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PLAYING Not just any toy has what it takes to be a Nova Toy. Ours are powered by a child’s energy—no batteries required. They foster imagination and creativity. They encourage cooperation and a sense of fair play. They last for more than one child and perhaps, more than one generation. They include games that the whole family can enjoy together. We hope your children enjoy them.

Play On!

kat’s cradle This sweet little cradle rocks back and forth as your child soothes dolly to sleep. USA. Pine and formaldehyde-free birch plywood bottom. Cradle is 11.25” tall, 16.25” wide, 22.25” long. #4173 $69

sweet baby doll Kids squeeze ‘em, hug ‘em and love ‘em. These Waldorf dolls are jointed and wear super soft cotton jersey overalls, shirt, hat and hand-knit booties. Peru. Wool and cotton. 12” tall. Green or pink outfit, blonde hair, brown hair or brown skin. #4805 $89

My daughter just loves this cradle. Dollies and stuffed animals get put to sleep in it daily. Highly recommended! —Elicia C. doll sling She’ll carry her baby doll close and tight just like her Mama does with her babies. India. Fair trade. 100% cotton. 60” long, 14.25” wide. #3964 $25


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waldorf doll 

Neutral facial expressions are the hallmark of a true Waldorf doll, allowing the child to imagine into the doll different emotions and situations. Beyond the requisite facial features, our dolls have finely detailed hair, jointed legs and arms, and include underclothes. Clothes sold separately. Peru. Bodies: 100% cotton stuffed with wool. Hair: 100% Alpaca wool. 14” tall. girl waldorf doll #3621 $129 MARINA (BLONDE HAIR) / JULIA (BROWN HAIR) / VIVIANA (BLACK HAIR) / IMA (RED HAIR) / MARITZA (BROWN SKIN)

girl waldorf doll clothes #3872 $39 Girl dolls look spiffy when decked out in these wonderful wool creations. Hand-dyed skirts or jumpers are paired with super soft Alpaca wool sweaters and hats. WHITE + RED / WHITE + GREEN / COCHINEAL + PINK / RED + PURPLE / WHITE + BLUE


boy waldorf doll clothes #3873 $39 Boy dolls are ready for action with these trouser or overalls and plaid shirt ensembles. Shirts and overalls are of 100% cotton and trousers are of hand-dyed wool. RED PLAID / BLUE PLAID / ORANGE PLAID / BURGUNDY PLAID / YELLOW PLAID

julie’s swing Give dolly a ride in her own swing. Maine, USA. Hardwood and pine with a hand-woven cotton seat. 20” tall, 14” wide. #4221 $69

We've had this stroller for almost four years and it's still like new! —Julia S.




doll stroller Take a beloved doll friend for a stroll inside or out. Sturdily made for years of use. Maine, USA. Hardwood. Handle is 21.5” from floor. #3625 $59


bambino doll Shaped like a baby, with long arms and a large head, the bambino is ideal for children exploring baby play: changing dolls’ diapers and dressing them. Peru. Cotton and wool. 15” tall. #3811 $119 BROWN HAIR / BROWN SKIN / BLONDE HAIR

bambino doll clothes Hand-knit Alpaca wool sweater, hat and booties, and a cotton shirt. Peru. GREEN+NATURAL / FUCHSIA+PURPLE / BLUE #3818 $49 BAMBINO DOLL CLOTHES BLUE


bambino sleep set Bambinos sleep comfortably in this gown and hat. Peru. 100% cotton. GREEN / PINK / YELLOW #3817 $15

bambino diaper set Two diapers to keep Bambino fresh and dry. Peru. Cotton terry. #3819 $12


dolly’s changing table The centerpiece of your child’s doll play, the changing table includes storage for clothes, a countertop for changing diapers and clothes and even a swing to soothe dolly to sleep. USA. Pine, birch and formaldehyde-free birch plywood. 28.5” tall, 28” wide, 11” deep. #4176 $219


classic waldorf doll Children love to tightly squeeze our Classic Waldorf Dolls’ wool-filled bodies and style their mohair locks. The body is made of cotton interlock. Includes a dress, shirt, bloomers and booties. More styles available online. Brazil. 16” tall. #4721 $89

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dolly’s pram (above) Take your favorite doll (or dolls!) for a ride in this charming pram. Maine, USA. Hardwood and pine with plastic wheels. 20” long. Handle adjusts to 22” or 25” from the floor. #4931 $139

big friend waldorf dolls Big Friends feature stylish clothes, hair and other details all wrapped up in a soft cotton body stuffed with wool. Kids love to undress and dress them. India. Fair trade. 16” tall. Additional clothes available online. girl big friend doll #4215 $69 SASHA (YELLOW OUTFIT) / CARA (TEAL OUTFIT) / SALLY (BLUE OUTFIT) / LAURA (PINK OUTFIT)

boy big friend doll #4216 $69 RICHARD (BROWN HAIR) / BORIS (BLOND HAIR) / LOUIS (RED HAIR)

little friend waldorf dolls Fun cotton hair and soft bodies stuffed with wool make Little Friends especially cuddly playmates. Clothing is expertly tailored. Sweaters are of hand-knit cotton. India. Fair trade. 11” tall. Additional clothes available online. girl little friend doll #4200 $39 VERA (BLONDE HAIR) / HARRIET (BROWN SKIN) / EMILY (RED HAIR) / SARAH (BROWN HAIR)

boy little friend doll #4199 $39 KARL (BLONDE HAIR) / MAX (BROWN SKIN) / JOE (BROWN HAIR)

dolly’s high chair Mealtime is more fun when your doll can come to the table, too! Maine, USA. Birch and pine woods. 26.75” tall, 13.25” wide, 10.25” deep. #4172 $69


All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.





fairy tale cottage With a room downstairs as

kerchief fairy The silken skirts of these fair-

fairy treehouse Fairies can’t fly all of the time,

well as a sleeping loft above that you can peek into from the roof, this cottage is perfectly sized for our dollhouse dolls. Maine, USA. Pine. 20.5” tall, 24” wide. #4930 $139

ies billow as they fly through the air. They fly through the air on their wings of delicate leaves. Brazil. Cotton and wool. Fully poseable. 7.5” tall. #4640 $29

cottage furniture Not too soft, not too hard,

blossom fairy The skirts of these fairies are like

these beds are just right. Includes a bed for parents, two single beds, a couch, chair and end table. #4183 $59

the unfolding petals of a new flower. Delicate wings are real leaves that have been dyed to match the doll’s outfit. Brazil. 7.5” tall. Cotton and wool. Fully poseable. #4634 $29

so when they need a place to rest their wings, let them find respite in this treehouse. Complete with rope ladder, tree swing, swinging rope and a bucket for hauling treasures to the highest level of the house, the fairies will always have something to do. Made in the USA. Crafted of Baltic birch plywood with natural stains, the treehouse can be disassembled for easy storage. 22” tall, 14” wide. #4490 $149

silk rainbow (above) A large piece of heavyweight

double playstand set A special place for imaginary play

silk saturated with all the colors of the rainbow. USA. 100% silk. 108” long, 54” wide. #2965 $99

indoors or out and an exceptional value. Includes two Playstands, four Play Clips and a Silk Rainbow. #4462 $549


CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

PLAYSTANDS Flexible, functional and fun, a playstand set can be a store, a café, or a fortress. Anything a child can imagine!

wooden cash register Playtime is open for business. Poland. Hardwood. 8” tall. #4922 $89

playstand with awning Create a

play clips set Clip a building

space for imaginary play with a single Playstand or a pair. Simple peg-together assembly. USA. Maple. 39.5” tall (with awning, 51”). 12” deep (with awning, 31”), 39” wide. #4460 $249

cloth to a Playstand Set or a few chairs for an instant hideaway. USA. 4.5” long, set of four. Cherry (shown) or walnut. #2959 $29



black board + chalk set Vibrant chalk

cotton building cloths Create an instant

cotton rainbow playcloth Each soft

and a blackboard of genuine slate. Germany. Black board is 11.5” tall, #2737 $26

fortress or a secret fairy hideaway with one or more of these colorful cloths. USA. 100% cotton. 72” x 56”. #4837 $26

color fades into the next making the full spectrum of the rainbow. USA. 100% cotton. 72” long, 42” wide. #1872 $34


