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Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015


Board of Trustees 2015–16 Janet L. Sherlund President Kenneth L. Beaugrand Vice President Kennedy P. Richardson Vice President William J. Boardman Treasurer Mary D. Malavase Clerk Josette Blackmore Maureen F. Bousa Anne Marie Bratton William R. Camp Jr. Friends of the NHA Representative Calvin R. Carver Jr. Olivia Charney Constance Cigarran Wylie Collins Michael Cozort Ana Ericksen Whitney A. Gifford Carl Jelleme William Little Victoria McManus Franci Neely Christopher C. Quick Friends of the NHA President L. Dennis Shapiro Maria Spears Jason Tilroe Phoebe Tudor Finn Wentworth Kelly Williams Alisa A. Wood David D. Worth Jr. Ex Officio William J. Tramposch Gosnell Executive Director

© 2016 Nantucket Historical Association

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Nantucket Historical Association

2015-16 NHA Board of Trustees, top, from the left: Alisa Wood; Carl Jelleme; Kelly Williams; Bill Boardman, treasurer; Michael Cozort; Dennis Shapiro; Victoria McManus; David Worth; Peter Hoey; Mary Malavase, clerk; Finn Wentworth; and Wylie Collins. Bottom, from the left, Chris Quick, president, Friends of the NHA; Franci Neely; Josette Blackmore; Connie Cigarran; Janet Sherlund, president; Maria Spears; Maureen Bousa; Bill Camp, Friends of the NHA representative; Ken Beaugrand, vice president; Phoebe Tudor; and Bill Tramposch, Gosnell Executive Director. Not pictured: Anne Marie Bratton; Chip Carver; Olivia Charney; Ana Ericksen; Whit Gifford; Will Little; Kennedy Richardson, vice president; and Jason Tilroe.

Progressing the NHA Strategic Plan In 2013, under the leadership of Ken Beaugrand, vice president of the board of trustees, the Nantucket Historical Association embarked on an extensive strategic-planning effort. The resulting strategic plan has been serving us well and will continue to do so until 2019. Every month, the management team accounts for its “progress on the plan” toward three central tenets—Caring for Our Collections, Providing Transformative Experiences, and Ensuring Financial Stability. In the following pages you will learn that, thanks to your generosity and commitment to the NHA’s mission, our progress in 2015 has been enormous!

Caring for Our Collections Critical leadership appointments have enabled us to make great strides in the care of our extensive collections. The association has never had more vigilant oversight of its holdings, be they historic buildings or Betty lamps. While we have made dramatic strides in the restoration of the Old Gaol, Macy-Christian House, and Hadwen House, less obvious perhaps but every bit as important is our progress monitoring the condition and care of artifacts and archives. Further, we are providing increased worldwide access to our holdings through digitization. Annual Report 2015

An observer once commented that “a museum is a cabinet of curiosities, not the least of which is its staff!” Humor aside, the point is well taken. The NHA has many treasures, staff among them. Caring for and retaining our talented staff are very high priorities. Toward that end, the NHA has constructed a residential duplex for staff, with each apartment containing three bedrooms. Its need was so great that the duplex was filled immediately and already others are on the waiting list. This addition, coupled with the high premium we place on staff development and training, are “collections care” matters, if you will. 3

Michael Harrison, Robyn & John Davis Chief Curator, leads a Member Morning tour of the Thomas Macy House

New staff housing on Bartlett Road

Providing Transformative Experiences Never have we offered a more memorable and engaging array of programs and activities than we did this past year—from celebrations of Nantucket’s diversity to sleepovers in the Whaling Museum for schoolchildren, and from the expanded oral history program to exciting collaborations that fuse history with dramatic performance, be they with members of Theatre Workshop of Nantucket or film producers at Warner Bros. This has indeed been a year that demonstrated the power of partnerships and the strength of our community outreach, which was confirmed by our selection as a finalist for the coveted National Medal from the Institute of Museum and Library Services—for the second year in a row!

Never have we offered a more memorable and engaging array of programs and activities than we did this past year . . .

Achieving Financial Stability In the midst of it all, the NHA has been sharply focused on the matter of sustainability. Every nonprofit relies now and forever on the generosity of donors, and the lifecycle of a nonprofit is punctuated by various important campaigns. During the past three years, our board, committee members, and staff have pursued a goal that at first seemed quixotic: doubling our endowment. Such a goal, if achieved, would enable the NHA to rely more upon the draw (4.5 percent) from its endowment, thereby being more seaworthy in the event of economic downturn.

We are happy to report that this goal for our properties, programs, and people has been met through the success of a “quiet campaign.” Providing perpetual care for our iconic historic properties, most of which were given to us without benefit of endowment, was a major focus of the campaign, which also endowed three key named positions, a major museum gallery, and the oral history program. In addition, it provided capital resources to complete deferred-maintenance projects at the properties as well as for the staff housing project.


Nantucket Historical Association

We have accomplished all of this because of the generosity of many supporters. We will further add to the endowment through the sale of three non-core properties, thus supporting our efforts to preserve and present our sites to future generations who will enjoy this “elbow of sand” as much as we do now. Thank you—to each of our members, campaign donors, and program and event supporters. It is because of you that the NHA is accomplishing so much. We look forward to seeing you often in our halls and at our programs in the months ahead.

Restoring Going on the Whale

JANET L. SHERLUND President, Board of Trustees

In the Heart of the Sea walking tour

WILLIAM J. TRAMPOSCH Gosnell Executive Director

Hadwen House

Annual Report 2015


2015 Achievements Thank you to the numerous individuals, foundations, community organizations, and businesses that enabled the NHA to achieve so much in 2015.


Quiet Campaign

Welcomed more than 86,000 visitors to the Whaling Museum, historic sites, and walking tours.

Completed a successful three-year “quiet campaign,� raising $12.08 million to build the NHA endowment, complete important deferred-maintenance projects at the historic sites, and construct much-needed employee housing.




Received for the second year from the Institute of Museum and Library Services recognition of the Whaling Museum as one of thirty finalists for the 2016 National Medal, the nation’s highest honor for museums.

Presented 109 public programs, from lectures and festivals to concerts and theatrical performances, serving more than 7,440 program attendees.

Enhanced outreach to more than 2,500 members and engaged them through member-morning programs, the annual meeting, exhibition openings, and behind-thescenes collections tours.

Inquiries Responded to almost twenty-five hundred inquiries about Nantucket history received by phone, mail, and email; served more than six hundred-fifty researchers at the Research Library; and responded to more than four hundred research inquiries about artifacts received by the Curatorial Department. 6

Nantucket Historical Association

Sacerdote Chair of Education & Outreach Endowed the Sacerdote Chair of Education & Outreach in memory of Peter M. Sacerdote, with thanks to the family of Peter M. Sacerdote for their $1 million gift. The position, held by Marjan Shirzad, manages educational and learning opportunities for schools, students, and teachers, as well as membership, visitor services, interpretation, communications, and public programs.

1800 House Instructed at the 1800 House one-hundred forty students in sixty-five decorative arts and crafts classes during the eleventh year of summer, fall, and winter programs.

School Groups Hosted at the Whaling Museum and Historic Sites 1,154 students with forty-eight school and youth groups, including forty visits from island schools.

Preservation Award Honored with the Architectural Preservation Award presented by the Nantucket Preservation Trust for the restoration of the Old Gaol.

Director of Properties


Appointed Catherine Taylor as Director of Properties with responsibility for the maintenance, preservation, and restoration of the NHA’s campus of historic and modern properties.

With support from the TupancyHarris Foundation, installed assistive -listening devices at the Whaling Museum to improve the quality of the visitor experience for those with some degree of hearing loss.

Annual Report 2015


2015 Achievements

Our Nantucket Engaged the community with the new Our Nantucket series, which included three evening multicultural events celebrating Nepal, Bulgaria, and El Salvador, as well as the annual Diversity Festival. More than 1,100 community members participated in this expanded outreach series, exceeding attendance projections by 24 percent.

Records-Management Program

Community Partners

Established an Institutional Records-Management Program based at the Research Library for the permanent storage, improved management, and increased access to organization-wide records. The program’s initial focus has been on collecting, organizing, and providing digital access to historic-property records.

Partnered with major island organizations, including the Community Foundation for Nantucket, One Book One Island, Nantucket Atheneum, Artists Association of Nantucket, Nantucket Community Music Center, Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Theatre Workshop of Nantucket, reMain Nantucket, Dharma Yoga, Dreamland Theater, Berklee College of Music, and Maria Mitchell Association, as well as with the island’s public and private schools and off-island organizations.


New Lecture Series

Accessioned fourteen groups of Nantucket-related art and artifacts for the curatorial collections and fifty-two groups of documents and photographs for the Research Library collections that were donated to or purchased by the NHA.

Developed a new lecture series in partnership with Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. This world-class series brings leading thinkers to Nantucket to share their innovative, multidisciplinary endeavors with the public.


Nantucket Historical Association

Antiques & Design Show of Nantucket Presented the Antiques & Design Show of Nantucket, building on a thirty-eight year tradition as the NHA’s major fundraiser, which included the Designer Luncheon and Designer Panel highlighting the synergy of incorporating antiques into interior design. For 2016, the NHA is expanding the theme of design and transitioning the August 2–7 event to Nantucket by Design.

Obed Macy Research Chair Completed the $1.5 million endowment of the Obed Macy Research Chair, held by Betsy Tyler, thanks to a $250,000 challenge grant from an anonymous foundation, which was matched by Mary Ann and Paul Judy, lead founding supporters of the chair.

Properties Guide

Museum Shop

Published the NEMA-Award winning NHA Historic Properties Guide, written by Betsy Tyler, Obed Macy Research Chair, as the first comprehensive guide to the properties and sites.

Expanded the Museum Shop’s selections of historic photographs and high-quality reproductions and gifts, many of which are inspired by art and artifacts in the NHA’s collections.

Museum After Dark

Presented the first Museum after Dark, a next-generation special event at the Whaling Museum in celebration and appreciation of Nantucket’s history.

Annual Report 2015


2015 Achievements

Exhibitions Opened three new exhibitions in the Whaling Museum: Stove by a Whale: 20 Men, 3 Boats, 96 Days in the McCausland Gallery; The Mighty Misty Monster: Moby-Dick Embroidered Narratives, by Susan Boardman, in the Overlook Gallery; and Hollywood Meets History in the Nantucket Corner; and presented Characters and Collections: Island Novelties and the Early Years of Nantucket Tourism in the Research Library’s Whitney Gallery. Developed plans for extensive enhancements in 2016 to the exhibits throughout the Whaling Museum and Hadwen & Barney Oil and Candle Factory.

Flint Ranney Collection & Digital Image Database

Grants Awarded competitive grants from foundations and organizations in support of educational initiatives, exhibitions, public programs, and property restoration and renovation. Our thanks to: Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation Trust, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, Charina Endowment Fund, Community Foundation for Nantucket, Community Preservation Committee, David P. Wheatland Charitable Trust, Nantucket Garden Club, Nantucket Golf Club Foundation, reMain Nantucket, and Tupancy-Harris Foundation.

Digitized the Flint Ranney Collection of 3,981 photographs of Nantucket houses through the Digital Commonwealth program at Boston Public Library. The collection is part of the growing online database of more than 30,000 historic images at the Research Library, which provided photographs to the television shows Mysteries at the Museum and American Pickers, and the Smithsonian Channel’s Moby-Dick: Heart of a Whale, as well as to the publications Smithsonian Magazine, N Magazine, Cape Air Magazine, Nantucket Today, Flux Hawaii, among others.

Verney Fellow Hosted Sarah Crabtree as the 2015 Verney Fellow at the Research Library for a graphic-history project: “Tinker, Traitor, Coward, Spy!: The (Mis)Adventures of William Rotch.” 10

Nantucket Historical Association

’Sconset History Night Participated in the seventh ’Sconset History Night at the Siasconset Casino, sponsored by the Siasconset Historical Research Group, a focus group with representatives from the NHA, ’Sconset Trust, Nantucket Preservation Trust, On the Isle, and the ’Sconset community.

Event Venues Provided historic venues for thirty-seven rentals for special functions—weddings, corporate events, and parties of all kinds—at the Hadwen House Garden, Oldest House, Quaker Meeting House, Greater Light, and the Whaling Museum.

Volunteers Engaged more than 350 volunteers whose involvement was essential to the success of special events, administrative projects, and educational and curatorial initiatives.

Historic Properties Update Embarked on the historic rehabilitation of the Macy-Christian House at 12 Liberty Street; completed the phase-two, structural stabilization of the Old Gaol to repair the foundation and drainage for long-term preservation; and at the Hadwen House completed repair of the porches and columns, restoration of the fence, and the second phase of renovation of the upper garden.

Annual Report 2015

Professional Development Invested in staff professional development with participation and presentations at programs, workshops, and conferences, including the New England Museum Association, Scrimshaw Symposium, Blackbaud, the Council of American Maritime Museums, Museum Store Association, Whaling Symposium, Social Media for Nonprofits, Cape Cod Philanthropy Day, American Association for State and Local History, International Congress of Maritime Museums, and the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, as well as the annual board-sponsored, all-staff trip to the Harvard Art Museums and Harvard Museum of Natural History. 11

2015 Achievements

Oral History Advanced the oral history initiatives at the Research Library with the endowment of the program by Robyn and John Davis and the appointment of an Oral History Fellow, Jacob Horton, who is both collecting oral histories across the community and training volunteers to conduct interviews. For access to the collection of several hundred audio and video oral histories, visit

NHA in Nantucket Schools Expanded relations with Nantucket schools, including hosting A Walk through Time overnight-program for the Nantucket New School’s fourth-grade class, and continuing the Museum in My School and Night Watch initiatives with the Nantucket Elementary School.

Hadwen House Ad Hoc Committee Completed the work of the Hadwen House Ad Hoc Committee of the board and staff to provide direction on the future adaptive re-use of Hadwen House and initiated a Hadwen House Master Plan Committee to develop a formal master plan, including use alternatives and capital and operating budgets.

Staff Housing Completed construction of new staff housing adjacent to the Bartholomew Gosnold Center and a landscape plan for both the housing and the collections center on Bartlett Road.

Historic Nantucket Published two issues of Historic Nantucket with the themes of “Big Ideas” for the spring/summer issue and “Imagining Nantucket” for the fall/winter issue.

