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Patriotic Play

3 Decorative Crafts

By Denise Morrison Yearian


ummer is a time when stars and stripes abound! Here are a few Fourth of July crafts and activities that double as decorations. FIRECRACKER MURALS Items needed: Sidewalk chalk; sidewalk or driveway Give your little “firecrackers” their own sidewalk square and chalk and let them design superstar patriotic scenes. You can even turn it into a competition. Just make sure each child receives a prize. PATRIOTIC PLANTERS Items needed: red, white, and blue nontoxic acrylic paint; terra-cotta planter;

paintbrushes; pencil; ruler; small, white star stickers; potting soil; plant; small American flag Paint the top rim of the planter blue and the lower portion white. Let dry. Give both colors a second coat of paint, then let dry again. On the lower, white portion, use a pencil and ruler to draw vertical lines that are evenly spaced apart. Paint a red stripe between every other line so it looks like an American flag. On the upper, blue rim attach white star stickers over the blue paint. Fill the planter with potting soil, add a plant, and push a small American flag into the soil. “THREE CHEERS FOR THE…” TABLECLOTH Items needed: Red and blue crêpe paper streamers; two bowls; July 2015

lukewarm water; pen; various sizes of star stencils; flat sponges; scissors; heavy-duty white paper tablecloth Cut red and blue crêpe paper into small pieces and place each color in its own bowl. Add just enough lukewarm water to each bowl to cover the paper. Let it stand for a few minutes to tint the water. Pull out the wet paper and discard. Using a pen and the star stencils, trace over flat sponges to create differently sized stars. Cut them out. One by one, dip the sponges in colored water (they will expand), and then press randomly on the tablecloth until it is studded with stars. Let dry, then use for your next patriotic picnic. ¶ Denise Morrison Yearian is the former editor of two parenting magazines and the mother of three children and four grandchildren.

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