Very durable and easy to clean up. So much can be done with it. Set it up as a play space or have it outside on a porch. Hours of fun. —Heather O. christina’s kitchen The countertop has room to cut up veggies, a range for cooking and a sink for cleaning up dishes. Simple assembly. Maine, USA. Pine and formaldehyde-free birch plywood. 28.5” tall, 28” wide, 12” deep. #4171 $189

jacob’s ice box Keep pretend leftovers fresh in this wooden refrigerator. Three interior shelves. Simple assembly. Maine, USA. Pine and formaldehyde-free birch plywood. 34” tall, 17” wide, 11” deep. #4175 $169

sylvie’s kitchen Plenty of room for play, just like Christina’s Kitchen but also includes a built-in hutch that provides extra storage for enamelware dishes, pots and wooden fruits and veggies. Simple assembly. Maine, USA. Pine and formaldehyde-free birch plywood. 40” tall, 28” wide, 12” deep. #4168 $249

enamel cup, bowl + plate set Hand-painted flowers adorn these dishes perfect for play or daily use. Poland. Plate is 6.75” diameter. #3891 $29

wooden veggie set Carrots, a parsnip, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes in a market bag. Germany. Carrot is 3” long. #2745 $22

farmer’s pot Big enough to hold several wooden veggies, your little one will have a steaming stew in no time! Poland. Enameled steel. 6.5” diameter. #3918 $19

wooden fruit set Pears, plums, apples and strawberries in a market bag. Germany. Pear is 2.25” tall. #2747 $22

good eggs Hard boiled, fried or scrambled? Cook up some fun with these little wooden eggs! USA. Hardwood. Each egg is 2.5” long. Set of six eggs. #3791 $10

julianna’s kitchen Kids love to use the broiler below tea set Have tea for two with this cup and kettle set. Poland. Enameled steel. Tea Pot is 5.5” tall. #3916 $45

the oven for browning and toasting. Simple assembly. Maine, USA. Pine and formaldehyde-free birch plywood. 34” tall, 23.5” wide, 12” deep. #1888 $219

dust pan and brush Young helpers

child’s rainbow broom Sweeping up

love to help keep things tidy. Blue or red dust pan. Germany. Dust pan is 7.5” long, 5” wide. #1894 $18

crumbs or small toys can be fun! Broomcorn and hickory. Tennessee, USA. 35.25” long. #3601 $25

milk + cups Even though the

baker’s dozen 13 little cookies

little milk bottle is solid wood, kids love to “pour” milk into the cups. Maine, USA. Hardwood. Bottle is 5.5” tall #3790 $11

perfect to pop into the oven. USA. Hardwood and formaldehyde-free plywood. Cookie Sheet is 8” wide. #4167 $15

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dressable dollhouse family Kids love

dollhouse families Our Dollhouse Family

to dress and undress these dollhouse dolls. With tiny little clothes that fit them perfectly, they don’t have to take baths or go to bed fully dressed. Sets in blonde hair, brown hair, medium skin or dark skin or mix and match dolls to mirror your own family. Brazil. Cotton and wool. Father is 6” tall.

family set #4281 $95 mother #4277 $25 father #4278 $25 girl #4279 $25 boy #4280 $25


All items on these pages. CHOKING HAZARD (1). ! Not for under 3 yrs.

Set includes three generations. They are completely poseable, so they can sit on the sofa or bend to sweep the floor. Brazil. Cotton and wool. Father is 6” tall. Available with blonde or brown haired mother.

anna’s dollhouse Three floors with plenty of room to arrange all of our dollhouse furniture (opposite page). Large openings on every side so every kid has a chance to get in on the action. Simple assembly. Maine, USA. Pine. 29.5” tall, 31” wide, 23.75” deep. #4196 $269

family set #4426 $99 mother #4423 $17 grandmother #4425 $17 girl #4421 $17 father #4422 $17 grandfather #4424 $17 boy #4420 $17 little baby #1734 $5

dollhouse pram Take the dollhouse baby doll for a stroll in this sweet little perambulator. Germany. Hardwood. 3.5” tall. #2497 $22

seri’s dollhouse Filled with furniture and a fam-

seri’s dollhouse set One of our most popular sets! Includes the

ily, this traditional dollhouse will be equipped for years of play. Simple assembly required. Heirloom quality for years of play. Maine, USA. Pine. 27” tall, 30” wide, 12” deep. #4031 $199

dollhouse and all of the furniture pictured. Every room is fully outfitted for play with one of our dollhouse furniture sets, just add one of our Dollhouse Family Sets. Dollhouse made in Maine, furniture made in Germany. #4229 $399

music room set Includes

children’s bedroom set

piano, bench and armchair. Germany. #4161 $25

Includes desk and chair, lamp, bunk beds, night stand and bookshelf. Germany. #4182 $49

bathroom set Includes

parents’ bedroom set

sink, washing machine, toilet, bathtub and cabinet. Germany. #4158 $49

Includes dressing table, wardrobe, double bed, bedside table and lamp. Germany. #4181 $49

kitchen set Includes

living room set Includes

fridge, stove, sink, table and 4 chairs and buffet. Germany. #4160 $49

sofa, floor lamp, coffee table, fireplace, armchair and media center. Germany. #4159 $49

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fairy tale castle This castle is ready for two-sided

king henry

play. One child may sit behind the sturdy towers and drawbridge while his opponent lays siege. Walls on the side provide an additional defense. Our wooden knights are scaled perfectly to this castle. Maine, USA. Pine. Castle is 33” wide, 19.75” tall. #4184 $159

Prepared for a battle royale, this yellow fellow is never mellow. Germany. Linden wood. Mounted, knight is 7.5” tall. #4146 $49

sir richard This war horse and knight are ready to joust. Invite them to your next tourney! Germany. Linden wood. Mounted, knight is 7.5” tall. #4149 $49

knights Have fun storming the castle with these trios of handcarved knights. Germany. Linden wood. 5” tall. blue knights set #4153 $69 yellow knights set #4157 $69

knights + archer set These warriors are ready to defend the castle at any cost. Brazil. Cotton and wool. 6” tall. #4163 $59

All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). ! Not for under 3 yrs.

royal family set This king and

magical dragons These fierce creatures

fairy tale family set A poseable

his family rule their castle with a wooden fist. Germany. Linden wood. King is 5.5” tall. #4057 $99

may lay siege to the castle, but might rather curl up together in their lair. Germany. Linden wood. Papa Dragon is 4” tall, 11.75” long. #4331 $55

royal family bedecked in the finery befitting their position. Brazil. Cotton and wool. King is 6” tall. #4162 $69






sam’s stable This farm stable has room enough

horse family set Hand-carved mare and two

horse trailer Lower the rear gate and lead

for the whole herd, with six stalls, a haymow and a ladder. Maine, USA. Pine. 17” tall, 22” wide, 17” deep. #4193 $189

foals. Germany. Linden wood. Mare is 5.25” tall, 5.5” long. #4077 $49

the horses in. Lift the top to tend them on their journey. Germany. Beech wood. 11.5” long, 7.5” tall. #4907 $79

farmyard figure set These wooden figures

and foals—grown farm animals were babies too. Germany. Linden wood. Baby Donkey is 2.75” tall. #4121 $49

truly capture the shape and spirit of each person or animal they represent. Germany. Linden wood. Individual figures available online. #4094 $159

farmyard + stable set Includes both Sam’s Stable and the Farmyard Figure Set. #4194 $319

baby barnyard set Chicks, kids, lambs, jennies

baby forest animals set These wooden figures transport your child to the forests of her imagination. Germany. Linden wood. Little squirrel is 1.75” tall. #2835 $49

tractor Get the hay in before supper with this sturdy tractor. Spin the steering wheel to turn the front wheels. Germany. Beech wood. 4.25” tall, 9” long. #4908 $69

All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). ! Not for under 3 yrs.


car carrier The top deck lowers to allow vehicles to roll off the ramp. The handle atop the cab turns the front wheels. Germany. Beech wood. Includes Speedie Car and two peg people. 7” tall, 17” long, 5” wide. #4905 $119

flatbed truck Carrying a heavy load is a cinch for this hauler. Using the knob atop the cab, steer it to the Forklift to unload the included pallet and staple box. Germany. Beech wood. Includes two peg people. 7” tall, 5” wide, 12” long. #4902 $79

fire engine The handle on the top of the cab turns the front wheels, while the ladder lifts and swivels. Germany. Beech wood. Includes three peg people. Truck is 7” tall, 5” wide, 17.5” long. Ladder extends to 24” high. #4906 $125

front end loader A twist of the knobs lowers and raises the bucket, while a sturdy cab shields the driver from falling debris. Germany. Beech wood. Includes peg person. 7” tall, 6” wide, 16” long. Bucket raises 11”. #4900 $119

forklift Turn the handle in back to swivel the wheels. A handle on the side raises and lowers the included staple box. Germany. Beech wood. Includes peg person. 10” tall, 5” wide, 12” long. #4901 $79

conveyor belt When you need to move heavy

unimog A go-anywhere hauler. A twist of the


knob on top of the cab steers the front wheels. It has a rear hitch to pull the Conveyor Belt or Horse Trailer (page 13). Germany. Beech wood. 7” tall, 5” wide, 9” long. #4904 $69

materials like rocks, this toy gets the job done. A turn of the crank on the side makes the belt move. When you want to transport the Conveyor Belt to another site, hitch it on to the Unimog. Germany. Beech wood. 6.5” tall, 5” wide, 21” long. #4903 $69


