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June 2014


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Nourish is a global magazine that is produced in Burnaby BC, Canada All content Š2011 - 2014 by Nourish Publication Nourish is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life. All articles are the express views and beliefs of the writer and are provided as guidelines to the readers. Ultimately each reader is responsible for their own choices and decisions. The articles are meant as guidelines and the reader is encouraged to expand on the knowledge presented within these pages to form their own opinions.

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Life Unfold At a

natural Pace Photo ©Marlene Cobb



As I sit down to write this, the cottonwood seeds are floating around, almost like a light snowfall in winter, and I can’t help but be amazed that these little puffs of fluff will, perhaps, one day become a tree. Such a small seed, totally at the mercy of the winds that carry it to its final resting place. It does not have free will, but it must have faith, for to land on concrete or pavement means it will not grow. Another example of how nature just is. It does not stress or ponder about its next move, it just follows an age old cycle – birth – growth -procreation – death. Another great aspect about nature is that it does not care what we think, or what its neighboring plant thinks, it just does its thing. It reaches for the light of the sun, drinks deep from the rain, gets its nutrients from the soil and grows. Where it is planted I might add. It focuses on its mission – to grow, and in doing so, provides sustenance to all plants, insects, animals and even us humans in its environment. So many of us right now could use a ride on the wind. To not have a care, stress, or worry would seem a welcome break from the world around us. Yet we would have expectations of what that should look like and it would end up not being a retreat, but a stress and worry that we would land somewhere not to our liking. If we could let go of our expectations of what each moment in our life should look like, I feel we would live happier. Freedom would be the result, at least freedom from always having to be in charge, to be plotting our lives with military precision right down to the last detail. We probably would have more time to do what we enjoy. I can catch myself rushing around and dreading what I am rushing to. If I stop for just a moment and “smell the flowers,” I am rewarded. It instantly grounds me and my reward is seeing something I would not have seen in the chaos I am creating. The picture on the left is one such reward. Interesting, given what I am musing this month, as Ladybug symbolizes letting things flow at their natural pace. In due course, all things will fall into place, if we just allow them to “float” and “flutter” where the universe will take them, eventually they will land exactly where they are supposed to. Without much effort from us. For the month of June can you lay down the stress, worries and cares of how life is unfolding and just trust that everything will fall into place? Meet your needs and you will nurture those around you. The rest is truly beyond your control and best left up to the universe to figure out. Meet your needs, your basic needs, define what those are… I bet you already have them covered! The rest is just icing on the cake… and the more you can just allow things to happen at a natural pace, the quicker you will be able to enjoy the icing.


Marlene Cobb

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Recently I heard from someone that I had changed. My first response upon hearing it was “no I have not!!” The universe, then provided me with an opportunity to see that, in fact, I had changed. I felt a sense of pride! Pure and utter pride and joy. A sense of accomplishment washed over me and I basked in its glow. Yes, I had changed and in reflecting I must say I was pleased with who I had become. If someone tells you “you have changed” take that as a high compliment and thank the person. It means that somewhere along your path you had the courage to do what was needed in order to keep moving forward. You did not stay stagnant; you morphed into what and who you are today. You were the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, or the tadpole becoming the frog. Congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back! If they are noticing you have changed do not take this personally for what it really means is you are not responding in a fashion they are accustom to, they no longer know how to react to you, you have placed them out of their comfort zone. Change takes a huge amount of courage, effort and often struggle. It is never usually easy and always means letting go of something in order for the new to come in. It is about loss and sacrifices. All of us have experienced change at some point in our life. It does not matter if you decided to make changes to your life or those decisions were made for you. Change is the one constant you can count on in life, for life is change, no matter if you are a human, a plant, an animal, or an atom. Life is a constantly evolving each and every day. Some call it progress. I felt blessed to be given the opportunity to see that I had changed; after all I am constantly working on improving my life and myself. To me it was a gift and I felt that all of you should be given this gift as well. So here goes…. “You have changed!” How many of you just said… “You don’t even know me” or “no I have not”. Take a moment and look back over your life for the past 5 years. Can you honestly say you are the same now as you were then? Even if you are living in the same home, has nothing been changed around? How about your clothes? Have you not bought anything for the past five years? Do you still have the same people in your life? Do you work at the same place? IF you do, are all the people you work with the same? Does your job look the same today as it did then? If you can honestly look at your life 5 years ago and compare it with your life today and not see any differences…. Why? The short answer could be that change happens by the choices we make. Each day we make choices, many choices. We choose everything we do within our day, and some of those choices become our habits and routines (good and

bad). Over time, many of our daily choices are made by default, we make them without much executive thought. Perhaps your motto is “if it is not broken, don’t fix it” and you love your life just the way it is. There is nothing wrong with that. It boils down to being happy with your life, living it and not just going through the motions. My gift to you via this article is not meant to upset or have you on some course or path you have no desire to travel. It is to show that we all change. We have to in order to continue living. Products change, how often do we see “new and improved” on labels or in advertisements? If we are able to look at our life objectively, we can see how our choices have changed us over a course of time, and how we are now a “new and improved” version of our former selves. It might also shed some light on an area whereby our choices lead us down the wrong path. For example – eating lunch at the local fast food counter every day out of convenience placed a burden on our wallet and our waistline. Even in that light it gives us the gift of being able to correct it or choose to live with it. Free will is always our guiding source when it comes to change. Can you see now with hindsight how blessed you are for removing something from your life or adding something. How much richer you are now? If we can look back and see this, does not all that change, all the struggle, hardships, or sacrifices make it all worthwhile? That is really the gift I want to bless each of you with. The gift of knowing that you are worth it, no matter how hard it is to facilitate change you are strong enough to handle it and you will survive. Then when you look back, a sense of great accomplishment, pride and joy will wash over you. And that, my friend is what makes any change worthy. My gift for you is to look at all change from the back end. The finish line if you will. Often what happens is it is over and you are so glad to move onward to the next project you don’t take the time to savor all that transformed. Next time you are dreading or digging your heals in about any change that is coming to you, pause and see how the previous change while daunting to begin with turned out A-OK in the end. Embrace whatever is coming at you one step at a time, fighting it will only make it last longer anyway. You have changed – see it as a gift, as a compliment, as an opportunity. You have nothing to fear, all is well and right in your world… and how could that not be, for you hold all the cards… your choices will lead the way.

