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Volume 3, 2009 May 2009

NOVALINK Newsletter Date Volume 3, 2009



Free Your Mind

elcome to this issue of NovaLink! We hope you are receiving your copy and we look forward to getting your feedback. We also hope this communication mechanism is helping you learn about all aspects of our bustling school. One of the joys of being at NovaQuest is that the school environment has become such a place that everyone’s engagement in the educational process supports the others’ progress. Our school is like a ‘learning laboratory’ and its refreshing to learn that such school environments have lead and many times raised the bar and standards for other schools.

If you are like most patriotic Pakistani citizens, then no doubt you have been tuned into the recent success stories of our judiciary’s freedom. With these recent events in our country and the profound impact we hope they will have on our freedoms, I thought it would be a good time to explain the difference between an ‘Active and a ‘Passive’ mind. Is your child’s mind active or is it passive? Do they keep connecting new ideas to what they already know? Or INSIDE STORIES does new information settle in his/her mind without ringing bells or causing any Five C’s of Commonsense Parenting 2 real excitement? When an active mind takes in new information, it lets that new Ways to Encourage Children to Learn 4 bit of knowledge ring bells, forming associations and linkages with preexisting NovaQuest Spor ts Day in Pictures 6 knowledge or experiences. For example a teacher mentions the dictator of an oppressed country, and active learners Recycle - Save our Future 8 start thinking about totalitarian governments and about the country in question. Crossword - Can you Name the Sport 10 They almost automatically think about what they already know or believe conNIS - Frequently Asked Questions 11 cerning these topics and they compare that with the newly processed informaTheater Schedule 12 tion. An active mind is a vital aspect of attention control and a core ingredient of

Character Reading Good Judgment Read and Dev elop a Good Character Trait

strong learning.

D i r e c t While at our school our teachers emphasize on ‘active processing’ in stu- o dents, parents can encourage active processing by regularly asking their chil- r

Unfortunately, for the past 60 years, Pakistan’s academic landscape has lacked in promoting ‘active minds’ in children. We hope that the new generation of kids in this country will grow up with ‘active minds’ and question and scrutinize our leaders’ decisions and our judiciaries judgments so that Pakistan does not sink back into the abyss of ‘passive minds’ and ‘dictatorial’ rule.

dren to link new inputs with what they ’ already know. For example, ‘Now that you’re learning about political parties and the freedom of judiciary in school, what do you think about the way your father and I voted in the election last year? Would you have voted the same way?’ or ‘It’s great that you’re learning all about fractions and decimals and percentages. Since you love reading about sports, let’s see how this part of math helps you understand cricket batting averages and other kinds of cricket sports statistics better.’ . . .”


M e s s a g This kind of conversation also reinforces for students that you think what they are e learning is important, that learning is interesting, and that you care about what they are learning; all important aspects of helping students become excellent learners. We hope that as parents you will get involved so that you can grow with us. Please consider the many opportunities we mention from time to time. And remember, we always love to hear from you!

Grade K-2

Grade 3 - 5

Grade 6 - 9

The Little Red Hen

Don’t Call me Beanhead

The American Legal System

By Paul Galdone

By Susan Wojciechowski

By Earnest Barksdale Fincher

Dealing with Choices

Angelina & the Princess

Making up your Own Mind

By Elizabeth Vogel

By Katharine Holabird

By Joy Wilt

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May 2009


Parents’ Secti on

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“ Most people would benefit greatly fro m learning a first language”

Five C’s of Commonsense Parenting At NovaQuest, our teaching staff and children are focusing on learning how to function effectively in a community of learners. We take the time to show them the right way to do things, expect only what they are able to do at their level, and patiently nurture them to learn more along the way. From parents, we ask their help so that we c an s ucc eed in c reat ing a ‘successful discipline’ in their children at school and at home. With this regards we’d like to pass on these proven “Five C’s of Commonsense Parenting.” I share the “Five C’s” here because they clearly explain our approach to teaching children to behave appropriately, as well as because these simple principles may be helpful as you reflect on your style of parenting. In both cases, note that much of the work involves laying solid foundations that invite positive behavior rather than waiting until a challenge occurs.



