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God Large Odds ˈflôrə Album Edition

ˈflôrə Album Edition God Large Odds


ˈflôrə Bloom.

“God Large Odds are simply odds that are “God sized”. A lot of things that tend to happen for me aren’t supposed to. In my life I’ve usually always been “almost”. Almost picked, almost won, almost there. But lately I’ve been viewing it differently. There were times I was almost fired, or almost didn’t graduate or even almost killed. The odds against me were “God sized”, but thankfully that’s exactly who was in my corner.”

© novelist sounds

The birth of an idea can be intimidating. That’s when doubt rushes in the fastest. Vigilant in its pursuit of your inspiration to sift out the origin of something exceptional. Don’t let it. In the process of making this album I got discouraged many a times. Creative roadblocks and life caused so many mental back and forths. So I put everything down for a little bit and started with the aesthetics. I often begin the feel of an album with it’s look.. I wanted the cover to be simple but effective. Convey emotion and a stoic expression. Have color but also a lot of neutral or gray present. I always set out for a project to sound how the cover looks.

Contents Issue 001 / ˈflôrə

The Reviews are in? Let’s look back ● ● ● ●

The Highest Lows : The Attic Sessions The Chapters of Life : Chapter(s) Radio Return to Form : Back for Growth Pieces of Thought : Sketches of Flora -

A Look Inside Foreword: Thinkin’ Aloud Perspective Since A Jit Freestyle Tested Manifesto/P.O. Box Lo-Fi Loathe Sender FreeRide Interlude - Script Out Of It Clearoutyourmind Nobody’s Listening * Ride * n/a

ˈflôrə Issue 001

“I Been scratching my do they still cut for me?”

-Thinkin’ Aloud: Foreword



are in? ...Kind of

How should an artist measure

his or her success? To some it would be financially based. Others want the fame alongside that. Some would be satisfied with a bonafide classic or two in their discography. Often times I find myself in a creative place that stems from the question “what will they say about this song/album?” That place, though well intended can be dangerous and crippling to your artistic offerings. How can the creative battle the cyclical thoughts of reception from the audience of the consumers and critics?

There’s been a dangerous

narrative being spread, that has long been existent and that’s the “fake it until you make it” route. This epidemic of buying followers and views to appear more solidified and appeal to a larger crowd has since long spread in this age of social media. But this approach is so much more harmful than beneficial. Each time you up your numbers, not only do you rob yourself of observing your true progression as an artist, but also of the authentic view of where you actually are in eyes of the consumer/fan/supporters. It’s dishonesty and betrayal of self. Seeking this false validation can come back to haunt your artistic pursuits in a way that may be irredeemable. In conclusion, trust and appreciate the journey.

Photo by : Prateek Katyal

Before We continue...

Let's look back.

The Highest Lows: “The Attic Sessions”

(Circa 2016) “Undoing (Steps)� journal

"In the Summer I made a move to Houston, Tx. In the short time period that has passed A LOT has taken place...some good and some bad. This called for a lot of therapeutic creating. In my current living space the place where I do the bulk of my writing/recording is an attic space that actually visually resembles this time in my life, grim, some lighted areas, but not without potential...there's hope for it to become a great space. There are things everywhere...some useful, some not, and some detrimental even. It just needs time dedicated to it to clean it up a bit. The songs made in this period of time and being made are apart of #TAS. "The Attic Sessions" is a series of introspective records that will be spontaneously released that expound on my time in Houston so far. They will ultimately become a full project so keep a lookout! I wrote "Undoing (Steps)" a few days after I was almost robbed at gunpoint but got away, expounding on the mental effect it had."

(Circa 2016) Poland Hip-Hop Publication “Popkiller�

"J. Murph is an MC / vocalist from a small town of Eustis, Florida, endowed with a unique gift - not only is he able to rap and write lyrics very well, he knows how to create conceptual albums, but it is a rather rare skill. Murph easily interweaves various skits, interludes, and quotes soaked in jazz and soul, ensuring that the whole thing glues together and creates the impression of an inseparable whole. His latest album "The Attic Sessions" aptly shows the artist's style, focusing largely on a warm climate, intelligent texts and positive values." -

Marcin Natali

(Article Translated from Polish)

The Chapter(s) of Life : “Chapter(s) Radio”


A triumphant mixtape in comparison to the sometimes somber Attic Sessions. Chapter(s) Radio was the period at the end of the sentence of chronicling the next chapter in my life. The entry point to the new things happening. Starting with learning how to deal with the emotional and mental trauma and gaining conďŹ dence back. Closely following each other in creation but recorded mostly back in Florida, Chapter(s) was the bright, energetic return to the mic I needed in order to keep recording.

