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F E AT U R I N G M ∙ P R I M E

megalodon (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Bass: Earl Pereira, Guitar and Sax: Alex Maher you’re never gonna work it out you’re never gonna realize that life is not about always trying to lay the blame you’re gonna always feel the same if you don’t change pushing the envelope, hurdling borders do what I want with my music, I ain't following orders rubbing two quarters together trying to spit out a buck sometimes, I'll end up with two dimes, shit outta luck but then I sit down, put some of my thoughts to words the very second after the thought occurs and it gives me a second of rest, relieves what seems to be an insurmountable amount of stress piling up, at the same rate I shovel it out treading water in this world I know nothing about but never doubt who I am, or sell myself short of what I'm capable of, long as I'm doing what I love, I'll manage, use what I've been taught to my advantage people trying to bring me down, but they ain't doing no damage I got my force field up, with a pen and a pad living out each day like it's the best that I've had... and everybody has their reasons to keep on holding, to keep on believing and everybody gets the feeling that they’re reeling, but they keep on holding on…keep on holding on… when, I, feel like I'm struggling, juggling, too many things at once and the weight on my shoulders is doubling, I'm exhausted and I'm cutting it close to collapsing I'll write a rap and start mapping out what's happening from a bird's eye view and I'll, open my third eye too so I, can see the world from different angles, loosen the tangles slip my head free of the noose, while the hangman strangles the unaware, while I'm right there, watching them do it breathing the same air, watching them all go through it but they don't even try to fight it, they just bear it and bite it all I can really do is think of different ways to write it jot it down, bringing it to life with sound we're just trying to be discovered and do something profound although I'm thankful, just to be alive and breathing but then, we all got our reasons for holding on and believing... from word to line to page to stage I build my mission is to make sure every single mind is filled with questions so better tighten your belt 'cause every answer you need gotta find in yourself

might be easy to say; a lot easier than fighting for it day after day; a lot easier than making a change because you don't realize it's your soul that is taking the strain was never a game yet you just laugh it off - you can't take the pain so you just pass it off, yeah that's courage that you're casting off put it in the past don't mean you're ever moving past the loss 'cause these paths we cross can leave you turned right ‘round and every step you make just bring you back down while moss grow heavy on your rolling stone 'til those seeds are sown and you stop and drop alone you know every number you got break down to one yet you still wanna be divisible by none you're already done - better open your eyes your disguise will never fool the one that spun those lies I think you start to understand everything you need you got in both hands now what you gonna do with those master plans? time for a change...

I feel brand new, feel like a new man no one does me half as good as you can I got a fool-proof plan, plus a few grand it's not much, but it's enough to get us tanning on some Cancun sand I wrote this new jam for you something this good, usually just ends up being too damn good to be true but if this is just a dream, I hope I never wake up and if they try and shake me awake, my eyes stay shut I'm love drunk, but it kinda feels more like a high I feel like I could fly, take off and soar through the sky and when it comes to you, I know there's more than meets the eye that's why I'm trying to feel you out more than I normally try cause you free me, inspire me, intrigue me, entirely and when I see you, I feel like you need me, finally a girl that gets me, you never cease to impress me and I wanna let you know I think you're sexy you made me feel brand new baby, and it’s all because of you

I could sit and calculate about every little thing, I can’t remember meeting anyone so fine now I have to ask myself, should I credit someone else? but in a short span of time, you changed my whole frame of mind

I don’t have a photographic memory but I can recall your every motion your every detail and feeling the fall like gravity – you know you had me when you walked in the door got my first taste and wanted more there really is something in the way that you move when you enter put out every other light in the room I know you got all these people trying to see but you just trying to get on through the crowd and over to me I really can’t believe that this it true, it’s you every morning I wake up brand new the blue of your shining eyes take up my view who knew we’d be going for this long our passion be this strong it’s too much for this song when I think about the days that we made it through and how I still love every single little thing that you do wasn’t love at first sight ‘cause I already knew: never a question of who my only answer was you

you made me feel brand new baby, and it’s all because of you

you made me feel brand new baby, and it’s all because of you

and everybody has their reasons to keep on holding, to keep on believing and everybody gets the feeling that they’re reeling, but they keep on holding on…keep on holding on…