Offering real choices enables children to be responsible for their own behavior rather than being controlled by an adult. This helps them to learn to make appropriate choices so that they can function independently and effectively. As an example, at our school, we offer many choices within the established routines. Children are offered a wide variety of activity centers, such as the library, computer room, movie theatre, play areas and so on, but they must respect the usage rules as

Change is through Choices we make its Commonsense!

well. Because children are taught how to use each center, we approach inappropriate behavior as a choice too. We remind the children of the appropriate behavior and then offer the choice of acting appropriately so they can enjoy the activity. Since we match the expected behavior to their developmental level appropriately, the children are quite likely to experience success with this structure. We encourage parents to use a similar approach at home so that their children can differentiate between good choices and bad choices. Remember, the formula for success in life is simple! Stick to good choices.






Since children are growing up and learning, we need to repeat expectations frequently and give children plenty of opportunities to practice appropriate behaviors. When communicating about behavior initially, we start with a clear request (Ms. Yasmin’s favorite phrase is “would you be so kind as to …”). If necessary, we also give the reason for the request (e.g., safety, cleanliness, timeliness, etc.). The purpose for our routines and rules are always discussed at the beginning of the year, but we also reinforce them for individuals or the whole group when relevant situations arise. If a child is not following a rule or routine, then we begin with a reminder of the expectation and check to be sure the child understands. Cooperation yields positive outcomes, as discussed above, and teachers respond to inappropriate behavior according to the school’s discipline policy.

Setting clear goals for the behavior we want to occur and then teaching those specific behaviors increases the chances that they will occur. Children need to understand who should do what and when. Different activities are available during different parts of our school day, different behaviors are acceptable in different locations (e.g., on onsi stency the playground vs. in the classroom vs. in the library vs. in the movie theatre), Finally, consistency in all of the and teachers frequently remind stuother “C’s” is the key to long-term dents. All of these distinctions are learning. The children are most secure clearly discussed with the children (and when the expectations and routines are sometimes even initiated by them). predictable, so we make every effort to be consistent in our interactions with the onsequences children and with each other. Naturally, Shaping children’s behavior re- it is easier to be consistent when we quires careful attention to the out- have taken the time to establish which come of the behavior because positive choices are allowed when, to clearly outcomes will lead to increased positive communicate that information with chilbehavior. When appropriate behavior dren and families, to define the conseleads to fun, feelings of success, atten- quences of inappropriate behavior, and tion from friends, interesting challenges, to communicate well in all situations. etc., the children are likely to repeat that When we are consistent, our school day behavior. One word of caution— inap- typically flows very smoothly, with chilpropriate behaviors can be repeated dren focusing their attention on the when they lead to perceived positive many learning opportunities available. outcomes, like getting attention (even negative attention), getting what you These commonsense principles are the want, etc. As teachers, we focus on foundation for many of the decisions we initial clarity of expectations and then make each day as teachers and paremphasizing the child’s role in choosing ents, but that doesn’t always mean that to behave appropriately or not. That the most effective path is always clear. way, the child has chosen the conse- We want to encourage parents to send quences rather than them being im- us at least one thought-provoking posed on them. (For example, we don’t “Positive Discipline Pointer”, which we “give” grades to our students, they can share with our teachers to encour(Continued on page 3) “earn” them according to their perform-



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May 2009

NOVALINK Volume 3, 2009


uring the month of Rabil ul Awal, students celebrated the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by reciting Naats in a presentation. It was not only delightful to see the abilities of students but it was also inspiring for the audience. After many weeks of exhaustive preparation, students were finally able to compete in the Novaquest 2nd Annual Sports Day held in March. For the first time parents were invited along, not only to support their children but also to take part in various events. Parents and students had an energizing experience. All students from Pre Nursery to Grade 9 took part. As usual the staff and students showed immense dedication and without team work the event could not have gone so smoothly. From the Administration office, thanks to all who chipped in, with a special mention to Mr Metab Khan

