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The Quarterly Newsletter of NOV Elmar™ Issue 15

Quarter 1 2014

NOV Elmar Technology Update Introducing the LineMinder The LineMinder is a wireline unit display device, developed to offer an intuitive user interface. Designed using components which can withstand extreme climates, the LineMinder will benefit NOV Elmar customers from the humid Middle East to the sub-zero Arctic regions. Available in two versions, the ‘LineMinder Slickline’ and the powerful ‘LineMinder Logging’ will aim to replace the SmartDisplay and SmartMonitor product range as they reach the end of their life cycle. Initially available as a retro-fit kit, LineMinder products will offer robust cases for fitting in new winch products or stand-alone cases as a replacement or alternative to other products on the market. Roller Conveyance System (RCS)

Wireline Roller Conveyance System (RCS) CS)

The RCS product is a registered design

The NOV Elmar RCS (Roller Conveyance System) is used to facilitate the movement of a slickline tool string along a highly deviated well. The fluted body is designed for maximum fluid bypass and the helical twist allows multiple ball contact with the tubing wall. This simple design comprises a machined body fitted with several magnetic stainless steel BTUs (Ball Transfer Units) and Inconel retaining rings. Due to the limited number of different components, assembly and BTU replacement is easy. Fitted with PTFE scraper seals the RCS is self-lubricating and self-cleaning and, as the balls are made from a non-metallic compound, abrasive wear is unlikely. The RCS is available in a range of sizes to cover all toolstring diameters including 1 1/2” 1 7/8”, 2 1/8” & 2 1/2”, allowing access to all standard tubing sizes.

NOV Elmar developers working on the RCS design

Umbilical Reelers With increased demand for the development of subsea wells, NOV Elmar has re-energised its range of subsea umbilical reelers, which are used to control subsurface equipment. Built to the highest specification, including DNV and NORSOK standards, the reelers are either pneumatic or hydraulic-driven. They can be fitted with up to 12-way hydraulic slip-rings and multiple electrical slip-rings to maintain control of the subsea system while deploying or retrieving the umbilical. In addition to theirr full safety features (full guards, limit switches and ESD buttons) the umbilicals can be spooled, flushed and certified to the appropriate NAS standards to ensure the unit is operational on dispatch.

Subsea umbilical reeler

NOV Elmar - In Pictures NOV Elmar operates internationally in the UK, Netherlands, Americas, Far East, Middle East and CIS. Below is a snap shot of some of our manufacturing operations and staff from across these locations.
















1. The OneTruck at Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, September 2013 2. The interior of the OneTruck at Offshore Europe kitted out like a pub to entice NOV Elmar’s new and potential clients, customers and friends 3. Sreejesh Menon Changirath, Middle East sales manager, and his new wife Deepthy 4. Far East team who secured a contract valued at over $12million for the supply of a wide range of NOV Elmar products to a Malaysian oil and gas service company 5. Paulo Oshiro inspecting Hardness of Plug parts at NOV Elmar’s Brazil division 6. Cristiano and Marcos inspecting parts for major recertification at NOV Elmar’s Brazil division 7. Murdo Bain and the Singapore management team were honoured to host Mr. Pete Miller and the entire board of NOV when they visited the NOV Elmar Singapore plant 8. Client in front of CombiTruck at Aberdeen division 9. NOV Elmar Christmas jumpers 10. Slickline Set 11. The Factory Acceptance team for a $5.4million Far East contract win 12. Handing over SlimLine model to customer at NOV Elmar NL 13. NOV Elmar’s K-WINCH FlyLine units ready for delivery to client 14. NOV Elmar NL workshop 15. NOV Elmar NL employee Pieter-Jan Koppelaar working on an e-box

NOV Elmar News Service After Sales (SAS) Since its inception in late 2010, NOV Elmar’s SAS Department has played an extremely important role in the growth of our business, and has differentiated us from other suppliers of Well Service Equipment. Worldwide, the SAS team has a workforce of more than 100 people, which is increasing steadily as our business grows. We have SAS-dedicated management and support teams based in Houston, Aberdeen, Singapore, Perth, Dubai, Norway and Brazil, with an additional facility planned for 2014 in Lafayette, USA. Underpinning the above services, NOV Elmar utilises a unique CRM case management system, enabling customer queries to be monitored globally, ensuring cases are handled professionally and avoiding recurrences. In addition, we have a dedicated professional engineering team assigned to SAS. This is a significant differentiator in the marketplace and underlines our level of commitment when it comes to responding to engineering queries and backup services. To contact Elmar’s SAS department, visit and either use the online request form, or contact one of our regional facilities.

Spare Parts

NOV Elmar technician with extensive spare parts supply

As a major provider of Well Services Equipment, NOV Elmar prides itself in the availability of spares, with our dedicated spares teams offering a crucial service advising on specific components and relevant spares supply. 2014 spares holding will stand in excess of $25m.

