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NovaBike NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011

2 - NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011

NovaBike Foreword

In this edition: Business Meet Twente


NovaBike invited by TenCate to the Businees meets Twente event. A short presentation of our experiences of presenting NovaBike02

NovaBike Process


Process of our developments .. what are we up to so far?

Professional MotorSport World Expo


Three NovaBikers exploring the World Expo Of Professional MotorSport ... read their experience.

NovaBike members

Short presentation of two of our sponsors/suppliers. Without this kind of support this awesome project could not succeed!

During this month we went to two large events; firstly we were invited by our beloved sponsor TenCate to go to the Business Meet Twente. event. Secondly a trip to the Professional Motorsport World Expo was scheduled. Short presentations of these later on. We would also sincerely like to thank all the sponsors for the financial, material and moral support.

8 NovaBike wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A presentation of two of our team members

Sponsors in the spotlight


The third newsletter of the NovaBike Team for the acadamic year 2011-2012. During this month everyone was devoted to the development of the several improvements; in this letter will try to give you an impresson of the progress that has been made. Also several activities of NovaBike itself will be highlighted.


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NOvabike invited by tencate ÂťFrom Wednesday the 23th till Friday the twentyfifth there was an unusual bustling atmosphere present in the hangers of the Enschede Airport at Twente; where the annual Business Meets Twente event was being held. NovaBike was also present; invited by our sponsor TenCate. TenCate is a multinational which is specialized in textiles, fibers and other fabrics. It was founded in the Netherlands a very long time ago, in the year 1704. It is also until today that here the headquarters are located. Two large stands of TenCate were present; one where several products and realizations could be seen and another one which was entirely devoted to student-projects, which are supported by the wonderful products of TenCate.

4 - NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011

Among these projects also Eco-Runner Team Delft, DUT Racing and the NovaBike Racing Team Delft were present; three teams representing the Technical University of Delft. Last summer, NovaBike received several custom made TenCate Nomex III flight suits. These are made to meet the military standard; flame resistant, antistatic, extremely durable ‌ the perfect outfit to endure the harsh circumstances in our workplace and at the paddock! Also a professional photo-shoot was arranged by TenCate; NovaBike02 in full gear on a rough and misty military airport. With this we would like to take the opportunity to show our gratitude to TenCate. Thank you very much for this awesome event!

copyright TenCate 2011, photo by Hans Beerens

te n e Tw s t e e M s s e n i Bus


NovaBike Progress »The new concepts for the front and seat of the body are finished. A prototype of the front was fabricated by the PMB crew at the industrial design faculty, for which many thanks. This prototype was tested in the open jet facility windtunnel at the Aerospace faculty of the TU Delft. This data is now being analyzed here conclusions will be drawn. After this adaptations can be made according to the specific observations that were made during the test. If everything happens according to plan we would like to start production in January … We will certainly keep you posted on the further developments.

»In the engine department it is all about getting more performance. A complete new ECU system from KMS has been installed to let our engine run perfectly. A new big bore kit has been ordered and new concepts for the throttle body, clutch , intakeand exhaust system have been developed. All of these new features have to be tested to see whether they meet our expectations. Besides these improvements also a study is being done concerning the balance features of our crankshaft is being made, this to investigate which effects are beneficial and the effects of wear on our components. We certainly hope that these improvements will result in a more powerful and reliable engine.

»The hardware department is currently investigating the effects on the rear suspension by making a simplified dynamic model (see picture), this can be used for adjusting the suspension according to the needs of our driver or in the future for producing a new swing arm. Also research is being done concerning the brakes of our bike, now tests will be performed to verify these conclusions so that the brakes can be ordered.





WOR » On Tuesday the 15th of November at six O clock in the morning, three NovaBikers left Delft heading towards Koln in Germany. Approximately at 10 am we arrived at the seventh hall of the Koelnmesse; where the Professional Motorsport World Expo was being held. The term “professional” was certainly in order; this expo was not intended for a broad audience, fortunately for us, NovaBike received a warm welcome. Already at the entrance several beautiful bolides were presented, the temptation to take a closer look was huge, however the very busy and cramped schedule did not allow any delays. We had made a good preparation; by forehand we had acquired a lot of information about the stands and the websites of the several exhibitors we wanted to visit. The companies that were of any value for NovaBike were indicated on the ground plan and a short introduction was already printed. With the route already pinpointed, our portfolio in our hands and a lot of business cards with us the expedition could commence. It soon became clear that this Expo was serious business. Professionals from all over the world showed their newest developments (which we could inspect thoroughly) and plenty of the CEO’s could be approached personally.

