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a smart move Have your ever invited your movers

to return as weekend guests? If not, your movers must not be NouvelleView, the all-encompassing moving service. “One of our clients, whom we moved twice in the same year, said to us at the end of the second job, ‘You know, we have a guest room if you want to come and visit,’” laughs Pamela Muller (opposite page, left), who, along with Juliana Gilbert (middle) and Patti Mazzarella (right), helms NouvelleView. “We are three women who are very used to problem solving,” Juliana says, and if the trio looks different than typical movers, it’s because they are anything but.  NouvelleView provides couture moves, impeccably tailored to each client’s budget, timeframe, and personal preference for a seamless, stress-free experience. 00 QUEST

Like most great ideas, the concept was born out of necessity when Juliana herself needed to orchestrate a tightly timed move from her Dakota home (pictured in various stages on this page and opposite). Ever since, NouvelleView has meticulously planned and coordinated relocations, set up second homes, and managed high-end tag sales for clients in New York, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, and the Hamptons. In a NouvelleView move, each item, down to the contents of the bathroom cabinet, is photographed and cataloged, so that all is accounted for and replaced as it was—in its new setting. Not just movers, but shakers too, NouvelleView has been recognized by Christie’s and Sotheby’s, both thrilled clients. “NouvelleView’s assistance in orchestrating and overseeing

our recent and very large consignment (more than 200 pieces of high-value art work) in a tricky, white-glove New York apartment building was amazing,” says Sotheby’s Brad Bentoff. Its success may be due to the fact that NouvelleView “takes ownership of your ownership,” says Patti, adding, “I was project managing the two-day installation of a washer-dryer requiring all new plumbing and electrical. As the second day drew to a close, I cautioned the plumber that he had to finish in time for the apartment to be properly cleaned for the owners. He looked at me incredulously and said, ‘This isn’t your apartment?’ I knew we had done our job well.” NouvelleView just might be the smartest move you make. u For more, see


smooth moves: * Always ask your movers for at least two references—and check them! * Get a binding flat fee instead of an hourly rate: you’ll know your costs up front and won’t be counting every minute. * Feed your movers: most people don’t, and this simple courtesy goes far. * Box and label “His” and “Hers” items separately for quicker settling of master bed and bath. * Organization is the key to success. Make four piles: move, give away, sell, toss. Mantra: if you don’t use it and don’t love it, then lose it. * Get the kids involved! Have them think of ways to help, and

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Nouvelle View In Quest  

Read the editoral of Nouvelle View in the April edition of Quest magazine!

Nouvelle View In Quest  

Read the editoral of Nouvelle View in the April edition of Quest magazine!