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Issue 26 SEPTEMBER 2013

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Welcome to September! September the month of transition as we move from summer into autumn. This is the month school goes back in, vacations are typically over, and routines get back into full swing. Because of this September feels like a fresh start. It is the perfect time to assess life and determine what activities you wish to participate in during the coming months. What are you bringing forward with you from the past 8 months and what would you like to let go of? Take a walk in nature as the colors begin to shift and see what inspires you. Create a bold page this month and celebrate the last days of summer and start preparing for the cooler days return.

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Namaste Marlene All content Š2011 - 2013 by Nourish Publication Nourish is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life. All articles are the express views and beliefs of the writer and are provided as guidelines to the readers. Ultimately each reader is responsible for their own choices and decisions. The articles are meant as guidelines and the reader is encouraged to expand on the knowledge presented within these pages to form their own opinions.




Marlene Cobb

As we turn another page on the calendar and summer begins to change to autumn, my thoughts are reflective on the year thus far. I love the season changes. Each one is special in its own right and I feel they are a perfect time to pause and have a look at the landscape of my life. I asked for guidance on what this article should be about this morning and the “gang” gave me “video games”. With a roll of my eyes I said, “video games? Are you serious? What the heck do video games have to do with anything right now?” I am not sure if it was the eye roll or if they were having fun, but no answer came forth. Not another peep until the word “quest” came to me, and not from them I

might add. At that point there were chortles and snickers abounding, ringing in my ears. Ahhh, now I got it!! Most video games I play are of the questing variety. A quest, yes, we are all on a quest, for that is what life is, a quest. One action leads to the next which brings us to the next action and continues each day. We learn one thing before moving onto the next. For the most part we are not aware of this happening, we just are absorbed in living our lives and the progress is natural. It does not matter if there are energy shifts happening, astrological events playing out in the skies above, civil unrest


here on the planet, and it really does not matter who you are or where you are at in your life. Each of us is on this quest called life. Sometimes the quest is for a single player, other quests involve others playing on our team, and we on theirs. The great thing about being on a quest is that each person gets to go at their own pace. And that is exactly what 2013 is about. It is not about comparing where you are with those around you, it is not about judging how others are shifting or not, it is not even about trying to get everyone on the same wave length as you. It is a personal quest to find what works for you. If we are to liken it to a video game, some days we are short on energy. It seems like we are hardly able to complete the tasks at hand and a game over banner is flashing. Other days we might find extra energy along the way. There are days when we can jump all the hurdles, find all the “gold coins”, and slay all the dragons on our path. Other days, it seems we just have to keep going over the same part of the path as the hurdles seem too high, the coins obscure, and the dragons extra fiery. Part of being on a personal quest is discovering what your personal cadence or rhythm is. What speed works best for you? Your personal cadence is the rhythm that you align with, and when you are in alignment with it, all is right in your world. Those are the times when you get over the hurdles, find extra treasures, and slay all obstacles in your way. Finding your cadence or natural rhythm can be a difficult task. We live in a society that is fast paced it seems like life is on fast forward most of the time, and unconsciously we accelerate our life to speed right along with it. We want to keep up with our family, friends, and neighbors. What ends up happening is we dis-align ourselves with our natural rhythm. Our productivity turns into frenzied accomplishment in which we finish one task without enjoying the process and hastily move onto the next. Each moment of the day is filled to capacity from the time we rise until we flop

into bed. When this happens, we are disregarding our own innate natural rhythm. We are questing to reach the next level, and suffering on many levels while doing so. We are going to look at some ways you can find your natural cadence. Stop wearing a watch. I realize that if you work you need to arrive at a certain time and also leave at a certain time. Also if you have appointments, it is good to be on time for them. A clock does come in useful for those instances, but on a day when you do not have appointments, try to get through the whole day without looking at the clock. Follow your natural rhythm. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you feel tired, rest or work as guided. See where it takes you, and how much you get accomplished. Again, this is not a competition, remember it could be a slow day and that is ok. You will still be following your own rhythm. Look at your to do list and your appointment calendar. If there is something on there that you keep putting off, try doing that first. How full are both? Have you set yourself up to be busy for the next few months or do you have a reasonable list and calendar whereby you are going to be able to enjoy what is coming up? If you find either of them daunting, chances are, you are in warp speed and need to cull the list down to where you feel it is right. If you are doing anything (and this is outside of your work environment, however there are fine lines within work as well) that you feel you have to do, others expect or want you to do, because others are doing it, or you feel you must in order to get ahead, take a look at it! Evaluate if you are in sync with your strengths, goals, and higher personal ideals your soul. If not, it is time to reclaim yourself. When you are doing things that are not part of your personal goals, or they are challenging to the extreme, chances are they are out of your cadence and you are doing them for others or to make yourself look better. Embrace that you are you. NO one else is you and will not have your natural rhythm. It is what makes us each unique. It is your own soul stamp that you were born with. It should be honored, and the more you can embrace, celebrate, and acknowledge that you don’t have to measure up to anyone but yourself, the better you will feel. You will be able to occasionally step into the frenzied pace of life and survive to tell about it, and more importantly manage to keep on an even keel mentally, emotionally and physically. Life is a quest, your quest, and one that is meant to be enjoyed, savored and lived well. It is not like a video game, in which you can keep redoing one area until you get a perfect score. No, you only get one chance at each moment, in each day. Why not glide through each moment in your natural rhythm. When you find your cadence, all that you want to accomplish gets done, and the best part is you are satisfied with the time you have spent and the results achieved.

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what are you willing to pay for that which has captured your desire? not in regards to monetary expense, but in hours of toil and labour or in mental energy spent? or time wasted in emotional investment to its maintenance and upkeep, or to anxious clinging for fear of its damage or loss, or to always keeping one eye open devoted to its security and protection caused by a never-ending lack of trust, anticipating thievery in the night you see, a thing's worth goes far beyond the currency you once paid but is value increases incrementally over time continually taxing your system by the mental bandwidth which it consumes within the more stuff you acquire the more you must maintain physically, mentally, emotionally the mind has a limited ability to pay attention it is finite in its capacity to juggle and maintain so the more stress you load into it's system the more anxiety it must put out i think we can agree that a common goal we all share is to realize calm, peaceful contentment stillness and happiness with life. yet this can only be achieved through the clarity in understanding the impact of our wants material and emotional things, habits, and relationships alike so be suspicious of what you want for the price you might pay may be far more than what its tempting sticker implies bt 08.21.2013


“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” Henry David Thoreau


“If you awaken your soul, you will change.”

Gabrielle Roth

How often we become angry or frustrated with others, or the world, because things do not go the way we want them to. This can be an occasional reaction when our favorite team loses, the car breaks down the day we have an important meeting, or a friend cancels at the last minute. Sometimes, however, it seems to be a lifelong pattern. Perhaps emotional needs were not met in childhood an so there seems to be a void. This void can become like a black hole that draws into it more and more of the same feelings. One may feel that parents were not there for them, be often disappointed by friends, and frequently let down by a partner. Sometimes individuals in this situation become people pleasers, feeling that if they do a lot for others, more will come back to them. They may empathize with and nurture others, but with the expectation that the other person will “be there” in return to meet their own needs on demand. Often a


gram. Ideally, as we evolve in consciousness, we continually “upgrade our program.” Higher consciousness, or what I think of as soul, is also preinstalled, but we have to learn how to access it and run it. Once we know what it is, we have to choose to run it. Ego will still try to keep running in the background, but we use our powers of conscious choice to bypass it. If we do not, or cannot make this choice, ego remains the default program. This means that the ego perceptions of the past are brought into the present. Life events are viewed through the prism of past ego interpretations and are refracted into aspects of past conditioning and beliefs. Further, this “distorted” view is also used to predict the future. So one reacts to present life circumstances as though they are continuations of old negative dramas. Further, the future, which is clear, open and filled with multiple possible outcomes, instead becomes contaminated with ego predictions. The old ego ideas are projected onto the future, and so that is what is created. We need to recognize the tremendous power of our thoughts. It is our thoughts that create our reality. Do we want the limited, primitive, unevolved ego to be creating our reality? If so, life will be characterized by things like anxiety, conflict, stress, troubled relationships, dissatisfaction, depression, anger, communication problems, negativity, criticism and judgment of self and others. life of drama ensues, a victim persona develops, and the individual moves farther and farther away from what he/she really wants, and, in fact, creates the opposite. Let’s look at what is really going on here. We have talked about the ego aspect of our being, and understand it is that more primitive part of us that thinks primarily of itself. It sees things only from its own perspective, rarely seeing, understanding or validating the perspective of another. It wants its needs met, and becomes frustrated or angry when they are not. Ego may even turn on itself, generating feelings of worthlessness, and self-judgment or criticism, based on the fact that others did not conform to its expectations. It creates polarity thinking, seeing things in terms of good guy/bad guy. Ego is always, of course, the good guy, which automatically makes the other person bad.

