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We believe that Art and Literature play a decisive influence in all social classes, even within the most ignorant ones, who, “drink” from its mysterious “drops” Free translation from a quote by F.T. Marinetti, in The Futurist Manifesto (1909)


Introduction note The Madeira Literary Festival (MLF) was born and it

the current crises situation. We achieved the festival’s

has grown mature. Now, it affirms itself as an inevita-

internationalisation, with remarkable honours in the

ble cultural moment.

Poetry field - the greatest way of expressing feelings, thoughts about the world, man and humanity itself.

We start by focusing our discussion on the most responsible people of all: the authors. They are the ones

Now, the synthesis, after the thesis and the antith-

that through their books make us think, question,

esis, as Hegel proposed in his perfect trilogy to (try)

laugh and fall in love. We speak about those who run

achieve the supreme knowledge. Hence, the 3rd fes-

away from the fame corridors, the defamed, the un-

tival is the double negation, symbolizing the rupture

predictable, the forgotten ones, and even from those

with the past, aiming for a brand new future. It’s the

who have been neglected.

revolution, rupture and renewal on the way of thinking about art. Or is it the art or thinking?

“We were happy and we did not know it”, so, for the 2nd year, we wanted literature to be happy in Madeira and “troikamos” - meaning that we disrupted -

| 2 | CONTEXT // FLM 2013

Context 3 acts MANIFESTO | Revolution | Rupture | Renovation

It’s in times of greater social contestation and debate

Over time, the Manifesto model changed both its

that the Manifesto stresses itself as a favourite style to

strategy of presentation and the methods used to

lay new foundations for the future. Whether aesthet-

reach the public. From a flyer that anonymously cir-

ic-literary, political or ideological, the Manifesto, by its

culates in the street to a text published and signed by

demanding nature, introduces itself as a preferable

newspapers, the Manifesto also reflects the descrip-

way to clearly, concisely and accurately programme

tion of the present, the awareness of itself and of the

goals for the future, undertaking a complete rupture

other, of what we have, and of what we might have,

with the past, in an attempt of aesthetic, literary and

of what we are, and of what we want to become; of

even political renewal (ideological and cultural policy).

the collective duty, about building a society, about

To speak today about the Manifesto as a literary style,

the rupture with that same present time, and the con-

used in the literature field, precisely, to break with

struction of something new for the future; the Mani-

previous literary schools that no longer met the exist-

festo is the determination, the willingness of being

ent literary aims, is speaking about texts that by their

able to transform.

courage and vision on what the future may represent, made possible for the literary-aesthetic movements to develop, reinvent and reencounter themselves in their purpose. Initially targeted to a more intellectual reader, wishing to encourage and conduct to a change, the Manifesto features clarity of speech due to its decisive and aggressiveness of words, and by the methods it suggests to achieve its purposes. It also introduces a concept of “violence�, engaged as a clear rupture with the past and the beginning of a new aesthetic project.

FLM 2013 // CONTEXT | 3 |

Shall we manifest? Why an Art Manifesto? Does it make sense, today, to

even better, is it possible for literary Art to translate

ascribe to artistic production the hope and expecta-

the traces we have left? If yes, is it the writer who shall

tion of a Manifesto, as many others that history has

undertake this mission?

made eternal? These are turbulent times are it’s possible to identify, The revolutionary suggestion of the Manifesto cannot

in many violent periods of our Western history, liter-

be claimed by any of the political/ideological quad-

ary works that somehow have produced breaks that

rants. Though, we know that it’s strong the temptation

did not confined in literature. On the contrary, they

of envisioning an appeal, genesis of the Manifesto,

have spread like rushing waves in all dimensions of

worldviews marked by ideology. Within an ideological

people’s everyday life. Is it expected that within a few

foundation of a new paradigm, the change around a

decades, we can establish a clear link between the po-

Manifesto is almost inevitable. Because the great lit-

litical/economic context and a literary work? In Portu-

erary Art is sustained in a clear understanding and

gal the new trend of authors, some of them present

awareness of itself and of the others, the Manifesto

in this Festival, are influenced by the references from

recognises the ideological influences, although it’s not

past of times; would their production be the same

confined to them. The theory or concept may be sum-

if we lived in a prosperous period? The “Brave New

marized in this way: all great literature is a manifesto.

