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Issue 10 May 2012

May 2012


May 2012


Welcome to our 10th issue! My how time flies, it seems like just a month ago I started this journey with nothing but a dream and faith. The number of readers continues to grow each month, and I am grateful to each and everyone of them, thank you! The contributors who are on board and who will be coming on board are amazing. Each month they share of themselves and their wisdom and I feel Nourish is getting stronger each month. It is like each of us is nourishing Nourish, the authors and the readers. This month’s offerings include a different approach to using our sensory of smell. Spring is full of scents begging us to stop for a moment and just embrace them. We have a article about a tiny little seed known as the Chia seed. Some of you might have already eaten this little gem (like me) and not known it’s name. We are laughing with our Yoga this month, meeting a contributor, honoring our mother’s, have some tips on slowing the effects of growing old, and much, much more! This is the month of the biggest full moon of the year, meaning it is closest to earth on this cycle. I feel that to date this is the biggest issue of Nourish as well. I am very proud of the content and hope you find something within these pages to inspire and ignite your soul to try something new. Until next month Namaste Marlene All content ©2011 - 2012 by Nourish Your Body Mind Soul Nourish Your Body Mind Soul is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life. All articles are the express views and beliefs of the writer and are provided as guidelines to the readers. Ultimately each reader is responsible for their own choices and decisions. The articles are meant as guidelines and the reader is encouraged to expand on the knowledge presented within these pages to form their own opinions.

May 2012


This month a good friend of ours sent us an email with a video link. It is an episode of 2012 Britain’s Got Talent.

have Kleenex. Here is the link, http:// ZE&feature=colike

An attractive young girl and a young man who is very obese, with long curly hair, an old Jimi Hendricks T shirt, ratty looking hoodie, baggy sweat pants, and sneakers walks onstage. I immediately figure this is going to be a train wreck or something incredible. Simon leans over and says, “just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse”. The audience has that same attitude. Simon asks them what the act is called and if they thought they could actually win the completion. She says they are Charlotte and Jonathan, she is 16 and he is 17 and their teacher thought they should sing together. You feel the air of derision in the crowd and with the judges. There is a clip of Jonathan telling the camera that he has always had a problem with his size and he was always being made fun of and picked on. Charlotte seems to be his champion, defending him at those times and he tells the camera that if it hadn’t been for Charlotte, he probably wouldn’t have even had the courage to audition. Simon says, “well off you go” and when those two young teens started to sing it was like angels. Jonathan is a tenor with one of the best voices I have heard and Charlotte was equally as good with a more pop kind of voice. They were singing “The Prayer” and as I listened, I had tears running down my face. The judges and the audience were absolutely stunned and as that young man sang, the cheering got louder and louder for every note. By the end of the song everyone was on their feet cheering wildly including the judges. Simon tells Jonathan that he has a phenomenal voice but wonders if Charlotte will hold him back. Jonathan says “we came as a duo and we will stay a duo”.

It made me think, how many incredible musical talents have we lost out on hearing just because an A and R rep. or talent scout could not get past the image? We as a society have been programmed that you can’t possibly have talent unless you look and act a certain way. We prejudge on looks alone; as I did, as well as the judges and the audience at the beginning of this audition. We are given certain things in our life for different reasons and I hope this teaches me not to prejudge anything or anybody in my daily life. For that I will always be grateful to Katheleen who was kind enough to send us the link. Until next month, listen to music often and let it fill your soul. Ciao

This is a clip that you have to see, but remember to

May 2012

Phil Nielsen 4

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May 2012


nings and endings? Does that mean I think it will lead to the end of the world on December 21 st, no just that much can happen during this time and it will be interesting to keep an eye and ear tuned to events around the world.


at a psychic fair to promote Nourish, a gentleman came by our table and asked what we were promoting. I noticed his Mayan glyph necklace and asked him about it. We struck up a conversation which later led to me meeting his wife Marguerite who just happens to be a formative authority on the subject. Before meeting Marguerite and Wayne, I had attended one informative session on the Mayan Calendar back in the early 2000’s. I was fascinated by what the speaker had to say, I even purchased a small pamphlet that enabled me to figure out that I was something “wind” (at the time of the fair I could not remember, yet I still had the pamphlet). Marguerite quickly informed me I was 13 Ik (wind) and what the energies around that were. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The offer to allow Nourish to publish the Maya Horoscope came, and honestly, I would have been a fool to turn it down. I was looking for a horoscope, and to have something unique no one else is publishing, that tied into one of the hottest topics of the year was phenomenal. Marguerite has spent the better part of 25 years, since discovering Maya art at an exhibition in Denver Colorado, delving into the history behind the Mayan Calendar. In my opinion Marguerite is one of the foremost authors on this topic today. Her book “Manual for the Soul”, available from her website , is 744 pages long and delves into the energies of the sacred Maya Calendar. The Maya cycle is 260 days long, comprised of 20 Trecenas, with 13 days in each. At the time of writing this, we are in the K’an Trecena which started on March 20, 2012 and will go until April 1, 2012. The energy for this trecena is “germination” which means: To begin to grow or develop, to come into existence; begin. Considering that the next trecena beginning on April 2, 2012 is Kab’an which is associated with “evolutionary movement”. Very interesting given that this is the start of the last 260 days leading up to December 21, 2012. If we look at what we started to germinate back on the 20th and watch that we might be able to see how it takes off. Perhaps we should look at world events that happened around the 20 th of March and watch to see where they move to. Did I mention that this trecena has to potential to manifest begin-

Marguerite is a teacher and that is her purpose, with this massive undertaking she has made her life, to teach and inform us all about this ancient civilization that continues to intrigue us today. I sit here typing this and wonder to myself, if the Mayan’s ever thought, “well one day our calendar will stump many people, yet one will come forth who brings enlightenment to the masses.” Marguerite is very passionate about her work and it comes across when you speak with her and also in her book. To listen to an interview by Rev Rhonda Smith with Marguerite as the guest please follow this link. You can also find another podcast with Marguerite broke down into two 1 hour parts here: This interview, discussion was done by Gary P. Canton a noted astrologer. Gary combines the Maya Horoscope with Western astrology to bring it into our lives so that we might understand it better.


May Issue of Nourish Your Body Mind Soul has the Maya Horoscope again. I am very pleased to offer this to our readers as it adds another dimension to the whole mystery that shrouds the Mayan Calendar. Should you have any questions or would like to book a personal reading please click here p_em_tools.htm . I think I should also mention that they have beautiful jewelry offerings, start here and surf around to see all they have

May 2012



the arrival of spring it must be time for a good spring clean. When we think of spring cleaning, besides moans of “aw do I have to”, or something a little stronger, we think of our outdoor space and our homes. What about our emotional and mental clutter? They could probably stand a good spring clean as well. If I was to tell you that your physical clutter enhances your emotional clutter, what would you think of that statement? Would you think it true? False? It is in fact true. The clutter around us closes in on us. We don’t feel relaxed and comfortable if we always have to step over things or see a shadow of dust lying on our furniture. Let’s not even get started on those cupboards or closets that hide away all the things we will have to deal with later. Often we have a “clutter slide” land on us when we open them. All of the clutter that we plan to deal with eventually impacts us over time. Start with one area of your home and get it cleared out, making sure you toss or donate things you no longer use or need. If you are unsure if you still need it; unless it has some value to you, like a collection, if you have not used it in a year, forgot you owned it, wonder why you have it, then it no longer serves you and it needs to go. Not only will you feel lighter, you will be

ing space for new items to come to you. To clear out your mental and emotional clutter take a look at the dead weight you are packing in there. Sift through the many layers and get rid of old issues that no longer matter. Who recalls what they did 5 years ago? Certainly not the person you are packing around the grudge for. Anger and sadness are energy suckers; they take a lot of energy to keep living. Happiness and peace give you energy. If you look at what is bothering you or “what you are packing around” ask yourself “In the grand scheme of life is it really worth it? What will I gain by holding onto this? In five years time will it really matter? Will this make me a better person?” The more “clutter” we pack around in our minds and in our emotional bodies the more bogged down we become. See if you can laugh at some of the things you are carrying. If you can laugh at it, you no longer need to carry it. Don’t allow clutter to stop you from being who you truly are. Sort out your life and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction, joy and a job well done.

May 2012

Marlene Cobb 7

by Kaye Castleman


a health intuitive and whole life consultant, I have people coming into my office with all sorts of complaints. A common ailment that plagues many folks these days is the condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. I never label symptoms in this way, rather, I address the specific imbalance or weakness my clients are experiencing and look for solutions to those issues. So I have people asking me about tingling or numbness in their fingers, pain in their wrist, elbow or shoulder, and often pain between their shoulder blades. Any of these symptoms can indicate a misalignment in the shoulder which may lead to a medical diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. When I scan these clients, using my own intuitive insight, muscle testing and channeled information to gather details, I often find that a simple exercise will relieve their issue. I found it many years ago in a book called Pain Free, written by the American physical therapist Pete Egoscue. It is called Sitting Floor, and it has a wide variety of applications for structural pain beyond the treatment of carpal tunnel, which I will discuss later. It is amazingly simple to do, and your body will love you for it. I recommend you try it for five minutes and see how you feel.

and head against a wall, your seat tucked as close to the wall as possible, and your legs straight out in front. If you can get your seat right up against the wall, that's great. If not, sit as close to the wall as you can while keeping your legs straight and your back and head touching the wall. If anything hurts when you try to do this, adjust your position until you are as close to the ideal position as possible without discomfort. Place your knees and feet the same width apart as your hip joints (about 12 inches), and flex your toes so they are pointing back toward you. At the same time, tighten the muscles in your thighs enough so you can feel them working. It isn't necessary to hold them as tight as you can, just feel them grip. While the lower half of your body is busy holding


Photo: Will Love

Sit on the floor with your back

May 2012


the above position, place your hands in your lap with the palms facing up. This helps to rotate the shoulder open. Then focus on your shoulder blades and pull your shoulders back toward the wall as you try to pull your shoulder blades together. Make sure you don't lift your shoulders at the same time. Hold this position for five minutes, first thing in the morning. If that's too long the first time, hold it as long as you can. Try it again the next morning, and you will notice that it's easier to do. This exercise, or E-cize as Pete calls them, reminds your body of the posture it once had, and wants to have again, so it will move itself gratefully into this very balanced position. As the minutes tick by, monitor your feet, thighs and shoulders to make sure they are still doing what they need to do. Keep your head as straight as possible – not looking up or down – and try not to push your back into the wall with more force than necessary. Relax the areas of your body that aren't specifically working, and remember to breathe naturally.