Mind Games Objective

T vertisements

each your child how to interpret ad-

Page 3

(everyone’s favorite sports teacher). The winners of the sports day was a tie between Panthers (led by Musa Niaz (grade 8) Yasar Rehan (grade 8)) and Hawks (led by Nabia Rehan (grade 8) Zoya Khan( grade 8)). Our scouts do not only enjoy their weekly indoor classes but they also go for excursions. Scouts went to Jallo Park where they fended for themselves. They constructed their own tents using sticks, ropes and bed sheets. Lunch was prepared in the jungles of Jallo Park by the teachers and consumed by all, including the animals! There were many activities for the scouts and they all had fun! Our Taekwondo team took part in the Ali National Siqara Taekwondo Championship 2009. They all achieved positions and overall came second in the competition. Following on from the topic on drugs in

Administrator’s Message the student section in the last edition of Novalink, students of grade 4 to 8 had been busy compiling an amazing collection of images on an anti drugs campaign whilst the girls from grade 7 and 8 performed an educational skit on the effects of drugs. Meanwhile, back in school, the students of Grade 4 ad 5 were busy preparing their report card (on power point) to show to their parents. The purpose of these student led parents conference was not only to brag about their achievements but also to highlight their weaknesses and indicate to their parents and teachers how to assist them. Now in May students will be revising for the examinations and the younger students will have the final year assessments.

play with your kids by just using your mind What are people trying to sell you?

Questions to Ask

Do you see any advertisements?

How many do you see?

What are they selling?

How to Play

Wherever you are, take a look around. There are bound to be advertisements around. Ask your child to find them. They can be in the newspaper, on the television or pasted on a billboard. Now ask for a description. Let your child use his/her vocabulary. Next, discuss what the ads really mean and how companies try to sell things. It’s a good idea to keep track of ads discussed.

Ads E ver y where

A game for one or more players

What do the ads mean?

How companies try to sell things?

How would you sell the same products?

Is it ok to hide some facts?

Are the ads being honest with you?

(Continued from page 2)

age both teachers and parents to keep thinking and talking with each other about these issues. We hope you will find them helpful as you navigate the challenging path of parenthood. As always, feel free to contact us if you have suggestions or pointers or if there are parenting issues you would like to discuss. We look forward to wonderful years of teaching your growing children.

A Parent’s Life in Famous Words "A wise man never puts away childish Maya Angelou things." “Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners” Anon "Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories."

“Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.” O’Rouke “Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes” Chinese Proverb “The truth is that parents are not really interested in justice. They just want Bill Cosby quiet.”

And don’t forget to reward positive and good behavior— if you want it to be reJohn Wilmot peated. 12 F.C.C Syed Maratab Ali Road Gulberg IV, Lahore - Pakistan

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May 2009


Teachers’ Section

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“ Respect the insights that can only be expressed by humour”

Ways to Encourage Children to Learn The messages that you communicate about learning and the language that you use to express your ideas are critical in shaping and sustaining your student's attitude, motivation, and persistence in pursuit of educational success. When you talk with your students about school and homework, your messages must clearly convey empathy, acceptance, encouragement, and optimism.



To be an effective teacher and partner in your student's education, you will have to show them that you understand the triumphs, strengths, challenges, and feelings that influence their attitude toward learning and their success with learning. To fully support your student's efforts and to appreciate their learning experiences, you will need to view the situation from their perspective before they will be ready to listen. Understanding their perspective also means that instead of being too eager to teach, train yourself to listen to them as well. It is important to ‘earn’ your students respect for you to be able to plant the seed of lifelong learning in their minds.

personal weaknesses, imperfections, failures, and the student's flaws

Acceptance 2 One of the most difficult challenges that teachers face is learning to accept their own weaknesses, imperfections, and failures, and their student's flaws as well. Let your students know that you accept them, and help them realize that everyone has flaws and failures. Reading books that focus on this theme is one way to approach this issue in a student-friendly way. When students know that they don’t have to be ashamed or afraid when they communicate with you, they will spend more time on learning and absorbing knowledge as opposed to worrying and trying to cover up their flaws so they become less noticeable. Flaws does not just mean physical handicaps but also emotional, auditory or otherwise other human flaws.


are not easy to accept for the teacher




That’s terrific!