World” by Aldous Huxley or the “The Trial” by Frank

Or, if you wish not to hurt people’s feelings, consider-

Kafka are timeless dystopias, because they anticipat-

ing that they might see it as the beginning of a new

ed the apocalypse of totalitarian regimes, or are they

dogma, we ask: is all great literature a manifesto?

timeless for their intrinsic and uncompromising exploration of the human condition? Both perspectives

The impact of Manifestos that we easily recall cannot

lead to a valid conclusion: Huxley and Kafka wrote

be dissociated from the times when they emerged.

manifestos. Will it be enough to reread them, because

Information did not spread, as today, and the ways

all art is a palimpsest (manuscript), or because there’s

available to men, who, for example, lectured the Ca-

no space for reinventing a manifesto as literature?

sino Conferences did not authorise its immediate propagation. These days, any trace of indignation - or any frivolous dream, even if valid - may aspire to a global visibility. Has globalisation barren the lands where once manifests germinated? The Manifestos that history perpetuated have generated seismic waves because there was a huge void to fill? Joining a cause, ordained in a Manifesto, also indicated an ability to dream, has that been lost? Is the Manifesto the expression [partially with self-identity aspirations] of a desire for change, or reinvention, that new times have hold back? Do we still have left traces that literary Art may translate? Or

| 4 | PROMOTER // FLM 2013

Promoter NOVA DELPHI Books | Ebooks | Events NOVA DELPHI is an editorial project that is born from

In this constant search for interpellation, NOVA DEL-

a passion by the book itself, seen by us as a privileged

PHI has assumed, since its birth, the holding of literary

vehicle to knowledge and intercultural dialogue. One

events, being the Madeira Literary Festival the one that

of its particular traits is the fact that the main office is

has the most expression in the national panorama.

in Funchal, Portugal, while its branch office is in Rome, Italy.

On its third edition, NOVA DELPHI has assumed an even greater purpose: to make Madeira island the

With a team made by young and dynamic people,

gathering and birth point of ideas and thoughts, and

NOVA DELPHI’s ambition is that books published

to place Madeira Literary Festival on the map of inter-

under its brand are seen as a space of meeting, ex-

national Literary Festivals.

planation, dialogue, reading, debate, in sum, a space specifically created for communication, in each of its multiple and profuse languages. NOVA DELPHI’s sphinx has that exact symbolism - to unfold the riddles in each one of its vocations.

FLM 2013 // GOALS | 5 |

Goals 3 acts MANIFESTO Approach | Internationalisation | Madeira: Cultural Destination The Organization always wished and was engaged

In general terms the idea is to be able to undertake

into marking its presence in international cultural

and develop an initiative taking advantage from the

guides. By placing Madeira on the map of internation-

fact that Madeira is a Tourism Region of excellence

al Literary Festivals, it also reveals the positive image

and introduce a cultural event that, in the near future,

of the Region and the cultural level of its residents.

may be a reference in the cultural field, being part of

Simultaneously, it demonstrates the maturity of a

national and international guides within the area, and

destination that is deeply committed in offering more

that promotes Madeira abroad as Region of Culture.

than great welcoming/services, but also an excellent

We are certain that this will be another way to be con-

cultural programme. Filling in this gap within the ex-

tributing for the development of a niche in the market

istent cultural offering, particularly in literary culture,

still unexplored.

represents a benefit for resident readers, providing as well an alternative or additional offer to all of those who visit us. The island assembles exceptional conditions to host a successful event such as the MLF. We speak not only of Madeira’s natural beauty, which is a strongly attractive, but also of the quality of its hotels and diversity of infrastructures throughout the Island. If we have an open mind to new initiatives, everyone will, directly or indirectly, benefit from events like this.