Originally from the small town of Eustis, Florida, MC / vocalist J. Murph released his second project at the end of November after LP The Attic Sessions released in March. On "chapter (s) radio" there were 10 atmospheric, calm tracks, set in jazzing climates, and the most energetic of them, combining soul-gospel inspirations with the new-school persuasion "Ion Deserve", was on our last mixtape Killertape vol 6. The expanded music video "murphy 's law", which should appeal to, among others fans of Big K.R.I.T., as well as listening and free download of the whole "chapter (s) radio". - Marcin Natali (Article Translated from Polish)

Return to Form: “Back for Growth”

“Growth. Something we all aspire to do everyday. No matter how small, the goal is always to go forward. We leave impressions at least and legacy at best as we move through life. Every step potentially introduces triumph or trial. We create and navigate many narratives playing out with our choices and circumstances. This album is a personal reflection of just that. Entirely produced by pat junior.” - Originally published on

“Everyday we leave impressions at least and legacy at best. In going forward, every step potentially introduces triumph or trial. We create and navigate many narratives playing out with our choices in response to circumstance. But no matter how good or bad things are going, as a result, we all have the choice to let things defeat us or learn from them. This album was inspired by the concept of growth and the things that allow us to. The album’s soundscapes are completely provided by pat junior. Me and Pat have had a longstanding mutual appreciation for each others art so working together was bound to happen. In fact, it was exactly that, that put things in motion for real. I was in a creative rut. When I’m in that place, I often times search for inspiration through other mediums of art. I listen to multiple genres of music, not completely excluding hip-hop, but mostly. I like watching interviews. And films are another go to, movies and documentaries really inspire me. Then living in Houston, I was frequently ubering to The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. I loved it. The calm and inspiring reflection lent by galleries is rivaled by none. Just walking around, sometimes listening to music as I stare at a piece just puts me in a place. It’s like when Blue and Steve skidooed into pictures…(excuse my nostalgia). Anyway, A lot of writing ensued from those visits. Another thing I do is check what my creative peers are up to. Whether its a conversation about life, or seeing what there creating at the moment. I came across Pat’s mixtape “Just Because I Wanted To Give You A Short Mixtape To Listen To” and was immediately inspired. Coincidentally the cover art is Pat standing in a museum admiring a piece. The theme of the tape was “A homage to creators of all trades. Go make art, #JustBecause…”

Originally published on - The Prefatory Statement: Back for Growth

Pieces of thought: “Sketches of Flora”

Late December 2017, I attended the funeral

of one of my older cousins. I was once again reminded of the fragility of life. 1 Peter 1:24 cames to mind. For, "All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall” The beauty that nature holds often withers and our lives are the same. Though it was a somber time, it was a little before the holidays. So I got to reconnect with some family members and recollect on some good times and create more. “Manifesto” was written soon after. That thought birthed the “Sketches of Flora” ep. One of the lines in the song says “I can’t escape the thought of the fam losing to fire.” The thought of family or friends leaving this hellish earth just to enter an eternal damnation throws me. Those deep in thought moments can be troubling because reality is often times undesirable but inescapable. The fact is, if I believe what I believe there are parts of it that are not so pleasant to dwell on. But I gained new internal borders that won’t let my empathy escape into a nonchalant attitude of “oh well” Another line from a song on the ep called “the gift” says “Hotel Heaven or Hell’s tales of misery But here it's still “in loving memory” Or "Rest In Peace".Expounding on the reality that everybody isn’t “resting in peace” when they leave earth. A hard truth that’s never really left me. This project allowed me to explore all of those thoughts in between the creation of this album, and definitely sparked a new creative flame.