Sitting Floor is best done first thing in the morning in relaxed clothing. As you remind your body of this position of improved alignment, it responds by moving more fluidly and helping you to sit straighter throughout the day. Repeated use can provide amazing benefits to your overall structural system. Because it is a whole-body exercise, Sitting Floor can be helpful for a variety of structural issues. It positively affects hip alignment, sciatic problems, plantar fasciitis, various kinds of upper and lower back pain, stiff neck, and more. I often recommend it to people who spend a lot of time at a computer, and anyone who is noticing that their shoulders are

tending to roll forward or who has posture issues. Sitting Floor has relieved more pain for my clients than any other exercise I have found. When I do my intuitive scan, I often find their body is screaming at me to please recommend Sitting Floor. Many times their pain disappears after only a few days. If you decide to test the benefits of this exercise, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, at no time should you feel any pain while doing the exercise. Pain is a signal that something is wrong, and our objective is to get you out of pain. You'll need to modify your position to a more satisfactory one. Also, more is not necessarily better. Holding the position for more than five minutes is not recommended, and less than five minutes is fine if that is what your body will tolerate. Finally, Sitting Floor is a phenomenal exercise with a wide range of applications. It may not, however, resolve your particular situation. If you are not getting the results you want, consult a health specialist for a customized assessment.

Kaye Castleman, B.A., M.A., Health Intuitive, Channel for Archangel Chamuel, Reiki Master and Certified Attunement Practitioner, has been a practicing alternative healer in the interior of British Columbia for over a decade. She offers massage, Raindrop Technique and body realignment treatments, as well as in house and long distance healing sessions, nutritional counseling, magnetic therapies, and recommendations for all types of holistic health issues. She also offers a collection of therapies and techniques to clear the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of the true health and wellness that are ready to enter your life. To arrange a phone, email or Skype session, contact Kaye at 250-395-2239 or

            Marianne Williamson

May 2012


By Jay & Solomon

Our Mother, who art (not yet, thankfully) in Heaven... Photo supplied by Jay Atkinson


want to share a very beautiful experience with you because I think it will resonate with you or someone you know...

Of this I am sure: We all have a Mother. When my sister, Gina and I were growing up with our brother, Dean - our life was not all Snow White's cottage and Disney fluffy pink clouds. It was sometimes the complete contrast of that. For many years my sis, brother and I have waged our own private wars with our 'childhood stuff' oftentimes carrying our luggage with us into our relationships and other areas of our lives. It's what we mostly do as humans... Our mum - as I know many of you already know has Alzheimer's and Dementia and is residing in a wonderful care home in her home town of Cleethorpes. She is taken care of by a team of very special people, and as my sister lives in North Devon and I live in North Wales and our brother lives in Cumbria, we rarely get to visit at the same time if at all. Dad has soldiered on despite his own health issues and has worked his marriage vows to the ground, inventing a few new ones for future generations to live by along the way. Mum has not enjoyed the best of health and several times we have been alerted to the fact that she might not be around much longer. She resides in her own inner sanctum, barely recognising any of her loved ones, except for a nano-second glimpse when the

brain decides to fire off a spark of recognition, but it doesn't last long... A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I were talking about how far apart we all lived and we got to chatting about mum and dad. I said I would be going over to visit, as dad needed our support, due to his own hospitalisation recently. So, Gina (and hubby Peter) decided to come to us and then together we would all go and visit mum and dad. We mainly wanted to support dad as he's been so fantastic since mum became ill. On the way there I am a little ashamed to say, we regaled our anecdotes of our childhood and memories of our mum to our respective spouses. Much of the observations were quite negative... 'hey sis, d'you remember the time when mother did so-and-so' and so on and so forth. It was clear there were still a lot of unresolved issues for both of us... We arrived in Cleethorpes and my sister was shocked to see a very much diminished version of dad. She hadn't realised he'd become so frail and it really moved her. We shared a wonderful meal of the best fish and chips ever (fish served in fish and chip shops in Cleethorpes and Grimsby are the size of small whales!) then we trooped off to see mum. I knew my sister was feeling apprehensive but I also know that nothing can prepare you for seeing your mum for the first time in ages and she is 'not all

May 2012

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them to you. You will have known these words as one of the commandments given to the one you call Moses... we were speaking in the tongue of the (then) present day and To say we were all pleasantly surprised is an understatenow we speak them to you in your words. You already ment. Our stepsister, Julie works at the care home and she know that before you focused your intentions into the makes sure mum's every need is met. Not only did Gina physical that you were weighing up all the options for the and I feel the utter appreciation for the work she does but lifetime to come. It is as if you are preparing for a wonderin our hearts were blessing her for the love she is giving to ful and exciting vacation when you are planning your next mum in our absence. She had already informed mum that physical experience (we say this from the perspective of she had some important visitors but this doesn't normally your non-physical self, you understand). (Continued from page 10)

there' to put it mildly.

make a difference because until she sees you, she is unaware of who you are.

There have been times in your Earth's history when it has been necessary to remind you who you truly are. There As we all walked into the room where mum was seated at a have always been those who elected to come as prophets table surrounded by Mother's Day cards, she looked at us and seers in order to offer assistance in this process of reand her face lit up like the sun on a cloudy day. She membering and of advancement and expansion, from both beamed at us, and it was clear that she recognised her the physical and the non-physical aspects of You... and so girls. She did not stop smiling all afternoon (unheard of for we gave those words to those who came before you, inso long) and she kept looking into our eyes and saying: I tended as a set of guidelines, much in the same way that love you, you know that don't you? The thing is, we FELT we teach you now that your Emotions are your guidelines. it! She recognised Kim and although she had never met (**We intend to give more words on these Guidelines and Peter, she told my sister that he was a Good Man, which these are to be published into a book but that is for latmade him feel marvellous. As Solomon keeps saying to us: er...) There is only Love here for you and if ever Solomon's message was evident it was through the heart and soul of They were literally 'set in stone' but not in the way in which our mother that day... her love and her True Nature were they have been interpreted. When we said unto them: palpable and painfully present. We enjoyed a good couple Honour thy Father and thy Mother we meant it in several of hours with her and she was delighted to take part in the ways. The Father/Mother aspect of that which you call God photo shoot. Normally, you can't get her to do anything at and the Father and Mother YOU CHOSE FOR YOUR PROall, as she stares anxiously into space and rocks a lot, but GRESSION that you were born to. We notice that many as I jokingly attempted to sit on her knee, she put her arm times in your lives you seek to blame those who raised around me and said again, 'Oh, I love you so much my you, and evade the responsibility for your own choosing... Jewel'... when you truly honour the father and mother you were born to, accepting that they are being or have been the Leaving her was the hardest thing we had to do. She best they can be, and not necessarily the ones you wish hugged us tight and kept repeating to us all, "I love you them to be, and when you release them from the obligayou know that don't you?" and it felt as if despite her con- tions of your expectations, you will feel the Love of Source dition, her true soul shone through like a torch shining with for these wonderful co-creative beings in your lives. the light of a million candles. Once outside, my little sister sobbed like a baby. We all did. We got to dad's and all of us were an emotional tidal wave of tears. We hugged dad and thanked him for being dad, and told him how proud of him we were. He cried which set us all off again, but afterwards we all reflected that it was the best day we'd all had in a long, long time. The visit was cathartic and very powerful for all of us for different reasons. We only wished our brother could have been there with us too...

We would suggest these words, said from the heart, to your parents - irrespective of whether these parents are absent or present:

Mother (Father) I understand that during the time we enjoyed the blissful all-encompassing union state of the nonphysical, we were drawn together as moths to a flame. We understood that we were of 'like vibration' and our energy frequency resonated along similar wavelengths. We also After my sister and I had talked well into the night and recognised that if we took the journey into the physical in most of the next morning, she and Peter departed for Dev- close proximity that we could assist each other not only in on again, vowing to see more of one another - and mum the expansion of a personal nature, but also in the expanand dad and the family - from now on. It was very clear sion of the Whole. And so we agree that you would come that we'd undergone a shift in perspective and were feeling first and you would meet the one who would co-create with the importance of the family union. And as I sat on the you to allow me to enter into a body vehicle and continue garden swing in the sunshine, remembering the GOOD our expansion journey together. I am so sorry that I forgot things about mum, I cried again, for the mum I would nev- that I would forget who we really were, and so the many er be able to share my hopes and dreams and fears and times I raged at you for not being the parent I thought I joy with. I talked to her spirit, and told her how much I deserved, and the times I did not appreciate your uniqueloved her and as I did, a peaceful easy feeling washed over ness and your tenacity and your continued expression of me. I heard Solomon speaking in my heart... they said: my contrast, I forgive me and I forgive you. Honour thy Father and thy Mother... we gave you these words many years ago and now we give them to you again with the understanding of what we meant when we gave

There is now only Love residing in this heart of mine for you and I honour you for your part in my expansion. You

May 2012

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played your role as you intended, the role your soul intended before it became physical. With all of my understanding and all of my heart and soul, I love you ... And so it is with humility and appreciation that I honour my Mother at this special time, and although Mother's Day was a few days ago, there is never a time like the present to remember that we chose our parents for the experience we knew would expand us the most. Any day you choose to truly honour your mother is your own personal Mother's Day... With love from the heart and soul Jay and Solomon xxx **Where I have marked the text thus, I understand from Solomon/Source that I am to be given the words we know as commandments in our present day language so that we can be reminded of the True and authentic meaning, so we can begin to unravel the mysteries around biblical texts and contexts... they gently insist that they didn't command anything, but that the words were intended to be of help not judgement. They also say that over time the original words (instructions or guidelines) have become tainted with the subtle misunderstandings relating to culture, time and place and language... I await their instructions with bated breath!!! xxx

gy pouring into my soul. It was like I was for a moment holding hands with both Jay and Sandy. I could not wait to begin reading it. This book takes us on a journey of a friendship that extends beyond time and space. It gives us the story of two young girls, who are cousins right from the first time they met, at age 3. It takes us through their formative years giving us a glimpse into the ups and downs friends go through and survive. Sandy passes suddenly at age 41, and Jay takes us on the journey of her grief. Letting us see a very intimate part of herself. For anyone who has loved and lost a close friend, family member or lover , this book give valuable insight into the process of just allowing healing to happen in its own timeframe. Jay shares so much of herself in this book, not only of the grieving process she went through but also the fun times in her life, her adventures , this truly is her story of how she got to where she is today. Through it all love is what shines through. I would recommend this book to all whether you are grieving for a loved one or not it has a very special story of love shared beyond time and space. Product Description The true story of a unique friendship between two women that spanned 41 years; a shared journey cut short by an untimely death. Sandy, a mere 'spring chicken' aged 41, died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving Jay to pick up the fragments of her life without her soul sister. As Jay began the painful process of recovery, she realised that Sandy lived on...The story of their time together will have you laughing and crying and will touch your heart and your soul. You will realise the value of true friendship. You will also realise that you cannot die for the life of you! Physical death is not the end and true Love survives anything and everything. When you love someone nothing can ever separate you, not even death.