However, when we allow our higher consciousness, or soul essence to guide our thoughts and actions, then we choose a life characterized by a balanced mood, healthy communication, positive relationships, self-validation, understanding, compassion, acceptance and a relaxed approach to life. What differentiates us from other species is our ability to consciously choose. If our lives are not the way we would like them to be, then rather than blaming others for our circumstances and replaying the same old “movie,” we need to create a new script. Only this time we are the sole producer and director.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit

Ego develops in childhood. It is a basic program that comes already “installed” and for a long time it is the default


Energy 101

Avoidance Vera Enshaw In the quest for personal peace, where does avoidance fit in? When we avoid we are holding our bodies in constant tension. Kind of like holding a length of fishing line taut. The more you pull it, tighten it, the finer it gets. Until finally the line just gives - SNAP! What are you left with? Two pieces of line, neither one having the strength of the original. That is the extreme result of avoidance. There are many smaller breaking points along the way. The next question is - what do we avoid? And why do we avoid? Do we avoid feeling? Acting? Is there one thing that we are avoiding that kind of sums it all up? Is the underlying reason fear? Fear of what? Fear of being wrong? Fear of being right? If we did not avoid, what would we do? Ahhhhh… that the issue? Doing? But, you say, I do all sorts of things to avoid doing the thing I am avoiding. This could get very convoluted,

couldn’t it! Are you actually enjoying doing those things? Thoroughly and completely? What do you do to avoid feeling emotion? We can become very adept at running away from emotions that we do not care to feel. We expend way more energy avoiding than we would just doing the task or feeling the emotion! Let me ask you to do something (at which point you can turn the page and avoid…). Have you got a pen and paper handy? Great! Now, write down one thing that you have been avoiding lately. Be brief. A word or a short sentence should cover it. Got it? Good! Go now to a place where you can sit for a while and be comfortable and undisturbed. Turn your phone off, lock the door and settle down. Take that piece of paper and sit on it. Close your eyes, and go through a brief relaxation/centering exercise. Breathe. In your mind’s eye, see the issue that you are avoiding. See it the way that you always do, feeling all the emotions that come with it. Remember to breathe through this 10

part. Now I want you to visualize something else. I want you to visualize your life after you have completed whatever it is that you have been avoiding. What does it feel like to have finished? If your mind skitters away from this just gently bring it back. Remember, at no point are you asking yourself to do it, not even in your imagination. How does it feel to have it done? What happens in your life? What has happened to the fear? And most importantly, how does your body feel? When you are finished, take your paper and write down what it felt like to be done with the issue. A smoker often thinks of quitting smoking. I used to quit every night and start again the next morning. I put it off and put it off, until finally I got sick. At that point I quit avoiding the issue, and quit smoking. The thought of quitting, of the physical, emotional and mental pain I would have to go through was, in the end, way worse than what I actually experienced—and went on for many years. Every person I know avoids something at some point in their life. Is avoidance always such a bad thing? I think that short periods of avoidance can actually be helpful—kind of like having a problem, taking a short nap and waking up with the solution. So when I have a problem and I turn to cooking to avoid thinking about it, my answer may be with me at the same time as I finish creating the meal.

life we miss through the avoiding. If we were to actually ask ourselves the question “Do I stay in this job? I don’t like it, and I’m not very happy—should I stay for the security or take a chance that there is something wonderful out there for me?” we might find ourselves in the position of making choice. “No, I’m not ready to leave yet,” or “I am going to sit down and decide what type of job I’d LIKE to have.” Asking ourselves why we are in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be working can be the first step to rekindling a romance we thought was gone. Opening that envelope that we are afraid to open because of what it might contain can mean missing an opportunity to confirm our abundance. As far as I know, the only cure for avoidance is action. When we begin doing, we create energy that moves the very currents of our lives. The effects are farreaching. Instead of being stuck in the mud, we begin to flow with the river of life. We become happier people, and we draw to us people who enjoy being around us. Take a chance. Do. Until next month…...Namastè

One of the saddest aspects of avoidance is the

I do all sorts of things to avoid doing the thing I am avoiding.

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Linda Adsetts

Once upon a time, in a place far closer than you think, groups of souls gathered together to plan their next great adventure on planet earth. They conferred with their teachers and guides and with the angels, musing upon what they were ready for this time around. Is it time for this? Is it time to be this? Who will be there with me? Teachers and guides imparted that some would be there on planet earth in physical form and some would stay behind to assist from just over there. Other souls agreed to be support in different ways. “ I will be the contrast for you.” some assured and others “I will be the one person that will help get you through a time where you forgot who you be.” So many souls gathered in various groups that would land in various places across the great planet-mother earth who would support and sustain you in ways that so many of them would forget. It was all about the remembrance now. The time had come for everyone to remember. Each soul had a path to walk. Each soul had experiences to experience that would contribute to the whole of the universes. Some would work the land, some would work the industries, and some would be the leaders of industries and some leaders of nations.

Some would live quiet lives and some would live outrageously loud lives. Each soul was needed for everything they had to impart through their experiences of being human, again. But within those groups were those that chose to be the way showers. They had chosen to be different. They would be considered, odd ducks by their families and society. They would be peppered amongst the fabric of each society. Their lives would be the question for everyone around them. The question was: What else is possible? They were the ones that questioned just about everything and often drove those around them to distraction. They would ask question, after question and each question was to draw forth something else, a new way of looking at an aspect of life and new ways of looking at how life unfolds in all areas. They were the ones who would say, “This is not good enough! There must be a better way and a kinder way.” As the years went by those who questioned began to make a difference. They were willing be to be the fool if that is what it took. They were willing to be considered different. Some took a while before they were

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comfortable in that but they could not deny that they were.

be put back together again, in a new and beautiful way.

And those that were wise understood that others were the contrast that caused the questions to bubble up within them and were in joy of the remembrance.

It is all about love and the many faces of love and each of you is playing your part. You are not alone in this and never were. So be kind with each other and remember to play well together. After all, you did have something to do with this plan and plans change as energies shift. Some of the plans that were put in place are not necessary any longer and as a result new plans are being birthed from the very questions that some of you ask-“What else is possible? Is there another way, a kinder way, a more loving way?”

And so dear ones, if you are reading this it is a reminder of who you be and who others be. You are the way showers, the lighthouse that others look to in order to help them find their way. You are the ones who cause others to remember. And the others are the most blessed contrast that is needed to shift your planet and those upon her, into another way of being. It is a grand and glorious adventure that you embarked upon. It an adventure that creates ripples across the universes and is observed with great interest and great love. Remember who you be and more importantly remember who everyone else is. Each and every one of you are magnificent beings of light and love-PERIOD (we had to put that in there!) no ands, ifs or buts. Your planet may look like it is unraveling but sometimes a little unraveling is needed in order for things to

Our answer is of course there is and you will find it and what it will look like is the greatest surprise of allfor all of us! Miracles will unfold and things that you thought were irreversible will reverse. Don’t give up on any of it and always find the joy in all of it-there are small pieces in everything. Your task is to find them. Go forth and discover dear ones and remember… Go For The Joy Linda and The Group


Rev. Hope Suggit

From the time I began talking, I began to understand the power of magical words. Maybe you did too. When we would ask for things, our parents would say, " what's the magic word?" And, when we received something, we were asked the same question. Unknowingly, my parents taught me that words had power, and could create something. And that " Please" and " Thank You" are the Master Magical Words, that could manifest my desire. Do you remember being taught this?