“Aiming for

Brevity...” “The Gift” - Sketches of Flora

A Look Inside


and my source

is words.”

Photo by : Leonard RB

“It’s hard for me to write raps/poetry that I don’t believe in or didn’t come from a real place. I’m in a place that makes it hard for me to write bars with the intent to impress. I try to stay true to why I started rapping in the first place. If the music doesn’t speak to me how can I expect it to speak to others?”

Photo by : Leonard RB

“Life puts more behind the eyes. Every day lived gradually adds more perspective. All the memories and even the banalities assist in how we view the world, which increasingly becomes how we live. We are all shaped by our experiences and surroundings. All of which play a role in how we act, react, respond, and ultimately for the creative, how we create. Whatever comes natural for us, whatever is innate, was actually cultivated by our lives context and was emitted in expression by the only ways we know how.�

Foreword: Thinkin’ Aloud

“ I been scratching my head Like do they still cut for me Got love for me have they had enough of me secretly Pushed me side where the beefing be Nowhere near where allegiance be At peace with knowing a piece of me and that’s it Nothing further or more Nothing owned or a lease at least I mean I know I’ve been hard to deal with In the past People really put a pause on kinship and friendship It’s tempting I been on the other side, I just try to stay the ride or the course Of course, it’s not always returned but that don’t matter though I ain’t going lateral gotta stay solid No gas I don’t pass I ain’t worried bout it I don’t want to run out of mileage on the topic If it’s healthy or help me then I’m writing something bout it Never meshing hidden knowledge into gossip, NO

Cutting too close isn’t even an option Trying to get the most taken every precaution Love getting rare that's too easy to digest Stakes getting high and it’s really from nonsense Promise I’ll never trade honest for the pompous Appearance no I’m just me no Thomas Uncle or doubting folk running and shouting but they not knowing nothing about Him They clouded Distractions, so many distractions Stopping us from so much of action Got a soap box but they getting no traction And the trash getting too much traffic It’s baffling It’s madness Like March filling all of the brackets It’s taxing Trying to figure the balance Trying to figure the balance like…”


Every rhyme I climb up is a different reminder Not to settle for diamonds don’t forget bout the flowers Cause when your time is paid up Nothing here you can take bruh No receipt or retrieval time recedes and meet yo maker Pay up! All ya talents don’t hide em in the underground Take hold and make mama proud More-so king with a humble crown Live for the sky through the thunder clouds Pile up grace for the ups and downs Don’t let go of the son in droughts Embrace light till it’s all around All around all around yea ya ya Bring it..Bring it everywhere you go So they can never say when you came around everything was down everything went low NO Control what you can Everything God hold in his hands Better know that he molding a plan For ya life and it’s for your advance (Steer clear of the Golden Path they chose for you it might not be so true) Everything that shine ain’t gold In goes your pride out goes your soul Hook: (I choose what I see I see what I choose I did what I did when I did what I knew 4xs)

From my eyes it’s a Sentra In my head it’s a Bentley In my thoughts it was gourmet In my stomach it’s Wendy’s Perspective got me winning I ain’t wanting for nothing member days I was hustling selling candy from the truck man I freeze it and release it to my classmates Use the dough to re-up on the Reese’s so the cash stay Wake up and I’m seeing everyday like it’s my last day Teaching kids in school but used to want money the fast way..halfway Yuh..different pathway I took in the long run Tell my kids to work real hard if you want sun Shine from the grind not from ways that’ll growth stunt Lift up ya life but not with what you got to show for it Go forest go if just legs keep it moving still Go for it go, if you fail you ain’t losing still Know what ya know, have an answer for what you believe Sew go and sew , reap a harvest that can’t be untilled (Hook)

Since a Jit Freestyle

I was a jit with a purpose used to write poems at the churches Middle of the service go to the back and relax where he at? Go usher alert him Get him in the pew service will be finish in a few I was tryna kick it with the crew Me and day day used to rap in the back of the pews and it wasn’t that much different in the school ooh Thought we had a deal on the move cause we had the skill to improve cool Wasn’t nothing Real for youth Motivated still by the booth Humble and shy ain’t have no L’s and a ride but I was young with a drive Tryna survive But I had open my eyes knew it was more to this life Running with the homie fly by learned a whole lot in the streets got wise got wise Kept some eyes so I was aware of the falls learned from mistakes of my pride Wisdom supplied now it was time to apply No I ain’t talking bout jobs More-so the stops that would determine a lot In between figuring it out It was trouble we was trouble when we was running the streets We would hustle we would hustle tryna be something to be From the party hopping thumping and getting something to eat It was always all of us if you seen one of us indeed