'A Work of Heart' has been nominated for The People's Book Prize and is available from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and W H Smith and all good bookstores. You can also order from Jay who will personalise your copy with a signed message from Jay, Sandy and Solomon. Email: or visit the website for details on ordering and How To Vote for the book! More about Jay can be found on her website

Jay was very kind and sent me a copy of her book “A Work of Heart”. It arrived in my mail box and upon opening the packaging I could tell this was indeed just that “A Work of Heart”. Never before have I experienced the feeling I did when I held this book for the first time. The energy was amazing, I could feel the love

May 2012



By Jeannie Magenta

for anyone. Not even for the person who seems to have it all going on. After all the person who has it all going on has to keep it all going in order to have it all going on.


laughter though are two of the quickest routes to lightening the burden of life and invoking that spirit of joy that shines bright from within.


easiest demonstration of the ripple effect is with the power of a smile. Turn to the person closest to you and smile. What did you notice? Dr. Kataria from Mumbai, India use to see a lot of patients in his medical practice who suffered from stress related illnesses and thought if he could get his patients to laugh a little more they would be healthier and happier. He felt so passionate about this insight that in 1995 he began a joke club to get people to laugh. Quickly realizing that jokes weren’t the answer he began to notice that kids laugh all the time for no reason. Inspired by this discovery Dr. Kataria developed a new form of yoga incorporating breath and movement called Laughter Yoga. Today Laughter Yoga has blossomed to a huge worldwide movement in over 65 countries with 6000+ clubs. Marking the first Sunday in May as World Laughter Day. Cities across Canada and around the world will be celebrating this joyous day. Within in each being is a light and at times this light shines brighter in some than others. The light is still present at all times only sometimes it gets covered over with fears, stresses, insecurities, hardships, traumas and life junk no one wants to deal with. The process of being human is not an easy journey

Go take a look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Now as your looking at yourself in the mirror say “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” and then “Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho”. Now this time round still looking at yourself in the mirror with lots of teeth and a big grin say “Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee”. Now with a very serious face look at yourself and say “This is silly, very, very silly” trying to keep a very serious face. Good! Now with a serious face look at the mirror one more time and say “Ha”. Keep going and see how many rounds you can remain serious before breaking out into full laughter due to the sheer silliness of the exercise.

 Yoga gives us each the opportunity to take ourselves and the life around us a little less serious. Promoting joy through the power of the smile begins with each of us and ripples outward. Today smile at everyone you meet whether you know them or not and whether you would talk to them or not. See if by sharing your joy you can help


another uncover theirs. smiling everyone and remember to share hearty belly laugh on World Laughter day either with friends or taking part in a laughter yoga session on May 6, 2012.

May 2012


By Marilyn Dyke

Chickweed (Stellaria media)

other common names are Star Chickweed, Mouse-ear Chickweed


weed isn't just for chickens; it is so vitamin and mineral rich it should be on our plates every day.

hickweed is probably the very earliest Free -range edible to show up in Vancouver gardens and some years this little weed workhorse will grow all year! Chickweed is a sprawling, mat forming plant found in shady moist environments in the spring and fall, and just about anywhere it chooses in the winter. During the dog-days of summer it seems to disappear but if you look hard though you may still find it winding its way under large leafed plants in some shady, forgotten corner of the yard. Over the season it will go into bloom with a very small whitish daisy like flower and immediately set seed several times. There are some look-a-likes, but if you look for a line of minute hairs growing up only one side of the stem, you have the right one. You've probably cursed it many a time as this gregarious plant loves to wind its way over-under-and around everything in its path. If you want an easy care shade ground cover look no further. And what other ground cover can nourish you the way this one can? If you've ever raised chickens- the free range variety, you'll know they love their chickweed. This is probably how this plant got its name, but

Chickweed is high in Ascorbic-acid, Beta-carotene, Calcium, Coumarins, Genistein, Gamma-linolenicacid, Flavonoids, Hentriacontanol, Magnesium, Niacin, Oleic-acid, Potassium, Riboflavin, Rutin, Selenium, Triterpenoid saponins, Thiamin, and Zinc. So forget about running to the store for sprouts, or interesting greens for your salad, you probably have plenty of this already in your garden. Although he makes loud and frequent threats to exterminate every sprig of Chickweed from our yard "The Husband" is actually completely trained now. He knows that before pulling any chickweed out of the garden he must ask me first, in case I want some. He also knows he is only allowed to pull a portion of it out, always leaving some just in case. After several dicey years I feel confident that I can trust him with this herb now. This very tender plant is best eaten uncooked because drying or cooking diminishes some of the nutrients. Its leaves and stems are juicy and crisp. I like to add it raw to salads, sandwiches and smoothies or steam lightly as a side vegetable. You could add it to soups and stews, but it becomes lost and unappreciated. Use your imagination and enjoy the free and healthy bounty!

May 2012

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(Continued from page 14)

Now picture this.... “The Son in Law” is a wonderful husband and father, but he’s about as left brained and analytical as they come. Everything must be scientifically proven, and even then he’ll argue black is white, he makes a perfect lawyer! Herbal medicine is all wives tales and weeds to him and they are certainly NOT edible. We have a large family dinner nearly every week. Little does he know he’s eaten Chickweed and other nutritious herbs many a time. I giggle at the thought! Chickweed is no slouch in the medicinal sector either. It’s well known for its gentleness but medicinally it’s primarily used to ease inflammation internally and externally. It has also been “rumoured” to be good for weight loss and is in some weight loss products. I’ve never used it for weight loss but if anyone reading this has I would love to hear your results. You may want to try the fresh squeezed juice (or even apply mashed whole plant) to sunburn, itchy areas and other skin irritations. Or you could make a strong tea and pour it into a bath to soak. It is a demulcent (it soothes mucus membranes on contact) a refrigerant (cools on contact) and a diuretic (makes you want to drain your tank) hmm....maybe that’s why they put it in weight loss products! Chickweed is so gentle it’s perfect for use on children and babies as well as animals. A friend successfully treated her dog's skin condition with chickweed steeped in olive oil. She would pack a slow cooker full of Chickweed and then add olive oil (coconut oil, grapeseed oil, lanolin or just plain old lard) is good too. Although the chickweed is bulky, it will cook down in no time. Turn it on low and let it slowly cook for a few hours allowing any steam to escape.

You can then apply it to the dog's skin and if they want to lick it off it won't hurt them. It isn’t a good idea for humans to ingest any herbal infused oil though, use it topically only – better to be safe! This goes for those beautiful bottles of veggies steeped in oils you see in gourmet cooking shops too. A friend of mine thinks the reason herbalists were called witches and killed in the past is because their clients got their directions wrong and ingested herbal infused oil that had gone rancid – maybe she’s on to something, it’s quite plausible. As always when picking plants to eat or for use in medicine, please be certain they are picked from areas that are NOT near the side of the road or have had chemical fertilizers or weed sprays applied.


ext month I’ll discuss the benefits of eating Stinging Nettle....yum, yum....ouch!......until then Bon Appétit!

Marilyn Dyke is a spiritual regressionist trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She has been an active teaching and healing Reiki Master for many years (Usui & Karuna). Much of her summer is taken up communing with her vegetable and herb gardens and concocting herbal creams, salves, teas and herbal essences. It is Marilyn's pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your quest for balance, peace and physical well being! You can visit Marilyn at

When the oil is a deep green lay an old piece of cloth (sheeting) over a metal strainer and set the strainer in a bowl. Pour the oil/chickweed mixture into the cloth draped strainer, gather up the ends of the cloth and gradually twist and strain the oil out. After straining you must let this oil stand for a while to cool and separate from the water. Once cooled carefully pour just the oil part into a glass jar, label the jar with the name of the herb and the date made and store the jar with lid on in the fridge. Only make enough for a week or so because chickweed has such a high water content it doesn’t store indefinitely. If you should notice mould growing along the sides of the jar toss it immediately and make a fresh batch.

May 2012



just got back from a short holiday in Arizona. It was warm and dry there, beautiful weather the whole time. When I came out from the airport here in Vancouver, I could actually smell the salt water….and that stayed with me for several hours. Our moist spring air really carries scent a long way. In Arizona I noticed that the cool early morning was when I was able to pick up the scent of growing things. The hotter it got the less I was able to pick up. Would that change if I were there longer? I don’t know—but it would be really interesting to find out! It has been my experience that when I want to develop an ability, the more I practice and pay attention to what is happening the stronger my new ability gets. This exercise in particular will require lots of practice & attention! You will want to have pen and a notebook handy. Now, find yourself a very comfortable spot, preferably in an area that has no obvious odors. Make yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Do the relaxation exercise that works for you, several times if necessary so that you are completely relaxed and open. Begin breathing in and out through your nostrils. Focus your attention on your breath as it moves, noticing the feeling that is created. Follow the sensation as far back as you can. As you expel the breath, how far can you follow it with your awareness?

by Vera Enshaw

When you are ready, invite a guide or an angel to be with you. If you have a named guide or angel—invite that one. Otherwise just send out the invitation. Trust that there will be a response, trust that you are ready for this phase. (If you were not ready, you wouldn’t be doing this exercise!) This is where you can put your other lessons to work for you: if you are not feeling anything, ask the guide to step back, away from your energy field. Then feel what your energy field (Continued on page 17)

May 2012


(Continued from page 16)

feels like without the guide energy—and ask for the guide to again come close. There will be a difference, I promise you! Even if you have to do this several times…..there will be a noticeable difference, and you will feel it! Once you have established the connection, pay attention to your nostril breath. Focus on your energy field, first close in and then further and further out. If you are not experiencing a scent or an odor, pull your awareness in closer to your body and then expand out again. Take up your pen and write what comes to you. Write it all, the negative as well as the positive. As you write, continue to smell. Eventually you will begin to access the information you are picking up regarding your guide or angel. Some of the people I have taught are able to actually smell the scent with their nose. I “know” the scent I am smelling with my intuitive sense—like my 2nd nose. The guide who has come to be with me as I am writing this has a most interesting mix of cinnamon and rose. I invite another, and the scent is lime with a hint of green grass. The scents can vary widely—I smell one now that smells like a rock. Interesting!

is a wonderful area to expand your intuitive awareness. Some of you will find that this is the best way for you to know what is going on with the people you interact with. The scent of energy is different in each situation. What does fear smell like? Joy? Pay attention—your world is about to expand! You may have noticed that each of these energy exercises has a relaxation and/or meditation component. That’s because when we relax and meditate we are able to let the physical world recede and allow ourselves to be in the energy that exists all around us. You will be more adept at everything you do much faster than if you bypass this important first step. If you are not able to use the relaxation methods or meditations that I have given you—find one that works for you. Use music, use guided visualizations—whatever. When I first began meditating I used a taped, guided visualization. It was a wonderful introduction to the peace that is available to each of us.

