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Issue 27 OCTOBER 2013

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Purpose and Preception Energy 101 - the Journey Continues - Onward & Upward A Daily Spiritual Practice A Journey Through the Elder Futark - Balder/Berkana Choosing Our Feelings Channel - The Heart Is It A Process to go from Dream to Action Putting Life By Timing Out in the Mind Field New Theatre Production Starring JAY ATKINSON as The Mother of All Creation

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Archangel Metatron Sometimes Being Two and Being Fifty Have A Lot In Common A Peek at Uberzendala What Do Sharks Feel Tarot: A Tool for Positive Change The Higher Self and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Rune of the Month - Othala Behind Every Favorite Song, There is an Untold Story Monthly Astro Tid-Bit - October Power Animal - Dolphin Essential Oil - Sacred Mountain Do I Exist Angel Message for October


Welcome to October! It appears that September 22nd arrived and so did autumn. The weather dipped a few degrees and while the sun has shone most days there is a marked difference in the air. There is much to celebrate in the month of October. The New Moon is October 5th, great day to manifest or set the intent for what you want to bring into your life. For Canadians, your Thanksgiving takes place on the 14th. The full moon happens October 18th and full moons are for releasing. Oktoberfest is in full swing and depending on where you are, usually one day is dedicated to this wonderful tradition,. Check your local area, but October 19th seems to be the day of celebrating Oktoberfest in most areas. Of course, the end of the month will bring Halloween! Make the most of this month. Enjoy the cooler days and the fantastic display of colors nature offers. Carve a pumpkin. Make some pies. Sip a warm beverage. Find a fantastic scarf and mitten set in a beautiful color.

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I love all the seasons as they present themselves. It is like we get a new start four times a year. What will you start during this brief period of time? What has ended for you and what is just beginning? Seek that which brings you peace, joy and love and you will not go wrong. Namaste OUR CONTRIBUTORS LINDA ADSETTS GWEN RANDALL-YOUNG VERA ENSHAW GAIL SILER PhD BRIAN THOMPSON MICHELLE HAYES HOPE SUGGIT LISA SCHELL



Marlene Cobb

Our purpose in life changes day by day. The reason it changes is because what is important to us changes. What is important to you right now? Once you determine what is important to you in this moment, you have defined your life’s purpose. It could be that you are a new parent and your focus is totally on ensuring you are doing the right things for your baby. It could be that you have a new job and you are focused on learning that job. It could be that you are having health issues and your focus is on healing. It could be financial difficulties and you are focusing on not losing everything. No matter what is important to you right now, it defines your current purpose. That is what our life purpose is all about. It is about living our lives to the best we can. And at any given moment, we have a different life purpose which ties into our overall life purpose. Some of you might feel your life purpose is to teach the masses about peace, equality, and abundance; or that you are here to heal the sick or find the cure for some disease. You might feel your purpose

is to eliminate world hunger, or any one of the other myriad of issues. Some of you might have simpler ideals, it might be that your life purpose is to be a mom and show children how love can overcome anything. Our purpose is determined by our perception. Perception is basically how we see things and perception is a funny thing. 100 people can be at the same event and yet each walks away with a different experience. When we watch planes fly above us, we notice how fast they go, yet if we were on that plane we would not notice the movement of it. The earth is constantly rotating yet we don’t feel the effect of it. What we perceive our lives to be, or what we perceive others’ lives to be, are just reflections of our experience and knowledge. We can only know what we know and from this knowing, that is what our perceptions are based on. Our perceptions are a gift. The reality is that the life we live is uniquely ours and will not be seen in the same way by


anyone else. There is no form or definition for the world as you see it. How we perceive things is strongly influenced by our concepts and beliefs. Our upbringing plays an important part in how we see things as adults. Even within family dynamics, each member remembers or recalls certain events differently, or handles situations differently. Perception is something we can change, which in turn could change our purpose. It is not always easy to perceive things differently, and it might mean that you have to fake it ‘til you make it, but it can be done. This is part of letting go, something that has been talked about a whole lot in the past year. It is also the hardest part because life has taught us that what goes around comes around, and so for some reason we feel resigned to a life of looping. By looping I mean it might always seem like we are healing from a health issue, digging out of financial difficulties, learning a new job or trying to do right by others. To change your perception/ perspective you need to step back and observe what is going on. You need to be the third party to your life. Clarity comes from stepping back. It must, for when we look at others lives we can usually come up with many answers as to what would make their life better. Often they are brutally honest changes that need to be made in order for life to be better for them. However, with ourselves, we are conditioned by the experiences we have had and by the fear of the unknown or known. It boils down to the fear of change, even if that change would miraculously shift our life to exactly what we wanted. We don’t often want to hear the truth about what it would take to shift our lives. Even if we hear the truth often, we immediately shift the responsibility to something or someone else. We tend to justify why we are in certain situations and that goes back to our perception. The bottom line with perception is that we own it. It is ours and ours alone. When we look at our lives we are the deciding factor. If we perceive our lives to be rosy, chances are it will be exactly that. If we perceive it to be lacking, you guessed it, that is probably what we will experience. No matter what is going on in our lives, what we perceive it to be is what we will experience.

Back to your purpose, remember in the bigger picture of your life’s purpose this is a fleeting moment. You can check this out by looking back over your life and see how many purpose’s you have had and how they have given you the gifts and tools you use today. If you are not thrilled with your purpose right now, change your perspective. I will give a brief example; when I was going through a time of financial difficulty, I was getting pretty drained trying to keep things on a level keel. One day I saw someone way less fortunate than I and I started thinking about how abundant I was. I actually started to list how abundant I was. It was enough to change my outlook, which in turn, changed my purpose. My purpose went from struggling to make ends meet, to one of gratitude for what I had. It did not change my financial status, I still had the same amount coming in each month, but it allowed me to see that, even with decreased funds, my life was still abundant. I might have to change how I used my resources, but I was abundant. Once I perceived this, my purpose changed to what filled me with joy, and I then became focused on fulfilling that purpose. Purpose and perception go hand in hand. When you know what your purpose is right now, you discern this from what your focus is, you can see how your perception plays a big part. If your purpose does not suit you right now, see if you can shift your perception. You are in control of both your purpose and perception and even the smallest of shifts within your mind, outlook and heart can do wonders. That is the best part, you don’t have to wait for anyone else, you get to lead the way!

How we perceive things is strongly influenced by our concepts and beliefs.

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Energy 101

Vera Enshaw

Onward & Upward& What is up for you this month? Is there a recurring theme that has you bemused or bewildered? Are you seeing the same bird or animal on your walks, hearing the same melody over and over in your head or on the radio? Has a particular crystal come to you? What message are you being given? What are you to do? You might think it coincidence, not even worth contemplating. In that case, you might ask “What is the point in looking things up? Why would I bother?” And I would answer, “Because it can be fun, and we can learn a lot about ourselves and the way we respond and react to the world around us! It also gives us an opportunity to reach beyond the physical/mental world we exist in most of the time and access the intuitive aspect of life.” There are many tools and resources at hand to find partial answers to your questions about these things. The internet is an amazing resource, and there are many books and magazine articles to draw on. Inevitably, you are the one who has to make a cohesive picture from the information you have found. Be sure to look at the animal wisdom offered by Jaime Sams, Ted Andrews or Stephen Farmer. There are many books on earth crystals—my favorites are the “Love is

in the Earth—Kaleidoscope of Crystals” books written by Melody. The teachers are many….be aware that each person writes from his or her own perspective and life path. The words may or may not resonate with you. If they don’t….that path is not yours in this moment. Try not to scorn or discount information….what doesn’t fill you today may be just the fuel you need at a later date. We doubt ourselves. When we receive information we often discount it as not valid or important. We do not acknowledge the receipt—nope, aint gonna sign no waybill on somethin’ I didn’t order! We even forget that we sent the order out. Do you remember asking questions? “Why aren’t I in a relationship right now?” “How can I make more money?” “What’s the use of living?” The answers come in the form of situations, parts and pieces of the natural world, repetitive songs on the radio. We can go to our resources for the definitions….or we can use our own internal resource— or a combination of both. What is it that has come up for you? If it’s a song, get all the lyrics to it and read them. What is the song about? Which parts of it are the ones that you hear over and over again? What comes just before or just after them? How do you feel


when you hear the melody? Can you just sit with it, be with it? Write down everything that comes to you—this is your message. Does it answer any of the questions you have been putting out there? Sometimes we get really obvious answers: “Climb Every Mountain,” “Here Comes the Rain Again.” Other times we may have to sit and ponder! That is one of the powerful gifts of journaling….We can re-visit our ponderings and see with the clarity of distance. If the piece that has come to you is a crystal….sit with it. It may be helpful to research the metaphysical meanings of the crystal. Find out where that particular type of crystal comes from. Is it polished or natural? Pen in hand, paper close by—ask why it has come to you. Allow yourself to write all that you receive without editing. Know that you are the best channel for your own higher self. After you have finished writing, sit for a few moments with your eyes closed. Then read what you have written. If you want to know more, pick up your pen and begin to write again. You may repeat this exercise as many times as you wish. You will find more clarity with each writing. Whew! That was easy, wasn’t it? But….what if the piece that has come to you is a life situation that is repeating on you the way food sometimes does? You know the type—didn’t taste too good the first time around, and it’s even worse the second and third time! Makes us wonder why we keep trying it on for size, doesn’t it? Why do I invite situations into my life that I have already dealt with and said good-bye to? I have to examine the situation the same way I would the crystal or the bird. Why is it back in my life? What do I need to learn from it? The gossamer string that is the circle of life has reached this point—why is it so strong? What message am I sending to myself? What story am I telling that is causing me to react this way to the other person’s actions or words? How am I resisting peace? And what steps do I need to take in order to bring myself back into balance? Sitting with pen in hand, in undisturbed quiet, I begin the process of connecting to my source. And I realize that I have fallen into the hole of fear. In order to climb out, to achieve clarity I must create space for myself. I must remember to step back across the short wall, to detach and observe and to breathe. I need to remember that I am whole and complete. That is all. Pema Chödrön writes “When we begin to see clearly what we do, how we get swept away by old habits, our usual tendency is to get discouraged. Instead we could realize how remarkable it is that we have the capacity to see ourselves honestly, and that takes courage. It is moving in the direction of seeing our life as a teacher rather than as a burden.” Take the time to listen to yourself, to the teacher that is your life. Approach your days, and the situations in them, as you would exercises in a favorite classroom. Learn from them. And finally, know that at the end of the day, at the end of your life, there is truly only the remarkable, wonderful you.

We do not acknowledge the receipt—nope, aint gonna sign no waybill on somethin’ I didn’t order!

Until next month…...Namastè

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A Daily Spiritual Practice

Having a daily spiritual practice is very empowering as it helps you to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. In essence you are rewiring your brain. What you put out there you get back…positive or negative! Here are some basic tools you can use to live a more joyful and awakened life: Mirror Work – in the morning while washing your face and brushing your teeth look at yourself in the mirror, smile and tell yourself “I love you and we are going to have a great day together. Today is a brand new day with no mistakes in it.” This may feel silly but no one knows you’re doing it and eventually it will form part of your daily ritual. It’s about self -love. Affirmations – every morning tell yourself powerful positive statements that reflect where you want to be, who you want to be, and what you want to manifest in your life. Here are a few suggestions: v

I am safe and all is well.


I embrace light, life and love.


I am the architect of my life. I choose how to build it.


I am divinely guided and protected by spirit.


My body is strong, my mind is brilliant and my soul is tranquil.

Gratefulness and prayer – rather than ask for what you want, simply give thanks to God/Creator/ Universe...whatever your belief is…for what you have in your life! Giving thanks and being grateful puts energy towards what we do have rather than focusing on lack in our life. Focusing on lack actually attracts more of what you don’t want. Prayer is about surrendering as you accept that God has a greater plan for you. Rather than trying to know all the answers and control every situation, trust that everything is in divine order. Meditation – take time out for yourself daily to meditate. Ground and center yourself and connect with your inner guidance to find answers to questions you seek. Trust the universe to bring you messages which you need to hear at this time. Regularly meditating helps relieve stress, helps us to live longer and quiets down all the mind chatter so you can have a good night’s sleep. Journaling – take the time out of your busy day and write. You can write about a special event or how your day was. You can set goals for yourself for something you are plan-

Lisa Schell


ning to do. How about writing a letter to yourself or the universe? If you want to write a book but have writer’s block, journaling is a baby step to getting there. 21 Day Forgiveness Plan – forgiving those that have hurt us, betrayed us, belittled us, is very healing. It gives you the opportunity to release the past that’s blocking you from achieving your goals. The first step is to gather 21 rocks and set them aside. Secondly, write a list of everyone who has ever made you angry, hurt you, betrayed you, etc. Each day for the next 21 days, grab a rock and go for a walk. Think of one person on that list and tell them how they made you feel, what they did, what they said and completely let it all out. Tell them what you would have wanted to say to them had they been there. It doesn’t matter whether this person is alive or on spirit’s side. The point is that you are detoxing emotionally and spiritually. Once you are completely done telling them everything you wanted to release, tell them that you are going to forgive them….not for them but for you. Throw the rock and let it go! This is a ceremonial act but has a powerful effect on what you’re doing. The next day do the same thing and continue on for 21 days. You can throw more than one rock for a certain person as they may have done more than one thing to you. Surprisingly finding 21 people to forgive is rather easy. So go on and give it a try. What have you got to lose? I celebrate your courage. Detoxing your mind - Do you constantly think negative thoughts? Is there a pattern? Be open and receptive to the possibility that if you stop thinking, feeling and behaving angrily or in a way that’s not living up to your highest integrity, you will live a more awakened and conscious life. Catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, take a breathe and replace it with something positive. Try to catch yourself as much as possible throughout the day and quickly switch into thinking about something else. Is it related to a certain person or an activity? You may need to turn on some music, go for a walk, keep yourself busy so that your mind is focused on other things rather than being angry, depressed, sad or in a state of constant worry. Our thoughts create our environment. The more we think this way the more we attract people and situations that mimic this. Once you incorporate these basic tools into your life, you will start noticing a shift. Go ahead and ignite your life!

Blessings, Lisa Lisa Schell, Transformational and Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer

A Clear Pathway To You

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Phil Nielsen Balder/Berkana This month’s god is Balder, The Deathless Odin and Frigg had twin sons, Balder and Hodur. Tragically, Hodur was born blind, but he possessed such a pleasant demeanor and cheerful smile that he was both pitied and beloved by the gods of Asgard. He was quietly devoted to his brother, Balder, whose fair features were matched only by his generous soul. The two were inseparable and never a cross word passed between them. Balder, because he lacked his brother’s disability, was chosen by All-Father to serve as the divine patron of beauty and art. Nonetheless, he shared as much of his aesthetic duties as possible with Hodur. Frigg so loved Balder that she went to the trouble of extracting an oath from all plants, trees, stones, and metals that they would never bring harm to her son, even if they were fashioned into the most powerful engines of destruction. However, she overlooked a small inconspicuous plant that grew, not on the ground, but from an oak tree. Thus, the mistletoe was the only thing in all Creation with the potential to harm Balder. After Frigg presented the protective blessing on her son, he playfully volunteered to be a living target, and the gods took great delight in throwing all manner of

ons at him. Everyone laughed when Tyr threw a spear at Balder, which deflected at right angles just before striking Balder. Even Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, bounced away from him as though it had struck an invisible mountain. One after another, the gods delighted in hurling all manner of clubs, axes, and assorted arms at Frigg’s uniquely shielded son. While the happy sounds of this unusual entertainment echoed through Asgard, Loki planned to disrupt it in the worst possible way. He had been at odds with the other gods before, but his pranks had been more mischievous than serious. For Balder however, the Trickster had a deep seated hatred born of envy. Among gods, as well as with humans, ugliness and evil strive to bring down beauty and goodness. He sought out Frigg and slyly asked if there was nothing that could harm her son. Frigg said: "By neither metal, nor wood, nor stone, can he be injured because of the world-vows which I have received." "Have all things indeed sworn to protect Balder?" Loki asked with downcast eyes.


"All things save the mistletoe," answered Frigg, "and so slender and weak is the mistletoe that from it no vow was demanded." Then Loki went from Frigg and plucked a mistletoe sprig, which he carried to a cunning elf-smith named Hlebard, whom he robbed of his understanding. With the mistletoe twig the smith shaped a magic spear--a deadly arrow of pain. . . . Loki made haste with it to Asgard, and he went to the green place where the gods were assailing Balder. With this weapon, he approached Hodur, who was outside the crowd of Asgard, which were merrily firing all manner of projectiles at Balder. “Why be left out of the fun?” he facetiously asked Hodur. “I will help you. Here, take your turn with this wooden spear.” After placing it in Hodur’s hand, Loki carefully positioned him at the proper distance from his brother. Then, taking aim on the blind fellow’s behalf, told him to throw with all his strength. To everyone’s horror, the spear stuck Balder in the center of his chest and he fell to the ground mortally wounded, as Loki made good his escape, if only temporarily. At first, confused and alarmed by the commotion, when he learned what had happened, Hodur died instantly from grief. From that time on, the Norse name for mistletoe is Guidhel, or “guide to hell.” Odin flew on his horse, Sleipnir, to the infernal regions of Hel, who had charge over the dead. “Give me back my son!” he pleaded.

will emerge to rule over a new world of light, beauty, and kindness. Balder’s rune, known now as Berkana, presages birth, gestation, and regeneration or rebirth of all kinds- the eternalness of life. According to Svensson, it is the symbol of fertility and new growth commonly associated with motherhood and their offspring. The glyph stands for a favorable outcome, the happy result of plans or endeavors. In metaphysical terms, Balder represents the eternal quality of life that is not destroyed by death, but instead only defined by it. In describing the rune in this context, Guido von List observes, “human life between birth and death means but one day, stands in contrast to this day-in-the-life in human form…life is bounded by birth and death.” Balder’s gemstone, jet, simultaneously symbolizes the blackness of death and the soil from which new life springs. His place in the zodiac is Bilskirni, or Lightning, the Norse equivalent of Aries, March 21 (the spring equinox, significantly enough) to April 20. Balder reversed signals domestic troubles and warns of potential problems in family life. When business or financial questions are at issue, this rune does not bode well for the immediate future. Whatever success might be gained in spite of the rune will be temporary.

“By your own laws carved in runes on the staff you carry,” she explained, “I am bound to keep him here. But I will make an exception in his case, because he was murdered under the worst treachery and died long before his time; if you can persuade every man, woman, and child to shed tears for Balder, I will release him, and he may return alive to Asgard.” All-Father and the other gods immediately got to work and soon had everyone in Midgard weeping for Balder, all but one cantankerous old woman who called Balder a pompous fool, an arrogant dandy, and a disgrace to Asgard. “Let him rot in Hel forever” No amount of pleading or threats could change her hard heart, because she was, in reality, the shapeshifting Loki. Poor Balder was forced to stay in Hel. But the mistletoe, with which he had been assassinated, possessed a magical power that not even Loki suspected. It guaranteed that over time, anyone who had been innocently sacrificed by the plant would eventually gain eternal life. So it will eventually come to pass, that after heaven and earth are destroyed in the Ragnarok, Balder

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What is it that determines how happy or content with life we are? Does it have to do with money, success, career or love? Perhaps it depends on health or our spiritual path.

“The last great freedom of man is the freedom to choose his attitude under any given set of circumstances.�

While all of these things may play a part, we have all known people who are blessed in some or all of those ways, and still are not content. Are human needs that complex? Probably not.

Likely for most, the happiest moments are the simplest: watching a sleeping child, playing with the dog, or digging in the garden. Why do such moments feel so complete and perfect? It is because at those times we are completely in the moment, and being in the moment means we are one with life and our own souls, It means ego is not running in the background ~ Victor Frankl, noted Psychiatrist with a constant commentary on how we are doing, or and Holocaust survivor analyzing what is right or wrong in the situation or our world.


Ego has myriad ways to keep happiness at bay. Ego needs are complex. Think of the things you hear others complain about. Generally it is about other people, the traffic, the weather and so on. When people, or the world, do not behave the way ego would like, it is defined as a problem. This creates endless frustration, worry, irritation, anger, disappointment and crankiness! This can become a lifelong problem, as we have no control over much that is outside of us. Ego seems to forget that it is not in control, and does not have the right to determine or pass judgment or everything that is. Of course ego does not stop with what is outside, but can also mount a running commentary on our inner lives. Ego may tell its owner it is not smart enough, generous enough, spiritual enough, confident enough or wise enough. No wonder life can seem like a struggle!

Attitude really is everything. It is not about what we or others are, it is about how we are.

As Victor Frankl suggests, we cannot choose the circumstances of our life, or even the native abilities we possess, but we can choose how we think about them. Attitude really is everything. It is not about what we or others are, it is about how we are. How do we do life? Do we do it like a mountain stream wending its way down the mountainside, moving gently around the rocks and trees in its path, or are we continually crashing into things? Do we reflect on nature, our place in it and the journeys we all share, or are we busy trying to structure it all to align with our needs or desires? Granted, it is not easy to try to live soulfully in the midst of all the busyness and demanding nature of modern life. It reminds me of when I was learning to play piano (as and adult) and at first I could not imagine how you could be doing different things with the left and right hands at the same time. With practice, however, somehow I was able to do it and it even began to feel quite normal. In life, to deal with the practicalities and at the same time stay in tune with our soulful nature is our challenge. With “one hand” we must do the things that need doing, be responsible, and deal with what comes up each day. With the other “hand” we must keep the “melody” that is our soul’s song. This requires that we access our inner observer, watching what the right “hand” is doing, but not becoming too attached to that story. After all, in the end we realize we were just passing through. Nothing was permanent, we were not in control and ultimately we have to let go of everything. To make our journey lighter, it might be a good idea to let go of much more as we go along.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


Channel– Michelle Hayes

Listen....Breath....Pause....Breath....Pause.... Listen When you focus on the pause between breaths that is where All of Creation is and since you and All of Creation are connected as one here is where you are everything and everything is you !!!

Drop down into your heart space and let go. Let go for here is where everything and everyone exists yet is nothing at the same time. This is where the spark that is you lives. This is where the heart of All of Creation is. This is the Divine and the Divine is you. This is where all infinite possibilities reside and become manifest as an expression of itself. Do you understand? Even if you don’t it is who you are at your deepest level. Be with it and notice what you notice.

Notice what is different even the smallest of things. This seed!!! This Spark!!! Deep within your heart is always with you because you and it are indivisibly one!!! You can never not be in the field of your heart. It is where the universe, All of Creation, YOU and everything and everyone resides. KNOW THIS!!! BE THIS!!!! Breath....Pause...Listen...Let go... Drop down...Breath...Pause...Listen… Drop down deeper....Breath...Pause.... BE and go deeper… Now go forth from this place of the heart and notice where your attention takes you and what magic will come to you and All of Creation as you are one and the same. With a love that is beyond words The heart of the universe 16

Listen Breath Pause

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Gail Siler, PhD

Let’s talk about change again. But let’s get to the part where the walking happens and joins the talking. That part is the magic about how to turn our dreams and goals into actions. It’s time to walk forward what it is we want and make it happen out there in the real world. I’ve talked with a number of people who are scratching their heads wondering what it is they really want to do. In fact some of them are getting down right nervous wondering what’s next for them. I was getting a bit jittery myself when September rolled in. And then I had a kerthunk. It’s probably the result of the Butterfly Woman hitting me upside the head in the other level, trying to get me to listen up! Butterfly Woman suggested I share a method with you to help tease out where your dreams and passions are the strongest. I was heading out to Kansas City to spend the month with my high school best friend Kath and her four legged animals consisting of cat, dogs and horses, not to mention the birdhouse and hummingbird feeders full of feathered friends. So I put the idea on the computer and spent a beautiful August-like month in her September in sunshine and 85 degree blue skies while I swam, ate and read my way through most of the month. Now I leave in two days and it’s time for me to gear back up for my own reentry into ‘What am I going to do now?’-ville. So it makes Butterfly Woman’s idea of sharing the method even better because I have to be getting on with my own life stream manifestations. The objective of the model I am explaining below is to help you figure out what passion/dream is the one you want to bring into reality. But instead of listing ‘these are my goals and these are my action steps,’ we do something entirely different. We are going to list our dream and then imagine the outcomes of that dream already having manifested! Yep. We are going all the way to the end point and omitting the middle part for now. I have taken some ideas

from Peter Wagschal that I have used with great success but refocused on dreams and outcomes. This is a fun imagination exercise…note the word fun! To come up with outcomes, just let er rip with offerings of options. We are in pure brainstorming mode here. NO suggestion is too weird, silly or off base because here we are in the right brain and creating with our right brain. Important note: Don’t edit, don’t criticize what you write down. Just let it fall out of your mind and onto the page. In this stage we are co creating with the Universe, and the more delighted we are with our imagined outcomes, the strong the energy we will be using and therefore the faster we will be manifesting! Believe it or not! Money back guarantee and all that! The idea of the model is to help you look at the end result of your dream or goals as if they were already in place. This process opens the doors inside of you to see the directions you can go as well as fires up the furnace of your passion for your goal. And frankly, if you find you don’t have any passion attached to your dream, you are barking up the wrong dream, so drop it quick and find the one that your passion rides!

So let’s run through the model using Figures 1 through 3. To begin, let’s pick something we feel excited about, passionate about, driven (in a fun way) to bring into our life. Whatever that passion is, place it in the centre oval. Then we are going to fill in three outcomes we imag-


Outcome 2, I figured that women would increase their selfesteem. Boy that one really thrilled me! For Outcome 3, I decided that people would stop dumbing themselves down now that they were more balanced in their right and left brains. Please note again, this is not a ranking or a judgment of which is more important. These three just flew out when I began and I just picked them up and followed them through the model. What I noticed is that as I put these three outcomes down I started to feel excited about things. Now the train is starting to roll down the track for me and I am going to take each of these three outcomes and do two more levels of outcomes.

ine happening if that dream or goal were to come true. Put each one of them in the colored ovals that say Outcome 1, 2 and 3. Last month I shared my two big dreams I want to get ‘out there’ in the world. Building on that, I am going to use my first dream and run it through the model to show you what I mean. My dream is to get the message of my book out there, helping people see the importance of righting the balance of our own inner masculine and feminine energies and carrying that balance outward into the new earth in every institution, group, community, company, and family. Yah, it’s a BIG dream but I am passionate about it. But I need to get a handle on where to start and which direction to focus my passion into so that the Universe can send me the means and ways to move it forward.

As you see in Figure 3. I have taken Outcome 1: Greater equality between men and women and taken it through two more levels of outcomes. What we’re really doing is imagining the ripples that can happen as a result of each additional outcome, like throwing a pebble (your dream) into the water and watching how it creates amazing outcomes.

In Figure 2. I put my goal in the middle: Share the message of the book. Then for Outcome 1, I decided there would be greater equality between men and woman. For


of paper! Figure 3 shows my exploration of only the first of my three original outcomes. I need to do the same thing for the other two outcomes I identified in Figure 2. Once I have done all three outcomes from figure 2 and created two more pages like in Figure 3, I have a well explored set of outcomes, but I have something more. I have a general feeling for how important my original dream is to me and a good sense of whether I want to manifest it into reality. I begin to see the ripples I can make by bringing my dream forward and walking it into reality. There are fun ways you can use this process. Put on some good meditation music, get out magic markers and make a right brain map or draw the outcomes rather than use words, have a party with some friends and ask them to play the game with you….oh boy is that one fun! You won’t believe the amazing things that others can add that you wouldn’t have thought of. When I expanded my Outcome 1. ‘Greater equality between men and woman’ to another level the three outcomes were 2.1 More women as politicians; 2.2 Seeing the bigger pictures of issues and challenges in the world; and 2.3 My book becomes a movie! Boy am I loving that one, because now it can hit critical mass in the conscious awareness of people. For each one of these three outcomes I imagined in level 2, I added three more outcomes. For example just for level 2.1 alone, the outcomes of more woman politicians would yield outcomes of 3.1. More daycare; 3.2 less war; and more equal pay. When we use this model of outcomes we can take it as far as 5 levels if we like and we have a huge enough piece



Once you have finished going to three levels with each of your three original outcomes, you can measure your excitement on a scale of 1-10, using muscle testing, pendulum or your gut instinct. Remember, the more passionate and clear you are about getting your dream into reality, the faster the universe will offer up the ways and means to make it so. How exciting is that! For my own adventure of getting my book out there, I have picked my direction and when I hit the deck and get off the plane in three days, I’ll be firing up my excitement and moving forward. (OK, after I unpack!) The sun, the pool and friendship of my trip have filled me up with energy to charge forward into the next grand adventure I choose to have. And if anyone knows anyone who knows Spielberg, or who’s looking for a great screen play option, send them my way! Back to you and your dream. If you want to explore this more feel free to contact me through the magazine or at my email: I will make available a clean set of diagrams you can use to create your own outcomes exploration and will be happy to email them to you. I would love to hear feedback from you on how the process works for you. Remember, this is why we came here….to learn to co create our adventure with the Universe. So what adventures are you choosing to bring into reality?

Connect with Gail fref=ts


Poems by Margie Kivel

Sitting by the window I gather gems for soul’s pantry– food for winter folded images placed in mental jars:

smoky blue sky raining yellow; crunch of crushing rock along the track; woman and child walking white muzzled dog; bill of female cardinal, a Titian palette of scarlet edged in yellow, and bold red of edgy male nearby; field of lingering purple asters; thump of paddles as kayaks zip by on the last ride before ice. Stored colors and sounds– enough to keep me going when the light fades and need rises with the moon to taste life’s flavors once more. Margie Kivel


The pear refuses to hang on, drops when still green. The moon flower opens at night, closes tight by day. The pomegranate’s tough skin, pulp house tasty seeds. The heart keeps its treasures within. Margie Kivel

I look for the salvation within injustice, the gain that compensates for and balances the losses, the scope of Isis’s outstretched wings. It requires a blurring of focus in order to see the larger picture, a softening of judgmental eyes to change the preset lens. The pendulum makes such a swooping pass from left to right, the swing of shining sickle passing over fields of stubble. A turn in any direction gives relief to a burdened heart, a different view, a different song a break in the grind stone’s pass. I’ve been out too long and must return to the healing of the heart… the only reality. Margie Kivel


My dearest friends and co-creators, this month has been a challenge in more ways than one! (I hear you shouting back, ' tell me about it, sister!' ) As our old stuff continues to surface for healing (alignment) and removal once and for all, we are all experiencing all manner of physical and emotional symptoms. I' ve personally had the strangest ' virus' for about 3 weeks... my bathroom being the most visited room in the house (no more information please).

As I experienced yet another Energy Surge in the form of extreme heat emanating from my core, and attempted to soothe the band of pain that has been around the very base of my back and stomach (ladies, it is very similar to labour pains; for any chaps reading this I apologize because you won' t know just HOW bad that can be! hee hee) I continued to ask for support and clarity on why this was all happening to many of us. One morning, after a particularly traumatic event that catapulted me into the past to pick up a huge chunk of me from my childhood, during which time I totally reclaimed Me, I

Jay Atkinson


decided to go outside and light a small bonfire. I love bonfires. The aroma of woodsmoke instantly calms me and watching the old rubbish burning on the flames is healing and cathartic to me. As I watched the flames leaping into the sky, I sighed a deep breath of release and then Mother spoke: " All this physical discomfort you are now experiencing is simply that which began in energetic form, and which has been carried with you for so long. As this energy disengages from your system, it is literally burned off. Which is why you are experiencing the heat in your being. Some days you soar like the eagle, and some days you feel as if you are the mole underground. It is by no means a coincidence that you feel you are melting from the core, for is that not what happens in nuclear fission? Core meltdown leading to atomsplitting great change? [ Quote from Wikipedia: In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, nuclear fission is either a nuclear reaction or a radioactive decay process in which the nucleus of an particle splits into smaller parts ( lighter nuclei) . The fission process often produces free neutrons and photons ( in the form of gamma rays) , and releases a very large amount of energy even by the energetic standards of radioactive decay.]

to Love, having experienced the complete contrast to the world of drink and all that comes with it, when we went to Glastonbury. I could see so clearly how she had been shown complete light as a stark and wonderful contrast – and more importantly – CHOICE – which she could no longer ignore. Falling from grace is never easy, for when we awake in the cold light of day, having perhaps made a choice that could have been better for us, we feel even worse than we did before. I called on Mother, as I simply did not know what to do anymore. The husband of this lovely woman was in great pain, and I love them both. I also knew I could do no more and that it was up to them to sink or swim now. My concern was for the children, 2 teenaged boys an older girl. I was shown the clearest picture I’ve experienced so far as Mother explained to me that I was reliving my childhood. My stepfather was an alcoholic and incredibly out of control and violent when drunk. My mother was a co-dependent and we were all children of that union. I was the eldest, so it fell to me to be the mediator, comforter, fixer, etc…and take care of my little brother and sister when things got tough. All my life, I felt as if I were ‘piggy in the middle’, and by no means a coincidence did I keep hearing the latest tune in the charts (UK) by Eliza Dolittle, ‘Big when I was Little’… The light went on as if I were suddenly on stage. Which of course, I was. I was reliving history. Mother and Father, brother and sister. Feeling too little to deal with something greater than I. Vulnerable, scared, angry, and all the other emotions that rose in my gut. I realized I had been forced by circumstances to become Big when I was Little. And I was also (as the song goes on to say) Malcolm in the Middle! I also felt as if I couldn’t ask for anyone’s help as it all had to be kept in the dark… and the shame I felt was overwhelming.


Learn to flow with these times, allowing them to ease their passage through your system. Thank each and every emotion and state of being for having been your greatest ally even though at times these emotions would have appeared as your greatest fears. All I ask of you now, beloved creation of Mine, is that you go forth now, and be the living expression of Me" . This month, my dear friends and co-creators, I had the most wonderful example of how to view old patterns and to put into practice exactly what Mother was talking about. Someone very dear to me has been battling the ‘demon drink’ for some years and despite everything she has been offered – including unconditional love – she fell off the wagon with disastrous consequences. This lovely woman had been really trying so hard and was managing to get to a point where she could leap from Fear

Mother lovingly and gently asked me if I wished to continue to play this jaded part in someone else’s play and in someone else’s theatre. She reminded me that I had a CHOICE. This was the time to choose. The Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie, has been playing in London’s West End for over 60 years. I was shown how that by choice many go to see it many times, thereby keeping the production and cast in work. The cast may change occasionally, but the characters stay the same! In other words, they love the drama, so it is pleasurable for them to see it over and over again. She then said, ‘My beloved child, it is time for you to take your bow, accept your bouq uet and to end your association with this production. Give your thanks and appreciation to those co-players, walk off the stage, and out of the door, closing it firmly behind you. Now go forward and build your own magnificent theatre. Be the Diva on your own stage, choose your own cast, and direct your own production. The stage is all yours now…’


As I saw this vision so clearly, I felt something huge lifted from Avenue. No need to worry that it will be a sell-out, for in my my very being. As if I’d been dragging a massive weight theatre, seats appear as the tickets are booked. around and suddenly the yoke had been taken from me. This week, I was directed to a wonderful cellular support in the I felt myself stepping into the limelight on a vast and magnifi- form of Colloidal Gold. I shall tell you more about that later but cent stage, inside of my own newly-built theatre. I was alone, if you wish to read up on it for yourselves, here is the lovely but incredibly excited and happy. I could see people queuing man’s website: He explains it in the wings, waiting to be asked to join my new production, far better than I, but I do believe such marvels are unfolding and the most empowering feeling was of my absolute jurisdic- for those who are needing support for their newer, more effection over who stayed and who didn’t! I could even choose to tive Light Body Cellular Structures. do a one-woman play for a while. The last word, as always, from Mother: By no means a coincidence – again! – is the fact that this all began about 3 WEEKS AGO… Exactly when my ‘elimination’ “My beloved creations, it is time now for you to be the living, virus began. walking expression of Me in every way. K now that there is no separation. There is no space between us for I am You, and I am feeling a lot thinner, in more ways than one. As the emo- you are Me. When in doubt about your dealings, simply stop tional bondage and baggage is released, we experience a and listen to your heart, asking the q uestion: ‘what would core meltdown, a kind of nuclear/particle exchange of our Love do? ’ and then go about your business. Feel My love for cellular structure. This in turn changes everything and rear- you and reflect all that I am so that others see only Love in ranges things into a new form of energy. themselves. Be still and K now Me, my children. I am with you always and in all ways”… We are literally splitting our own atomic structure and reforming it into something lighter and altogether more palata- Have a wonderful life, peeps…see you next month! ble. Tickets are on sale now, and the Heartlight Theatre in Heaven


Photo by Phil Nielsen


Archangel Metatron

During the past month I have noticed one angel, who normally is not so out front, become more in the mainstream. This angel is the Archangel Metatron. There are many who are currently channeling him and I decided we should have a look at who he is. I have a great sense that Metatron is here to help all of us and will continue to be around for a while. Archangel Metatron is one of only two archangels who walked the earth, his earth name was Enoch. He is the seventh Patriarch after Adam, and is related to Noah. It is said that his knowledge of the universe and heaven was so incredible, that upon his death, he was granted the rank of Archangel. He is charged with sustaining human life and acts as the bridge between the Divine and mankind. Metatron is the keeper of the akashic rec-

ords, perhaps that is why he is so prevalent right now on earth. He is here to help us clear out the gunk and get on with our soul purpose. Archangel Metatron comes to me when I call him, as a strong energy full of life force energy that I can only describe as very bright. For me his presence is infused with lavender, lime green and a beautiful pink tone that I have not seen before. I am given many images when he arrives, all of them bright and flashing by so quickly, that I cannot discern what each is. (Upon reviewing this, I am sure he was showing me images from my akashic record) His message is simple; “Yes, I am here little turtle (his name for me). I am here to help earth achieve balance

Marlene Cobb 28

and I am working with many to achieve this. Right now is an opportune time for balance to be achieved in your world. Think of the energy of this year as a hurricane, some things have toppled and others are teetering. What better time to clean up and clear out that which is no longer needed. Each person has a role to play in bringing this about. It is not only the Lightworkers who I am working with. I am also working through people who would not normally even consider working with an angel, yet there I am, guiding them. I want to clear up, that while I do work with children, they are the future after all, I also work with adults because you are the teachers who provide wisdom to the children. Your actions are watched very closely by the generations that follow you. Due to my being the bridge between heaven and earth, I have been called the angel of death and because of this some fear me when I show up. Yet I am not to be feared, your time is not up, it is just beginning, and all of you need to take responsibility and ownership of what is happening in your life right now, in the past and in the coming future. It has been said many times whence and it will be said many times hence‌. Peace and balance begin with you. If you take ownership of your life and responsibility for yourself, you will know balance and peace. Then you will be a teacher for others, children and adults alike, to find their own peace and balance. Call upon me when you are ready to accept peace in your life. Call upon me when you are ready to accept balance in your life. I am waiting and ready to walk beside you and guide you. One of the first things I will do when you call upon me and ask for help is clear out your chakras. Your chakras are an important aspect of your light-being, and when they become clogged with day to day living, it is almost impossible for you to remember who you are and what you can achieve. Using sacred geometric shapes I will align your chakras so that you are centered and able to receive crystal clear insights, as well as be energized to carry out your missions. Once I have cleared your chakras, I will help you with organizing all areas of your life. I will send messages or messengers with the exact message you need to help motivate you into action. Together we will be prioritizing what is important to you and what brings you peace. When you come from your heart center you experience joy which expands to your whole being and you are at peace. It is hard to be anything but at peace when you are in joy.