Brand New (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Guitar: Shaun Verreault, Bass: Scott Tucker, Flute: Ashleigh Ball, Trumpet: Chad Taylor, Keys and Sax: Alex Maher I used to think I’d never feel this way again, like many people often do so then I tried to intoxicate my pain and then I ran into you I tried to cry, looking skywards in the rain, but all I could see was blue I got so high, and then it hit me like a train as one turned into two

Hornslide (feat. Jess Vaira) (J. Vaira, A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Guitar: Alex Maher reputation, education or not, we all have our own revelations in thought but when emotions get shot, and situations get hot, it’s amazing how we jump to conclusions on the spot then you’re left feeling like nothing really matters, life becomes a scene straight outta Jacob’s ladder getting buried alive, just trying to survive drones lost in the hive

and that’s the truth, but you still need proof there's collective consequences that nobody experiences cuz we're so focused on ourselves we're buying into what sells which is the notion that we can easily ignore what we see but what we do not realize: our passiveness could be our demise we are all just part, part of a whole (no matter your role) take responsability for what you already know that there is something going, going on and if you can't admit it then it's already gone

my memories stay grey as hard as they're sought by me thoughts intangible like dreams that are bought with smoke lines raise my eyes to blown skies I just don’t really understand while superimposed so many of us careening without my skin knows these bones lie reprimand, then we get caught by why do they speak to me? the man, but all we ever really get why do I fight? why do I listen? is just a slap on the hand, give me back my first name so now I’m standing at the precipice the one she first poured bliss into feeling like a pessimist, and through me 'least who I used to be my one remaining questions is: used to be a part of how long until the exodus? every single thing that was around me how long until the exodus? like love - that was me born from the same breath ignorance it isn’t innocence that still holds the throws of life I myself don’t confess all of my sins through cold death over these instruments and 'round again born from the same we all have skeletal remains I say it plain like I never reminisce to miss pain in our closet, backyard or locked somewhere like I don’t look back hidden deep within our brains look close; get caught in the smoke the strain of that inner pain is sometimes unbearable ash like dust tangled with rust and having no one there makes you feel from the backs of souls broke like there’s no where to go convinced I see these falling castles bleed days go by so very slow trees that couldn't seed and even if there was a solution to your problems every heroes on their knees begging please you’re so fed up you don’t care to know leave be these memories 'cause when I breach the night to bear the load gonna need every one if I'm to find the light of having to start from scratch it took me too long to see has left you chasing after dreams without your heart attached leave be these memories 'cause when I reach the light all of sudden nothing is satisfying gonna need every one to define my life and doing what you love just isn’t gratifying it took me too long to see losing your mind losing friends one at a time they’re all that I am, they’re all that I have feeling like your last in line despite the fact you’re acting fine and feeling cast aside like an unsigned athlete past his prime the mastermind behind your own suffering (feat. I know from personal experience the Ashleigh Ball) weight of this is bone crushing but you should know nothing’s as bad as it seems (A. Maher, B. von Brendel) you can still pick up the pieces String arr.: Alex Maher having had shattered dreams with two scabby knees and tattered jeans it’s your life - all the things you do it’s worse to live than sad to see but eventually you will see why it was you gotta do what you wanna do and not and realize it had to be just because someone else wants you to but misplaced blame for mistakes made let yourself be and set yourself free is nothing more than selfish disdain searching yourself till you find your chi for oneself helpless to change, nothing else