Until next month—Namaste

Keep going, practicing with several guides or angels. Obviously, the more scents you have to draw from the more you will pick up. For this month, continue to consciously use your sense of smell. Everything is fair game—people (and their energy fields), rocks, flowers, plants, animals. Garbage. Fuel. Rain smells, so does water in a puddle. Everything smells. Can you get to the point where you can smell it all? The layers and layers of scent around you? At least once per week do the actual exercise with a guide or angel. Ask a friend to sit across the room from you and smell his/her energy field. What information do you pick up when you are smelling? This

May 2012


I was introduced to Bradfield when Jay Atkinson asked if I had heard of him. Jay has met Bradfield and suggested that perhaps I would like to check out his website and if guided conduct an interview. The fact that she mentioned he had visited crop circles might have had something to do with me being interested in seeing who he was, but one listen to his music and I was a fan!! His music was so soothing, calming me and connecting me with source all at the same time. I felt like I was being transported away from my every day environment to a place of unconditional love. Even though the interview was conducted via email, when I received Bradfield’s responses it was like we were sitting beside each other sharing a glass of wine and having a conversation. Perhaps while you are reading this article you would like to connect with his website and listen to his wonderful music.

and festivals. I had not touched the piano for six months when I sat down and wrote my first song. I remember each song seemed like a miracle in the beginning. I wondered how long this magic would last, if there would be a limit to my ability to express new musical ideas. It was the beginning of my creative output that has now run at full throttle for thirty years.

Who were your biggest influences?


always say that I have been influenced by the things that make a profound impression upon me. My artistic expression is not limited to music, it incorporates every aspect: sound, verb, visuals. Each aspect must be in harmony for the end result to resonate within me. I have clearly an affinity for the great visual masters in art, and also love the Romantic period and ideals. As for music, it was classical music (from the opera and studies) and subsequently Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, a period of heavy metal rock music and then Chris de Burgh. Today, I enjoy many of these same artists and styles so long as lyrically, there is substance in the message being delivered.

When did you first know music was important in your life?

Which instruments do you play? Did you have classical training or are you a prodigy and it came naturally?



usic has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I started music lessons at 3 years old and studied the Royal Conservatory method under private lessons for 10 years. It was after I quit formal training around 13 years old that I came back to music on my own terms, without the pressure of daily practicing and preparing for lessons

was trained on an upright piano (a grand once a week for my lesson) and subsequently taught myself arrangement and production in my teenage years. I learn very intuitively and hands on. The question of prodigies is an interesting one because there still needs to be a base in place. For example,

May 2012

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(Continued from page 18)

Mozart was one of the great geniuses of all time, perhaps the greatest musically, yet by the age of 6, he still had substantial training and tutorship from his father. Who knows what might have become of him had those skills not been nurtured. In my case, I am grateful to my parents for persevering with a child who did not like to practice for I could not do today what I do were it not for their persistence and stubbornness in seeing my potential.

Listening to your music I “know” that it is divinely guided. How do you set out to compose each piece? What is your inspiration?


am completely open and receptive to what my muse offers. Lyrically, the inspiration is simple: whatever I cannot stop thinking about. I love to explore each nuance of the human, spiritual experience and there are so many ways to achieve this. I consciously avoid repetition, both musically and lyrically and thus am always challenging myself to go deeper, further. My creative process requires complete honestly so that whatever is to come forth may do so freely. This is the most exhilarating part of the birthing of a creation. Once that initial burst has completed its cycle, the human filter is engaged, allowing the necessary honing and refinement so that the original inspiration can be brought forth at its utmost potential.

If divinely guided for each composition, how does spirit speak to you?


y channel is deceptively simple: I sit down at the piano and the flow begins. It has always been this way, and it is truly a gift from above. Where it becomes more difficult is the process I go through as a human to actually arrive at that place where I begin. The preparation for an album is often extensive, more so as I grow older. I want my filter to be completely pure, free of outside influences. So it is often a very solitary journey, one which requires incredible discipline to maintain. Again, as a younger man, I was fanatical in my diligence to discipline. It is harder as I mature, especially in the context of balancing the incredible time demands with Love relationships and regular human activities.

I read somewhere that you have been inspiring the spiritual community worldwide for 15 years. Everyone has a story behind what brought them to where they are today. Briefly (or not) what is yours?


y goal has always been to inspire and uplift with my music all while assisting to raise consciousness through my words. I believe in transcending boundaries, religious, linguistic and cultural. Nothing gives me greater joy than expressing my own gifts and seeing the result of that have a positive effect on others. As each of us finds the true reason why we are here on earth at this moment in history, the vibration of our planet rises. I had the honor to play a role in the massive "Fire the Grid" ( initiative undertaken by Shelley Yates and Anael, and it was incredible to see people from 90 countries all join in 2007, 2009 and 2011 at the same time to meditate as One collective body of energy for the creation of a new world.

“Becoming” appears to be your latest disc. How long did it take to produce from finish to end?


ECOMING is the return to my greatest Love: singing my own songs. The music on this album spans the past 20 years, a selection of songs that I began performing in concert at my own shows this past year. As with all of my recordings, there is a common thread that binds the songs - in this case, it is the process of our growing awareness of our individual responsibilities in a greater whole, the journey of that awakening and the new consciousness that arises through the experience. I spent roughly two months, August and September in my home studio, doing the arrangements, vocals and production, but the truth is that it was years in the making. I plan to record another vocal album within the next year.

Is there another disc waiting in the wings to come out this year?


have just finished a French audio book of my poetry with narration by Anael entitled "Poésie en Lumière'. Translating poetry is a huge challenge, especially when one wants it to rhyme, but I am very pleased with (Continued on page 20)

May 2012


the result. There is something very magical about hearing poetry narrated over musical accompaniment and ever since I heard an album called "Of Love and Hope" from the creators of the 80s TV show "Beauty and the Beast", I have wanted to present my own poetry in this manner. As I write this, I am beginning work on a new instrumental album entitled "As Above, So Below" which will be released in September.

You have been working with Anael, how did you meet her? How long have you been working together?


nael and I met back in 1993 and she released her first album for our label APSIS Music in 1997, Light of Refinement. At the time, my goal working with her was to capture her philosophy of Unconditional Love, altruism, forgiveness and compassion in words and music. She is a wonderful Angel with the purest of hearts and I wanted to explore her spiritual values through my lens. Ultimately, many of these virtues were instilled in my own life as I followed that path. "Life imitates Art" has never been truer.

the best way for them to obtain them? For physical CDs, our website is the complete source. All our CDs have gorgeous artwork and extensive booklets. We also offer free shipping worldwide.

Do you have any trips planned for 2012? If so where will you be visiting? Are you putting on concerts in these locations?


am performing a series of instrumental concerts to promote the album "Within our Reach" this May and June. Dates are available here: http:// After that, I plan to continue promoting my vocal album BECOMING, and hope to tour extensively wherever people are interested in hearing me perform.

Is your music available on iTunes?


have composed and produced 24 albums of original music. All of them are available on iTunes under Bradfield, Anael or Anael & Bradfield h tt p: //i tu n e s . ap pl e .c o m / u s/ a rti st /b r a d fie l d / id78401706

Do you have posts on YouTube?


friend in California made a really nice overview of what I do, here is a link: You can also watch a beautiful Anael video I wrote and produced here:

If people wish to purchase your music what is

May 2012


D. Kristen Herrington


Please enjoy the mandala below that Kristen sent in. Kristen will be back next month with an article on mandalas. Until then enjoy this beauty titled “Spiritual Energy of the Electronic Community� What does this mandala bring out in you? We would love to hear your comments please send them along to

(D. Kristen Herrington's creations work through the energy of spiritual principles, allowing her to express the deep relationship between color and consciousness, between love and light filled expressions, between the sacred and the profane. You may visit her website, life lites ~ Spiritual Creations for Life, or her Facebook page, Soul Mandalas by D. Kristen Herrington, to see more of her work.)

May 2012


Phil Nielsen


rune I drew for May is Dagaz. It is the rune of the New Day. When it appears in a cast it signifies the querent is moving into a period of growth in any area of life. It could be business, personal, or spiritual growth. It has no negative aspects and, even paired with negative runes; it offsets them and shows you have the inner strength to succeed if only you would use it. The god associated with Dagaz is Donar who is the elder brother of Thor. When Thor would throw Mjolnir, or in English, Striker (his War Hammer) through the air, it would flash lightning and in exuberance, Donar would strike storm heads with his massive club. Even today Donner is German for thunder and Thursday is Donnerstag.

Donar’s rune belongs in Himinbjorg, among the life giving rains from the Cliffs of Heaven which corresponds to Cancer, June 21 to July 20 (a time of thunderstorms). His color is sky blue and his gem stone is fluorite.


reading a fascinating book by Frank Joseph called God of the Runes, which is questioning where the runes originated. Instead coming out of Indo Europe, there is growing evidence to support runic symbols coming from the cave artists in Southwestern Europe during the Paleolithic Age. Comparisons between the seventeen-thousand year old symbols and the Elder Futhark are unmistakable. They show that eight were exact duplicates of the runes from medieval times. About twelve thousand years ago, a culture known as the Azillian were painting rune symbols on pebbles just as we do now although they were probably not used as part of a written language, but instead would have been regarded as magical and spiritual glyphs that

May 2012


symbolized the mystery cult of the caves.

tribes. Interestingly, the first letter of the Gothic and Greek alphabets is also synonymous with If we take that premise, then the Elder Futhark wealth. preceded all other languages. The Futhark does not follow any adaptations of the ABC of the In an upright position, Fehu (Frija) indicates Gothic, Etruscan, Greek, or Latin, which shows wealth, fruitfulness, fulfillment of personal goals, the glyphs belonged to no syllabary, but stood nourishment, and just rewards. Stressed is atalone as individual symbols. tainment by earning, rather than inheriting income. Goethe observed that “a capable man In the April column I wrote about the rune makes his own luck” and Guido von List told his meanings being changed to circumvent the followers to “generate their own luck”. death edit of the Vatican. Here is the beginning of the original meaning of the Elder Futhark Reversed, it warns of irretrievable loss of physirunes. cal riches and continued disappointment if the failed methods are not put aside in time. The first rune in the Futhark, Frija, now represent- The Frija rune stands for material accomplished as Fehu, is the wife of ments even when opposition makes success Odin, Goddess of wealth, seem doubtful. Rewards can be won, but less by fertility. Friday is named chance and more by our own hard work and for her and is still the tradi- planning. tional payday throughout the western world. Her Until next month, I encourage you to, as always, place in the Norse zodiac is further investigate for yourselves, and if you also June 21 – July 20, have your own runes, use them often. The more Himinbjorg (Cliffs of Heav- you use them, the more they will become aten) a time that was and tuned to you and show you your path. still is, appropriate for weddings, ie: the June bride. Fehu literally means cattle, which were Skaal considered the measure of wealth for the Aryan

May 2012



Calorie restriction:






that the less you eat, the longer you live. Experts rec-

ommend reducing your calories by an average of 20 percent to 30 percent a day.

If you are over 31 woman need

(depending on your activity level) 1800 - 2250 calories per day, men need


2350 - 2900 calories per day.

The Mediterranean diet: Eating a diet made up of mostly






fats like olive oil, whole grains, fish, and red wine while cutting down on red meat can boost heart health, lower in-


flammation, and help you live longer. Green


Studies show

drinking 2.5 to 5 cups a day of this ancient Asian cureall can reduce your risk of






Omega-3 fatty acids: The



saturated fats found in fish and flaxseeds have

been shown to reduce inflammation, fight heart disease, and prevent agerelated blindness.


Antioxidants: lular


Combat celand


younger by eating antioxidant-rich



plums, apples, prunes, cherries, beans, pecans, artichokes, and russet potatoes.

May 2012



Anti-inflammatories: Inflammation is one of aging's biggest culprits. Douse the "fire within"

by eating onions and leeks, dark leafy

Top Ten Proven to Help Tips


greens, beans, nuts and seeds, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon.

Brain boosters: Halt demen tia,


memory, and keep your mind healthy with ace-

tyl-L-carnitine (1,000 mg a day), phosphatidylserine (150 to 300 mg), and ginkgo biloba (120 to 240 mg).


Stress busters: Stress can



from reduced immunity to sagging

skin. Calm

your body, mind, and soul with daily


yoga, meditation, or deep-breathing Sunscreen:


wrinkles and age spots with



sunscreen UVA


that UVB

rays. Make sure it doesn't contain any skin-damaging ingredients by checking


Chiropractic: A properly aligned spine

can take pressure off the nervous system, allowing your body to heal itself and your bones and joints to age in a

Sources: Jonny Bowden, PhD, author of The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer (Fair Winds Press, 2010)

balanced way. May 2012


Yup this is how things began only later they

By Jeannie Magenta

took a turn and now I am in full avoiding mode. I don’t want to write and I really just want to go to sleep because I am really tired. Or at least that is the story I am telling myself. Then moving into I don’t want to do this. It doesn’t really matter. Self sabotage self talk rambling on like a freight train unwilling to slow down.


what’s stopping you? Honestly? The goal formula is clear that every goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time sensitive.

Phase One: Getting Clear Phase Two: Moving into Action Phase Three: Celebrate and Create New Goals

Here is what I know. If I were asked to go out with friends or watch a movie I would have the energy. Every month I face the same wall and it comes right around deadline time. After the pressure is off I tell myself I am going to get it done right away so it doesn’t loom over me. Only here I am again slogging my way through my untrue systems of beliefs. Who cares about the “Phases” to meeting goals because really at the end of the day it’s the obstacles and beliefs that slow us down. Before

May 2012

(Continued on page 27)


(Continued from page 26)

going any further take a moment and answer these questions for yourself.

1. Do I really want this for myself?

merous weeks pass and no action is being taken its time to do a self inquiry. Do you really want this goal? What is pulling you off track? Do all those extras make you as happy as reaching your goal in six months or a year? What do you get out of not meeting your goals?


2. Is the dream current with my goals and aspirations? 3. How hard am I willing to work to bring this dream to fruition? 4. What does completing this goal say about me? 5. Will my life change? Am I okay with that?

will pass you by, the question is how you fill that time and how does that time fill you. Jeannie Magenta runs a weekly non-profit Laughter Club and presents laughter workshops, Sessions, and conference energizers for corporate and nonprofit organizations. Jeannie is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Wellness Counselor. She has always had a passion for people and spreading joy and once you meet her you will understand why she can help so many find more joy in there life. She can be found at

I am asking these questions because CHANGE is exciting to talk about and even more exciting to experience.


everyday were started with the end in mind the game plan would become clear. So take the goal and begin to look at how each day you can take action. The leap needn’t be large in fact a series of small consistent steps taken daily will bring about results much quicker than a big step here and there. If I take my writing as an example. Doing a page consistently at the end of the year will give me 365 days worth of material. Better part of a book if you ask me. Or learning a language a word a day would give a person a large vocabulary in no time flat. In recovery folks are told one day at a time. Life takes on the same mantra as well. One day at a time to our goals by putting one foot in front of the other. What steps will you take today. Talk to a friend or a personal coach to help you get really clear and create actions steps towards your goal. Let the person know you want them to check up on you in a week to help you be accountable to your goal. Allow the results to remain free of judgments and see the check in as a chance to realign things if necessary to make the goal attainable. If

May 2012


Power Animals

This month I am going to do things a little differently. I have had a few animals come to me in the past couple weeks. Rather than just go with one animal, I am going to speak about all of them and the messages they brought to me in each moment. The first animal to come to me was eagle. Now eagles come to me often and have been showing up on a regular basis for the last couple months. On this particular day I had been struggling with a few things and was mulling them over in my mind. Early that morning I had drawn a couple of cards to bring clarity to the situation and both cards spoke about letting things be and stepping away from the issues, to get out and just enjoy something nonrelated and live in the moment, just for one day. I did just that, and while on our drive there in the sky was one eagle soaring above in all his majesty. He seemed to be circling above our car and following us so I asked Phil to pull over. Another eagle joined the first, and then along came a hawk. They were joined in a matter of less than 2 minutes by 4 more eagles and 2 hawks. They soared above me, all the while circling and dipping. I was in awe, filled with a sense of peace and joy. What does this mean? Since eagle came first, he is always a message from spirit. I felt like his message was to rise above the current situations and see what was going on from a different perspective. That perhaps I was not receiving solutions because I was too muddled in the muck and needed to step back for a moment.

“View the past and the present objectively, whilst looking towards the future. We need to open our minds and hearts to see past old, restricting beliefs that are holding us back. Eagle teaches us to courageously face our fear of the unknown, so we are then able to fly as high as our heart's joy can take us. Your strengths need to be utilized wisely and remember, to soar like Eagle you must view things with caution, being confident and trusting your abilities.”

With Hawk, again a messenger plus one of my power animals I got a sense like I needed to focus on the end goal and not the minute details. All aspects are to be focused on with the same amount of attention so that one does not succeed only to have the others fail. This applied to all aspects of my life.

“This totem awakens vision and inspires a creative life purpose. A Hawk totem is filled with responsibility because Hawk people seek the overall view. Be careful not to become caught up in the details; step back (or fly high) so you can see the big picture. Observe and study your surroundings and work on accepting things the way they are. Soar high above the mundane and everyday problems and find peace.” The next day while sitting outside enjoying the sun thinking of the eagles and hawks, out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement. There ambling along beside me on the wall was a Zebra Spider. If you have not seen a Zebra spider before they look like a zebra, white and black striped. Immediately balance came to mind along with the message of spinning a web, the work and dedication that spiders take to make their webs. I did not know if that was applicable but that is the message I got. To balance life as best I could. Keep working towards my goals. No matter what the obstacles, I have all the tools I need to keep going.

May 2012


“A spider totem teaches you balance --between past and future, physical and spirit, male and female. She is strength and gentleness combined. She awakens creative sensibilities and reminds you that the past is always interwoven with the future. Do not fail to see the eternal plan of creation. Those who weave magic with the written word usually have this totem.” Squirrel arrived the next morning. Carefully making his way across some bushes and fencing. I did not give him much thought until about an hour later when I realized that I had not seen any squirrels since moving to our new place in November. It was an ah-ha moment, and I thought better be prepared! That is what squirrels are about, being prepared and gathering what we need. Then I recalled that they are also about getting rid of that which no longer serves, and not to be busy just for the sake of being busy.

“Squirrel teaches us balance within the circle of gathering and giving. They remind us that in our quest for our goals, it is vital to make time for play and socializing. Squirrel teaches us to conserve our energy for times of need. If your totem is Squirrel or Squirrel has recently entered your life, lighten your load of things that are unnecessary - things that you have gathered in the past and may be cluttering your life - thoughts, worries, and stresses. Don’t try to do many things at once. Take the time to stop and listen to your inner self - and don't forget to play!” The next animals to come to me were Tiger which morphed into a domestic cat. They came via a meditation I was doing

fearless. It will give you courage and confidence. With this totem, magic and mystery come alive so pay close attention to signs and omens.” The last animal to make its appearance was one lone Great Blue Heron who flew overhead while I was on a break at work. Standing on my own two feet came to me. I usually do a pretty good job of this so was not sure if that was the message or not, but as I was given it, I felt I needed to trust my intuition.

“A Heron or an Egret totem teaches balance; the ability to progress and evolve -- to walk into deeper waters without fear. It is important to learn to stand on your own two feet, to become independent and self-reliant. Heron or Egret medicine allows you to perform many tasks at the same time, keeping all in balance. You know what is best for you and you should follow that path. Overall the message being received through these various animal friends was to have patience, not try to rush things along, stand on my own and follow my intuition. I always have the tools I need and if something should not happen the way I think it should then there will be another opportunity as the web of life continues to be infinite. What animals come to you? Pay attention and search the internet or a good animal book to see what their message is. (I recommend Spirit Animals by Steven Farmer or Animal Speak by Ted Andrews) Do they speak to you in that moment? Do they have a message for you that is appropriate for the current situation? Should you like to share your animal stories, please send me an email at I am also happy to help you understand what their message is.

Marlene Cobb

with fluorite. What came to me was being independent and being strong enough to be independent; to observe and wait patiently for the right opportunities to come along.

