Nov

Yom performs with a trio which also consists of cellist Fredric Deville and violinist Régis Huby. The project is a sequel to the wonderful Le Silence de l’Exode that put to music the wanderings through the wilderness of the Israelites. Yom’s new compositions revolve around the sea. Both as an El Dorado and a scene of potentially lethal crossings.

world / jazz

Willem Twee Toonzaal 7.45-9 PM € 16 / € 8

Yom is regarded as an absolute virtuoso in France, he straddles the boundaries between jazz, Jewish, and classical music. He will finally perform in the Netherlands.



Igor Stravinsky / Stian Westerhus / Jesse Passenier Fri 1 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8-9.15 PM c 20 / c 10 composed / rock / choirs

Rock, jazz, electric guitar solos, and iron-cast wind orchestra classics; the eclectic South Netherlands Philharmonic is always a welcome guest at November Music. This time, the focus is on the wind section of the orchestra, led by conductor Karel Deseure. The programme features the indispensable and seminal Symphony of Wind Instruments by Igor Stravinsky. There will also be contemporary cross-overs. The composition Twin Twinkler (by and with the Norwegian guitarist and composer, Stian Westerhus) premiered last year. The orchestra worked with him for the first time during November Music 2014. The piece, for wind players and the phenomenal soloist Westerhus on electric guitar, just begs to be repeated. In addition, a surprising piece that was commissioned from the young composer Jesse Passenier. The jazz and rock singer Ruben Hein has been given a special part. Passenier’s Division is a resounding ode to the liberation of ’s-Hertogenbosch by the 53rd Welsh Infantry Division in 1944, precisely 75 years ago. Vocaal Ensemble Markant’s contribution is spectacular.



ft. Bugge Wesseltoft, Dan Berglund & Magnus Öström

‘The band is this season’s must hear,’ wrote the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad in regards to the new Scandinavian jazz group, Rymden. 11 years ago, in 2008, the death of the legendary pianist Esbjörn Svensson of the Swedish trio E.S.T. spelled the end of one of the most innovative jazz ensembles of the early 21st century. The two remaining E.S.T. members, percussionist Magnus Öström and bass player Dan Berglund, each went their own way. Fantastic musicians with a ton of experience, who are regrouping for the first time as part of a brand-new jazz trio. For the Norwegian pianist/keyboard player Bugge Wesseltoft it is a dream come to true to work with Östrom and Berglund at long last.

Fri 1 Nov Theater aan de Parade Pleinzaal 9.45-11 PM € 20 / € 10 jazz

‘As with Svensson, Rymden’s dynamics and solid groove are highly distinctive... The three musicians seamlessly collaborate in a way that makes it appear the trio have been together for years. According to Wesseltoft, the record is a modest reflection of what Rymden is capable of in a live situation. This is very promising indeed.’ De Volkskrant


DE KLANK VAN DE BUREN INSTALLATION EXPEDITION Jeroen Vandesande / Kris Verdonk / Flora Koene / Paul Devens a/o Sat 2 Nov 2-3 & 4-5 PM Wed 6 & Thur 7 Nov 7-8 PM Fri 8 & Sat 9 Nov 5-6 PM Werkwarenhuis € 5 / € 2.50 installations / music & visuals / electronics


November Music offers plenty of opportunities each year for high-quality contemporary sound installations and sound art. For the first time, the Installation Expedition takes place in the atmospheric WerkWarenHuis in local hotspot De Tramkade. Composer/sound artist Matteo Marangon is once again the curator. This year, he is collaborating with curator Joost Fonteyne of the Belgian art initiative Wilde Westen, based in Kortrijk. Four sound artists from Belgium and four from the Netherlands are showing brand-new work in the historicindustrial WerkWarenHuis spaces. That is to say, the vibrant sound artist scenes from two of the Low Countries are finally are put on the same map. The following artists participate in the exhibition De Klank van de Buren (The Sound of the Neighbours): Paul Devens, Ana Guedes, Flora Koene, Jesus Canuto Iglesias, Arzu Saglam, Jeroen Vandesande, Floris Vanhoof, and Kris Verdonk. Bart van Dongen is the expedition’s leader this year, too.

DECAY CLAUDIA MOLITOR Claudia Molitor / Tullis Rennie / Sanne Rambags Decay is a sound meditation on the beauty and implications of our mortality by the English composer Claudia Molitor, with trombonist Tullis Rennie. Each time, she collaborates with different musicians so the work continues to shapeshift. Specifically for November Music, Molitor and Renne join forces with the young Dutch vocalist Sanne Rambags, who is at home in jazz as well as in more recent musical offshoots.

Sat 2 Nov

Rambags’ work is inspired by nature’s grandiosity and Norway’s panoramic views, which makes her the ideal guest for this project. Decay had its premiere at the prestigious HCMF in Huddersfield (UK) in 2018.

3 PM interview Claudia Molitor

Babel Pleitzaal 2-2.45 PM € 14 / € 7 composed / music and visuals


SOLSTICES GEORG FRIEDRICH HAAS The Riot Ensemble Sat 2 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 4-5.15 PM € 18 / € 9 composed

Georg Friedrich Haas is regarded as one of today’s most important composers and he is put in the spotlight at this year’s festival. Focal point is his recent chamber music work, Solstices, written for the Riot Ensemble Ensemble from London and (partially) commissioned by November Music. The Austrian composer’s pieces are rich in timbre and they are finding an ever larger audience. Scintillating music with just (harmonic) intonations and imposing arcs. The British conductor Simon Rattle was ahead of the game back in 2013 when he declared, loud and clear, that in vain by Haas was ‘one of the first true masterpieces of the 21st century’. Haas composed his new chamber music piece, Solstices, for the 10 musicians of The Riot Ensemble. The musicians listen intently to each other as they create a fervent piece of music with a wealth of overtones, which slowly progresses toward an impressive climax. An unparalleled musical experience. Please note, this concert takes place in complete darkness.


DANCING IN THE CURTAINS STIAN WESTERHUS Stian Westerhus, from Norway, knows how to evoke an incomparable cinematic sound world, brimming with dark expression. Glowing melodies marry ominous feedback waves and rarefied vocal lines. The media widely embraced Westerhus’ debut album, Amputation. His music carries the listener’s soul to a higher place, concluded a reviewer in AllAboutJazz. Stian Westerhus has worked with Motorpsycho, Nils Petter Molvær, Jaga Jazzist, and Sidsel Endresen in the past. He will also play with the South Netherlands Philharmonic on Friday, 1 November.

Sat 2 Nov Bij Katrien (v/h Bank van Leening) 4-5 PM € 14 / € 7 rock / electronics / soundscapes



BOSCH REQUIEM 2019 – LIKNON CALLIOPE TSOUPAKI / LOT VEKEMANS Maar ten Engeltjes / Marcel Beekman / PRJCT Amsterdam

The Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki puts the Virgin Mary (Maria) central stage in the brand-new Bosch Requiem. Liknon is a baroque ode to the mother of all mothers (the title means ‘cradle’). Tsoupaki is the incumbent Dutch Composer Laureate as well as November Music 2019’s current festival composer. Maria is part of the Byzantine tradition that Tsoupaki grew up with.

Sat 2 Nov Theater aan de Parade Grote Zaal 7.45-10 PM € 25 / € 12.50 composed / choirs

A requiem needs heavenly vocals. Tsoupaki found inspiration for Liknon in the expressive and lyrical timbres of countertenor Maarten Engeltjes and tenor Marcel Beekman. Their voices, highly rated internationally, are accompanied by the baroque ensemble PRJCT Amsterdam, led by conductor Manoj Kamps. Bosch Requiem is embedded in a full evening’s programme, directed by MATZER Theaterproducties. Prior to the world premiere of the new requiem, the author Lot Vekemans will read a text she has written specifically for this occasion, inspired by the music and the themes. The night starts at De Parade with a ritual involving various choirs from ’s-Hertogenbosch as well as students from AMPA,Tilburg


ARTMUSICROUTE 2019 Sun 3 Nov Various locations 11.30 AM-6 PM c 22 / c 11 all genres

A varied menu that includes Remy van Kesteren’s exciting harp rhythms, Eric Vloeimans’ and Markus Stockhausen’s lyrical trumpet sounds, composer Michel van der Aa’s gripping songs, Maya Youssef’s Arabic qanûn melodies, free jazz improvisations by saxophone legend Evan Parker, virtuoso recorder escapades by Erik Bosgraaf, and spectacular percussion by Tatiana Koleva & the Youth Percussion Pool. Not for the first time, musical diversity is rife at November Music’s annual ArtmusicRoute. A ticket (to be exchanged for a wristband on the day) gives access to all concerts, which last no longer than half an hour in many cases. Plus, you can compose your own programme. The concerts take place in very diverse locations, including churches, museums, and theatres. Most concerts are repeated to make it easier to choose. Practical information and concert details can be found on page 71 and further. Pages 12 & 13 contain the full schedule of the ArtmusicRoute


LOFLIED DER VERZOENING KRIS OELBRANDT Capella Brabant / Dudok Kwartet / Katrien Baerts / Elsbeth Gerritsen a/o Kris Oelbrandt has a unique position in the contemporary music scene of the Low Countries. A Trappist monk, he is also active as a composer. Oelbrandt was born in Belgium and is very driven. His double calling permeates his life and music. Echoes of composers such as Arvo Pärt and Olivier Messiaen can be heard in his work. At the same time, he very much walks his own spiritual path. Whereas Oelbrandt’s compositions have rarely been heard outside the monastic walls, this is slowly starting to change. Capella Brabant, led by Marc Versteeg, performs a major new piece, Loflied der Verzoening (Ode to Reconciliation), that Oelbrandt created for November Music 2019. The work consists of a monumental arrangement of three corresponding ‘cantiches’ from three world religions. Hannah’s Song of Thanksgiving (Jewish), Mary’s Song of Thanksgiving (Catholic), and Sura 87 (Islam). New spiritual music that intends to encourage the global religions to reach out to each other. Special guests include the soprano Katrien Baerts, mezzosoprano Elsbeth Gerritsen, and the Dudok string quartet.