All the Things You dO

pick up a sack, sit back make a sick track, shit yeah man I'm feelin' alright been chillin all night, livin' this life righteously and lovin every minute cruisin' through life nice and easy woke up smilin', did a bit of free-stylin' got a call from an old friend from Vancouver Island and he's doin' real good, and that's good to hear I haven't seen him in a while but I should this year 'cause I've been workin' so hard that I'm all caught up and I've been feelin' motivated to push my product to the limits, I won't settle for my fifteen minutes gotta shine, shine bright with all of my might call it a day only when I'm bout to call it a night come out on top no matter how the ref's callin' the fight and if one thing in this life is true you should enjoy all the things you do everyone's got shit they go through but if you could, remember it's all good it’s your life - all the things you do you gotta do what you wanna do and not just because someone else wants you to let yourself be and set yourself free searching yourself till you find your chi step out my front door, hunting for a blunt or, some sort of inspiration to write one more hit, for all the people out there feeling our shit it's DNA6, it's as real as it gets just the other day, a girl asked me, "heyaren't you the MC from that group DNA?" "I heard you guys playing at dick's on dicks you had me dancing all night, trying to get my fix" I said, "yeah" that's what we doing it for performing from 10'oclock till it's 2 in the morning jot me down your email so I can issue a warning bout the next time we play, and thank you for supporting it's so rewarding, when you're doing something you love to do and that much more important, when other people love it too and if one thing in this life is true you should enjoy all the things you do everyone's got shit they go through but if you could, remember it's all good

Not wastin’ (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Bass: Jay Davies Guitar: Alex Maher I've gotta use my time efficiently, my eyes be open to soak in all my surroundings, I'm usin' my time wisely keep the mind state of a hustla, stay on the hustle muscle my way through the bustle of this everyday struggle 'cause seconds turn into minutes, while minutes turn into hours I'm down to havin' four hours sleep and five minute showers I won't just sit around while the clock hand devours anotha day of my life, anotha day of the strife so I'll press through the cesspool, leavin' my mark out on a branch of human life and carve my name in the bark tryin' to guarantee a spot up in the grand design 'cause if I die without an echo, I've been wastin' my time and there's no time to waste I'm not wastin' any time I'm not wastin' any time your life can pass by, in the blink of an eye blink and it's gone, why you think I try and ink out a song? write down the stories of my travels while the story of my life unfolds and unravels secrets it holds until we’re adults answerin' questions that I didn't know how to ask unmaskin’ the truth on how little time there is to finish the task that we were put here to accomplish so I make the most of my day, and stay away from all unnecessary nonsense time is priceless, but it ain't for free you pay the price for time wasted, so I'll wait to see if me reaching the summit, was really worth the climb but until I reach the other side, I won't be wastin' my time I won't be wastin' my time I'm not wastin' any time I'm not wastin' any time they go like sands through the hour glass or so they say; each grain that falls, same as the last so are these days - like this thin haze changes the way that I perceive a way back through my memories lost like fallen dreams - yeah it seems like I'm playing a role scenes out of some play or a show filled with morals we used to know lessons learned like the first time burned our lives are full of messages that we will never discern from the hum of the static - emotions and movement become erratic - but all these symptoms are consequences of something more tragic like loss - you tally the cost of opportunities you tossed away; moments when you

lost your way, soon as you forgot to say this is my time when every moment is mine to shine in horizon blinding these worlds collide and I feel it in the ground - got to move 'fore I disappear in reflections of sound like...

The Wake Up (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Guitar: Mario Vaira (recorded at Clarence’s house) Sax: Alex Maher it’s time to wake-up / wake-up it’s time to wake-up / wake-up I want you moving in the right direction 'till we achieve the definition of perfection love respect and peace in what we practice and teach beyond the moment when we stand to preach so take your hand and reach up and open your fist an individual with the right to exist with the right to believe we gotta fight this greed he's your brother if that man can bleed she your sister if that woman breathe we're all threads in this tapestry tangled in a travesty you ask how do we allow hate to hold sway because we turn to look the other way I say enough and I know I’m not alone so before I lie still on a bed of stone I want it known: to find what you really own you’ve gotta look past skin and bone it's time to wake up... days come and go, good ones fly by while the bad days crawl by slow I don't really know why, all I know is this life is a gift, it just goes to show that miracles happen whether you believe it or not some people are so blind, that they can't see what they got standing right there in front of them I wonder why none of them, ever see it but me? I'm thankfully not one of them some of them choose to cruise through this life eyes closed I got too much to lose, so the life I chose, to live doesn't involve, boozing and using, abusing my body for my own self amusement newsprint prints paragraphs of lust and murder got everybody losin’ faith and trust in humanity, got eight year old girls concerned with vanity