All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

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All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

trimaran Blow up the balloon, and as the air escapes, it powers this creative craft through the water. Germany. 7.5” long. #4357 $25

schooner Set sail in pond or tub, and let the wind catch your sails, steering you to far-off places. The deep keel ensures a safe journey from beach to buoy and back. Germany. Pine with cotton sails. 11.5” long. #3632 $29

I love this little boat. I was a little worried about a wooden toy for water as I thought it might mold or mildew, but it has held up beautifully. It still looks like new! —Kelly K.

speedie car Beautifully made, Speedie’s sturdy body is easily moved along on the rugged rubber tires. Beech wood. Germany. 6” long. #3274 $25

little sailboat At home on the open water or in the bathtub, these little boats love to unfurl the mainsail and make for the horizon. Germany. Pine with cotton sails. 7.5” tall, 8.75” long. #3631 $16

peg’s paddleboat Power-up the motor by twisting the rubber band, set the boat in the water and watch it go. Maine, USA. Pine. 8” long. #4233 $10

wooden train Dolls and more have a ticket to ride on this large, sturdy train that will stand up to lots of play. All aboard! Germany. Alder wood. 7.75” tall, 5.25” wide, 32” long. #3784 $149

pirate set Dressing up for high seas adventure just got more exciting. Includes a hat, hook and eye patch. Germany. Felt and plywood. #3618 $45

pirate sword Avast ye mateys! A pirate needs a saber for a swashbuckling look. Germany. Maple and beech woods. 22.5” long. #3619 $19

chain mail tunic Sturdily and authentically constructed of individually riveted pieces of suede. Germany. Light or dark brown. Fits ages 3-10. #9220 $99

knight’s sword + sheath Whether rescuing a damsel or gent in distress, this sturdy sword will surely have them freed in short order. Germany. Pine, leather and jute rope. sword 19” long. #3514 $12 simple sheath 43” long rope. #3515 $9 sword + sheath set #3513 $19

leather crown A simple leather crown to adorn your prince or princess. Germany. #4558 $14

archer’s tunic This tunic of sturdy cotton is ideal for the archer reconnoitering the forest, the castle or the backyard. Nepal. Fits ages 5-10. #4557 $49

fair maiden dress Suitable for knight’s helmet Essential equipment for the well-protected knight-at-arms. Germany. Oaktag, linen and brass. 23” circumference. #2908 $25

lady-knights and princesses alike, this linen and cotton dress is sure to be your fair maiden’s wardrobe staple. China. Fits ages 4-9. #4388 $79

877 668 2111

treasure pouch Collect your booty in this little leather pouch which slides onto a belt or sash. Germany. Suede. 4.5” tall. #2969 $15

robin hood cap Pop this cap

multi-helmet Double the fun with

on your head and you’ll be ready for an afternoon with your merry men. Germany. Suede. Ages 3 to adult. #2972 $49

this new helmet, which is really two helmets in one—knight and viking. Germany. 22.5” circumference, but adjustable for smaller heads. #3620 $39

knight’s silk armor Your young member of the Round Table will have both a tunic and a dashing cape. A ribbon secures it at the waist. China. 100% Silk. #1873 $36

crossbow The mechanism of this crossbow really works when released, launching one of the two included arrows toward its target. It’s all in good fun, though, as each of the arrows is padded so no one gets hurt. Germany. Hardwood. 17” long. #2967 $45

knight’s leather tunic For the knight yearning to complete the look, an authentic suede tunic reinforced with brass studs. Laces to cinch up the sides to fit a wide age range. Germany. 23” long, 16” wide. Fits ages 3-10. #2907 $79

knight’s surcoat Surcoats were a knight’s knight’s shield A fearsome lion or dragon crest graces the face of this shield. Held high, it will repulse the advance of an irksome or dangerous foe. Vermont. Birch plywood and pine. 14.75” tall, 12” wide. #3613 $39

fashion statement in the Middle Ages, emblazoned with his coat of arms. Your young knight will cut a dashing figure in this boldly-colored tunic, tailored of sturdy cotton. China. #3611 $65-$75

chain link hood Give your knight a robust defense with this hood. Nepal. Hand-crocheted cotton. 23” circumference. #2974 $32

knight’s dagger Dragons and trolls will certainly be wary when faced with this fine dagger. Includes sheath. Germany. Pine, leather and cotton. Dagger is 14” long. #4389 $21






























playsilk The possibilities are endless! Cre-

rainbow playsilk Hold a rainbow in your hand

natural face paints Similar to the clay-based

ate costumes for play acting, toting treasures, carrying dolls and more. China. 100% silk. 35” square. #1874 $15

with this hand-painted playsilk. China. 100% silk. 35” square. #1881 $18

body paints first used by humans. Natural and non-toxic, they are perfect for Halloween dress up, playing and primitive painting fun. USA. #3636 $19

silk crown Top off your little prince or princess,

dress over their heads, spreading gossamer wings and flying off into the land of fancy. China. 100% silk. Fits ages 3-6. #4402 $49

rainbow skirt Bright and flowing, it pairs per-

king or queen with one of these colorful crowns. China. 100% silk with plastic jewels. #4844 $20

face pencils Dressing up is more fun when your

silk wings As children run across the lawn or

rainbow cape A scintillating shimmer and gos-

face looks the part. Made primarily of palm oil, they are non-toxic and easy to apply and remove. Imported. 3.5” long. #2438 $18

pump a swing high into the air, these wings flow behind them in a wave of color. China. 100% silk. 31” long, 40” wide. #1879 $30

samer texture brighten any costume when tied on your fairy prince or princess. China. 100% silk. 32” long. #1878 $30

silk fairy dress Fairies love slipping this silk

fectly with playsilks or other silk garb. China. 100% silk. 18” long, 21” elastic waistband. #1880 $36








marble mouse game A fun marble shooter, the

microscope Move the glass higher and lower

mouse propels a marble quickly across the floor or table. Test your own accuracy with the included bowling game. Germany. Hardwood. Mouse is 5” long. #4839 $39

to zoom in and out on the small things in life. Includes plenty of graph paper sheets. Metal clips not included. Germany. 6.25” tall. #4344 $25

steam boat Watch the elements at work as they

ed balls or other light objects long distances. An elastic band enables smooth action. Germany. Hardwood with papier-mâché balls. 4” tall. #4838 $49

merge to power this amazing boat. The heat of the candle heats the cold water in the metal tubing to a boil, creating steam. The steam expels a jet of water, propelling the boat forward. Germany. 7” long. #4347 $25

877 668 2111

catapult Who can hit the target? Toss the includ-

leaf press Pressing leaves and flowers is one of our favorite ways to preserve and remember the beauty of the growing season. Try using the resulting dried flora to make multi-media collages.

Germany. Hardwood, cotton string and paper. 4.5” long. Includes 9 inserts. #4346 $25

rubber band musket Accuracy is the name of the game. Using one of the ten included long rubber bands and three cans, see who can hit the target. Includes a booklet with many more game ideas. Germany. Hardwood. 10.25” long. #4840 $45

block + tackle Turn fun to your mechanical advantage with this simple machine. Germany. Beech wood. Together, pulleys are 28” long. 18’ nylon rope. #2751 $74


All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.





elemental playcloth (above) Complete the scene and enhance the play by adding a playcloth to the action. Germany. 100% cotton. 48” X 36”. #3277 $21

These are not your usual blocks; they are well crafted, beautiful to look at, and include fun shapes you wouldn’t normally get in a block set. —Sarah M.

interlocking blocks Protruding dowels fit blocks together, holding everything in place during busy building. USA. Oak. Longest block is 3.5” long. #3260 $35 (46 pcs.) $49 (92 pcs.)

rainbow blocks Children are endlessly creative with these brightly-colored blocks, using them to build houses, towers, villages and more. The net bag keeps them contained when not in play. Germany. Alder wood. Longest piece is 5.25” long. Smallest piece is 1.75” long. #2724 $49 (30 pcs.) $89 (60 pcs.)