Sun 3 Nov Grote Kerk 7-8 PM € 18 / € 9 composed / choirs 6.45 PM introduction Martin Hoondert


` ` MOZDZER DANIELSSON FRESCO TRIO & HOLLAND BAROQUE Sun 3 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8.45-10 PM € 18 / € 9 jazz / world / composed

A beautiful marriage between jazz, baroque, Arabic music, and many other influences. An earlier encounter between ensemble Holland Baroque and the Polish (jazz) pianist Leszek Mozdzer ` ` made a big impression. Earth Particles (2017) culminated in a perfect merger of vivacious baroque parts and Mozdzer’s ` ` virtuoso improvisations on the piano. The concerts as well as the CD, garlanded with gold, are very moreish. Now there is a sequel. Mozdzer ` ` will not come alone this time. This premiere concert is performed by the Mozdzer ` ` Danielsson Fresco Trio with the Swedish bass player Lars Danielsson – who collaborated with musicians such as Trilok Gurtu, Tigran Hamasyan, and Paolo Fresu – and the Israeli percussionist Zohar Fresco, a master of Middle-Eastern music. The versatile Holland Baroque ensemble earlier teamed up with a variegated range of guests including Eric Vloeimans, Wu Wei, and Nico Muhly. It has been a featured guest at previous editions of November Music.


MUSIC HUB NIGHT Sanne Rambags / Eva van Pelt / Rianne Wilbers / Alber t van Abbe / Julian Edwardes / Orkun Agir / Mathijs Leeuwis Talent needs to be cherished and facilitated. And it makes sense to promote tomorrow’s music makers, today. Music Hub Brabant puts these young musicians and composers in the spotlight and also sees to it that the development of musical talent is taken seriously across Brabant’s cultural sector. The Music Hub, which invests in musical talent, came about when two existing talent development initiatives merged: Proud of the South was focused on rock music while New Arrivals catered to jazz and contemporary music.

Mon 4 Nov Verkadefabriek (various rooms) 7-10 PM € 14 / € 7 rock / jazz / world / composed / electronics / installation

Music Hub Brabant will happily introduce itself and provide a taste of music’s promising future at November Music 2019. A wide range of young music makers from Brabant will perform during the night including vocalists Sanne Rambags, Eva van Pelt, and Rianne Wilbers, DJ Albert van Abbe, synthesizer specialist Julian Edwardes, baglama player Orkun Agir, and pedal steel guitarist Mathijs Lcenturyis. 27

THE WAY YOU SOUND TONIGHT Arno Schuitemaker / Aar t Strootman Mon 4 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8-9 & 9-10 PM € 18 / € 9 music & dance


‘Arno Schuitemaker surpasses himself with the subtle The Way You Sound Tonight’, wrote Cultuurpers. The audience can dive headlong into a futuristic dance offering. The performance was created by choreographer/theatre maker Arno Schuitemaker and composer Aart Strootman. It turned out to be one of the highlights of Holland Festival 2018. Arno Schuitemaker is one of the most remarkable young theatre makers on the scene today. Magazines such as Tanz and Dance Europe are already referring to him as ‘the most influential contemporary choreographer of the Netherlands’. Five performers take their audience on a rollercoaster ride in The Way You Sound Tonight. Reality takes the form of a hallucinatory repeating loop. It is no accident that The Way You Sound Tonight was nominated by the VSCD Dansjury for the Zwaan (the Dutch Dance ‘Oscar’) as the most impressive dance production of the year. Composer/guitarist Aart Strootman has created an imposing and minimalist electronic score for this performance, which he plays live. ‘Composer Aart Strootman’s music is unrivalled,’ wrote the daily Brabants Dagblad.

ANNA KORSUN / GILIUS VAN BERGEIJK Ensemble Modelo62 a/o Originality and determination are important traits for a composer. Stichting Trillende Lucht (Oscillating Air Foundation) from Amsterdam has created a biennial prize, the Open Ear Award, for composers who rig up their very own sound world. An incentive prize for experienced as well as incipient composers who are prepared to take risks. This year, composer Anna Korsun received the Award. She won the Gaudeamus Prize in 2014. ‘Anna Korsun’s oeuvre proves that she operates as a sensitive and self-governing artist. She seems virtually untouched by the pace at which society is changing,’ stated the jury report. Gilius van Bergeijk was the first composer to win the Open Ear in 2017 and Ensemble Modelo62 plays four of his compositions. Come and listen to two composers who bypass the well-worn conventions and create music with a great appetite for theatre as well as sound experiments.

Tues 5 Nov Grote Kerk & Willem Twee Toonzaal 7-10 PM € 16 / € 8 composed / music theatre


ESTAFEST & ANDREAS SCHAERER Tues 5 Nov Verkadefabriek Clubzaal 8.30-9.45 PM c 16 / c 8 jazz / rock

Hearing is believing; but you need eyes as well as ears to experience the full range of what the Swiss voice artist Andreas Schaerer gets up to using his vocal cords. As a voice percussionist, he is feted around the world and has lifted to new heights beatboxing, singing, and sound imitations. The jazz world has been on to Schaerer’s far from negligible talent for quite some time. He has worked with talents such as Bobby McFerrin, Soweto Kinch, Michael Wollny, and Vincent Peirani. Jazz quartet Estafest’s churning energy on stage is just right for Schaerer. Violinist Oene van Geel, pianist Jeroen van Vliet, guitarist Anton Goudsmit, and saxophonist Mete Erker are well able to hold their ground. With Andreas Schaerer they cocreate a unique and unforgettable rendezvous. Humour, playfulness, inventiveness, and virtuosity alternate as different musical genres merge and mesh.


SOLAS LEINEROEBANA Folk songs and favourite crooners have offered ultimate solace for centuries. Such moments of relief reach boiling point in the latest performance of the much-lauded Dutch dance company, LeineRoebana. Its seven dancers throw themselves into an elegant pas de deux with guitarist Wiek Hijmans, lutenist David Mackor, and vocalists Talitha van der Spek and Elisabeth Hetherington. English Renaissance composer John Dowland’s poignant music is central to the proceedings. His classical tearjerkers, such as Flow my tears, accelerate heartbeats. Solas offers unruly beauty, with frayed edges which touches eyes and ears.

Tues 5 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8.30-9.45 PM € 20 / € 10 music & dance

LeineRoebana invites the audience to meet dancers, musicians, and choreographers during a preliminary introduction on stage. The doors open and the audience may enter half an hour before the performance starts; a much-loved tradition by now. 31

TRIO CATCH Isabel Mundry / Barblina Meierhans / Bianca Bongers

Wed 6 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 7-8 PM € 18 / € 9 composed

Trio Catch from Hamburg has grown into a prominent contemporary chamber music ensemble at record pace. Joyous playing and a sense of adventure characterize the trio, which named itself after the piece Catch by the British composer Thomas Adès. A love of contemporary music has brought clarinettist Boglárka Pecze, cellist Eva Boesch, and pianist Sun-Young Nam together. The trio collaborates closely with composers such as Helmut Lachenmann, Georg Friedrich Haas, and Georges Aperghis. It also participates in the Ensemble Modern Academy. Trio Catch presents an all-female programme at November Music with work by the German composer Isabel Mundry, a recent composition by Barblina Meierhans from Switzerland, and a commissioned work by upcoming talent Bianca Bongers.


VAL SCHWEIGMAN& / CALEFAX Boukje Schweigman / Yannis Kyriakides Val means to fall, surrender. Falling is avoided as much as possible in a controlling society such as the one we live in. Yet, falling can also open a door to a new reality. It is no accident that the ground-breaking theatre group Schweigman& seeks to carve out a new dimension of visual theatre with Val. Mime players portray the unpredictable beauty of falling. The performance subtly plays with the laws of gravity as well as with hidden fears. The players of the reed quintet Calefax join the group and perform a brand-new work by composer Yannis Kyriakides.

Wed 6 Nov Theater aan de Parade Grote Zaal 8.30-9.45 PM c 25 / c 12.50 music / performance

Time and again, the multidisciplinary magician Boukje Schweigman has caused a sensation at Theaterfestival Boulevard. She presented the fascinating performance Huid three years ago at November Music, with Slagwerk Den Haag.


STIMMUNG II SILBERSEE Luigi Nono / Arnold Marinissen / Giuliano Bracci Wed 6 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8.30-10.30 PM € 20 / € 10 composed / music theatre

To explore the human voice in all its exquisiteness, gracefulness, and fragility. Vocal ensemble Silbersee is unparalleled in this respect. Their overall cycle, Stimmung, presents the most precious pearls in the realm of vocal acrobatics. Stimmung II takes the audience on a mystical journey through time. The Italian master Luigi Nono’s classical work Das atmende Klarsein has pride of place on the night. It is an extensive and mind-bending composition that is rarely played live. ‘An uncommonly pure Nono performance,’ was Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad enthusiastic headline. Silbersee invited two of today’s active composers to write new madrigals in response to Nono’s spiritual sound world. Dutch composer Arnold Marinissen sings the praises of nature and the passing of time. Giuliano Bracci’s composition reflects on the state of humanity in the context of the infinite universe.


YUKO KAKUTA & YUKIKO SUGAWARA Helmut Lachenmann / Mark Andre

German composer Helmut Lachenmann was the central guest at November Music 2015. His wife, the pianist Yukiko Sugawara, had a star part. She returns to ‘s Hertogenbosch this year to play a special piece written by her husband. Together with the soprano Yuko Kakuta, she performs Lachenmann’s only work for voice and piano: Got Lost. The composer interlinks texts by Friedrich Nietzsche, Fernando Pessoa, and others. In addition, the duo performs work by the composer Mark Andre who wrote a completely new piece, Job. 3.8, for Kakuta and Sugawara. His piano work iv 1 is also part of the programme. Andre, just like his teacher Lachenmann, turns into gold the most unexpected musical moments. Extremely virtuoso and vital music, which has listeners and players on the edges of their seats. Helmut Lachenmann, 83 years young, will travel to the festival for this concert.