The introduction is very clearly written



I love it!

Now, that's what I call colorful!



I'm so proud of you!

You work ed really hard on that project. You should be so proud of yourself!



That's perfect!

Your work shows that you really understood the book that you read.



What a good job!

Only you could have written that story and made me laugh so hard!


LIBERATING (communicates your confidence in his/her abilities and

I like the A's you get - now you can bring your cell intentions) phone to class as long as you only use it for text I know you want to do your best - with a little hard messages! work , I know you will!

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May 2009

NOVALINK Volume 3, 2009

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Encouragement 3 Encouraging your students means communicating to them that you have confidence in their ability, that you know they really want to do well, that their effort is what counts the most, and that you appreciate all the ways in which they make the classroom, school and the world a better place. While emphasizing the positive, encouragement differs from praise in that it is descriptive, specific, individual-focused, and confidence building (reflecting your student's unique abilities and efforts). With encouragement, your students will develop more confidence in their ability to learn successfully and the "stick-to-it" attitude to persist even when the work is difficult. Be warned that it takes individual attention to pick up on each students unique abilities. But once you have done this exercise, be reassured that the resulting outcome of using their strengths and your persistence will be very rewarding – to both you and them.



Your students depend on your never-ending trust and belief in their ability to succeed regardless of their difficulties, challenges, or lack of self-confidence. First, you already have an advantage since your students are looking to you as their mentor, their hero. It is only up to you to either make their belief come true or to utterly disappoint them.

By establishing a positive and supportive communication style, you will be in a better position to structure and reinforce an effective learning and homework routine for your students. Again, take into consideration your student's personal preferences, temperment, and work style when establishing a homework routine that is most likely to lead to success. It is also important to decide how much you want the student’s parents to be involved in your student's homework and in what ways they can be most supportive. Each family will be different with respect to the amount of parental involvement needed and preferred. There is no one correct routine for all.

What our Teachers Say... Mr Mehtab Khan is the Physical Health Ms Munazza Rashid is the Arts teacher Education & Tae kwon do Coach for Pre- for Grades 4 - 8. Nursery to Grade 9. t is without any To work with an institution whose foundadoubt that the envition is integrity, strength is people, style ronment of the school is team work and goal is excellence, has is conducive both for the students and the to be Novaquest International School. teachers. We are I have found that it is the place where the given the opportunity children learn the way of success and space to take new through discipline. initiative for the proFor me, it was a dream come true when I gress and benefit of joined NIS because it is the place where I the students of the could utilize all my 15 years of teaching Nova Quest Internaexperience. In my two years here, we tional School. Once have arranged many curricular and extra such example is the current fusion of arts curricular activities. My responsibilities with technology. include coaching students in Physical Technology is changing. Digital cameras, and Health Education and Tae Kwon do multimedia, telecommunication and com(Korean Karate). Some of the other puter networks have become an imporsports taught by me are football, basket- tant part of today’s home and workplace. ball, badminton, table tennis, athletics, Keeping with the current needs of today, aerobics and scouting. I consider teach- we integrated computers into art classes ing and training sports as a form of art for grades 4 to 8. Students were given and a challenge. The art of success is the task of designing posters for “No discipline and any sport is an ideal Drugs”. It turned out to be a challenging source for achieving this. Drilling this and fun project for them. concept into the students enables us to win competitions. However, this would This emphasis on using new technology not be possible without the support of Mr is not intended to replace older tools and Aurangzeb, the Director and Ms Robina materials. A pencil or brush on paper provides a different opportunity for perNaqvi, our Administrator. sonal creative expression than a graphJoin our after school sports club... ics software. Its not our place to replace; we just teach.


