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NOVA Enrichment Classes – Winter 2019-20    Total Graduation Requirements for 2020 through 2022 Graduates: Literacy (2 credits--1 Reading & 1 Writing) Technology (5 credits) The Arts (6 credits--1 must be Drama/Improv) World Languages (3 credits--1 must be TPRS and 1 Spanish Reading) *Please note:​ Enrichment classes do not have homework unless indicated in the description, except for practice for music classes as a regular expectation. Please be sure to read the descriptions so you can carefully consider the selection of classes that have expectations beyond the class meetings.

World Languages El Mundo:​ ​In El Mundo, students will study the world of Spanish-speaking countries. The class will be conducted in a mixture of Spanish and English. Students will learn about the cultures, customs, traditions, food, music, art, and other aspects of Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries in the Western Hemisphere. Students will conduct research on a particular topic and present their findings to the class.

Hispanic Artists - ​We will explore the lives, cultural/historical implications, and artwork of Hispanic Artists. We will appreciate and create art in the style of these artists! This class will be taught mostly in Spanish and we will learn vocabulary to talk about these topics.

Italian Language and Culture - ​Ciao! Parli Italiano? Delve into the basics of the Italian language while dabbling in Italian culture. The TPRS method will be used to create a wild story in Italian! This class is open to any student, including those who have already taken Italian. ​ ​è fantastico!

Spanish Reading - ​ J​ oin the wild and wonderful journey of improving our Spanish while exploring different genres of reading in Spanish. We will be reading and discussing children’s books, plays, newspapers, magazines, short stories, and mini-novels. *​This class is only open to 7th and 8th graders and is a required World Languages class.

TPRS - ​TPRS stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. You will learn much Spanish through a wild story that the class creates together! We will read, write, act, and draw the story together after learning pantomime gestures with mnemonics to help remember the basic vocabulary and verb structures. *This class is open to all students, can be taken as many times as possible, and is a required World Languages class. If you have not taken it in 6th grade, please take in the 7th grade.

The Arts Note: In the winter, Ms.Grady will continue to offer after-school music opportunities: Choir is after school on Mondays and Rock Band after school on Thursdays! You do not have to be in the school-day class to participate. Choir - ​Come join the NOVA Choir! No previous experience is necessary to begin singing in this class, just your willingness to participate in the following activities: rhythm exercises, ear training, two-part harmony, solfege and reading music. We will be working on music from around the world alongside popular music. You will also gain performance experience in this class! This trimester we will be collaborating with other NOVA music ensembles, so come join this super group!

History and Culture through Films: Musicals​ We will explore the incredible array of musicals that can inspire, educate and transport you into the stories of peoples’ lives from around the world. We will discuss the power of music, choreography and moving pictures. We will explore the behind the scenes of the composers of the music and dive deep into each film by writing reflections on the content. Active participation is required for this super fun class!

Improv - ​"Yes, and...", the basic building block of Improv is a rule we can all live by. Play games, be creative, tell stories, pantomime, and have fun!

Introduction to Mosaics - ​Explore the ancient art of mosaic as you discover how to create colorful, breathtaking works of art! Join your friends on a journey through the intricacies of the mosaic process as you learn how to create beautiful design patterns using glass, ceramic, found objects, and more! Explore the techniques of scoring and nipping, and become an expert grout, then display your creations as part of the gallery-style community celebration!

Open Drawing Studio​ - Come explore your artistic creativity in our Open Drawing Studio this trimester. Open Drawing Studio provides a structured environment for artists of all drawing skill levels--try something new or continue honing the skills you already have. You can choose your own drawing medium, working to complete a series of pieces over the course of the trimester. You will have the option at the end of the trimester to share your work as part of a group gallery collection for the NOVA community.