It was a part of the mode it was apart of the growth (growth) Had to maneuver the code knowing a lot would get old (old) Peeping what’s good for my soul Peeing what’s good for my soul (soul) Being courageous and bold 2 different things to behold Self-control is what I needed the most Blurry in sight of goals Lighten my glow needed to brighten my soul What is it that can do more For Everything I needed to go above and beyond what I’m on Get in my zone I had to get in my zone yea yea

Intro: “All of the ways, All of the ways, I learned from all of the ways.” (3x’s)

Photos by : Adam Birkett

[Intro] Aye shout out to Bre Um, Shout out to Jayden Francois (I messed up your last name but...) "Sak pase? N’ap boule Ki sa' moute di la frè We in here, lehgo" Yea


[Verse 1] I try injecting with soul, I'm trying spreading the love I try no flexing or pose, I'm trying realer than most I'm trying schooling a bit, I teach at school with the jits Me and them got a rapport so hopefully I don't miss I really value the youth, I really value the truth I got some miles in the booth, I'm really out here is you? It ain't what talent can do, but more-so how is it you Gon' push yourself and pay dues, even when they don't pay you Don't take to stressing take the peace in pieces Spread it out amongst your demons Yeshua the one defeat em' be surer don't jump to leading Author the novelist of narratives of prospering I'm telling you I'm Gospel'ing my steps ordered with prophecy I'm Jeanie bottling, wishing praying my problems Would disappear but the novel Is less revered with no conflict So honest to God I'm borrowing strength at this point I'm out of it Not really, cause' its already finished sufficient follows my mission So I ain't trippin'

[Verse 2] I just need the help, I just need your hand involved I can't beat myself, in the mirror and my hands is drawn Shadow boxing felt, damage from my hands and arms Standing strong plotting battles, though most times I plan it wrong And then I wear it, weariness the demerit Peering into my character , feel the depths of my carelessness Grab the pen and make it go away, far away Harder days came and you won em' from the authors page Revisit the picture when he told bro to part the waves A Shepherd's pen is often where a king will get his start to faith Through the fire don't mean you a martyr walk the flames Come out so unbothered, having everybody call his name At the point, avoiding all the foolish talk, it's lame Rarely open mouth if I ain't helping folk for further gain I'm try'na hold it down for she who get that Murphy name I'm battle tested and my story gon' back up the claim (Yea, real talk) I'm battle tested and my story gon' back up the claim I'm battle tested and my story gon' back up the claim I'm battle tested and my story gon' back up the claim Hear me I'm battle tested and my story gon' back up the claim, yea

Manifesto Truth be told I try to keep it real So many of the others on that "how you feel" Been planning for the playing on a higher field Adjusting what to question get a sire killed It's quiet for the sirens till' the body still I'm try'na tell them how to float if you get killed Ain't nothing they can do to take your soul or steal Eternal joy that break the pain to be revealed One step forward two steps back I know it be feeling like can't catch no slack Cousin Vince yesterday died Family always pray high But can't escape the thought of the fam losing to fire Man feeling so undermanned But I do understand That's it's a lot inside this bout that's for the one who can I'd rather tell you I don't know than lie and paint an answer To what to do when all the questions piling higher”

Truth be told I try to help a lot Will it really help sometimes I couldn't spot If what I say or do it's gonna turn the plot The narrative of struggle flip the script at times I'm knowing that I'll screw up if I get the chance Which make it hard to stay and be a leader man They saying all I need is to believe the man Who's bleeding help to see the way to being cleansed One word wrong Two said right They gon' take what you mistake evaluate and plot How to serve up your demise Stack on top of it three times You can't escape the target applied to beat the odds Man, feeling so out of place But know you gotta; say What is right and when the stones fly hide your face Eat the blows when they strike cause; it's written Since beginnings it was greatness they was hitting You enlisted, yea