Ms Hajrah teachers Pre -Nursery. The most frequently asked question has always been: What would you like to be? And I would always, arrogantly, say…”anything but a teacher”. I still remember everyone reminding me of these words when I took up a school job at 17 just for some extra pocket money. I used to impress my friends by saying “I am all busy at work you know”....however in reality I had cursed myself at that time! Enlightening, grooming and civilizing the naughty brats had always seemed some mental torture . This all changed when I joined NovaQuest International School. I have crash landed in Pre-Nursery..! It is my very first experience being all hands on with a three or four year old child… stinky diapers, morning hugs, greasy hands, innocent-toothless-smiles, emotionally-black-mailing-tears, and what not…! I can confidently say I despised kids before I had joined NovaQuest. I had the opportunity to experience and understand the mental capability and psychology of a child, which surely would not have been possible without the counseling and support of our very own Mrs Robina and Mrs Yasmeen! I cherish the moments spent at NovaQuest.

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May 2009


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Volume 3, 2009

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May 2009

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May 2009


Students’ Section

Page 8




Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us. We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time. The amount of rubbish we create is constantly increasing because: ⇒ Increasing wealth means that people are buying more products and ulti ma tely crea ting more waste.

“ If you disobey the Teacher, you have told him o f your admiration for the tiny”




Paper is taken from the bin and deposited in a large recycling container along with paper from other recycling bins. The paper is taken to a recycling plant where it is separated into types and grades.

⇒ Increasing population means tha t there are more people on the planet to create waste. ⇒ N ew pac ka gi n g a nd technological products are being developed, much of these products contain materials that are not biodegradable.

The separated paper is then washed with soapy water to remove inks, plastic film, staples and glue. It is next put into a large holder where it is mixed with water to create ‘slurry’.

⇒ New lifestyle changes, such as eating fast food, means that we create additional waste that isn’t biodegradable.





Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment. Did you know that:

By adding different materials to the slurry, different paper products can be created, such as cardboard, newsprints or office paper.

⇒ 1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours. ⇒ 1 recycled glass bottle would save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes. ⇒ 1 recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 3 hours. ⇒ 70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials.

The slurry is spread using large rollers into large thin sheets.

The paper is left to dry, and then it is rolled up ready to be cut and sent back to the shops.

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May 2009

NOVALINK Volume 3, 2009

Page 9

a le nts Y ou ng T na b Zara Za i he 0 . Whe n by A in 1 99 S te U ci in e r n d bor he coul ith was as ‘da da ’, w id Greg Sm e sa H . e irthda y s o ld , h e mo nth is firs t b a ren ts was th re b e fo re h s . His p ths , ry th o n m o e m m a 4 m 1 o m t fr ia lly a t b le ms a b ooks e r, e spec aths p ro v m was le e c g h r in e r p a nswe im. Wh en h e was su r h o p t f a l th s ch oo s w ith to rea liz ed the righ t oo l exam d ch n s nt u e fo gh w i e th en s o they is fina l h t kids . H in passed h th an mos r the ma tics lie e ig ht h e a r M ea o cto r o f n yea rs D te , a s e e m d g ra d be ca e rsity an to a un iv s. He a l po litic 2 0 0 5. te rnation in rted in a d st e He has in te re st e wo rld . y is a lso e th a b t d a in to s s t y eg Gr . He w a n gh tes t bo le ri p b eo e p h n g t lp yo un a reas . I is one o f ion to he n in wa r t re za ld i i es an ch ri g t nd h is o r x cou n hild ren a led to si . r poor c n ts trave re a the s ta te ter life fo p f s o i s re g and h a ny hea d G m 4, et . 0 id 0 m 2 . He reg sa o ntinen ts o the rs ’ G in fo u r c h e lping fe li y m o live ‘I w an t t


Me m o rie s o f my

My Ha pp ie s

t a nd Sa dde s t


mor ie s I w as get by S he a b ig h tin g read y fo za Ti rm r s cho ug an d izi o l, whe w is hed g ift on n my m me fo r show in o t g h m e r ga v in th e a go od y e xa m e me ca r. I s , p ro res u lt. wen t t mis ing She kis me mo o s cho me a ry o f t s e d m o l w ith e a nd ha t h u hug f sa t me g an d the be rom m kis s is st fee l y mo t to u ch e s in gs , a t i ll her e on my d me nd ve m in d . an d h a I ge t a d give n ryda y b ut t Wh en h m a t ha e a lo t I was d re a l o f con s tu d ly fo rgo t fide n ce to d o m ying in L SL , . y ho m my p re me o n ew vio us s my fo re choo l, he ad w o rk. My clas my mi o n ce s tea c ith a s n d. Ti ll I he r Ms t to d a y e e l ru l livin g I am s Gu l h i er, it le with th c t f a t a a re n t te rri d o f st o ut o f impa c b le me iff te a my m i t on mo ry che rs a nd. which nd I a can no m t be e r a sed