Clear out the old make way for the new

All you need to do is ask and I will be with you. Archangel Metatron For each of you reading this, if you have not worked with the angels before, you need to know that all of you can call upon Archangel Metatron right now and he will be with each of you. In fact, because you are reading this, he is already with you. Archangels can be in more than one place at a time, so bask in his energy, feel rejuvenated and ask him to clear out your chakras. Take a few moments, be with his presence, and see how he can help you.

Metatron’s Cube


Linda Adsetts One morning, this past week, I visited my favorite park with Jack, my furry friend. We walked along the path that meandered along the outside edges. He was loose and I spotted a man walking two labs further up the path. We adopted Jack from the SPCA and he has some issues with other dogs, most especially if they are big. I called Jack back and leashed him. Rather than continue along the path, I felt drawn to cut across a grassy area to the gravel path. On the other side I saw a little curly haired girl, standing by a park bench. As I got closer I could hear her mother talking to her from further up the path. “I am counting to ten Livia.” I couldn’t hear her answer, but I could tell that she wasn’t very happy. Maybe I could help. When I came closer I asked her if she would help me walk Jack along the path towards her mom. She wiped her eyes and nodded. “What is your name?”

She replied Livia. I asked was it Olivia? Nope-Livia. Nice name I said. How old are you? Two she told me. Only two, you look big enough to be three. She smiled at me and said just two. We walked together, she in the grass, rustling the fallen leaves as she did. I like the sound of the leaves rustling Livia, do you? She grinned and said yes. Do you have a new baby brother or sister? A brother. I am sure you will make a wonderful big sister Livia. We reached her mom who was pushing a baby carriage and her grandpa. Mom smiled her thanks to me and told me that Livia was having a tough time with the transition to having a new baby brother. What is your brothers’ name I asked. It was Jack. There are no coincidences. I was drawn to her because she needed someone to walk her to mom. She needed to feel safe going along the path. She had put herself in a position that left her feeling vulnerable and didn’t have the language to articulate it. 30

It reminded me that sometimes we aren’t much different at 50 odd years than we are at two years. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of our own making and don’t know how to navigate the path to safety. We cannot articulate exactly how we feel, but our desire goes out into the tapestry of energies and when that desire is pure and clear the energies very quickly answer our call. When our desires are muddled up in guilt and angst, something two year olds don’t seem to have, the energies cannot come to our aid quite as quickly. The more clear we are on what we need without explanation, without convincing anyone if we are worthy of that, whatever that is, then the more clearly the help will come. Unfortunately, as we get older we begin to take on the outside world’s opinions as if they are our own. Somehow we conclude that we have to be worthy of joy-of feeling safe. Somehow we have forgotten that it is our birthright. Livia’s mom forgot that a baby in a carriage who is asleep doesn’t care who is pushing the carriage and that a two year old requires a little more help to navigate the world being turned upside down by the arrival of a new baby. All the words in the world cannot prepare a child for the displacement that occurs with the arrival of a sibling. All the words in the world cannot prepare us for the displacement that occurs when we land on planet earth for another go around. We just have to experience it. Luckily for us we have an internal guidance system that teases into feeling better. It can call a friend to help you walk a scary bit of the path. It can let us know what is safe and what isn’t. We are wired for life on planet earth, even though we feel lost sometimes. We are also forever connected to the greater part of us that exists in the tapestry of energy that is source. All we have to do is tune the radio station a little to the right or a little to the left or maybe way over to find that clear channel that is our birthright. Children can do it pretty darn quickly, especially two year olds. They haven’t been overlaid with the fears of the planet and the beings upon her. If they cannot get physical help they receive it in other ways. They still hear and feel source. Fifty odd year old beings, radio stations are frequently mixed up and we have to find ways to clear the channel. Can you imagine telling a two year old they need to meditate? But as we get older and I am talking

about those that are of a certain age, not the youth that are so clear about their life, meditation, and quiet contemplation of some kind is a necessity. It is why we search out the woods, the quiet spots that allow our beings to breathe a sigh of relief. Respite is offered from the mixed signals that confuse us and our being. The last few days have been challenging. By withdrawing from the mixed signals my being breathes a sigh of relief. However, my partner doesn’t understand my need to do that. Where is your drive he asks? What do you do with your time? Why are you sleeping so much? While I sleep I can feel the energies working with me to bring me back to center. I know I am being prepared for the days ahead, whatever they bring. Some days it doesn’t feel like that. Some days I feel like a two year old who is alone, waiting by a park bench unwilling to walk the steps towards safety, alone. Those days I rely on my naps, meditation, conversation with my dearest friends, including those not in the physical and when that is too hard I pull a deck of cards out and see what I cannot hear for myself. That morning I pulled Acknowledge and Divine Guidance. I can do that. After all Livia and I came together. However, some days it is more difficult. I am in a human body that forgets sometimes.

Everyone does and that is why we aren’t alone in our experiences. We are birthed through our parents, have family and friends, mentors and inspiration and encouragement abounds, if we are open. You live in an age of instantly being able to connect with that which will inspire and encourage you and we are not talking about non-physical guidance, though that is there for you all the time. You live in an age of Internet, an abundance of books and music and the ability to pick up a phone and call a friend. This is a magical time, even though sometimes it feels like it is quite the opposite. This, dear ones, is a time of great change and you need each other to navigate the shifts that are occurring. Just the right piece of information will come when you need it. You only have to ask and allow for the answer to find you. It will. There are many questions being asked across the planet and many are the same. They are about peace and prosperity, well being and love, love of planet and each other and in the asking the answers will appear. If you look you will see the possibilities that are unfolding but you have to look beyond that which you might normally seek. We encourage you to tap into that which you might not normally pay attention to and when you do you 31

will see that there are soulutions to all of your perceived needs to on planet earth, having a human experience problems. Some are so innovative that you can hardly with temporary amnesia. believe it is possible and some are so simple that you will wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. That veil is beginning to lift for some of you. It doesn’t seem so cloudy anymore. There is a reason for that. We rejoice in the shifts that are occurring. We are curi- You are the ones who others will look to when the goous to see how the stories will unfold. Which puzzle ing gets rough. You are the ones who others will seek piece will fall into place next? What new stories will you out to be inspired by and encouraged into being more write? of who they be. You see what others cannot, most of And how will it all expand your world and ours? the time. And when you cannot others will be there to step in and hold the space until you can. We are no more static than you are. What you do impacts all the universes, expanding it all into currently It is a grand and glorious adventure that you have emunknown territory. We see the possibilities based upon barked upon! Enjoy it and do not stress so much the energies at play, but we do not know any more than about it. Each moment you get to choose and then anyou do what exactly will occur. We do know that it will other moment comes and you get to choose again. You be joyous and that love will prevail. It always does. You might choose the same or you might choose differentcan count on that. ly. Oh the joy of choice! So, dear ones, magnificent beings of light and love, go about your life with a light heart knowing that love will prevail and know that joy is your birthright. Know that your life is meant to be experienced in all of its ups and downs and you are the only one who can give it meaning. What does it mean to you? What do you want it to mean? Are you ready to step in something more for yourself and for your planet? We know you will, sooner or later, you will. You cannot help yourselves. No one gets up in the morning and decides they will do their very worst, even though it may look that way. Everyone is experiencing what he or she

Go For It-The Joy! Linda and The Group

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Not your usual Mandala coloring book Back in August, as a way to unwind and get into a creative meditative state, I took up my pencil and started doodling. It was such a good way for me to get into the ‘zen” space, that I decided to share with the world. What transpired was the doodles which turned into a form of mandala’s for people to spend some time immersed in coloring them in. I have also written some of the inspirations that came to me while doing the doodles. I decided to leave some white space for you to jot down your inspirations, or create your own doodles. Basically my wish for you is to be quiet, unwind and enjoy the book. To Order your copy please go to Two options to pick from, download the digital version and print off the pages as many times as you want, works great for experimenting with more than one color scheme. Or order the book direct from Magcloud. If either of those options don’t work for you contact Marlene at and I will be happy to help work something out!


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Shannon Matter

I respect the amazing people I' ve met who attend protests to make this world healthier and safer. I don' t feel a natural desire to be a protestor, although I will do it occasionally. Protesting or " taking it to the streets" is very effective. It’s not how I usually roll though; I have my own methods of speaking out, which usually include writing. However, shark fin soup... that' s absolute insanity, endangering the health of our entire planet. The death of sharks would lead to the death of the entire ocean life, then the death of all life on land next. So in the Fall of 2012, after being part of a wellorganized shark fin soup protest in front of a restaurant that served the soup, on a busy 4 lane street for about 5 weeks- I had a dream. I was honored with a gift to tap the mind of King Shark, the mind of the collective of all sharks. They seemed to look back at me as I looked at them. Their awareness was powerful.

They want humans to stop cutting off their fins, they are aware of the abhorrence of the act. If respect is the right word, they don' t respect the way some humans treat their home ( the oceans) . They are one of the keepers of the realm so they feel like their life purpose is being threatened, and this fills them with adrenaline. When I think of them feeling anger, it seems wrong, it’s me who feels the anger; they feel an adrenaline surge. They kill without emotion and without guilt as well. They are simply fulfilling their purpose. They feel absolutely no evil. They feel their role that the spin of time from the galactic center has spun for them for eons. They feel an intense desire to eat, to hunt and to fulfill their purpose as king of the oceans. It is a humble knowingness they have. There is no ego attached to their role as top of the food chain. It is simply their pur-


pose. It is a primal drive to do their part to maintain balance in the oceans. They feel confused and adrenalized when they are caught in drift nets. They feel adrenaline when their fins are cut off. They feel emptiness when they are drowning and going back to Source. Anger, I don' t sense. It' s a different emotion, like a wise eternal knowing of karma- as in- he who cuts off a shark fin and watches the shark die meaninglessly, may have a terrifying karma to pay, such as " whoops I thought that was a seal" said the great white shark that attacked the swimmer.

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Rev. Hope Suggit

Tarot is the name of a particular deck of cards, that use symbols and pictures to represent aspects, energy and possibilities. These cards are used to divine the truth, and tell the story of what has happened, is happening, and possible outcomes if the current energy/ action is not changed . Tarot is a tool, that allows us to determine the best course of action to take in any situation. Many people believe that to know the future is evil, playing with God/dess' will. I am here to dispel such worries and fear. Let me first assure you that divination is not telling the future, it is divining the truth. And, the Cards show only possible outcomes, not the hard cold future. Your " free will" , your thoughts and attitude, can change a readings outcome; and that is the whole purpose of having a tarot reading.

Secondly, knowing the truth is not evil. Knowing the Truth is imperative to creating the life you want. How can you begin to make choices that bring you closer to your Dreams, if you don' t know what choices are available, and what the conseq uences of those choices are. Tarot can tell you all of this, as well as give you best time for specific actions. Tarot can help you determine the best job, best partner, best location, best...All is revealed in Tarot Cards. Why would all be revealed if we are not meant to know it? Knowledge is the foundation in which we can sink the pillars of our Dreams. Our thoughts and attitude create our reality; awareness of the facts and possibilities, applied with intention, insure a positive outcome. Tarot cards tell the story, however it is the Reader that must accurately deliver that story to you. When you


feel resistance to what you are being told, ask yourself if it' s because you don' t like what you' re hearing, or is it because you don' t trust the accuracy of the Reader. Ask the question, and listen to the truth of your own intuition. If you are resisting because you don' t like what you' re hearing, this is a clear signal that you are nearing the truth you seek. Dig deeper into it. If you don' t trust the Reader, let them know. Tell them why you feel they are off base. Whatever you do, do not mislead the Reader, denying what they are true about, or admitting to something they are wrong about. Sometimes the Cards are confusing and the Reader may ask for affirmation of something, perhaps seemingly unrelated, in order to get clarity. If you want an honest and accurate reading, you must be honest and forth coming with your responses. The truth is in you, it is also out there on the Cosmic Vibe. You can tap into it any time, to get answers to your life' s challenging questions. Tarot is a tool, not a crutch. Used appropriately, Tarot can guide you through tough times, and lead you to situations that will further your dreams. Tarot is a tool for positive change, providing you with knowledge to make informed decisions. And, there is nothing to fear in being aware. To introduce you to the benefits of Tarot, I make you the following offer... Beginning October 1st through the 31st, you can try Tarot for $ 10. Energy is not impacted by time and space, so you don' t have to be present to receive your reading. We can do this via Skype or a phone call, or even email. If you have been curious about what Tarot can do for you, here is a low risk way to find out. To book your session, contact me via the " contact page" at, or call me direct at 503-621-6461. Offered in Her love and service ~Rev. Hope

Tarot is a tool for positive change, providing you with knowledge to make informed decisions

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QHHT—Marilyn Dyke


Many years ago I read that one of the most important things humanity must do as we move through this shift in consciousness is to embody a larger portion of our Higher Self. At the time I didn’t understand how this would happen exactly, but my heart knew it was truth. It’s funny how I can forget so many things and yet a simple sentence read 20+ years ago is etched in my mind like it was yesterday. From today’s vantage point I can see how we’ve been gently nudgedprodded-cajoled into a greater awareness of the Higher Self. I’m sure most of you reading this have known for quite some time, perhaps since a small child that there was that little voice, that subtle inner knowing that was always present but not completely acknowledged perhaps. There are many names for this part of us and I’m sure you can add a few more to this list; Source, God, Over soul, Higher Consciousness….etc. When we Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners ask in session what this loving and knowledgeable presence would like to be called it will tell you it doesn’t matter what you call it because it’s all the same…It is all…it is one. The idea as I understand it is that when we incarnate we bring a very small packet of our Higher Self to embody, and I’m of the understanding that as our vibrations evolve and shift ever higher/faster we are able to embody a larger packet of this Higher Self. I suppose this enables us to understand more, see more clearly and ultimately evolve. When I took my training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Dolores Cannon I learned that one of the most important aspects of this work is not so much the past life information, but many times it’s the contact with the Higher Self that brings the knowledge, answers, understanding and healing. This part of us knows everything about us and every lifetime we have ever lived, every thought, every action. I like to think of it as a massive bank of Universal knowledge that we all have little extension cords plugged into. Most of us don’t understand or believe that we can and do access this knowledge 24/7….but we do, every one of us, did I mention that we are all hooked up to this knowledge? I like to think that right now we’re evolving bigger extension cords that can handle more data??

for every question there is an answer

Like many of you I realized now that this is what I have had contact with (fleetingly) over my entire lifetime. I’ve thought of it as my guardian angel, guides, god, goddess, spirit helpers….etc .I‘ve tried to be more aware, more sensitive to its communications because I’ve found repeatedly that when I follow its advice it never fails me. Of course we do have something called “free will” it’s one of the rules of this game that we’ve set up to make it more interesting….more fun? This free will we enjoy is our choice and we can easily veto the advice the Higher Self gives us, that’s the way the game is played. What I’ve noticed is that when I veto the Higher Self’s advice it never turns out well for me. Have you ever noticed this? Here’s a practical example from my life which illustrates how this works; when I’m doing the laundry my Higher Self will always inform me when there is a tissue in the load before I put the lid down and start the machine…..always, without fail. I even test it out sometimes. This has been

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QHHT going on for years and years and even though I’m as thick as a brick, over time I’ve learned to listen and follow its advice because when I choose to ignore the warning I end up with bits of tissue through the entire load and you know what that’s like!

matter. You can close your eyes and see colors, lights and prophetic visions, or leave your eyes open and simply day dream….it doesn’t matter! All that matters is that you do this regularly, and it’s all meditation. Now that’s easy isn’t it?

Now I always stop and check when I get the warning, even when I know there couldn’t possibly be a tissue in any of the clothes in that load (there’s no pockets!) I will humor the Higher Self and check and of course find a tissue or a scrap of tissue hidden somewhere, EVERY TIME – without fail.

Meditation is the best way to foster sensitivity to the constant communication from that divine part of you that wants to help you be successful in the life you are living now, and there’s a bonus that comes with this. You will find with regular meditation, you will get better at it, you will actually look forward to it and you will find the stress and general turmoil of your life will start to melt away and if it doesn’t leave entirely, at least the volume of your stress and chaos will be turned down to the point where it will become very subtle, and you will find yourself ignoring it..... probably just your imagination anyway!

The actual warning isn’t some loud commanding voice like you read about in the Bible, it’s not that easy. It’s more of a very, very subtle “knowing”, so subtle it’s easily ignored. I would normally pass it off as just my imagination. Over the years I’ve tried my best to become more sensitive to these communications when they come, and I wish I could give you some tips, or at least a step by step program to start you off, but it’s much simpler than that. Really all you need to do to become more sensitive to the Higher Self is just acknowledge this subtle knowing, that’s it, couldn’t get any simpler….not! In our day to day life we are so bombarded by noise, confusion and the wants and needs of ourselves and those around us that most of us couldn’t detect subtle if it hit us on the head! This is the paradox. How do you quiet yourself enough to detect the communications of your Higher Self, while in the middle of chaos and still navigate your normal day-to-day life?

I like to tell my clients during session that I want their imaginations, all of it- what ever comes up because I know that is the Higher Self, it’s that easy and the more they will relax with this and let go and allow, the more imagination will flow and soon the Ah-ha moments arrive and they’re stringing the dots together and then they realize they wouldn’t ever be able to make this stuff up on their own. They say when we pray, we’re asking God for something, when we meditate God speaks to us, and believe God/ Source/Higher Self....... has a lot to say!