now how can we promote this insanity? but we endorse it, because sex sells, we reinforce it with more shit, denying repercussions but that's horseshit when the hell we gonna wake up? when earth itself starts to break up? when there’s too much time lost to make up days come and go so fast sometimes, I wish that I could make the good ones last just a little while longer this feelings getting stronger days come and go so quick sometimes, I wish that I could just take my pick and skip days of feeling somber this feeling's getting stronger

I aM Free (feat. Randy Ponzio of Quest Poetics) (R. Ponzio, B. von Brendel) Piano: Zayne, Guitar: Mario Vaira I am free, yah I roam free, yah I'm lovin' life, and it's gettin' better day by day I see my destination, and I'm rollin' on the straight away right away, I'll let you know I play to win and if you get up in my space, I'm still hittin' that shit on the fade away create a way, to keep the hater’s hate at bay and never be afraid to say, anything I wanna say, so hate away this way I stay, way above the competition, listen to my intuition when I'm on a mission, fishin' for the truth cause all I hear is lies, but suspicion isn't proof so I'm leading my army of youth marchin' on your doorstep, got you up on the roof we'll have you shakin' in your boots, like newly recruited troops but we all about the beats, rhymin' and shootin' hoops my groups, got no time to be walkin' in loops there's only one way to go from here, it's straight up you gotta keep up, cause we ain't got no time to wait up I roam free, yah I roam free, yah I'm workin' hard, without lettin' the work, work me over or, overwork myself, I keep myself in full control of my own destiny, got the ingredients, just need the recipe the rest can be obtained quite easily, but somewhat stressin' me out soft spoken, but sometimes cats are makin' me shout and if you're in my way, then man ya probably best you re-route cause I won't stop to pick up slackers and hijackers my team and I are blowin' up like 4th of July fire crackers and hopefully, the whole world feels the explosion all I gotta do now, is set the wheels in motion (tick, tick) But tick tock, look at the clock, time is tickin' pickin' through a million moments, for the right

thought to thicken into something irresistible, and get these cats addicted to my scripture use my point of view to paint the picture they say a picture is worth a thousand words I'll see how many I can fit in my verse I am free, yah I roam free, yah

Natural High (feat. aspire) (J. Hook, A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Guitar: Zayne there must be something in the air I’m breathing, feeling on top of the world I can’t describe just how aware I’m feeling, diving underwater for pearls I’ve been searching everywhere for meaning, passing by pavement and chrome I’m imagining a rising beacon showing me the way to come home I just wanna take a natural high and make it something that I can convey in a rhyme I don’t wanna ever lay down and die ‘cause my faith is divine love is hate in rewind I was searching for meaning for years of my life in a world full of secrets where fear was alive till I learned to be me and was cured from inside and I turned a new leaf with a clear state of mind the lyrics I rhyme are what I think is suitable I’m near to the light when I write in the studio and when it is time for my funeral I’ll have tears in my eyes because life is so beautiful I am high off the music the moment that it’s made I can feel the serotonin in my veins slowing from my brain helping me to cope with all the pain and the nights I’ve been through that were mostly all the same I know I have to change and grow and adapt to overcome the things that are holding me back I’ve been told I must continue on this road till I pass and I won’t give up and quit because I have chosen my path I fill the gap in boom to boom clap while these other cats give room and move back I tune this new track as the daylight fades into shades beyond perception ‘till soon the moon crack the horizon she don’t care for stars proud of who she is and how she wear those scars