| 6 | PROGRAMME // FLM 2013

Programme 3 acts MANIFESTO | Revolution | Rupture | Renovation

The programme is quite diverse in its initiatives and

Beyond the «Festival in schools » and the Conference

considering the target audiences. We will expand our

and the University of Madeira, this year we launched

cultural offer and introduce the book in its multiple

the “fli” – Festivalinho – Children’s Literary Festival. We

readings and representations.

believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the younger ones to start having contact with the event,

So, in partnership with several regional entities from

to promote a better contact with the books and their

the most diverse areas of the Art, such as: cartoons,

authors, and with other authors and illustrators.

dance, graphic design, photography, music, theatre and video, the book will work as a creative inspiration to offer and promote the participation of different age

Opening Conference

groups, who will have a direct contact with the multiple ways of looking and seeing the world through the

APRIL 3 | 18:00

book and its multiple interpretations.

Naomi Wolf Marks the official opening of the 2013’s MLF. This

We want to open the “book” to the world with a wide-

event will have a guest personality who surely attracts

ranging programme that is available to everyone.

the general population for his/hers personality, pres-

Pursuing that goal, the 2013’s edition will have differ-

ence and media visibility. This is the moment when

ent types of conversations, conferences, workshops,

the Art Manifesto takes-off.

shows and art events in which will participate several

Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

cultural agents of the island, in different locations: schools, university, theatre, street.

FLM 2013 // PROGRAMME | 7 |

Debates All conversations take place in Baltazar Dias Municipal

APRIL 6 | 11:45 | Crossed talks


“To be human” (Krishnamurti) RELIGION Religion sets us free or imprisons us? Does

APRIL 3 | 19:00 | Table conversations

the freedom of truth belong to a unique source? Does

Naomi Wolf and Rui Tavares

mankind have the need to believe that there is something that goes beyond? Religion is (still) the opium of

APRIL 4 | 18:00 | Crossed talks

people? The religious morality is still the best way to

“A Arte de morrer longe” (Mário de Carvalho)

control conflicts in the age of technology? Fear.

DIASPORA There is a Portuguese in every corner of

Participants: Anselmo Borges, Gina Picart, Lídio

the world, it is said. The Madeira diaspora is immen-

Araújo and Tabish Khair

se. “Does it hurt less when we die in many places”?

Moderator: Sílvio Fernandes

The fact of being an island’s native is also conditioned by those who leave us from a distance?

APRIL 6 | 15:30 | Crossed talks

Participants: João Tordo, Raquel Ochoa, Tiago

“L’Art de Payer sed Dettes et de Satisfaire Ses

Patrício and Tiago Salazar

Créanciers Sans Débourser un Sou” (Balzac)

Moderator: Cláudia Rodrigues

ECONOMY The religion of money and the law of need. Does money exist? How much is worth and what it

APRIL 5 | 18:00 | Crossed talks

may buy? Are we living an economic war? Is there any

“Über die Weiber” (Schopenhauer)

alternative to capitalism? May capitalism pursue a

DIFFERENCE Different ways of seeing the world lead

greater and common good without changing its DNA?

to conflicts. May two opposing points of view live in

Participants: Carlos Quiroga, Maria do Rosário

the same world? Are they able to coexist together? Or

Pedreira, Raquel Varela and Rui Zink

will it be a relationship always based on subordina-

Moderator: Carlos Vaz Marques

tion? Feminism as an expression of mankind’s liberty. Participants: Ana Luísa Amaral, Filipa Leal, Inês Fon-

APRIL 6 | 17:15 | Table conversations

seca Santos, João Paulo Cotrim and Waldir Araújo

Zygmunt Bauman and José Rodrigues dos

Moderator: Paula Moura Pinheiro


APRIL 6 | 10:00 | Crossed talks “The Art of War” (Sun Tzu) WAR How war revolutionised or revolutionises the world; the dominant and the dominated; the war of thoughts and ideologies is a war with far more devastating effects than a war with guns? The 20th Century has changed the war paradigm as a solution for conflicts? Participants: Antonio Scurati, Carlos Vaz Marques, João Luís Barreto Guimarães and Pedro Mexia Moderator: Ricardo Miguel Oliveira

| 8 | NEW READERS // FLM 2013

New Readers 3 acts MANIFESTO Kindergartens | Secondary Schools | University “Festivalinho” – Children’s Literary Festival