BUILDING SKILLS Kids playing with blocks and other stacking toys are developing their creativity, hand-eye coordination, dexterity and other mental and physical abilities. But don’t tell them that; they think they’re just having fun!

rainbow cubes Our kids love building towers and walls with these and then “crashing them down!” USA. Birch wood. 27, 1.75” cubes. #4284 $35

puzzle people A customer favorite! A vertical puzzle of little wooden people, fitting together in endless variations. They are just the right size for adding to block towers and other creations. USA. Reclaimed elm, ash, or walnut wood. Includes 18 2” people. #4393 $39


re-blocks Castles, caverns, and other structures go up quickly when a busy builder chooses these blocks. USA. Reclaimed wood, colors and grain vary. 24, 2” blocks. #4392 $39

877 668 2111


CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

four elements blocks Uniquely shaped, each piece of our tunnel sets adds an organic feel to what is normally a very “square” activity. Germany. Alder wood. The mini Rainbow set is 2.25” tall, the large is 4” tall.

four elements set #3755 $69 (mini) $119 (large) fire tunnel set #3752 $19 (mini) $34 (large) wave tunnel set #3750 $19 (mini) $34 (large) rainbow tunnel set #3751 $19 (mini) $34 (large) cave tunnel set #3753 $19 (mini) $34 (large)

building blocks Create a colorful village or stack the blocks into a tall tower on the included storage tray. Germany. Alder wood. 15 blocks. 3” tall. #4467 $75


CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

labyrinth marble run Build high, build long and create tunnels and paths for the marbles to speed through. Includes 5 marbles and a cloth storage bag. USA. Birch and maple wood. 37 pieces. Longest piece is 6”. #3822 $45

877 668 2111

math cards Learning math was never so

enchanted forest Travel from the village through

coloretto Choose colors of cha-

colorful! Use the small set for addition and subtraction, the large for advanced operations. Germany. 32 or 64 cards. #3877 $17-$22

the forest to the castle. If luck is in the cards, you’ll find magical objects that speed your way. Czech Republic. 2-6 players, ages 6-13. #1829 $27

meleons to collect. Earn points for the number of each color in your hand. Germany. 2-5 players, ages 6+. #4448 $15

stacking animal game Players place one animal atop the other to see who can make the highest stack without falling into the clutches of the crocodile below. Germany. 2-4 players, ages 4+. #4815 $24


alphabet card game Learn the alphabet playing the fun games possible with this set of colorful cards. Germany. 32 cards. #4032 $19

As a family, share time improving memory, visual acuity and cooperation skills, but, most of all, enjoying it all together!

curiosi mini puzzle Perfect stocking stuffers or party favors! Connect the pieces together to create a beautiful, circular image. Choice of various animal or mandala designs. Germany. 33 pieces. Completed puzzle is 3.5” diameter. #4830 $5

mummy’s treasure Uncover and collect buried treasure with a roll of the dice. Win when your excavation is complete. Germany. 2-4 players, ages 5+. #4813 $12

wildcraft! Learn the practical uses

little flower game Roll the die to collect flowers as you wander across the meadow. Germany. 2-4 players, ages 2-5. #4814 $12

the orchard game Cooperate to bring in the season’s bounty before the raven steals it away. Germany. 1-8 players, ages 3+. #2688 $42

of medicinal and edible plants as you work cooperatively to collect the herbs and berries Grandmother needs to bake huckleberry pie. USA. 1-4 players, ages 4+. #4332 $39


All items on this page. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.

mini memo Use your mem-

ory to collect pairs of cards. Storage tin makes it great for travel. Germany. 2-4 players, ages 4+. #4772 $12

spiral magnetic puzzle Use the

string pattern weaving frame With

square puzzle set Enhance 3D spatial

included storage tin or any other metal surface to create a myriad of different shapes using the magnetized wooden puzzle pieces. Germany. Hardwood. Storage tin is 7.75” square. #4477 $46

yarn or thread, children weave intricate and complex geometrical patterns onto the frame. Germany. Hardwood plywood. 6.5” (small) or 14.5” (large) diameter. #4592 $16-$49

relations using the enclosed booklet and colored blocks to create different shapes. 9” square. Germany. Hardwood. #4586



rainbow step blocks Remember the beauty in math by teaching the basic arithmetical operations and working with fractions using these blocks. Steps rise in 1cm increments. Germany. Hardwood. 100 pieces. Longest block is 4”. #4472 $79

877 668 2111

Blocks, puzzles and other manipulatives help make abstract ideas like arithmetic and spatial relations tangible, strengthening learning and deepening understanding.

tangram puzzle set A classic test of spatial relations. Use the enclosed book to form different shapes with the tangram blocks. Germany. Hardwood. 9” square. Blue/Green or Pink/Orange. #4582 $39


juggling sticks A favorite among jugglers and performers, juggling sticks are at once meditative and highly active. Toss it up and down, left and right. USA. Sized by age, 6-9 years old or 10-14 years old. #4367 $29-$35

CIRCUS ARTS Keep children active outdoors with juggling and balance toys that improve their handeye coordination, proprioception and physical confidence!

diabolo A diabolo is spun by moving one of the two hand sticks up and down. As the string moves, the diabolo spins faster and faster. Once it is really moving, flick it into the air and then catch it on the string. Germany and USA. #4362 $45

sturdy stilts A true classic toy. Youngsters love to hop up onto them and take their first tentative steps. It’s like learning to walk all over again! USA. Oak. 60” tall. #4933 $59

See sturdy stilts in action at

slackline Ratchet the strap between

walking blocks Like stilts,

two trees or other fixed points and you have an instant tightrope, perfect for improving balance, learning tricks and more! China. 49’ long. Yellow or Red. #4570 $79

walking blocks improve motor skills and balance for younger kids. USA. Hardwood. 5.75” tall. #1003 $29

877 668 2111

See the big bubble set in action at

big bubble set Fill the air with bubbles big and small using the two different wands in this big bubble set. Germany. Dish is 8.25” diameter. #4591 $19

easy tops set What’s more fun than

tree swing Sit on the smooth, sturdy

spinning a top? Spinning three! Easy and surprisingly long running, these simple little tops are fun for everyone. Austria. Hardwood. 1.5” tall. #4536 $19

seat, grasp the soft, braided rope, kick off and fly freely through the air. USA. Hardwood. 12” diameter. Includes 20’ of rope. #4572 $59

pencil top Set the tip of the pencil that runs through this top on a piece of paper and start the top spinning. Watch as the track of its rotations is traced out. Austria. Hardwood. 5” tall. #4538 $22

super top Incredibly well-balanced, a quick tug of the string sets the top in practically perpetual motion. USA. Birch wood. 6.5” long. #3627 $12

sand tools + pail Think of it as a sand

skittles Set ‘em up and knock ‘em down! You won’t strike out with this set of 10 pins. Includes instructions and bag for easy storage. USA. Hardwood. Pins are 5” tall. #3633 $20

castle kit, sand not included. Head out to the beach or the backyard sandbox and use this sturdy enameled pail to build the walls of your fortification. Dig a wide moat with the spade and shovel (those long handles are helpful to get it nice and deep!) and then fill it in with water. Germany. Enameled steel and wood. Pail is 6.5” diameter. #4590 $29

big top This top is really special. Hold the handle, pull the string and release. The top will drop and spin and spin and spin and, well, you get the idea. Austria. Hardwood. 5” tall. #4540 $24


dragon push toy As your child pushes along this smiling dragon, his leather feet make a slappy noise against the floor. Germany. Hardwood and leather. 20” tall including handle. #4790 $45

horse swing Swinging is exhilarating for

lowercase alphabet blocks Learn the letters of the alphabet and your numbers all while having fun with this update on the childhood classic. USA. Hardwood. 28, 1.75” cubes. #4817 $36

infants and young toddlers. Side rails keep your rider in her seat. Sturdy ropes allow the swing to be hung from hooks. Poland. Hardwood. Ropes are 51” long, with two 1.5” diameter steel rings for hanging. #1111 $149

caterpuller Pulled behind a toddler, caterpuller wobbles as it rolls along. England. Hardwood. Toy is 24” long, string is 27” long. #4325 $22

elephant pull toy Tykes love to pull this pachyderm through the house. Germany. Hardwood and leather. 5” tall. #4301 $29


877 668 2111

count and stack number blocks Connect together a circus train or build a skyscraper, all while learning your numbers and how to count. Also develops motor coordination. USA. Hardwood. 10, 1.75” cubes. #4818 $22

walker’s wagon Little walkers stay upright whether pushing blocks or dolls in this sturdy, stable wagon. Crafted of solid hardwood, it’s designed for generations of play. Maine. Maple and pine woods. Handle is 19.5” tall. #4177 $129

rainbow tumbler A rattle and a rolling toy. Either way it makes a delightful clackety sound as the balls bounce together. USA. Hardwood. 5.5” long, 4” diameter. #1091 $21

animal friends wooden book Teach little ones animal names and sounds with these whimsical depictions of animals! Switzerland. Birch wood and leather. Four wooden “pages”. 2.25” tall, 2.5” wide. #3994 $15

threading beads Threading these colorful beads onto the rope one by one develops manual dexterity. Oregon. Hardwood. Beads are 1.5”-2” diameter. Rope is 27” long. #1107 $29

lawnmower push toy Young walkers love pushing this as soon as they are stable on their feet. The gentle clackety sound won’t trouble Mom or Dad indoors or out. Oregon. Hardwood. 24” long, 9” wide. #1104 $49

rolling critter The rainbow colored ball inside revolves when the critter is rolled along the floor. Sturdy steel axles connect the roller “feet” and the solid body can stand up to toddler play. The ball is contained within the body so it doesn’t come out. Germany. 5” long, 3.5” tall. Hedgehog or turtle. #4378 $29

