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The Dance of Shiva


In deep silence, in the depth of inner consciousness, the inherent rhythm of life, of heartbeat, reverberates. The cosmic dance begins. The entire cosmos rejoices and participates in the dance of Shiva. In the depth of extreme being-ness, the need for expression takes place. Shiva Dances, pumping up extreme rajas. Satwa paves way to diverse creativity and shift of energies. From the base of non-doingness, forms the expression of extreme action. The whole cosmos gets shaken up from inertia. Energy shifts and matter gets formed. In the silence of beingness, energy gets conglomerated and with the external expression of cosmic dance, matter gets thrown out as a natural process. Extreme rajas destroys tamas – the evil in the path of spiritual evolution and puts everything into an action mode – only to fall back again into the being-ness of inherent guna-less state. External expressions are not remembered then. It is only the internal calmness and absolute peace. It is only the expansion and omni presence. It is only being-ness and nothing else. When Shiva dances, the nature dances. Nature gets into the vibration of the one who dissolves. Nature echoes the universal heartbeat. Nature expresses the cosmic choreography. Every being dances in perfect  rhythm  and understanding. Everyone falls into perfect  synchronization. There is no fear of dissolution. There is no fear caused by limitedness or limitations. There is only the relief of expansion. There is only the objectivity and peace of being-ness, or the bliss of being one with everything. In the dance of Shiva, the senses gives way to awareness of music. There is no listening to music, there is only being music. 56

Nova Svest - februar/2014  

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