These magical principals still exist, and on a much larger scale that I could have imagined as a child. When we say, " please" we are surrendering that part ego part of us that is always looking out for # 1. We are being humble in our asking, knowing that what we are about to receive is a Gift. No matter how small it may seem in the bigger picture, each act of love and kindness is a Gift. When we say " please" , we are increasing our ability to manifest what we are asking for. Part of the reason this is so successful, is that the word " please" has an energy to it. Other than the physical power of speaking it, the energy created, is felt as a Light Source; and instantly the listener also hears " thank you" . Try this for yourself. Think of a time that you heard someone say " Please" to you. Didn't you also feel that they were grateful? That's the power of this magical word. It creates a positive emotion that has an energy of its own. And, as the listener when you hear it, your heart opens to receive, and give. That is the flow of the love, the power of these magical words. Just as it is when we say please" and " thank you" to each other, when we use our magic words with Divine Source Energy (God, Goddess, Buddha, Universe, add your favorite Deity here) we are increasing our ability to manifest our desires. I'm not talking about the " time of crisis prayers" where we are in distress and pleading. I am talking about speaking to Divine Source Energy as a partner in our Journey, as a part of ourselves, and One Love. When we come with our Dreams and Desires, in a humble and grateful manner, we are open to receiving, and giving; because giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, energetically. If you feel like it's not the case in your life, then the energy is out of balance, and harmony needs to be restored. As you go about your daily life, see how often you can add " please" and " thank you" to your interactions. See how they manifest your desires, not just the physical one; your desires for peace and happiness, too. You can manifest those instantly, with these magical words. In Her Love & Light, Rev. Hope

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Phil Nielsen Tiwaz/Tir In this month’s journey through Frank Joseph’s book, Gods of the Runes, we will learn about the rune Tiwaz which originally represented the god Tyr. Tyr was the god of war in Germanic Mythology but when he appears in the Norse pantheon, he is the right hand of Odin, who is the god of war. Tyr is now the Norse god of law and justice, who governs over the proceedings at the thing (the Norse general assembly) This story is about Tyr and the wolf cub Fenris. With the completion of Asgard, the gods settled into their sky domain of palaces and estates, where they would play with the wolf cub Fenris (one of Loki’s children). When he was young he was friendly but as he grew in size and strength, even the Aesir became afraid of him. Eventually, the only god brave enough to play with him was Tyr, the divine patron of war. Still, the wolf continued to grow, reaching monstrous proportions and filling the heavens with his incessant howling. Finally, the gods had had enough. They planned to bind him, far away in a remote corner of the universe—not an easy task, even for gods, as Fenris had become the largest and most dangerous beast in the cosmos. After consulting his runes, Odin determined how this was to be accomplished. He sent for the Niflheimers and ordered

their most skillful craftsmen to forge a chain that could not be broken. The dwarves put their heads together and came up with fetters as unbreakable as they were invisible. They were made from the unseen powers which are the strongest: the roots of a mountain, the sound of a moving cat, and the breath of a fish. Odin was skeptical when the Niflheimers showed him the chain, which was not more than a silken band, but they assured him of its efficacy. “Of course, the only difficulty,” they told him, “will be putting it on Asgard’s misbehaving pet. But that is your problem, not ours.” Indeed it was, so the gods had to come up with a plan. Odin showed Fenris the frail looking cord and calmly assured him that it was meant to honor, not bind him. But the beast was suspicious and only agreed to have it put on him if someone would put their hand in his jaws as a pledge that the silken cord was harmless. Tyr at once stepped forward to save his fellow Asgard any embarrassment, and boldly thrust his hand in the mouth of the wolf, while the other gods tied Fenris’s limbs and neck with the deceptively thin cord. When Fenris moved to test his fetters, he found he was bound fast after all and bit off Tyr’s hand before the god could remove it. The wolf raged and strained against his chains, but they held fast and will do so until Ragnarok, the end of the world. 18

Tyr is the Scandinavian version of an important diety known among the early Germanic peoples as Tiw, from which our Tuesday derives. The Etruscans of twenty-eight centuries ago revered him as Tarchon. Wherever the Aryan tribes spread, he was central to their worship. His image in the form of a red horse nearly an acre in extent (250 feet long by 200 feet high) was cut into the side of Edge Hill, seven miles from Banbury, England. Both names of the locations associated with the ancient bioglyph refer to the war god: Tysoe and Warwickshire. In spring, every Palm Sunday, sixthcentury Anglo-Saxons scoured the outline of the figure, which they called Tiw. The precise location of the Vale of the Red Horse is no longer known, because the hill figure was obliterated, probably sometime in the late-eighteenth century. The profound antiquity of Tyr/Tiwaz traces back to dieus, the “shining god” held in awe by the Indo-European horsemen of seven thousand years and more ago. It was from this primeval dieus that the Greek Zeus and the later Germanic Ziw descended. An Edda poem of the Viking age describes how warriors, before entering battle, carved victory runes using Tyr’s name. Archaeological evidence supports the old epic. A second century BC helmet from Negau, Austria, is inscribed “Teiwa” a variant of Tyr, and spears found in Britian (at Kowel and Holborough, Kent) also bear his rune. Accordingly, it forms the first letter of his name in the shape of a spear.

outcome, which is significant. We must look upon opportunities for victory or defeat with an equally indifferent eye. All that matters is that we do our best for what our heart deems most valuable. Tyr’s is the rune of combat and willingness for self-sacrifice on behalf of an ideal or for our own defense or conquest. Implicit are the virtues of duty and honor. Inverted, Tyr means impotence, loss of will, dwindling energy, failure in competitive circumstances, lack of sufficient interest, declining enthusiasm, false expectations that what we want may be achieved with little or no effort. Tyr counsels that prosperity is no one’s birthright, but instead must be conquered to be obtained. Tyr’s gemstone is the bloodstone and his color red. He is associated with Noatun or Pisces, from February 19 – March 20. Contact Phil at for more information.

Upright, the Tyr rune guarantees success in any completion and embodies singlemindedness, willpower, and strong motivation. Increases in power or wealth, not by mere chance, but through struggle, are signified by Tyr’s glyph. It is the emblem of passion and virility—but risk and sacrifice are also involved. We must dare to win. Struggle is the way of the world, and whoever shirks it can never win. Tyr is the god of the lost cause who teaches that fighting for what we believe is victory in itself. It is our participation in the struggle, not its


Month at a Glance Monday






2 Nose to the Grind Stone

3 No Impulse Purchases Great day for a walking meditation

4 Work hard … Play hard

5 New Moon Opportunity meets preparedness

6 No impulse purchases prior to noon Words & thoughts flow

7 Do not over -commit

8 No afternoon impulse purchases A beautiful Day in the neighborhood


10 Fabulous afternoon darling…

11 Expect the unexpected … in a good way of course

12 No impulse purchases all day Head down and Self - Reflect

13 Very energetic day, keep the inside voice … “ inside”

14 Go for a walking meditation

15 Double Whammy today – Head down … one foot in front of the other 22 Another Double Whammy … No temper tantrums today 29 Double Whammy Watch that inside voice – something from deep within may try to surface

16 No impulse purchases all day Watch your temper

17 Meditation is a must … very nice day

18 Pay it forward today

19 Full Moon Don’ t overthink it

20 Expect the unexpected Keep it light hearted

21 No impulse purchases Meditation is a must tonight

23 No impulse purchases all day today Another great day to pay it forward 30 Double Whammy Watch your temper it may be provoked by your selfesteem