Rock Band - ​This class is designed to give a time in the week for students to rock out on instruments. We will work on pieces of music together, rearrange some favorites, and possibly work on writing our own music in the genre. Musical experience is a plus for this class, so it is recommended to have played an instrument for two years, but not required. Within the class, students will be able to try playing the drum kit, keyboard, bass, and electric guitar. We will also be experimenting with sound manipulation with effects pedals. Anyone signing up for this class must be willing to collaboratively work within an ensemble!

Stagecraft - ​Stagecraft introduces students to behind-the-scenes theater. This hands-on class is designed to teach students the basics of stage sets, props, and costume design. Students will work together collaboratively to develop practical design concepts, create models for sets via video projection and construction, as well as collect and fabricate theatrical props and costumes.

Zentangled -​ Come explore the art of zentangling, an easy-to-learn way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Whether you are new or experienced, you are sure to enjoy this fascinating art form. It is fun and relaxing, while increasing focus and creativity. The creators of Zentangle, Rick and Maria, believe it is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life!

Literacy Classes Civil Rights – History of Feminism - ​2020 marks the 100​th​ anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Did you ever wonder why women didn’t have it at the founding of our country, how they gained it, and what women are fighting for today? From suffragettes in the 19​th​ century to the #MeToo movement of today, women have been fighting for their rightful place in society. Learn about historical and present-day feminist activists in an engaging and in-depth format. Boys are encouraged to sign up for this class, to learn about how they can support women’s equality and make the world a better place.

Open Reading ​- Pursue your literary interests! We encourage you to branch out from your normal reading patterns and read something new, different, and exciting. Students will keep a reading journal to document their reading experience throughout the trimester. Students may also use this class time to read assigned novels from Language Arts when needed.

Open Writing - ​In ​Open Writing​, students have the opportunity to work independently on a writing project over the course of the trimester, independent of the work they do in Language Arts. The form of the writing is up to the student; it can be nonfiction, fiction, or poetry. Students may spend the trimester working on one long piece or they may create several pieces of flash fiction or poetry. Each student will also maintain a blog on which they may feature excerpts from their works in progress. This class may be repeated for credit; students may continue working on a project initiated in a previous ​Open Writing​ class.

Poetry in Depth - ​Want more time to dive into various forms of poetry? Then this is the class for you! We will read, listen to, and watch a variety of poems and spend time crafting our own. From haiku to spoken word, this class will give you an opportunity to explore the wide range of expression that poetry gives us.

**National History Day ​– This class is only open to students taking the class during the fall trimester. This winter trimester counts as a literacy credit.​**

Technology Classes Environmental Documentary Filmmaking - ​Be the change you wish to see in the world! ​Join your peers in this powerful class focused on the use of film to create awareness about important environmental issues. Learn about the basic techniques involved in the design of a documentary film and the range of equipment needed including cameras, sound, and editing software. Learn how to research an important environmental issue, create a compelling story, and capture the footage you need to help tell your story.

Musical Games, Musical Dice - ​This class will help anyone become a composer! With the intersection of games, math and music we will explore composition. We will play games like musical dice, which has an element of chance by rolling dice, but will lead to composing in a variety of styles. Students will learn basic theory and work with an online composition software. No experience necessary, just a willingness to have fun with writing music!

Technology - Continued! Graphic Design with Inkscape (Part 1)​ ​- L ​ earn some of the basics of graphic design through the process of designing 3-D art, graphics, icons and drawings. We will be using programs such as Inkscape, Vectr, and GIMP, but don’t worry if you’ve never used these programs, you’ll learn everything you need to know! This class is for students who have never taken Graphic Design before and who have little or no experience with the program Inkscape.

Graphic Design with Inkscape (Part 2)​ ​- P ​ art Deux of this class builds on many of the concepts and skills that were explored in Inkscape 1. In this class we will continue to learn the basics of graphic design through the process of designing 3-D art, graphics, icons, and drawings. We will continue to use programs such as Inkscape, Vectr, and GIMP, and hope to apply our growing skills to make shareable graphic designs including buttons, note cards, icons, and logos. *This class is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who have taken the first graphic design course and/or have experience with Inkscape.