APRIL 1 | 15:00 Orfanato Princesa D. Amélia Participants: Francisco Fernandes and Luísa Spínola

This year we launch the “fli”, a festival totally dedicated to a younger audience. During two days children will

APRIL 1 | 18:00

be in contact with writers and have the opportunity of

ATL Gymboree

listening to stories and recreate them in their draw-

Participants: Adélia Carvalho and Paulo Sérgio BEJu

ings. Considering that children are authentic inventors, an active participation will help them understand

APRIL 2 | 9:30

and learn the entire process behind a book produc-

Externato Princesa D. Maria Amélia

tion, the combination of words and images necessary

Participants: Adélia Carvalho and Paulo Sérgio BEJu

to create a logic in constant development and always present.

APRIL 2 | 10:00 Escola Básica dos 2.º e 3.º Ciclos Professor

Aiming to develop from an early age habits of read-

Francisco Barreto

ing and liking to do it, the writers will visit some pre-

Participants: Francisco Fernandes and Luísa Spínola

schools and primary schools. The writer chooses a book and reads it and then he challenges his younger

APRIL 2 | 10:30

audience to reinvent the story through a drawing.

Colégio de Santa Teresinha

The Illustrator guides the creative process by helping

Participants: Isabel Leal and Roberto Macedo Alves

children, giving tips and suggestions, always leaving space and appealing to their creative freedom.

APRIL 2 | 11:30 Colégio de Santa Teresinha Participants: Cláudia Sousa, Maria de Menezes and Vasco Serôdio

FLM 2013 // NEW READERS | 9 |

Festival in schools APRIL 2 | 14:30

Since its beginning, the MLF has focused in the con-

Biblioteca do Curral das Freiras

tact between authors and young readers, through

Participants: Isabel Leal and Roberto Macedo Alves

sessions organised in partnership with local Secondary Schools. We are therefore deeply convinced that

APRIL 2 | 14:30

the success of future editions of this event will largely

Biblioteca de Camara de Lobos

depend on carrying through with this opportunity

Participants: Cláudia Sousa, Maria de Menezes,

of contact with the writers. The contagious effects

Paulo Sérgio BEJu and Vasco Serôdio

of these actions will create an interest for books, for reading and thinking.

APRIL 2 | 15:00 Escola Basica e Pré escolar do Boliqueime

APRIL 3 | 10:00

Participants: Francisco Fernandes and Luísa Spínola

Escola B+S Dr. Luís Maurílio da Silva Dantas Participants: Adélia Carvalho and António Barroso Cruz

APRIL 3 | 11:50 Escola B+S Calheta Participants: João Tordo and Lídio Araújo

APRIL 4 | 10:00 Escola Secundária Francisco Franco Participants: Carlos Quiroga and Rui Zink

APRIL 4 | 10:00 Escola B+S Prof. Dr. Freitas Branco (Porto Santo) Participants: Manuela Ribeiro and Raquel Ochoa

APRIL 4 | 10:00 Escola B+S Padre Manuel Álvares Participants: Filipa Leal and Tiago Salazar

APRIL 4 | 11:30 Escola B+S Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva Participants: Inês Fonseca Santos and Tiago Patrício

| 10 | NEW READERS // FLM 2013

University In its core, the Madeira Literary Festival is an en-

APRIL 5 | 16:00

couragement to reflection. Therefore, the University

«E agora, José. (…) Aqui e ali vão-se levantando farra-

of Madeira (UMa) arises as a natural partner in an

pos do muito que em nós se adiou e do muito que em

immensity of thoughts, as an “ocean with multiple

nós se morreu, e nalguns casos podemos até distin-

streams”. The youngest Portuguese academy has for-

guir o traço de liberdade que abrimos com os nossos

tified its space in the Portuguese academic panora-

livros nessa desolação prolongada. Pronto, estamos

ma, and recently strengthened its international pres-

feitos, José.» José Cardoso Pires

tige through several protocols that transformed UMa

Participants: João Luís Barreto Guimarães, João

into a legitimate ambassador of Madeira. So, in 2013,

Paulo Cotrim, Rui Zink and Tiago Patrício

the University of Madeira, welcomes once again some

Moderator: Diana Pimentel

events within the MLF programme. In 3 different moments will be possible to assist to that renewal of the “umbilical cord” – the close relationship between the Literary Festival and the University. Being a Region with an enormous diaspora, Madeira also expands itself through the World with the contributions coming from its Academy.