24 Will it so! Be sure to be focused use your innate determination

25 Connect to your passion

26 You may feel a little less focused today but push through

27 Get your ducks in a row, it is a day where accomplishment is possible

28 Whatever you attract today will surely grow

Sunday 1 Bring on the Passion

Double Whammy Power & Control … which side are you on


Mars, watch sq uares, conj unctions and oppositions – 1, 9, 16, 22, 30… Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! RED LIGHT Watch Saturn conj unctions, sq uares and oppositions – 2, 9, 15, 22, 29… You can feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE! Venus sq uares and oppositions – 15, 22, 30… Heartache/domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway! Mercury sq uares and oppositions-13, 20, 29 … Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! Double whammy days – extra challenging days –

9 , 15, 22, 29 , 30 ... try to use these challenges as a catalyst to determining what needs to change then use the favorable days to make the change CAUTION – 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 23, 26, – no long term commitments or impulse purchases on these days. Favorite Meditation Times –4, 5, 6, 17, 18, 21, 25 Mercury moves to Libra 8th and then Scorpio on the 29th – This is a very quick change over so don’ t let your words get in your way. Communication needs to be thoughtful and with purpose. Venus moves to Scorpio on the 10th – Mysterious & deeply moving Pluto moves Stationary … standing still getting ready to move into a long retrograde Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd Autumnal Eq uinox

New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to the night sky, when we do this we inherently connect and recognize genetic/clan and collective habits and patterns of those that came before us and of which we carry the cyclic environmental signatures. The New Moon on Sept 5th at 13 Virgo 04’ We still have the tail end of that heavy energy we have been dealing with over the last couple of months … the bright side is this energy signature is well supported by the New Moon. If this NM in Virgo connects to your chart – you may just see some long awaited movement forward – in fact it may feel like you are being propelled by lightning speed. The signature of this NM fits nicely with the signature of the Full moon on the 19th. Goal setting around your values and what you want to attract into your life is the key. Don’ t allow yourself to be surprised by bills or unforeseen expenses (make sure you have some money put away for a rainy day). The Full Moon on Sept 19 th at 26 Pisces 41’ Although the heavy energy we have been feeling over the summer is finally starting to lift it still holds us to a heavy feeling of responsibility where meeting the needs of family is key. This may mean there is extra pressure to meet financial obligations, and you may feel that your long term investments are struggling to meet your needs. If you are feeling a little lost, dig deep and you may just find that illusive golden egg. Relationships and partnerships are well anchored so ask for the support of intimate friends and partners. You may just find that lost unique passionate sense of self lurking around the next corner ;-) This is a good month to pay it forward!

Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Virgo’ s out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months. Email: for more information on how a Phone or Skype Consultation can help you with any transitions you are experiencing in your life.


In the following monthly individual horoscope you will find a combination of solar and lunar energy for each sign. Combine your Sun, Moon and Ascendant into one fabulous guide for the month. Ride the wave to set new goals and re-evaluate completion of old goals as you move forward in the month. Writing down your goals is an important step, but being passionately connected to each goal is vital to achieving them.

“ In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice' s Adventures in Wonderland . …. Try not to let the rabbit take you down the hole, but if you find yourself there make the best of it and be sure to have some fun…

Aries ( March 21-April 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 19th& 20th Organization & space clearing needs to start on the home front – it is behind closed doors where we find the most interesting things to let go of ;-). Focus on your overall well-being (not just your physical body). Try to make smaller adjustments to your current regime instead of going for a total overhaul – the results will be lasting. Taurus Horoscope ( April 21-May 21) New goal setting opportunities are 21st & 22nd Organization & space clearing needs to start at the work place, start with the top of your desk & drawers then move outward. This month work on how many ways you can let loose and have fun. Allow yourself some free-form time to daydream about the endless possibilities/paths your life could take. Gemini Horoscope ( May 23-June 20) New goal setting opportunities are late on the 24th & 25th Organization & space clearing would be best served where you do your thinking and writing, such as organizing your desk, computer, writing files and journals. You may find you have access to a very deep part of

yourself that you do not normally work with on during the course of a normal day. It is important that you set up a schedule to work with this part of yourself as often as possible this month – eventually you may need or wish to share the information you gather with others. Cancer Horoscope ( June 21-July 20) New goal setting opportunities 27th and 28th Organization & space clearing by starting with your cupboards/refrigerator/ stash/bedside table, filter out all the items (comfort foods) you run to when you are emotionally taxed. If you have been thinking about taking a course or two this fall – jump in with both feet, you will find it incredibly rewarding and worth the effort. Make sure at least one course you take is to learn something new that you always wanted to do ... but never dared. How about ballroom or belly dancing ;-) Leo Horoscope ( July 21-Aug. 22) New goal setting opportunities 2nd, 29th & 30th Organization & space clearing your bank account – the money you use on a day to day bill paying basis, that may feel like they have become out of control …what bills or monthly charges can you get rid of on items you really don’ t even use? If you have been anticipating something new is just around the corner – you would be correct … if you felt busy last month – it will feel like working at warp speed this month. Embrace the changes and think short term pain = long term gain! Virgo Horoscope ( Aug. 23-Sept. 22) New goal setting opportunities are 4th & 5th Organization & space clearing in the mind … yes I am talking about mind grind. Utilize whatever tools are necessary to get your mind back to that peaceful state. Take stock of your personal relationships and how they might be affecting your “ sense of self” , contemplate how this impacts your home life, are you the best you can be – if not for your loved ones then for yourself? Have you found yourself molded into a form that meets someone else’ s standards? Libra Horoscope ( Sept. 23-Oct. 22) New goal setting opportunities are 6th & 7th Organization & space clearing should be focused on who you are projecting “ out there” . This is a powerful month for you to step up to the plate


– “ Be” who you aspire, yes you can move mountains, if you really want to … the only one in your way is … You! Think it … feel it … write it down … BE it. Scorpio Horoscope ( Oct. 23-Nov. 21) New goal setting opportunities is on the 9th Organization & space clearing is needed to dig down into your philosophical beliefs and standards. Why are you holding on so tightly to that “ belief system, what would it feel like if you let go and allowed your mind to expand ever so slightly? You may feel a little restricted this month, if you find yourself in a social setting … it is probably not the time to let loose, reign in your happy go lucky aura J work the crowd hard so you can play hard later. Sagittarius Horoscope ( Nov. 22-Dec. 20) New goal setting opportunities is on the 11th Organization & space clearing is required with your long term goals and investments, you may just find an unexpected opportunity for incredible growth.

do every day? Take this information you glean from your space clearing and ask yourself … What do you want to be when you grow up? If you are still asking yourself this question it is time to focus everything you have toward figuring it out. Maybe it will include a plan for a second career – not just what you do to make money … but what you do that you love and wish to share with the world… what makes your heart sing? Don’ t forget to bring that into the now … what are you doing today to achieve those lofty hard working goals? Pisces Horoscope ( Feb. 18-March 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 17th & 18th Organization & space clearing … It is about joy, fun and laughter – are you getting any? If not create your own opportunities. Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back! This month is about relationships and relating – what old patterns and habits do you carry that is holding you back from truly experiencing the relationship of a lifetime?

Your career is in focus – do what you need to do in order to gather your resources so you can push ahead of the pack. Be sure to take your physical well-being and self-esteem into account, try to take advantage of the added boost of energy that you create with your space clearing. Capricorn Horoscope ( Dec. 21-Jan. 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 13th & 14th Organization & space clearing on a social scale. This means going through your list of acquaintances and friends (social circles) to determine who is reciprocal in the relationship and who is sucking you dry? If you have a class you would like to take that will further your career development or create some new brain synapses (keeping you young and spry), this is the month to start that program. That could even be a yoga class that includes some sort of higher level education … remember a flexible spine is a flexible mind (yoga teacher training?) ;-) Aq uarius Horoscope ( Jan. 21-Feb. 18) New goal setting opportunities are on the 15th Organization & space clearing would be best served within your Career – are you on the right path? Does your heart sing when you think about what you get to

For more information 23

Contains tryptophan which promotes sleep

Vitamin A and beta carotene promoting optimal eye health

Helps the body absorb iron


Rich in Vitamin C Vitamin K Vitamin A Selenium Potassium Fiber High in soluable fiber – great for the digestive system

Vitamin K for promoting healthy heart

High in potassium which helps normalize blood pressure

One cup of raw plums has 76 calories 19 g of carbohydrates 1.2 gram of protein and 2.3 grams of fiber Enjoy them now while they are at their peak because their season is short.