In the Heart of the Sea

Online maintenance-request system

Celebrated the release of Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea film, based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s book, hosting a VIP donor advance screening at the Time-Warner Center in New York City and a Nantucket community advance screening at the Dreamland Theatre prior to the film’s nationwide release.

Installed an online maintenance-request system to improve planning and tracking work projects, so as to better understand and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of caring for the NHA’s properties. During the first quarter of use, the properties department managed 486 work orders. 12

Nantucket Historical Association

The NHA’s Mission The Nantucket Historical Association tells the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

Strategic Plan Objectives Achieving Financial Stability

Caring for Our Collections, Including Properties

A healthy financial base ensures that the NHA is the best possible steward of the collections, the properties, and the stories that tell of our island’s rich history. An increasingly healthy financial base ensures the association’s sustainability.

Our collections, be they Betty lamps or buildings, help us tell the story of this island over four centuries. Their perpetual care is as crucial as is our making these collections-based stories increasingly accessible for all to enjoy.

Providing Transformative Experiences

Providing and Promoting a Consistent Identity and Clear Brand

Our island is a “microcosm” of America, and so our stories are American stories. We believe that direct and moving encounters with our past make for a more informed and engaged public.

Fortunately, our portfolio of properties and programs is large, all the better for sharing the chapters of our history. However, as any book has many chapters, it also has a cover and a consistency about it that we, too, must have to ensure that our association’s message is clear, consistent, and compelling.

Annual Report 2015


Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Kovner, chairs, 2015 Antiques & Design Show of Nantucket

2015 Antiques & Design Show of Nantucket committee members

Giving 2015 Thank you to the many individuals, foundations, community organizations, local businesses, and corporations that so broadly and generously supported the Nantucket Historical Association’s places, programs, and people in 2015.

Annual Support

$100,000 and above Tupancy-Harris Foundation of 1986

The NHA is grateful for the generous annual support received from memberships, donations to the Annual Fund and Year-End Appeal, gifts for special programs, exhibitions, corporate underwriting, grants, and special events, including the Antiques & Design Show of Nantucket, Festival of Wreaths, and Festival of Trees. Unrestricted operating funds nurture every aspect of the NHA—from the care of the properties and collections, to the delivery of public programs and educational outreach, to the development of our professional staff. Cumulative annual giving from these sources is reported for January 1 to December 31, 2015.

$80,000—$89,999 Charina Endowment Fund

$60,000—$69,999 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Finn X. Wentworth

$50,000—$59,999 Franci Neely Estate of Stephen Andrews Wise

$40,000—$49,999 Maureen and Edward Bousa Maria and William Spears

$30,000—$39,999 David P. Wheatland Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. William E. Little Jr. Estate of Phyllis B. Macomber Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reynolds Janet and Rick Sherlund

$20,000—$29,999 Anne DeLaney and Calvin R. Carver Mr. Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Mr. Michael A. Kovner Magellan Jets Beverly Hall/The William Froelich Foundation


Nantucket Historical Association

Museum after Dark, from the left: Eric Sherman; Michael Lorber and Marla Sanford, chairs; Kyle Bowen; and Douglass Karp

Designer Luncheon, from the left: Franci Neely; Katie Ridder, speaker; Bill Tramposch; Mary-Adair Macaire, luncheon chair; and Janet Sherlund


Nantucket Garden Club Nantucket Golf Club Foundation NEBCO Insurance Services Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Newton Mary and Al Novissimo/ Novation Media Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Peek Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Penske Ralph Lauren Mr. and Mrs. George Roach Mr. and Mrs. Francis Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roman Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rosenthal Mrs. Linda P. Saligman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Saul Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Schorr IV Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stansky Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Stephens Ms. Catherine Oppenheimer and Mr. Garrett Thornburg Jason Tilroe Phoebe and Bobby Tudor Mr.† and Mrs. Wat H. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. John F. Welch Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Wilson

ACE Private Risk Services Ms. Margaret R. Battle Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Baxter BNY Mellon, Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Butler Mr. and Mrs. William R. Camp Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Champion Jr. Connie and Tom Cigarran Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Davidson Mrs. Barbara J. Fife Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Geschke Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gunn Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Hajim Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson Mrs. Barbara E. Jones Mr. Hampton S. Lynch Jr. Mrs. Helen Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Ian R. MacKenzie Marine Home Center Ms. Ellen S. Flamm and Mr. Richard Peterson Ann and Chris Quick reMain Nantucket Susan M. and Kennedy P. Richardson Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. L. Dennis Shapiro Spears Abacus Mr. and Mrs. Edward Symes III Mrs. Louise E. Turner


Patricia S. and Thomas J. Anathan Mariann Berg Appley Mrs. Gale H. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Atchinson Mary-Randolph Ballinger Ms. Eileen Berman and Mr. Jay A. Bauer Carole and Gary Beller Ms. Marlene J. Benson Mr. Max N. Berry Susan and William Boardman Mrs. Edith S. Bouriez Anne Marie and Doug Bratton Mr. and Mrs. David S. J. Brown Mr. Donald A. Burns Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Jenny and Wylie Collins Mr. and Mrs. Donald Comstock Mrs. Mary Cross†/Theodore Cross Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William M. Crozier Jr. Mr. Stephen A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel B. Day Mr. John M. DeCiccio Ms. Elizabeth R. Miller and Mr. James G. Dinan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dunlap Empire Office Ana and Michael Ericksen Mrs. Polly F. Espy Fine Paints of Europe Kelly Williams and Andrew Forsyth Mrs. Karyn McLaughlin Frist Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gaslow Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Gottwald Ms. Susan Zises Green Mr. and Mrs. James Hackett Ms. Joy H. Ingham Mr. Carl Jelleme Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Karp Kookaburra Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Arie L. Kopelman Mr. Michael S. Lorber Mr. and Mrs. Francisco A. Lorenzo Mr. and Mrs. Seymour G. Mandell Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCausland Victoria McManus and John McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Menschel

Annual Report 2015


Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Abbey Mr. and Mrs. Leigh J. Abramson Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie III Mrs. Susan D. Akers Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ancona Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Angelastro Antiques & Fine Art Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Armstrong Arrowhead Furniture & Nursery Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bailey Jr. Ms. Leanne Baker Barbara Harris Water Jewels Dr. and Mrs. David H. Barlow Mr. Jeremy A. Batoff Ms. Mary Jane Bauer Ms. Jane Beasley Gussie and Ken Beaugrand Berkshire Bank Mr. David G. Berry Josette and Jim Blackmore Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Alastair Borthwick Botticelli & Pohl, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bresette Mrs. Patricia M. Bridier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Broadus III Mrs. Christina L. Brown Ms. Deborah J. Bryan Mr.† and Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan Dr. James E. Bullock Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Camalier III Mr. and Mrs. Grant L. Cambridge Ms. Katherine M. Grover and Mr. Michael J. Campbell Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines Cape Cod Five Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carey Olivia and Felix Charney Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chesley Chip Webster Architecture Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Clapp III Ms. Elizabeth K. Clyne Community Foundation for Nantucket Congdon & Coleman Insurance Mr. and Mrs. John T. Connelly Jr. Mrs. Martha W. Cox/Cox Foundation Martha and Michael Cozort Mr. and Mrs. George Crapple Mr. and Mrs. Pierre U. Crosby Ms. Amanda B. Cross Carol March Emerson Cross Cuddy Associates Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cutone Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Daisey Mr. and Mrs. Kell Damsgaard David M. Handy Events Mr. and Mrs. Porter G. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. de Menocal Ms. Amy E. Hauk and Mr. Scott M. Dehm Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Didriksen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dilatush Mrs. Dorinda Dodge Don Allen Auto Service, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Donelan II Dr. and Mrs. William H. Druckemiller Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Duffy Dujardin Design Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Douglass N. Ellis Jr. Emeritus Development Ernst & Elfriede Frank Foundation Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Eskind Mr. and Mrs. William Farrell Mrs. Trudy S. Dujardin and Mr. Frank Fasanella Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Faucette Ms. Mary L. Cavanaugh and Mr. Terry B. Festervand Mr. and Mrs. Mark Filipski Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Fisher Flather & Perkins Insurance Ms. Marcia D. Weber and Mr. James B. Flaws Fly Beacon Mr. and Mrs. Randall Fojtasek Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Forman Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Forster Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fox Freedman’s of Nantucket Mr. and Mrs. H. Crowell Freeman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Friedman Hon. William H. Frist, M.D., and Mrs. Frist Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Gailliot Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Garland Mr. Denis H. Gazaille Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Gerstner Jr. Mrs. Martha Parke Gibian Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Giletti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giovine Mr. and Mrs. Graham C. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Goldweitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Greenhill Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Greenspon Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Griffin Ms. Deborah Lewis and Mr. Bob Grinberg Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Grote Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Gudonis Dr. Laurance J. Guido Mr. and Mrs. Graham Gund Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Gutman Ms. Myrna Haft Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Haft Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hale Hanna D. Monaghan Trust Mr. and Mrs. John Harris Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Harris Hatch’s Package Store Mr. and Mrs. Christian W. E. Haub Mrs. Isabelle Georgeaux and Mr. Patrick Healy Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Hedberg Ms. Dorothy K. Hesselman Dr. George S. Heyer Jr.†

Hingham Institution for Savings Mr. and Mrs. Christian Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holt Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hooper Jr. Mr. S. Roger Horchow Mr. and Mrs. John P. Horgan Housefitters & Tile Gallery Mrs. Wendy Hubbell Mr. Barry Hutner Hy-Line Cruises The Iacocca Foundation The Inquirer and Mirror The Islander Package Store Mrs. Elizabeth S. Jacobsen James Lydon, Sons & Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Julius Jensen III Jockey Hollow Foundation Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Mr. Harvey C. Jones Jr. Jordan Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Judy/The Judy Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Kamens Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Keneally Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kern Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ketelsen Ms. Patience E. Killen Killen Real Estate Ms. Martha L. Dippell and Mr. Daniel L. Korengold Mrs. Nancy W. Lampe Ms. Margaret Hallowell and Mr. Stephen P. Langer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Larsen Mrs. Caroline M. Lathrop Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Levinger Ms. Joanna M. Lewis Mr.† and Mrs. Richard B. Lieb Ms. Martha L. Berman and Mr. Robert I. Lipp Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Logan Mr. and Mrs. John W. Loose Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Macy Ms. Mary D. Malavase Estate of Barbara H. Malcolm Mrs. Anne G. Maletta Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Mauer Mary and Robert McCann Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCarthy Ms. Susan B. McCollum Mr. and Mrs. John T. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. McGill III Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. McGowan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Allan McKelvie Mr. and Mrs. Martin McKerrow Ms. Abigail P. Johnson and Mr. Christopher McKown Ms. Patricia A. White and Mr. James F. Meehan Ms. Clare Casademont and Mr. Michael Metz Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Mittenthal Ms. Betsey Von Summer and Mr. John Moller Ms. Hattie Ruttenberg and Mr. Jonathan Molot Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Monahan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Morton Mr. and Mrs.† Carl M. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Muhlhauser Mrs. Joanne R. Murphy Nantucket Bank, a division of Blue Hills Bank Nantucket Friends Meeting The Nantucket Hotel & Resort Nantucket Insurance Agency/PURE Group of Insurance Companies Nantucket Island Resorts Nantucket Pharmacy Nantucket Tents Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Nash Mr. Robert J. Newhouse Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephan F. Newhouse Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Newquist Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Nicholas Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nichols Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David H. Northrup Jr. Norton Preservation Trust Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Obrecht Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Hardy Oliver Jr. Mrs. Eleanor Q. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Orciuoli Ms. Jill M. Packard Mr. Philip A. Nardone and Mr. Scott Peltier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Philbrick Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pidcock Ms. Kristene F. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Larry I. Pollock Ella Wall Prichard Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Puff Jr. Ms. Karen W. Rainwater Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rand III R. C. Lilly Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Riggs Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. F. Roberts Mrs. Frances H. Rooney Ellen and David Ross Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ruttenberg Mrs. Bonnie J. Sacerdote Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Sanford Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sanford Ms. Gayle A. Bridgman-Santucci and Mr. Joseph E. Santucci Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schaperkotter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Schneider Ms. Donna K. Cooper and Mr. Karl H. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Cary M. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schwed Mrs. Judith G. Seinfeld Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Serafini Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sheffer Mr. and Mrs. Brian Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Fredric C. Slater Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Smialowski Rev. Georgia A. Snell Mrs. Lorraine C. Snell Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Snowden Mrs. Daisy Soros Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Soros Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Spriggs Stark Carpet Rev. and Mrs. C. William Steelman Mrs. Janice C. Sturchio Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. C. Sullivan Ambassador and Mrs. Louis B. Susman Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Swain Sylvia Antiques/Four Winds Craft Guild Ms. Frances Symes Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Taylor Ms. Beth Terrana Mr. and Mrs. William J. Thompson Ms. Meredith Townsend Dr. and Mrs. William J. Tramposch The UPS Store Mr. and Mrs. E. Geoffrey Verney Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Wackenhut Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Wareing Mrs. Susan W. Weatherley Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Webb III Webster & Company Wells Fargo Advisors Mr. and Mrs. William J. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Weymar Mr. Clark M. Whitcomb Mrs. Marilyn J. Whitney

Nantucket Historical Association

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Alastair Wood Leslie Forbes and David D. Worth Mr. and Mrs. William Wraith IV Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Bracebridge H. Young Jr. Mr. Robert A. Young Young’s Bicycle Shop Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Zimmer


A Taste of Nantucket Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Acker Mr. and Mrs. Merrick Andlinger Anne Becker Design Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Atkinson Lindsey and Merrick Axel Mrs. Kathy Garre-Ayars and Mr. Thomas Ayars Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Baldock Mr. Brian Barnett Bartlett’s Farm The Beachside at Nantucket Mr. and Mrs. William G. Beattie Mr. and Mrs. John W. Belash Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Bills Jackie and Bill Bishop Blue Beetle Mr. and Mrs. Robi Blumenstein Myrna and Ronald Bocage Mrs. Joan R. Bolling Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bowditch BPC Architecture Ms. Catherine Taylor and Mr. Carl Bradley Brass Lantern Inn Mrs. Barbara Presta and Mr. Guy N. Bristow Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Brown Mr. and Mrs. Willard W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. William H. Browne Ms. Kelley Laurel and Mr. Dan Brownell Mrs. Julie Jensen-Bryan and Mr. Robert Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Coleman P. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Butler Cape Cod Express, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George U. Carneal Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Carr Mrs. Martha A. Carr Cheney Brothers Building & Remodeling, LLC Dr. Edward Chibaro CMC Construction