Hook: They tryna say that we not special , that we not special

It’s time to break the hating threshold /and show them "X,O" Regardless though I know I’m blessed though, I know I’m blessed though Need only good to manifest though the manifesto No matter what I try my best though, I try my best though Some people just can’t seem to let go , can’t seem to let go Regardless though I know I’m blessed though, I know I’m blessed though Need only good to manifest though, the manifesto

P.O. Box

Open the mailbox I’m seeing it’s nothing but bills I’m hustling still, labels don’t want cut for the deal It’s nothing for real young but had enough of the thrills I trust in him still Authentic , It’s a must that it’s real (2x’s) Let me tell ya where I'm at I ain't just referring to the map Talking everything hollering nothing but facts I been peeping all the traps Seem like everything is a hustle go to college be in debt a hundred stacks Why I bother tryna rap? Catalog deeper than most but they ain't peeping still trapped on the trap I just leave it where's it at See I’m metro booming with the bap Got ‘em both but they blinded to the fact Been a poet with the pen since 97' a tiny veteran laureate’ing em pedaling poetry stead of trekking the bike at 7 Picked up the mic and let ‘em hear what I write in letters about my life Perfecting it with the light God Peddle things of Elohim get no play But randomness and tangents is ok So if I plan to get outlandish for the fans will they Stan me with no understanding I don't understand it, but I do All claim to be woke but really ain't got a clue We be dealing ‘em hope but they just want to pursue The empty dreams they see on the screens and YouTube know a Paleontologist go phone ‘em quick Cause I got a lot of bones to pick Like these clones who spit Wannabe Kunta, Coles and K.r.i.t.s Leave it alone make your own exist

Lo-fi Loathe Got a problem with leaving people that I love in the past I pray the best of me wins and that that issue won’t last, Like old mags I slow pass the measures of life Tryna collect the hidden treasures of life I hope I measure it right Cause’ time won't wait for mistakes You can just hope that you can catch you a break on righting wrongs Ain’t a song that rewinds time or makes it stop Real time is whats running the clock It's all locked in. Props when decisions to do right wins Can't dwell on the wrongs cause that’ll stop wins Gotta focus my lens and stay locked in 2xs Double down for emphasis Too many times that I didn’t and I slipped a bit Missed opportunity it’s true indeed That regret can sneak up awhen growing is slowing and you pursue the deeds That put you back, Can’t get attached Just keep it moving, don’t ruin that The truest facts is life gon give you trouble But don’t let mishaps completely lessen ya struggle Learn from it, and push play Continue the fight the process only strengthens ya light Continue the fight the process only strengthens ya light, Now Shine.

Sender Noticing differences every day that I’m blessed to breath Wisdom I’m getting you never know when you next to leave provide knowledge and watch how quickly they send u packing no preaching leads to imbalance all they want is the magic that feeling felt when you pleased in all the unhealthy facets fleeting happiness leading entrapment think I’m bleeding my rations guess I’m needing a patching but what can close a hole bigger than seas that’s expanding getting bigger by the sec, drown a lake in my pool my thoughts are overlapping, passing the brim of passion any second collapsing though foundation allows fixing construction of damage I'd rather dodge cost can't replace concrete with plastic overthinking it happens no completeness in rapping I’m just speaking as hazard, cautiously with the factions Imma tree that's been planted from the seeds that's been handed daily decisions Lately my circadian rhythm shaping my isms late night contemplation mistaken for traded wisdom I gave them a plate a wisdom they ate on the faker dishes lead to water for horses but you can’t make them sip it but that don’t mean to dispose them instead of taking different approaches cause one thing bout’ it you cannot make them listen but never give up on folk you love you can make a difference I cannot say that enough watch what you say and living when it counts they watching surely they pay attention above love there’s nothing long as its straight authentic cause they can tell when you fake and that can make them resent ya’ burnt bridges ain’t stable don't wanna fall in rivers to flow directions that cause you to drown or fall at endings water descending to rocky places that's sure to end ya’ but all of that is avoided if you sure to remember to keep it real and don't press a neck cause you wanna send a message just collect patience to be a better sender

FreeRide Interlude

Script: A conversation me and a few of my cousins were having about life and finances. Specifically the expenses that stem from education. Many of us weren't given road maps on how to successfully navigate these common landscapes that could dictate a lot in the next few years of our lives. It ends up having a huge effect on the rest of our life and the future opportunities that come our way. We discussed the fragility of hope when you’ve started behind the start line and have lost time.