Protects the body from free- radicals with antioxidants

Great source of vitamin c to keep the immune system strong



Hello Dear Ones

tell you it is indeed wrong. That you are wrong.

“Hmmmm what to speak on this month? (There is a deep bubble of laughter here) Let see... (There is a long pause here with silence.)

Dear ones you are not wrong, far from it. By engaging in this practice daily every day and as often as you can your true selves are shining through. This ability to slow down go within be silent and listen brings you the balance, stability, the stamina to do all you must and more.

Ahh we think that is long enough (More laughter) Yes this month we would like to speak on the importance of taking time to go within be quiet, be silent and listen. In this rushed society you do not take enough time to do this. In fact most of you do everything in your power to avoid such things. Society has taught you that doing so is lazy, impractical and not necessary. That a fast pace, productive, always moving, always going pace is better and far more acceptable. However, I and we are here to tell you this is not the case. That in fact slowing down to go within, be quiet, be silent and listen affords you the space to do all of what society wishes from you and much more.

Many are still uncomfortable with this quiet and silence and thus resist but as the world has shifted into a new paradigm it is the new way of BEING!! So dear ones going forward get use to it because it is becoming the new way of BEING!!! Let yourself just BE!!! Bask in the love light stillness it brings and know in your hearts the peace, balance, calm and connectedness it brings you, the people the world and All of Creation!!! With deep stillness that envelops your entire BE-ING!! Arch Angel Metatron and the Angels

Many of you are starting to realize this and take time regularly to do this and you are reaping the benefits. You are learning to drop your guilt for doing so. You are learning to drop your worn out old paradigms that w


Peace Balance Calm Contact Michelle blog or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!



Gail Siler, PhD

This morning the winds are blowing in fresh air and with it, newness. They feel cool and loving and I feel free, at ease and renewed. While sitting outside my local remote office-café, I talk with several people. One man offers up that he’s heading back to university and how he loves learning. One of the summer barista’s comes floating by in eagerness and shares that she’s got a full time job teaching a special needs child for this fall in one of the schools. Yesterday I was talking with a friend who is going through some major changes in her life and we both know she doesn’t like change at all. Come to think of it, who really does? Change requires the disintegration of a piece or pieces of ourselves in order for the new pieces to emerge. It really takes place in that chrysalis crucible….where we feel lost, in the dark and that vulnerability a chrysalis must feel just hanging by a thread and blowing in the wind. And that brings me to what this article is about today. What’s happened to us since 12-21-12 and what it is 2013 has been doing with us?

For starters, word has it from the Invisibles and our numerous spiritual sources that it really DID happen! We moved our earth and ourselves into a new and higher dimension. It’s important to use that as a starting point because the shift was ginormous! And although we can’t see it, we sure can feel it! But when 2013 began many of us went, “So, is that all there is? Are we having fun yet?” Quickly we sussed each other out and realized we were more or less all in a holding pattern, and our spiritual sources were telling us to find a good book and learn to hang out, cause we were in for some important hanging out time. That chrysalis stage between caterpillar and butterfly: we were definitely in it with both feet, hands and all the rest of our wondrous human parts right down to the very atoms of our being. In my personal experience, 2013 until the last few weeks in August, was filled with absence. When we crossed the barrier and came barrelling into 2013, for me it felt like I had just come flying through a star gate head first. Suddenly there I was on a planet that I knew nothing about. In fact, it wasn’t even the planet I thought I’d dialed into the


star gate! All there seemed to be was air and fog and all I did was float like a big colorless bubble, blowing in the wind (there was wind there!) and wondering when I would run into someone else. The longer I floated the more I lost my bearings. Whilst I floated along I lost who I was, I ceased being able to find the passion that has always spurred me ahead, my connection with my invisible team seemed close to non-existent at times, and my momentum ceased. I had no passion so I didn’t care where I went. Thank heavens there were lots of books there in my bubble! Rocking in my bubble I solved many crimes along with the books’ authors. As I spoke with my ‘I don’t like change’ friend the other day I saw a lake freighter pop into my mind. Then I went back into my knowledge about change and plugged that into moving from 3D into 4 and 5D space and suddenly it all made sense. When we are incorporating and changing down to the DNA level, which we are told we are doing, that work can’t be done whilst we are moving at breakneck speed, attending to this or that task on our ‘to do’ list. We need to be in a receptive state. Receiving channel on, action off. So in popped the lake freighter image….and with it more clarity. If you know about lake freighters, you know that it takes forever to stop one of these suckers. You cut the engines and drift way before you intend to turn or stop. And what seems like a millennium or two later, the ship reaches the slowest point. (Much like when a pendulum moves all the way to the side and stops just for an instant before it returns the other direction All the power of change, btw, is in that millisecond when it stops and shifts.) The freighter begins to turn sideways or float freely and you can now aim it into the new direction safely, through the ark and degrees of the turn you desire. Any attempt to turn before reaching that ‘undoing’ place, or that neutral place is fruitless and can land you in Toledo, Ohio or Spain, or up against a minefield of rocks.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. Shifting dimensions, our loads, our goals, and of course, our DNA. Then for me last Friday (August 16) something started revving again. Hark? Is that passion I am feeling? Indeed….my engines and my heart juices were starting to pump. Last Friday felt like that magical shifting point for me. This morning I can feel the new direction in the wind blowing against my face as we motor off in the direction I am now delighted to be going into. My Gail freighter has started to move again! I am no longer hanging in that bubble in the fog. What’s more, the fog is clearing and the bubble has popped, allowing me to gently touch the ground on this new planet I found when I went through the stargate in December. What do I see? I see a translucent space waiting to be filled with loving dreams in order to begin bringing my dreams into manifestation. With it comes a pressure in a good way: to put forth MY dream and etch it into that amazing world and then allow the vortex to co-create with me. The power of the moment is, well, powerful! Now is the time to put our dreams out there and fill that new earth landscape with the dreams and goals of a better way to be: a way to be that functions with heart joined equally with our brains. Leading with love and letting logic serve to support those goals. So ask yourself, what are your dreams for our new world and how are you going to anchor them and blow the breath of life into them?

That’s what we have been going through. Letting the freighter - which is our life prior to 2013 fully empowered in 3D - come to a stop in order to set it on its new direction: 4D and 5D. Imagine tugboats galore on either side of us, the freighter. These tugs are our invisible team cozying up their lines to us to help gentle us to that magical point where we can be sent off into the new direction. All the while, we are actually shifting around the load we are carrying. Imagine also that where we are headed now has many more pieces of ourselves playing together so we have to wait while we mobilize the whole team to come join us as we shift our direction from isolated human in 3D into multidimensional being issuing forth into new and exciting challenges. (See cruise ships, alien vehicles, dragons, whales, little dingys and you name it coming together in one place …you get what I’m talking about…and you have our multidimensional team!)

Connect with Gail


Poem by Margie Kivel

There is a familiarity about the eel’s graceful passage through coral, winding and stretching his long form revealed in disconnected patches. I have been on that circular path of porous rock and crumbled crevice, but lacking eel’s length and pattern too much of me has been revealed. There have been occasions when narrow rocky ledges have left me scrambling for safety from that terrifying fall into bottomless space. I heard a voice behind me say “good recovery,” while I was thinking “cheated death one more time.” It’s all a matter of perspective. My latter years have modified my pattern and enabled separation from embarrassing action and words, but I still get caught on the edge. The secret of swimming is to let the debris flow over and under, be carried by the current and the undulations of forgiveness. Be eel, part of the moving landscape, sometimes here and sometimes not, as the foreground of waving black lines becomes a school of gliding fish. Be water, wide, dark and deep, flowing back to source with gifts of the buried treasure of self lifted up from the bottom to sun. Margie Kivel



Poems by Margie Kivel Another day of still shots pauses between frames, day now night night soon day. merry-go-round of imaginary lives, up and down round and round. should, would, could step down but‌ still here, up and down, round and round. i should be a bird living on the edge, a waxwing sculpted among the cedars. i would be cat curled on chair, daydreaming in the winter sun. i could be me living in tune, hearing the melody as foot steps out. Margie Kivel


Each piece of you that is ripped away, be it lock of hair or sacred dream, creates holes, allows the universe to make you flap in the wind. Even though oak leaf clings to twig, all is transformed within the golden hues of Earth’s loving touch. Yielding to process of sifting layers feeling the purpose of creation’s work waste not want not seed knot time begot… trembling seedlings down below stretch and lift receive the light. Do you smell our newness? Margie Kivel



Sita-Rani MacMillan, M.Ed. My mornings begin with a soft prayer whispered to the world around me. My smudge bowl has fresh sage and has been lit while I softly recite all that I am grateful for and my intentions for the day. The eagle feather glides around me as I smudge how I have been taught over the years while learning about Aboriginal culture and revisiting a part of me I had long forgotten. In my dreams and waking life the same image and thoughts have been coming to me: listen. I would see a Buddhist monk sitting crossed legged with their eyes closed and a finger held in front of their lips to demonstrate silence. I know I have been drifting from my spiritual practice as the changes in life have left me with little energy to do much else but be in the “ survival� mode. I have been on repeat and now my record is beginning to skip. What to do now? I want to speak with this Buddhist monk that sits so calmly on a grass meadow. I want to ask him – what should I do? Even though I have not seen this monk in my journeys this past month I have seen him time and time again in my dreams. I decided it would be best to speak with him so I wrote to him. I sat down in my rocking chair. Away from my usual work space and looked at the mountain we have such a great view of. I am grateful for this smaller mountain for it seems to shield us from the wind that often sweeps over the great lakes here in the Okanagan. I opened my journal and laid a pen on the page. I was not ready to begin my conver-


“Be-ing... yes, to be. To be me.” sation but I wanted to be prepared for when I would be. As I sat rocking and watching the birds fly high and the people walking below I was suddenly jolted to my page when one of my dog’ s barked at something in the woods below. Quail? Squirrel? The bear that greeted us in the backyard this past spring was captured and carted away. My heart feels heavy and I am ready to talk. I asked the saffron robed monk what I needed to hear. My pen did not feel the need to respond quite yet – so I laid it down and sat back. My rocker creaked loudly and then a thud as the wooden leg spindle came out of the rocking piece and stopped me from moving. Again – I wrote “ What do I need to listen for?” I felt like my inner child’ s voice was coming forward and wanted to be stubborn. The monk responded – with “ Ommm Shanti… Shanti….” In my mind he once again held up a finger to his mouth to demonstrate I should be silent. My mind began to pour out this conversation that I had a hard time writing (I was eager to get it all out) – the honouring of our inner wisdom. How important it is to listen to our own voice and meditate. Here is a short piece of our conversation: Monk – It is within you. Me – Y es, I feel this urge to do something, but I am not sure what it is. I am growing in frustration as I become attached to “ being” in a certain way. Monk – Be-ing..yes. Me – I want to be a monk and sit in peace and quiet for most of my days, but I made other life decisions that take me further and further away. Monk – Be-ing…

Me – “ Be-ing…” yes, to be. To be me. Wisdom… yes…I have degrees…use them. Monk – Ommmm..Shanti..Shanti…it is imperative to breathe. Me – I feel like if I take a breath I might not stop. I want to breathe in everything – all knowledge, words, stories…I want to learn all which I do not know so I may know and perhaps that will bring me peace…knowing...knowledge... Monk – Being… I continued the dialogue writing for quite some time until my hands were too sore to continue. What I came away with from my writing exercise that if I spent more time meditating and remembering to do on a regular basis that my inner creative being would be free to express. I have not been listening to my inner voice (intuition) because I have filled every waking moment with thoughts of what I want to do, need to do and “ should” do. Taking that time to breathe, step away from my chores and “ to do” list and spending time in the quiet with a pen and paper gave me more wisdom than I would have ever hoped to gain by reading or completing items on my list. Remember – we all carry within us knowledge that we need to listen to! Let me know how the writing exercise was for you… Namaste

Sita-Rani MacMillan, M.Ed lives in the Okanagan where she writes and has recently begun her creative journal writing on canvas. Please connect with Sita if you would like to attend a journal writing workshop. or


Ferns, Rhodos & Wild Ginger - photo by Marilyn

Wild Ginger Root—Photo by: Marilyn Dyke

Free Range Edibles

Marilyn Dyke

Wild Ginger, Asarum caudatum is a beautiful spreading perennial plant that loves to grow in shaded forest areas. I know I said perennial, but honestly here in the Vancouver area I’ ve never known it to loose its leaves and go completely dormant maybe it does elsewhere. Those of you who garden in the Pacific Northwest may have realized that there aren’ t many plants that will thrive under a cedar tree without some tender loving care. It took us a while, but we eventually figured it out. We have a very large cedar in our front yard that needed some companionship, but we weren’ t having much success with the usual stuff from the nursery. To compound the problem the area is difficult to get water to. This cedar is around a 100 years old, so it can take care of its own water supply, but the plants underneath its branches needed water, bad.

setting. Easy! Salal, Ferns, Rhododendrons and Wild Ginger to name a few. The Salal it turns out wasn’ t happy (probably with the lack of water supply) but the ferns, Rhodos ,Wild Ginger and even Lavender adore the spot. I should mention we also have a holly bush that decided to join the group under the tree for whatever reason and we’ ve left it. What was once a dry barren bed is now filled to overflowing. It rarely gets watered and never needs weeding. Everything stays lush and weed free thanks to Wild Ginger’ s extensive ground covering growth pattern. It only grows a few inches off the ground, so doesn’ t compete with taller plants, and spreads out with lovely glossy heart shaped leaves under, over and around all the chaff that gathers under such trees. Allowing everything else in the bed to grow in between it all. It’ s a very happy bed and the bonus is I’ ve never known a weed to grow through all that foliage.

Logic finally overcame us and we realized we needed to look at what grows under cedar trees in a natural


It Blooms! Well sort of….In the early spring if you rummage around the foliage you can find it’ s purply-brown flowers just barely poking out from under the leaves. Although not very showy they are certainly unique, exotic even in their appearance. But of course being Free Range edible enthusiasts we don’ t love our Wild Ginger just for its growing habits and exotic looking flower. This native plant has some interesting characteristics that can be useful in the medicine cabinet and the kitchen, its name gives us a clue. When you rub the leaves of this plant it has a beautiful gingery smell. These leaves can be used for tea either fresh or dried, but unless you store the dried leaves really well they will loose their volatile oils where all the flavor is quite quickly. Leaves are usually best picked in early spring, although with this plant I don’ t think it matters that much.

Wild Ginger flower

Wild Ginger Dressing or Marinade Ingredients Half a mild onion, 1/2 cup oil 1/3 cup vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar) 2 Tablespoons water 2 Tablespoons minced fresh Wild Ginger root 1/4 stalk celery 2 Tablespoons Tamari (substitute Braggs or soya sauce) 1 1/2 teaspoon sugar (honey) 1 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon Sea salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

My advice is to go with the roots, you will have better storage results. Roots are always best harvested in early spring or late fall when all the goodness of the plant has gone back down in the roots. The roots can be dried or used fresh in any recipe you would normally use ginger in. My photo here of the root is actually a very tiny root. The plant spreads out and roots along the way here and there mostly just in the chaff, you have to dig around to find the larger roots. Wild Ginger tea is very useful for stomach upsets, and when you have a cold just like regular ginger is. Just grate or finely chop some root or crush a couple of leaves into a cup of boiled water, steep and drink.