They say for every question there is an answer, so here it is….practice stillness …in other words meditation. “Ugh!” I hear you think, “I don’t have time for that!” Well first you need to change your beliefs around time, but that’s another topic for later. For now just know (don’t think, or stress about it), just know, that you have all the time you need. And, luckily you have free will, so you can choose exactly how much time you would like to spend in meditation. It can be 2 hours, or 5 minutes. It makes absolutely no difference. You can sit in full lotus position, sit on the couch, on the floor, or lay in your bed. You can meditate while jogging, walking, swimming or any other form of individual exercise or dance. You can blank your mind, think of something wonderful, look at a picture or a beautiful scene, say a mantra, or just let random thoughts enter and leave, it doesn’t

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Rune of the Month


The rune for the month is Othala Othala is the rune of possessions and represents the things that money can buy, usually land or buildings. When it does indicate money, it will be in the form of inheritance, pension funds, or trusts. When surrounded by runes like Fehu, Berkana, Naudhiz, or Wunjo, it shows a materialist or a tightwad. Sometimes though, especially when paired with Sowilo, it indicates a hard worker, someone who expects to work long and hard to get what they want and who is comfortable doing so. Often, it represents someone with an ideal or vision, perhaps inspired by the past. Runes in this cast would include Mannaz and Ansuz. Upright, it also suggests help from older people or perhaps old friends, and can indicate inherited traits. Reversed, it shows delay and frustration. In a prominent position in the cast it indicates difficulties caused by the subject trying to progress too fast. Continuing on this path

could cause permanent damage to the outcome of a relationship or problem at hand. When coupled with positive runes, Othala reversed simply shows that success is possible but not at the speed the querent would like. In this case it counsels patience. It can also show eventual success hinged on thoroughness and attention to detail. Reversed, it is indicative of the individual standing on his or her own two feet. It can show the subject has a “poor little rich kid” attitude toward life, but in this case they can’t buy their way out of their problems. Othala reversed signifies that the querent should expect no financial help, either from family or from organizations. Reversed it often indicates that legal methods won’t help, for while Othala is reversed, trying to “buck the system” or turn it to your advantage is a fruitless proposition. The querent would be well advised to take a realistic approach and realize there is no escaping “Karma.”

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behind every favourite song, there is an untold story behind every favourite meal, are tastebuds erupting from a childhood memory behind every favourite movie, lies a message that resonates with one's own life behind every life-changing remarkable encounter is a subtle action, perceived only by you experiences are the bookmarks to our lives it's the little things that give meaning to the big things we are all shaped by profound, inexplicable, untold remembrances giving context to the reality we inhabit and which we find ourselves in it's the little things that shape our perceptions of new environments and sticky situations it's the little things that help us through daunting moments and happy happenings we all have a story that's waiting to be told offer others the chance to connect with that part of you which is relatable and most human genuine and untouched by ego or expectations, malice or greed uncover the little things they define our experiences painting the sky with new colours casting hues of unrivalled beauty on all else that we see do something little and from the heart let your essence speak its soul it could mean the world to someone as the same once did for you bridge the gap between the chasms of our infinite awakenings bt


Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story Kushandwizdom


Month at a Glance Sunday


Tuesday 1 Great day for communication of all kinds after lunch No impulse purchases prior to Noon

Wednesday 2 Progress … J What you sow today … comes back 10 fold

Thursday 3 Meditation a must. You could feel a core shift in your energy today

Friday 4 New Moon That shift might unexpectedly come to the surface in the form of emotions. Keep some Kleenex handy

Saturday 5 If you catch a wave of passion or get all fired up .. be sure not to over- commit

10 Try not to get caught in any emotional power-plays

11 Mixed bag of energy. Late afternoon – caution … no commitments or impulse eating

12 You have a big heart but don’t make bigger commitmentsthan you can keep.

19 Trust your instincts

6 Try not to get too serious today, check in with the inner-child who just wants to lighten up and have some fun

7 You may feel like you have a tiger by the tail … just remember it is a tiger … watch your temper

8 Self-esteem is excellent until that inside voice starts talking. Turn it around, positive thinking

9 BE your BEST

13 Double Whammy Day … you may feel bound in by rules/limitations

14 No temper tantrums

15 Great day for communication Be sure you keep up a positive selfimage and confidence

16 No impulse purchases or commitments today until after 6:18pm

17 Expect the unexpected today Maybe a control issue you thought you already dealt with

18 Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)

25 Energetic morning – after 1:30pm no impulse purchases or long term commitments

watch your inside voice

Good day for short meditations throughout the day

Very nice energetic day

Meditation a must

20 Tall tales that could become larger than life No impulse purchases after 2pm

21 Stand Still and just Breathe

22 Sun Enters Scorpio Call up a friend for a coffee and boost their selfesteem, good day for chit chat

23 No impulse purchases, No long term commitments Make a list and stick with it

24 Go Ahead get caught up in your passion… enjoy

27 Another Double Whammy Watch your inside voice – extreme critic

28 No impulse purchases or longer term commitment

29 Very powerful and energetic day today.

30 Put on your own oxygen mask … then feel free to help others

31 Happy Halloween

Own It!

Big heart but no big commitments that you may regret later

Meditation is a must, push through any blocks or obstacles 26 Walking meditation a must – get out there and work it out in the running shoes!

Trick? Or Treat

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Mars, watch squares, conjunctions and oppositions – 7, 14, 21, 29… Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! RED LIGHT Watch Saturn conjunctions, squares and oppositions –6, 8, 13, 19, 27 … You can feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE! Venus squares and oppositions – 15, 22, 30… Heartache/ domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway! Mercury squares and oppositions- 8, 13, 20, 27, 29…Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! Double whammy days – extra challenging days – 13, 27, 29 .. try to use these challenges as a catalyst to determining what needs to change then use the favorable days to make the change CAUTION – 1, 3, 16, 20, 23, 25, 28 – watch your impulse purchases and try not to make any long term commitments on these days. Favorite Meditation Times – 9, 25 (morning), 28 (evening), Mercury Retrograde starts on the 21st (inner spiral) – remember to double check all contracts before signing. If possible give it a week on either side of the retrograde before purchasing a new car or electronics. Mercury is the energy of communication. An antenna both receiving and transmitting. Skilled: Manual & verbal agility communicative, persuasive, fast learner, connecting to people, articulate, curious, trendy, expression of ideas, a Jokester, and inner child “at play”. Unskilled: distractible, fidgety, restless, always talking, superficial, nosy, fickle, squanders time on chatting, not always truthful. Stressful environment, pathological liars and bold face thieves Venus moves to Sagittarius on the 7th – where she becomes a little more worldly and a lot wiser, sporting a dangerous firecracker smile – she is most irresistible. Maybe a little like Athena ;-) Venus is the planet of … How we cultivate our love of beauty in all its forms but especially of the natural world. What we want to surround ourselves with. It is our ability to magnetically attract what we need and want into our lives Skilled: sociable, charming, harmonious, affectionate, able to compromise, the expression of love, art and the attraction of luxury Unskilled: people-pleaser, vain, overly concerned with appearance, greedy, superficial, wishy-washy, wavers on values. Overindulgent and lazy. Interested in surrounding oneself with “stuff” Venus Mars moves to Virgo on the 15th don’t get caught up in too many details – instead use this hyper-focused action oriented time to do a big “clean up.” The Pen is a great sword … just remember once it is out there, you cannot take it back (especially when it is in writing and/or on the web). Mars represents our ability to action, or be assertive in nature, anger (temper), Our ability to go out and get what we need and desire. Sex Drive, physical strength.

Skilled: fearless, physically strong, assertive, energetic, tireless, determined, dynamic self-starting. Unskilled: aggressive, arrogant, pushy, belligerent, impulsive, cruel, inconsiderate Pluto – last month I told you that Pluto was moving into a retrograde when in fact he was coming out of one that he had been in since April. The outer planets spend half the year in a retrograde so it is not as much of change or shift unless it is directly influencing something in your natal chart. Don’t’ forget the retrograde is an inner spiral – where we are digesting the energy from the planet internally before expressing it. Pluto is about power, control, transformation, Kundalini energy. When skilled it can produce deeply astute and analytic skills, powerful and persevering energy when unskilled unforgiving, manipulative possessive and resentful. Does your Pluto control you? … or do you control your Pluto? … Sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd at 11:10pm … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Scorpio’s out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months. New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to the night sky, when we do this we inherently connect and recognize genetic/clan and collective habits and patterns of those that came before us and of which we carry the cyclic environmental signatures. The New Moon on October 4th at 11 degrees Libra (5:34pm) How hard are you pushing to get what you want? If you are finding too many obstacles, stop and take a breath, talk it out with a friend and make the small adjustments that need to be made to ensure success. Don’t forget to breathe. J The Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse on October 18th at 25 degrees Taurus (4:38pm) (Note the Solar Eclipse New Moon is on the 3rd of November) The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse casts a light into our darkest corners; this may bring up negative emotions or fear as this internal emotional energy bubbles into our collective awareness over the next 6 months. Over the course of the next 6 months you may find there is a sense of mistrust in the air perhaps the story seems so unbelievable that you don’t know what to believe. Along with this you may feel like you are not getting the amount of communication you would like or it feels stifled or suppressed, patience is welcomed. We will also find ourselves revisiting the direction we are taking as collective beings – surprise changes could be around the corner … know in your heart that it is collective FEAR of change and the False Evidence Appearing Real is coming to the surface to be embraced. Even though we may need to adjust (long term) to unfolding circumstances – we are well protected in the short run. Stay positive, centered and don’t forget to breathe.


In the following monthly individual horoscope you will find a combination of solar and lunar energy for each sign. Combine your Sun, Moon and Ascendant into one fabulous guide for the month. This month due to the extra stress of the Lunar Eclipse and the exact square of Pluto – Uranus I have focused each Sign on its best Meditation Practice for the month. Ride the wave to set new goals and re-evaluate completion of old goals as you move forward in the month. Writing down your goals is an important step, but being passionately connected to each goal is vital to achieving them.