Thur 7 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 2.30-1.45 PM € 16 / € 8 composed 2 PM interview Helmut Lachenmann and Mark Andre


COMPOSER PORTRAITS November Music has commissioned the musicologist Joep Christenhusz to portray festival composer Calliope Tsoupaki in a monograph. The bilingual publication (English/ Dutch) will be presented during the festival. Earlier parts in the series are also available. Read them on the website and/or download the PDFs. www.novembermusic. net/componistenportretten 36

VERONIQUE VAN DEN ENGH Daan Manneke / Calliope Tsoupaki / Maurice Pirenne The organ is key to Dutch composer Daan Manneke’s oeuvre. He wrote over 25 organ works in various combinations. The overwhelming spatial sound has inspired Manneke for decades. Véronique van den Engh, the regular organist of the famous instrument in Sint-Janskathedraal, plays several of Manneke’s characteristic organ pieces, including Voorspel op de naam BACH (Prelude to the name BACH).

Thur 7 Nov St John’s Cathedral 4-4.30 PM free composed

JOOST VAN BALKOM Daan Manneke The city carillonist of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Joost van Balkom, is a remarkable innovator. During November Music he plays a selection of carillon works that were created by the Dutch composer Daan Manneke, who wrote a large number of pieces for this extraordinary instrument. Featured on the programme are Harbalorifa, Concert voor 47 klokken and (..) een heldere inzet, een dagbegin.

Thur 7 Nov St John’s Cathedral 5-5.15 & 6-6.15 PM free composed 37


Thur 7 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 7-8 PM € 16 / € 8 composed

Daan Manneke, one of the Nestors of contemporary music in the Netherlands, turns 80 today. The composer has built a rich and exceedingly varied body of work down the years. Of course, November Music will not let this festive moment pass unnoticed. Pianist Ralph van Raat performs the entire piano cycle Grote Archipel (Large Archipelago); an impressive piano monument, which Manneke wrote in 2018. In it, he packed all his love and passion for the art of composing. Manneke reflects on his oeuvre in the six-movement piano piece – from his earliest work to more recent creations. Grote Archipel was written for a peloton of pianists – including Kelvin Grout, Daniel Kramer, Hannes Minnaar, and Ralph van Raat – who premiered the piece last year in a relay concert. Ralph van Raat plays the masterpiece by himself at November Music 2019.


MOVING GUITARS FLORIAN MAGNUS MAIER / PAUL EN MENNO DE NOOIJER Izhar Elias / Kenzo Kusuda A musical fantasy world that brings together the old and the new. Guitarist and composer Florian Magnus Maier and his colleague Izhar Elias let their guitars dance in the wondrous world created by the legendary artist duo Paul and Menno de Nooijer, with dancer Kenzo Kusuda. Modern music theatre as few will have seen it – with early baroque sounds, screeching guitars, absurdist projections, and mysterious dance. An ingenious performance, with a central role for Izhar Elias’ baroque guitar and Florian Magnus Maier’s electric guitar. Dancer Kenzo Kusuda tries to connect these two extremes through his seductive movement theatre. A magic pillow and the alienating images created by Paul and Menno de Nooijer quicken the imagination in a big way. Florian Magnus Maier has composed new work for the performance.

Thur 7 Nov Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal 7-8 PM € 16 / € 8 composed / rock / music & visuals / dance


MOODZ TaxiWars / Anna Meredith / DJ Gabriel Prokofiev & New European Ensemble / BeraadGeslagen / Perforator

Moodz presents bands that straddle rock music’s boundaries. No predictable verses and choruses. Instead, expect adventurous sounds and unexpected frayed edges as well as compelling melodies, exciting grooves, and energetic beats.



Thur 7 Nov

Composers are no longer afraid of the cross-fertilization between rock, dance, minimal, and classical. Anna Meredith is a shining example. Pitchfork described her as ‘one of the most innovative minds in British modern music’. Her music is an exhilarating mix of elements from minimal music, rock, film music, and dance. ‘As if you throw Steve Reich into a blender with Björk and PJ Harvey,’ according to VPRO’s 3voor12.

Wilem Twee Popzaal & Verkadefabriek 8 PM until midnight € 24 / € 12 rock / electronics / groove

DJ GABRIEL PROKOFIEV & NEW EUROPEAN ENSEMBLE Yes, he is the grandson of the famous Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. And yes, he loves classical music. That is to say, as long as it goes hand in glove with dance, hip hop beats, and electronica. DJ Gabriel Prokofiev creates zany live mixes from behind the turntables. At November Music, he will do so together with the musicians of New European Ensemble.

BERAADGESLAGEN BeraadGeslagen is a duo that consists of drummer Lander Gyselinck (STUFF.) and keyboardist/singer Fulco Ottervanger (De Beren Gieren). A musical think tank with drums, keyboards, texts, and hooters. They have been playing together for 10 years in mostly invisible venues but they are now intermittently exposing themselves to the world with disco classics that never even reached the market: groovy and unpredictable.

PERFORATOR Oboist Marlies van Gangelen and electronica wizard Akim Moiseenkov combine electronica, rock, minimal, and contemporary classical. Seeing the new absurdist programme Performania is like watching MC Escher at work. Intuitively, it makes sense and yet everything is skewed. Please visit our website to view the complete programme 41

HET ARSENAAL DER ONGELEEFDE DINGEN MAYKE NAS / TEUN HOCKS Nieuw Amsterdams Peil Thur 7 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8.30-9.30 PM € 18 / € 9 composed / music & visuals

Composer Mayke Nas and visual artist Teun Hocks join forces in a new music theatre work. With ensemble Nieuw Amsterdams Peil as musical travel companions, a fantastic evening full of surprises is guaranteed. In their tragicomic music theatre piece Het Arsenaal der Ongeleefde Dingen (The Arsenal of Things that Never Were), Nas and Hocks explore the lives that we do not experience as we make other choices. It is the first time that Mayke Nas, a former Composer Laureate, has created such a large-scale music theatre work. November Music asked her to take up this challenge. The festival has presented work by the highly original composer, who manages to surprise the audience time and again with her unique approach, since 2000. Accessible music that does not shy away from humour and absurdity. Fantasy and light-hearted humour meet in miraculous ways in the oeuvre of Dutch artist Teun Hocks. His art stirs the imagination and puts a comforting smile on people’s faces.


CAPPELLA BREDA / ASTRID HARING / VINCENT VAN AMSTERDAM Daan Manneke / Olivier Messiaen / Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck Daan Manneke is one of the Nestors of Dutch contemporary music in the Netherlands. The composer has produced a rich and extremely versatile oeuvre down the years. Naturally, November Music pays due attention to this festive moment. And with all eyes on Daan Manneke, a concert by the Cappella Breda choir, which he founded in 1976, should be part of the proceedings.

Thur 7 Nov Grote Kerk 8.45-10 PM € 16 / € 8 composed / choirs

Cappella Breda, led by Elisabeth Blom, presents a varied concert programme for choir as well as solo works for harp and accordion. Daan Manneke, who turns 80 on 7 November 2019, aka today, has decided to celebrate his birthday in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Today, he is our guest of honour. ^

His characteristic choir works Psalm 122 and the Psalmenrequiem will be played during this concert. The requiem, with a harp accompaniment, shows Manneke’s deep love for the psalm repertoire. In addition, Cappella Breda sings choir works by Sweelinck and Messiaen who continue to be inexhaustible sources of inspiration for Manneke.


NEW MUSIC CONFERENCE 2019 Buma / November Music Fri 8 Nov Verkadefabriek (various rooms) 10 AM-6 PM c 30 (until 1 Nov) / c 50 (after 1 Nov) Tickets for the New Music Conference are sold on a different website see p. 45


Are you working professionally in the music field and do you feel completely at home with November Music’s programming? Then the New Music Conference on Friday 8 November 2019 in Verkadefabriek may be just your ticket. The initiative was taken by Buma in collaboration with November Music. A day of inspiring presentations, pitches, workshops, and panel discussions on topics that matter to composers, performers, programmers, publishers, record labels, managers, and booking agents. Share your knowledge and experiences and extend your (international) network during well-facilitated matchmaking sessions or simply in the corridors. Attending the conference does not mean you have to sit still and listen all the time. Ambling around and engaging is at least equally important!

Tim Rutherford-Johnson opens the New Music Conference. The English writer, speaker, and teacher made a big impression with his first book, Music after the Fall: Modern Composition and Culture since 1989, published in 2017. As a connoisseur of 20th and 21st century music, he will zoom in on the latest international developments regarding composition and performance in his keynote speech. Numerous topical themes that are relevant to a career in new music will be discussed in the course of the day. November Music has an ample track record as a festival that is valuable to global music business professionals working in different genres and disciplines. A collaboration with Buma (Dutch collecting society) on building bridges between the creative and the business side was a logical next step. Would you like to take part in the New Music Conference? Register online via 45

NEGENDE STRIJKKWARTET GEORG FRIEDRICH HAAS Quer tetto Maurice Fri 8 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 12.30-1.15 PM € 16 / € 8 composed

The string quartets of the Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas offer unforgettable physical experiences. Several of his quartets – such as the Third and the Ninth – are played in complete darkness. Never-before-heard sounds in a just intonation will spin inside your head as the sensory music starts to possess you. The musicians reach for magical notes in the darkness; the audience is fully immersed. Haas finished his String Quartet No. 9 in 2016. It exemplifies his composition style in a masterly manner. Unusual or even unheard of tunings, scintillating tension arcs, and a huge sense of musical drama. Haas wrote the work for the American Jack Quartet. The Italian Quartetto Maurice will play this magnum opus for the first time at November Music. Please note! This concert takes place in complete darkness.


