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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new year brings new cellphone laws By: Hannah E.

At the beginning of every New Year laws are put into place that strike people’s everyday “habits”. In 2008, bars and restaurants were instructed to forbid the use of tobacco products within fifteen feet of their doors by the Smoke Free Illinois Act. 2009 brought the new DUI laws, stating that anyone caught driving under the influence will be required to install a breath alcohol interlock ignition device in their car. As of January 1, 2010, another law has been put into place. This law is focused more on the younger generation and their attachment to mobile devices. The law states that “a person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device to compose, send, or read an electronic message.” ( w w w. d r i v i n g l a w s . o r g ) Gov. Pat Quinn approved the law back in August of 2009, hoping that this re-

striction on mobile messaging will lower the chance of distractions on the road. Some students here at Harlem think that this will not resolve these problems of diversions on the road. “I do not think the law will keep people from texting while they drive,” Jessica P., Senior, said. “It is a good start, but there are a ton of flaws to it.” However, others take a different stance on the issue. “It is a good law,” Alex S., Senior, said. “Many people do get distracted when driving and using a cell phone.” In fact, in 2009, there were 1,192 accidents that were classified as a result of driving distractions. These accidents caused 411 injuries and two deaths. “Many accidents that occur are due to

distractions, “Deputy Kemp, school resource office, said. “Cell phone distractions are one of the leading causes of those accidents.” Deputy Kemp reported that there have been numerous accidents in our very own parking lot that could have been avoided if the driver was focused on the road, not on their cell phone. “Anytime your mind is not on the road, there is the potential for a problem,” Deputy Kemp said. However, with this new law in place, more precautions will be taken to make sure these distractions are out of sight and out of mind. There will now be officers parked around the school zone that will be looking for offenders. Local authorities

are not only watching the school zone around the high school, but are keeping a watchful eye all around the city. “Thus far, local officers have already been issuing warnings to make drivers knowledgeable of this new law. Immediate tickets have been given if the situation is serious,” Deputy Kemp said. Once the word is spread about the law, authorities will not be as lenient about the warnings and tickets. These citations can vary anywhere from $75-$150, more if the judge suspects negligence. So next time your cruising around town, resist that urge to reach over to check your incoming text message. “Keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on driving,” advises Deputy Kemp. After all, the cost of a citation might not seem that bad of a consequence, but the cost of a life is quite a different story.

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Runaway laws Crafty foods

Can Do’s:

Can’t Do’s:

• Text if traffic is stopped and your car is in park or neutral.

• Send or read a text message. • Send or read an e-mail.

• Text if you pull over onto shoulder. • Text if you’re reporting an accident or emergency. •Use GPS, even if it’s on your cell phone.

• Web surf.

While the new lay may state that you can talk on your cellphone using a handsfree device, it is illegal for teens under the age of 19 to use their phone in any way while they are driving.

• Download ring tones. • Send an instant message.

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2 Thursday, January 28, 2010

Controversial Body Scanners By: Alex S.

Many have heard of the attempted terrorist attack recently, and most airports have heightened their security to make sure that it does not happen again. One of the machines the government is debating on using as a standard procedure in airports is the fullbody scanner. Similar to the walkthrough scanner, the full-body scanner detects any metal objects a person may be concealing; the only complication is that the scanner can see through clothing. It produces images with very basic outlines; nothing detailed, but accurately shows hidden objects. But, some have a problem with privacy issues. One opinion is that innocent people can

be seen nude through the images produced. They may feel that their privacy is being invaded simply by being in an airport that allows the use of these scanners. On the other hand, some may point out that it is simply a matter of security. They would rather be safe, and do not feel offended or threatened by the fact that the scanners provide images of semi-nudity. “I think it is a great idea. Normally, people can hide things easily, but not anymore.” says Austin B., sophomore. The images produced are not in depth and do not illustrate full body outlines, they precisely pinpoint objects that may be dangerous

such as guns, weapons of any kind, even metal-based illegal drugs. Primarily, these scanners are being used in foreign countries, on flights that are entering the U.S. The attempted terrorist attack has caused a national uproar stating that

security may not be as “secure” as we were previously told. In order to provide the citizens with a more thorough, reliable scan, they created the full-body scan. Many find it is a revolutionary advance in the modern technology of the U.S.