and still tears those hearts of lovers and the lost – of those who blow cover with all caution tossed but I shrug it off: tonight I feel too good can’t dwell in the places where those shadows have stood so I head underground and I jump on a train grab some friends and go barter for curry on brick lane next frame – back out on the street say goodbye and turn on my feet to go finish that beat where I will try to explain that we’re all one in the same and this perception of time and space is the game I just wanna take a natural high and make it something that I can convey in a rhyme I don’t wanna ever lay down and die ‘cause my faith is divine love is hate in rewind I'm feeling, indescribably, undeniably great, like I'd just overcome my arch rivalry why? well, I'm not entirely sure I can explain how I feel, feel like I've tried every word that I have in my vocabulary, I'm feeling legendary best I've ever felt, perhaps more than necessary I guess it varies on the individual and his ability to turn this rare occurrence into ritual original rhymes from these critical minds sometimes habitually cross over invisible lines but leave residual signs, that we on the right path so I hold nothing back when I'm writing my raps I'm like compression with release down, and a heightened attack cause the way I'm feeling right now, is right off the map I'm spiking the track, feeling hot, on top of my game and if I have anything to do with it, that's not gonna change...

Behemoth (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Drums, Guitar and Sax: Alex Maher Sunday way after a show some way trying to rewind and capture a flow from mere hours ago from here how does it go? my rhymes disappear like they footprints in the snow

did my procession of thought have me confessing or not? second guessing what's taught or giving less than I got? I'm not connecting the dots, but I'm still chipping away at the different ways I flip what I say as the day is tripping its way to tomorrow believe me - tomorrow does come: if it didn't I'd a had the time to get this all done my momma raised a tall son upon phrases, spoken pages through these mazes found my own way like she'd done but don't call me one of a kind just one of a million in line and still not feeling these rhymes (this) doubt concealing my mind (so) I can't see what's to become of me: my only enemy in the struggle of one my life is passing me by and I wanna know why I’m just starting to see that I’m my own worst enemy now it’s a matter of time till I’ve made up my mind and I start to relieve the demons that are always here inside of me there's so many thoughts running through my mind it's hard to concentrate on one trying concentrate on one is like trying to contemplate the sun I'm in a constant state of something not far off of being numb but still feeling just enough to feel it once the day is done wishing the day would come when I quit making excuses and get off my ass and I quit, taking in useless information from that idiot box television weaving my ideas and thoughts into hideous knots this city talks but I'm feeling too exhausted to listen can't get my engine running, something must be blockin' a piston searchin' my backpack for a track to toss in the discman feeling like a lost cause, like I'm lost in the system off in the distance, hear a faint voice offering assistance but I write it off as nothing, like the gods or a sixth sense I could just take the easy route, adopting some rich friends or be like, "life's a bitch, man it's no loss if this bitch ends" but this sends the message I've abandoned all hope that couldn't be further from the truth, I'm still the man in control but I need a plan or motivation like the promise of cake the first step is always the hardest to take my life is passing me by and I wanna know why I’m just starting to see that I’m my own worst enemy now it’s a matter of time till I’ve made up my mind and I start to relieve the demons that are always here inside of me would it be better to bail, then to, try and fail? would it be smarter to quit, then to slip and eat shit? these questions circulate my mind more than I'd like to admit destined to work down through my spine

until they sit in the pit of my stomach, I know it's self doubt, spent most of my life runnin' from it feel like there's something coming, eight fingers and thumbs are numbing can't make it out, it's like listening to someone mumbling keeping me up at night like lightning bolts and thunder rumbling I'm stumbling, my friends help me not to lose my footing but I only really know a few good men like Cuba Gooding proof's in the pudding though, I need to prove I can beat this self-doubt's my greatest adversary but my only weakness this life teaches man to practice what he preaches so I offer blood, sweat and tears to satisfy these leeches but enough’s enough, there's only so much that a man can stand but this time I gotta use my mind instead of hand to hand combat, no physical kontakt just writing bomb raps and makin' sure that every single song is phat learning to live with this devil on my shoulder while my angel whispers in my ear..."tell him that it's over!"