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Coghlin Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Congdon Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Conley Ms. Suellen Ward and Mr. John Copenhaver Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cowperthwait Dr. and Mrs. David Dalury Mr. and Mrs. William Delphos Mr. Robert Devine The DiGravio Family Ms. Margaret E. English and Mr. Mark Donato Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Dowling Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Drazen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dugas The Egan Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Eichler Mr. and Mrs. William Einstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Felch Mr. William Ferrall Mrs. Denise Harris-Fiems and Mr. Dennis Fiems Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Fiertz Flowers on Chestnut Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ford Four Winds Gifts, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fremont-Smith Ms. Suzann Johnson and Dr. Art Gertel Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Gewirz Go Figure Barre Studio Nantucket Dr. and Mrs. Elliot R. Goldberg Ms. Bee D. Gonnella Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Gould Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Grause Jr. Ms. Toby A. Greenberg Ms. Tamara Greenman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Griswold IV Mr. and Mrs. John M. Groff Ms. Mary G. O’Connell and Mr. Peter J. Grua Ms. Hilary Gustafsson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Haines Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hakes Mr. Peter Halle Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hamelburg Mr. Tyler Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Brett Harsch Mr. J. Craig Hawkins and Mr. Stan E. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Hayden Jr. Mrs. Lucile W. Hays Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Healey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler K. Henderson

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Ms. Sandra A. Urie and Mr. Frank F. Herron Mr. and Mrs. Mason C. Heydt Mr. and Mrs. Rich Hjulstrom Mr. and Mrs. William Hobart Linda and Peter Hoey Mrs. Mary Margaret Holmes Ms. Laura Homan Mr.† and Mrs. David Hostetler Ms. Gale Hurd Mr. and Mrs. Zenas Hutcheson III IBM Corporation-Matching Grants Program Mr. Horace Irvine It’s a Shore Thing Ms. Claire Fraser and Mr. Jack Kammer Mr. Douglass Karp Kathleen Hay Designs Mr. and Mrs. Eli W. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kelley Mr. Scott Kellman Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kepenash Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Lamport Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. LaRocco Ms. Patricia M. Lassiter Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lawler Mr. Samuel Lehrman Mrs. Jill L. Leinbach Mr. and Mrs. Sal Lentini Mr. and Mrs. Terry F. Lenzner Letarte Swimwear Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Levenson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Liddle Ms. Amanda Tosch and Mr. William Liddle Dr. and Mrs. Keith M. Lindgren Dr. and Mrs. Byron S. Lingeman Ms. Vicki Livingstone Ms. Susan L. Locke Ms. Mary-Adair Macaire Madaket Marine Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Marttila Massachusetts Humanities, Inc. Miss Leigh McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. David McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Meister Ms. Barbara Mendlowitz Mr. and Mrs. F. Duffield Meyercord Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miklos Mr. and Mrs. Lee P. Milazzo Ms. Elizabeth A. Milias Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller IV

Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Mix III Mr. and Mrs. Jack Molloy Dr. and Mrs. Rocco Monto Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Moore Ms. Siobhán O’Mahony and Mr. William M. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan Mr. and Mrs. W. Christopher Mortenson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Morzano Ms. Sonya E. Keene and Mr. John T. Moy Mr. Raymond F. Murphy Jr. Murray’s Toggery Shop, Inc. Nantucket Coffee Roasters/The Bean Nantucket Cultural Council Nantucket Energy Nantucket Island Homes Nantucket Looms Mr. and Mrs. William E. Neff III Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Newhouse Nina Hellman Antiques, Inc. Mrs. Anne P. Olsen Ms. Maureen A. Orth Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Paley Dr. and Mrs. E. Prather Palmer Mr. and Mrs. John W. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. William F. Paulsen Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Picchi Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Polachi Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pratter Quidley & Company Mr. David Rattner Mr. and Mrs. John Riccio Mr. and Mrs. George M. Rich Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Barton Riley Mr. and Mrs. Russell Robinson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Romankiewicz Mrs. Susan H. Ruddick Mr. Charles E. Ryan Sandcastle Construction, Inc. Ms. Sandra R. Holland and Mr. Alfred F. Sanford Mr. Van Zandt Schreiber Schwartz Hannum Ms. Sarah Schwarz Mrs. Gretchen G. Schymik Mr. and Mrs. Fran Scricco Mr. and Mrs. Donnell A. Segalas Mrs. Randee Seiger Ms. Heidi Cox and Mr. George Seyfert Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Shackelford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Shanahan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Shear Mrs. Mary G. Farland and

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Mr. J. Donald Shockey Mr. and Mrs. David J. Spitler Ms. Susan K. Spring Valerie and John Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Warren Stern Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Harris E. Stone Stop & Shop Ms. Darla C. Stuckey Mr. and Mrs. William M. Sullivan Ms. Kate Lubin and Mr. Glendon Sutton Mrs. Linda R. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Thayer Ms. Rachel C. Hobart and Mr. Edward S. Toole Mr. and Mrs. Remy Trafelet Mrs. Genevieve M. Tucker Twig Perkins, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ulm Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Van Dyke II Mr. and Mrs. K. Morgan Varner III Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Visco Mr. and Mrs. William G. Waldorf Mr. George A. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Duncan F. Will Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Woods Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Wright III Ms. Jill Yeagy Mr. and Mrs. Brent B. Young Mr. Scott Widmeyer and Mr. Alan Yount


Anonymous 97.7 WACK FM & 89.5 WNCK FM James W. and Colette† Abbott Abiah Folger Franklin Chapter-NSDAR ACKBBQ Mr. and Mrs. John Addeo Dr. and Mrs. Mohan Advani Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Albani Ms. Joan P. Albaugh Ms. Susan I. Stackpole and Mr. Dominick Alberino Mr. and Mrs. George T. Albrecht Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Albright Ms. Megan M. DuBois and Mr. Jonathan K. Alden Ms. Janis Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Alexandre Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Allard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Allen Jr. Ms. Lisa Pedicini and Mr. Thomas Amirauli

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Andersen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William H. Andrews III Annye’s Whole Foods Antiques Depot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anton Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Armstrong III Mr. and Mrs. James P. Arnall Mr. and Mrs. Keith Arsenault Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Arvay Mr. Leo C. Asadoorian Ms. Diane C. Asche Mrs. Pat Askew Mr. and Mrs. John W. Atherton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Austin III Mr. and Mrs. Roeland Baan Mr. Vito Bacarella Mr. Robert E. Bagshaw, Jr. Mr.† and Mrs. Thomas H. G. Bailliere Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Baker Mrs. Margit C. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Baker Mr. Chris Baker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Balas Mr. and Mrs. Bill Baldassano Vice Admiral John A. Baldwin, USN Ret., and Mrs. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. R. Ballard Mrs. Ruth C. Baltzer Mr. and Mrs. Beau A. Barber Ms. Eileen P. Gebrian and Mr. Timothy J. Barberich Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Barkan Mr. and Mrs. Barry Barksdale Mr. and Mrs. Greg L. Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Barnard Mr. and Mrs. V. Lee Barnes Mr. Curtis L. Barnes Mr.† and Mrs. William H. Barney Jr. Ms. Rosemary C. Barney Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bartholdson Ms. Venus C. Borden and Mr. Andrzej Bartkowiak Ms. Holly J. Bartlett Mrs. Pamela Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Basilevsky Mr. and Mrs. George Bassett Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Bates Mr. and Mrs. Eric Baurmeister Mr. and Mrs. David Beardsley Mr. and Mrs. Scott Beardsley Dr. and Mrs. Herb C. Becker Ms. Carla Kindt and Mr. William Beckett

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Beckwith Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Belford Ms. Carol Bellmaine Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bender Mr. and Mrs. Neil W. Benedict III Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Benedict Mr. Bruce Beni Mr. and Mrs. Craig Beni Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bennett Ms. Barbara T. Bennett† Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Brian Berger Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Berger Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Berglund Mr. and Mrs. Ira Berlin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Berman Ms. Nina Ross and Mr. Nessan Bermingham Ms. Robin Bernstein Ms. Binth Rustad and Mr. Norman R. Berthelette Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Berube Ms. Kimberly Bettincourt Mr. and Mrs. David Bigley Mr. Gerald S. Biondi Mr. and Mrs. William Birch Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Bird Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bires Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Birge III Black-Eyed Susan’s Ms. Lesley F. Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blanda Ms. Cristina Blank Ms. Amy Zilliax and Mr. Henry Blodget Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bloomstone Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boling Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bologna Ms. Ann P. Bond Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Bordes Ms. Sarah Ann Miller and Mr. David Bossi Mr. and Mrs. James Boutot Allison and Chris Bovard Dana and David Boyce Ms. Sara B. Boyce Ms. Constance C. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Boynton Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bradbury Dr. and Mrs. Jay Bradner Mr. and Mrs. David Bradt Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bralower Mrs. and Mr. Lori M. Brannock Brant Point Inn


Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bratton Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Braunohler Mr. Larry P. Breakiron Mr. and Mrs. James H. Breed Mr. Robert Brent Ms. Ellis Breskman Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse J. Briand Ms. Evangeline Morphos and Mr. Alan Brinkley Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Briskman Mrs. Nancy Broll Mr. B. Thomas Brolle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Brome Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bromenschenkel Mr. and Mrs. James Browers Mrs. Diana T. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown Marsha Hall Brown and Robert S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brusca Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brust Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Buechle Mrs. Polly Moroz-Bulajic and Mr. Vuk M. Bulajic Ms. Barbara E. Bund Ms. Maryellen Burke Ms. Shauna Kay Burke Mrs. Barbara H. Burmester Ms. Lee Rand Burne Ms. Laura Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Burton Mrs. Martha H. Butler Dr. and Mrs. George P. Butterworth Ms. Sandra Byrne Ms. Ellen B. Mitchell and Mr. Charles Byrne Mrs. Kate Wilson and Mr. Ciaran P. Byrne Mr. Kenneth L. Cady Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Callahan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Campanella Mrs. Nancy Weeks-Cantone and Mr. Greg Cantone Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Chris Caponigro Dr. and Mrs. Jose Cara Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Carey Mr. and Mrs. James D. Carey Dr. and Mrs. Peter O. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Carini Mrs. Catherine C. Peters-Carle and Mr. Raymond E. Carle Ms. Kate Clark and Mr. Miles G. Carlisle The Carlisle House Inn

Nantucket Historical Association

Mr. and Ms. Steven W. Carlsen Ms. Janis E. Carreiro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Erik Caspersen Ms. Pat Catchpole Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Catlin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Caulfield Mrs. Susan H. Cavanaugh Mr. John C. Chadbourne Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Chan Mrs. Loise B. Chapin Mr. and Mrs. John S. Chapman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Charpie Ms. Abbie Gowdy-Chase and Mr. Peter Chase Mrs. Margaret B. Childs Mr. and Mrs. Chris Choma Ms. Keely Irwin and Mr. Robert Cirillo Mr. and Mrs. Don Claffey Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Clark III Mr. and Mrs. Laurance R. Clark Ms. Mary Davis and Mr. Mark Clausen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Coblentz Mr. Alfred Coffin Ms. Brenda J. Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Coffin Ms. Brenda M. Williams and Mr. Robert L. Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cohen Ms. Barbara G. Cohen Ms. Patience W. Cohn Mr. Allen V. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Condon Mr. and Mrs. William R. Congdon Congdon & Coleman Real Estate Mrs. Marion R. Conley Mr. and Mrs. William F. Connell Ms. Patricia Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Connolly Mrs. Sophie C. Consagra

Ms. Kristen Hawkeswood and Mr. Matthew Dawson Mr. Paul L. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. DeBiasio Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Deck Ms. Michela Deck Dr. Joanne Woodle and Mr. John DeGennaro Ms. Mary E. Ivey and Mr. Charles G. Del Signore Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Delano Mr. and Mrs. Robert Demac Ms. Betsy Fry and Mr. Franklyn P. deMarco Denby Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeNeufville Ms. Antoinette Denisof Mr. and Mrs. W. Chris Dentiste Mr. and Mrs. Paul DePriest Design Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Deutsch Mrs. Susan M. Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Dewez Mr. and Mrs. Manuel F. Dias Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiCristofaro Mr. and Mrs. James B. Digney Mrs. Lucille DiGravio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. DiMartino Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dineen Mr. Gerald H. Crown and Mr. Paul J. Dobrowolski Mr. Casey Dobson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Dolan Mr. Harris Doliner Ms. Dennie Doran Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Dougherty Ms. Susan Halley and Mr. Robert Dowsett Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Drake Mr. and Mrs. George Drapeau III Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Drappi Mrs. Mary V. Drew Mr. and Mrs. Ray DuBois Mrs. Mary M. Duffin Mr. and Mrs. James Duffy III Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. Dugdale Ms. Kathleen A. Duncombe Mr. and Mrs. David Dunham Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dutra East Wood Trading Company Ms. Lynn E. Easton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ebert EBSCO Industries, Inc. Ms. Sharon L. Edge and Mr. Gordon Edge

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Constable Mr. and Mrs. Laurence G. Constable Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Conway Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B. Coolidge Mr. and Mrs. Kiril Coonley Ms. Kimberly C. Corkran Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Coscia Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Coyne Dr. and Mrs. John E. Craighead Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Crampton Mrs. Mary A. Crommelin Mr. and Mrs. John Cross Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Crowley Dr. and Mrs. Daniel F. S. Crowther Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Cueto Debbi and Peter Culbertson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cunha Mr. and Mrs. Chip Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Curren Ms. Gina C Cusano Ms. Michelle Perrault and Mr. Anthony Czarzasty Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D’Agostino Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Damashek Ms. Jennifer Eckert and Mr. Richard D’Amore Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dane Mr. and Mrs. John L. Daniels Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Dapra Dr. and Mrs. John D’Avella Elizabeth and Wayne Davies Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davies Mr. George P. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James E. Davison Jr. Ms. Corina L. Larkin and Mr. Nigel Dawn

Designer Panel, from the left: Suzanne Tucker; Amanda Lindroth; Matthew Patrick Smyth; Susan Zises Green, moderator; Suzanne Kasler; and Charlotte Moss