877 668 2111

See Woolly Bear out and about at




















cuddle mouse Like his name says, this sweet

horsie Horsie has floppy legs for easy toting, and

seasons book set by gerda muller Delightful

stuffed animal is made for cuddling. Germany. Organic cotton. Body is 12.5” long. #4559 $49

woolly bear This bear is totable, huggable,

a plump tummy that helps him sit up straight at a tea party, on a swing or on the back of a riding toy. Germany. Organic cotton, wool and buckwheat hulls. 22” tall. #4390 $79

illustrations invite you and your child to make up your own stories about the people and scenes in them. Board book, 12 pages. Individual books online. Includes four books #1257 $37

loveable and 100% organic! Germany. Cotton and wool. 13” tall. #4560 $59

baby boo silk Enchant baby with the magic of

rainbow stacker Kids love to mix up the colors and stack them back up in order again! Germany. Hardwood. 5.75” tall. #1100 $39

silk play with these smaller, pastel playsilks. Place over baby’s head and pull away for a peek-a-boo game you both will enjoy. USA with Chinese silk. 22” square. #3778 $10

flicka, ricka, dicka book set In these charming Swedish stories, triplet sisters have adventures with relatives, animals and new friends while emphasizing helpfulness. Available individually online. China. Hardcover. Five books. #4855 $47

rainbow stacking boxes Both for storage and for play, these cubes make a delightful addition to any playroom. Germany. Hardwood. Largest box is 6” tall. #4471 $85


cuddle bunny With a cute face and soft, unstuffed terry body, little ones really like to tote him around by his big, floppy ears. India. Fair trade. Cotton terry and wool. 13” tall. #3957 $19

plush baby doll Cotton velour suit is soft for baby and the friendly smile is a comforting sight. Stuffed with pure wool, the body is pleasant to pull close, hold and hug. Brazil. 11” tall. #4715 $29


rainbow bowls Perfect for filling and pouring, stacking or rolling. Germany. Hardwood. Largest bowl of large set is 4.75” diameter. Largest bowl of small set is 3.5” diameter. small set #1096 $29 large set #3869 $35

cuddle doll Large enough to cuddle



close, but light enough to easily tote around. Cotton terry and wool. India. Fair trade. Blue or pink. 13” tall. #3749 $25


877 668 2111


LEARNING Art and music help create a full educational experience, whether learning occurs in school or in the home. Quality materials and instruments are essential to instill in children a lifelong interest in these forms of selfexpression. Whatever your children create using our vibrant art supplies, pure wool yarn and felt or musical instruments, we’re sure it will be beautiful!

lyra ferby color pencils The triangular shape of these pencils is comfy for little hands. Older kids use them to make vibrant, detailed works. Germany. Choice of short or long, 6 or 12 pencils. Short Pencils are 4.5” long. Long Pencils are 6.5” long. #1169 $9-$28

magic mosaic kit Each of the seven wedges stockmar wax crayons These beautiful crayons create brightly colored illustrations. Use sticks for drawing and blocks for filling in large areas. Germany. Choice of sticks or blocks, 8 or 16 crayons. Blocks are 1.5” long, 1” wide. Sticks are 3.25” long. #1166 $16-$28

snake pencil holder Decoratively holds 12 colored pencils. Germany. Hardwood. 11.5” long. #3832 $19

See window crayons in action at

pencil sharpener Perfect for thicker Ferby

knitting tower with yarn Kids use these

pencils as well as regular-sized pencils. Germany. #1172 $6

window crayons Brighten any day with a little diversion. Color on glass surfaces and clean with soap and water. Imported. #2574 $16

is a stamp with a different design that, when combined on a page, create a unique outline ready for crayons, colored pencils or markers. Use the included ink pad to imprint your design. Germany. #4449 $29

towers to create handy knitted tubes. Made in the USA. Includes enough yarn to make an 8” tube. 2.25” tall. Choice of bright or pastel colored yarn. #1195 $9

knitting kit Start kids’ knitting off

knitting fork This simple tool is a

right with this kit. Included are the book Kids Knitting, which is filled with many great first projects, a set of needles and your choice of rainbow or berry colored wool yarn. 50g of yarn, size 10 9” needles. Rainbow (shown) or berry. #2389 $29

wonderful introduction to working with yarn. Even young children can learn the easy hand and finger movements, and their efforts are rewarded with long chains. Germany. 50g rainbow or berry (shown) colored wool yarn. #1245 $18

877 668 2111


henna kit Try the ancient art of henna designs with authentic ingredients and detailed instructions. Fun at a birthday party or baby shower! Enough materials to make 60 small patterns. Assembled in Vermont. #4044 $29







pure wool felt set So nice to work with, we use

circular loom Weave wonderful round designs

candle decorating kit Making festive decorated

it for a myriad of crafting projects. Germany. Sheet is 12” X 8”. Individual colors online. #3460 $29

to use as a wall hanging or table decoration or get inventive and create a unique top for a knitted or crocheted hat. Germany. Hardwood. 8.5” diameter. Includes wool yarn and cotton warp. #4770 $22

candles is a project enjoyed at any age. Younger children can cut out decorative wax shapes, then press them onto a candle. Kit includes 3” Pillar Candle, 18 sheets of Decorating Wax and four Pattern Cutters to make hearts, flowers, circles and droplets. decorating wax #1179 $19 pattern cutters #2401 $11 beeswax pillar candle #4235 $16 candle decorating kit #4561 $42

needle felting starter kit Everything you need to learn this simple craft: wool, needles, pad, instructions and more. Germany. Pad is 7” tall, 5” wide. #3838 $33

child’s lap loom This loom makes it easy for older kids to master the basics of weaving. Includes everything you need to get started. USA. Hardwood. Loom is 16” long, 12” wide. #3986 $49


modeling beeswax Children love working with modeling beeswax. Unlike clay or soft dough, children first prepare the wax for use by warming it in their hands. What they can create is limited only by their imagination. Germany. 12 pieces. Each piece 1.5” wide, 4” long. #1163 $24

877 668 2111




Watch watercolor painting in action at



earth paint kit Experience painting like the

painting board + easel A painting board is the

watercolor paint jar holder Our watercolor

earliest artists using these paints made of all natural materials. Add varying amounts of water to control the thickness of the paint, from tempera to watercolor consistencies. 6 colors. Oregon. Includes instructions and mixing trays. #4773 $35

perfect surface for wet-on-wet watercolor painting with our watercolor paints. For other media, placing the board on our easel allows the artist to create more comfortably. Folds for easy storage. Set includes our large board and easel. Maine, USA. Birch plywood, birch and pine. 19.5” tall. tabletop easel #4397 $45 painting board #3829 $12 -$16 painting board + easel set #4409 $49

paints are diluted for use, so you will often end up with more than can be used in a single sitting. Use these jars and holders for convenient storage and use of the paints. Vermont, USA. Cherry wood. Three jar holder is 9” long. Six jar holder is 17” long. #3828 $19-$29

stockmar watercolor paints These paint concentrates need only be thinned with water to achieve the desired effect. Try starting with the primary colors: crimson, lemon yellow and ultramarine. Germany. Choice of 20cc or 50cc bottle. #1174 $9-$16

877 668 2111

paint brush A quality brush with natural bristles applies paint evenly and effortlessly. Germany. 9.25” long, Size 18. #1176 $12

hemp watercolor paper This acid-free paper is friendly to artists and the environment! Because it is extra heavy, it is perfect for wet-on-wet painting and works beautifully with our watercolor paints. USA. 8.5”x11” or 11”x14”, 12 sheets. #1177 $12-$16



CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.







pan flute Each tube is hand tuned. Just make the

jingle bracelet Slipped on a wrist or an ankle,

rhythmic music set Get the whole gang

sound of a “P” or “B” across the pipes and you’ll be making magical music in no time. Bolivia. Fair trade. 12” wide. #4327 $22

your movement becomes jingling rhythm. Germany. Hardwood and metal. 3.5” diameter. #3786 $14

animal drum With a skin tightly pulled over a

a different tone. The colorful head of the beater and the webbing are handmade, and the drum head is made of real hide. Peru. Fair trade. 10.25” diameter. #4271 $39

together and make some noise. There’s an instrument for everyone as well as an instruction booklet and a set of cards with suggested rhythms. The storage bag makes it easy to take along to a play group or the park to share with friends. Includes (from left to right): jujunut shaker (Ghana), tinya drum (Peru) , tic-toc block (Indonesia) and gourd scraper (Peru). Fair trade. Gourd scraper is 11” long. #4881 $79

wooden frame, these drums made in the traditional Indonesian style produce a distinctive tone whether struck in the center or on the edge. Indonesia. 9” diameter. Fish or gecko design. #4811 $49


incan drum Each side of this drum produces

coconut clave sticks Tap out a rhythm with these terrific sticks. When struck together they make an excellent clacking sound that is sure to delight. Indonesia. Fair trade. 7” long. #4272 $12