W.A.L.L. AART STROOTMAN TEMKO / Slagwerk Den Haag From firewalls to check-in gates; nobody can escape ‘the wall’. Historically, walls are often bad news. The Dutch composer, instrument builder and guitarist Aart Strootman has made it his mission to break down as many walls as possible; between musical genres as well as artistic disciplines.

Fri 8 Nov

For his newly commissioned work W.A.L.L., Strootman – the winner of the Gaudeamus Award 2017 and the Matthijs Vermeulen Award 2019 – invented and built a new set of instruments. Using microtonal tubular bells, guitars, and glass marimbas he created spectacular walls of sound. The instruments can be played live and/or images can be projected on them.


Theater aan de Parade Pleinzaal 7-8 PM c 18 / c 9

Strootman’s commissioned piece is performed by TEMKO, of which he is a member. The trio shifts freely back and forth between composed music, minimal or ambient music, progrock, and improvisations. Specifically for this concert, the ensemble has been augmented with some musicians of Slagwerk Den Haag and the guitarists Wiek Hijmans and Pete Harden. 47

METROPOLE ORKEST & COLIN BENDERS METROPOLE ORKEST & IBEYI Fri 8 Nov Theater aan de Parade Grote Zaal 8.30-11 PM € 32 / € 16 rock / jazz / electronics

The Metropole Orchestra has been a regular guest at November Music over the past years. At this edition of the festival, the orchestra plays an exclusive double concert with special guests Colin Benders and Ibeyi. Earlier, Colin Benders caused quite a stir with his Kyteman Orchestra. These days, the multitalented musician is very focused on the wondrous world of analogue synthesizers. His impressive synthesizer set-up and live performances are explosive. He presents an energetic concert, brimming with compelling rhythms that also includes dreamy sounds. After the intermission, the Metropole Orchestra shows itself from a very different side. The French-Cuban twin sisters and singers Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz perform as Ibeyi. An enchanting duo; Beyoncé is a fan. Ibeyi’s music is a sensuous mix of R&B, soul, fusion jazz, and innovative electronica with dazzling vocals in English and deep Nigerian Yoruba influences.


ENSEMBLE MODERN / SARAH MARIA SUN / UELI WIGET Iris ter Schiphorst / Enno Poppe / Zeynep Gedizlioglu / György Ligeti Zappa, Reich, or Ligeti … No composer can, or should ignore Ensemble Modern. The German collective is among the cream of the crop of contemporary music ensembles while composer Iris ter Schiphorst’s new piece is eagerly anticipated. With a background in rock and electronic music, Ter Schiphorst excels at works that make a high dramatic impact. She connected the top soprano Sarah Maria Sun with the ensemble, led by Enno Poppe, for tonight’s premiere.

Fri 8 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8.45-10 PM € 22 / € 11 composed

The evening would be incomplete without an unforgettable classic from the contemporary repertoire. Therefore, Ensemble Modern presents György Ligeti’s Piano Concerto. Virtuoso piano art with a passionate heart. Pianist Ueli Wiget plays the meaty solo part. In addition, Poppe leads the ensemble through the energetic sound splendour of his own piece Scherben and acquaints us with a new work by young Turkish composer, Zeynep Gedizlioglu. 49

THE ITALIAN CONNECTION QUARTETTO MAURICE Giuliano Bracci / Zeno Baldi / Giacinto Scelsi / Fausto Romitelli Sat 9 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 12.30-1.45 PM € 16 / € 8 composed / electronics


The Italian string quartet, Quartetto Maurice, presents a special programme which comprises compositions of their compatriots. For instance, the Tutto chiudi negli occhi quartet of promising composer Giuliano Bracci. Zeno Baldi’s Ruggine, a new work for quartet and electronica, specifically written for the Quartetto Maurice, also features on the programme. On top of this, the Italian ensemble plays one of the classical quartets composed by the Italian maestro Giacinto Scelsi, who managed to squeeze gracious beauty from a handful of notes. Finally, there are the icily magnificent electronic string sounds of Natura Morta Con Fiamme (1991), composed by Fausto Romitelli, who died far too soon.

THIS IS (NOT) A FAIRY TALE ANNE-MAARTJE LEMEREIS / KENZA KOUTCHOUKALI In the course of 12 songs, the darkly comical This is (not) a Fairy Tale introduces Stella, a young woman who frenetically tries to escape from her everyday reality by pretending she is a princess. Vocalist Merlijn Runia, pianist Anne-Maartje Lemereis, and violinist Eva Traa sing sinister themes in a humoristic manner in this commissioned piece. A theatrical song cycle with rebellious musicians, in collaboration with Kameroperahuis Zwolle.

Sat 9 Nov Theater Artemis Benedenzaal 2-3 PM â‚Ź 14 / â‚Ź 7 composed / music theatre

Anne-Maartje Lemereis sees composing and performing as inextricably linked. She playfully invites her listeners to enter her vivacious sound world. The theatre and opera director Kenza Koutchoukali has worked for the Dutch National Opera, among others. 51

NIEUWE NOTEN JAMES OESI / VINCENT VAN AMSTERDAM Christiaan Richter / Merijn Bisschops / Aya Yoshida / Boris Bezemer / A. Crespo Barba / Thomas Power Sat 9 Nov Babel Hofzaal 2-3.15 PM € 14 / € 7 composed

For this double programme, the accordionist Vincent van Amsterdam asked two Dutch composers to write a solo work for accordion. Christiaan Richter is a rising star whose work was recently played by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Now he has composed an accordion solo, Afbuigingsjuk. His influences include the musical intensity of saxophonist John Coltrane, the radical purity of electronic music, and Bach. Merijn Bisschops’ composition Far-field features subtle microtonal effects and unusual accordion registers, loosely inspired by an abstract photograph of rows of trees in the mist. In collaboration with Grachtenfestival and Gaudeamus Muziekweek, November Music challenged composers between 10 and 35 years to write a new solo work for contrabassist James Oesi, who plays the four prize-winning compositions this afternoon.


DE TOVERFLUIT (7+) De Toneelmakerij / Silbersee / Genevieve Murphy

Mozart is unrivalled when it comes to conjuring up unadulterated dream worlds in his operas. One of his bestloved works is the opera De Toverfluit (The Magic Flute). Prince Tamino uses a magic flute to rescue his beloved Pamina, who has been kidnapped. Silbersee and De Toneelmakerij’s family performance De Toverfluit has a slightly unusual ending. It morphs into a marvellous space fairy-tale that includes a cosmic all-star fight between the Sun and the Night.

Sat 9 Nov Theater aan de Parade Grote Zaal 3.30-4.45 PM € 13 / € 6.50 music theatre / family performance

Astronaut Tamino and his buddy, star-catcher Papageno, cross the galaxy in search of the splendid Pamina. Composer Genevieve Murphy shines a new light on Mozart’s timeless opera. A wild spectacle with room for beatboxers, opera singers, performers, and a female bagpipe player.


A MANUAL TOWARDS THE TRUTH BRANDAN FAEGRE / ROBIN COOPS / JONATHAN BONNY Sat 9 Nov Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal 4-4.45 PM â‚Ź 14 / â‚Ź 7 composed / performance / electronics


Social media are supposed to connect and inspire people around the world. The question is, are they not doing precisely the opposite by isolating us in small echo chambers, where our own ideas are reflected back at us? A Manual Towards The Truth was created by composer/ percussionist Brendan Faegre, percussionist Jonathan Bonny, and director/ singer Robin Coops. An audiovisual trip that relates how our curiosity is being censored. Music, theatre, choreography, light, and scenery converge in a powerful and ritualistic experience. The production is part musical performance and part audiovisual installation.

BIOPHONICA EVELIEN VAN DEN BROEK Dutch composer and performer Evelien van den Broek’s pieces have regularly been presented at November Music. Her latest work, Biophonica, is a response to the ongoing mass extinction due to human interference. Animals die on a huge scale and we are so alienated from nature that these developments appear to pass us by. Electronic beats, natural sounds, and silence merge into each other with the help of eco-soundscapes, trumpet, and analogue synthesizers. The music celebrates the strangeness, wondrousness, and diversity of nature and simultaneously mourns the roughness and aggression of its demise. As well as electronics and trumpet, the nature recordings of the American musician and soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause play a prominent part. Van den Broek looks for answers in Biophonica, supported by trumpet player Mark Nieuwenhuis.

Sat 9 Nov Babel Pleitzaal 4-4.45 PM € 14 / € 7 composed / electronics / rock


THE BODY IMITATES THE LANDSCAPE CLAUDIO F. BARONI / ADI HOLLANDER MAZE Sat 9 Nov Willem Twee Kunstruimte 4-5 & 7-8 PM â‚Ź 14 / â‚Ź 7 composed / electronics / installation

Visitors to the Willem Twee Kunstruimte can immerse themselves in the pleasure of pure sound vibrations. Composer Claudio F. Baroni and artist Adi Hollander have installed an electronic sound garden, based on a Japanese design with waterbeds and benches. These are very special beds and benches, for the relaxing locations contain built-in speakers that translate music into sound vibrations. As you take a rest, you will feel the vibrations throughout your body. Music that is not just heard but also felt. Baroni wrote a composition for the adventurous ensemble MAZE that will be performed live as part of the installation. Softly whispering voices slowly melt into dreamlike harmonic spheres.