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Margie Kivel

I live today as my last; embrace sailing clouds; gather the smells of spring; squeeze the last drop from wren’s song bubbling within the honeysuckle hedge. I see this moment as all, amazed by hummingbird maneuvers, magic of wild flowers scattered between the trees, antics of eagles doing backstrokes across the sky for the sheer joy of it. I seek out the power of touch; the heat of a hand in mine, fierce hug of a 5 yr. old, soft purr of cat leaning against my leg – it’s the motor in my Tartus. I bend into the earth, feel its pulse synch with mine, find the circle of renewal, share the gift and know I can board the train that waits on the side track... I am ready.

Margie Kivel

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Debra DeFreece

Photo: ŠRyan Dyar


This is part 1 of a 2-part article. Today’s workplace can be fierce with egotism, competition, and unrealistic expectations. Even if you’ve acquired the job of your dreams there may be days when you want to scream, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” I spent the last 37 years not only surviving but creating immense success through work. It’s a blessing (and a curse) that I have lived a vast number of roles in my diverse, dichotomous career. As an employee I’ve been hired, fired, and laid off. And, as a business owner, I’ve hired, fired, and laid off employees. From formal structure of large fortune 500 companies to informal fly-by-theseat-of-your-pants entrepreneurial start-ups, I’ve learned valuable lessons from every client, every boss, every co-worker, every project. It’s been an adventure. My prized collection of knowledge gained includes tools of survival that are now second nature. Because, in reality, if you can survive with your mental, physical, and emotional health, you have succeeded. So, are you ready to take control of your feelings, emotions, and reactions at work? Say yes and we’ll get started. First, I want to give you my definition of feelings, emotions, and reactions so that as these words come up you’ll be able to associate with my context.

with the tools I recommend to you, you will become more and more efficient at creating the environment and successful work life that you desire. The first workplace survival skill is centering. You cannot be present for yourself or your job if you are not centered. If you are not centered it is difficult, virtually impossible, to differentiate your energy from another. Can you recall a time you didn’t seem yourself, you reacted to a situation in a way that just wasn’t you? When we don’t consciously center our energy we are open channels to the energy around us. Centering is the easiest of all survival skills. There is only one tool needed with the option of a second -- your breath and your imagination. Centering is easy so don’t over think this and make it harder than needed. Simply sit comfortably and begin deep breathing. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth in steady, even breaths. If it helps, count while breathing in and out. As you breath in, your abdomen should expand; on the out breath, your abdomen should contract. If it helps you relax, picture yourself in the most comfortable place you can imagine. Just breathe and let go.

Center, ground,

The more you practice deep breathing, the more natural it will flow and the quicker you’ll center. Conscious deep breathing will be a natural and automatic tool you will have in your toolbox anytime you feel that you’ve lost your center.

protect for

A feeling is a physical sensation. You might feel your face flush, or feel your heart race. Sometimes a feeling can be so subtle and minute that you don’t even realize you just felt anything at all. This is what I believe happens when we have a gut feeling. Sometimes you literally feel it in your gut. It might be a flutter, or a knot. But sometimes you know, you just know something without realizing that you just experienced a physical feeling in the body.

I practice deep breathing in meetings to stay centered and present. I may go outside or in the restroom to practice when I might lose composure or anxiety is present. Or, if I simply need a solution to a challenge that I just can’t resolve. Spontaneous and immediate resolutions to problems that seem insurmountable are presented in a breath. When starting out, I recommend practicing every morning upon awakening and then every couple of hours throughout the day and then again upon retiring for the evening. You’ll find centering becomes unconscious just as your heat beating is unconscious.

Feelings trigger emotion. For me, emotion is the mental expression of the physical feeling. It can be so sudden that it seems the emotion triggered the feeling. But the body always feels first. Your co-worker takes credit for a time-consuming task you performed, your body tenses, and anger comes to the surface. Your best friend gets a major promotion and raise, you boil inside, and jealousy rises.

While centering keeps you present and distinguishes your feelings from another, grounding anchors you. It’s your bridge between feeling and emotion. Imagine yourself as a grounding rod. Electricity (energy) strikes a grounding rod, energy flows directly downward with zero deviation to its surroundings – avoiding destruction. However, if energy strikes and no grounding rod is present, the result can be destruction and chaos.

Actions and reactions are the aftermath of emotion. In my experience, reactions tend to be short-sided, impulsive, and based in fight or flight. While actions tend to be more logical and thought out.

The number of ways and opportunities to ground are numerous. Next month I’m going to share a few of the simplest ways of grounding at work.


Feelings, emotions, actions, reactions, they are all okay and a natural, organic experience in life. Don’t fight them. Look at them when they arise. There are important messages in them meant just for you. They are your GPS guiding you through life. What I am going to teach you is how to use your feelings and emotions to get the outcome you desire. As you hone this ability

©2014, Absolutra Hypnotherapy, Vancouver, WA. All rights reserved. Debra DeFreece is a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive with certifications in Hypnotherapy including the specialized 5- and 7- Path modalities, NLP, PsychK, and Reiki. You can reach her through her hypnotherapy practice, Absolutra Hypnotherapy at 360-687-7817 or Debra has served over 20 years as a marketing executive, entrepreneur, and is the co-owner of an award-winning marketing agency.


Our culture made a virtue of living only as extroverts. We discouraged the inner journey, the quest for a center. So we lost our center and have to find it again. Anaïs Nin Photo: ŠMarlene Cobb



Marilyn Dyke


“I’m just making this stuff up” my client said. “This sounds really stupid but it’s like I’m looking at this little boy getting off of something, seems like it’s a jungle-ish thing.” What does he look like I asked? “Well, the client said, I can only see him from the back, dark hair, sort of rough hand made brown shorts, bare feet.” This little boy is walking along a wet, lush tropical trail, down a hill into a village of round huts made of plant fibers, and no one is there. “He’s not surprised, said the client, it’s almost like he knew there wouldn’t be anyone there. It’s like he came from somewhere else, it’s silly, but it’s like he just kind of showed up in the jungle and I just saw him get off or out of something and he was just there.”

past life for some reason. I’m also thinking the little boy isn’t a little boy. Turns out I’m only right about one point.

Although this client was trying very hard to convince themselves that what they were experiencing was just made up, I wasn’t convinced at all. This was their second QHHT session, the first was with another practitioner. They felt it had been a disappointing session and wanted to try again. They felt they may not have been deep enough during the first session.

“Hmmm, I don’t know where that came from, they continued, that’s just weirdness.” Tell me about it I ask. “Well the whole thing is just strange.” They added. The little boy moves around and touches some buttons and the client is aware that the vehicle moves up and then ahead. Does he do anything else? I ask. “I think he’s looking at maps on the console. He’s figuring out where to go, maybe to another village.” They said. Does this vehicle go into space? I ask. “Oh no, (very certain) he takes it up just above the trees, you can’t take it through the trees.” The client said logically.

Hmmm, not deep enough? I’m always a little perplexed with this comment because I know for a fact that you only need to be in a very light trance state to access past life information. It’s like falling off a log. Past lives can be accessed from an eyes-wide-open daydreaming state even. So I was interested to see how it would go for them this time. But alas! Although this client was receiving very detailed information, they kept expressing their disbelief in it all. Hmmm….. I knew if they were in fact just making it up, they certainly wouldn’t be telling me that was what they were doing! The client continued to follow this little boy as he returned back up the hill to wherever he came from. Then they saw what the boy had stepped out of. “It’s a grey color…Hmmmm…....Well it seems like it’s some sort of vehicle ….from… elsewhere.” Client is quite uncomfortable talking about what they are seeing. “It’s round and much bigger than him.” Can we follow him inside? I ask. “Well we could try.” they said reluctantly. “Well it doesn’t seem like it’s on the ground. The client added, He just sort of stands sideways and lifts a leg up and then in.” The client is now beginning to get a little more comfortable with the information as they relate it to me now. Maybe it’s because there is absolutely no doubt coming from me that this is anything but the rock solid truth that I know it to be. This client has worked as a health care professional all of their life, they’re used to seeing the tangible, the explainable, real science for heaven sakes! This seems a little out of their element and they are having some difficulty believing that they aren’t making it up, but I assure them they are actually doing beautifully. We always caution our clients to never have any expectations before their sessions, this leaves the experience wide open to what ever the Higher Consciousness deems important for them to experience. This goes for me too, I can never guess how a client will go through their session. I gave that up long ago, but in this case I was pretty sure of a couple of things about this client’s experience. Although I say nothing I’m thinking to myself that the client is the little boy and doesn’t want to settle right into the

Inside everything in the one round room is white and there is light everywhere. There are knobs and buttons and red and blue lights on consoles that are all along the outside edge of this round room. There are also lots of windows separated with partitions like airplane windows. What do you see through the windows, I ask? “Well …..I would think I’d see the jungle, but…hesitation….I just see darkness.” they said totally perplexed. I had them now! If they were making it up logically they would say they saw jungle outside, how could it be darkness?

The little boy stops at another village, there are people at this village and the boy talks with the local chief/medicine man who wears a head dress that signifies his station. Knowledge is given about herbal medicines, the boy seems to be gathering aboriginal knowledge about plants. What’s he going to do with the knowledge? I ask. “I think it’s part of a bigger picture, like a puzzle.” They say. Odd that they would send a little boy isn’t it? I ask. “Ya,” they agree. But he obviously seems to know what he’s doing. I add. “Yes.” the client answers. What does he do with the information? I ask. “ Well, the client answers, I’m thinking the little boy thing might be a disguise.” Why? I ask. “Well, so he could look more normal, but that doesn’t make sense though.” they say. What does he look like now? I ask. “It just feels like my imagination runs wild, hmmm.” Well what does he really look like? I ask again. “Well I mean it’s like, ahhh….. More hesitation. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? I ask. “Insect.” they answer, quickly and very certain now. How do you see him? I ask again. “Actually there’s a bunch of them.” the client answered. They were now on a much larger ship where he takes the information he has gathered. These beings closely resemble grasshoppers and the little boy grasshopper being was one of many who went out and gathered knowledge and then eventually took it back to their larger ship. Because I was sure the client was the little boy, and therefore a grasshopper being, I had the client ask one of the beings on the larger ship if they would show the client what their home looked like, where they took the knowledge back to. The being the client asked said that they would take the client if the client thought they could go. I thought this a bit odd, but even though the client wanted to go they doubted their ability to make the trip, for some unknown reason that they could not explain. I was beginning to see part of my assumption was wrong.