A man is getting scanned through an international airport on the newly released full-body scanners. The outlines are dulled and undetailed, but the machine circles in red possibly-dangerous items a person may be concealing.

Help goes to Haiti The troops are going over to the Haiti after they have just gone through a catastrophic earthquake hit them on Tuesday January 12, 2010 just before five at night. Starting on Thursday January 14, 2009 help will be going over to Haiti from the United States. They will be going over to Haiti to help with bring food to the people that have survived the earthquake. They are trying to find the people who may be in the ruins of the buildings that have fallen. The horrible re-

alization is that there are many dead from the earthquake. The dead are lined up and down the roads. The American troops have been trying to help with the best that they can by bringing water. The people over in Haiti are trying to deal with the earthquakes after affect. People are sleeping in the outside of hotels and hearing the moans of the injured and dying every night. The people in Haiti are still giving hope that they will find their loved ones alive. The rescuers are

“People are going to feel invaded no matter what happens, but something needs to be done to make everything safer.” says Audrey D., sophomore. Therefore, the controversy still stands; invasion of privacy or right of security?

trying to find the families that are trapped in family homes and other areas in town. People that are over in Haiti are trying to live on with the fact that the people may still be a live and that they can still save them. The families are not giving up hope and the people trying to save them are not either. Everyone believes that they are going to be able to save a lot of the people that still may be alive. The only thing that is hitting everyone really hard is that the death toll

is over 70,000 dead. The death in this area is hard for the people to deal with. Water is the only thing that people are trying to get but there just happens to not be very much of it. The next

By: Allison B.

thing that they need is to have care that will help those people who get saved can be taken care of better. It is a slow process but the people are all confident that it will be getting better.

Water is the most valuable thing in Haiti at this time. They need it to survive and there is not very much of it.




Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcoming events

*All dates and locations subject to change.

Girl’s Varsity Basketball 2/3 Belvidere 7:00 PM

2/5 Guilford 7:00 PM

2/9 @Boylan Catholic 7:00 PM 2/12 @Freeport 7:00 PM 1/15 IHSA Regional TBA 2/22 IHSA Sectional TBA

Boy’s Varsity Basketball 2/5 @Guilford 7:00 PM 2/9 @Belvidere 7:00 PM 2/12 Freeport High School 7:00 PM

2/19 Auburn 7:00 PM 2/20 @East 7:00 PM 2/26 Boylan Catholic 7:00 PM

Boy’s Varsity Swimming 2/2 @Jefferson vs. Boylan 4:45 PM 2/13 NIC-10 Conference TBA 2/20 IHSA Sectionals TBA

Ball and stick game: The NHL

By: Arcadia M.

One of the most aggressive sport played on ice is Hockey. Hockey has been around for hundreds of years and has also been known as the “ball and stick” game. In the earlier years it was played for fun among children, now there is an organized professional league known as the NHL. There are many different arguments about where hockey originated from, but modern hockey, without a doubt, originated from Canada. Its popularity has grown in the United States, but it is adored in Canada. The game consists of two opposing teams on the ice, with six players on each team. For each team this includes two defenders, three forwards, and one goalie. There is a right defender and a left defender and they may

or may not choose to ro- first, but practice as hard a great way to stay physitate. There is a right wing, as you can and you’ll see cally active and have fun. center and left wing the improve- “My team is based out of Madison, WI and when it comes to we travel all over the forwards. The goalies job is to prevent Practice as hard as you can, and country” Lawrence C., senior said. He the puck from passyou’ll see the improvement. has been playing for ing into the net that -Dylan A. nine years and he rehe or she is blockally enjoyed playing ing. The way a goal when he was youngis scored is if one er. It has been someteam gets the puck thing that has stuck past the opposing with him. Hockey teams’ goal line and helps you interact into the net. There are ment” Dylan junior said. with others. “I think hockmany rules to the game A., of hockey. The games Many children in ey is a team sport because start with a face off. This the area play hockey, if if you try to do it yourself is when the two centers you are interested there you won’t win” Jagger C., come to the center of the are many places people sophomore said. Many ice rink and fight for the can go to sign up or just good things come out of puck. At the end of the learn about the game. playing hockey, just like game, whichever team The Rockford Park Dis- any sport. So if interhas scored more goals tricts Carlton Ice Arena ested in wanting to join a wins. This game can be offers many classes for league or just learning the fun and challenging at all ages. Anyone can join basics, check it out and the same time, but take it an organized team or just have some fun with it! slow and do what you can. take a class that teaches “It’s going to be tough at the basics of hockey. It is

Are you ready for the competition and the suspense? The time is here, The Winter Olympics of 2010. The 2010 Winter Olympics is the 21st Winter Olympics that will be held on February 12-22, 2010 in Vancouver, Columbia, British and Canada. The Winter Olympics will be hosted by Canada. Canada hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 Winter

Olympics in Calgary. come and show what The Canadian Olym- they got and may pic Associ- even end up winning some medals. Not everyone watches the The country’s best Olympics but some athletes come to- do. Everyone has an opinion of the Olymgether. pics. “I think they’re interest-Amy B. ing and fun to watch. It’s cools ation chose Vancou- to see all the counver as the Canadian try’s best athletes candidate city. There come together.” Amy will be 15 sports be- B., Junior said. Some ing played by 97 na- people may only tions. The Olympics watch the Olympics is a time where people to watch their favoraround the world can ite player, some may

watch it if they know someone. Watching the Olympics could make people want to be in the Olympics. Questions all the time are asked would you want to go to the Olympics. “That would be amazing.” Danielle K., Junior said. Olympics take strength, patients, and the determination to put 100 percent into it. The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held on February 12-22, 2010 be sure to watch!

Winter Olympics take place in Vancouver By: Danielle W.




Thursday, January 28, 2010

Harlem students try to get a lift in By: Sarah S.


fter school ends for many Harlem High School students, many students go home, go to work, or have a sport event to attend. There are many other students though, that want to get something else accomplished in their school day. Those students go to the weight room. The weight room is supposed to be open after school ends until 5 o’clock. Many students get changed and walk up to the weight room, but later find out that no one is their to unlock the door. They wait for as long as they think is necessary and then make there decision to try and find a

ride home. “I have not been able to get into the weight room a lot of times because no one is up there to unlock the door and supervise us.” Evan A., Sophomore said. There has been up to almost 20 students waiting in the hallway to see if someone is going to come up and unlock the door for them. “If I do not get into the weight room then I end up having to call my mom or dad to come get me earlier than I had asked them to pick me up and they weren’t to happy about that because their plans get all messed up because of me.” Kai S., Sophomore said. The

students that have waited before have asked why they cannot just get into the weight room

There is no one up there to supervise us.

-Evan A.

by themselves other than have to have somebody watch them up there. People that have supervised before have told them that it is because students h a v e misused t h e i r privileges of using the weight

room in the past by messing around and misusing the equipment. “The worst you see people doing [in the weight room] is getting side tracked and talking too much.” Brad M., Sophomore said. All that the students want to do is to work out but they can not do that because they do not have access to their school’s weight room.

Upcoming events

*All dates and locations subject to change.

Girl’s Varsity Bowling 2/6 IHSA Sectionals TBA 2/12 IHSA State TBA 2/13 IHSA State TBA

Girl’s Varsity Track 2/18 @Hononegah Invite 4:30 PM 2/24 @Hononegah Invite 5:00 PM

Get ready to rumble By.: Bob S.

On January 31, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has a big event coming up; The Royal Rumble. For decades this PPV event has happened and changed many WWE superstars such as John Cena, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Triple H. The way that this event changed their careers is winning the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble is a match that 30 superstars come to the ring and they have to eliminate their opponents. To do that, you have to throw your opponent over the top rope and they have to have both feet touch the floor to be eliminated. The last person standing is the winner and will be in the main event at the biggest and greatest event ever; Wrestlemania. Since 1988 the Royal Rumble is the biggest Pay Per View to start the new year. “What’s so cool about the WWE is the great moves and upsets,” Hunter W., # 1 WWE fan, said. The most popular superstar in the WWE right now

is John Cena. Cena has been in the WWE since 2002 and has accomplished many of his goals during his 8 year career. In 2004, at Wrestlemania 20, John Cena faces the Big Show for the United States Championship. It all ended when Cena lifted the Big Show who weighed 500 pounds and did his finisher the Attitude Adjustment to win his first championship. Triple H and Undertaker have done the same thing in their careers. Undertaker has a never been defeated at Wrestlemania. Since his Wreltemania debut, The Undertaker is 17‐0 and everyone has tried to kill his streak. This year one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 at Phoenix. Last year Michaels faced The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 and was defeated by The Undertaker keeping his streak alive. “My least favorite superstar is The Undertaker,” Erica H., sopho-

more, said. Next is The Game, Triple H. Triple H is the other half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions with Shawn Michaels and together they are D‐Generation X (DX). He is a 12 time WWE champion and will like to make it 13. Rey Mysterio is also a big star at the WWE. “The disadvantages is that people

My least favorite superstar is The Undertaker. -Erica H.

get hurt,” Brooke W., sophomore, said. He has won the Royal Rumble match and has won some championships such as the World Heavyweight, Cruiserweight and the Tag Team Championships. All of these superstars will be in the Royal Rumble

match but only one will be victorious and try to make their career spectacular as we start the Road To Wrestlemania but they have to defend their championships first. After defeating John Cena at TLC to win the WWE Championship, Sheamus will defend against a former champion known as the Legend Killer, and The Viper, Randy Orton. After defeating Batista in a bone crushing cage match on Smackdown, Rey Mysterio will face The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship to determine if The Deadman will be champion until Wrestlemania. Also, DX will defend their Unified Tag Team Championships against CM Punk and Luke Gallows. The only question is: who will still be champion and who will win the Royal Rumble. Find out on Sunday January 31 live only on Pay Per View.

Varsity Wrestling 2/6 IHSA Regional TBA 2/13 IHSA Sectional TBA 2/19 IHSA State TBA 2/20 IHSA State TBA




Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions; why they almost never fall through

By Nicole Ware

“My New Ye ar’s Resoluti on is to tr y new things I normally w ouldn’t,” Courtney D ., junior, said .


Its that time of the year again, New Years! 2009 has ended and 2010 is here; people are reflecting on the past year and planning the upcoming one. Many will make a resolution or two; whether its to lose weight, end a bad relationship, quit bad habits, or be more generous with their fortune. What better thought to relieve ones mind than they get a clean slate January first. If only the slate stayed clean longer than the month of January. It seems as if everyone falls short of fulfilling their resolutions. Perhaps its due to the




fact that many lack true motivation and/or commitment. Sure its exciting to sit down for ten minutes and produce a little list of wishes you want for the New Year. But in all reality, many of those changes people long for require months of preparation to get the right mind set and then many years to follow of pure commitment. “One big exciting change usually isn’t enough to change our behaviors that we have taught ourselves over a period of many years,” Michael Dylan, Entrepreneur and Businessman, said. Just as people









developed their current way of thinking over years, it will take just as many to fully change it. Anyone whose serious and

“My New Year’s Resolution is to bring my grades up!” Danielle R., senior, said. wishes to dedicate time and hard effort towards their New Year’s resolution needs to strive for self-motivation and the true desire to accom-



plish whatever it may be; we all know how easy it is to fall back into old habits, their what were comfortable with. So in order to achieve your resolution you have to really want it and you must obtain some amount of self-motivation. Make a New Year’s resolution that will last longer than January, better yet that will last longer than the New Year, and stick to it. “If you are truly committed to achieving your new year’s resolution you will forget about calling it a new year’s resolution! It needs to be a constant

living resolution that you are committed to achieving.” Michael Dylan, Entrepreneur and Businessman, said. Remind yourself daily why you want/need the change in the first place and commend to it.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to get another job,” Trisha F., senior, said.

Top four premieres in 2010 By Nicole Ware

Above is three cast members from the Vampire Diaries: Elena and the two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon, Stefan being the good one, Damon the evil.

One Tree Hill (CW) January 18th, 8 p.m. - One Tree Hill returns to finish off their 7th season. Unfortunately two of the main characters have left the show, Peyton and Lucas. With such a big part of the

show gone it will be interesting to see how the show develops. Be sure to tune in and find out for yourself. “I love the show. I just like all of the characters and how funny the show is,” Courtney D., junior said.

Burn Notice (USA) January 21st, 10 p.m. - Burn Notice is back to finish their 3rd season. Michael Weston was altering his way of life in the last episode aired; he was stubbornly fixated on becoming a spy again until Fiona, his lively

girlfriend, was thrown into the mix. Will Michael finally give up his dream of working with the CIA again-is his life with Fiona and his family more significant? Be sure to check it out. “[Burn Notice] is pretty tight,” Drake S., senior said.

The Vampire Diaries (CW) January 21st, 8 p.m. - The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural-fantasy television series that just emerged onto the screens in 2009. The show is based off the books series written by L.J. Smith in 1993, way before Twilight. The show revolves around

a teenager named Elena who is torn between two vampire brothers-one good, one evil. The brothers are battling for Elena’s soul, her families’ souls, and the little town they live in. The show is on the rise to something great, be sure to watch it!

Smallville (CW) January 22nd, 8 p.m. - Soaring into its ninth season, this unique show is a modern retelling of the superman legend. Its traditional characters continue to blend realism, action, and emotional depth to reveal a new analysis of the long-term myths. This season,

as Metropolis’ clock tower tolls our characters’ darkest hour, we find Clark Kent finally making his first attempts to embrace his calling as a superhero. Tune in and watch. “The previews for this season look pretty good,” Zack D., senior said.




Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three chart-topping bands come to rock the Metro Centre By Hannah Eddy

Mosh pits, laser lights, and towers of blaring speakers: many teens would agree this is the high point of their young adult lives. What better way to kill a few brain cells than banging your head at a 110 decibel rock concert? Well if you feel you are long overdue to hear that ringing in your ears, then you are in luck! On Sunday, January 24, three of today’s most popular bands are coming to put the rock back in Rockford. Headliner Three Days Grace will be sharing the stage with co-headliner Breaking Benjamin. The lineup will also be featuring special guest, Flyleaf. Three Days Grace entered the rock scene back in 1997. The band originates from Ontario, Canada and consists of Adam Gontier (vocals, guitar), Brad Walst (bass), and Neil Sanderson (drums), and Barry Stock (lead guitar). The band was still in high school when they started playing throughout their hometown of Norwood. They would play anywhere and everywhere would give them a gig even if that meant opening for a movie. Their small hometown

inspired much of their material for their first self-titled album. The song that brought them to the top of charts was “(I Hate) Everything About You” back in 2003. Fans quickly picked up on their deep lyrics and their music that crosses many generations. “Their songs are not directed towards a certain group of people,” Britney V., Senior, said. “It is more about emotions felt by all people.” Their current top singles from their album released in 2009, Life Starts Now, include “Break” and “The Good Life” ( Breaking Benjamin cannot say they are familiar with the same small-town inspiration, coming out of Wikes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The band was formed in 1998 and currently include members Benjamin Burnley (vocals, guitar), Aaron Fink (lead guitar), Mark Klepaski (bass), Chad Szeliga (drums), who all have the band’s symbol tattooed on various parts of their bodies. The band will be promoting their recently released album from 2009, titled Dear Agony. You may have heard some of their recent

singles, “I Will Not Bow” or “Give Me A Sign”, which was released the 5th of this month ( This tour will also be featuring Flyleaf, who has only been in the public eye since 2004. The band members included Lacey Mosley (vocals), Sameer Bhattacharya (lead guitar), Jared Hartmann (rhythm guitar), James Culpepper (drums), and Pat Seals (bass), all from Texas. “I have been a fan of Flyleaf for a couple of years,” Nick W., Senior, said. “I saw their music videos on MTV and loved the band’s inspiring lyrics.” Back in November of 2009, they released their sophomore album, title Momento Mori. The album title is the Latin meaning of “Be mindful of death,” reminding us to not take this life for granted. “The vocalist’s voice is very unique and powerful,” Britney V., Senior, said. “It is music you can get lost in.” The album was number eight on the Billboard Top 200 when it debuted. “Again” and “Beautiful Bride” are some singles from their new album you may have heard on local rock stations

( This is not the first time these bands have toured. In 2004, Flyleaf toured with Breaking Benjamin, as well as, Skillet, Strain, and 3 Doors Down. In 2007, they shared the stage with Three Days Grace. Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace were first brought together with Seether in early 2008. “These bands are some of the best I have ever seen in concert, especially together,” Ashlee A., Senior, said. “I feel these bands speak to all age levels. My parents listen to them too. In fact, my mom has seen them in concert before.” So if you happen to be a fan of any of these groups, be sure to come on down to the Metro Centre on January 24 at 7 PM. Tickets are just $37.25 for either general floor admission or reserved seating. Call the Metro Centre box office at (815) 9685600 or go to CentreEvents. com for additional information. Come see three spectacular bands for the price of one. You may discover some new music to fill up the empty space on that iPod you got for the holidays.




? ? ? ? ?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Local Area Man Tried in Murder of Ice Cream Man By Leah Raffety

On January 4, Michael C. Jennings pled guilty to first-degree murder of Isidro Duran. Jennings, who faces 20 to 60 years behind bars, will be tried in court on March 12. Jennings’ two accomplices in the murder of Mr. Duran were Justin L. Dismuke and Rafael E. Santos Jr. The two men have already been charged and sentenced to serve time at the Winnebago County Jail. On July 15, 2007, Isidro Duran, a local area ice cream man, was serving a man and his daughter some ice cream on 700th block of Loomis Street, in Rockford. At around 6:20 p.m. Mr. Duran was approached by a group of three men. One of the approaching men pulled out a gun and started shooting Mr. Duran in the back and leg. Duran then ran into a nearby apartment building where he collapsed. Isidro Duran, a resident of Woodstock, Illinois, had been

serving ice cream to the Rockford community for many years. Police say robbery was the motive behind his murder. Duran’s death sparked a large reaction from the Rockford people. The thought that an innocent man, an ice cream vendor, would get murdered for money was unbelievable. Signs went up across the city saying “Stop. Killing. People.” People protested the increasing murder rate by carrying these posters around Rockford and voicing their concerns about the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Isidro Duran’s death not only rattled the people of Rockford, but Harlem students as well. “Finding out that someone as innocent as an ice cream vendor can get murdered makes me want to go hide in my closet, scared,” Samantha G., sophomore, said. Andrew R., a resident of the Rockford area for 16 years, feels

that the ever increasing crime and murder rate in Rockford needs to be stop. “After hearing about Isidro Duran’s death, I was appalled. You hear about these kinds of things happening in big cities, but you don’t expect them to occur right here in your own town,” Andrew R. said. As the Rockford Register Star’s Chris Green put it, “The slaying of the 47-year-old man, better known in the community as the neighborhood ice cream man, marked a new level of violence in the city.” The killing of an innocent man helped send a warning sign to the Rockford people about the drastic increase in crime rate throughout the city. Rockford citizens are hoping for justice to be served on March 12, in the trial against Michael C. Jennings, one of three people who were involved with Isidro Duran’s murder.

Who knew that something as harmless as ice cream would lead to the death of an innocent man?

Troops getting deployed


This is a symbol of our country and when most families get these that means they have lost someone who was or is in the Army. Most families take proud in having one of these in their family.

In the next few weeks, the people in this area will be going over seas to fight for their country in Iraq. The families of these soldiers are starting to get ready for them to be going over to Iraq. The soldiers that are going over to Iraq are happy that they will be soon fighting for their country. How are the people in the family going to cope with the fact that their loved ones are going to be over there? This means that they will not be able to see their loved ones for a year. How would people have a chance to deal with it? This is something that most people have a hard time dealing with. Having a loved one in the army is a very stressful time. With the families having to stay home and hope that their loved one will come back it is a very hard time for them. There are other families that have loved one over in Iraq for quite a long time and they have been coping with it. Having a loved one over

By Allison Brewer

sea makes a life a little harder to live. The others who can deal with the fact that their loved one is over in Iraq Know that it is what they wanted to do. Most people will miss their families but they try to keep that in mind every time that they think of them and that fact that they are gone. “I think that if I knew someone in the army that I would feel horrible if they left to go to Iraq.” Sarah C., freshman, said. The thing with having a loved one is that it is going to be hard for the first time that they leave. It does get better as time goes and you do thing like e-mail or even write letters for them to read. These things helps people deal with the fact that they are not with the family or loved on is not with them at the time. Trying to stay in contact with your loved one is easier to feel better that they will be coming home sooner or later.



8 Thursday, January 28, 2010

Laws change for teen runaways By Leah Raffety

Many teenagers often threaten their parents that they will run away. However, most of the time their threats are empty and do not get carried out. This is not the case for some teens though. Some teens may come from abused or broken homes where they are not safe. In these cases, running away from home is a very real option. For this reason, among others, state legislators are changing teen runaway laws to help keep teens in danger safe.

Lawmakers in 10 states have passed laws involving teen outreach laws, and the opportunity for teen runaways to be able to stay in youth shelters. These efforts will help aid in giving shelter to teens that live in unstable homes. The question is, how does one know that the youth shelters will not be abused by teenagers who are members of good households? “I feel that if the kid is getting beat up at home that the shelters are a good option, but

not for teens that are just mad at their parents,” sophomore, Melissa M. said. Fellow sophomore, Jane S. also agreed with this statement. “Running away should not be illegal, per say, but frowned up in most circumstances,” she observed. There are many cases in which teens try to get their parents attention, and they feel a good way to do that is by running away. However, there is a way in which this can be avoided. When a teen runs away, their

parents are supposed to issue a missing persons report. After this report is filed, a warning goes out to any local and national shelters giving a description and name of the missing teen. This makes it possible for parents and police to track down teens that are missing. If the teen is found, but insists they are not safe in their home, an investigation is put into play. If the home passes the investigation, the teen is forced to go back. If the

Legistlators from 10 different states are changing their laws to help teen runaways have a safe place to go if they are from unsafe homes.

home does not pass the teen is placed into a foster care home. These shelters may result in a mixed opinion among parents. “I think that the shelters are a good idea, because they supply a safe place for troubled teens to go,” Marla R., mother, said. These shelters can be a very good thing for teens in unsafe home situations, giving them a safe haven to go to.

Harlem gets crafty with food By Hannah Eddy

The looks of it would make most people’s stomachs churn. They go against all norms of society (and in some cases, nutrition). A million dollars could not convince some to try what looks so unappealing and unappetizing. Yet, after one bite, your taste buds agree that, actually… it is not that bad. In fact, this could become your new favorite treat. We all have our own quirky food concoctions that would appear disgusting to

? ?

most people. Yet some of the best combinations come from a little experimenting (surely people gave the guy who first put peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich weird looks). Here at Harlem, students are no exception for allowing their curiosity and appetite to intertwine. Melissa W. crafts her favorite side dish during her lunch period: mashed potatoes and ranch dressing. “[Everyone at my table] made fun of me for it and said it was gross,”

Melissa, senior, said, “but then they tried it and loved it.” Dan B. favors the deep fried side of life. “I’ve tried a French fry soaked in butter, grease, and pickle juice,” the senior said. “I was hungry, and I got paid a dollar for trying it. It did not taste too bad either.” An old time favorite for many is macaroni and cheese with a big dollop of ketchup. “My mac and cheese was a little dry one day, so I added some ketchup,” Alex S.,

senior, said. Since the childhood years, numerous students have taken part in this remedy for the best macaroni and cheese. There is sweet and salty, but what about sour and fruity? “I eat pickles and applesauce,” Austin B., sophomore, said. “A friend told me to try it. People thought I was crazy.” Cannot decide what you are hungry for? Just blend everything together. “I mixed about four ounces of blueberry yogurt, pickle juice,

Many people at Harlem prefer to eat the macaroni and cheese with a squirt of ketchup.

mustard, and something else I found in the fridge,” Alyrica H., junior, confessed. Many indulge in a favorite food for comfort, others for stress relievers. So after all the hard hours put into study for that tough chemistry or calculus final, explore what is hiding amongst the kitchen cabinets. Who knows what new creations are waiting to be discovered?

? ?




Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greg Reilly Adviser

s t n i r P aw

P Payton D. Editor-in-Chief

0 1 0 2

*Adviser* Greg Reilly

*Editor-in-chief* Payton D.

*News editor* Alexandria S.

*Sports editor* Danielle W.

*Entertainment editor* Hannah E.

*Editorials editor* Leah R.

A letter from the editor-in-chief

By: Payton D.

Congratulations to the Paw Print’s staff once again. We went through tight deadlines and a lot of hardwork to ensure a smaller, but fabulous January issue. Thanks for all your hard work! After our printed December issue Paw Print’s is trying to pull readers into reading our online issues. Keep up the hardwork staff! Readers, please continue to read and spread the word about Paw Prints!

*Staff* Allison B. - News Brandi C. - News & Editorials Frankie G. - Sports Alyssa J. - Editorials Arcadia M. - Sports Rachael P. - Entertainment Sarah S. - Sports Bob S. - Sports Brecken S. - Entertainment Nikki W. - Entertainment

Alexandria S. News Editor

Danielle W. Sports Editor

Hannah E. Entertainment Editor

Leah R. Opinions Editor

Paw Prints January 2010 Issue  

This is the newspaper of Harlem High School in Machesney Park, IL.

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