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Alslev multi-track On this pave we are playing football, basketball, hockey and have lots of fun. Next the multi-track lies the sports center. When its winter, we cant play ball. Then we just glide arundt on it. On the pave in the backgrund there is a big football pave. One day in the year we have a exercise day. On that day we only doing sports. There comes two other schools and we compete in many competitions.

Alslev sports center

This is Alslev sports center. Here can we play handball, football and badminton and more.

We can also play star wars. This is very funny. That we do sometimes in the school.

This is out of the sports center There is also a football field.

Helle Hallen

helle hallen is near a town Ă˜se. Ă˜se is quite old, it is already known from 1606, in 30 March 2005 it was renovated. Some Fridays there is a party in the hall.

At the party we can make lollipops in room (M4). In (hal 2), we can play football and volleyball. In (hal 1) is badminton to 21:30 and after there`s disco. IN room (m3) there`s karaoke. There is also a svimming pool. Here is (Hal1) where we play football and handball in our leisure. Some dancing Zumba

Here is the parking. The red building on the left side is (hal2).

Helle hallen

This is helle hallen. Here you can play indoors football, handball, badminton. Here can we also swim. Because there are a swimming.

here you also can throw a party an example could be bold Friday a party for kids between ten to sixteen There you also can get colored hair be active shooting games buy something to eat you can sing play Wii

Helle hallen is a big sports center. There are many rooms in this sports center. There are three halls two big and one small. Five locker rooms, one cafeteria and a gym.

Varde swimming bath

Varde swimming bath is big. There is a wave pool, a baby pool and a diving pool. You can go to swimming gymnastics. There is also a water slide and lashes you can jump from down in the water. Each year before autumn holiday all the pupil from our school goes to Varde swim bath. Varde swim bath is about 5 km away from Alslev. In our school we have swim classes at 4. and 5. grade Here are some pictures from our swim class.

Here are three boys, they playing with a bath toys, in the diving pool this is very fun.

This is our water slide, it is very long and you can run very fast if you take mats. You land at so cold water.

Danish sports centers Ølgod There are two sport centers in Ølgod. Here you can play football, handball and badminton. If you are hungry can you just go into the cafeteria and buy food or candy. There are many signs in the sport centers. There are many lamps in the sport centers. There are many people in Ølgod. There is much space to the peoples so they can see the sport. Outside can you play football or other sports. Its a very nice sport centers.


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