Marilyn Dyke

So I ask the client to go to an important day in this little boy/ grasshopper being’s life. They see the little being get out of their smaller craft again, but they are jumped by a tiger very unexpectedly and they die. What happens to the ship, do they find it? I ask. “I don’t think so, it’s covered up in the jungle.” They answer. (As a side note for anyone interested in finding this craft now the client thought it was in Africa). So now, not being sure if the client was the little boy or something else watching the boy I ask them to look down at their feet, what do they look like? “Well, the first thing that comes to mind is sort of, like skeleton feet….weird. Human skeleton feet- 5 toes. Big fella, I don’t know where this is coming from this is weird.” What about the legs? I ask. “Bones.” Is there any clothing on the body? ”No, bones, it’s just weirdness, just this skeleton.” Hmmm I’m thinking, I’ve never encountered skeleton beings, or someone who has left a physical body and see themselves as a skeleton, but I do know there are endless possibilities in this magnificent universe so I begin asking more questions to try to get the client to experience themselves in this skeleton/ physical body. Questions like when you moved did you walk? “No I can’t feel that, I want to do that though.” Well how did you move, when you followed the little boy did you float or walk? I asked. “I think I floated, hmmm?” So I asked more questions….Does your body feel light or heavy? “Light, I think it feels more light, but directional by will.” Client said. Is there a barrier to your body or does it feel like it’s one with the atmosphere? “No it’s separate…… Oh, that’s interesting, the client said, maybe, well my thought was that I can’t feel because I’m that energy thing that’s looking rather than being. Ohhh, maybe that’s why! More of a consciousness! So consciousness doesn’t have a body, but if you’re a consciousness,... hmmm, if you’re a consciousness…. hmmmm, I don’t know how to say this!” The client said. “If you’re a consciousness you can have a definition to your projections to your consciousness. OH!, (crying now) That’s what I am, or who I was, I was like a consciousness that just looks and observes, but I have a definition to my size so I can go places. OH! My goodness!” This client is now experiencing a huge, very emotional breakthrough, now they understand why they couldn’t experience a past life in their first session- they simply didn’t have a physical body and they believed that you must have a physical body in order to experience an existence. There are tears of joy and understanding now. I can’t get inside a body because I watch. So as a consciousness are you an information gatherer I ask. “I must be oh dear! I’ve seen lots in other places, not just here. That’s wonderful to be able to establish that!” they added.

Do you incarnate in body I ask? “I don’t know if I fit in any.” They answered. So now I knew it was time to ask to speak to the Higher Consciousness to get some clarity and ask the client’s questions. They have only had one other physical lifetime and they find the fighting and disharmony of the earth very difficult to deal with. This client had a lifetime of skin issues eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, because they don’t want to be in body here. It is very uncomfortable for this person to be in body, hence the issues with their skin. The reason they felt their previous session had been a failure was probably because they were in their energy body and couldn’t see a physical body. It wasn’t that they were not having an experience. So the mystery is solved and although I don’t know all the details, the first session is looking more like a success now from this perspective. The client’s real home is a dimension of Sirius. It has big white skies and parts of the planet are either pink or blue. Is it a physical planet? “Yes.” The Higher Consciousness said. What dimension does this client dwell in on Sirius? “There is no name for the dimension.” Said the HC. What sort of beings are in this dimension? “Energy beings.” answered the HC. This client experienced very powerful energy moving through the body as the Higher Consciousness answered their questions and worked on healing the body, especially the skin issues. The client could feel the healing as it was being done, and they noticed results of this healing as soon as they got up. And what do you suppose was the first thing they said when they awakened? “Well you know I made it all up don’t you?” (laughing now) So you say, I answered, I believe everything that you said, but I don’t believe you made it all up!

Marilyn Dyke is a Recommended Dedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy© since 2009. She is a teaching Reiki Master (Usui). It is Marilyn's pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your quest for balance, peace and physical well being! Visit Marilyn at

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"When you believe some person, place, thing, or situation must stay in its ‘rightful’ place, exactly as it is, for you to be happy, then you have confused this external thing with who you are. In short, you have created an attachment. When this external thing changes, and eventually everything does, how will you react then? If you have placed your sense of self in it, then you will have to fight for it, you will have to argue for it, and in the process you create suffering for yourself and those around you. Instead, with awareness, notice that you are always you, whole and complete. People, places, and things come and go, but there is nothing outside of you that can change or alter your beautiful perfection." -don Miguel Ruiz Jr. The Five Levels of Attachment by don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

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Linda Adsetts

This is our time and this is your time. This is the time that is allowing of all of us, every single being on your planet to shift into something more, something different that will create change for everyone of us. You may think that this is not true. We don’t blame you. The contrasts are abounding around the world and the contrasts are there for each individual to come to the choice of whether to stay in their box or step out of it into something more allowing of you, the being. Many of you on planet earth are in fear and in doubt that anything could change. It appears to be on a trajectory towards something that is not so nice. Some of you feel like it is the end of time. Some of you feel like the earth surely cannot survive with humanity upon her. Some of you feel

like no government is responding to your needs. Some of you feel like nothing is going your way. And we would have you know that despite what it looks like, in any given moment, that change is upon you and always has been. Your parents were despairing of the world and their parents before them. You carry that fear within your cellular memory. Now is the time to release that fear and know that everything is leading and reaching towards love. It may be that it is around a few bends in the road but know that this is the journey. The contrasts are there for you to pay attention to. If it were all sunshine and roses, all of the time, you would not 18

be inclined to step out of your box into something more. But know that when you notice something that rubs at you, in an uncomfortable way, then that is merely a cue for you to change your perspective. It is your cue to think bigger than you have ever thought before. It is your cue to step outside of your current box and explore the infinite possibilities that are available to all of you. There are no favorites played. Each of you can choose to step out of the box that you inhabit and choose something else. For some of you it will be a slightly larger box and for a time that will suit you, until it doesn’t. Some of you will have circumstances that demand of you a total and complete change and way of being on planet earth. Your box will have no visible walls, be more flexible and have no discernable end or beginning. You will have realized that you cannot be contained. You will be the ones who are the way showers for those that cannot quite make the leap without some outside guidance that reminds them that they have an inner guidance that is quite fine, if only they trusted themselves more.