Annual Report 2015


Edith Delker Real Estate Ms. Shannon Hennessy and Mr. Marcus Edmonds Mrs. Anastasia Contos and Mr. Evangelos L. Efstathiou Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Egan Mr. Tim Ehrenberg Mr. F. Farny Eilers Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Eisenson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Eklund Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Elkman Ms. Karen P. Elverson Dr. Alice F. Emerson Empire Office Ms. Laurel A. Coben and Mr. Travis F. Epes Mrs. Barbara Erskine Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Estabrook Mr. Erik Evans Dr. Lisa A. Carey and Dr. Matthew G. Ewend Ezia Athletic Club Ms. Dorothy Fallon Mrs. Antje L. Farber Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Farish Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Farrell Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fearon Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Feder Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fellon Mrs. Mary Ellen Ferrel Mr. and Mrs. Willard B. Ferris Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Fifield Mr. and Ms. John Finerty Mr. and Mrs. John S. Fink Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Finn Ms. Margaret Burke and Mr. Dennis Fiori Dr. and Mrs. Josef E. Fischer Mrs. Joan J. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Flax Ms. Laura S. Fletcher Ms. Joanne A. McCaffrey and Mr. William E. Floring Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Flynn Ms. Judith L. Flynn Mr. Jay Foley Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Folger Ms. Sarah Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Ford Mr. and Mrs. Tim W. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Forsyth Mrs. Suzanne K. Forsyth Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. Denny Fox

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Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fraga Mr. and Mrs. Steven Frank Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Frascati Ms. Kate Merlini and Mr. Gordon Fraser Dr. and Mrs. John P. Fraunfelder Mr. and Mrs. Don Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Freilich Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Frerichs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Freytag Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Friel Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Frisbie Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fritsch Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Frost Mr. and Mrs. Eric Frost Mr. and Mrs. Marcus D. Fuller Ms. Kate C. Stout and Mr. Pete N. Funkhouser Fusion of Flavor G. S. Hill Gallery Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaillard Mr. and Ms. John H. Galloway III Ms. Maureen Mintz and Mr. Eldad Ganin Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Gannon Mr. Charles J. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gardner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. William L. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Garofalo Ms. Karen Ketterer and Mr. Paul Gaynor Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gazaille Ms. Lucinda Gedeon Dr. and Mrs. Jason R. Gee Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gemis Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Gennaro Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Geoghegan Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Georgantas Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Gewirtz CDR and Mrs. Maurice E. Gibbs Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Gifford III Anne and Whitney Gifford Mrs. Margaret N. Gifford† Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Gilbreth Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gill Mr. and Mrs. Joshua R. Gillenson Ms. Mary E. Gilmartin Mr. Peter Ginn Dr. and Mrs. John P. Girvin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Glover Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Glowacki

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hanan Mrs. Melissa J. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge C. Hanes Mrs. Janet MacKay-Hanlon and Mr. Francis Hanlon Ms. Darlene Hanna Ms. Meredith Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harde Mr. Torrence Harder Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. C. Steven Harkness Mr. and Mrs. Jason Harman Mr. Mark S. Harmsen Ms. Michelle Rogers and Mr. John Harris Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartman Ms. Margot G. Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. Khaled S. Hashem Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Robert Havery Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Haydock Mr. and Mrs. Darren R. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Headley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Healy Mr. John M. Heggem Ms. Leslie J. Heiden Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Held Mrs. Mary W. Heller Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hellman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hemmer Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Henry Dr. and Mrs. Ken Herman Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Heyda Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Greg S. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Hilzenrath Mr. and Mrs. Don Hinkley Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hiscano Ms. Wendy Reiners and Mr. Kendall C. Hochman Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hodge Mr. Anthony J. Gampetro and Mr. Ronald W. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hofsess Ms. Rose M. Gonnella and Mr. Frank Holahan Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Holch Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holding Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hollister Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holt Dr. and Mrs. Charles Hoopes Dr. and Mrs. William E. Horgan Ms. Maureen Phillips and

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Goddard Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Godwin Ms. Dalita Harmon and Mr. Fred Goeringer Ms. Donna Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Ken Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. David G. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. John N. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. J. Graham Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Goldstein Ms. Madalyn L. Mann and Mr. Robert C. Goldszer Ms. Kristen Gaughan and Mr. John Gonnella Mrs. Susan G. Goodall Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Goodnow Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Goodwillie Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Goodwin Jr. Ms. Anne D. Gordon Dr. Maria Smith and Dr. Thomas Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gosh Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Grabos Mr. and Mrs. John A. Graf Mr. Justin Cerne and Mr. Andrew Graham Mr. and Mrs. William H. Graham Jr. Ms. Judith Deutsch and Mr. Norman Graham Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Greenberg Ms. Stacey W. Stuart and Mr. Peter J. Greenhalgh Greenwood Alarm & Key Company Ms. Lesley King-Grenier and Mr. Bart A. Grenier Ms. Tamara Grenier Mr. and Mrs. William E. Grieder Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Grieves Ms. Margo Grodsky Hon. and Mrs. Ray W. Grubbs Mr. and Mrs. William Guardenier Mr. and Mrs. Brad Guidi Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Gulley Mrs. Jean R. Haffenreffer Mr. and Mrs. Ryan N. Hagglund Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Hall Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Halsell III Ms. Polly A. Halsted Ms. Donna Hamel Mr. Fred Hamel Ms. Jennie Voorhees and Mr. Mike Hamill Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Hammer


Dr. Douglas Horst Mr. and Mrs. Travis Horton Sr. Hostetler Gallery Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hourihan Jr. Ms. Tyrrell Flawn and Dr. John P. Howe Mr. and Mrs. Peter Howell Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Hrdlick Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hudson Ms. Darlene T. Hull Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hulme Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Hulnick Ms. Susan Mabile and Mr. David A. Hundt Mrs. Claire I. Kurtgis-Hunter and Mr. Paul S. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Burton C. Hurlock Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hurowitz Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hussey Mr. Scott G. Huston Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hutchison III Mr. Joseph K. Ingram Jr. Ms. Sandra Ingrish Mr. and Mrs. Ron Irving Mr. and Mrs. Richard Irwin Ms. Anne Troutman and Mr. Aleks Istanbullu Ivy Wealth Management J. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Jackowitz Ms. Natalie Jacobson Ms. Susan E. O’Connell and Mr. Stephan T. Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jagger Mr. and Mrs. Brad Jancik Mr. and Mrs. Duggan A. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jerden Mrs. Virginia Joffe Mr. and Mrs. Julian Joffe Mr. and Mrs. Bertyl V. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. M. Carl Johnson III Mr. and Mrs. Bardwell Jones Ms. Catherine C. Jones Simon S. Jones, Ph.D. Ms. Storey Jones Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jones Mr. and Mrs. William C. Jones Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Jordin Sydna and William Julian Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kahn Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kann Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Kaplan

Nantucket Historical Association

Ms. Diane Pitt and Mr. Mitch Karlin Mrs. Diane H. Karper Mr. and Mrs. Woodward A. Kay Mr. Robert M. Kaye Mr. and Mrs. David G. Kaytes Ms. Caroline Montgomery and Mr. John Keane Ms. Mary Chlopecki and Mr. Mike Kearney Mr. Henry G. Kehlenbeck† Mr. James Keliher Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kellogg Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Brandon D. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Kennedy Mr. David J. Kenney Mr. Thomas Kershaw Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kies Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kilgore Ms. Marybeth Keene and Mr. Rory Killeen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Killian Dr.† and Mrs. Jack Kindler Nina and David King Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Kingham Mr. and Mrs. T. Barry Kingham Mrs. Virginia Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Kinsley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kiss Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Klaus Ms. Blue Balliett and Mr. William R. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Chris G. Kling Dr. and Mrs. R. Frederic Knauft Mr. Bart and Mr. Thom Koon-Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H. Korngold Ms. Kimberly Stiner and Mr. Demian Kosofsky Mrs. Barbara E. Kotalac Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Kotchen Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kozera Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kraeutler Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry I. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kreitler Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Krogh Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Krumeich II Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kupper Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Kyle Ms. Denise L. LaBombard Ms. Pamela S. LaFontaine Ms. Mary Walsh and Mr. Allan LaFrance Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Lahey Jr. Mr. Robert Lahey Ms. Alice Russell and Mr. John Laing

Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Lundgren Mr. James E. Lydon Ms. Doris V. Hanna and Mr. Peter F. Lysaght Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm MacColl Ms. Dorothy Hamill and Mr. John A. MacColl Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall MacDonald Ms. Alison MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Dual A. Macintyre Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Q. MacLean Mrs. Heather Macleod Mr. and Mrs. Barry MacTaggart Mr. Thomas L. Macy Ms. Betsy Ridge-Madsen and Mr. Peter Madsen Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Maggio Mr. Gene Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maier Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Majestic Ms. Sarah F. Alger and Mr. Bruce J. Malenfant Ms. Catherine T. Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. Maltby Mr. Bruce R. Mandel Ms. Sarah A. Maneikis Ms. Joan Manley Mr. Robert Franklin and Mr. Charles Mappin Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Marino Mr. Timothy Marks Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marks Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Marques Mr. and Mrs. Ron Marron Ms. Nancy A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martucci Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Masden Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mason Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Mason Mrs. Poppi Massey Ms. Janine A. Matsko Mrs. Marilee Matteson Mr. and Mrs. Chris Matthews Ms. Ann B. Maury Ms. Mary C. Burke and Ms. Nancy E. Mayo Ms. Mary E. McAuliffe Claire E. McCann Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCarthy Ms. Sheila E. McCarthy Ms. Elizabeth Bailey and Mr. Lee McColgan Ms. Georgia A. McColough Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Lancaster Ms. Nancy Perone and Mr. Kenneth Lange Mr. and Mrs. J. Hicks Lanier Mrs. Anne M. Lanman Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lathrop Mr. and Mrs. Talbert E. Lauter Dr. and Mrs. Jock Lawrason Mr. and Mrs. Brandon D. Lawrence Elizabeth Yerxa Layton Le Languedoc Bistro Mr. and Mrs. William E. Learnard Mr. and Mrs. John G. Leddy Mr. Tad Lee Mrs. Amarilice Lefton Mr. and Mrs. David J. Leggett Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lenhart Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Levine Ms. Ellen Levitt Ms. Carol P. Searle and Mr. Andrew J. Ley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Libman Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Liddell Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Liddy Dr. and Mrs. Carl Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lilly Jr. LTC (Ret) and Mrs. Howard S. Lincoln Mrs. Barbara F. Lindeman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lindsay Lindsay, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lisi Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lisk Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Littman Mr. George F. Korn and Mr. Thomas Livingston Ms. Susan G. S. Anderson and Mr. Daniel H. Llewellyn Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Lochner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Lochtefeld Mr.† and Mrs. Christoph K. Lohmann Ms. Sue A. MacNaughton and Mr. Richard T. Lohr Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lord Ms. Suzanne Bongette and Mr. Philip Losurdo Mr. and Mrs. William R. J. Lothian Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Louderback Mr. and Mrs. Albert O. Louer Mr. Clarence S. Lovelace Mrs. Clara J. Lovell Mr. and Mrs. James G. Lowe Mrs. Elaine T. Lowengard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lowy Ms. Margaret Iversen and Mr. J. A. Lubbock Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lund

Annual Report 2015


Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. McCouch Mr. Garry Cox and Mr. Don McDermett Mr. and Mrs. Morton McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGinnis Ms. Sandra J. Medallis and Mr. Thomas B. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. James A. McGraw Mr. and Mrs.† John A. McGuinn Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. James McGuire Mr. and Mrs. James R. McIntosh Dr. and Mrs. James R. McIntosh Ms. Katherine Watts and Mr. Dale McIvor Mr. D. Eric McKechnie Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. McKechnie Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McKinney III Mrs. Oriana McKinnon Ms. Rhoda H. Weinman and Mr. Joseph J. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. John P. McManus Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. McMeen Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. McMorrow Mr. Edwin R. McMullen III Mr. and Mrs. William McNabb Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McNeil III Mr. and Mrs. John Meacham Col. Glenn S. Meader Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Mebane Mr. and Mrs. Alan Medaugh Mr. and Mrs. Sanjeev Mehra Mr. Craig Basmajian and Mr. Ronald Meisner Ms. Nina R. Gordon and Dr. Edward D. Melillo Cristin D. Merck Mr. and Mrs. Richardson T. Merriman Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. John Mezzalingua Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Harry Midgley Ms. Tina Miklos Ms. Maria Zodda and Mr. John Millar Mr. and Mrs. G. Nicholas Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dean Miller Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Carter Mills Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Milone Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mirabelli Ms. Sue Mirza Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. David Mittelbusher Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Mittelbusher Mr. Robert F. Moffitt Dr. and Dr. Craig T. Montgomery

Ms. Robin Barnard and Mr. Leslie Moody Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mooradian Dr. and Mrs. David W. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Moore Moore Woodworking Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hicks Morgan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Morgan Matthew and Kristina Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Morin Ms. Jill Morris Ms. Suzanne Kasler and Mr. John Morris Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Morris Ms. Mary F. Wawro and Mr. Peter A. Morrison Mrs. Katherine L. Morse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morse Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Moss Mr. Robert E. Moulder Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mullen Miss Julia Muller Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William R. Murray Ms. Eileen M. Muse Nantucket Architecture Group, Ltd. Nantucket Book Partners, LLC Nantucket Carving & Folk Art, Inc. Nantucket Catering Company Nantucket Community Preservation Committee Nantucket Event Media, Inc. Nantucket Fencing Nantucket Frameworks Nantucket Inn Nantucket Island Events Nantucket Office Products Nantucket Snapbooth Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Nardella Dr. and Mrs. David G. Nathan Dr. and Mrs. Larry Nathanson Ms. Mary M. Naughton Mr. and Mrs. Eloy L. Nava Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Newhouse III Mr. and Mrs. R. James Nicholson Mr. Paul Gaucher and Mr. Peter Niemitz Mr. and Mrs. Nietsch Nina McLemore Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Normand Ms. Diana Dunbar Northrop and Mr. John Northrop

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Nottebohm Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Noyes Ms. Kacey Constable and Mr. Paul Nugent Ms. Tilly Bagshawe and Mr. Robin Nydes Ms. Suzanne W. Obrecht Mrs. Katharine S. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Ochsner Ms. Adele M. O’Grady Ms. Grace Cummins and Mr. Wayne O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. William Oldakowski Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Olson Mr. Thomas J. Kim and Mr. John F. Olson Ms. Courtney ONeill Ms. Sara O’Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Edward Orenstein Deborah DuBois and Robert Orlandi Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Orr Mr. and Mrs. Bill Oshinsky Mr. and Mrs. Rafael E. Osona Mr. and Mrs. John Osowa Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ottison Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Owen Mr. and Mrs. David R. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Paine Dr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Palchanis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Palmer Mr. George C. Pappageorge Mr. Matthew S. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Niles D. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Passaro Mr. and Mrs. William Pate Ms. Joanne E. Sullivan and Mr. Neil Paterson Ms. Judith Paterson Mr. David Paulin Ms. Lindy Paull Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Peacock Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peacock Ms. Joan Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Peglar Mr. and Mrs. A. Steven Perelman Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Peri Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perlman Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Perry Ms. Pamela Perun Mr. and Mrs. Girvin Peters Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Misha Petkevich Mr. and Mrs. John G. Petrasch

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Petty Ms. Paula McLeod and Mr. James Pfaff Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Pfund Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillips Ms. Sarah Picchi and Mr. Kalea Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pietrafesa Dr. Deborah S. Pilla Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pinarchick Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Pinsky Placesetters, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Plandowski Mr. and Mrs. John M. Plukas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pochman Ms. Sheila D. David and Mr. David Policansky Mr. and Mrs. Elliott B. Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Max Polster Mr. and Mrs. James L. Pomeranz Mr. and Mrs. James R. Poole Mr. and Mrs. David Powell Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah W. Powell Mr. James E. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Pranzo Ms. Adrienne Prassas Drs. Trevor R. and Margaret A. Price Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Prohaska Ms. Clelia Biamonti and Mr. Adam Psichos Ms. Kimi C. Puntillo Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Quamme Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quinn Dr. and Mrs. Abrar Qureshi Mr. and Mrs. James M. Rabb Ms. Nina S. Duchaine and Mr. Rory J. Radding Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Radloff Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ragno Mr. and Mrs. Duane Ragsdale Ms. Kathleen Fennell and Ms. Victoria Rakov Mrs. Charron P. Ranney Mr. and Mrs. Carter Ransom Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Raphaelson Raw Bar Yoho Mr. and Mrs. Homer F. Ray IV Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ray Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Raymond Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor Read Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Read Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Reade Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Ready Rebecca Love Photography Mr. and Mrs. Victor Reed


Mr. and Mrs. Doug Reichard Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Reichwein Dr. Deborah Hoadley and Mr. Stephen Reid Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Rein Mr. and Mrs. Karsten Reinemo Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Reiney Mrs. Priscilla L. Reis Remmey Antiques and Fine Art Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Renaud Ms. Heather Forbes and Mr. James J. Reznar Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ribakoff Mr. and Mrs. Blake Richard Mr. Gary S. McBournie and Mr. William J. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Richards Mrs. Laurie Richards Ms. Maribeth Richards Mr. and Mrs. Duncan W. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Rief Mr. and Mrs. James Riesenbach Dr. and Mrs. V. Bruce Rigdon Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Riley Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Riordan Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Riva Ms. Barbara M. Matteucci and Mr. John S. Rizzo RJ Miller Salon Mr. and Mrs. René Robert Ms. Alison Robert Mrs. Rhoda F. Roberts Ms. Maureen Robinson Ms. Katharine S. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. David Roby Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rochat Mr. David M. Roche Mr. and Mrs. Dana F. Rodin Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Rodts Mr. and Mrs. K. Keith Roe Mr. and Mrs. W. Steven Roethke Ms. Sarah Hanley and Mr. Malcolm J. Rohrbough Mrs. Cheryl Lynch-Romano and Mr. Joseph L. Romano Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Romano Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Roosevelt Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rorick Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rose Mr. and Mrs. Doug Rose Mr. and Mrs. Amory Ross Dr. and Mrs. James Ross Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Roswig Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Rothman Ms. Corinne R. Roxby Mrs. Marcia P. Rubin

Nantucket Historical Association

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rudolph Ms. Claudia B. Svoboda and Mr. Theodore S. Ruehl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruettgers Mr. Alan Rusch Ms. Judith K. Rushmore Mr. Donald P. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Russell Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ryan III Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabelhaus Ms. Liz J. Coolidge and Ms. Elisabeth Sackton Ms. Marcia Butman and Mr. Toby Sackton Ms. Kathryn Heflin and Mr. David Sadoff Ms. Kerry H. Saharek and Mr. Stephen M. Saharek Mr. and Mrs. Paul Salem Mr. and Mrs. John M. Salmanowitz Mr. and Mrs. William Saltonstall Mrs. Claire Salvatore Mr. and Mrs. Emory Sanders Ms. Kara Sandler Mr. Sean Sandler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Santos Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Saperstein Dr. and Mrs. Jose A. Sapia Sarah F. Alger, PC Ms. Jeanne Dietrich and Mr. Marc Satenberg Ms. Ann Fitzgerald and Mr. Eric Savetsky Ms. Sally B. Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Scheide Mr. and Mrs. James E. Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. John R. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. David G. Schofield Mr. Edwin A. Schreiner Mr. and Mrs. William R. Schutt Ms. Penelope Scheerer and Mr. John R. Schwanbeck Ms. Anna R. Hemnes and Mr. Jacob P. Schwarz Ms. Judith F. Lee and Mr. Robert Schwarzenbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schweizer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Scott Ms. Laurie M. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Scott The Scrimshander Gallery Mr. and Mrs. William Seay Mrs. Nancy J. Sevrens Ms. Jennifer Shalley Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Shaver

Ms. Cynthia O. Smyth Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Snowdon Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. W. Lloyd Snyder III Mrs. Nancy M. Soderberg† Spanky’s Raw Bar Ms. Anne E. Rosen and Mr. Andre M. Spears Ms. Deborah D. Speer Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Spellmeyer Ms. Polly Warner and Mr. Richard V. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. George H. Spencer Jr. Ms. Stephanie Sproule Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. St. Pierre Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stackpole Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Stackpole Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stahler Mr. and Mrs. Andrey Stanev Dr. Robert Stanton Dr. and Mrs. Gary Staples Ms. Ann W. Harrison and Mr. James A. Starkey Ms. Joan Tomaceski and Mr. Frank Stasiowki Mr. and Mrs. Harald S. Stavnes Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Stearns Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James K. Stedman Mr. Peter C. Steingraber Ms. Janet L. Steinmayer Mrs. Sarah T. Stephenson Ms. Audrey Sterk Mr. and Mrs. James Sterling Mr. and Mrs. William J. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Stevens Mrs. Joly W. Stewart Ms. Sharon Lefevre and Mr. Jim Stewart Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stiglmeier Jr. Mr.† and Mrs. Donald F. Stinnett Mr. and Mrs. William B. Stitt Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Grove W. Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Radford Stone Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Stoodley Laura Elkins Stover Stover Engineering & Construction, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Strazzula Mr. and Mrs. Craig Strehlow Mr. and Mrs. William Strittmatter Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Strong Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Stroud Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strubel Mr. and Mrs. George G. Stueck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Succop Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Sullivan Surfing Hydrangea Nursery

Ms. Connie Mundy and Mr. Eric Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Shaw Ms. Melissa MacLeod and Mr. John V. Shea Ms. Kathryn K. Sheehan Mr. Michael Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sheeler Ms. Jeniah Johnson and Mr. Thomas Sheeran Mr. William C. Sherlund Mr. Eric Sherman Ms. Whitney Sherman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sherwood III Ms. Mary H. Gilmour and Mr. Dix C. Shevalier Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shiff Ms. Marcia Shiff Ms. Susan H. Blair and Mr. David T. Shukis Ms. Christine M. Kinney and Mr. Bill Siderewicz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Siegler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silberman Ms. Annie Cronin-Silva and Ms. Melanie Silva Rev. Lyn G. Brakeman and Rev. Richard Simeone Simply With Style Catering Mr. and Mrs. Richard Singer Ms. Sueanne Pfifferling and Mr. Neil M. Singer Mr. and Mrs. Junie L. Sinson Mr. Kraig Siracuse Ms. Julie A. Fitzgerald and Mr. Carl H. Sjolund Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Skelly Ms. Avis Skinner Mr. and Mrs. David Scott Sloan Mr. Gerald P. Slone Ms. Rachael Freeman and Mr. Samuel Slosek Ms. Dorothy Slover Mr. and Mrs. William L. Slover Jr. Mrs. Joan D. Small Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Small Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Smiles Mrs. Betty J. M. Smith Mr. William J. Murdaugh and Mr. Gary A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks Smith Mr. Irwin J. Smith III Ms. Ann Colgrove and Mr. Larry E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Smith Ms. Sallie E. Smith Ms. Susan F. Smith

Annual Report 2015


Susan M. Warner Catering Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sutherland Mrs. Barbara H. Sutphen Mr. and Mrs. David Swain Mr. Allen Schuh and Mr. Jonathan C. Swain Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Swain Swain’s Travel Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Sweatland Jr. Ms. Anne Sweidel Mr. and Mrs. Manuel R. Sylvia Jr. Mr. Robert I. Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Sziklas Mrs. Gail Ryan-Tannen and Mr. Kenneth Tannen Mr. and Mrs. James V. Tanzola Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Taylor Dr. Theresa G. Taylor and Mr. Michael R. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. Chapman Taylor III Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Terry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George M. Thom Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thoman Ms. Pamela J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Greg Thompson Ms. Karen T. Butler and Mr. John Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Thulin Mr. and Mrs. Barry Thurston Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tichio Mr. and Mrs. John E. Tiffany Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Tiger Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Timon Mr. and Mrs. David C. Todd Mrs. Judith C. Tolsdorf Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Tolsdorf Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Torray Nantucket Cultural Council Dr. Thomas A. Travers Mr. and Mrs. Doug Traynor Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Treanor Tina and Byron Trott Family Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Trotter Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Truesdale Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Truffini Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Tuck Mr. Richard L. Tuck Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Tulloch Mr. and Mrs. Damien J. Turbini Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turer Mrs. Harriet S. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Turner Mr. and Mrs. Tal Turner

Mr. and Mrs. E. Sanford Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. James Tyler Dr. and Mrs. William J. Untereker Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Van Brunt Mr. and Mrs. Tedd Van Buskirk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Van Wey Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Vandenberg Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Varbalow Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Vardeman Ms. Kim Vasquez Mr. and Mrs. James G. Vaughter Frankie and Brooke Velez Mr. and Mrs. Philip Villiotte Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Virtue Vis-A-Vis Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Vittone Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Vittorini Mr. and Mrs. L. Ralph Vizzari Ms. Linda M. Vollkommer-Lynch Ms. Barbara H. von der Groeben Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Voss Ms. Shari Jones and Mr. Waqas Wajahat Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walkingshaw Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wallace Mrs. Pamela P. Waller Mr. and Mrs. Tom S. Ward Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Warner Ms. Maire Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Watts Wauwinet Yacht Club Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Wayland Mrs. Jean A. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wehmueller Mr. and Mrs. Bob Weiler Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Weinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Weinroth Dr. and Mrs. Joel Weinstein Ms. Anne S. Carmignani and Mr. Stephen H. Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Weinstock Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Weiss Mrs. Marcia P. Welch Mr. William Welch Ms. Caroline R. Weld Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wells Ms. Alexis B. Welner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Werle Ms. Calista West Mr. and Mrs. Robin West Mr. and Mrs. William P. Westcott The Westmoor Club Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Neal Whelden

Julia Morash, Festival of Wreaths designer

Khaled and Jennifer Hashem

Marty and Holly McGowan, chairs, Festival of Trees

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Whippen Mrs. Carol C. White Ms. Griselda Lyman and Mr. Duncan A. White Ms. Carolyn K. Wells and Mr. Frank White Mr. and Mrs. F. Brand Whitlock Mr. and Mrs. Scott Whitlock Mrs. Janice C. Wiesen Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Wight Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Williams III Ms. Linda F. Williams Mr. and Mrs. George Williams Dr. R. Dale LeBlanc and Mr. Harold L. Williamson Ms. Erin Wilson Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wilson Ms. Kathryn Kubie and Mr. Bill Winkler Mr. and Mrs. David Winton Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wismar Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wodynski Mr. and Mrs. Ben Woodbury Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woods Ms. Catherine Zuromskis and Mr. Daniel Worden Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Wright Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Wright Charles and Myra Wrubel Ms. Dorinda Yates Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yelon Drs. Elaine E. and Robert A. Yordan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Young Ms. Lucinda E. Young Mrs. Margot T. Young Mrs. Mary-Elizabeth Young Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Young Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yurkosky Mr. and Mrs. James C. Zampell Mr. and Mrs. P. Rhoads Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Zumbach Ms. Batia Zumwalt Dr. Susan Minkoff and Dr. John Zweck

Mrs. Alexandra Tytheridge-Allan and Mr. Scott Allan Ms. Elizabeth D. Coffin and Mr. Hershel Allerhand Mr. and Mrs. Barry Alpert Mrs. Barbara F. Anderson Ms. Molly Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson Ms. Joan Anglund Ms. Emily W. Anglund-Nellen Mrs. Velma C. Appl Mrs. Caroline S. Applegate Mr. Joel S. Archer Mr. John L. G. Archibald Ms. Marla Armstrong Ms. Leslie Linsley and Mr. Jon Aron Mr. Alan F. Atwood Mrs. Lisa Auer Ms. Kija Kim and Mr. James Aylward Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bailey Mr. Charles Baker Mr. and Mrs. Marshall E. Baker Ms. Jessica K. Gorell and Mr. Edward Bakshi Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Balling Ms. Ellen F. Ballinger Ms. Judy C. Baltimore Ms. Dee Banker Mrs. Carol A. Barrett Ms. Rose T. Barry Mrs. Elizabeth B. Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartlett Mr. Geoffrey Bartlett Ms. Ann E. Bauer Ms. Kimberly A. Cassano and Mr. Jeffrey Beamish Mr. and Mrs. Hamid Bean Mrs. Maureen V. Beck Mr. John L. Becker Ms. Prudence Bell Dr. Gail A. McGuinness and Dr. William Bell Mr. John Bendall Ms. Susan Berman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Berner Ms. Julie Biondi Ms. Renee Bistany Ms. Beverly W. Bittinger Mr. and Mrs.† David D. Bixler Jr. Ms. Mary E. Casey and Mr. Jeffrey L. Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Jan E. Blamberg Mr. Jack W. Blaylock Jr. Ms. Angela Grove and Mr. Samuel Blodgett

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Blue Mrs. Alison Bodurtha Ms. Elaine M. Boehm Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bonsee Ms. Claire C. Bosee Mr. Whitfield C. Bourne Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bouscaren Ms. Barbara M. Bowman Ms. Mary E. Saffell and Mr. Peter B. Boyce Ms. Amanda Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Brannigan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Brasfield Mr. R. Taylor Breed Ms. Yvonne J. Breslin Mrs. Naomi C. Brewer Mr. Jason Bristol Ms. Julie Broadbent Ms. Margaretta Brokaw Mr. and Mrs. Haworth P. Bromley The Brotherhood of Thieves Ms. Carol A. Brown Mrs. Marilyn C. Brown Ms. Alison Stark and Mr. G. Morgan Browne Ms. Diane L. Buechel Ms. Teresa D. Bulger Ms. Sarah C. Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Burch Ms. Judith W. Burdick Ms. Ashley P. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Burlingham Ms. Amy Burrough Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Butler Ms. Ann W. Caldwell Ms. Patrice A. Callies Ms. Lisa A. Camalier Mr. and Mrs. Vito Capizzo Mr.† and Mrs. Frederick S. Carleton Mr. and Mrs. William Carlson Mrs. Janet L. Carreau Mr. John B. Carroll Mrs. Judy A. Carter Ms. Laura M. Carter Ms. Susan Y. Cary Ms. Gaynor D. Casner Mr. and Mrs. Kim J. Cassady Mr. and Mrs. Mark Castle Ms. Barbara Ceely Mr. Evaldas Cepulevicius Mr. Mark Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Greg Childress Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Chomo Mr. and Mrs. Dimitre Christov Mr. Joshua T. Clark

Up to $99

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Adams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Aguiar Ms. Jennifer M. Ahlborn Mrs. June M. Albaugh Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Albertson Mrs. Susanne S. Albright


Nantucket Historical Association

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Coe Ms. Helen S. Coffin Dr. Samuel A. Coffin Mr. Robert F. Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Coffyn Ms. Linda Collamore Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Collatz Ms. Melissa Kniskern and Mr. Charles F. Colley Ms. Leone Collins Ms. Sandra Comstock Mrs. Amanda P. Congdon Mrs. Jane F. Connell Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Connors Mrs. Phyllis T. Conway Mr. Peter J. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coppola Ms. Stephanie Correia Ms. Susan A. Cosman Ms. Lynn Cossuth Ms. Bisy K. Stancheva and Mr. Joao A. Coutinho Dr. Glynne C. Couvillion Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Creese Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Cressman Ms. Carrol L. Crocker Ms. Karin J. Crooks Dr. Frances E. Karttunen and Dr. Alfred W. Crosby Ms. Lucy A. Cundiff Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Czapp Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Daily Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. DaSilva Mrs. Sheila Daume Mrs. Anne S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis Ms. Janet Y. DeCosta Mr. and Mrs. Chris Delano Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Demko Ms. Roslyn L. Diamond Ms. Mary J. Dickson Mr. and Mrs. David Dillard Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Dolin Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Donovan Ms. Jeanne M. Dooley Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Douglas Dr. Wendell K. Downing Mr. Stephen H. Drabkin Ms. Barbara H. Driscoll

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Ellen and Harvey Young at In the Heart of the Sea

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Festival of Trees

Annual Report 2015


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The Nantucket Historical Association has made every effort to accurately acknowledge contributors from January 1 to December 31, 2015. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions. If you have questions, please contact the Development Office at Ms. Jean Petty Mr. Brian Pfeiffer Mrs. Susan S. Phillips Ms. Georgiann Phipps Mrs. Margaret C. Pignato Dr. Richard J. Pike Jr. Mr. Russell Pike Ms. Laura Pilcher Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Pitts Mr. and Mrs. Neil Planzer Ms. Janice L. Plourde Mr. and Mrs. John F. Polmonari Ms. Joanne Polster Ms. Cynthia Porrini Dr. William G. Porter Ms. Melinda R. Potter Mrs. Cynthia M. Powell Ms. Judith Powers Miss Sarah Powers Ms. Ruth Roth and Mr. Ken Price Ms. Dorothy Hertz and Mr. Phil Proch Mr. and Mrs. Goran V. Puljic Mrs. Alexandra L. Punnett Mr. and Mrs. Rick Purchase Ms. Ann B. Quirk Mr. Daniel Quiroz Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Raimo Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Raneri Ms. Ingela M. Ray Ms. Kathleen A. Ray Dr. S. F. Rayport Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Reardon Ms. Diana R. Regan Ms. Jean M. Reiland Mr. Allen B. Reinhard Ms. Elizabeth K. Hillger and Mr. William H. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Rhude Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Neville Richen Ms. Mary L. Richrod Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Rickards Mrs. Lawrason Riggs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Ringer Ms. Christina Ripperger Mr. and Mrs.†John D. Roberts Ms. Janet L. Robinson Ms. Susan E. Robinson Ms. Deborah Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rogers Mr. Dirk G. Roggeveen Ms. Andrea S. Rose The Rosner Family Mr. Daniel P. Ross Ms. Michelle M. Ross Mr. Richard J. Ross Ms. Patricia J. Rottmeier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Rouillard Ms. Wendy Rouillard

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Annual Report 2015


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Capital and Endowment Support The NHA gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the individuals, families, foundations, and businesses that contributed $12.08 million to the Campaign for the Nantucket Historical Association, the NHA’s three-year “quiet campaign” to provide capital resources for deferred-maintenance projects at the historic properties and to significantly increase the endowment for the long-term sustainability of our properties, programs, and people. Among the campaign’s key achievements are naming the McCausland Gallery in the Whaling Museum; endowment of the Gosnell Executive Director, Sacerdote Chair of Education & Outreach, and Obed Macy Research Chair; restoration of the Old Gaol and the Hadwen House fence; naming of the Hands-on History Youth Programs; endowment of the Oral History Program; and construction of staff housing.


Nantucket Historical Association

Capital and Endowment $2 Million


Georgia P. Gosnell†

Anonymous (2) Patricia S. and Thomas J. Anathan The H. L. Brown Jr. Family Foundation Connie and Tom Cigarran Barbara and Ed Hajim Kaaren and Charles Hale Carl Jelleme Massachusetts Historical Commission Lynn and Nick Nicholas Linda & Harvey Saligman Charitable Foundation Susan R. and L. Dennis Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Wilson Estate of Stephen A. Wise Alisa and Alastair Wood

$1 Million Bonnie and Peter McCausland Family of Peter M. Sacerdote

$500,000–$999,999 Maria & William Spears

$250,000–$499,999 Anonymous (3) Robyn and John Davis Nan and Chuck Geschke Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Judy Mr. and Mrs. William E. Little Jr. Kathryn and John Salmanowitz


$100,000–$249,999 Anonymous (1) Mary-Randolph Ballinger Susan Blount and Richard Bard Maureen and Edward Bousa Anne Marie and Doug Bratton Laura and Bill Buck Paula S. and Robert T. Butler Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William R. Camp Jr. Carver DeLaney Families Foundation Kelly M. Williams & Andrew J. Forsyth Jessica and Drew Guff The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn Julia and John Hilton Barbara E. Jones Connie and Dennis Keller Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Kovner Victoria McManus and John McDermott Nantucket Community Preservation Committee Franci Neely Foundation Liz and Jeff Peek Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy P. Richardson Wendy and Eric Schmidt Janet and Rick Sherlund Phoebe and Bobby Tudor Elizabeth & Geoffrey Verney The Gilbert Verney Foundation Kim and Finn Wentworth

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Abbey Carrie and Leigh Abramson Mariann Berg Appley Carol and Harold Baxter Drs. Estella and George Christian Jenny and Wylie Collins Daintry and Reb Jensen Kathryn and Jim Ketelsen Coco and Arie L. Kopelman Michael S. Lorber Carol and Richard Lowry Estate of Phyllis B. Macomber Carolyn and Ian MacKenzie Amy and Michael McGowan Sarah and Jeff Newton Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation Jane and Wat† Tyler Estate of Elizabeth Wheelwright

$10,000–$24,999 Abiah Folger Franklin Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Lindsey and Merrick Axel Susan R. and William J. Boardman Mary and David Brown Katherine Grover and Michael Campbell Olivia and Felix Charney Sara P. and William R. Congdon Prudence and William Crozier Polly F. Espy Elizabeth and Michael Galvin Denis H. Gazaille Paula and Schuyler Henderson Linda and Peter Hoey

Annual Report 2015


Jim Irsay and Family and the Indianapolis Colts Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kelly/T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation Estate of Barbara H. Malcolm Clare Casademont and Michael Metz Winnie and Christopher Mortenson Margaret and John Ruttenberg National Trust for Historic Preservation Judy and Stephan Newhouse Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Obrecht Jr. Nathaniel and Melissa Philbrick Denise and Andrew Saul Marjorie and Ambassador Louis B. Susman Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Zobel de Ayala

$5,000–$9,999 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Arvay Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bailey Gussie and Ken Beaugrand Carole and Gary Beller Josette and Jim Blackmore Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Cozort Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fowlkes The Horchow Family Ann and Dennis Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Nash Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust Thekla and Don Shackelford Peggy and Bill Tramposch Mr. and Mrs. F. Helmut Weymar Leslie W. Forbes and David D. Worth

Up to $4,999 Jane Beasley Maureen and Jeff Crowley Descendants of Sheriffs & Constables of Colonial & Antebellum America Jane and Charles Forman Mr. and Mrs. Whitney A. Gifford Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gillen Shelley and Graham Goldsmith Jana and Gerold Klauer Peggy and Larry Levy Mary D. Malavase Susan and Glenn Meyers Mary Ann and Robb Peglar Alfred F. Sanford III Ardeth and John Spencer

Financial Statement Statement of Financial Position and Activities: Year ended December 31, 2015


2015 2014

ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents

$ 2,764,441

$ 3,005,390




Other assets



Contributions receivable, net



Land, buildings, and equipment, net



Long-term investments




$ 35,977,337

$ 35,020,664

$ 439,515

$ 268,019



Designated for endowment



Investment in land, buildings, and equipment




LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Accounts payable and accrued liabilities



Net assets















Temporarily restricted



Permanently restricted



Total net assets





$ 35,977,337

$ 35,020,664

The Financial Statements for 2015 have been audited by Bollus, Lynch LLP, which has rendered an unqualified opinion on them. Complete financial statements are available upon request.


Nantucket Historical Association

2015 2014

OPERATING ACTIVITIES Revenue, gains, and other support   Contributions


$ 810,736

$ 600,300







  Education Programs



  Museum Shop revenue



  Investment return designated for operations



  Interest income   Special fund-raising events   Other earned revenue Satisfaction of purpose restrictions












Education and public programs



Research Library



Museum Shop





General and administrative



Membership and development









Total Operating expenses   Program services
















  Special events   Supporting services

Total Change in net assets from operating activities Nonoperating activities Investment return, net of amount appropriated for operations Interest income Friends of NHA contributions Contributions restricted for capital purposes







Capital campaign contributions



Capital campaign expenses







Change in net assets from nonoperating activities Change in net assets before changes related to collection items Purchase of collection items



Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year

785,177 34,752,645

450,525 34,302,120

$ 35,537,822

$ 34,752,645

Net assets, end of year

Annual Report 2015


Business, Foundation, and Organization Support

Magellan Jets, the Presenting Sponsor of the Antiques & Design Show of Nantucket. Bill Tramposch, second from the left, with Magellan Jets’ Joshua Hebert, CEO, left; Giana Armano; Anthony Tivnan, president; Erika Cook; and Gregory Belezerian, vice president.

The Nantucket Historical Association recognizes the following for the outstanding support they have provided through sponsorship of special events and programs, membership, grants, and gifts.

Nantucket Garden Club Nantucket Golf Club Foundation NEBCO Insurance Services Novation Media Ralph Lauren The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust

$100,000 and above Tupancy-Harris Foundation of 1986

$50,000–$99,999 Charina Endowment Fund

$25,000–$49,999 David P. Wheatland Charitable Trust Magellan Jets Nantucket Community Preservation Committee The William Froelich Foundation


SeaGrille at the Festival of Trees

ACE Private Risk Services Baltimore Community Foundation BNY Mellon, Wealth Management Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Indianapolis Colts Marine Home Center reMain Nantucket Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Silicon Valley Community Foundation Spears Abacus

$5,000–$9,999 Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Empire Office Fine Paints of Europe Kookaburra Foundation


$2,500–$4,999 Arrowhead Furniture & Nursery Barbara Harris Water Jewels Berkshire Bank Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation Cape Cod Five Foundation Community Foundation for Nantucket Congdon & Coleman Insurance Don Allen Auto Service, Inc. Flather & Perkins Insurance Fly Beacon Hingham Institution for Savings Jockey Hollow Foundation Killen Real Estate Nantucket Bank, a division of Blue Hills Bank The Nantucket Hotel & Resort Nantucket Insurance Agency/PURE Group of Insurance Companies Stark Carpet Webster & Company Wells Fargo Advisors

Nantucket Historical Association

$1,000–$2,499 Antiques & Fine Art Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate Botticelli & Pohl, P.C. Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines Chip Webster Architecture Cuddy Associates David M. Handy Events Dujardin Design Associates, Inc. Emeritus Development Ernst & Elfriede Frank Foundation Inc. Freedman’s of Nantucket Hanna D. Monaghan Trust Hatch’s Package Store Housefitters & Tile Gallery Hy-Line Cruises The Iacocca Foundation The Inquirer and Mirror The Islander Package Store James Lydon, Sons & Daughters Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Jordan Real Estate Nantucket Friends Meeting Nantucket Island Resorts Nantucket Pharmacy Nantucket Tents National Christian Foundation of Houston Norton Preservation Trust Sylvia Antiques/Four Winds Craft Guild The UPS Store Young’s Bicycle Shop

$500–$999 A Taste of Nantucket Aggraziato LLC Anne Becker Design Bartlett’s Farm The Beachside at Nantucket Blue Beetle BPC Architecture Brass Lantern Inn Butler’s of Far Hills, Inc. Cape Cod Express, Inc. Cheney Brothers Building & Remodeling, LLC CMC Construction The Columbus Foundation Descendants of Sheriffs & Constables of Colonial & Antebellum America The Egan Group, Inc.

Flowers on Chestnut Four Winds Gifts, Inc. Go Figure Barre Studio Nantucket IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program Indian River Community Foundation It’s a Shore Thing Kathleen Hay Designs Letarte Swimwear Madaket Marine Massachusetts Humanities, Inc. Murray’s Toggery Shop, Inc. Nantucket Coffee Roasters/The Bean Nantucket Cultural Council Nantucket Energy Nantucket Island Homes Nantucket Looms Nina Hellman Antiques, Inc. The Northrup Fund Quidley & Company The Rhode Island Community Foundation The Saint Paul Foundation Sandcastle Construction, Inc. Schwartz Hannum Stop & Shop Twig Perkins, Inc.

Lindsay, Inc. Moore Woodworking Inc. Nantucket Architecture Group, Ltd. Nantucket Book Partners, LLC Nantucket Carving & Folk Art, Inc. Nantucket Catering Company Nantucket Event Media, Inc. Nantucket Fencing Nantucket Frameworks Nantucket Inn Nantucket Island Events Nantucket Office Products Nantucket Snapbooth Placesetters, Inc. Raw Bar Yoho Rebecca Love Photography Remmey Antiques and Fine Art RJ Miller Salon Sarah F. Alger, PC The Scrimshander Gallery Simply With Style Catering Spanky’s Raw Bar Stover Engineering & Construction, Inc. Surfing Hydrangea Nursery Susan M. Warner Catering Swain’s Travel Vis-A-Vis

$250—$499 97.7 WACK FM & 89.5 WNCK FM ACKBBQ Annye’s Whole Foods Antiques Depot Archer-Martin Associates Black-Eyed Susan’s Brant Point Inn The Carlisle House Inn Community Foundation of New Jersey Congdon & Coleman Real Estate Denby Real Estate Design Associates, Inc. East Wood Trading Company EBSCO Industries, Inc. Edith Delker Real Estate Enjoy Nantucket Ezia Athletic Club Fusion of Flavor G. S. Hill Gallery Greenwood Alarm & Key Company Hostetler Gallery Ivy Wealth Management Le Languedoc Bistro

Annual Report 2015


Up to $249 Abiah Folger Franklin Chapter-NSDAR The Brotherhood of Thieves David Kinney Plumbing and Heating Ethan McMorrow Design & Associates, Inc. FM Global Foundation Gail’s Tours J. McLaughlin Nina McLemore Old Spouter Gallery Oxford Firefighters Association Saxon Design Group State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vineyard Vines Wauwinet Yacht Club The Westmoor Club Wolper Subscription Services, Inc.

Tribute gifts The Nantucket Historical Association appreciates the thoughtful generosity of all who made tribute gifts in support of the NHA’s mission.

Honorary Gifts In Honor of Douglas K. Burch Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Watts

In Honor of David M. Lilly Sr.† R. C. Lilly Foundation

In Honor of W. Michael Cozort Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Nardella

In Honor of Franci Neely Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ketelsen Ellen and David Ross Mr. William J. Murdaugh and Mr. Gary A. Smith

In Honor of Prudence Crozier Mrs. Elizabeth S. Jacobsen In Honor of Robyn and John Davis Mr. and Mrs. James W. Coghlin Sr. In honor of Karen and Vic DiGravio Mrs. Lucille DiGravio In Honor of Ana and Michael Ericksen Mrs. Marcia P. Rubin In Honor of the Erickson Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Singer In Honor of Lindsay Jubelt and Dan Fleder Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holt In Honor of Kelly Williams and Andrew Forsyth Mrs. Suzanne K. Forsyth Connie Boyle, Nancy Mahler, and Sherry Smith In Honor of Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Kovner Mr. and Mrs. George Crapple

Memorial Gifts

In Honor of Elizabeth Oldham Ms. Toni D. Ryan In Honor of Susan and Kennedy Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Isaac In Honor of Cece and Matthew Sanford Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Schorr IV In Honor of Janet and Rick Sherlund Mr. and Mrs. William M. Crozier Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roman Mrs. Marcia P. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Varbalow

In Memory of Anne Bullock Dr. James E. Bullock In Memory of William H. Constable Ms. Kacey Constable and Mr. Paul Nugent In Memory of Georgia Gosnell Ellen and David Ross Wauwinet Yacht Club In Memory of George S. Heyer Jr. Mr. Casey Dobson Mrs. Polly F. Espy Mr. and Mrs. Niles D. Parker In Memory of Faith Oldham Ms. Lucinda Gedeon In Memory of Betty and Eugene Stone Mr. Craig Basmajian and Mr. Ronald Meisner

In Honor of Linda G. Steelman Mr. and Mrs. William G. Spears In Honor of Krystal Crane Thompson Franci Neely In Honor of Phoebe and Bobby Tudor Mr. William J. Murdaugh and Mr. Gary A. Smith

In Honor of the Kahn Family The Rosner Family–Rick, Carole, and Isabella In Honor of Julianne L. Kever Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davies


Nantucket Historical Association

Heritage Society The Heritage Society recognizes individuals who have made gifts of artifacts, cash, or real estate to the Nantucket Historical Association through their estate plans. Planned gifts take many forms and support the NHA in myriad ways—from building the permanent endowment to expanding the artifact collections. New members are presented with an ivory whale lapel pin carved by scrimshander Nancy Chase, a former trustee of the NHA and a member of the Heritage Society. We are grateful for the bequests recently received from the estates of Phyllis Macomber, Barbara Malcolm, Reva and Morton Schlesinger, and Stephen Andrews Wise. Their foresight and generosity in supporting the NHA’s mission are greatly appreciated.

Members of the Heritage Society Anonymous (2)

Phyllis B. Macomber†

Bruce B. Bates

Barbara H. Malcolm†

Barbara T. Bennett

Mary Frances Sutton Miller

Winifred M. Mortenson

Nancy A. Chase Anne Sutton Cooper

Sally and Peter Nash

Leroy and Cecily Langsdale Davis

Barbara Nathan

Trudy S. Dujardin

Lauren and Peter Roncetti

Robert C. Griffin

Kathryn Salmanowitz

Barbara E. Hajim

Reva† and Morton† Schlesinger

Nina and Robert Hellman

Susan R. and L. Dennis Shapiro

Grace S. Hinkley

Dorothy Slover

Daintry and Reb Jensen

Maria T. and William G. Spears

Coco and Arie L. Kopelman

Jonathan C. Swain

Richard Kemble† and George Korn

Madeline and Jonathan F.† Swain

Robin and Richard Kreitler

Elizabeth and Geoffrey Verney

Carolyn B. MacKenzie

Stephen Andrews Wise†

Annual Report 2015


Friends of the Nantucket Historical Association The Friends of the Nantucket Historical Association was established in 1986 to seek significant acquisitions for the NHA collections. In the past year, the painting View of Nantucket from Monomoy, by Frank Swift Chase, was purchased with funds provided by the Friends.Â

View of Nantucket from Monomoy, by Frank Swift Chase. Gift of the Friends of the NHA

2015 Friends of the NHA Members Patricia and Thomas Anathan

Barbara and Edmund Hajim

Anne and Edwin Obrecht

Mariann H. Appley

Kaaren and Charles Hale

Ann and Christopher Quick

David Berry

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Susan and Kennedy Richardson

Max Berry

Barbara Jones

Ellen and Kenneth Roman

Susan and William Boardman

Harvey Jones

Marion and Robert Rosenthal

Anne Marie and Douglas Bratton

Kathryn and James Ketelsen

Ellen and David Ross

Mary and David Brown

Coco and Arie L. Kopelman

Bonnie Sacerdote

Christy and William Camp

Margaret Hallowell and Stephen Langer

Linda Saligman

Laurie and Robert Champion

Sharon and Francisco Lorenzo

Denise and Andrew Saul

Prudence and William Crozier

Hampton Lynch

Susan and Dennis Shapiro

Robyn and John Davis

Helen Lynch

Janet and Rick Sherlund

Rachel and James Dunlap

Carolyn and Ian MacKenzie

Maria and William Spears

Polly Espy

Miriam and Seymour Mandell

Marilyn Whitney

Barbara Fife

Bonnie and Peter McCausland

Stephanie and Jay Wilson

Kelly Williams and Andrew Forsyth

Ronay and Richard Menschel

Landis and Bracebridge Young

Nancy and Charles Geschke

Franci Neely

Robert Young

Ann and Graham Gund

Aileen and Scott Newquist


Nantucket Historical Association

Donors to the Curatorial and Research Collections The Nantucket Historical Association gratefully acknowledges those who have generously contributed to the development of our collections with their gifts of artifacts and documents. Mount Vernon Farm, Nantucket, by Elizabeth Saltonstall. Gift of James Powers

Donors to the Collections Lindsay Alexander

Claire and Paul Hunter

James Powers

Charles Bartlett

Jim Ignasher

Ralph Price

John Becker

Daniel Issokson

Tom Quigley

Edith Bouriez

David Jordan

Susan Ringer

Martha H. Bouton

Paul Judy

David Rubenstein

Warren H. Bouton

Elizabeth S. Kalman

Donn Russell

Helen Marshall Hall Brown

Frances Ruley Karttunen

Reva†and Morton† Schlesinger

Douglas K. Burch

Kenneth Kelley

Shanique Sheriffe

Marcia Butman

Ed Klein

Lydia Bunker Shire

Peter Cardos

William Klein

Nancy Shoemaker

Mitchell Coffin

Betsy Krida

Dorothy Slover

Elizabeth J. Coolidge

Deborah R. Lane

Rev. Georgia Snell

Kimberly C. Corkran

Margaret Mahan

Crocker Snow Jr.

Jay Craven

Lee McColgan

South Church Preservation Fund Board

Barry Crawford

Adrienne McCalley

Ann Divenere

Elaine Meuse

Bette and Frank Spriggs

Lucinda Ellison

Peter Millard

Renny A. Stackpole

Matthew Fee

Frank R. Morral

Kate Stout

Margaret L. Fogg

Linda B. Morral

Tim Thompson

Carl and Nancy Gewirz

Nantucket Fire Department

Betsy Tyler

Elizabeth M. Gilbert

Nantucket Preservation Trust

Margaret Van Deusen

Beverly and Don Harris

Richard Newman

E. Geoffrey Verney

Ellen Smith Harde

Brendon Nolan

Barbara Ann White

Charles Centerfit Hart

Estate of Andy Oates

Norma Wotitzky

Natalie Huey

Francis Pease

Annual Report 2015


of Directors

In-Kind Gifts The NHA thanks the more than 130 individuals and organizations for their in-kind gifts of goods and services—from donating a wreath to the Festival of Wreaths, to discounting professional services, to hosting an event on behalf of the NHA.

Anonymous Joan Albaugh Annye’s Whole Foods Arrowhead Nursery Bartlett’s Farm David Billings Sandi Blanda Cristina Blank Blue Beetle Nikoline Bohr Joelle Bouchard Edith Bouriez Maureen and Edward Bousa Alicia Bradford Carl Bradley Brant Point Grill   Café V Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines                Cape Cod Life Publications Jean Cawley Barbara Clarke Congdon & Coleman Insurance Crosswinds Restaurant & Bar currentVintage Louise Cutting David Bartsch Landscape Architecture David M. Handy Events Jayne DeBiasio Jenifer Demko Ezra Descarfino Janice M. Dougherty Margaret Eger Ray Eger Ana Ericksen Ezia Athletic Club Family & Children’s Services of Nantucket Fifty-Six Union Flowers on Chestnut Four Winds Craft Guild Fusion of Flavor

The Gallery at Four India G. S. Hill Gallery Dorothy B. Gennaro Julia Gifford Elizabeth Gilbert Sarah Gillum Bee Gonnella Barbara Gookin Green Tree Electrical Grodsky Service, Inc. Beverly Hall Robert Hall Betsy Holden Holdgate’s Island Laundry Jennifer Horne The Inquirer and Mirror It’s a Shore Thing James Lydon, Sons & Daughters Javatime Design/Eileen Powers Jeffrey Allen Photography Max Johnson Emma Keane Melissa Kershaw Patience Killen Virginia Kinney Kitty Murtagh’s Denise Korngold Languedoc Bistro Cynthia Lenhart Leslie Linsley Janet MacKay-Hanlon Jessica Manning Marine Home Center Mariner House Mary and Bob McCann Bonnie and Peter McCausland Sue McIlvaine Priscilla McIntosh Mentoring Youth Nantucket Paul Michetti Nicole Michetti

Tracy Murray William Murray Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc. Nantucket Allies Nantucket Atheneum Nantucket Bake Shop Nantucket Chronicle Nantucket Frameworks Nantucket Funeral Home Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum Nantucket Monogram & Design Nantucket New School Nantucket Party Rentals Nantucket Septic, Inc. Nantucket Shell Designs Nantucket Tents Neil Patterson Franci Neely Doralee Nolan Patrick Nolan Novation Media Old Spouter Gallery Karen Palmer Judith Paterson Periwinkle Inn Petticoat Row Bakery Queequeg’s Krister Raasoch Kerry Ray Reade Gullicksen Hanley & Gifford, LLP Kathleen Richen Lauri Robertson Edwin Rudd Christine Sanford Priscilla Saperstein Bill Sarni Reva† and Morton† Schlesinger ’Sconset Fire Department SeaGrille


David Sharpe Janet and Rick Sherlund Michelle Soverino Maria and Bill Spears Linda Steelman Stephanie’s Nantucket Stop & Shop Stover Engineering & Construction, Inc. Stubby’s Surfing Hydrangea Nursery Swain’s Travel Tellus Anne Terry Topper’s Toscana Corporation Brittany Thurman Town William Tramposch Triple Eight Distillery Nancy Tuttle Twig Perkins Veuve Cliquot Vineyard Vines Visiting Nurses Association Timothy Walker Warner Bros. Weatherly Designs The Weaving Room Daryl Westbrook Susan Whitlock Judith Wodynski

Nantucket Historical Association

Volunteers Thank you to the more than 350 individuals and organizations that gave of their time and talent in support of the NHA’s special events, administrative needs, education and program initiatives, and curatorial projects.

97.7 WACK FM & 89.5 WNCK FM Abiah Folger Franklin Chapter-NSDAR Carrie Abramson Accidentals and Naturals African Meeting House on Nantucket Joan Allen American Red Cross Nantucket Patricia Anathan Thomas Anathan Marcia Anderson Alec Angelov Martin Anguelov Annye’s Whole Foods Antiques Depot Mary Arsenault Diane Asche Carol Atkinson Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate Audrey Sterk Design Autism Speaks Lindsey Axel Margit C. Baker Christy Baker Mary-Randolph Ballinger Rebecca Bartlett Bartlett’s Farm Carol Baxter Gussie Beaugrand Carolyn Belcher Carole Beller Margaret Benedict Bruce Beni José Almicar Benitez Jeanne Bennett Mary Bergman Max Berry Betsey Brooks Floral & Design David Billings Michelle Birmingham Josette Blackmore Cynthia Blackshaw Kenneth Blackshaw Sarah Bois

Kim Botelho Edith Bouriez Maureen Bousa Anthony Bouscaren Merriam Bouscaren Barbara Boutot Dana Boyce Sara Boyce BPC Architecture Carl Bradley Delber Branco Marylane Branco Brant Point Marine Anne Marie Bratton Trish Bridier Mary Brown Bulgarian School—Nantucket Leah Cabral Café V Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines Tita Caro Deirdre Carr Oscar Chacon Laurie Champion Olivia Charney Cheney Brothers Building & Remodeling, LLC Vesselinka Christova Constance Cigarran Jhosselyn Cisneros Community Foundation for Nantucket William Congdon Louise Connell Kelly Corbett Martha Cozort Michael Cozort Peggy Croke Prudence Crozier Csaba Cseko currentVintage Cyrus Peirce Middle School Dance Works Jurga Danylaite

Annual Report 2015


Dane Gallery Susan Daniels David M. Handy Events Katherine Delgado Dharma Yoga Nantucket Amy Dilatush Victoria Dimitrova Vanessa Diserio Ane DiVenere Dorinda Dodge Niroj Sing Dongol Douglas Fine Art Jean Doyen de Montaillou Francisco Dreas Lois Druckemiller Paula Duffy Trudy Dujardin Lisa Dwyer Egan Maritime Institute Emeritus Development Ana Ericksen Patricia Ernst Jacqueline Echeverria Polly Espy Family & Children’s Services of Nantucket Virginia Faucette Dave Feindel Holly Finigan Ellen Foley Bonnie Ford Tina Fournier Annabelle Fowlkes Phyllis Freilich Karyn Frist Ciara Fritsch Jack Fritsch Michael Gaillard G. S. Hill Gallery Geronimo’s Ltd. Bettye Girvin Karen Glover GoFigure ACK

Joan Goodwin Garth Grimmer Jean Grimmer Grodsky Service Drew Guff Kaaren Hale Beverly Hall Nina Hellman Maureen Herman Candice Heydt Judi Hill The Homestead Lois Horgan Joyce Horton Housefitters & Tile Gallery Darlene Howell Peter Howell Sharon Hussey John Huth Hydrex The Inquirer and Mirror Tihomir Ivanov Elizabeth Jacobsen Sophie Jaeger James Lydon, Sons & Daughters Johnson Controls Systems & Services/Providence Branch Blue Sky Involve Illya Kagan Raj Kapoor Skyler Kardell Diane H. Karper Frances Karttunen Margaret Kaufman Ashmita KC Raj Kumar KC Shradha KC Kathryn Ketelsen Nischal Khatri Killen Real Estate Patricia Kleinert Bart Koon-Cosgrove Thom Koon-Cosgrove


Margret Korn Virginia Kostadinova Melanie Kotalac Michael Kovner Nikolas Krastev Victoria Krasteva Matthew Kuhnert Jackie Kupper Nancy Lampe Bettina Landt Lauren Decatur Fine Art Kerryann Leddy Karen Lee Leggiadro Marie Lemberg Cathy Lennon Reggie Levine Linda Loring Nature Foundation Janet Lindgren Keith Lindgren Vicki Livingstone Judith Lochtefeld Suzie Lister Locke Michael Lorber Sharon Lorenzo Patricia Lowe Hampton Lynch Mary-Adair Macaire Anna Macintyre Erin MacIver Janet MacKay-Hanlon Made on Nantucket Magical Mermaid Holiday Extravaganza Dancers Dilip Maharjan Nimesh Maharjan Mary Malavase Miriam Mandell Maria Mitchell Association Marine Home Center John Marques Harry Marshall Martin House Inn Flor Martinez Bethny Maury Michael May Emma McAvoy Georgia McColough Carla McDonald Holly McGowan Marty McGowan Vilma McGrath

Barbara McInerney Andrew McKenna-Foster Miacomet Golf Club Bruce Miller Sarah Ann Miller Laurie Monahan Moors End Farm Joanne Morgan Peter Morrison Morgan Morton Pamela Murphy Geeta Nakarmi Nantucket Ballet Dancers Nantucket Bank, a division of Blue Hills Bank Nantucket Bookworks Nantucket Community Music Center Nantucket Cottage Hospital Nantucket Finance Department Nantucket Garden Club The Nantucket Hotel & Resort Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce Nantucket Island Resorts Nantucket Island School of Design Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum Nantucket Monogram & Design Nantucket Photo Booth Nantucket Republican Town Committee Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals Nantucket Skin Nantucket Tilemakers Nantucket Whaler Peter Nash Ilia Natchev Vessy Natcheva Franci Neely Shyam Nepali Gabriella Nikolova Inna Severina Nikolova Anne S. Obrecht Old Spouter Gallery Courtney O’Neill Carmen Orantes Our Island Home Barbara Owen Sandie Owen Francesca Owens Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket Foundation Karen A. Palmer

Greg Partida Jesus Partida Maria Partida Judith Paterson Linda Patton Preslava Penkova Judith Perkins Lisa Peterson Piya Phatthanaphuti Melissa Philbrick Nathaniel Philbrick Ben Phillips Joanne Polster Gloria Portillo Sheila Poulin Nancy L. Puff Phillip J. Raneri Claire S. Raneri Victor Reed Maureen Reed Lenore Riccio Jo-Ann Richard Kathleen Richen Neville Richen Bettina Ridley Maria Roach Eleanor Roethke Louise Rogerson Ken Roman Joan Rouillard Wendy Rouillard Linda Saligman Sandcastle Construction, Inc. Christine Sanford Marla Sanford Eric Savetsky Martina Savova ’Sconset Gardener Isabelle Seeman Nancy Serafini John Shea Sherburne Commons Inc. Janet Sherlund Bishnu Shimkhada Julie Simmons Susan Simmons Abby Slosek Rachael Slosek Small Friends on Nantucket Mark Snider Bill Spears Maria Spears


Audrey Sterk St. Mary’s Our Lady of the Isle Carol Anne Stiglmeier Ann Stock Pamela St. Pierre Stubby’s Sheila Sullivan Sunny Wood Designs Surfing Hydrangea Nursery Sustainable Nantucket, Inc. Students of the Nantucket Public Schools Sunil Suwal Jaime Tashjian Marvely Tejada Theatre Workshop of Nantucket Siriratt Thairatana Jane Thomas Pamela Thomas John Tiffany Karen Tiffany Mindy Todd Town of Nantucket Peggy Tramposch Wat Tyler † Union Lodge F&AM Unitarian Universalist Meeting House Melinda Vallett Evilio Varela Nell Van Vorst Vegan Nantucket Timothy Walker Pamela Waller Kathleen Walsh Maryann Wasik WCAI Radio Chip Webster Melanie Wernick White Heron Theatre/NT Kathleen Williams Jay Wilson Judith Wodynski Harvey Young Mimi Young Maria Zodda

Nantucket Historical Association

2016 NHA Staff Administration William J. Tramposch Gosnell Executive Director Johanna C. Richard Associate Director, Operations Julianne Kever Administrative Assistant Ashley Martin Special Functions Manager Claire McCann Accounts Receivable Specialist Rebecca Miller Assistant to the Executive Director Tracy Murray Controller

Sharon Cross Shop Associate

Elizabeth Oldham Research Associate and Copy Editor

Andra Maria Opris Shop Associate

Visitor Experience

Rose Mighty Shop Associate

Marjan Shirzad Sacerdote Chair of Education & Outreach

Carolyn Sawyers Senior Shop Associate

Theresa Cramer Education Intern

Alina Sayranova Senior Shop Associate

Karleen Kovalcik Public Programs Intern

Lindsay Wommack Shop Associate

Hope Kuchinski Education Intern

Anastasia Zorina Shop Associate

Sonya Laney Education Intern Molly McIlvaine Membership Coordinator


Elizabeth Remy Special Events Intern Stacey Stuart Special Events Manager

Curatorial Michael R. Harrison Robyn & John Davis Chief Curator Tony Dumitru Collections Manager Laura Marion 1800 House Fellow Brittany Thurman 1800 House Program Manager


Catherine Taylor Director of Properties

Brianne Roth Public Programs Coordinator

Karice Clarke Maintenance Assistant

Katie Schoorl Manager of Visitor Operations

Andrew Harris Maintenance and Grounds Assistant

Lindsay Scouras Manager of Communications

John Marques Maintenance and Grounds Assistant

Alea Stokes Public Programs Intern

Kathrina Marques Landscape and Garden Manager

Visitor Services and Interpreters

Edwin Rudd Maintenance and Grounds Assistant

Nicole Aguiar Museum Interpreter/Visitor Services Representative

Manuel Sylvia Maintenance and Grounds Assistant

Samantha Aguiar Museum Interpreter Nora Armstrong Museum Interpreter/Visitor Services Representative

Research Library

Cristin Merck Director of Stewardship

Betsy Tyler Obed Macy Research Chair/Library Director

John Belash Museum Interpreter

Sarah Helm Special Collections Librarian

Forest Bell Museum Interpreter

Museum Shop

Marie Henke Photograph Archives Specialist

Susan Berman Museum Interpreter

Georgina Winton Merchandise Manager

Jacob Horton Oral History Fellow

Douglas Burch Museum Interpreter

Karyn Lindsay Foundation Relations and Prospect Research Coordinator

Annual Report 2015


NHA Staff, Advisors, and Research Fellows

Nancy J. Sevrens Scott M. Stearns Jr. Mary-Elizabeth Young

Jim Burruss Museum Interpreter

Thomas Miner Museum Interpreter

Rebecca Chapa Museum Interpreter

Joan Pearce Museum Interpreter

Allison Check Museum Interpreter

Joanne Polster Museum Interpreter

Libby Clark Lead Educator

Kerry Raven Visitor Services Representative

Anna Fogarty Museum Interpreter/Museum Educator/Visitor Services Representative

Marcia Rubin Museum Interpreter

Mary Fontaine Museum Interpreter Elizabeth Gilbert Museum Interpreter Peggi Godwin Senior Interpreter/Museum Interpreter Maria Grause Senior Interpreter/Visitor Services Representative

Research Fellows

Janice Sandler Visitor Services Representative Liz Schaeffer Museum Interpreter Claire Seaquist Visitor Services Representative Kay Sheehan Museum Interpreter/Visitor Services Representative

Laura Holden Senior Interpreter/Visitor Services Representative

Linda Steelman Senior Interpreter/Museum Interpreter/Museum Educator

Joan Hull Museum Interpreter/Museum Educator

Anne Sweidel Museum Interpreter

Madison Joslin Museum Interpreter

Barbara Varbalow Museum Educator/Visitor Services Representative

Emily Kahn Museum Interpreter

William Winkler Museum Interpreter

Ben Kolinski Museum Interpreter/Museum Educator

Margaret Zajicek Visitor Services Representative

Katie Kubie Museum Interpreter/Museum Educator Bob Kucharavy Museum Interpreter Stephen Leinbach Museum Interpreter Karen MacNab Museum Interpreter/Museum Educator Ann Martindale Museum Interpreter/Visitor Services Representative John McGuiness Museum Interpreter

Margaret Moore Booker Seth C. Bruggeman Eric Jay Dolin Joan Druett Mary K. Bercaw Edwards Mark Foster Stuart M. Frank Kelly Gleason Robert E. Hellman Paula Henderson Frances Ruley Karttunen Wyn Kelley Edward D. Melillo Robert F. Mooney† Lisa Norling Hershel Parker Nathaniel Philbrick Patty Jo Rice Ken Roman                             Renny Stackpole Betsy Tyler Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Daniel Vickers               Barbara White

Advisors Susan R. Boardman Margaret Moore Booker Joan Brecker† Patricia A. Butler Lyndon Dupuis Elizabeth Husted Elizabeth S. Jacobsen Reginald E. Levine Sharon A. Lorenzo Robert F. Mooney† Jane C. Richmond


Nantucket Historical Association




Tristram Coffin Homesite Marker

East Lincoln Ave.

ad Ro

tC Wes

Academy Ln.

Westminster St.

. Lily St

n. yL ur db W oo

. Hussey St India St.

St Oak





mS Sale

Macy-Christian t. House Liberty S et tre

in S





le St. Cand


ut St.

n St Unio

ll P




. Quince St

nu Wal

bas L


t. rS ate S. W

d St.

Gay St.

t. rS nte Wi



Ash Ln.

l St era Fed



Whaling Museum & Museum Shop

Ash St.

t. eS ntr Ce


New La


Step L

Easy St.


Grove Lane



. St




New North Cemetery


Old North Cemetery

Lily Pond Park

St. Centre



Fran klin St

Wyers Way

St Sea

S. Beach

er at W N.


er S hest


Way Kay Mac ay wW orvie Harb

St. ster Che

e. Av

t. re S ent N. C


ill La

et H

s Sun


Kite H

rth No

Oldest House & Kitchen Garden

St. ard Will St. lsh Wa

liff C

Co N St. . B rnis wain h S ea ch St. St .





t Ln

Greater Light NHA Research Library Co Fire Hose Ct. Folger-Franklin Memorial Whitney Gallery & Ray’s Cart House Boulder and Bench . n Quaker Meeting House L e Hadwen udith Chas Uppe t Rd. House J cretia Mott Ln. Madake r Main u St. .L . ET RD. Thomas MADAK TH er St ol St Old m m BIKE PA Scho Su Macy t. S Gaol r e t Quaker House Char



Milk St


re St


. Rd


ll L

S. M ill S t

Jo yS t.

sp ec tS tre



y We



York Street

k Yor y Alle yer’s





Atlanti c Ave.


Annual Report 2015



et Stre

e tre nS rre e r a t W wS Ne


n ard



er S

ov st D

Old Mill


m Hu

Vesper L




New Mill St.



on St. Mt. Vern



e Str


Prospect Hill Cemetery ck

t. Milk S


ar oll wD




Green Ln.



er Ln.


. rs Ln Hille St. g n i Darl Ct. ck u b a r T ttle Sta t. er S 1800 Farm . S n t House Twi . St. . n n L l St o e l s y i t. L Hou M nS Candle rso e n. Jeff le L Eleanor Ham Angola St. t Eag tree Pr Pony Field er S Silv o

Vestal St.



nt asa Ple

a Ro


e St. Orang

Fair St.

Howard Ct.


ak Qu



L rry

kS Bac



s Ln.


Nantucket Historical Association

2015 Nantucket Historical Association Annual Report  

The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) tells the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

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