Out of It Wish I could devote my brain to the page more often Poppa told me keep goin’ Omens chasing my dreams tryna lie to my conscience Telling me your on your lonesome Teeth falling out spit em all in my Hand Chased by the lions then I hid in the den I can’t remember my wins though I know they exist It just seem they exit quicker than the shot in the pic I Need a watch to assist observation of ops and the adversary These jits be looking up to me to guiding em is kinda scary My problems be out or buried no middle just closed or open Transparency turning on me I hoped it would draw em closer Composure...gathered composing is helping But it’s more than just hearing me I’m hoping you felt it When the snow get the melting hope I spring to my best Flowers cling to the vine till they’re newest and fresh And I’m just (Hook)

Hook: I’m so Tired of It Oh, so Out of it. 4 X’s


“Death is defeated and the reason is Jehovah Ji The motive deeper when connected and you know the why A casket called me more than once and God hung up the line My purpose clear he kept me here because it wasn’t time Plans to enhance in my hands I just wait for approval Nothing neutral my allegiance set with no removal I sit reflect on what is next and what he want me to do I see my progress in my roles in life and I’m not losing Wifey by me, me and Ni we have been quite the twosome And through the years the love has grown and so much has been proven To be from God above as help for me and what I’m doing And to maintain my mental guiding me to what the truth is I Write my wrongs on these songs just to insight with poems Just like the psalms i say his name with prayers and praise As Long as I’m breathing I know Jesus is here to stay. So clear the way no depression or stress can live today It died with him when crucified and got up from the grave I feel empowered no cowardice in display I see fears burial what more can I say”

Intro/Outro: How many times (yea) How many times open your rhymes clear out your mind (yea) Clear out your mind (yea) x’s 4

Ride [Verse 1] Traveling roads battling foes Navigate woes no matter the tolls Having my doubts along the way I can’t let em stay gotta get em away Process the pain just to stack up my plays To run for the rest of my life in this game Never the same always on growth Life or the stage always on go Practice is made with every goal Winning or lose forget bout the score Again and again imma get off the floor And then dust myself off and get ready for more Always the team always for squad No matter how big or crazy the odds If I ain’t got nothing I still got my God My father in heaven he even the odds Deleting the parts that’s keeping me down But in the process I keep it a thou Just to make sure that I’m reaching around All different places and people around Folk in the hood to crossing the border The country the quarters the burbs the waters Upon all the change upon all the moves I’m hustleville made my life is the proof My God is amazing his grace and his truth It got me through life and it’s getting me through Although I’m still kinda missing a few I’d be a totally different dude If not for the power the spirit infused Helping me stay on my p’s and my q’s My pallet is que’d to eat from the fruits The power in question it will never lose [Hook] I know that they counting us out I know they push us to the side Just know that were on our way up And you can come along for the ride 2x’s

[Verse 2] I aint gon act like I never been discouraged Hurtin try to put all in the verses but it gets personal Try to figure if its worth it all Tell all or a version just what i learned from all Used 2 feel like I worsened Life kept bringing down curses So many burdens trying to get free Took so many L’s that the L’s took me Tried to rebel but the bell won’t ring Eyes of a failure heart of a king I couldn’t tell it from all that was seen But royal ascension was started in me Stopping the sun in middle of skies Ain't talking clouds I’m talking the time Needed good vision to finish the fight Added revisions got rid of the lies yea

ˈflôrə Bloom.

ˈflôrə Bloom.

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Flora+ Magazine Issue 001 : God Large Odds (Album Edition)  

Lyrics, thoughts, and imagery to accompany the album "God Large Odds". Physical Purchase:

Flora+ Magazine Issue 001 : God Large Odds (Album Edition)  

Lyrics, thoughts, and imagery to accompany the album "God Large Odds". Physical Purchase: