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News letter

Hello everybody. We are pupils who attend the primary school in Sinagra.

We are in class 5 and we are ten years old. Our class consist of seven boys and two girls. We go to school with pleasure and we get on well with our teachers.

We live in Sinagra a small and peaceful town in the province of Messina.

It’s situated in Sicily, a wonderful isle in the south of Italy.


TELETHON 2011 Every Christmas time we usually commit ourselves in solidarity and charity to collect some money for people in need of help or children with seriously genetics diseases This year we all have dedicated the fifth of December at this important initiative.

This is how we organized that day: we went to the local market with our teachers and we sold different agriculture produce, brought by our parents like fruits (oranges, hazelnuts, tangerines, lemons, chestnut), vegetables and homemade sweets and cakes.

That day we realized a good profit and we were happy to uphold this honorable cause.

We hope to meet you all soon. A big hug.  Marika Natalotto  Stella Pintabona

 Giuseppe Giglia  Gabriele Mele  Giuseppe Spiccia  Nino Coci  Andrew Sinagra

 Francesco Natalotto  Carmelo Naciti

Hello everybody  
Hello everybody  

Hello everybody