877 668 2111

auris pentatonic glockenspiel Auris has long set the standard for instruments used in Waldorf schools. Using a five-tone scale attuned to children’s aural development, musicians enjoy playing songs both new and familiar. Sweden. Maple wood with brass chimes. 7.25” long. #2452 $99


sing a song of seasons This

rainbow glockenspiel Children delight in the bright sounds and colors of this glockenspiel as they tap out familiar tunes with the wooden mallet. Bring the fun along with the built-in handle. Poland. 11” long. #3467 $25

choroi pentatonic recorder Made of pear wood, this beautiful recorder is tuned to the pentatonic scale and is the one used in Waldorf schools around the world. Its simple design makes it easy for little hands to change notes by covering and uncovering the holes. Sweden. 10.5” long. #2366 $111

Diatonic or pentatonic, refined or indigenous, our musical instruments run the gamut so children can have a broad experience of the many ways that people around the world, in all kinds of traditions, create rhythmic and melodic sounds to enrich their lives.

book by the late Waldorf teacher Mary Schunemannn will help you learn to play pentatonic songs as well as familiar folk tunes. Hearing her voice on the included CD will have you sharing and singing together in no time. Spiral-bound, 57 pages. #2914 $25

pentatonic-diatonic glockenspiel Remove two of the rainbow “keys” of this lovely glockenspiel and replace them with the included blocks to change the tones from diatonic to pentatonic. Germany. Alder. 13” long. #4381 $99

pentatonic lyre The special shape of this lyre allows the wood to produce its full range of inherent tonal qualities, creating rich overtones and a veritable rainbow of sound. Sweden. Maple. 15” long. #4841 $299

child’s harp Introduce children to the beauty of pentatonic music. The opening in the center of the instrument allows two handed play. Sweden. Maple. 15.25” long. #4842 $249

GROWING Welcoming a new life into your family presents so many questions. When will he arrive? How should we care for him? Will we sleep together or apart? How can I keep him close? When will he start to be independent? When will he be ready for solids? How can I help him develop and learn? While we don’t have all the answers, we hope we can help you to bond and enjoy this very special time together.

10 more colors online! bb sling Ring slings provide the greatest versatility, safety, simplicity and comfort for you and baby, which is why they have become a staple with new parents. Unlike others available, ours are hand-woven in fair trade of 100% cotton. The sturdy rings and fabric with the right grab and give mean that even toddlers stay up on your hip. Now with a padded version for those who prefer it. Available online in a full range of gorgeous colors including the papaya pictured. India. Fair trade. One size, 79” × 29.5”. unpadded #3960 $89 padded #3975 $89

See all 19 colors online!

bb wrap (left) The ultimate in flexibility and style, this is our most versatile carrier. Hand-woven cotton has enough grab to make tying her on a cinch and gives so it moves with you. Oh, and did we mention the 19 luscious colors? Includes a manual with detailed instructions and techniques for carrying infants all the way through toddlerhood. India. Fair trade. Choose 260 cm for simple sling carries, 460 cm or 490 cm for women and trim men or 560 cm for larger women and men. #3959 $69-$129

tri•cotti (right) Two bands of super-soft organic jersey cotton cross to form a comfy pouch. Netherlands. Sized by women’s dress sizes S (4-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), Available in cocoa, poppy red, petrol blue, sable and ecru. #3961 $89


tricot wrap (left) A wrap of 100% organic cotton with a wide range of possible carries—including fetal position, sitting upright, on the hip and on the back. With this type of baby carrier, it is easy to find the most ergonomic position for both you and your child. Also, because the wrap distributes the weight of the child over your belly and hips, it is suitable for children up to two years of age. Netherlands. 6 yards long, 22.5” wide. #3976 $69


bb tai One size fits all in this mei-tai style carrier. Designed to carry children from infancy through toddlerhood in a front or back carry. Two bands cross and tie across your back or chest to hold your child secure. India. Fair trade. Cotton. Colors: Black beans, campanula blue and pineapple (shown). #4318 $109



belly chime Research shows that babies mother’s amber jewelry You may experience the soothing properties of amber when you wear this bracelet and necklace set with droplet-shaped amber beads. Lithuania. Pure Baltic amber. bracelet 6.5” long #4475 $29 necklace 18” long #4476 $39 necklace + bracelet set #4474 $59

hear even in utero. Contained within each fun design is a small chime that jingles as you move. Mexico. More designs available online. #3958 $25-$29








enamel cup, bowl + plate set A simple, yet

toddler bowl A wooden bowl just the right size

amber necklace Generations of parents have

durable child’s first set of dishes. Poland. Enameled steel. Plate is 6.75” diameter. Individual pieces available online. #3892 $25

for toddlers’ hands and appetites. USA. 1.25” tall, 5.5” diameter. Spoon sold separately. #3867 $15

found the curative powers of amber to alleviate teething pain. Lithuania. Pure Baltic amber beads, individually knotted for safety. 12.5” long. Choice of light or dark amber. #3279 $19

wee wooden mug These sturdy mugs hold just a mite of milk, so little sippers can’t spill a lot while learning to handle their drink. California, USA. Pine. 2” tall. #3295 $14

animal teether An elegantly shaped, natural teether to comfort her sore gums, perfectly sized for her little hand. Germany. Cherry wood. 2.25” diameter. Choice of bird or snail. #4268 $11

toddler spoon Perfectly sized for little hands to get a grip on their grub. Choose from four nature-inspired designs: celestial, butterfly, flowers or leaf. USA. Cherry. 5” long. #3868 $9 toddler amber necklace This mix of light and dark amber looks lovely against a toddler’s young skin. Lithuania. Pure Baltic amber beads, individually knotted for safety. 14.5” long. #3776 $19

teething doll Try dipping the knotted hat, hands or feet of the doll in cold water to aid with sore gums. India. Fair trade. Cotton terry and wool. 13.5” tall. More colors online. #3603 $16


cherry + maple rattle Beautiful and exceptionally smooth, this heirloom quality rattle is easy for babies to grasp. The gentle rattling sound from the unpopped popcorn kernels inside are sure to delight little ones. Canada. 6” long. #3599 $19

rainbow grasping toy Brightly colored beads adorn this grasping toy that will interest your infant as she develops her newfound ability to manipulate objects in her environment by rolling the beads against one another in her hand. Germany. Maple. Beads are 1.25” diameter. #4478 $20

877 668 2111

baby hammock The gentle swinging motion soothes baby to sleep. Affix to the ceiling with our chair hanging kit or use the wooden stand for portable sleep comfort. India. 100% organic cotton and wool. Wooden rod is 32” long. #3954 $119 hammock stand #4336 $149 hammock + stand set #4492 $249

little frog baby gym A silly little frog



hangs from the top bar while balls along the side clack when moved. Adjust the height with a simple mechanism to accommodate a baby in a bouncy seat. Europe. Birch plywood and beech wood. 26” tall. #4812 $69

child’s hair brush The natural bristles of the brush are soft enough for baby’s scalp and stiff enough to style thicker toddler hair. Germany. 7.25” long. #3526 $15 CHILD’S HAIR BRUSH

cherry rattle A cherry bead clacks against the hand-shaped ring as baby moves his hand. USA. 3.5” diameter. #3605 $15

little chick rattle A soft rattle for your

hatchling. Germany. Organic cotton. 4.5” tall #3528 $25

rattle ball Roll to an infant and toss it RATTLE BALL


when she’s sitting up. Makes a soft rattling noise. Brazil. Cotton and wool. Six color options online. 3” diameter. #4707 $9

lamb teether Includes a ring for grasping or teething. Germany. Organic cotton. 5” long, ring 2.25” diameter. #4024 $25


lambskin comforter Downy soft + completely natural, sheepskin helps to moderate his temperature as he sleeps, Choose short (Shorn) or long (Unshorn) fibers. New Zealand. 32”-37” long, 19” wide. #3518 $76

silk blanket What could be more magical than sleeping under a rainbow? Strong, yet sheer, hand-painted silk paired with creamy soft flannel. Silk made in China, sewn in USA. 30”x 40”. #2730 $60

funky chicken rattle The multicolored LAMBSKIN COMFORTER + SILK BLANKET


legs and comb catch little one’s eyes. 8.5” tall. Germany. Organic cotton. #3527 $25

hooded romper With an integrated hood and leggings, this romper will keep baby warm from the top of his head down to his ankles. Button closure. India. Organic Merino wool. Silver, cocoa (shown) and rose. Sizes 0-24 mos. #7003 $119

WEARING Our wool garments help to regulate body temperatures. This is especially important for children and people in cold or damp climates, but many find that natural fibers help them feel more comfortable even when moving between air conditioning and the outdoors. Plus, modern Merino wool isn’t itchy like the woolens we grew up with. Try them and you’ll see: These aren’t your grandfather’s long underwear!