Revolution (feat. Erica Dee) (B. von Brendel) Guitar and Sax: Alex Maher 365 days, every earth revolution I'm tryin' to shock the world back to life without usin' electrocution, I gotta brand new solution my music servin' truth while you hand-fed illusion we keep it movin', couple a smooth brothaz doin' what we love, provin' those who doubt us wrong, you've been... waitin' to hear hip hop drop like this since tribe you know that shit soon as you hear it get that instant vibe yo, bobbin' ya noggin', jammin' out while you joggin' got this MC on ya MP3 playa, uncloggin' these hairball MCs that need a good floggin' hoggin' the spotlight, while real MCs prairie-doggin' but, we try and kick it on the positive tip no need for negativity, promote the positive shit and touch base with the whole world, regardless of race the smartest artists outsmart the hardest artists they face with pure intellect, intercept my click via the internet bedroom studio dot cc is in effect I'm bout to jet but you can bet that I'll be back in a sec Dee? Where you at with that hook? (mic check) how can I, put it in words? I'm always cooking a verse and when I'm putting in work, always put my good foot first looking at earth and its inhabitants with awe and inspiration then translating that feeling into raw information while paying close attention to the song and what I'm saying cause I don't want to be misheard and give the wrong indication pronounce my words clearly, so when announced, you hear me I say what I mean, and, I mean what I say sincerely fear me not, I’m down to earth and I'm approachable who knows maybe we got an extra cd for promotional purposes, I love to watch as a smile skirmishes with nervousness and comes out victorious and flourishes it nourishes my soul, encourages my whole damn crew, to keep on doing what we do so if you feeling froggy, man you better frog it out

those already on the floor know just what I'm talking bout I'm talking about, letting go of all the bullshit that's got you vexed thinkin' less of what was and more of what's next cause tomorrow's a brand new day, and, it's not so much the cards in your hand but more the hand you play

Why Can’t I sleep (feat. Aspire) (J. Hook, A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Flute and vox: Ashleigh Ball, Guitar: Alex Maher Bass: Jay Davies why can’t I sleep? when you’re not here with me why can’t I sleep without you? I can't sleep, can't stop thinkin’ bout you girl my bed is too big without you can't wait till next time I can wrap my arms around you you're the type I've searched my whole life to find I finally found you, I'm down if you’re down to get some food? "that sounds cool" great, then it's a date, I'll pick you up, let's say, around noon? I want to announce to, the whole world I found true love the first night, at first sight, ready for round two you have this aura that surrounds you from your head, down through your body right down to the ground you walk on, and girl I'm bound to record a million songs, about you in the soundproof booth I know, it sounds too soon but through you, I feel like a found new truth cause every time we speak, girl, my knees get weak I'd love to stay up and chat, but I seriously need to get some sleep you got me singing.... why can’t I sleep? when you’re not here with me why can’t I sleep without you? why does it seem like I’m lost in a dream? why do I feel like you’re gone and I’m freaked? why did you treat me so awful and mean? and why can’t I sleep when you’re not here with me? you opted to leave and left me alone in the bed of my home as I toss in my sleep ripping off all the sheets I haven’t even washed them in weeks I feel too exhausted to speak I can’t live without you, I want you to see I am useless without you, you’re all that I need I forgot what it means to want to succeed or have someone there when you want them to be you had an affair and took off with the keys and never came back and it’s botherin’ me love is like chocolate it’s sweet and awesome till it rots in your teeth why can’t I sleep? when you’re not here with me why can’t I sleep without you?

