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NovaBike NovaBike Newsletter: January 2012

2 - NovaBike Newsletter: January 2012

NovaBike Foreword

In this edition: MOTOR magazine


NovaBike in cooperation with the number one motormagazine in the Netherlands!

NovaBike Progress


Progress of our developments .. what are we up to so far?


The first newsletter of the already awesome year 2012. In this newsletter we would like to present you to our new partner “MOTOR magazine”. With this the new driver; Randy van der Wal, and a lot of exposure is guaranteed. Also some of our progress can be seen together with a presentation of two of our members and partners.

NovaBike members


We would also sincerely like to thank all the sponsors for the financial, material and moral support.

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A presentation of two of our team members

Short presentation of two of our sponsors/suppliers. Without this kind of support this awesome project could not succeed!


MOtor magazines Randy van der wal Âť

To reach even more competitive results a new, professional and experienced driver was selected. We are very proud to announce that Randy van der Wal will be handling the clipons of NovaBike03 in the upcoming season. However this is not the only good news. Randy, editor and test driver for the magazine MOTOR Magazine, will bring full report of the races and the team, this results in more publicity and exposure for NovaBike.

4 - NovaBike Newsletter: January 2012

A double benefit for NovaBike; an experienced and fast rider and report in the best motorcycle magazine of the Netherlands! Randy and his coeditor Jarno already visited us in Delft, among other things, the seating position was determined (see picture above). For NovaBike this cooperation means a lot, we are very thrilled to say that from now of on you will hear even more from us.


NovaBike Progress »The Location and Communication System To study and improve the driver’s behaviour on the track we are working with a GPS tracking system and a wireless communication system. However this is only allowed during our training sessions since sending or receiving any information from the bike during a race is not allowed. This is a vital part for our development since with this gathered data we can give constructive feedback to the driver which will results in better lap times. The system will us a frequency band of around 900 MHz with an output power of 1 W. With this device we should be able to send and receive information from any position on the track. The maximal obtainable data rate will be 115.2 kbps, which is sufficient for communication. The GPS data will also be used to improve the gearshift indicator, this indicates when it is ideal to shift gears. In most systems this is only dependent on the engine rotational speed (RPM) and is a fixed value. In our case, using the GPS data, this value can be adjusted dependent on the location of the track. What this means is that the engine will be able to anticipate on the drivers behavior. The most critical parameters when choosing this system are the accuracy, refresh rate and total energy consumption. Fortunately, ‘Racelogic’ is willing to provide us with one of their products.; the Video V-Box Pro (see figure). This system is equipped with a GPS receiver and two external cameras.

» Results of the Windtunnel test Several weeks ago a wind tunnel test was performed. This test was scheduled to compare the different configurations of NovaBike02 with each other. The drag measurements were successfully executed and the flow behavior was studied. This test has shown that the proposed redesign of the top body could certainly be improved. It generated, in our opinion, too much drag. Does this mean that we can label this is a failure? Certainly not! It is for this reason that we perform such wind tunnel test. We are very fortunate that we are able to do these tests and once more it has proven its function. The redesign has already started, now we know what the bottlenecks are in our design such that they can be adapted. Concerning laminar flow however the concept of NovaBIke02 was a large improvement in comparison with the first bike ever built by NovaBike, three years ago. A drag reduction of approximately 20% could be noticed. Which is of course very positive!


6 - NovaBike Newsletter: January 2012

NovaBike 03 Members


Hey, my name is Jarno Kool and I am studying Automotive techniques at the academy of Rotterdam. In my curriculum an internship is included, I chose to do this at NovaBike since I am fascinated by fast competition motorcycles. The first time I got into contact with NovaBike was at the Hardenberg Expo of 2009, which I visited together with Joao. From that moment on I stayed in touch with this project. My major goal was to learn as much as possible about the wonderful world of competitive racing. It is also my dream to build up a career in this area. I already gained some experience by working on my own motorcycles at home, this has come already in handy with my job at NovaBike.

»My name is Joao dos Santos Mendes. It was at the Expo at Hardenberg that I met NovaBike for the first time. From a very young age I’ve been interested in everything concerning fast bikes, now I own one myself. It is also for this reason that the concept behind this project was very intriguing to me. I strongly believe that with the knowledge I will learn here and the one gained from my automotive studies at Rotterdam, combined with my practical experience, I will be able to give a positive input to the team. For the moment I am responsible for the development of a new exhaust system. The development and production of this part are done in close cooperation with our partner ‘HGS Exhaust Systems’.

In NovaBike I have the function of chief for the engine department, next to this I am also focusing on the new engine management system delivered by KMS, here. During the upcoming season I will try to analyze the gained data, using this we will be able to give feedback to the driver and make some adoptions to the motorcycle itself. By combing our ECU unit from KMS together with the location system of Racelogic it will be possible to receive every data needed. Besides obtaining competitive lap time I hope to have a lot of fun during this upcoming raceseason!t

This company is founded by Henri Gorthuis which has gained a lot of experience working as a Grand Prix mechanic during the 80s. We strongly believe, with all these factors combined, that we will produce a very fine and well functioning exhaust system. Without the help of HGS this would not be possible! Once this system is finished I will focus on simulating the front suspension system, next to this I will try to support the section of hardware as much as possible. As conclusion I can only state that I am very pleased to be part of such a wonderful team as NovaBike.



We already learned, that it is very important to remember following; “Use the right tools at the right place at the right time!”. It can be seen as quite obvious that a lot of equipment is required to accomplish a project as NovaBike. It is for this reason that NovaBike is very fortunate to have a partner such as GEDORE. GEDORE is a German company that produces, since 1919, quality tools for professional applications. The range of products are used in 4 major groups. These are; industry, automotive, aerospace and regenerative energy applications. These categories have all one thing in common. They are all professional applications which demands a maximum of safety, stability under load and technical perfection. NovaBike has received a fully equipped trolley which we certainly cannot miss. Also workbenches, torque tools, pullers, lights etc. were provided. It is therefore that we would like to sincerely thank GEDORE and we hope that this cooperation may last for a long time!

» HGS Exhaust Systems, founded in 1988, focusses on the production of high performance exhaust systems which are manufactured to an extremely high standard. These systems provide a significant power gain and are bolt-on products, this means that no extra modifications are required. It was in the early 80’s that the founder, Henri Gorthuis, gained a lot of experience and insight working as a Grand Prix Mechanic. However these genes were passed down from his father which had been building exhaust for BSA off road bikes in the 60’s and 70’s. William, the third generation, is also an active member of this production family and is walking his way through the field. HGS has grown to a very recognized and one of the best performance exhaust manufacturers in the world. TM motorcycles insists on having HGS products for their entire range of production motorcycles. Also De Groot racing has sworn with HGS since 1997. The winning of Stephen Sword in the British MX2 Class championship of 2004 is the most recent success. It is so that HGS exhaust systems are highly regarded by many GP teams and privateer riders competing at different levels of competition. It is for these reasons that HGS can be seen as a perfect partner for the NovaBike team, we are very fortunate with this support! Don’t get left behind, When controlled horsepower is the question- HGS is the answer !

8 - NovaBike Newsletter: January 2012



Writers: Stefan Brone, Wolf Cavens, Daan Hoppener, Jeroen Kruit, Joao dos Santos Mendes, Jarno Kool Editor: Stefan Brone Style Formatting: Stefan Brone

10 - NovaBike Newsletter: January 2012


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