Robotics​ - In robotics, you’ll learn how to make machines do what you want them to do. At their most basic level, the robots have sensors that can detect light, ultrasonic sound, and button presses, as well as various motors that do little more than rotate. When combined in the right ways, however, the robot can be made to follow a path, search for and move objects, navigate a maze on its own, and more. In this class we use the Lego Mindstorm robotics kits. The class is appropriate both for students who have prior robotics experience as well as those who do not. We will learn and use the software to program write code that the robots will follow, and if you have never done any coding before, this is a great place to start!

Science of Star Wars - Travel to a galaxy far, far away and learn the science behind one of the greatest science fiction film collections of our time! Build your own galaxy using code. Design upcycled droids. Experiment with special film effects such as holograms. Engineer a lightsaber circuit board. Interview local scientists to learn how fast hyperspace really is...or how having two suns would affect our gravitational field...or when ​artificial intelligence

Turbo Typers - ​It’s important for our powerful brains to have a way to export all that is swirling around in there quickly! Turbo Typers is a class designed around this idea to improve the efficiency of touch typing. We will be intentional about slowing down and keeping in home row. It will be a mix of repetition, practice, and fun typing games. This improvement takes patience and resiliency to re-train our muscles, but the rewards will be awesome!

Video Game Design - ​In this technology class, you will learn how to design and create your own playable video games. This class will start with the basics of coding using online coding programs such as,, and “Hour of Code” from All of these programs will help students gain experience in computer science and the basics of coding programs and languages such as HTML & CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and many more. We will then focus our work on KODU (free online gaming software by Microsoft), to teach students how to make their own video games in a 3D simulation environment. *Note: this class cannot be taken more than twice at NOVA

might take over our planet...or what the Force is and if it is really with you!

Other Classes Anatomy Lab - ​Join your peers in this lab-based class which will use hands-on activities and inquiry labs to explore the diversity of life. This course will serve as an introduction to body systems, the structure and function of these systems, and their interrelated nature. Learn about the marvel of biological engineering through exciting laboratory experiences and fun activities, including dissection, games, virtual reality, demonstrations, and guest speakers.

Cartography​ – If you are interested and fascinated by maps, take this opportunity to fashion your own! The course will begin with reproduction of current maps, with a gradual move to drawing an original. If time permits, we will also try our hand at generating them electronically.

Code Creation and Cracking ​– Do you have a desire to solve difficult puzzles and riddles? Do you see patterns in letters and numbers? Do you want to design the unbreakable code? This course will give you the opportunity to flex your cranium and design some innovative codes! Strap on your thinking caps and get cracking!

Geography Bee - ​This class will prepare students for the National Geographic Geography Bee. You will study the cities, states, countries, physical features, and geography terms which appear in the Geo Bee. You will also practice answering Geo Bee-style questions. We will have games and competitions within the class. No experience is necessary. Join us as we practice geography!

Strategy Card Games ​– Once upon a time, people young and old used to get together for hours on end to play cards. Not only used for recreation, games such as Bridge, Hearts, and Spades taught strategy, honed non-verbal communication, and sharpened mental acuity. Students will be taught the nuances of these games and how to strategically become successful at them, while also putting them back in a social setting where social media is not needed.

Successful Study Habits: ​Successful Study Habits is a class designed to help NOVA students develop their organizational, time-management, and personal study habits. Students will receive instruction and practice in these skills, including the skills to complete both daily homework assignments as well as long-term projects. Students should also expect bi-monthly TeacherEase “check-ins” where they will sit with Mr. Campbell and look over their current grades, progress report, and missing assignments. These check-ins will serve as moments for goal-setting. *​This class is recommended for students who want or need to expand their abilities in time management and organizational skills.

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Winter 2019-20 Enrichment Catalog  

Winter 2019-20 Enrichment Catalog