“Tiger's gift is focus, patience, and the ability to heal quickly, both physically and emotionally. It is very important to have time alone. When a Tiger totem enters your life, expect new adventures.” “Cat gives you the ability to be self-sufficient and independent. Trust in your own capabilities. Trust your own instincts rather than someone else's advice. Cat encourages agility in both body and mind and gives you clearer perception. This spirit helper is resourceful, strong and

May 2012



Chamuel fans. This is not the archangel speaking. It's Kaye. I usually channel Archangel Chamuel's messages here, but it seems we won't be doing that this month. Chamuel and I have been out of touch for several weeks. I miss his comforting guidance, and though I have no doubt he is still around me, and us, I'm not able to connect with his wonderful wisdom just now. There have been extra projects and stressful events taking up a lot of my time, and I suspect these things may be getting in the way of our delicate connection. I'm working to clear my plate, relax my mind and open up my heart – great advice for everyone in these challenging times – and I'm sure his beautiful words of loving encouragement will be coming through again very soon. In the meantime, I thought I would share the story of how Chamuel and I got together. It was a mutual attraction, as all relationships are if they are to be successful....

I've been a fan of channeled entities and their wisdom for many years. In 1997 I was introduced to the Kryon, a collection of energies channeled by Lee Caroll. Lee is one of the world's most respected channelers, and has been asked to share Kryon's words at the United Nations on several occasions. He has also written over a dozen books, filled with Kryon's beautiful messages, which are sprinkled with fascinating scientific tidbits. Kryon's observations often appear years later as news in science journals! One of the most endearing things about Kryon is his constant reminder that, as humans, we are “dearly loved” by all beings in the higher realms. In 2011 I found Geoffrey Hoppe and the Crimson Circle. Geoffrey channeled Tobias, an ascended master with a particularly loving connection with humans, and he often invited other entities in for Geoffrey to channel also. Tobias was a gentle and patient teacher who shared his observations about humans with great kindness. His words helped guide me through deep challenges, and opened my eyes to many truths of the universe. By 2009, Geoffrey was channeling the energy of Adamus St. Germain almost exclusively. Adamus was not like any of the entities I had heard before. He was funny, irreverent, and sometimes downright (Continued on page 31)

May 2012


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rude. He pushed and prodded and made people uncomfortable with many of his comments, especially Geoffrey, who was used to Tobias' soft spoken tolerance. I loved Adamus from the first moment I heard him speak, and he continues to be a valuable source of inspiration for me. On the first Saturday of each month a live webcast of Geoffrey channeling Adamus is available for anyone to watch for free on the Crimson Circle website. Meanwhile, by 2010 I was at a crossroads in my intuitive health practice. I had spent a decade assembling a collection of alternative therapies and information to help people find natural solutions to their health and wellness issues. While I was very happy with the resources I had gathered, there were sometimes limitations to the help I could offer my clients. I was looking for that next level of assistance when it occurred to me that being able to channel information directly from higher sources could be the answer. I know that channeling is a skill like most others. Anyone can do it. It takes practice and commitment, and some people are better suited to it than others - just like some people make better doctors than others, or therapists, or bartenders – but it can be learned by anyone who has the desire. There are courses, books and online information. And I had many years' experience as an observer and intuitive to guide me. So I sat down at the kitchen table with pen and paper, and began a communication with Archangel Raphael. He is the acknowledged archangel of healing, and he seemed the most likely to be helpful. Automatic writing is a great way to slow down your brain enough to be able to hear the helpful information that is around us all the time. I wrote down my questions, and as the responses floated into my head, they were written down, too. A dialogue began.

During the same months, I sought support from other sources. I'm blessed to have many folks in my life who are talented and insightful, and who have been valuable assets over the years. One of those is our beloved editor, Marlene Cobb. We were communicating on the matter of the next step for my practice, and she recommended I contact Archangel Chamuel, who can be very helpful in helping us find things we are looking for. I had never heard of this particular angelic being, but I thanked her for her advice, and then did nothing to follow up on it. Many weeks later we were in touch again, and she asked what I had done about Archangel Chamuel, because he was anxious to get in touch with me. He was waiting for me to contact him, she said, because he had information he wanted to share. I believe that when the same information comes to us a second time, we should really pay attention, so in the next available quiet moment, I sat down with my pen and paper again, and addressed Chamuel for the first time. The words that came to my head were clear and relevant in a way that my communication with Raphael had not been. Chamuel did not so much answer my questions as anticipate them. He gave me information about the channeling process... how to find his energy and how to hold the thoughts he was sharing with me so I did not get distracted. He talked about our work together as if it was already happening. He encouraged me to channel his messages to small groups, and within a few of months we were speaking in front of friends, and then strangers. Many people have felt the uplifting vibrations from the angelic realms that accompany Chamuel's words. His influence has infused my practice in ways I never anticipated, and I'm looking forward to bringing his love and light to these pages again soon. For today, I leave you with his reminder, that

we are all, and always!

Do you have a question for Chamuel? Archangel Chamuel is happy to respond! Please submit your question to if you click on this link it will come up in your email format with Archangel Chamuel in the subject line. If you are going to manually email please include Archangel Chamuel in the subject line. Please include your name, it will not be published, sold or used in any fashion it just prevents us from having bots respond.

May 2012


Gwen Randall-Young


is a very powerful human emotion. From a biological perspective, fear serves an important purpose. It alerts us to potential danger, producing increased levels of alertness so we are ready to ‘fight or flee’. For humans, because we have the power to imagine threats to our safety, we can initiate that biological response even when no danger is actually present, maintaining ourselves in alert mode for extended periods (even lifetimes).

up (so it looks like it belongs to a much larger animal). If the threat is real, the cat is ready. If no attack seems immanent, the cat moves away, perhaps even with a look of boredom, and before long is stretching, grooming itself or eating. The incident is over. If humans utilized this approach, then we would not be in fear mode unless we were face-to-face with the problem. The human mind manufactures scenari-


nfortunately this does not serve us, and uses up a lot of energy that could be used for other things. Animals are much more efficient: let’s look at how they do it. Consider the cat. A cat has exceptional abilities when it comes to protecting itself, but mostly all you see is its detached, non-judgmental, being-in-the-moment Buddha nature.


nter, a perceived threat. It might be a sudden movement, an unfamiliar noise, or even a real problem (dog). Sensing danger, the cat immediately alerts itself: back up, fur standing on end, tail puffed

May 2012

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os, and then the body-mind reacts as though they are real, or projects itself into the future when they surely will be real.

new energy. In addition, because we have had to look outside of our secure walls and have accessed our strength, we may be more proactive and empowered in other areas of our life.



(Continued from page 32)

o what is this fear we carry in response to a mental image? It is often

the work of the ego, which wants to have complete control. The fear may be as much about having no control over an outcome, as about the outcome itself. When we feel this fear, ego re-doubles its efforts to try to control the situation. When it can’t, the level of fear increases even more.


rom the perspective of soul, observing all of this, there is the recognition that ego is struggling to hold on to having things its way. Ego hates to lose. Sometimes though, the lessons spirit is bringing to us are lessons in letting go. Imagine a series of concentric circles. Ego has itself wrapped tightly around one of the inner rings, for dear life. Spirit, through life experiences, nudges ego in an effort to get it to release its hold. Later on, as we all know, unheeded nudges become in-your-face wake-up calls. Ego fears letting go, for that represents losing everything.

t this point, we begin to recognize that the ‘crisis’ was only another opportunity for us to grow. It may be hard to even imaging going into that much fearful contraction again. That is because we have made the shift out to that next level of awareness. It is possible now to relax and let our guard down, because we have demonstrated to ourselves our ability to transcend fear. Now, like a cat, we know that we might as well just relax and enjoy existence until there’s really something to worry about.


ost of what we worry about never materializes. Yes, we may feel threatened or insecure again sometime but now we can relax about that too. We can do that, because we now know when that time comes, we’ll transcend the fear again. We’ll do it the time after that, and the time after that. Ho hum. Stretch. Relax……..


ctually, spirit’s nudging's are designed to move ego outward to the next ring; to a more expanded level of awareness. Evolution can not happen in a vacuum. We need those difficult, challenging experiences to grow: they are the contractions which push us forward. We may be faced with ‘threats’ to our equilibrium in the form of job insecurity, relationship problems, health issues, financial worries or even aging. We imagine the worst case scenarios, and may obsess, consciously or unconsciously, about what will happen. Because the scenario has not actually happened, there really is no place to direct the defensive, reactive energy that is building. Consequently, it accumulates inside, manifesting as stress, anxiety and worry.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and awardwinning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


ow could we become more like the cat, just leaving the worrisome subject alone and moving on with our day? We can do it by calling forth our awareness of our inner ‘warrior’. We all have one. It is the part of us that can truly deal with whatever comes our way, whether we know it or not. Rather than fearing the worst case scenario, we need to walk ourselves through it, figuring out just what we would do in that unlikely event.


enerally we find that although we might not be happy about it, we would find strategies to manage. Once we visualize ourselves managing, and accept that we could lose what we want and still be okay, the fear dissipates. With that dissipation comes a lightness, a sense of freedom, and

May 2012


What do you do with your oils? Do they sit in your cupboard with the lids getting dusty from unused? Do you use them every day? What kinds of oils do you use? Why did you buy them? What inspired you to make your first purchase?

There are so many wonderful ways to use essential oils:


them using any number of diffusers on the market. They range in price from about $10.00 for a simple candle/water one to $225.00 for a state of the art sonic diffuser—and there are lots of choices in between! You can diffuse so many wonderful smells into your home— people are bound to comment on how good it smells.

My very first essential oil purchase was Patchouli. Strong, heavy scent. Makes me feel warm when I smell it. My next purchase was Ylang Ylang. Sweet and fresh. Powerful. For years I just used those two oils in place of perfume. My experience with the oils that I use—they are therapeutic grade—is that many people who have a problem with perfumes and smells are able to tolerate the smell of my oils easily. Then I started to read a bit and began to use more oils more often. I take oils internally and externally to help control asthma. I haven’t used a puffer in over 15 years (I had been using two different types of puffer for more than 8 years, so it was a pretty dramatic shift). I also began using oils to help shift my mood or my way of being. Mostly I applied them topically, occasionally I diffused them into my home. I found that just smelling them could put me into a different emotional state. Going from agitated to calm in a matter of minutes was wonderful! They have helped me climb to spiritual heights, they have assisted me in coming back to a balanced, grounded place.


them topically, using an organic carrier oil such as sweet almond, coconut or grape seed. For anyone who is around people who have problems with scent—apply the oil to the bottom of your feet. You’ll get all the benefit and none of the complaints!


Epsom salts and add a drop or two to 1/2 a cup for a soothing bath. Lavender, lemon, patchouli—any number of oils work well for this. Don’t use hot oils (cinnamon, thyme, peppermint, clove or oregano) for this purpose—it isn’t pleasant! (If you are not sure, check the oil out, either on the internet or in a good aromatherapy book.) Find out what oils your friends like and make up several little packets as gifts.