As always please be sure you are picking your Free Range Edibles away from roads in a clean environment and if you’ re inspired to search for your own Free Range Edibles always be sure that what you picked and are about to eat truly is what you think it is! Happy Foraging!

Directions Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth MMMM…..

Visit Marilyn at w

Wild Ginger Leaves Photo by Marilyn


Jay Atkinson


Hello again, lovely people.

I can’t believe it is that time of the month already? Wow… doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Seems only a few seconds ago that I wrote last month’s article but then last week I was in magical Glastonbury, experiencing the most lifechanging stuff I’ve ever experienced. Seems like it happened months ago, now! Anyway… Many weeks ago, I was offered the chance to join a group of wonderful women on a Holistic Retreat for Ladies in Glastonbury. My dear friends Sal and Susie were organising it. I’ve never been to Glastonbury and wasn’t sure what I felt about it. Plus the fact I am a trainee hermit and don’t usually leave home for more than a few hours! At the time of asking, I did not have the funds, so I declined saying ‘maybe next time’. As we know by now, when the spirit moves us and calls us, we are drawn to our destiny and obstacles are removed as if by magic. This happened to me. A couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, Susie heard a voice in the night urging her to ‘Ask Jay – she needs to be there’. She got in touch with our other friend, Sal, who relayed the message to me and left me with the choice as to whether or not I would join them. As it turned out, someone had dropped out at the last minute and not only was there a space, but it was offered at a discounted rate. The spirit moved me and I said, ‘Yes’ knowing that the funds would turn up somehow. In my heart I knew I had to be there. Of course, the funds appeared! Thanks to the efforts of my amazing husband who is also very much in support of anything my heart tells me to do. At this juncture I did not have a clue what my role was to be. Oh boy! I cannot begin to describe the flow of synchronicity and wonder that was experienced by all from beginning to end. The most wonderful thing of all was that due to someone else not being able to attend at the last minute, my gorgeous sister also came

along and we shared some beautiful sister time, as well as the company of eight of the most lovely women I’ve ever met in one group. At breakfast on the second day, I was enjoying a healthy, hearty breakfast, shared with the excited chatter of my friends (you can imagine the hot air that was generated – we needed all the doors and windows open) when I began to feel a little strange… My heart began to pound and my head felt as if it would explode, and I could feel my solar plexus trembling – as if I were about to experience a volcanic eruption! My temperature began to rise and I felt a little nauseous, so excused myself to go to the bathroom for a moment. Sitting on the loo (yes, I do go to the loo as well!) I held my hand over my pounding heart and asked, ‘Mother, what the hell is going on here?’. I heard the soothing voice of the Mother of All Creation and this time it was not only within me but ALL AROUND ME. ‘I wish to speak with them’, she said, matter of factly. ‘What? Now?’, I panicked. This was not MY event, and I didn’t want to be seen to be taking over in any way. ‘It will be alright, you see, but I wish to address them – now’, persisted Mother, gently. I shakily made my way downstairs to rejoin the others, and sat like a little mouse trembling at the end of the breakfast table. The cacophony of female chatter was deafening, but in a small voice I managed to squeak, ‘Erm, excuse me ladies. I think someone wants to speak to you’. I confessed to the congregation that I was also in danger of losing my internal organs, so afraid was I – for I could feel the enormity of the message waiting to be imparted. Everyone turned to look at me, and as they did so, I felt Mother infuse her energy with mine and her voice began to address her beloved creations. As she spoke, in the calmest, purest voice you ever heard, every one of the women began to cry. Tears poured down every cheek, as their hearts and souls were touched by the most pure and divine loving energy any of us had ever felt. It lasted for about 10 minutes but felt like 10 days… after which time, the energy subsided, as Mother departed with her blessing. 39

The silence was palpable, and even the wonderful couple who ran the B & B were silent and in awe of what they had just been part of. They, too, were included in Mother’s address, and not one single person felt as if they were not loved and seen. I sat for a moment, wondering what the hell had just hit me, and then I began to tremble and shake and then from the depths of my soul, to sob… healing tears poured through me and I felt as if I had been reborn. I could see and feel every cell in my body, which appeared as tiny golden spirals of light… as if a champagne cork had popped within me and I was being born and baptised at one and the same time. I have no words to describe the feeling, but hopefully you get the drift. Suffice to say, every single one of us was transformed. Each one was shown Who they Truly Are, and each one experienced the Divine Love of the Mother of All Creation in a way that none of us expected. In those precious moments, I absolutely knew without a shadow of doubt that I was experiencing the Holy Grail. I felt as if I were a golden chalice, taking in the beautiful energy of my true Mother, and allowing it to flow forth. That it was accepted by all present made the connection complete, and the circuit flowed like a massive electric current, transmuting and transforming all in the flow. Later, at the Chalice Well (no words can describe the holiness of this sacrosanct place) we all experienced a baptism and to my surprise and delight, when I arrived there, a gift had been placed (by my beloved Sandy) of 3 golden sunflowers on the lid of the well. I couldn’t have asked for more and my cup truly did ‘runneth over’. I am still processing the information and the experience and I hope to write more of my truths about this later. Suffice to say this: My Mission ~ the thing I knew I came to Earth for, has really begun. Every day since that magical 3-day event has been a glorious unfolding of even more wonder and magic. Each and every creation of Mother that I encounter, I feel love for. I want more than ever to bring Peace where there is conflict, Love where there is Fear and for each one I meet to feel their magnificence and their worth. I want to share with you this incredible piece of work that was given to me by a wise woman when I was just eighteen years old. It has sustained me for years and continues to do so. May it bring you clarity and peace in your heart also. MY LAW – TIEME RANAPIRI (attributed to a Maori, origin unknown)

And when into chaos the system is hurled
 Again shall the Builder reshape a new world. Your path may be clouded, uncertain your goal:
 Move on – for your orbit is fixed to your soul.
 And though it may lead into darkness of night
 The torch of the Builder shall give it new light. You were. You will be! Know this while you are:
 Your spirit has travelled both long and afar.
 It came from the Source, to the Source it returns
 The Spark which was lighted eternally burns. It slept in a jewel. It leapt in a wave.
 It roamed in the forest. It rose from the grave.
 It took on strange garbs for long aeons of years
 And now in the soul of yourself It appears. From body to body your spirit speeds on
 It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
 And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought
 On the loom of the Mind from the fibre of Thought. As dew is drawn upwards, in rain to descend
 Your thoughts drift away and in Destiny blend.
 You cannot escape them, for petty or great,
 Or evil or noble, they fashion your Fate. Somewhere on some planet, sometime and somehow
 Your life will reflect your thoughts of your Now.
 My Law is unerring, no blood can atone-
 The structure you built you will live in – alone.
 Your lives with your longings will ever keep pace
 And all that you ask for, and all you desire
 Must come at your bidding, as flame out of fire. Once list’ to that Voice and all tumult is done-
 Your life is the life of the Infinite One.
 In the hurrying race you are conscious of pause
 ith love for the purpose, and love for the Cause. You are your own Devil, you are your own God You fashioned the paths your footsteps have trod.
 And no one can save you from Error or Sin
 Until you have hark’d to the Spirit within. Later, inspired addition by the Wise Woman …and then shall I know… Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly Shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why The dark threads are as needed in the weaver’s skillful hand As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned And the final words I hand over to the Mother of All Creation from the Womb of Creation: May each and every interaction between all of my creations be joyful and leave all participants feeling uplifted and with raised spirits. Anything less is not acceptable!`i Yours in Heartlight and Love, Jay xxx Connect with Jay

The sun may be clouded, yet ever the sun
 Will sweep on its course till the Cycle is run.