There is no right or wrong to this journey on planet earth. She will be absolutely fine, despite opinion and the current unawareness that seems to prevail. We know that enough of you are aware and willing to enter into the infinite possibilities and be the way showers for those that need a little encouragement. You will also be the support systems for the young ones who have entered and are entering, even as we convey our message. They enter with knowings that will provide soulutions to the very contrasts that you think are irreversible. They are willing to create from a place of no imitations and some of you will be the ones who nurture their being so that they can be free of the limitations that others may put upon them. Who are these young ones? You know them well. You have had intimate connections in other times and places. You will find each other. It may be for a lifetime and it may be for a crucial moment or moments of this life, but rest assured you will provide what they need in those times. You agreed to play with them. You agreed to be the one that wouldn’t contain them this time around. And so it is. You will have your turn again and the tables will have turned. They will be there for you. And so it is,

until you have fully experienced who you are on planet earth and experienced all the gifts that she has to offer you as you play at being human. We salute your bravery and your determination to soldier on despite circumstances but know that soldiering on is now the old way. Now the energies are supporting you in expansion and flight. If you choose it can be far easier than you know or currently experience. It wasn’t meant to be so hard all of the time. You dear ones, in many ways have created that for yourself with the help of outside opinions that have told you that is how it is. Well, it isn’t how it is anymore. It may take a few moments longer than you want in some instances to create with ease, but as you get better at being in joy and within the field of infinite possibilities, it will get easier and easier for you. Once upon a time you were a child who couldn’t stop asking questions. You could be that again. Keep on asking questions and be open to what is available to you. It is how all the great inventions have unfolded. The question was the key-not the answer. Could you, would you allow yourself to ask more questions? Would you be childlike again and be in the joyous world of infinite possibilities? The more that you do the more that you will. It is who you are. It is who you be. All of this is awaiting your notice. All of it is waiting for you to be the joyous, magnificent being (that we know you to be) to come out and play. Now is the time. Don’t wait another moment. Seize the momentum and be who you be. It is all that is required of you. The rest of it will sort itself out, just because you chose to be you. How much better can it be? Go For Your Joy Linda and The Group

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Connecting you with your Angels and Guides

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A reading is a snapshot that can help you wade through the uncertainty that creeps into life. With your Angels you can explore your roadmap. Where should you focus your energy, what paths are open to you right now and which ones should you walk with caution. Your Angels and Guides are always with you offering comfort, support and guidance, together we will call them forth. Shining some angelic light and love on your path!


The earth Laughs in flowers . ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Gwen Randall-Young

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Nothing is more precious than peace. Peace is the most basic starting point for the advancement of humankind. Daisaku Ikeda

A ubiquitous quality among humans is the tendency to judge others. It seems that regardless of age, culture or geographical region, we will sooner or later hear someone criticizing another. Of course this is the work of ego. Interestingly, the judgment of others is always relative to the one doing the judging. That is, others are judged to the extent they differ from the one judging. The vegetarian may judge the meat-eater, who in turn judges the vegetarian. The abstainer judges the drinker for his indulgence, while the drinker judges the abstainer for his unwillingness to indulge. The person of faith judges the nonbeliever, while the non-believer judges the faithful. Such examples are endless whether we are looking at interpersonal relationships, or more global perspectives. What is significant to consider is that the one judging always believes he or she possesses the truth: knowledge of the way things ought to be, of how people ought to be. This “truth” becomes the standard against which others are judged. Those judging feel justified in their criticisms due to their conviction that their beliefs are the right ones. It is no wonder there is so much conflict amongst individuals, groups, and countries. Where there are two sides with differing viewpoints, and where both believe they are right, conflict is inevitable. This is the essence of polarity, and it is the way in which ego keeps us stuck in its old, primitive ways. As we evolve individually and as a species, we come to see that differing perspectives are the norm, and no one’s “truth” is truer than another’s. We come to respect the viewpoints of others, seeing they are as valid for them as our views are for us. We cease telling others they are wrong, and insisting we are right. This opens the way for genuine dialogue and understanding. We can seek to understand one another, rather than fighting each other.

Once there is understanding, it is possible to work together to find or create solutions. This leads to cooperation and collaboration rather than crisis and conflict. This seems so simple and self-evident, yet it remains the exception rather than the rule in human interactions. If we understand the concept, why is it so difficult to live it? The desire for peaceful, harmonious living and relationships is the natural inclination of the soul. When the soul looks at others, it sees that which is common to all. It sees with love and compassion, and desires no harm towards anyone. Soul sees that we truly are all the same; it is only the packaging that is different and that sometimes confuses us. Ego, on the other hand, is much like the two-year old who can only see what it wants, and has no ability to perceive a situation from the perspective of another. It keeps reiterating its own position over and over again, growing increasingly frustrated at not getting its way. It wants only for the other to adopt its own viewpoint and give it what it wants! In such a situation there is but one criterion that determines the outcome. The one with the most power wins out. However, being most powerful does not mean your outcome is the best for all involved or serves the highest good. Outcomes based on power create resentment, and often an escalation of power on the other side. So we have ego, on the one hand, that champions its own perspective and belief in its ‘rightness,’ ultimately resorting to power to get its way, and soul, on the other, that views differences with compassion and understanding, seeking wisdom as a guide to peaceful resolutions and harmonious outcomes. As always, the choice is ours. We can continue unconsciously allowing ego to chart our path and color our lives, or step up to soul awareness, carrying ourselves and others to a higher level of being human.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For