I know this poetry is no big surprise to your eyes they always seem to see invisible ties between these words and melodies heard as notes fall while your lying in bed; as feathers cradle your head and every word that I've said plays our song like rain drops play percussion on roof tops, 'till sudden the loop stops caught up in the thought of you alone three more weeks of this tour and then I'm coming home on the phone tough to tell you exactly how I feel but just the sound of your voice brings me back to something real like how the pavement the steel resonate vibrations keep me awake so I can count degrees that we separate while filling scheduled dates rocking shows for promo wanna hear how I free flow in the manner that trees grow but it's only so because our roots go deep, I’ll meditate on that as I try to sleep, but, you got me singing...

All up to Me (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Guitar and Sax: Alex Maher I got the whole world in the palm of my hand I found the fountain of youth, and a way to stop all the grains of falling sand I follow the path I believe will lead me to the promise land All I can do, is live my life the way I want to, and be a good honest man I got in my eyes that drives me I realize no one can make it happen besides me And, I gotta be persistent in a world that defies me with an ocean full of huge waves trying to capsize me it never fails to surprise me though that most people are afraid to go as high as we go 'cause looking down at the ground, even I get dizzy I keep my eyes pointed to the sky and try and keep busy it's an illusion, time is a mystery so I pay it no mind, if it's behind me it's history life can be sublime like the world of Walt Disney or make you feel blind like the man they call Bigsby ya dig me? Ya gotta roll with the punches so I stick with my gut, and go with my hunches at times it's overwhelming, the world's so humongous but life can't be all red carpets and trumpets I waited so patiently for the right motivation just to come to me what would it be I’ve been complacently hoping that slow and patient is the way I will see things grow naturally 99 weaknesses and counting I can’t blame it all on my surroundings, how do I keep on positively thinking while our planet’s slowly sinking? it's all up to me, to get what I want I gotta get up and get it

I know that the world is round but I don’t get the same sense when I watch the ground so I watch my feet then I know for sure that I could walk every step of its curvature if I had the time because the choice is mine and for now I put my focus into spoken rhymes

sometimes, I feel like time is the enemy a strange and unchangeable entity but in exchange of it draining my energy it replaces the pain with serenity and though its pace can erase any trace of the memory of me, I hope in any case they remember me there's something telling me, I'm right where I'm meant to be shining my light on the world, with an intensity too intense to see, independently transcend beyond the limits of this industry focus mentally, so tremendously on my goals that eventually I'll break free from dependency some would say I'm too young, barely 23 but I know what it is I intend to be they call me Dos an MC for the 21st century

take these broken lines and I follow my road home it’s a long walk even though my stride has grown yeah I tried alone but couldn’t find my pace spending too much time looking for more time to waste so I resigned my fate into a faith in sound – and found truth in my labor of love that’s profound

open my eyes - a brand new day shut 'em for another 5 let the light play tricks on the back of my mind I reminisce and I find negatives left back in behind like frames images play a faded song I wait another second till it's gone the ambient light - it's strong pulls me fully awake I hear beats and breaks - the city as it moves along

yeah the world is round so whether you walk or run really on your way back to where you started from – least that’s what I’ve found but I speak for one maybe see you when the journey is done

these sounds I relate to them hear the fate of men; build high just to tear it down so I try to find peace again I release the pen feel the weight of my words surround splash water just to clear my mind in the mirror find a stranger staring back at me but I know that the face is mine I can trace the lines of my life so easily, back

it's all up to me, to get what I want I gotta get up and get it it's all up to me, to get what I want I gotta get up and get it it's all up to me, to get what I want I gotta get up and get it

SIGNS (A. Maher, B. von Brendel, M. Vaira) Guitar: Alex Maher living for the city, payin’ loan debts, making your own bed but sometimes, you still sleep on the couch, not always knowing what your role is or learning what control is even the greatest had to struggle with doubt you’ve thought a lot about your motives finding ways to focus on everything that you’ve been dreaming about amount to something more than coke fizz that just rose to the top, and then started to drop I’ll sing it one time if you don’t mind every little doubt in your head you gotta leave it behind before you’re losing your mind every little step, that you gotta skip is another one left that you’re gonna do over again but you don’t know where to begin

to where it began until I see things I don't understand like when I left home thought I had a plan stay strong like my grandfather’s hands but time demands that you fall in line the beat goes and you're one step behind but every choice of mine is echoed by a voice that I can't define so I listen for these signs