IVES ENSEMBLE Richard Rijnvos / Willem Boogman / Alexandra Roozen

The Ives Ensemble honours the beauty of Dutch contemporary music with a Willem Boogman premiere and recent work by Richard Rijnvos, who found inspiration for Riflesso sullo spazio in Arnold Schoenberg’s Suite Op. 29. Whereas the nature of Schoenberg’s work is often hectic, Rijnvos mainly strives for quietude and contemplation. Willem Boogman engaged in collaboration with visual artist Alexandra Roozen, who produced a series of works that she turned into a film in which the sound of drawing is as important as the visual result. The film is shown first and then the premiere concert starts in which Boogman gives his musical view. ‘The gradually evolving compositions of Richard Rijnvos always create suspense... Riflesso sullo spazio offers a string of steadily undulating or shifting harmonic fields that are subtly different each time’ (****) de Volkskrant

Sat 9 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 6.45-8.15 PM € 18 / € 9 composed


TODOS LOS FUEGOS EL FUEGO MAXIM SHALYGIN Amstel Quartet / Keuris Quartet Sat 9 Nov Verkadefabriek Clubzaal 6.45-8 PM € 18 / € 9 composed / minimal

Mystical music with a high intensity and dramatic power. Composer Maxim Shalygin narrates a musical story with great dramatic tension in his new commissioned work, Todos los fuegos el fuego. The piece was written for eight saxophonists from top ensembles Amstel Quartet and Keuris Quartet. Shalygin’s source of inspiration was the eponymous novel of the Argentine writer Julio Cortázar. Magic-realistic stories that seem within reach one moment and far outside our conceivable world the next. ‘...An idiom in which wildly heterogeneous style elements enter into a strange symbiosis. Endlessly rising clusters, pulsating tone carpets with a minimalist bend, poetic-melodic intermezzos, and a quasi-orthodox hymn that grinds to a halt amid demisemitone wailing. Supported by the fantastic players of the Keuris and Amstel Quartets, Shalygin kneaded the whole shebang into a perfectly logical and self-willed discourse.’ NRC Handelsblad


ASKO|SCHÖNBERG / WU WEI / MIRIAM OVERLACH Wilber t Bulsink / Huang Ro / Ondrej Adámek / Unsuk Chin

Composers can find inspiration everywhere and in anything in their search for aural beauty and surprising timbres. For instance, exotic instruments and non-western tunings as well as self-built musical instruments. Asko|Schoenberg, led by conductor Bas Wiegers, presents a brilliant evening of concerts overflowing with unexpected sounds and colours. Contemporary music with more than a dash of eastern mystery. The Dutch composer Wilbert Bulsink was lauded for his 2018 enchanting harp concert Spelingen, for Miriam Overlach. The ensemble also plays The Lost Garden by the ChineseAmerican Huang Ruo, a former composer in residence at Concertgebouw Amsterdam, in addition to Unsuk Chin’s Fantaisie Mécanique.

Sat 9 Nov Theater aan de Parade Pleinzaal 8.45-10 PM € 20 / € 10 composed

Ondrej Adámek made big waves with instruments he made himself. His latest composition, Lost Prayer Book, is a solo concert for Chinese mouth organ aka sheng. None other than the sheng virtuoso Wu Wei will show what the instrument is capable of. This spectacular work was partially commissioned by November Music. 59


From cutting-edge improvisations to Arabic sounds and cinematic, impressionistic jazz explorations. This year, too, Colours of Improvisation offers a spectacular colour fan of musical expressions at the intersection of jazz, improvisation, and world music.

7-8 PM Free Desmyter & Bassem Hawar Project 8.45-9.45 PM Avishai Cohen Quartet 10.30-11.30 PM Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Tineke Postma


Sat 9 Nov

Takenouchi Documents The Belgian pianist Free Desmyter is fascinated by authentic Takenouchi documents from Japan; ancient writings that describe the history of humanity in a colourful and visionary way. These enigmatic documents offer Desmyter plenty of ingredients for an impressive piece of music. Classical music, oriental influences, and Arabic improvisations go hand in hand. Desmyter has assembled an 11-piece orchestra with leading roles for Bassem Hawar (djoze), Saad Mahmood Jawad (oud), and Khaled Alhafez (vocals).

Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 7-11.30 PM € 32 / € 16 jazz / world / composed

AVISHAI COHEN QUARTET The Israeli trumpeter Avishai Cohen has become one of the most important representatives of the global contemporary jazz scene thanks to his individual sound and wide open creative visor. The New York Times described him as ‘An extravagantly skilled trumpeter, relaxed and soulful... he deftly combined sensitivity and flair’. Cohen communicates with his quartet in an almost telepathic manner; the overall band sound is always his priority.

MARCIN WASILEWSKI TRIO & TINEKE POSTMA Pianist Marcin Wasilewski’s trio has been regarded as the most important Polish jazz group for over a quarter century. It played with well-known trumpeter and composer Tomasz Stanko for many years. The band will share the stage with another wind instrumentalist, Tineke Postma, at November Music 2019. The Dutch saxophonist and Boy Edgar Prize winner’s elegant power sound is acclaimed internationally. She collaborated with top-class musicians such as Ralph Alessi, Kris Davis, and Dan Weiss on her latest album. 61

BRABANT KOOR Alfred Momotenko / Sergej Rachmaninov Sat 9 Nov Jheronimus Bosch Art Center 8.45-9.45 PM € 18 / € 9 composed / choirs

Many choir lovers agree that Sergei Rachmaninov’s Vespers (1915) is among the most wondrous vocal music ever written. The Russian composer composed his masterpiece at a tumultuous time. The choir cycle runs directly counter to Schoenberg and Stravinsky’s musical revolutions. Rachmaninov based Vespers, which is still very popular, on the rich tradition of the Russian-Orthodox all-night vigil. Brabant Choir under conductor Louis Buskens performs some movements of this breath-taking work alongside a contemporary choral work by composer Alfred Momotenko. NTR ZaterdagMatinee invited him to complete a companion piece for Rachmaninovs Vespers: Na Strastnoy (‘Holy Week’) in 2017. Momotenko’s point of departure was Boris Pasternak’s eponymous poem. De Volkskrant called Momotenko’s choral work ‘A worthy counterpart for Rachmaninov’s Vespers’.


LOOP-COPY-MUTATE: BALL GAMES GENETIC CHOIR Genetic Choir is no ordinary choir. The international ensemble champions contemporary music and instant composition. It often allocates a proactive role to the audience. The ensemble also likes to collaborate with specialists from other disciplines. For the project Loop-Copy-Mutate the group goes head to head with everyday urban sounds. It engages in totally unexpected compositions and improvisations alongside laptop specialist Robert van Heumen. The Genetic Choir has developed a new angle for November Music, from which to approach Loop-CopyMutate: sport sounds. In basketball city ’s-Hertogenbosch, the ensemble joins forces with basketball club Black Eagles. No sport rivals basketball when it comes to producing intense sounds. An ideal starting point for Loop-Copy-Mutate: Ball Games.

Fri 8 Nov 4-5 PM

Sat 9 Nov 8.30-9.30 PM Babel free choirs / performance

PLUG Dictaphone / Tomaga / Graham Dunning Topical sound experiments and exciting musical performances. PLUG sees the team that organises the successful annual FAQ Festival in ’s-Hertogenbosch give an overview of today’s most relevant acts on the interface of electronica, rock, and experimental music. One of the groups is Dictaphone, from Berlin, with as central member the multi-instrumentalist Oliver Doerell. This year, for the first time, PLUG takes place in the vibrant surroundings of the WerkWarenHuis.

Sat 9 Nov Werkwarenhuis 9 AM-3 PM € 10 / € 5 rock / electronics / installations

Please visit our website to view the full programme 63

STRING QUARTET NO. 2 MORTON FELDMAN Ragazze Quar tet Sun 10 Nov Willem Twee Toonzaal 12-5.30 PM € 18 / € 9 composed

Immerse yourself in the serene sound universe of one of the most illustrious string quartets of the 20th century: Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No. 2 (1983). The work lasts no less than five hours and it breaks all records, for players as well as listeners. Being able to sit still could be handy although the otherworldly music will sweep you along in any case. After surrendering to Feldman’s trancelike sound patterns, resistance is futile. Feldman’s music is sometimes compared to the fine-mazed weave of oriental carpets (Feldman himself was a passionate collector). The performance of Feldman’s String Quartet No. 2 was one of the highlights of the last Minimal Music Festival in Amsterdam. The Ragazze Quartet creates extraordinary musical moments at every edition of November Music. This concert, too, promises to be a unique experience.


DE PARAPLU (4+) Nicoline Soeter / Klaar tje van Veldhoven / Renée Bekkers a/o

Quibus is a little dog that finds a red umbrella. It looks very ordinary. Until the wind lifts it up and Quibus has to come along for the ride! He is blown around the world and has fantastic adventures. He dances on the clouds, dives into the ocean, hangs between bats. And in the end, he just wants to be back in his own bed. The lively music theatre performance De Paraplu (The Umbrella) by composer Nicoline Soeter and vocalist Klaartje van Veldhoven is based on the eponymous picture book created by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. The little black dog is a classic hero to many. Fly along with Nicoline Soeter’s sonorous atmospheric music, Annechien Koerselman’s imaginative direction, and Floortje Schoevaart’s funny texts.

Sun 10 Nov Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal 1-1.45 & 3-3.45 PM € 10 / € 5 music theatre / children’s concert


TIGRAN HAMASYAN with special guest Mathias Eick Sun 10 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 1.30-2.45 PM € 22 / € 11 jazz / world

Jazz aficionados have already put this date in their diary: a meeting between the iconic musical gourmands Tigran Hamasyan and Mathias Eick. Tigran hails from Armenia and embodies his very own contemporary jazz category. “Tigran jazz” is an abundant fountain of refreshing musical ideas. No genre is safe. Like a gold digger, the pianist searches for gems in folk music, American jazz, progmetal, postrock. Everything he finds is formed together into a walloping and idiosyncratic amalgam. During this special concert, Tigran will be accompanied by the Norwegian trumpeter Mathias Eick who combines space and silence with compelling melodies derived from folk and rock. His freewheeling jazz jaunts are much appreciated by big names such as Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, and the band Jaga Jazzist.