NOV Elmar technician performing a WPCE service

WPCE service, repair, maintenance and recertification As one of the largest suppliers of WPCE this service has been crucial, both to our customers and also internally for rental equipment. In 2014, NOV Elmar has committed to increasing our global capacity by 100%, both to meet legislative requirements as well as greater customer focus on OEM rework and recertification. Whilst this service is predominantly carried out in our facilities, given the remote nature of many operations, shipping equipment for recertification can be a logistical problem. Therefore, NOV Elmar has established a flying squad which, in special circumstances, can conduct our OEM recertification on site and in the customer’s premises.

Wireline Unit and Mast maintenance, refurbishment and rectification Historically, unit maintenance was largely performed by the service provider. However, in recent years more and more companies are returning their units to the original manufacturer either for planned maintenance or for rework to current standards, thus gaining several years’ additional working life from equipment, whilst enabling valuable CAPEX to be allocated elsewhere. These services can be available on an ad hoc basis performed either in an NOV Elmar facility or on the customer’s premises.


Setcore is an Egyptian owned provider of tubular inspection services and wireline logging services to the oil & gas industry.


NOV Elmar News

Rental of WPCE, Wireline Units, s, Masts and ancillary equipment nt A crucial part of our business, our large global rental fleet has been n increased significantly over recent years. It has been tailored both to act as a showcase for our equipment as well as to meet typical customer demands. Rental of Wireline Units

Training Providing effective training is a vital aspect of our business, whether er for a downhole tool, set of WPCE or a full blown Logging Unit. To this end, NOV Elmar has invested heavily over recent years developing comprehensive manuals utilising expertise gained from m many years of field operations and practical training. In addition to the relevant literature, an extremely innovative animation complements the traditional manuals demonstrating equipment use, component breakdown and some typical problem scenarios.

Spooling and wire supply and maintenance service

Spooling drum

We presently supply this service from our Aberdeen facility providing cables globally, with a high quality of workmanship. Wire sizes currently available from this facility include all slicklines and braided cables either for e-line use or HD fishing.

SAS Regional Teams

SAS Dubai

SAS Canada

SAS Brazil

Willie Murdoch training

Beware of imitations At NOV Elmar we take pride in our customer service, including before and after sales, and we also pride ourselves on our original product designs and concepts. Products such as our SurveyLine have been meticulously designed and are supported by our engineering database. Many competitors can, and do, claim to have similar items with comparable capabilities, but they will not have our global support network, strong reputation and unrivalled knowledge of the energy sector. Beware of imitations and speak to an NOV Elmar sales representative if you have any questions.

SAS Singapore

SAS Netherlands Copied Elmar image on competitor’s website Elmar original design


SAS Houston

Regional Updates Norway Update by Ove Wareberg, general manager, NOV Elmar Norway In the oil and gas community, Norway is recognised as an international hub with one of the world’s most exacting regulatory bodies, whose workforce demands the highest quality products. Over the past 12 months, NOV Elmar’s presence in the region has strengthened. Currently servicing a number of Norwegian clients, with plans to expand in 2014, its aim is to reduce equipment downtime to zero. To facilitate growth and meet this ambitious objective, the NOV Elmar division will move to a new 1250sq.m workshop in the Tananger area. Work is already underway to recruit further service technicians for the K-Product line and the wireline pressure control (WPCE) service. Roger Olsen, workshop supervisor, commented: “To meet our aim of reducing equipment downtime to Roger Olsen (workshop supervisor) zero, we are working with several service companies to offer our clients 24/7 support. This new facility is an important part of this service. My team will be able to respond quickly to customers, offering them the expertise and efficiency they expect from NOV Elmar.”

NOV Elmar Norway workshop

Ove Wareberg, operations manager in Norway, added: “2014 is set to be an exciting year for NOV Elmar in Norway. We are working with a number of new clients in the region and this growth represents a key step forward into the Norwegian market.

Global Reach Results in Seven-Figure Contract Win NOV Elmar has completed a $5.4million contract in its Far East region, with equipment provided from the Singapore, Scotland and Netherlands plants. The equipment, which was manufactured for the conditions expected in Papua New Guinea, comprised wireline trucks from the Aberdeen plant, workshop containers from the Netherlands, and slickline tools and pressure control equipment from Singapore.

Assembly personnel and clients


The company’s SAS division will provide the client with all spares, training and after sales support from its Singapore office. This will mean a single point of contact regarding all of NOV Elmar’s five different wireline product lines; winches and masts (K-Winch), wireline pressure control (WPCE), wireline tools (WL), wellhead control equipment (Control) and automation products (AP).