May 2012

candle making? Get some soya wax and create your own scented can34

dles. Delicious! Also a great gift idea!

Give your

sweetheart a massage—he or she will be singing your praises in short order. Let them choose the oil or oils then make up a quick massage oil using an organic carrier oil. Since carrier oils can break down and become rancid, only make enough to use in the moment.


them. Aromatherapy is largely about smell—use an oil for a meditative experience. You don’t need to have an oil at your nose all the time, but smell deep using each nostril separately. Sit back and be with the smell and the feeling. I can actually taste some of the oils when I have smelled them. Lavender and citrus oils are wonderful for calming emotions—carry some with you, and when things get tense, pull some out and sniff! People have been using lavender for centuries to help get to sleep—and the oil is much less messy than the buds!

There is so much fun research to be done! Valerie Worwood has several books on the market, including one called “Aromantics” (available second-hand through Chapters on-line) It has lots of interesting information about oils, the use of oils, different blends—a book truly worth having. There are many fun and valuable books to be found. Look for one and you’ll find twenty! And, once you begin to play with essential oils, you may find that you have a calling to work with aromatherapy. Courses are available on-line, in colleges and by correspondence. Whatever you do, let your first step be to enjoy your oil experience.

Vera Enshaw

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

May 2012


The unassuming little chia seed has burst upon the health food market from relative obscurity, surprising many with its nutritional profile and ability to cut cravings and support weight loss. No wonder it is being touted as the latest and greatest 'superfood'. What makes this transition even more remarkable is that for centuries, few were even aware that chia seeds were edible. They had been an important crop for the Aztec empire, but because chia was used in Aztec religious ceremonies, conquistadors suppressed its cultivation for hundreds of years. The world has remained largely ignorant of the benefits of this phenomenal seed ever since, and until about five years ago, it was regarded as little more than the novelty plant that grew into Chia Pets. Their current popularity may be attributed in part to some heavyweight supporters such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, who promoted chia as a superfood on 'Oprah'. And it was featured in Christopher McDougall's bestselling book, Born to Run, which increased awareness of chia in the athletic community. Wayne Coates, the author of Chia: The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood, writes that chia seeds are extremely versatile due to their very mild taste, and can be added to any type of meal, where they will take on the flavour of the foods prepared with them.

Among the claims of researchers and supporters, is that chia is a nutritional powerhouse. It is high in vitamins and minerals, containing more calcium by weight than whole milk. It contains magnesium and boron, essential trace minerals required for the absorption of calcium and vitamins. Chia is also an excellent source of complete protein, fibre and antioxidants, and the richest plant source of ALA omega-3 fatty acids. Any food with these properties can be expected to help reduce joint pain, aid in weight loss, deliver an energy boost, and protect against ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. And chia seeds release their nutrients naturally during the digestion process, unlike flax and other seeds that must be chewed or otherwise broken before the body can access their nutrient content. The seeds are also gluten-free, which makes them appealing to people with celiac disease. Perhaps the most appealing benefits of the chia seed relate to its ability to support weight loss, curb food cravings, and facilitate in detoxification. This makes it an extremely desirable addition to any weight loss program. As a high-nutrition, lowcalorie food, chia may be considered a valuable addition to any diet. However, it is the unique gelling action of chia that gives it an edge. When the seed is exposed to water, it forms a coating of gel, increasing its size and weight. Since the gel is made

May 2012


of water, it has no calories, and since it is also difficult to remove from the seed, it helps your body think it is full without adding any calories. The gel will even carry toxins out of the body in the elimination process, preventing them from being reabsorbed by the digestive system. This is especially important during weight loss, when the elimination of fat cells can cause toxins to be released throughout the body in large amounts. As an inexpensive, whole food that may be served raw or cooked, that can assist in balancing blood sugar levels and curb food cravings, help prevent diverticulitis and other intestinal ailments, add healthy omega-3 oil and age-defying antioxidants to your diet, and nourish you with a healthy plantbased source of complete protein, perhaps this little seed is worth a try. We've tried them with our freshly juiced vegetables. Just add one to three teaspoons of white or black seeds to your glass of prepared juice, stir briefly and drink immediately. The seeds are so tiny you hardly know they're there, and they don't affect the taste of the juice at all. But they do enhance the protein component of a juice meal. And as the gelled-out seeds move through your digestive system, there is a noticeable feeling of satiety....not from bloated, empty calories, but from honest, complete nutrition. We have also added chia seeds to our favourite chocolate protein bar recipe. Try this one as a meal substitute or a filling protein-rich snack.

CHOCOLATE HEMP BARS (with chia seeds) 100 g bar Vivani dark baking chocolate 2 cups hulled hemp seeds 1 1/4 cups shredded coconut 2 inches fresh ginger, grated 1/4 cup chia seeds Melt chocolate gently in a double boiler. When fully melted, add hemp seeds and stir until they are completely coated with chocolate. It is helpful to warm the seeds slightly before you do this, especially if they have come directly from the fridge. This way the chocolate stays soft and workable. Add coconut, ginger and chia seeds, and stir until everything is coated with chocolate. Then transfer chocolate mixture to a warm 9� x 13� pan lined with waxed paper, and press flat. Leave in a cool room for about an hour or until the chocolate hardens. Remove the paper and chocolate mixture from the pan, transferring to a cutting board. Cut into bars. Store covered in a cool place. Alternative: For a slightly sweeter bar, substitute candied ginger for the fresh ginger. Other Variations: Instead of coconut and ginger, use.... 3/4 cup each of dried mango and dried pineapple, both diced very small, or 3/4 cup each of dried blueberries and dried cranberries or any combination of dried fruit or nuts that appeals to you!

by Kaye Castleman

May 2012


by Marguerite Paquin, PhD - educator, author, Maya Calendar specialist The Great Cycle of Time, as tracked by the Maya Long Count calendar, incorporates 7200 revolutions of a 260-day cycle known as the Tzolk’in (Count of Days). This Great Cycle, which began in 3114 B.C., comes to a close on Dec. 21 of this year, at which point a whole new Great Cycle of Time begins to unfold.

The full moon that arrives on May 6th has been referred to as the largest full moon of 2012, which may be helpful at this point in time as this coodinates with the middle of the trecena (the 13-day period) that is “guided” by the energy of Ak’b’al (“darkness”). As this is a time frame that often brings deep mysteries (and even secrets) into the larger consciousness, it will be interesting to see if this extra moonlight has anything significant to uncover. Identified in the Maya Long Count as the numerical date, at the point where 229 days remain until Dec. 21, this is the Maya calendar day known as 9 Chuwen, representative of “outwardlyprojecting” artistry or play, a day in which the creator-deity in the guise of a monkey often weaves together the strands of time in very ingenious ways. One of the best examples of individuals born under this influence is Guy Laliberté, the amazingly innovative founder and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, who started as a fire-eating street busker and turned his love for this type of theatrics into a multi billion dollar industry. In 2009

Laliberté even took his passion for fun into space, when he became the first Canadian space tourist on a “Poetic Social Mission”. As he donned a red nose and went through various antics in the International Space Station he was also on a mission to call attention to his ONE DROP philanthropic foundation and raise awareness regarding global water issues and the need for access to clean water worldwide. In 1968 Robert F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination under the influence of 9 Chuwen, and in 2008 Barack Obama received a major endorsement from Ted Kennedy under this same influence. The following day will be 10 Eb’, representative of “foundational animating vitality”, the energy that was in place when the sizzling 25 ton Aztec Calendar Stone was found by workmen repairing Mexico City’s Central Plaza (the Zócalo) in 1790. It is this stone (and image) that many people assume to be the Mayan Calendar. Near the end of this trecena we arrive at 11 B’en, on May 8th, an “inspirational personal authority” type of force, the same energy that was in place when the 30 ft. tall memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (the first memorial on Washington D.C.’s (Continued on page 39)

May 2012


(Continued from page 38)

National Mall dedicated to a black man) was unveiled last year. Two days later we come to 13 Men (May 10th) at the end of the trecena. This is an intense energy associated with “transformational high vision”, often a world- shaping type of influence, as seen when Queen Elizabeth I acceded to the throne on a 13 Men day in 1558. On its last appearance 13 Men brought forth jubilant celebrations throughout Lybia, especially in Tripoli, after the rebel victory over its former dictatorial leader last summer.

As the new trecena begins on May 11th we come into a timeframe that is influenced throughout the thirteen days by Kib’, a multilayered type of energy that is aligned with ideas such as illumination, ingen uity, vi gilan ce, forgiveness, and even practicality. Often this involves a reassessment or reshuffling of priorities in order to achieve greater balance, which can sometimes involve “shaking things up” prior to the restoration of order. During this time there may be some evidence of “duality” at play, as paired events or paired ideas struggle to maintain equilibrium. With the patron energies of this timeframe being suggestive of “fire in the earth”, these forces hold the potential of fomenting havoc for the purpose of transmutation, often as part of a push towards the birthing of a new type of order that may be a vast improvement over what came before. Among the events that have unfolded in the past on the first day of this timeframe the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was one of the most significant in terms of drawing attention to issues associated with the building of highly flammable structures on earthquake fault lines, without adequate fire protection or water supplies. The struggle to provide and maintain adequate structural and support systems for cities located in such zones continues today and this event continues to serve as a reminder of what can happen when the earth starts to rumble. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this is also the trecena that carries the energy of 6 Imix, an “everywhere” type of force associated with both chaos and birth, the energy in place on Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center towers collapsed after being hit by planes. As everyone is aware, this was a major world-shifting event, and nothing has been the same since. While past events such as these might suggest that this would be a good time to “hunker down and take

cover”, it should be remembered that this energy also represents a kind of “dawning”, as old patterns go through the process of transmutation and new imperatives come into view. The same 1 Kib’ (“initiation of the restoration of order”) force that will be in place on May 11th brought forth, for example, the Supreme Court order to desegregate U.S. public schools (in 1954) and the signing of a U.S./Russian agreement to reduce nuclear arsenals (in 2009). This 1 Kib’ energy is the birth energy of Daniel Radcliffe, who – as Harry Potter – illustrated the nature of this power as he battled with the dark forces of the magical realm and ultimately triumphed. Mother’s Day this year falls on the third day of this trecena, on May 13th, which will be 3 Etz’nab’, representing the “activation” of a sparkling, “knifeedged” type of energy that can either dazzle or divide and separate. This will be followed on May 15 th, by 5 Ajaw, representative of the “blessing of enlightenment”, the energy that was in place when women were officially recognized as “persons” under British law, in 1929. At this point there will be 220 days remaining until Dec. 21st. Within this trecena the day of greatest significance will come in on May 20th, at the time of the new moon. This is the Maya day known as 10 Chikchan, a “foundational” energy associated with Lifeforce, Liberation, and Higher Consciousness. This is also a Burner Day, traditionally associated with an idea referred to as “running with the fire”, this time in conjunction with an annular solar eclipse. This is the day of the solar zenith passage, when the sun and the Pleiades are conjunct as they pass through the zenith over the Pyramid of Chichén Itzá in the Yucatan. Since the great serpent that “slithers” down this temple on the solstice was thought to be a rattlesnake whose tail points to the zenith, this special day has been referred to as “Rattlesnake” Day. This 10 Chikchan day, symbolic of the great Feathered Serpent that is representative of higher knowledge, in conjunction with an energy that represents the “foundation for resurrection”, has even been foreshadowed in the Wayland Smithy crop circle that appeared in 2005 in England, and a similar crop circle that appeared last year in East Kennett, as shown here: v=NSXVN34KhHY&feature=related There is also the suggestion that, since there is a rare alignment of the sun, the moon, the Pleiades, Earth, and the center of the galaxy, at the same time as the solar eclipse on this day, this day may have even greater “cosmic significance” than Dec. 21st. If this significance is revealed, then Victoria Day (Canada), which follows on May 21st, should be particularly momentous, as this will be oriented around 11 Kimi’s “inspirational” energy in associa-