YAZZ AHMED Yazz Ahmed is a prime example of a highly original musical voice in the flourishing British jazz scene. The British/Bahraini trumpeter mixes elements from Arabic music, electronica, and jazz into an intoxicating and sometimes even psychedelic whole.

Sun 10 Nov

Ahmed collaborated with a raft of musicians and groups, ranging from Radiohead and Nile Rodgers to Arturo O’Farrill. Her album La Saboteuse (2017) did not go unnoticed and was favourably reviewed. The Wire elected it as Jazz Album of the Year. Her new album Polyhymnia will be issued by Ropeadope Records in October. Ahmed plays with her regular quartet at November Music.

jazz / world

Verkadefabriek Clubzaal 3.30-5 PM € 16 / € 8



AD PARNASSUM Calliope Tsoupaki / Mathilde Wantenaar / Maurice van Loon Sun 10 Nov Grote Kerk & Jheronimus Bosch Art Center 4.15-4.45 & 5.30-6 PM € 18 / € 9 composed / choirs

A double concert in two marvellous locations. Collegium Vocale Eindhoven under Ruud Huijbregts sings the newly commissioned work Planctus Cygni by Gerard Beljon, with leading roles for the sopranos Rianne Wilbers and Sabra El Bahri Khatri as well as duduk player Raphaela Danksagmüller. It starts at 4.15 PM. Spiritual music in which past and present blend. The content links to the refugee crisis in Europe. Beljon likes to interweave sounds from East and West with the sacral intensity of early music. The Ad Parnassum chamber choir under conductor Anthony Zielhorst performs Paraklitikon by festival composer Calliope Tsoupaki in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center at 5.30 PM. For this piece, she combined two succinct Greek psalm texts with slowly shifting music in a subtly bifurcated voice web. Music as a vocal cloud. Pieces by two younger Dutch composers, Maurice van Loon and upcoming talent Mathilde Wantenaar, are bookending the Tsoupaki classic.



Composer Joël Bons’ sophisticated piece Nomaden, for the exotic Atlas Ensemble, was an instant classic. Bons has received the prestigious American Grawemeyer Award for this work since then. Propelled by his successful master’s piece, Bons subsequently composed Thirty Situations, an impassioned ode to the versatility and daring of Nieuw Ensemble under conductor Ed Spanjaard. Het Parool wrote, ‘A grandiose new piece that continues to engross for the entire hour.’ The subject matter is the contrast between fragmentation and continuity. We often experience life as disconnected and yet it is a constant flow. The work is a succession of fragmented elements presented as a large continuum – a mosaic of various ‘situations’ in alternating musical flows.

Sun 10 Nov Verkadefabriek Grote Zaal 8.30-9.45 PM € 20 / € 10 composed

Financial problems are forcing Nieuw Ensemble to discontinue its activities, after 39 years, at the end of 2019. November Music is proud to stage one of the last concerts by this fantastic ensemble during the festival’s closing night.



Free of entrance

THE BODY IMITATES THE LANDSCAPE Claudio F. Baroni / Adi Hollander Sat 2, Sun 3, Sat 9 & Sun 10 11 AM-5 PM Mon 4 through Wed 6 Nov 9 AM-5.30 PM Fri 1, Thur 7 & Fri 8 9 AM-7 PM Willem Twee Kunstruimte

Composer Claudio F. Baroni and artist Adi Hollander have installed an electronic sound garden, based on a Japanese design, with waterbeds and benches. Very special beds and benches, for inside these relaxing locations are built-in speakers that translate music into sound vibrations. A live concert will take place inside the installation on Saturday 9 November at 4 & 7 PM

4’33 Germaine Sijstermans / Bart van Dongen / Richard Venlet / Ekaterina Kaplunova / Florette Dijkstra Sat 2 & Sun 3 Nov 12.30-5 PM Mon 4 through Sun 10 Nov 2-5 PM Galerie Mieke van Schaijk

The audience can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the festival in 4’33. The installation Auditorium For Distracted Intelligence by artists Richard Venlet and Ekaterina Kaplunova can be experienced in Mieke van Schaijk’s gallery (formerly Artuarium). The opening is on Saturday 2 November, at 12.30 PM, with a reading by artist Florette Dijkstra. Clarinettist Germaine Sijstermans performs in the chapel accompanied by her ensemble, and Bart van Dongen plays a vintage harmonium from 4 through 10 November between 3.30 and 4.30 PM. During his performances, Van Dongen enters into dialogue with other musicians as well as with Venlet and Kaplunova’s installation.

RETURN TO ZERO Mathijn den Duijf / Mathijs Leeuwis Tues 5 & Wed 6 Nov 7-8 PM Verkadefabriek Matzer


A shared love for analogue electronic music, organic soundscapes, and tape loops fuelled an intensive collaboration between Mathijn den Duijf and Mathijs Lcenturyis and saw them develop a fully analogue sound installation that is continuously subject to change. Tape loops, regular instruments, and external sounds are forged into new aural landscapes on the spot.

Sun 3 Nov

Kunst muziek Route On foot or rather by bike? This is one of many dilemmas that you may face during November Music’s ‘traditional’ ArtmusicRoute. Beautiful locations in the city centre will open their doors to audiences wanting to attend concerts between 11.30 AM and 6 PM. A single ticket gives you the opportunity to choose from some 25 different concerts and performances. You can compose your own programme in this way. Most concerts are performed multiple times to make the choice easier. And whereas the concerts are arranged in routes, these are merely suggestions.

Sun 3 Nov Various locations 11.30 AM-6 PM € 22 / € 11

HOW DOES IT WORK? You can exchange your ArtmusicRoute ticket for a wristband at any concert location on the day. The wristband provides access to all concerts. There are limited places at each concert so make sure you arrive on time. Once the maximum number has been reached, no one will be allowed into the venue. Wristbands can also be bought on the door at various locations. See page 72 and further for more information on the ArtmusicRoute concerts. The schedule can be found on pages 12 & 13. 71


REMY. X BAND 4.15-5.30 PM Willem Twee Poppodium rock / minimal music / electronics


The Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren became an established name in classical music at record pace. And yet, he has radically changed course and given free rein to his appetite for rock. He worked with the celebrated British singer-songwriter and producer Fink on his latest album Shadows. The harpist says his influences include the atmospheric experiments by acts such as Bon Iver, James Blake, and Radiohead. Drummer Mischa Porte, hornist Morris Kliphuis, and keyboardist Jasper Slijderink join him on the stage.


FOR THE TIME BEING / TRANSIT MICHEL VAN DER AA Nieuw Amsterdams Peil Nieuw Amsterdams Peil’s programme features two works by composer Michel van der Aa, one of the most renowned and laurelled Dutch composers. Van der Aa found inspiration for the three-movement For the time being in the writings of the Scottish poet Carol Ann Duffy. His intensely poetic cycle is performed by violinist Heleen Hulst, pianist Gerard Bouwhuis, soprano Bernadeta Astari, and contrabassist Dario Calderone. Bouwhuis also plays a leading role in the impressive performance Transit in which the pianist’s movements engage in mysterious interaction with the movements of a screen actor.

1.30-2 PM & 2.30-3 PM Babel Pleitzaal composed / rock

POLAR (PREVIEW) HELGE SLIKKER Iceland’s desolate landscapes are fascinating to singersongwriter Helge Slikker. The myths and legends are a source of inspiration for his new theatrical concert Polar; he will present a preview at November Music 2019. He submerges himself in an imaginative world, together with producer/musician Dave Menkehorst as well as with the audience. Madeleine Matzer is his artistic adviser

12-12.45 PM & 2-2.45 PM Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal singer-songwriter 73


ERIC VLOEIMANS & MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN 1.30-2 PM, 2.30-3 PM & 3.30-4 PM Grote Kerk jazz / composed

A trumpet meeting between top jazz musicians from the Netherlands and Germany. Markus Stockhausen is a musical boundary-straddler who deftly skims over the higher regions of jazz, contemporary composed music, and world music. Eric Vloeimans barely requires an introduction. Owing to his love for atmospheric experiments, he is an ideal sparring partner for Stockhausen. Apart from the duo works, Vloeimans plays a solo work that festival composer Calliope Tsoupaki wrote specifically for him. The encounter promises to be a true sound fest, considering the Grote Kerk’s generous acoustics.

NARCISSUS CALLIOPE TSOUPAKI Heleen Hulst & Gerard Bouwhuis 4.30-5 PM Babel Pleitzaal composed


Pianist Gerard Bouwhuis and violinist Heleen Hulst reprise Tsoupaki’s successful piece Narcissus, commissioned by November Music in 2013. Six years later, the composer has arranged the chamber music work for violin and piano. Narcissus is a musical drama in the purest sense of the word, i.e. without text, libretto, or song but full of dramatic tension, albeit in a chamber music setting.


ERIK BOSGRAAF Calliope Tsoupaki Concerts featuring recorder player Erik Bosgraaf are an intense experience. ‘Bosgraaf’s virtuosity and, above all, his indisputable understanding of every note are impressive,’ wrote Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad. Calliope Tsoupaki, the current Composer Laureate of the Netherlands, has written a brand-new piece for him as part of a series of solo works for various instruments that are being performed live at Podium Witteman this year. Bosgraaf will also enter into a brief improvisation duet with ney player Sinan Arat.

1.30-2 PM & 2.30-3 PM Museum Slager composed

MATTHIJS KOENE Calliope Tsoupaki / Steve Reich / Ron Ford / Bruno Culotti Matthijs Koene is regarded worldwide as one of today’s most prominent panpipe players. His vision and manner of playing have expanded the technical possibilities and expression of the instrument. Composers such as Guus Janssen, Theo Loevendie, and Martijn Padding wrote pieces for him. Koene plays a diverse concert at the ArtmusicRoute. The programme includes Reed Phase by Steve Reich and two of Calliope Tsoupaki’s recent works. Erik Bosgraaf is a special guest.

