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Addensante per Era Veneziana Additive for Era Veneziana GENERAL FEATURES Addensante per Era Veneziana is a specific additive for Era Veneziana USES Only to be used in addition to Era Veneziana, in the proportion of 0,200 kg of Addensante for each 5 kg can of Era Veneziana IDENTIFICATION FEATURES Hydrophobically modified polyether. Density: Addensante per Era Veneziana: 1.00 g/ml WARNING Properly mix the product before its coloration and application. DILUTION If needed, add Addensante to Era Veneziana, after pigmentation and before application, as described in the following instructions. The addition of Addensante to Era Veneziana must be gradual and always under the mechanical mixing action of a drill with whisk, for about two hours.

following corrections. Use the products as per the security and hygiene procedures rules. Dispose of the empty packaging remaining material in compliance with local laws. Keep the product away from children usage and in an airy place. In case of contact with eyes, wash them immediately with water. In case of ingestion of the products, consult immediately a doctor showing him the can or the label of the product. Do not leave wastes in drains, water courses and on the ground. For further information see the safety data sheet. N.B.- The information reported in this technical data sheet comes from our best experience; however this does not involve any responsibility of our Company for applications of this product without our control. al di fuori del ns. diretto controllo.

TOOLS CLEANING With water, immediately after their use. COLORS Neutral PACKAGES 0,200 kg packages. SHELF LIFE The packaged product is guaranteed for 24 months, if stored in the original sealed package at temperatures between +5째 C and +35째 C. Humid storage conditions must be avoided and the product must be protected from water to avoid the deterioration of the material. The product does not require the label as per the D.L. 65 dated 14/03/03 and

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