Aries (March 21-April 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 17th and 18th Depending on the degree of your personal Aries Sun, this Lunar Eclipse may really hit home. Meditation would be best done perhaps through a moving meditation, this could be Chi Gong; painting, sculpting or any other creative tactile form. Focus on Love of the Other … whether this is Love of a Spouse, your Highest Guide or Higher (God) Self. Taurus Horoscope (April 21-May 21) New goal setting opportunities are 19th and 20th Patterns and Habits in your meditations will also help you work out any issues you may be holding onto that are emotionally based such as running to the refrigerator when you “feel” too much or too little. Breathe through any relationship restrictions you may be feeling, instead the focus is on what you can do to make another’s life just a little bit easier. Gemini Horoscope (May 23-June 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 21st and 22nd until 5:30pm Focus toward creative channeling – sharing Collective Expression with the world. The patterns and habits of daily silent or mantra based meditations will bring you into the mind space required to do this well.

Cancer Horoscope (June 21-July 20) New goal setting opportunities are 24th and 25th until 1:30pm Take advantage of the social meditation groups you belong to or facilitate, especially any opportunities to work on Past Life Regressions. Focus is on creating your sacred space no matter where you go. Growth, opportunity, and wisdom are inevitable. Leo Horoscope (July 21-Aug. 22) New goal setting opportunities are on the 26th and 27th The meditative focus is on writing about your experiences, not only will this help you but may also help others. Use a blog, newsletter or a group email while in a trance inducing state and just allow the collective to flow right out. Your physical vitality may have a significant improvement this month. Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) New goal setting opportunities are on the 2nd and then again on the 29th and 30th Focus on finding security, as you settle down into your meditation - see yourself surrounded in everything that comforts you and makes you feel good. Utilize your innate ability to draw on higher knowledge (especially when tapping into your cellular memories). Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) New goal setting opportunities are on the 4th and 5th until 3:30pm and then again on the 31st Your Sun sign may also be very hard hit by this month’s Lunar Eclipse. Tap into your ability to create a pattern or ritual that will easily move you between the worlds into “dream/ meditation” land. The focus is on self-realization, but to do so you will need to release yourself from any worries about financial issues or restrictions.


Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) New goal setting opportunities is on the 6th and the 7th The patterns you have created through daily interactions with closest friends and love ones will be beneficial in both support and help you to focus on your most passionate causes. Meditation is “ask not what the Collective can do for you … but what you can do for the Collective”. Stretching or Yoga will help to strengthen your connection to wisdom, vitality will also naturally improve. Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) New goal setting opportunities is on the 8th and the 9th It is important to use your mediation time to focus on your goals and dreams, do not limit yourself, create a visual board to motivate. Try to get your health régime … food, herbs, vitamins into a solid routine. Short term pain creates long term gains.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 18-March 20) New goal setting opportunities are late afternoon on the 14th and on the 15th Start your meditation with a short journal entry, be creative and allow the “story” to flow don’t hold back. Let this story move you into a focus between the worlds … beyond the bounds of time and space … will it take you into the past or perhaps the future? Use this “dream” time and focus your breath like an artist with sculpting clay working on a vision.

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Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 10th and 11th until 5:00pm You may find great and beneficial growth with close friends and lovers. Put a little bit of creativity into designing your habits and patterns. Meditation focus is on your aspirations ask in yourself … where are you now and where do you want to be, are you actually on path? Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) New goal setting opportunities are on the 12th and the 13th If you cannot physically travel abroad to an ashram or a wondrous clan oriented spiritual location, create a sacred place within your home to do so. Use pictures, books, colour and music to focus your meditation, allowing you to move into these places within yourself.

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Power Animal

Let your heart rejoice in your soul’s light

Before I even formed the question dolphin leaped up making me laugh as I do when they show up. They made a happy chirp, sq ueal and chattering. “Greeting dear beloved ones we are happy to be with you this day for it is a glorious day. Let your heart rejoice in your soul’s light!!!!! Let it blaze through all of Creation and beyond!!!Let it dance across the sky of your heart!!! Let is sing to infinity and resound through all the dimensions of your heart!!! Leap for joy in all the glorious wonder of who you are!!! YOU ARE JOY INDIVISABLE FROM ITSELF!!! YOU ARE LOVE EX PRESSING ITSELF IN ALL ITS INFINITE WONDER!!! YOU ARE FUN PERSONIFIED!!! (There are chirps and chatters of the dolphins here as they laugh)

Playfulness Happiness Sound Breathe Balance

Follow us in joy into your multi dimensionality of love and the infinite. Leap in love into all the possibilities that exist and play there in love and the freshness of all that is and BE!!!” With indivisible joy and love The Dolphins


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Essential Oils– Vera Enshaw

Young Living has a lot of wonderful blends, and I confess that most of them are a favorite...kind of like the old woman who lived in the shoe, with so many children….I’m sure she loved each and every one of them, just as I love all of these oils! Sacred Mountain® Essential Oil Blend is another of those blends that just calls out to be used. And so I do, on a regular basis. This beautiful blend contains the oils of Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Idaho Balsam Fir and Cedarwood. It is so good I truly want to absorb it, bathe in it, dump it all over me! Not so sure that anyone would want to be really close to me if I did that (although everyone within 50 feet of me would certainly feel uplifted!). As a meditation tool this blend helps to bring the peace and tranquility of the mountains to you. Diffuse it in your yoga room or before the beginning of a healing workshop to assist your students with the shift to higher energies. It is helpful when looking to access one’s higher self. This oil corresponds with the 3rd eye chakra. A drop on your brow prior to meditation will facilitate a deeper connection to the spiritual realms. If you are working with diva energy, Sacred Mountain® will help you to recognize their energies easily and with clarity. Since we can’t all head for the hills when we are distressed or in need of the grounding that the mountain slopes can give us, we look for available tools. Sacred Mountain® really helps at those times! Carry some with you in a small bottle, keep some in your desk at work or at school—breathe in as needed! Let’s look at the individual oils in this blend: Spruce is grounding, helping to create the balance necessary to receive and to give. Also anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, disinfectant and tonic. Ylang Ylang helps to balance the male/female energies. Also anti-depressant, anti-infectious and tonic. Balsam Fir is also grounding, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Can stimulate the mind wile allowing the body to relax. Cedarwood is recognized for its purifying properties. It is anti-infectious, antiseptic. May help open the pineal gland.


Each oil is powerful in its own right…the combination in Sacred Mountain® makes this blend a real powerhouse! I often put this blend on before I leave home in the morning. A drop on my crown or my third eye helps ground me for the day. It is a must for me when meditating, and I often use it just before doing a reading or giving a healing treatment. It is an oil blend that just says….more! For more information on Young Living Essential oils and blends, please contact me by email at or go to the YL website: Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils. Vera

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I have a question Well, maybe not so much a question As it is a curiosity So, here I am Aren’t I? If you don’t see me Am I? If I do not make contact connect with you….or anyone Do I? Exist? When I walk down

the street With my head down And my eyes

Vera Enshaw

down Wearing my shapeless, colourless garb to avoid being seen If there is no contact twixt thee and me Do I? Exist? In the restaurant, the store, the bus when I hide within myself book in hand eyes cast down to avoid contact If my eyes never connect with your eyes do I? Exist? And if I don’t exist What am I doing here? Am I? Here? If I don’t exist? Are you here? If I don’t exist?



Message from the Angels Greetings October is the month for Intentions—your dreams, wishes, those lovely thought forms that float out into the universe and are made manifest. What are your intentions? Set clear ones during the month of October, for the saying “be careful what you wish for” is October’s motto! What are your desires? This is the month to give them serious consideration. Your wishes are like arrows flying straight into the heart of the universe. Whatever you put out is coming back to you ten-fold. What inspires you? Is there something that you want to bring into your life? This month the opportunity is there for you to change or bring something into your life that you have been thinking about. There is no better time than right now, so stop hesitating, do not delay, set the intent and start working towards your desire. You are fully supported. Many of you are on the cusp of fully realizing what you truly desire, so have faith, trust in yourself and keep going forward. Oh, those pesky little details! Nothing is too small to overlook and you had better make sure that you read the fine print, cross your t’s and dot your i’s! This month is all about details, which will suit you just fine if you are detail oriented. If you are not inclined to pay much attention to them expect to have delays and surprises. This gives you a clue how to set your intentions this month. You have to be very clear in your intent, no willy nilly wide brush strokes with the thought of leaving it up to the universe. The universe is asking for all the juicy details! The more you can give us, the better we are able to help set the wheels in motion. Be prepared to receive what you ask for, think of it as an early birthday or Christmas gift. We are at your service.

continue learning each day; it is up to you to be open to accepting that you are not all knowing. Wisdom is never ending. The more you experience in life the more wisdom you gain. This month be the student, go in with the intent that you are an open vessel ready to learn, and gather new knowledge. From this knowledge, what will you create that you can share with the world? Lastly, keep it simple this month. The simpler you can keep your life, the more you will enjoy it. Enjoy the beginning of fall, get out and see the glorious colors that nature is presenting. Walk in the brisk air and feel the wind clear out your auric field. October is a grand month and sets the tone for the last quarter of this year. Enjoy a slower pace and prepare for the festivities ahead. There has been much for you to celebrate this year. As these last month’s play out, take some time to clear out any remaining debris from your life that no longer serves you. It is time to start looking towards 2014, and now is the time to ensure you are on track to wrap up all that you want to achieve this year.

Well thought out means details are taken care of, so take a moment and look at the details, not just in your intentions but also in your day to day life. Be teachable! Be willing to learn something new, and be open to expanding what you do know about a subject. Don’t think that you know all there is to know about everything. Life gives you opportunities to



Photo Phil Nielsen


Photo by Phil Nielsen

Nourish October 2013 issue 27  

Enrich, Enlighten, Encourage one sentence at a time!