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VISIT FROM ENGLAND, SPAIN AND ITALY: We were so lucky to be hosting a Comenius visit back in March. We had representatives from our partnerschools in England, Spain and Italy visiting, and we had some very good days here in Alslev. Although it means a bit of extra work to host a visit – it is worth SO much more. Our staff was so happy to get to meet their international colleagues, and not only did they enjoy it - the pupils were also thrilled to meet international teachers.

OUR CREATIVE WEEK: After the Comenius visit – we started making preparations for week 15 – where the whole school was to work with the indoor learning-environment. The purpose was to decorate the school with pupil-produced arts

and crafts, in order to make the surroundings much nicer, than they were. The teachers were really creative in planning activities, and the results were fantastic.

On Thursday we had invited all the parents to come see all the work, which had been done. There was food made by the pupils and cake made by parents. Here you can see the children working and you can also see some of the finished work.

KONFIRMATION: In May most of the 7th form children have been confirmed at the church. They confirm their baptism, and have a party with family and friends afterwards (of course with lots of presents) The following Monday they have the day off from school and do fun stuff together.

VISIT FROM NUNEATON: We have also spent some time planning the visit from our Comenius Partner School in Nuneaton. Our pupils as well as our staff looks SO much forward to welcoming the six children from St. Pauls and their head and teachers, and we hope they will have an unforgettable stay here in Denmark. You´ll probably hear more about the visit in our next newsletter………..

Lots of greetings from Staff and Pupils at Alslev School!!!!!!

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Newsletter Denmark may Comenius

Newsletter Denmark  

Newsletter Denmark may Comenius