G ifted C hild Gra n d fa

on t he r My by Saman Shamo g ran d f Sa m a n a th a ve ry tha Be dign ifie e r’s n a me w n ja min , w hen a d , kin d the vio lin . In 2 002 u sed t and lo s Be n ja min nnifer Pike plays o ta ke mp eJe co n a e i priz Jo v rst in g p e h is le m h is b ic 12 , she won the fi rso n . E s ep h . He wa as o n tea e w ysh ycle a s ve ry m , a nd t n Brita in. Other pla nd my b r o rn in g he n he youn g mus icians i for ion o the r a b ro u ght b a c tit en ete h nin e w ed e nt s h k lots o nd me to spe mpetition were ag o pp in g f fru its . He g nd in s ers in the fina l co on t o f drea m’ she a ve us or an d go a s ch oo l. in am b ies a I od ies f pocke t C oo kin nd so m or twen ty. ‘I feel or mo ne y un ced . Jenn ife r g a nd e times le ft fo r resu lt was anno eve ryd g arde n the er aft he coo r id Ame ric sa ay ing we ked us s five . Her fa the a la st n o t se re his lin be fore s he wa yea r a a ve ry vio d e h im a s arte h cian st o usi b n d little age m go od ga in . H a s ch ool for teen did w e mea l. H e d ie d ta ught mus ic at know t e re ce n t of playing , s he id afra n’t as h at w o e w ly at th t sh u ld ‘we could s ee tha e age o r late r be ca me nife f 83 . mu sic’ he sa id. Jen He w a or ft f gi d a ha ves sw ims the g school. ‘Je nn ifer lo re ate s dent a t the same t of a ll stu th er. She a mo her the Gr tab le ten nis ’ sa id an dfa t ming , te nn is a nd t h er hurt igh he rs in m etball becau se she the Wo ask b lay t p nno ca rld ! olin fo r three to er pra ctices he r vi he r han ds. Jennif actice the music ven co ntin ues to pr fo ur a da y. Sh e e in sch ool. ve r she finds time in he r head whene

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Note: All students can submit their writings to us for

May 2009


Games Section

Page 10

“ The hardest choices are those between justice and equality”

Can you Name the Sport?

Clues 1




3 4



sport where players take long and short corners


country where ice-hockey originated


fif th sport in the modern pentathlon, running, fencing, swimming, horse-riding and ...


four letter sport, begins w ith a ‘T’


sport played over four periods of 15 minutes where only tw o of the seven players can score


Japan’s national sport


most popular sport in the world


sport using a piece of equipment exactly 9 foot long and 5 foot w ide


sport where competitors are forbidden to play left handed


sport which means ’empty hand’ in Japanese


7 8 9



11. the only sport that has a finish line that no competitor w ill ever cross 12. a sport w hich may use Duckw orth Lewis method 13. total number of events in a heptathlon


10. total players in a Rugby League team


Solution in next issue

Games Section Can you identify all the wild life in the picture?

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May 2009

NOVALINK Volume 3, 2009

Page 11

John Ra za Grade 2 Be st An i mal Di spla y P roje ct

is ja A wa K hadi 6 Grade si gn Bi n De le c y c e e d the Be st R f awa rd

Jo h n n y was a w a rd e d th to p p riz e e fo r h i s p roje c o n a n im t als . All p a rti cip an a w a rde ts w e re d p ri zes fo r th e ir e ffo rt a n d p a rti cipa tio n .

o s e si g n ij a w a Kh a d e fo r h er d e c y re c l iz to p pr o o l’s n ew rt a p h re th e sc e w b ins a n to Th e n g ca mp a ig o t b i ns . in re cycl S s tud e n ts d e o f th an NI c i e t g s a ra l s. e n cou le p a p e r, p b o ttl e re cyc

NovaQuest Information School Fee Structure 2008/9 Tuition Fee

NovaQuest FAQ’s Are admissions still open?