11.30 AM-12 PM & 12.30-1 PM Babel Hofzaal composed



MAYA YOUSSEF TRIO 3.30-4.45 PM Verkadefabriek Clubzaal world / jazz / composed

Maya Youssef from Syria creates passionate magic on the qanûn, an elegant traditional table harp from the Middle East. She is a superb musician who is highly attuned to the times we live in as she subtly blends Arabic melodies with elements from flamenco and jazz. Traces of Turkish and Armenian folk music can also be found in her playing. Youssef is a real star in the UK; she performed at The Proms. ‘Amid the rich Middle Eastern textures are echoes of everything from baroque strings to Philip Glass,’ as The Financial Times wrote in praise of her music.

SEBASTIAAN VAN BAVEL TRIO ft. Chiranjib Chakrabor ty & Niti Ranjan Biswas 12.30-1.15 PM & 1.45-2.30 PM Verkadefabriek Clubzaal jazz / world 76

November Music gave carte blanch to pianist Sebastiaan van Bavel, who won a Jazz Edison with his trio five years ago. The music they play contains elements of western jazz, intermingled with classical Indian music. His engagement with the Indian improvisational arts has deepened as a result of this special project. Singer Chiranjib Chakraborty and tabla player Niti Ranjan Biswas are featured guests.


MOTAMEDI TONY OVERWATER Chamber Choir JIP / Ghaeth Almaghoot / Nawras Altaky Composer Tony Overwater combines the eternal melodic glow of choir singing with the compelling solo playing of oud player Nawras Altaky and clarinettist Ghaeth Almaghoot in his choir work Motamedi. Overwater has expressed his passion for eastern music in numerous projects over many years. Chamber Choir JIP, together with both soloists, premiered Motamedi in 2018. Visitors are also treated to high-spirited improvisations by the Almaghoot and Altaky duo. Chamber Choir JIP will sing a second choir work.

1.30-2 PM & 3.30-4 PM Noordbrabants Museum Statenzaal world / composed / choirs

SINAN ARAT The tenuous and mysterious sounds of the ney touch the heart. Turkish musician Sinan Arat, who lives in the Netherlands, is a master on this flute from the Middle East. His refined breathing technique enables him to capture the magic of the moment like no other as he seduces the audience with emotive sounds that break all barriers. Arat has worked successfully with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and shone in the music theatre performance Casablanca by Matzer Theaterproducties in the spring.

11.30 AM-12 PM & 12.30-1 PM Museum Slager world



THE RIOT ENSEMBLE Rebecca Saunders / Laurence Osborn 11.30 AM-12 PM, 1-1.30 PM, 2.30-3 PM & 4-16.30 PM Willem Twee Toonzaal composed


The young English composer Laurence Osborn is one of the most remarkable and active British musical talents of the moment. He is George Benjamin’s student. This year alone, he has been writing new work for the Britten Sinfonia and the New London Chamber Choir. His three-movement song cycle Ctrl. can be heard at the ArtmusicRoute. Rebecca Saunders’ recent probing piece Stirrings Still III for seven musicians will also be performed. The work is made up of static sound structures that offer ever-changing perspectives and vistas, according to the composer. The Riot Ensemble from London – which will perform work by Georg Friedrich Haas on 2 November – has played more than 200 British and world premiere concerts since 2012.


TRANCE MAP EVAN PARKER & MATT WRIGHT Saxophonist Evan Parker is the icon of British improvised music. He turned 75 in the spring and still manages to astound everyone with his perfect technique and famous circular breathing. Parker has a fabulously impressive track record; he collaborated with Peter Brötzmann, Michael Nyman, John Zorn, Fred Frith, and David Sylvian. His love for live electronic music will get a new lease of life at the ArtmusicRoute. Together with the British composer (and turntable and sample artist) Matt Wright he presents the Trance Map project; a sound tapestry of field recordings, record collages, samples, and live processing acts as the springboard for Parker’s avant-garde sax improvisations.

1-1.30 PM, 3-3.30 PM & 5-5.30 PM Jazzwerkplaats jazz

ZUBIN KANGA Alexander Schuber t / Nicole Lizée The British pianist Zubin Kanga has made a name for himself with his highly original take on the modern piano recital. Kanga interacts with virtual technology, animation art, film, and 3D techniques during his performances. He has already worked with composers such as Thomas Adès and Steve Reich. When executing Alexander Schubert’s WIKI-PIANO.NET, Kanga invites the audience to contribute live to the creation of the music piece. On top of this, the pianist plays Scorcese Etudes by the Canadian composer Nicole Lizée, in which iconic film fragments from director Martin Scorsese’s oeuvre provide explosive sample materials for a virtuoso piano piece.

2-2.30 PM, 3.30-4 PM & 5-5.30 PM Verkadefabriek Cabaretfirma composed



BROKEN MIRRORS BRENDAN FAEGRE 12-12.30 PM, 2-2.30 PM & 4-4.30 PM Pand 18 composed / rock / minimal music

The American drummer, composer, and bandleader Brendan Faegre writes intense and almost physical works that can be heard as well as felt. Influences from rock, minimal, jazz, and even Hindustani music collide with each other in his pieces. Faegre adds dramatic elements to his compositions at certain points. Broken Mirrors is a journey for drums, analogue synthesizer, and backing tracks that takes half an hour. A one-man band with the composer at the helm. The audience is agreeably surrounded by live drum sounds and an effervescent soundscape.

TIERKREIS, A MUSIC FASHION FILM NEREA VERA 12.30-1 PM & 1.30-2 PM Verkadefabriek Filmzaal 5 composed / music & visuals


The German avant-garde pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen used the twelve signs of the zodiac as point of departure for his famous composition cycle, Tierkreis (1975). Nerea Vera, a musician and film maker who is active in the Netherlands, feels at home in Stockhausen’s exuberant dream world. She found inspiration for her latest project in Stockhausen’s classical and mysterious composition. Vera condenses elements from the world of fashion, painting, and music in a highly individual and poetic way in her enchanting film project Tierkreis, a music fashion film.


HOW TO PLAY THE TRIANGLE: ON BERNSTEIN, CHA-CHA & SONGS TATIANA KOLEVA & YOUTH PERCUSSION POOL Leonard Bernstein / Vanessa Lann / David Dramm a/o Did you ever want to be part of an orchestra? Let’s start the easy way by playing the triangle. Piece of cake? Or maybe not... Take up this challenge with the Youth Percussion Pool and percussionist Tatiana Koleva. Leonard Bernstein’s inspiring personality and music are the leitmotivs of the festive concert How To Play The Triangle: On Bernstein, Cha-Cha & Songs. For this programme, Koleva invited four American composers who have been living in the Netherlands for years to write a new piece: David Dramm, Ron Ford, Ned McGowan, and Vanessa Lann. The performance promises to be spectacular. The musicians play inside a scaffolding-like construction that consists of several gigantic triangles, which are also used as instruments.

1-1.30 PM, 3-3.30 PM & 5.30-6 PM Verkadefabriek Matzer composed / minimal music



SOUNDS LIKE JUGGLING! Arthur Wagenaar / Dianne Verdonk / Guido van Hout 1.30-2 PM, 3-3.30 PM & 4.30-5 PM Werkwarenhuis performance / electronics


Breaking out of patterns and the art of detachment. Every artist is a juggler of sorts. The composer and theatremaker Arthur Wagenaar is testing out novel hybrid combinations – music and theatre, concert and performance – in his work. This time, Wagenaar focuses on the art of juggling. Together with juggler/ theatremaker Guido van Hout and instrument designer Dianne Verdonk, he has constructed instruments that are operated via juggling acts and object manipulation. Two worlds merge and create an entirely new entity. The juggling patterns and movements turn into sounds; rhythms and musical structures trigger juggling patterns.


LOOPS Mervyn Groot / Ytsje Rosier Many musicians and theatremakers have started to think deeply about the superficial stereotypes that apply to men and women at the present time. Makers Mervyn Groot and Ytsje Rosier opted for a very special approach for their provocative performance, Loops: pole dance art and contemporary percussion music subtly fuse into a whole. Pole dancer Rosier embarks on a seductive dance that is directed by drummer Mervyn Groot. A hot-blooded duel unfolds that pitches man against woman.

11.30 AM-12 PM & 1-1.30 PM Bij Katrien (v/h Bank van Leening) music theatre / composed / installation

MUSIQUE CONCRÈTE Cecilia Arditto / Alu Montorfano Cecilia Arditto’s installation Musique Concrète is a surrealist play of sound and light staged in the dark. Two players deploy sound objects, tapes, and image projectors (magic lanterns) to conjure up a spatial and magical ritual. Using simple resources, the players create a seductive cinematic fantasy world. Cecilia Arditto operates the magic lanterns while her colleague Alu Montorfano takes care of sound matters.

2-2.30 PM, 3-3.30 PM & 4-4.30 PM Design Museum Den Bosch music theatre / composed 83


IN PARADISUM / EMPTY CHAIRS Cathy van Eck 12.30-1 PM, 2-2.30 PM & 3.30-4 PM Bij Katrien (v/h Bank van Leening) electronics / composed / music theatre

Sound artist and composer Cathy van Eck is every inch an explorer albeit an uncommonly poetic one. Her artistic output consists of performances with live electronics and installations around sound objects that she often designs herself. Some surprising examples are on display at the ArtmusicRoute. Dadaist and surrealist influences are never far away. She creates wondrous worlds where every detail counts. In Paradisum sees her eating an apple as she tries to capture the ideal sound for eating an apple. In the course of Empty Chairs, she continues to reposition chairs in different places. Owing to the sensors underneath the chairs, every movement and realignment of the chair changes the musical composition.