I’ve recently relocated to San Juan Puerto Rico and of course my Yoga has traveled with me. I moved into a small Hostel and along with a couple of other residents it has become routine to walk the ten minutes to beach and do Yoga with the rising sun and then go for a swim. Yoga at sunrise is always is always great as the energy of the earth has renewed itself overnight, but Yoga on the beach is truly a magical experience. The energy of the rising sun coupled with the energy of the ocean makes it an experience that one will never forget. There is no need for a Yoga mat and a beach towel is fine. During this season it has a tendency to rain almost daily for about 10-20 minutes and then clear up and just be hot and humid the rest of the day. On one fine morning this week it started to rain while we were in the middle of our Yoga session. Normally the rain is not a problem as it cools you down and stops before you become soaked. This morning however, the rain was rather cold and uncomfortable. I looked at the person next to me and said “I bet that water is warmer than this rain”. He replied “I was just thinking the same thing”. So off we went and it was like jumping into a

warm bathtub. We swam in the ocean till the rain stopped and then returned to the beach. Looking down the beach there was a full double rainbow. Another magical morning. The Hostel is going to start offering “Sunrise Yoga” as an added service to the guests here so it looks like I have found a place to call home and share my experience in Yoga. The ultimate goal of Yoga is of course meditation. Through the practices of Yoga we acquire an awareness of and flow with the energy of the universe. This energy has taken me too many places where I could share my experience with others and has now led me to this beautiful island where I can continue my path and give to others. In conclusion I would have to say that Sunrise Yoga on the beach is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be reproduced. And again, as we tune into the energy of the universe and go with the flow of said energy all things are possible and there’s no telling where the tide will take you. Ommmmmm Mark Hughey


“as we tune into the energy of the universe and go with the flow of said energy all things are possible� Photos by Mark Hughey


Power Animal

Let there be light

Well there was no need to ask what the power animal is this month since it has been made abundantly clear to me in a number of ways. First I was out at the beach sitting in my favourite spot about two weeks ago and twenty to fifty dragon flies showed up to give me a spectacular air show. I tries to take pictures but hanging upside down on a rock with no telephoto lens trying as I might did not work It only gave me strained ribs for about a week. This show certainly got my attention in a huge way and no doubt I was being talked to. Then on two different occasions I have seem two pictures of dragon flies in the last week. One of which looked like a fairy to me. So with these signs well implanted within my heart and mind. Dragonfly zips in and hovers and starts to speak. ``Hello fellow light beings of amazing light and colour. We are here to remind you to drop your illusions. For things may not be as you perceive them or as they seem. We come as a reminder of change and transformation. For you at your core are light and information. As light beings w

you like us reflect that light through the world, the universe and All of Creation. When we appear change and transformation is afoot. For as light beings you reflect your own unique light and frequency. You must learn how to shine your light and frequency into the world, the universe and all that is. Your light is an important contribution to the matrix of the world and the oneness of the universe for we are all one. Let there be light is perfect for the divine nudging of your soul to use the creative imagination manifesting as a powerful force of light, love and creativity. Call on us to help you dispel the illusions you hold and for your own transformation. Call on us in your times of change we will help you. We are also connected to the fairy realm so do not discount help and support from them as well. Let there be light in your heart, mind and souls and know we are here to support you in shining it !! With love, light and the transformation that comes with it Dragonfly 44

Dragonfly is the power of light

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Essential Oils

Blue Tansy gives Valor it’s incredible blue hue; spruce, rosewood and frankincense combine with the blue tansy to create an amazing scent. It is an aroma that immediately brings me to a place of balance and centering, a place where I know that there is peace in my world—even if I don’t yet recognize it! I breathe it in, then breathe again. Valor® is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils. It works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor® enhances an individual's internal resources. Rub Valor® essential oil blend on wrists to ease anxiety and yield confidence. “Chiropractor in a bottle” is the nick-name given to this powerful blend. It has been found to help energy alignment in the body. It aligns our physical, mental and emotional bodies electrically in the body. This can help us to find the courage needed to take on whatever is coming up for us—new projects, challenges in any area of our lives. Valor® may be used for any back related conditions, including scoliosis and pain. People who go to the chiropractor, osteopath or for OrthoBionomy treatments can apply a drop of the oil along the inside of the foot (relates to the spine in reflexology & Vita Flex). The body aligns much easier and stays in balance longer. Children with hyperactive or attention deficit disorder tendencies can benefit from this oil blend. (Any child who has gone to that “beyond” place of extreme excitement from play can benefit from it!) A drop of the oil rubbed on the back of the neck or the bottom of the feet can help to relax anyone


who is having difficulty settling down. I have often put a drop of oil on a tissue or a cotton ball and carried it with me. It’s amazing what the smell of it can do! I love using Valor® with Reiki. It adds a powerful dimension to that wonderful love energy! It is an important component of the Raindrop Technique. Use it any time you are working with another person, whether you are doing a physical treatment, energy work, readings—you name it and Valor® will complement it! For more information on Young Living Essential oils and blends, please contact me by email at or go to the website: Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils. Vera Contact Vera at for more information.


Rune of the Month

Intuition Power Memory Imagination Laguz is a potent rune of initiation, especially into life. It represents the primal waters of Niflheim which must be solidified as ice and energized by the fire of Muspellheim before the potential can be actualized in manifested pattern. An ancient Norse tradition, which predates the Christian ritual of baptism, was having a newborn child sprinkled with water and given a name, after it had shown itself worthy of life. This ritual reintegrated the child into the life force of its clan. Laguz also includes the watery passage at the end of life. Ship burials of the Vikings and the mythology of Odin as the ferryman of the souls are indicative of this ancient belief. Laguz is the rune of intuitive knowledge and when it appears, you should follow your intuitions closely. It can indicate either your psychic abilities or show you that you are being led and protected by higher powers, often the subject may not even be consciously aware of this guidance. It is the principal female rune, so if the subject is female, it will indicate that no matter what troubles beset her, she has the power to overcome them. In a man’s reading, it shows the presence of a strong or supportive woman in the background, possibly the most important woman in his life. The appearance of this rune speaks of good memory and success in learning, usually through use of imagination. It frequently indicates that the tide has turned in your favor and it is a time to relax, regenerate, and reassess.

Laguz in a result position would indicate that you will find a sympathetic and understanding response from others who can be counted on to help solve your problem. Reversed: Unless backed by very positive runes, this is a very bad sign. It shows that, either you have been or are already being misled by your intuition into tackling something for which you have no real aptitude. This rune is a temptation to do the wrong thing or take the easy way out, either of which will lead you to trouble. Unless coupled with delay runes, this rune indicates that you take immediate action get out of any bad situation. Laguz in reverse can indicate a woman who may bring trouble into your life. It could mean betrayal on the part of a woman, or for a male, it can indicate disloyalty of a partner or a new love that will only bring unhappiness. If surrounded by success runes, it can indicate a strong female figure who may be a great help now but who will make you feel beholden later. Because it is the rune of intuitive knowledge, in reverse it often indicates a failure to follow your intuition. What is called for now is to go within and honor your warrior nature.

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Message from the Angels As you step into September, our message for you this month is to continue releasing your fears. Take off the masks that you hid behind and be who you are to the world. For too long you have hidden behind different masks to fit in. You have many masks. The time has come to awaken to the truths about yourself. Each mask you wear has a piece of you, and now is the perfect time to throw the mask to the ground and embrace all of yourself and see your brilliant light. You are the total sum of those masks. Do not hide parts of yourself anymore to fit in. The reason this is so important right now, is you have been working hard this year to come into your own. You did not realize that is what you were doing this year, but that has been the focus. That is why it has been important for you to go within, to spend time discerning what is holding you back, and what is setting you free. You are moving forward, fearlessly for some, others are gripping the fear and challenging the forward move. Courageous choices are necessary and in the end you will be rewarded. Continue to forge ahead, any delays are only temporary, and if others try to hinder your progress, don’t allow them to. Your hard work is starting to pay off, do you see the differences? Do you feel lighter for all the releasing you have done this year? The more you settle in to being who you are, the more opportunities will open. There will be many new and exciting experiences coming to you in the months ahead. The only thing limiting you is yourself. Don’t worry what others will think of you, it does not matter. What matters is what you think. . Embrace your true self this month and watch the rewards come to you! The Angels




Photo by Phil Nielsen


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