Pre Nursery to Prep

Rs 5,000/-

Grade I to III

Rs 5,500/-

Admissions are open for 2009 / 2010 academic year.

Grade IV to VIII

Rs 6,000/-

When will the new session start?

What extra curricular activities do you offer? Taekwondo, football, badminton, aerobics and other sports activities. Our dramatics, scouting and computer club are added extras.

O’Level (Grade IX onw ards) Rs 8,000/-

The new session will start on Monday August 24, 2009.

Admission Fee (non refundable)

Will my child have to take an entry test?

Yes, and its free for our students and their families.

After registration, a date will be given.

Do you have transport facilities for pick and drop?

Pre School to Grade VII

Rs 10,000/-


Rs: 15,000/-

Registration (non refundable)

What other prerequisites are needed for admission?

Do you have a Theater?

Yes. A character certificate for a child entering Where can I obtain more information ‘O’ Levels is required from his/her previSecurity (refundable) about NIS? ous institution. All Grades Rs 4,000/You can visit our website: Do you offer scholarships? School Timings We have two scholarships - The ‘Falcon Collect a free brochure from our school Merit’ and ‘Falcon Means’ scholarships. Pre School You must apply in person to be eligible Call Us: 042-5777804, 5777807 for either of these and details will be proMonday to Friday 8.30am - 12.30pm vided. Teach the Next Generation All Grades

Rs 2,000/-

Grade I to IX

Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 1.45pm Friday

8.00am - 12.30pm

Yes. What is the minimum age for playgroup?

Note: Parents are encouraged to come to the school and discuss any issues they may have, however we request that you call to arrange an appointment .

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A Child must be 2½ years old

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12 F.C.C Syed Maratab Ali Road Gulberg IV, Lahore - Pakistan

Tel: 042-5777804, 5777807

May 2009


NOVAQUEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Our theatre is a ‘big hit’. With it’s private setting and excellent atmosphere, it makes a great place for student groups to share movie interests. We now have a full-time ‘Movie Expert’ - Ms. Amana, who selects and reviews the movies with children before they are shown. This also meets our goals to screen movies for inappropriate content and language. Ms. Amana is doing a great job in selecting movies and also scheduling them for appropriate student audiences and ages. If you have any suggestions of movies that you would like us to play for the children, please contact Ms. Amana at our theatre and she will consider your request. The cinema is located on the premises of NIS Gulberg Campus. The club meets weekly to watch and discuss movies of academic interest. This club's goal is to recommend and educate the students on which movies are of interest from today and yesteryear. The subjects of the movies are of wide range.

Literature, Classical & History • • • • • •

Hamlet (1992 - revised) Taming of the Shrew Snows of Kilamanjaro Hunchback of Notredame Gullivers Travels Mutiny on the Bounty

Kids Animated Movies • • • • • •

Stuart Little Bee Movie Shrek 2 Bridge to Terabithia Mulan Sharks Tale

This cinema club is a combination of really great english films, and a big screen. It’s for children who want to improve their english language and literature The films that will be shown here are not normal, standard films. They are all special in some way. But you won’t find them in theaters in Lahore. Since the movie theater started, kids are eagerly learning about new characters, situations and incidents. They imbibe the moral lessons which adds to their character. Entrance is free for NovaQuest Students and their families. Please contact the school admin for more information..

NovaQuest International School 12 F.C.C. SYED MARATAB ALI ROAD GULBERG IV, LAHORE PAKISTAN Phone: 042-5777804, 5777807 Fax: 042-5874787 WEBSITE :

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12 F.C.C Syed Maratab Ali Road Gulberg IV, Lahore - Pakistan

Tel: 042-5777804, 5777807