APRIL 4 | 14:30 «Because I know that time is always time And place is always and only place (…) Because I cannot hope to turn again Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something Upon which rejoice» T. S. Eliot Participants: Antonio Scurati, Gina Picart, Naomi Wolf, Tabish Khair and Zygmunt Bauman Moderator: Diana Pimentel

APRIL 5 | 14:30 «[...] para quê, perguntou ele, para que servem Os poetas em tempo de indigência?» Hélia Correia Participants: Ana Luísa Amaral, Filipa Leal, Inês Fonseca Santos and Maria do Rosário Pedreira Moderator: Manuela Ribeiro

FLM 2013 // NEW PUBLICS | 11 |

New Publics 3 acts MANIFESTO | Night | Action | Recreation

Events and Shows 3 DE ABRIL | 21:00

5 DE ABRIL | 21:30

Show | Jazz, my Art

Concert | «Da minha língua vê-se o mar»

Massimo Cavalli and CEPAM Escola das Artes

Mariano Deidda and Sérgio Godinho

SCAT - Music Club and Restaurant

Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre | Ticket: 15€

4 DE ABRIL | 21:30

6 DE ABRIL | 21:00

Evento | Multimedia, my Art

Show | Poetry, my Art

Universidade da Madeira, Colégio dos Jesuítas

and Jam Session with Maggiore and Nuno Filipe Estalagem da Ponta do Sol

5 DE ABRIL | 11:00 Exhibition opening | The Art of Another Place Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

| 12 | PARTICIPANTS // FLM 2013

Participants 3 acts MANIFESTO | Generations | Continents | Genders

Participants Adélia Carvalho

Maria do Rosário Pedreira

Ana Luísa Amaral

Maria João Saraiva de Menezes

Anselmo Borges

Mariano Deidda

António Barroso Cruz

Massimo Cavalli

Antonio Scurati

Naomi Wolf

Carlos Quiroga

Paula Moura Pinheiro

Carlos Vaz Marques

Paulo Sérgio BEJu

Cláudia Rodrigues

Pedro Mexia

Cláudia Sousa

Raquel Ochoa

Filipa Leal

Raquel Varela

Francisco Fernandes

Ricardo Miguel Oliveira

Gina Picart

Roberto Macedo Alves

Inês Fonseca Santos

Rui Tavares

Isabel Leal

Rui Zink

João Luís Barreto Guimarães

Sérgio Godinho

João Paulo Cotrim

Sílvio Fernandes

João Tordo

Tabish Khair

José Rodrigues dos Santos

Tiago Patrício

Lídio Araújo

Tiago Salazar

Luísa Spínola

Waldir Araújo

Manuela Ribeiro

Zygmunt Bauman

FLM 2013 // MADEIRA | 13 |

Š Fernando Gomes

Madeira 3 acts MANIFESTO | Nature | Culture | Gastronomy

Beauty. Diversity. Authenticity. Are Keywords that

In this harmonious symbiosis of varied landscapes we

come up naturally when you think of Madeira and

can find the perfect balance between body and mind.

Porto Santo islands. These words, not only describes what one sees but also identify the unique soul of its

in Turismo da Madeira (

locals (madeirans). The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape combined with our wide ranging culture offer, provides a wide diversity of leisure and entertainment alternatives that satisfy and captivates the interest of all who visit our islands. We are genuine. We are Europeans and yet geographically we are on Africa. The islands Mediterranean agricultural coexist with the production of tropical fruits and vegetables. We sing in Portuguese and danced to the rhythms of Moorish influence. We are surrounded by the sea and mountains. Blue and green. We have Nature but we also have an historical heritage. Small picturesque villages are drawn in the mountains, rhythm. We have an island lush in vegetation and another that almost resembles the desert.