F E AT U R I N G M ∙ P R I M E

THANK YOU Alex: Thank you to my beloved family. Mom, Dad, Chris, Ali. You are my light. To the Maher and Lodovica clans, all my old friends in T.O., Al Shaw, Bryan Stovell, Steve Jones, Stan Karp, Diana Krall, Tommy Banks, Max Graham, Pat LaBarbera, Dr. Willie Hill, Brad Turner, Alex Escott, Ryan Stewart, Mario Vaira, Mc Dosia, Jay Davies, Jess Vaira, Josh Hook, Zayne, Shaun Verreault, Jay Mendiaro, Earl Pereira, Safwan Jared, Sean Viloria, Tim Vaughn, Jason Hattie, Robin Steen, Ryan Guldemond, Ashleigh Ball, Tim Proznick, Dave Spidell, Carly Jepsen, Scott Tucker, Jesse Tucker, Chad Taylor, Erica Dee, Randy Ponzio, Alan Roger, Timon Buys, Geoff Goddard, Gary MacDonald, Jenny Galt, DJ Dennis, Nick Ogawa, Kelsey Klassen, Allison Russell, Timothy Widsom, Dugg Simpson, Shayne Koyczan, Hal Schrenk, Saskatchewan, everyboy at the Anza Club, in Vancity, across Canada, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Down Under, and everywhere else...Thank you. And a special thank you goes to Composensei and our street boss, Nova Koocher. Mario: Much love to Alex and Dosia for asking me to be a part of this project. Shouts to Bobs & Lolo, Clementine Clothing, Twigg & Hottie, WineCellar Music, Kronik Boom Records, Catfish Cove, My Electronic Friends, Five Fathom Studios, Nova Koocher, and the fabulous Anza Club. Thanks to my family, friends, and all who supported and/or took part in the creation of this album. Thanks to what's above. Thanks to what's below. - m•prime Brett: I’d like to thank my mother and my father for supporting my crazy dream of being a rapper. My brothers and sisters for all their encouragement and free promotion! I would like to thank everyone who bought this album and everyone who comes to the shows to support us. Special thanks to Alex and Mario for pushing me to the limits of my abilities and being such wonderful friends. All the people who helped make this record happen by lending their voices and instruments to it: M.Prime, Jess, Jay, Aspire, Chad, Ashleigh, Randy, Erica, Scott, Shaun. My very talented and hardworking manager, Nova Koocher, we couldn’t have done brought this to life without you. My boss, John Chui at Plush, for being so supportive of my career (by not firing me when I go on tour... wink, wink!) A huge “what up!” to my friends back home. BenGay, Steph, Dallas, Cara, Minkman, Jason, lil’ P, Natedizzle, and many others. My roommate Justyn, “Bang!!!” Everyone else in my ginormous family. All my cousins, aunties, uncles, my grandparents, my stepmom Valerie, Bruce, Steve, Louise. And, finally, my little brother Grant, who has been my number one fan since I started writing lyrics. I love you Grant.

Human condition was recorded and engineered at Catfish Cove and Kronik Boom Records Produced by Alex Maher Co-produced, mixed and engineered by Brett von Brendel and Mario Vaira Mastering by Alex Maher and Mario Vaira at Five Fathom Studios Cover art (robot and logo) by Brett von Brendel Graphic design by Out of this World Graphix ( Additional art direction consultation by M. Vaira, Five Fathom Studios © DNA6 Music 2007


F E AT U R I N G M ∙ P R I M E

DNA6 "Human Condition" Liner  

DNA6 "Human Condition" Liner

DNA6 "Human Condition" Liner  

DNA6 "Human Condition" Liner