Abby Armstrong

When the world's distractions have reached a limit for me, I notice my physical body and mind starts to suffer. This can be manifested by inability to concentrate, shallow breathing, muscle pain and a sour mood. Something has to change and heading to the outdoors is the answer. I give myself permission to stop and regain my balance. Sometimes for twenty minutes, one hour or a complete weekend. Once out in the fresh air, beside the ocean, along a river or hiking a trail, my worst case of exhaustion and discombobulating disappears. When someone asks me "what are you running from?� my answer is, "I am running to." I have become aware of the importance of restoring my body rhythms and most important of all, giving my heart a chance to realign. Nature supports the subtle pulses of this magnificent instrument and with oxygen infused surroundings, all cells of the body can be renewed. Abby Armstrong

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Lisa Schell

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You matter. No matter what mistakes you have done in the past, you are an integral part of the universe. It doesn’t matter how minor the task that you do, it is most important that you do it. Every thought you have is a conversation with the universe so be careful of the negative self-talk. The universe always gives you what you expect so if you expect lack in any area of your life, that’s exactly what you’ll get. If you put out angry vibes, you attract angry people and experiences into your life. If you find yourself doing this then try to reframe how you think and your belief systems to ensure you are manifesting what you do want. We are all here in Earth University with a great many opportunities for all kinds of learning. We are given sufficient paradise, problems, opportunities, and variety in order to grow ourselves into whatever we are to become. Our soul’s journey is a huge educational process that never ends. Overcome Your Fear of Failure Failure is a normal part of life. Everyone has failed at something at least once in their life. It doesn’t matter so much that you failed at doing something but your attitude does! Did you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again or did you let failure overpower you ambitions and send you cowering into a corner? Don’t let negative self-talk get you down. If you failed at something, reflect back on what happened, try again and do it better. Keep pushing yourself forward. Encourage yourself with daily positive affirmations about what you want to achieve. You may not believe those affirmations right now but keep affirming them and you will notice shifts as you start to believe with a great “never give up” attitude and a laser eye focus on the “prize”. See the hidden “gem” in the failure. What can you learn from this experience? Share your experience with others. Be a source of inspiration for those who wish to follow in your footsteps. You are powerful beyond measure and you have the courage it takes to succeed at whatever you choose to do. Embrace Risk and Novelty Not all of us embrace change in the best possible way. In order to do something new, you have to take risks. Taking risks is a normal part of making change. Realize that you are not the only one that has ever gone through this before. Successful people don’t allow their fear of the unknown to paralyze them. They do it anyways! Remember to take the good and bad and to learn from them. Embracing risk and novelty can be daunting but exhilarating too. If you’re afraid of heights try going zip lining or if you fear of dating try joining a club and socialize with others to gain confidence. Embracing risk and novelty with an adventurous spirit will make you come ALIVE. Embracing risk and novelty can be daunting but exhilarating too but when your heart stops hammering in your chest, you will feel the pride of having been fearless in the face of change. Create a New Internal Vision If what you’re doing now isn’t working then do it differently. List all the things in your life that aren’t working, and then jot down beside each one what’s not working about it, and your plan for either making it work or discarding it from your life.

Once you are clear, create a new vision of yourself. What if your life were a movie? Create and visualize the movie of your life that you’re going to create. What kind of career will you have? Where will you be living? How will your relationships have changed? Remember that you are the writer, producer and director of your movie and only you can make it happen. So set clear goals for yourself and break down how you will achieve them. Make sure your time frames are reasonable and attainable. Determine what resources you will need.....financing, higher education. How much time are you willing to commit to attaining your goals? What obstacles will you face and how will you deal with them? Expect (and Enjoy) Discomfort Get comfortable with being unsure about things. If you don’t take a chance then you’ll never know what could have been. Embrace the new and dive in with both feet! Take a chance and see what happens. Acknowledge your feelings and emotions as you feel discomfort with the change. Breathe through your feelings of discomfort. Journal about your experience and find things to distract you so that you’re not focusing on it. Remember that all things come to pass. Feeling uneasy about change is a natural part of life. Know that you are not alone. Rather than focusing on the current discomfort, change your mind-set to the future. What will you gain from this change? Seeing the end result and telling yourself that it’s right around the corner, will help you to charge the football field of blocks, myriad of mazes and obstacles towards the goal line! You will eventually get there. Be compassionate with yourself. Embrace a “go with the flow” attitude. Rather than seeing discomfort negatively, embrace it. Make friends with it! Take the time to be happy with being just a caterpillar....the now. And while you’re in the cocoon transforming, enjoy the little changes and shifts you notice in your experience of it. Discomfort is not your enemy but a friendly opportunity of transformation as you break out of your cocoon and become the butterfly that you were always meant to be. Imagine, Believe & Enjoy,

Lisa Lisa Schell, Transformational and Spiritual Life Coach & Reiki Master

A Clear Pathway To You

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“Deep breathing actually changes the chemical balance in your brain to help calm you down.” Next time you feel yourself getting stressed – close your eyes, take a deep breath, and repeat several times. You will feel better in no time! Slowly count to four as you breathe in through your nose, hold it for a second Count to four again, this time breathing out through your mouth. Repeat a few times. If you wish you can say “ahhhhhh” as you are breathing out. Doing this moves the energy and releases the tension you are holding unaware.



