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Mississippi… ) just relax and keep focusing on your breath. Try and keep your head clear, and don’t pay any attention to the thoughts that come into your head. Just let them float by. If you find yourself getting caught up with a specific thought just go back to focusing on your breath and don’t get angry or upset. Sometimes it can be quite comical to see just how easily we can become completely involved in a thought that really serves no purpose. Do this for about 15 minutes, or longer if you wish.

it. As you go into your meditation keep the intention in the back of your mind and even ask a question to yourself about whatever it is that you are having trouble finding clarity with. You can use the same principles as day one to get into this space. Don’t get attached to hearing a voice tell you the answer, or seeing a vision or anything like that. Sometimes it may come through as a knowing or a feeling. The answer may not even come to you right away, it may become clear in a few days from now.

Day 2: Guided Meditation Practice There are many different types of guided meditations available for you to try for free. Some of them have different purposes and serve different things. I have provided one here for you to try. I thought the woman’s voice sounded nice, calming and relaxing and the length of the video wasn’t too long. If you would like to find another one based on your own preferences please feel free to do so. Guided practice meditations can be beneficial because you have someone walking you through the entire process so its easier to keep your mind distracted from thinking.

Day 4: Binaural Beats As of right now, this is my personal favorite type of meditation! I’m not exactly sure why, but I find its because it makes me feel really relaxed and peaceful, and the binaural beats just sound like really nice chill music. So it’s just like lying there and getting lost in the music.

Day 3: Focused Intention This type of meditation can be very powerful in assisting you to receive clarity on something that you are unsure of, and what to do about

Day 5: Chakra Balancing Chakra balancing meditations can be great for re-aligning your chakras and providing more balance in your physical and energetic body. These meditations can help to remove blockages and bring up things that need to be addressed. Again there are many different variations that can be found online, I will provide a link but feel free to find your own. If you are well versed in the chakras and there purpose you can even do your own meditation in relation to them.

Day 6: OM Meditation Om meditations are fun! When you say “om” (ohhhmmm) it creates a vibration that you can feel throughout your body and it helps to clear your head and put you into a relaxed state. Try sitting cross legged and begin to chant “om” hold the om for about 5 seconds and fully finish it before breathing in. Continue to chant until you feel relaxed and your mind is clear. Then just hold here and continue breathing for as long as you like. I find these meditations are great to do in a group, if you have a few people and you are all sitting in a circle and chanting “om” at the same time it creates amazing energy! It feels like you are put in a peaceful state of mind instantly. Day 7: Your Choice Yay! Congratulations! Today is the final, day hopefully you’ve made it this far on the meditation challenge! For this day you can pick whichever style of meditation that you liked the best and give it a go for as long as you wish! I hope that through this challenge you learned about some of the various styles of meditation and found one or a few that suit you and your lifestyle that resonated with you! Did you achieve some clarity and peace in your life and has your stress level gone down? I hope this is something that becomes a regular part of your life!


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