CombiTruck and Mast Truck

Regional Updates Around The Regions by Andrew Douglas, sales and marketing director, NOV Elmar In Houston, we have invested in a new $500,000 Strippit punch, which will increase the efficiency of our fabrication process for winch and truck bodies. The sales team in Singapore secured one of the largest contracts awarded in the region for a number of years for over $12 million of WPCE, Slickline Tools, Wireline Units, Masts and Control panels. Timely delivery was very important to our client, and delivery commenced six weeks after the order was placed. The same team was the first to introduce the new Wireline Shear and Seal Valve to the market . New $500,000 Strippit punch

Andrew Hyndman

Wireline Shear and Seal Valve (WSSV)

A new subsurface pressure test bay is being built in the Dubai facility as part of the upgrades to improve and expand upon the location’s manufacturing and service capability, which will be in addition to the capability of the Saudi service base. Following these improvements, we will have a considerably enhanced recertification capacity for both WPCE and wireline units.

NOV Elmar Middle East

NOV Fluid Control ordered two solids control units from our Netherlands plant for deployment to a customer in Europe. The new units were delivered in a short timeframe and represent an expansion in our product line. The client has ordered more units following this delivery. A major Norwegian client has given us a Letter of Intent to deliver a new generation ASEP e-winch for their new CAT-D intervention vessel, which will be manufactured in our Groot-Ammers plant. The Aberdeen plant had a busy 2013, which included a considerable amount of WPCE and related equipment for Brazil, which will be supported from our MacaĂŠ base. The plant also delivered a mast truck and winch/crane truck to ExxonMobil as part of a large order secured in the Far East. Late in 2013, we announced the approval of plans to create a new Machining Centre at our Aberdeen plant, which will be complete in 2014, following the simultaneous process of rolling out the 5S program to assembly, fabrication and screens.

DynaWinch truck

In December 2013, our Calgary plant delivered the third DynaWinch truck to a client in Grand Prairie.

Solid Control Units for NOV Fluid Control

People In Houston, Paul DeForke (sales manager Americas) celebrated 15 years with Elmar in 2013, Doug Conroy has taken up a new position as sales engineer and David Thibodaux was promoted to region manager for Louisiana. David will be working with project manager Tony Clark to open a new sales and service centre soon. Doug was previously our production manager for winches and we congratulate him on the new assignment.

Paul DeForke

Doug Conroy

Jeff Beach

We also welcomed Jeff Beach as sales manager for the Far East based in Singapore, following a number of management assignments in Schlumberger.

Employee Profile Manufacturing Locations NOV Elmar - UK Tel: +44 1224 740261 E-mail: NOV Elmar - Netherlands Tel: +31 184 608 700 E-mail: NOV Elmar - USA Tel: +1 713 983 9281 E-mail: NOV Elmar - UAE Tel: +971 4 810 0100 E-mail: NOV Elmar - Singapore Tel: +65 6546 0928 E-mail: NOV Elmar - Canada Tel: +1 403 319 2333 E-mail: NOV Elmar - Brazil Tel: +55 22 9731 3384 E-mail:

Regional Sales, Rental & Service Locations NAME: Brian Garden JOB TITLE: Global Service After Sales Manager QUALIFICATIONS: More than 35 years in the oil industry in various Slickline/Wireline/ Managerial positions. GETTING THERE: I started in the oil industry as a trainee wireline operator with the Expro Group, working through the ranks to well services supervisor on Shell. I then joined the onshore management team where I was involved with many UK and international operations for Expro as wireline services manager and global cased hole manager. After more than 24 years there, I decided it was time for a change and made the move towards new challenges in the form of establishing the initial Slickline department with Qserv. In 2002 I moved to ASEP Aberdeen as UK Europe/Africa manager and then became part of the acquisition in 2009. BEST BITS OF YOUR JOB: Working with good people, building good relationships with clients and working together to get the job done. I’m only happy when the customer is happy. WORST BITS OF YOUR JOB: Dealing with an unhappy customer. I’m a perfectionist and I take it personally if we have fallen short. My ethos has always been to team up with customers, and give them top quality service regardless of who got it wrong; the point is to work together to fix it at once and learn from the situation. IN MY SPARE TIME: My absolute passion is vintage cars and nothing pleases me more than an almost impossible challenge to rebuild another interesting project. I have recently finished a challenging house build and much of my spare time is presently taken up with creating a garden. My wife tells me I am obsessed with logs. Our central heating is through a biomass boiler and I am building up a sustainable supply of logs to keep us warm in the years ahead. FUTURE AMBITIONS: Apart from driving my 1951 Citroen to Marrakech…to expand and improve NOV Elmar’s after sales services to customers by proving our reliability and commitment to them through top quality service. ADVICE TO OTHERS: Work hard, play hard and be true to yourself.

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 3 887 9270 E-mail: Perth, Australia Tel: +61 8 9456 0999 E-mail: Stavanger, Norway Tel: +47 51 81 81 81 E-mail:

Representative Offices Louisiana, USA Tel: +1 337 839 0024 ext 201 Beijing, China Tel: +86 10 8485 1973 Moscow, Russia Tel: +7 495 287 2691

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The quarterly newsletter from NOV Elmar

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