Vera Enshaw

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Most of us know someone—a friend, colleague, relative—who has a serious problem. It could be physical, mental or emotional. It could be health or relationship or career related. Whatever it is, it’s a problem. Please write down the name and associated problem of at least one person. This next step is going to require some personal honesty on your part. Fortunately for you, the only person who is going to see that is you! It does make it a bit easier. What did you think about the person and their problem when you first became aware of it? Do you remember? If you did, write that down. If the issue has been ongoing for some time—what do you think about it now? Write that down as well. Now, I don’t know about you, but I do know about me. One of the things I know is that I am liable to have judgments about people. Yup. Even people who are in distress. I try not to. I know that it’s not kind or fair to them or even spiritual. ESPECIALLY not spiritual. And still, there it is. The advantage of being aware of those judgments is that I get to look at them. They show me beliefs that I have—false beliefs. Beliefs that are tied in to my old energy rules about how life—and the people living it—ought to work. One nasty little belief that crops up occasionally is that someone's illness or misfortune is in some way connected to how they are living—or have lived—their life. While on a soul level this may (or may not) be true, it’s none of my business. Nope, none of my business at all! What is my business is supporting them by being love. I wonder how much of a persons healing—or lack thereof—is predicated by what our thoughts are—those of us who know them or even those of us who think about them. When I receive information about someone’s misfortune and I immediately have a less-than-kind thought about it—what does that

energy do to hinder the overall healing that could be taking place? What about those thoughts that are predicated by our belief in what the possible outcome—ie—cancer=death. Overweight=diabetes. If we think positive thoughts, sending love and healing and THAT makes a difference, what about less-than -kind thoughts and energy? What—and how much—effect do they have? And what can we do about it? I am sure that, like me, you would prefer to be sending love and light to everyone. So let’s have a meditation that will help us do just that! The first step is awareness of the thought. and the desire to shift it. So here’s what you do: where ever you are when you become aware of the thought, close your eyes. Take in a deep breath, and then another one. Focus your attention on your heart. Knowing that your heart is your center of love, place the information you have just heard into your heart. It could be “Sally has a thyroid problem” or “John broke his ankle” or “Nancy has lost her job.” Put the thought into your heart and take another deep breath. Hold it there for a few breaths. Then visualize the person as best you can. Place them into your heart. Visualize them incredibly happy. You do not need to visualize them fixed or healed or better. Just visualize—feel— them being incredibly happy. Note that this also brings a smile to your lips and a welling of love in your heart. Give thanks for their happiness. Take another deep breath. Allow your attention to come back to your surroundings. Go on about your day. Carry this meditation with you in your heart, in your mind, in your pocket. It is a simple meditation and a very powerful one. Find a small rock or a smooth piece of wood to carry with you. Every time you touch it, rub it or feel it in your pocket bring your thoughts back to your heart and to the feelings of love for those people in your life who need that support. There are so many blessings in this—for them and for you! Until next month, Namasté!

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Every step you take is necessary to reach where you’re meant to go.

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Gail Siler, PhD

The ‘selfie’ has become quite popular of late. It’s where you take a photo of yourself by holding your cell phone out as far from away from you as you can, pointing it at yourself, smiling and clicking! Someone on the internet coined it a ‘selfie,’ and Bob’s your uncle. Driving to work today I passed an elderly man sitting at a bus stop posing for a selfie he was snapping. I couldn’t help smiling at how popular it was and wondered where he was going to be sending it. “Hi son, this is my selfie at the bus stop.” Maybe he has a Facebook page too. It dawned on me that the ‘selfie’ is an interesting metaphor for the relationship between our true self and the image we project to the world through our three dimensional body. So let’s explore a bit.

Here stands humanity in the midst of a wonderful exploration and coming of age in learning which part of ourselves plays what role, as we pursue our journey of awakening to our personal wholeness. So the question to ask is, “in your life, who is in charge?” Is it your original Self the essence energy-the invisible part of you, or is it the physical aspect or your ‘selfie’ image? Let’s track this a little further. Have you ever had one of those days where you spend two hours trying to write your first sentence? Or everyone you call on your ‘to do’ list flips you the voicemail bird? Nothing seems to want to go forward the way you planned it. Or maybe you woke up on the other side of the bed and your brain is in a fog and you can barely walk, let alone think? The bottom line here is nothing is working the way you want it to.


I am frequently guilty of muscling my day forward, no matter what! “And how does that work for you,” I can hear you ask? Hah, we both know that it’s like pushing water uphill. It simply doesn’t work. But I have wasted many days in my life stubbornly trying to impose what I want and what I have planned to do, upon my day. On good days when I ‘get it’ and follow the flow, amazing things happen, and so easily too. Surprises pop out of the woodwork, out of the sky or off the internet and a new path presents itself; a new idea is born, or a solution comes to me rather than me having to chase after it.


Violette Naranjo Clark. Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric Violette’s Creative Juice.

Violette is a fabulous artist and counsellor who uses art and colors to help people heal their emotions and awaken to their creative self – yea, that invisibleness I speak about. She has created a book to help you open more to your inner invisible self, or what she calls your inner eccentric. Check out her book which will ease the way for you into a more balanced and connected person. . You can also visit her facebook page and website and sign up for her newsletter, which is filled with fantastic gifts and ideas.

Actually, when I reflect on things, I see that I have solved more problems by NOT doing things the way I planned, but following the lead of the invisible tug or pull, or the three unanswered phone calls that happen to me. This inner invisible beingness of me, she’s offering up her suggestions. But as you know, our invisible self doesn’t talk in a language, but in metaphors, music, symbols, colors, emotions…. in the many nonverbal ways. The so what is that, when we pay attention to our inner self and allow our invisible self to take the lead. Life is easier as we learn when and how to go with the flow. But awakening that aspect within us… awaking our ‘selfie’ to the fact that it’s not really in charge, but rather the doer of things… well that is a bit of a journey. And making that journey brings us face to face with self-love and self-care. We begin moving, from wanting to be the victims and having someone else look after us, quite often. We begin to shift our focus from that victim stance and step forward to be more of a manager of our lives. But getting to that stage requires awakening and giving loving acceptance to that invisible part of ourselves. Validating the wholeness of who we are, not just the physicalness of whom we have long thought we are.