May 2012

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tion with “new foundations”. The following two days, which will be 12 Manik’ (a “gathering together” type of energy associated with reciprocity) and 13 Lamat (“transformational star”) will also be excellent times for gazing at the heavens, as these will be the last times this year for Venus and the moon to pair up together in the evening sky. Given the auspicious nature of the cosmic events of the past few days, and the fabulous festivites unfolding in England at this time, one might think that Queen Elizabeth has been consulting with Mayan astrologers in the planning of her Diamond Jubilee. These Jubilee events will be getting into high gear during the Muluk trecena that begins on May 24th , with the first day of this timeframe being representative of “the initiation of water”. Less than two years ago this watery, shapeshifting, force came forth on the winter solstice, in alignment with the full moon and a total lunar eclipse – the first lunar eclipse on a solstice in 372 years (since 1638). So it is interesting that this One Muluk energy should return just four days after the extraordinary “Rattlesnake” Day alignment noted above. With regard to this Muluk timeframe, that will run from May 24th through to June 5th, the patron energy was seen to be a “jewelled” turkey, symbolic of abundance. In line with this idea this trecena was thought to be oriented around generative vitality, the kind of energy that can “spark” events and even create pathways that have the potential to shape or change the world. Queen Elizabeth may or may not know that this trecena has had a strong influence on her destiny, as this was the force that was in place when King Edward VIII abdicated his throne “to be with the woman he loved” on a 2 Ok day in 1936, requiring Elizabeth’s father to step up and assume the crown as King George VI. Precisely 15 Tzolk’in cycles later, in August of 1947, Elizabeth’s family and country were again rattled on the dynamic 2 Ok day, representative of a type of force that can be both divisive and firey, when India declared its independence from Britain.

seems to have a particularly uplifting quality to it, as this is the energy that was in place when Ed White became the first U.S. astronaut to make a space walk (in 1965), followed exactly 5 cycles later by the awesome “Earthrise” photos sent from Apollo 8 on a 4 Eb’ day in 1968. This was also the energy in place at the time of the historic U.S. presidential election of 2008 when Barack Obama became the first African-American to win that race. This year, Memorial Day (May 28th) will be celebrated in the U.S. under the same 5 B’en (“blessing of personal authority”) influence as was in place when John Kerry accepted the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. During the last few days of this trecena, beginning on 10 Etz’nab’(June 2nd) the first major events of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee 4-day “Central Weekend” get underway, which happens to be a Tzolk’in anniversary of the spark-oriented, knifeedged energy in place when the Battle of Britain began in 1940 with intense daylight air raids. This time, hopefully, it will be fireworks that light up the skies. The following day (June 3rd) will be 11 Kawak, an inspirational type of energy in alignment with Kawak’s “storm of compassion”, at which time a grand pageant of 1000 boats assembled from across the UK and various parts of the world will participate in a Royal Regatta on the River Thames, with the Queen travelling in the Royal Barge as the centerpiece of the flotilla. This will be one of the largest flotillas ever assembled on the river, and overall this will be the grandest Jubilee since the accession of King Charles II in 1662. Fifty large screens installed along the river will help the public to enjoy the spectacle from a wide range of vantage points. And although much more will follow we will have to wait until the full moon of June 4th for the next installment of this lavish adventure.

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Other world shifting events that have taken place under the influence of this trecena include the Black Tuesday crash of the New York stock exchange in 1929, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the invasion of South Korea by North Korea in 1950. The fourth day of this timeframe, however, which is 4 Eb’, representative of the “defining of animating vitality” (on May 27 th),

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Life through Tarot

ways," says the Hierophant sagely, "Either give up that which you fear to lose so it no longer holds any power over you, or consider what you will still have if your fear comes to pass”. “After all," the Hierophant continues, "if you did lose all you'd built, you would still keep the experience and knowledge that you've gained up to this point, wouldn't you?" The fool ponders this for a moment and decides that the Hierophant is offering some good advice. The path he has taken so far has been filled with many adventures, each step of the way he has decided what his next step will be. He cannot lose the knowledge he has gained. And perhaps if he was to lose it all and have to start over, he would make different choices, thereby gaining new knowledge.

The Fool upon leaving the Emperor thinks of all he has learned since his journey began. He has gained much wisdom but as with any student who studies under different masters, he starts to wonder if his foundation is solid enough. What if everything he has worked for is taken away, is stolen, lost, destroyed or “poof” just vanishes? Ah, and what if what he is creating isn’t good enough? His mind is turning over all the “what if’s”. As the Fool contemplates all these thoughts, he comes across a man sitting on a throne regally attired holding a scepter in his hand. The crosses on his vestments give the suggestion he is a priest. The Hierophant is the wise teacher forever reminding us that there is more to life than our everyday mundane routines. He inspires us to investigate the world around us. He represents God on earth and is associated with the number five. The number five relates to progressiveness, mental inspiration, adjustment and exploration. The Hierophant is the bridge between our outer perceptions and our inner world of spirit. He is there to offer his wisdom and can be an adviser of truth. In essence, he represents man’s search for meaning.

The Fool shares this with the Hierophant to which the Hierophant replies “Always do what feels right to you, that way you cannot be steered wrong. Lose your fear of making a wrong choice and believe in your ability to make choices that help you. Be watchful of becoming so mired in old, outdated values that you lose the opportunities for new knowledge and growth to come to you. The word “Hierophant” literally means “the one who teaches the holy things.” When things are chaotic and troublesome, the Hierophant is a wise sage to turn to for advice. He’s the connection to the greater consciousness, which communicates to us through human means. Ultimately he is there to question the morals you are living by. He may ask, “Is this who you want to be”? He is about following a code of ethics, whatever your code of ethics is, and reminds us to be true to ourselves. The Fool thanks the Hierophant for sharing his wisdom. He feels calm as he sets off down the road ready for whatever adventure comes his way. Safe in the knowledge that from all the choices he will make, even if they don’t turn out exactly as planned, he will always carry forth the knowledge he has gained.

Feeling comfortable with the Hierophant, the Fools lays all his thoughts out for him. "There are two

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Fluorite When picking a stone this month to showcase I was drawn towards Fluorite. While I find it a beautiful crystal it is not one of the flashier crystals I own. Yet I do own 3 pieces, having recently added another to my collection, so it is one of my favorites. According to folklore it’s the home of the rainbows. Most Fluorite pieces have more than one color incorporated into them. I have read that it is very rare to have a piece with just one color but you can find them, and in fact the fluorite orb I own is just green. Fluorite is a mineral composed of Calcium Fluoride and is relatively soft. Found in China, England, Mexico, Canada and the USA. The typical colors are colorless, white, purple, blue, blue-green, green, yellow, and brownish-yellow, pink or red. In addition to the generic healing properties of Fluorite, specific colors have additional attributes.


Fluorite calms the emotions and stimulates clear communication.


Fluorite brings hormones into balance, harmonizes and recharges all chakras.


Fluorite increases mystic visions and aids spiritual balance, helping the intuition to connect to the rational mind.

Yellow White Pink

Fluorite stabilizes group energy, uniting groups, removing negativity from the room, and helping all to work toward the common good.

Fluorite helps to clarify those aspects of our spiritual nature that it is time to release and let go, as they no longer serve our higher good.

Fluorite One of the principal functions is to assist one to focus on ones abili(Continued on page 43)

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ties and dreams, rather than our fears and limitations.. It opens ones heart to help in overcoming old fears and "hang up's" It is a well-rounded crystal to have in your bag. It acts like a vacuum cleaner clearing out unwanted thoughts that are creating mental confusion. Making it an excellent crystal if you are learning to meditate, it can help us get past the chatter that our minds tend to generate. I have used my Fluorite pieces to meditate. I find that each time I use a piece, it takes me into the Zen (or calm, quiet place) quicker than if I didn’t use it. It also brings me messages and images that are very quick and very clear. I understand what is being given to me right away. This is not to say that I don’t take the information after and have to piece it all together, but the individual messages are clear. Got a decision to make? Can’t see the forest for the trees? Holding a piece of Fluorite can help to focus on the situation while maintaining an unbiased impartiality by reducing your emotional involvement. It clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos thus clearing the way for new thoughts and ideals. It is reputed to lift depression which I find very interesting as I was drawn to purchase one of the pieces when I was feeling down. I had seen the crystal at the shop and while drawn to it, I walked out of the store without it. I could not get it out of my mind so I went back to the shop a week later and purchased it. I held that crystal day and night for weeks. I recall saying it was like holding joy in my hand. The healing properties are pretty impressive as well. Used with other crystals it clears or opens the way for them to be at their most effective. When placed directly on an affected area, fluorite gradually removes pain. I have tried Fluorite in this application and also asked someone else with pain to hold a piece on the affected area. In all instances the pain diminished, or was totally gone within 15 minutes. This has now become a standard crystal in my bag for pain. The direct application of the stone is also particularly helpful for ailments such as energy blockages, respiratory issues, suppurating wounds and skin diseases as well as arthritis. Strengthens bones and teeth, and is used for dispelling illness in its early stages. If you don’t own a piece of Fluorite, head out to your local crystal shop and hold a few pieces to see if one calls out to you. Once you have your piece of Fluorite hold it often, experiment with it and see what discoveries you make.

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And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest. Percy Bysshe Shelley

Spring is when life's alive in everything. Christina Rossetti

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