6 - NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011

We are also pleased to say that we received a lot of enthusiastic comments when we illustrated our plans and went through the photo-portfolio. Information was being exchanged and our bag with the several catalogues rapidly gained weight. Also several sponsors like K&N, KMS, SKF and PMI were present that day; a word of thanks and an extensive chat were certainly in order. We headed back to Delft at approximately 19:00 hours, a workout was unfortunately not the main purpose of the day. Acquiring the needed information for NovaBike was our mission. Unfortunately we cannot say much about the new contacts; till today we are very busy with the mail transfer and also our telephone connects us regularly with the other side of the world. However what we can already say for now is that Brown & Miller Racing Solutions will provide us with professional fuel lines, Samco Sports will support our team with their custom made water hoses and is willing to time our upcoming world record attempt. Further developments will become clear in the near future and for now we are looking forward with great expectations, to the Professional MotorSport World Expo 2012!

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NovaBike 03 Members

» Hello, my name is Maichel van Nauta Lemke. I am currently in my third year of mechanical engineering. I am a great fan of motorcycle racing, and I have been riding motorcycle’s since I was 18. Once I heard about Novabike in my first year of college I immediately knew that I wanted to work on it somewhere in the future. I am currently the chief of the hardware department, which consists of three people. The hardware department pretty much consists of everything excluding the engine and electronics. This year the main tasks in our department are analyzing the motorcycle dynamics, and improving components such as our shifting system.


Hi, I’m Malte Verleg. I know NovaBike already from the moment that is was founded. Back then I was in my second year of Mechanical Engineering, and couldn’t really contribute to the team. However here I designed the logo and the livery for NovaBike But I wanted to do more, and decided to do my minor at NovaBike. This year I’m going to look at the rear suspension and the geometry. Therefore trying to find a theoretical optimum of the behavior of the bike. Which the next team will be using for constructing better parts. Besides research I am the test driver for NovaBike. To be able finish his Master, Nick Appelman is not able to drive anymore for NovaBike. And this year we want (race)results on paper. For that reason are we looking for a new driver. I have some experience on the track, but for our goal probably in the beginning of the season not enough. Finally I hope that, with the progress of this year, we will be able to reach a higher level. I will do my utter best do achieve this goal. Of course this can’t be done without our terrific sponsors.

8 - NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011

Besides managing this small team I also have my own specific task. To put the knowledge that I have gotten with mechanical engineering to the test I am focused on designing new brakes for this year. Once I am finished with the braking system I will further continue with improving and optimizing smaller components of the Novabike, as well as helping the rest of the hardware department. I am very glad that I have gotten the opportunity to work at Novabike, and it has already been a great experience!

» PMI Europe is part of PMI or Performance Motorsport Inc; an umbrella company of the Dover corporation. The PMI companies manufacture a wide range of products for automotive and Powersports applications. PMI Europe provides primarily forged and cast pistons but also connecting rods and crankshafts along with their complimentary components, piston rings, bearing gaskets, camshafts and a variety of other internal valve train and engine component. Also suspension, braking, clutching and chassis components are manufactured and distributed worldwide. These components are supplied for all facets; from recreation to the highest level of professional racing. The vision of this accumulation of independent businesses is to contain the best of the best in the automotive/Powersports world. Each of these businesses have market leading brand recognition. By combining such companies two major advantages occur. First advantage is that it allows the separate companies to share engineering and technological knowledge; this results in further expansion of market share and makes it possible to provide a superior product. The second advantage is that each company can share in the financial backing of Dover, this allows investments in the latest engineering and manufacturing resources. PMI really has no equal in the field.

» KMS or Kronenburg management systems provides a complete line of extremely reliable and user friendly engine management systems at a competitive price. These systems give you the possibility to manage all petrol engines up to 12 cylinders. A wide range of options are present such as; datalogging, staged/banked injection, mapselector, odd firing, self-learning lambda control, traction control, idle and boost control, variable launch control, powershift, rpm limiters etc. Also an extensive range of accessories is available, this includes a mini dashboard, lambda controllers, idle and boost controllers, actuators, temperature sensor, position sensor, wiring and so much more. KMS is also able to provide a full range of engine components such as throttle body’s and accessories, turbo’s and fuel system components. In conclusion can be stated that; “For every budget and application, Kronenburg management systems has a solution”. This is why KMS is a perfect partner for NovaBike. Many thanks to KMS for their support to our project. Thanks to this wonderful company we are able to manage our engine and let it run on bio-ethanol without any problems.

They are truly at the cutting edge of Performance and Racing components worldwide! It is therefore that NovaBike is very proud to say that we are able to run on a custom made high pressure piston provided by PMI Europe. This high pressure ratio is another boost for our performance, therefore we are very grateful to PMI.


10 - NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011



Writers: Stefan Brone, Wolf Cavens, Malte Verleg, Maichel van Nauta Lemke Editor: Stefan Brone Style Formatting: Stefan Brone

12 - NovaBike Newsletter: December 2011


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