GERMAINE SIJSTERMANS 12.30-1 PM, 2-2.30 PM & 3.30-4 PM Galerie Mieke van Schaijk composed / performance


Silence, sound, space, and light. Composer and clarinettist Germaine Sijstermans likes to play around with these elements. Sijstermans’ repertoire contains many works of composers who are linked to the famous Wandelweiser label, an international publishing operation that specialises in tranquil, meditative music and minimalist sound adventures in the vein of John Cage and Morton Feldman. Sijstermans will present new work at the ArtmusicRoute in which spatiality, minimal movement, and silence play an important part.

ENSEMBLES AMPA / fc JONGBLOED The student ensemble fc Jongbloed has been surprising audiences with its programmes for more than 11 years. Of course they will again take part this year. Former member Aart Strootman is the artistic director; quality and creativity are therefore guaranteed. Works by Calliope Tsoupaki and composer Anthony Fiumara’s students are included in the programme. Fiumara’s appointment in 2018 led to a flourishing composition practice among students. fc Jongbloed alternates with other AMPA ensembles comprising students at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg.

AMPA ROUTE KUNST MUZIEK ROUTE 12-12.30 PM, 1-1.3 PM, 2-2.30 PM & 3-3.30 PM Azijnfabriek



MORE ABOUT MUSIC Would you like to find out more about the motives that drive a composer or musician and/or about the stories behind the music? The audience can take a look behind the scenes in connection with various activities. Most are free. Additional information and the up-to-date schedule can be found on our website


Claudia Molitor

Thur 7 Nov | 2 PM Willem Twee Toonzaal

Helmut Lachenmann and Mark Andre A concert ticket gives access to the interviews

READINGS AND MEETINGS Sat 2 Nov | 12.30 PM Galerie Mieke van Schaijk

Florette Dijkstra Een onmogelijke lezing over stilte [in Dutch]

Sat 2 Nov | 5.30 PM Babel

Book presentation Calliope Tsoupaki

Sun 3 Nov | 6.45 PM Grote Kerk

Martin Hoondert over de verhouding tussen het christendom, jodendom en islam [in Dutch]

Mon 4 Nov | 11 PM Verkadefabriek

Cathy van Eck Krakende appels en zingende stoelen: transformaties in de geluidskunst [in Dutch]

Tues 5 Nov | 4 PM Verkadefabriek

Dans en Muziek (with DansBrabant)

Tues 5 Nov | 5 PM Verkadefabriek

Kristel van Issum & Han Stubbe The Soldier Filmpremière (with DansBrabant) Free of entrance



Workshop Evan Parker & Matt Wright In the context of Music Hub Brabant

Thur 7 through Sun 10 Nov

International visitors’ programme for programmers and festival directors from abroad (with Dutch Performing Arts)

Thur 7 Nov

Impro workshop for musicians, dancers, and theatremakers (with DanceBrabant)

Fri 8 Nov

New Music Conference for composers, musicians, programmers, journalists, and other professionals (with Buma)



The Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) at Fontys University of the Arts (FHK) in Tilburg has aligned its project week with November Music 2019 and there will be various activities, such as workshops and masterclasses, for students of the classical, jazz, and composition departments. Students can visit concerts, AMPA ensembles perform at the ArtmusicRoute, and a student of composer and teacher Anthony Fiumara has written new work for Matthijs Koene.

The November Music concerts will be broadcast by NTR, VPRO, Stingray, Djazz, and the Concertzender.

EDUCATION Cultural education is very important when it comes to boosting the appreciation for (and understanding of) new music among children and young people. November Music is inviting primary school and secondary school students to attend workshops, readings, concerts, and guided tours, for example in connection with the sound installations in WerkWarenHuis. November Music runs a workshop for secondary school students from ’s-Hertogenbosch during the annual Uitlokdag (a day of cultural challenges for local students). 87

COMPOSER IN FOCUS The work of the Greek/Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki (Piraeus, 1963) combines the best of different worlds. She forges her very own sound universe in which melancholy has a light-footed appeal and tragedy is infused with vitality and a zest for life, as she takes on board East and West, early music and new music, mysticism and mythology. Byzantine Christ icons sometimes seem to show two faces simultaneously. One is sad, the other joyful. Tsoupaki’s music sounds similar. Not contradictory but with double the meaning; as rich as life itself. Calliope Tsoupaki was appointed the third Composer Laureate of the Netherlands in 2018. She will hold this position until 2020. In earlier festival editions, she


was a frequent guest at November Music. She is our composer in focus this year and has been commissioned by November Music to compose the Bosch Requiem 2019, entitled Liknon, which will be performed on 2 November in Theater aan de Parade (p. 23). Her works are also played by Ad Parnassum (p. 68), Erik Bosgraaf, Matthijs Koene, Heleen Hulst & Gerard Bouwhuis, Eric Vloeimans (p. 74 & 75), and fc Jongbloed (p. 85) during the festival. A monograph on Tsoupaki’s work and motives by the music journalist Joep Christenhusz will be published as this year’s installment of our series of Composer Portraits.

COMMISSIONED WORKS November Music commissions various Dutch and international composers and makers to compose pieces each year. It collaborates with other festivals, venues, and ensembles to guarantee multiple performances. COMMISSIONED IN 2019 INTERNATIONAL Georg Friedrich Haas Solstices in collaboration with The Riot Ensemble p. 20 Ondrej Adรกmek Lost Prayer Book in collaboration with Asko|Schoenberg, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Artstiftung NRW, Philharmonia Orchestra, Ensemble 2e2m p. 59 THE NETHERLANDS Calliope Tsoupaki Liknon p. 23 Mayke Nas Het Arsenaal der Ongeleefde Dingen In collaboration with DAAD p. 42 Aart Strootman W.A.L.L. In collaboration with Gaudeamus Muziekweek p. 47 Jesse Passenier Alan p. 14 Jesse Passenier Division p. 16 Bianca Bongers Surrounded by air Axppearance III p. 32

Anne-Maartje Lemereis This is (not) a Fairy Tale In collaboration with Kameroperahuis Zwolle p. 51 Maxim Shalygin Todos los fuegos el fuego In collaboration with Dag in de Branding p. 58 Gerard Beljon Planctus Cygni p. 68 Aya Yoshida / Boris Bezemer / A. Crespo Barba / Thomas Power New work for contrabas in collaboration with Grachtenfestival and Gaudeamus Muziekweek p. 52







1 H






2 Willem Twee Poppodium Boschdijkstraat 100



6 Galerie Mieke van Schaijk







10 Willem Twee Toonzaal

19 Azijnfabriek Bethaniestraat 4






16 Babel Hinthamerstraat 74

Jeroen Boschplein 2





15 Pand 18 St. Josephstraat 18

18 Jheronimus Bosch Art Center




14 Theater Artemis Predikheerenpoort 50

17 Bij Katrien Schilderstraat 33



13 Sint-Janskathedraal Torenstraat 16



12 Museum Slager Choorstraat 8




11 Theater aan de Parade Parade 23





Prins Bernhardstraat 4-6


9 Design Museum Den Bosch De Mortel 4



8 Noordbrabants Museum Verwersstraat 41




Burgemeester Loeffplein 70H

7 Grote Kerk Kerkstraat 20




5 Werkwarenhuis Tramkade 24




4 Jazzwerkplaats Tramkade 26



3 Willem Twee Kunstruimte Boschdijkstraat 100




1 Verkadefabriek Boschdijkstraat 45










































































































































PRACTICAL INFORMATION November Music 2019 takes place in various locations in ’s-Hertogenbosch. The central festival hub is the Sun Room in Verkadefabriek. It is an excellent location to have a drink and lounge to the music played by our DJs.

TICKET SALES November Music 2019 tickets can be purchased via or at the Verkadefabriek booking office (T 00 31 73 681 8160). You can buy tickets at the venue where the concert takes place (unless sold out) throughout the festival.

DISCOUNT PASS XL Would you like to attend multiple concerts during November Music 2019? Opt for the Festival pass XL (â‚Ź 37.50). The pass is personal and you will get 50 percent off each concert ticket. Please purchase the discount pass first and do not order tickets until you have received our confirmation email!


ACCESSIBILITY & PARKING November Music 2019 takes place in various locations in ’s-Hertogenbosch (see p. 90). Verkadefabriek is the central festival hub, which is easily accessible by train or car. There is ample parking space near Verkadefabriek. When visiting other concert venues in the city centre, we advise you to use the parking garages Wolvenhoek or St.-Jan. When visiting multiple locations in one day, renting an OV-fiets (public bicycle) may be handy.

STAYING IN ’S-HERTOGENBOSCH A visit to November Music for several days is not just worth it for the music. There is a great atmosphere in ’s-Hertogenbosch with its historic and hospitable city centre. An ideal destination for a longer visit! A range of hotels and B&Bs offers overnight accommodation.

CONTACT November Music Boschdijkstraat 45 5211 VD ’s-Hertogenbosch



The Dioraphte Foundation supports artistic and cultural projects of a high qualitative standard with a national or international reach. November Music, too, can count on our support this year in order to facilitate its international programming for a broad audience. Culture is a treasure that everyone should share. Not then but now.

Owing to our support for November Music, extraordinary compositions by Dutch makers are given additional opportunities. Buma supports and promotes contemporary music and jazz made by composers and lyricists from the Netherlands.






November Music is the festival for adventurous music lovers. Each year, it brings together the most original and progressive makers and musicians from around the world who do not go with the flow or swim against the tide but create their own new movements and trends. November Music 2019 presents around 90 concerts in a variety of genres with the Bosch Requiem, Calliope Tsoupaki, the Metropole Orchestra & Colin Benders, Ensemble Modern, Schweigman&, Tigran Hamasyan, Avishai Cohen, Mayke Nas, Helmut Lachenmann and many others.

Profile for November Music

November Music 2019 brochure (English)  

Festival November Music in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) presents over 90 concerts between November 1 - 10. Music on the edge with infl...

November Music 2019 brochure (English)  

Festival November Music in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) presents over 90 concerts between November 1 - 10. Music on the edge with infl...