long nappy pants Keep baby dry and comfy day and night. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 60cm (0-1 yr) or 80cm (1-2 yrs). #3383 $42

baby’s wool hood Keep cold off baby’s neck

night and day. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 60cm and 70cm. #3379 $34

knit leggings Super soft and warm, we wish they

and chin on chilly, windy days. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Size 0-1 yr. #3385 $27

came in adult sizes. India. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 0-24 mos. Silver, cocoa, rose and charcoal. #7004 $52

body suit with feet Perfect for baby to sleep

baby’s wool socks Keep their toesies warm with

in during cold winter nights. Comfort from head to toe. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 60cm- 80cm. #3384 $99

socks of pure, warm, organic Merino wool. Finland. Sizes 0-1 yr, 1-2 yrs and 2-3 yrs. #3386 $17

baby’s wool long-sleeve shirt Baby-soft with

crotch keeps it from riding up. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 60cm-90cm. #3381 $42

an easy-over-the-head neck opening keep baby’s core temperature up, calming and soothing her

877 668 2111

wool romper Swaddles baby in warmth. Snap


button vest Thick, soft and warm for baby’s chest, perfect for the cold outdoors. India. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 3-24 mos, 2-6 yrs. Cocoa, rose and charcoal. #7002 $63

wool + silk pilot cap Keep heat in and cold out of ears and off the neck. India. 80% organic Merino wool and 20% silk. Sizes 0-12 mos. Silver/blue, charcoal/cerise and silver. #7006 $32

long-sleeve bodysuit This top is easy to put over the head and has a snap crotch to keep it from riding up. Lithuania. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 0-24 mos. Silver, navy, navy stripe, rose and rose stripe. #7009 $36



knee-high socks Cover the whole

bubble dress Comfy + cute with

calf for extra warmth. India. Organic Merino wool. Charcoal, silver/blue and silver/cerise. Sizes 2-10 yrs. #7017 $16

a pair of tights or leggings. Lithuania. Organic Merino wool. Silver, charcoal, rose and rose stripe. Sizes 0-24 mos, 2-6 yrs. #7012 $39-$49

hooded scarf The best of both worlds, covering both the head and neck. India. Organic Merino wool. Rose and charcoal. Sizes 3-18 mos, 2-6yrs. #7001 $39-$49

merino pullover A sporty and warm top with thumb holes to keep cold out. Lithuania. Organic Merino wool. Ruby/ charcoal and navy/silver. Sizes 2-10 yrs. #7008 $65

merino tights

merino socks Tons of colors for a wide age range. India. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 2-10 yrs. #7016 $10-$15

Soft, stretchy and strong, these are the perfect bottoms for our bubble dress (above) or a skirt. India. Organic Merino wool. Charcoal, silver/ charcoal, charcoal/ cerise, silver/blue, silver/cerise. Sizes 2-10 yrs. #7019


knit leggings Super soft and warm, we wish they came in adult sizes. India. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 2-6 yrs. Silver and charcoal. #7004 $59 SEE NUI SIZE CHART PAGE 50.

wool zippered bodysuit Worn under a snowsuit or to bed, our bodysuit keeps your child warm all over with cuffed sleeves and ankles. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 80cm-120cm. #3397 $96

wool long-sleeve shirt Cuffed sleeves and a snug neck keep the cold out. Paired with Long Johns, this is our kids’ base layer for 120 days of the year. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 90cm-150cm. #3394 $46-$56

wool long johns Adjustable waist, double knees and cuffed ankles for adjustability and durability. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 90cm-150cm. #3396 $46-$56 SEE RUSKOVILLA SIZE CHART PAGE 50.

wool + silk long-sleeve shirt Cuffed sleeves and a snug neck keep the cold out, even for those sensitive to wool. Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes 90cm-150cm. #3402 $46-$56


wool + silk long johns Nearly as insulating as our 100% wool, these can be a great choice for climes or kids not as cold by nature. Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes 90cm-150cm. #3403 $46-$56

For those sensitive to pure wool clothing, a 70% wool + 30% silk blend combines warmth and comfort. Also good for spring weather when the temperatures are more variable.

wool + silk sleeveless shirt When the activity level or temperatures are higher, this is a great alternative to a Long-Sleeve Shirt. Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes 90cm150cm. #3767 $30-$36

kids’ wool socks

wool + silk short-sleeve shirt Keep core heat in but let the arms be free with short sleeves! Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes 90 cm-150 cm. #3401 $44-$54

Soft and comfortable, not rough and itchy. Wool breathes so feet stay dry and warm. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes 3-9yrs. #3400 $19

wool hood Keeps cold off the neck and chin on cold or windy days. Thin enough to wear under another hat or a jacket hood. Finland Organic Merino wool. Sizes 1-2 years, 2-4 years, 5-9 years. #3399 $27



d sizing and Fin care in WOMEN’S WOOL LONG JOHNS



fo on page 50.


women’s wool long johns These are propor-

women’s wool + silk long-sleeve shirt Cut

unisex wool long-sleeve shirt Perfect for

tioned to women’s bodies and don’t become loose and baggy through the day. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes S-XL. #3408 $79

for a woman’s body and has the added softness of pure silk for all-day comfort. Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes S-XL. #3412 $79

wearing around the house or as a base layer for outdoor activities. Finland. Organic Merino wool. Sizes S-XXL. #3404 $79

women’s wool + silk leggings These leggings

unisex wool + silk long-sleeve shirt This

grownup’s wool socks Comfortably soft, the

are cut nicely to fit under skirts or pants. They have the softness of pure silk making them a good choice for women who are sensitive to wool. Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes S-XL. Black or natural. #3424 $79

shirt has the added softness of pure silk so it is a good choice for those who are sensitive to wool. Finland. Organic Merino wool and silk. Sizes XSXL. #3418 $79

wool is breathable so feet stay dry and warm. Because they have a bit of stretch, these socks get more comfortable with wear. Finland. Organic Merino wool. European sizes 34-45. Natural or black. #3411 $22

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LIVING Carry the feel, look and enjoyment of natural materials and handmade objects out of the playroom and into the whole house. Adorn your kitchen and living spaces with wooden décor, beeswax candles and seasonal art. Have natural remedies on hand with a cotton hot water bottle cover or organic cherry stone pillow. Head outside and hang a hammock, creating a relaxing shared space.

the lounger Unique because it is large enough to share or to spread out in lengthwise! Versatile because it only needs one fixing point. Colombia. Cotton. Supports 350 lbs. Wooden spreader bar is 55” long. Cloth surface is 51” X 83”. Shown in cool lime, also available in papaya. #4036 $189

lazy day hammock Designed to share. It’s large and sturdy enough for the whole gang to enjoy the gentle swaying motion. Colombia. Cotton. Total length is 149.5”, supports 320 lbs, Cloth is 63” wide, 94.75” long. Shown in papaya, also available in cool lime. #3948 $129

hammock chair Take a break by yourself. Hung inside or out, you may enjoy the soothing, swaying motion as you read or sip some tea. Colombia. Cotton. Supports 280 lbs. Spreader bar is 42” wide. Shown in papaya, also available in cool lime. #4297 $129

hammock hideaway (above) Children love to nestle in this cozy spot, enveloped by the soft fabric. The swaying motion is calming while they read a favorite book, play with a much loved toy, or rest. Hang from strong branches to enjoy a warm day, or bring inside when it’s cool. India. Cotton. Use our Chair Hanging Kit to hang the hammock inside or out. Supports up to 175 pounds. Watermelon (shown), iris or ocean. #4360 $149

chair hanging kit (left) Supports the Baby Hammock, Hammock Hideaway, Lounger or Hammock Chair. #3977 $22

all-around hanging kit (right) Supports the Lazy Day Hammock or the Kids’ Hammock (online). #3978 $39


Window crystals are made to be hung in a window where they bend and throw the sun’s colorful rays into your home. Germany.

sun crystal

4.5” diameter. #3644 $29

moon crystal

3.25” diameter. #4376 $25

spiral crystal

3.5” diameter. #4048 $21

curved wooden heart Distinctive and one-ofa-kind, these hearts are beautiful to display, lovely to hold, fun to give. Germany. Small is 1.75” long, large is 2.25” long. #3950 $4-$5

angel candleholder

welcome home door chime Enjoy this chime’s pleasant tones as a door opens or closes. Easily hooks onto the upper door edge. Germany. Hardwood and aluminum. 10” tall. #4923 $99

seasonal postcard set Watercolor artist Ruth Elsässer painted these glowing scenes of seasonal activities, perfect to share or display. Germany. Set of 12 cards. #3282 $18

