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e dedicate this issue to families with special needs. Raising a child with any kind of learning, physical, or developmental issue Sharon Gowan requires strength, Publisher/Editor stamina, and courage. It’s helpful to remember that there are no perfect parents. Even child psychologists like Lynn Adams, who is the mom of a son with autism, get it wrong sometimes. Read about why she regrets taking away her son’s pacifier too soon in “The Pacifier Dilemma” (page 10). Fortunately there are helpers, both human and technological, that can make life easier. Many families benefit from hiring academic assistance for their children. “Time for a Tutor” (page 14) offers tips on how to find the best person for your child. Meanwhile, “Tech to the Rescue” (page 12) lists seven apps that help kids with everything from emotional literacy and social skills to visual perception and habit formation.

Locally, Common Ground Society offers online and in-person support groups for families with special needs, including groups for moms, dads, and “normal” siblings who may be having a hard time coping. Find some of their meetings in our Calendar of Events (page 24); go to for a complete schedule. In addition to families with special needs, this issue focuses on grandmothers. Turn to “GrandDiva Marsha” (page 22) for an interview with Dr. Marsha McLean. The founder of, McLean is determined to be an elder with style. No matter where your parenting journey takes you, we hope this issue offers you the information and inspiration you need to take your next step with confidence.

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