Š Fernando Gomes

while its main capital pulses with a cosmopolitanism

© paparazis

© paparazis

| 14 | MADEIRA // FLM 2013

© Fernando Gomes

© paparazis

FLM 2013 // MADEIRA | 15 |

| 16 | SPACES // FLM 2013

Spaces 3 acts MANIFESTO | Stages | Institutions | Hotel

Hotel Meli達 Madeira Mare

Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre



Rua Leichlingen, 2-4

Avenida Arriaga

9000-003 Funchal

9000-060 Funchal

+351 291 724 140

+351 291 215 130

FLM 2013 // SPACES | 17 |

Book Market


Once we’re speaking about books, they had to be, ob-


viously, present. The MLF has secured its own space,

Caminho da Penteada

and today we can all right say that this event calls the

9020-105 Funchal

attention of a considerable number of readers that seek their favourite books and authors here.

| 18 | SPACES // FLM 2013

Kindergartens, Libraries and Schools addresses

Escola B+S Dr. Luís Maurílio Da Silva Dantas


Estrada de Santa Clara

Anexo ao Externato Princesa Dona Maria Amélia

9300-145 Câmara de Lobos

Avenida Infante 12 9000-015 Funchal

Escola Secundária Francisco Franco Rua João Deus, 93

ATL - Gymboree

9054-527 Funchal

Av. do Amparo nº 20 - Edf. Concórdia 9000-783 Funchal

Escola B+S Prof. Dr. Freitas Branco (Porto Santo) Sítio das Matas

Externato Princesa Dona Maria Amélia

9400-035 Porto Santo

Avenida Infante 12 9000-015 Funchal

Escola B+S Padre Manuel Álvares Rua São Francisco, Vila

Escola Básica dos 2.º e 3.º Ciclos Professor Francisco

9350-211 Ribeira Brava

Barreto (Fajã da Ovelha) Rua Escola, Fajã da Ovelha

Escola B+S Ângelo Augusto da Silva (Levada)

9370-333 Calheta

Caminho Comboio, 61C 9050-053 Funchal

Colégio de Santa Teresinha Rua Pedro José de Ornelas, 19 9050-069 Funchal Biblioteca do Curral das Freiras (junto à igreja do Curral das Freiras) Câmara de Lobos Biblioteca de Câmara de Lobos Avenida da Autonomia, 5 9300-146 Câmara de Lobos Escola Basica e Pré escolar do Boliqueime Caminho da Barreira, 57, Santo António 9020-068 Funchal Escola B+S Calheta Estrada Simão Gonçalves da Câmara, 39 9370-139 Calheta

FLM 2013 // SPACES | 19 |

SCAT - Music Club and Restaurant

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol



Promenade do Lido

Quinta da Rochinha

9000-758 Funchal

Caminho do Passo, 6 9360-529 Ponta do Sol

| 20 | CONTACTS // FLM 2013

Contacts 3 acts MANIFESTO | Organização | Press | Useful


Useful contacts



Rua da Carreira, 115/117

Rua Leichlingen, 2-4

9000-042 Funchal

9000-003 Funchal

+351 291 241 607

+351 291 724 140 |

ORGANIZATION Micaela Camacho


+351 918 21 5916 |

Avenida Arriaga 9000-060 Funchal


+351 291 215 130

Andreia Criner

+351 932 555 700 |

TAXIS Sara Oliveira


+351 910 171 949 |

+351 291 771 610 Largo do Município

Célia Pessegueiro

+351 291 222 000

+351 910 022 530 |

Praça do Mercado +351 291 226 400



+351 918 215 918 |

+351 291 208 400

FLM 2013 // SPONSORS | 21 |

Sponsors and Media Partners



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Introduction note Context Promoter Goals Programme New Readers New Publics Participants Madeira Spaces Contacts Sponsors

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Madeira Literary Festival Press Kit  

Madeira Literary Festival Press Kit

Madeira Literary Festival Press Kit  

Madeira Literary Festival Press Kit