Ease children to bed with a nightly ritual like lighting a candle in this handmade candleholder. England. Oak. 9” tall, holds 7/8” diameter taper. #2458 $36

winged candle Enjoy the changing form of this lovely candle. As the center burns away, the remaining wax assumes the appearance of a winged figure. New York. Pure beeswax. Approximately 10” tall, .75” diameter at the base.  #4405 $14

carved wooden letters These letters are wonderful for play, for learning the alphabet, or for decoration. Germany. 3” tall. individual letter #4379 $6 LOVE letters #4379 love $22 full alphabet #4379 set $149

beeswax tapers, set of 4 These burn cleanly and twice as long as candles made of other materials. New York. Pure beeswax. 7/8” diameter. 8” or 10”. #3850 $20-$22

red + white spotted enamelware For play or daily use, the charming polka dot pattern brightens up any space. Other pieces available online. Poland. Enameled steel. chamber pot 7.25” diameter. #4520 $25 pail 6.5” diameter. #4519 $29 sugar bowl 3.5” diameter. #4517 $16 measuring pitcher 5.5” diameter. #4518 $19

soothing pup Warm the pouch of cherry stones in the oven or microwave for a few minutes for a warm aid to bumps and bruises, or freeze the pouch for a teething aid when held against the jaw. Germany. Organic cotton with cherry stones. 8” wide. #3803 $39

warming water bottles Naturally warm a bed, soothe an upset tummy or ease sore muscles. Germany. Cotton cover. Water bottle included. 11” tall. Heart or seal design. #4600 $35

mushroom nutcracker Beautiful and functional, a twist of the handle quickly frees a tasty kernel. Germany. Olivewood. 6” tall fully extended. Opening is 1.5” diameter. #3968 $25

farina grain mill Pour a bit of grain in the hopper, adjust the grind and turn the handle. Freshly ground grain flows from between the stones, ready for baking. Germany. 11.5” tall. #1078 $249

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beeautiful polish Formulated

sturdy stool Step on up! When

specifically to lengthen the life and beauty of wooden dishes, toys and more. It is food safe and made in small batches in Vermont of beeswax and organic jojoba oil. 4 oz. jar. Choice of natural or lavender scent. #3857 $14

she’s ready to reach the sink, give her a boost with this heirloom-quality solid pine step stool. Maine, USA. Pine. 10.5” tall, 14.5” wide, 12” deep. #4220 $39


Why Shop Nova Natural?


Safety. Our products are made of natural, non-toxic materials.

We recommend using a detergent specifically designed for wool, such as our Eucalan Woolwash. Washing by hand and laying flat to dry will minimize shrinkage and lengthen the life of your garments. As an alternative, using the delicate or gentle cycle of your washing machine may provide you good results.

Durability. Toys should last for more than one child. Ours do. Value. Open-ended toys receive years of play. Creativity. Quality art supplies inspire children’s imaginations. Service. We’re happy to help you find the right product. Be in touch!

eucalan woolwash The most trusted wool wash. Canada. 16 oz. #4274 $15

gall soap Natural, non-petroleum-based stain remover. Wet and rub on stains before washing. Germany. 3 ounce bar. #3443 $5

shipping HOW WE SHIP We ship light orders Priority Mail. All others ship via UPS. OUR RATES Our shipping rates are based on the total value of the order. Please consult the chart for detailed information. Because of the environmental impact, we do not offer overnight or two day shipping, so please plan ahead. We do offer three day shipping. Please check online for rates. For an additional $10 charge, we will process your order on the next business day.

shipping rates order total


up to $15










over $100


how to measure

chest waist hips



size 0-3 mos height 22-24

NOVA NATURAL RETURNS 6221 SHELBURNE RD. #200 SHELBURNE, VT 05482 Full credit is given for returns received within 4 weeks of the purchase date. After 4 weeks and up to 4 months, we issue store credit.

6-12 mos

12-18 mos

18-24 mos




33-34 1/2

size 2 yrs

4 yrs

6 yrs

8 yrs

10 yrs

height 35-38






size 90cm








23 1/4

24 3/4

26 1/4

27 1/2

29 1/4

30 3/4


18 1/2



23 1/2

leg 20 1/2

23 1/4


28 3/4

31 1/2

age 2-3 y

3-5 yrs

4-6 yrs

6-8 yrs

7-10 yrs

torso 22 arm 15 1/4

size 60cm



19 3/4

20 1/2

21 1/4

25 1/4

arm 10 3/4

12 1/4

13 3/4


36 1/4

leg 13 1/2

15 1/4

17 3/4

9-11 yrs

11-13 yrs

age 3-6 mos

5-12 mos

9-24 mos



contacting us

size XS

ONLINE PHONE toll free at: 877 668 2111 INTERNATIONAL (other than Canada) Please call: 802 860 1300 E-MAIL


3-6 mos


We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you wish to return items, you will need a Return Authorization (RA) number. Request one by phone or online. Clearly write the number on the outside of the box and send it to:

HOLIDAY HOURS 12/2 -  12/20/2013 11/30 -  12/21/2013


arm from the edge of the neckline, down the shoulder to the wrist. leg from the waist to the ankle.




chest, waist, hips, torso measure the circumference at the widest point.


M-F 9am-5pm EST M-F 9am-8pm EST SAT 9am-5pm EST






chest 31-34

34 1/2-37

37 1/2-40

40 1/2-43

43 1/2-47

47 1/2-50 1/2

waist 25-27 1/2

28-30 1/2


34 1/2-37 1/2

38-41 1/2


37 1/2 -39 1/2

40 - 42

42 1/2 -45

45 1/2-48 1/2


hips 35-37 men

leg n/a

women unisex

41 1/2

42 1/2

43 1/2

44 1/2

45 1/2

38 1/2

39 1/2

40 1/2







43 1/2

44 1/2

45 1/2


size 34-36




men n/a


7 1/2-9


6 1/2-8 1/2



women 4-6

877 668 2111







birthday number candle For a traditional yet

rainbow sunray birthday ring Brighten the

birthday number ornaments. Germany. Linden

natural approach to birthday celebrations, add one of these on the cake. USA. Beeswax. 2” tall. #4827 $3

special day with this uniquely shaped 12 hole ring. 14” diameter. Germany. Hardwood. #2512 $42

wood. 3.25” tall.

beeswax cake candles How many will you

cherry birthday ring sets Make a Birthday Ring

need for this year’s celebration? USA. 12, 3” tall candles. Natural or multi-colored. #2695 $5

a part of your family’s festivities. Here’s how: Place a candle and an ornament in the ring and then add one each year as a remembrance of the year passed. Our Birthday Ring Set is a good way to start this tradition! Each set includes; a Birthday Ring (12 or 16 Holes), Brass Candle Holders (5 or 9) and 12 Beeswax Candles. Ornaments sold separately. USA. Cherry. 12 hole ring 8.75” diameter. 16 hole ring 12” diameter. 12 hole set #2648 $39 16 hole set #2646 $49

birthday ring ornaments More options online than you can shake a stick at. Pick by theme, pick by color, pick what you like! Germany. Linden wood. Ornaments are 1-4” tall. $6-$14

set of 3 brass candle holders Add more candles to your ring set with these holders. Germany. Solid brass. Holds a 0.5” candle. #2645 $6

individual number #2636 $6 set of 10 numbers #2636 set $49 beeswax candles, set of 12 Hand-dipped, pure beeswax candles have a lovely smell and long burn time. These fit perfectly in our Birthday Ring Set. New York. 4.5” tall, 0.5” diameter. Choice of natural or red. #2643 $14

colorful birthday ring set Color a birthday beautiful with these 12 or 16 hole birthday ring sets. 8.75” diameter. Germany. Hardwood. Set includes Brass Candleholders and 12 Beeswax Candles. 12 hole set #2499 $45 16 hole set #2501 $55

Nova Natural Toys + Crafts 6221 Shelburne Road #200 Shelburne, VT 05482

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Contiguous United States only. Rates for orders under $100 inside. Check for delivery rates to other locales.




gifts under $25



A rainbow catcher a prism in your hand. #4545 $15 B watercolor paints little tin of vibrant color. #4288 $22 C rainbow rings stack ‘em up! #4269 $12 D zippie car a solid toy vehicle for a toddler. #3273 $24 E rainbow streamer gossamer silk flies through the air. #2796 $13 F maple teether soothe teething pain naturally. #3775 $9 G christmas blocks for holiday dĂŠcor or everyday play. #4816 $24 H baby bowl + spoon set sized right for first meals. #3602 $19 I skipping rope get a jump on the day. #4577 $19 J wooden heart show some love. #3854 $6 K sombrero top watch the colors spin around and around. #4542 $22 L star candleholder light the way through the seasons. #3848 $15 M candle rolling kit make your own beeswax candles. #1243 $20 N hopping bunny pull toy see him jump as he is pulled. #2946 $24 O water warbler whistle like a bird. #1000 $12 P inflate-a-ball blow it up and toss it around. #3947 $9 Q the new skates more fun with flicka, ricka and dicka. #2705 $10 R taproot 2014 wall calendar with art by phoebe wahl. #9300 $16 S go to market book + paperdolls for reading and play. #4845 $10 T pixie doll small enough to tote along in a pocket. #4825 $9 U pocket gnome friendly fellows in bright colors. #1736 $7 V postcard holder display small works of art. #3281 $12














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Nova Natural 2014 Catalog

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