Putting it another way, we are opening to our right brain and spiritual awareness, and coming to validate that we are more than just what we see in our ‘selfie.’ We are far more marvelous, fantastic and yes, eternal.


Here are some exciting and helpful resources that I’d like to share with you to help you to access, awaken and validate the true you behind your ‘selfie.’ Helpful Resources to find your Inner Invisible Self Getting comfortable with your inner Invisible Self can take some work. Most of us have been taught to ignore our hunches, teased about ‘hearing voices,’ or shamed by being told to be logical. That serves to keep us tightly controlled by our outer self, our Selfie reflection. Here are three amazing people and their resources that will help you ease yourself into a stronger awareness and clearer relationship between these two parts of your whole self. They are all kitchen tested by me. By that I mean I have had personal experience which each of these wonderful people and what they are making available.

Christine Arylo. Madly in love with me.

Here’s a step by step workbook that takes you into developiFacebooking relationship with yourself. As she rightly explains, women have done their work to increase self-esteem, but still suffer from the feeling that it’s wrong to love yourself. Her step by step workbook leads you to reconnect and fall in love with the wondrous and amazing you of you! Liesel Teversham. Savvy Self Care Secrets Liesel is an expert on self-care and the use of various healing forms from EFT to meditation. She is offering a free pass to her teleseminar series starting the first week of July 2014, where you can learn WHY and HOW to take care of yourself gracefully, respectfully and lovingly. 12 Expert Speakers Share Wisdom and Tips on Self Care. Each of these three women and their books, newsletters and blogs offer methods and support to help you become more familiar with your inner self. By becoming more comfortable with accepting the voice of your inner invisible self it will become easier for you to build a strong working relationship and balance between it and your physically manifested ‘selfie.’

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Month at a Glance Sunday Sun-Day 1 No Aspects today … Don’t let your day run “Amuck” stay centered

Monday Moon-day 2 Do something nice for yourself today

8 voc 12:47pm onward Try not to over extend yourself … do what you can – when you can

9 Great day for meditation … Neptune is standing still today

15 Happy Father’s Day

16 Challenges can be met head on.

No Exact Aspects today another day to stay under the radar. “Amuck”

22 Nice day to go for a walk in a field of flowers or hug a tree ;-)

29 Keep it real!

Ready – Set ACTION

Tuesday Mars-day 3 voc from 7:42am (All Day) Focus on the task at hand and get’er done … then good things will come 10 Evening voc 7:21pm This too shall pass Ride the wave of optimism – 17 short voc 11:07am – 11:26am Mercury moves back into Gemini

Wednesday Mercury-Day 4 Great day to envision your comforts … food, clothes, books, conversation but... It is not about feeling it … it is about Be-ing it. 11 No Exact Aspects today – If you can play hooky … head to the beach ;-) “Amuck”

Thursday Jupiter-Day 5 If you feel like you are struggling – look inward


19 voc 12:06pm – 2:26pm Watch your inside voice.

Best Meditation Day

Listen & speak from

Re-Do, Re-Work, ReOrganize, ReRead 23 evening voc Venus moves to Gemini All work and no play … makes Jack and Jill fall down the hill

30 Move beyond your “perceived” limitations – Passion awaits

24 Be wary of overindulgence today … esp if you are in a book store ;-)

That is where you will find all the support you need 12 late voc Full Moon Immerse yourself in the true meaning of Love

25 Don’t plan for much today – just go with the flow. Woden the Norse God

VOC = Void of Course … No impulse purchases or Long term commitments during the void of course, opportunity to look within all times are in Pacific Time

the heart … others may think you are coming from ego 26 voc 4:56 – 2:06pm Today after 2pm is a good day to talk it out – what haven’t you said?

Friday Venus-Day 6 voc 2:13pm – 7:00pm Reap the rewards of hard work and dedication. Let go of old challenges 13 last night’s late voc ends 10:04am Work on being an observer – don’t judge the inside voice 20 Take care today – and use the motto “Always Be Prepared” Phone Band-aids Batteries

27 New Moon Make summer plans. Romance or romantic novels and margaritas by the pool

Saturday Saturn-day 7 Mercury is standing still today – getting ready to retrograde. Take care as powerful things may be spoken … watch the inside voice 14 This is a good day to hunker down, watch a feel good movie and have a good alone cry. Extra Caution today. 21 voc 3:24pm – 8:03pm Sun moves to Cancer Summer solstice Reap what you have sewn minor adjustments may need to be made.

28 late evening voc Challenges that need to be met in order to grab onto new opportunities Push through… DO IT

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Planets at a Glance Mars, watch squares, conjunctions and oppositions –7, 14, 20, 28 …Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! RED LIGHT Saturn conjunctions, squares and oppositions –3, 10, 16, 23, 30 … You may feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE! Jupiter Squares and Oppositions –8, 14, 21 … Don’t lose sight of your budget, over-indulging or over-committing, watch that others do not take advantage Venus squares and oppositions –2, 16 …Heartache/domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway! Mercury squares and oppositions-7, 13, 19 …Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! Double Whammy Days –1, 7, 14, 15, 16, 20 … take care – take short meditative breaks – remember to breathe. Favorite Meditation or relaxed days – 9, 18, 22 … Experiment to see which days you achieved deeper connections and then look on the chart above to see what the overall energetic signature was. Mercury … Has moved to Cancer but by June 7th starts a 3 week retrograde by June 17th Mercury has moved back into Gemini and continues there until July 1 st – This is a strong retrograde for Mercury so be sure to have a list of things you need to re-address, inboxes to clean up and files to sort and shred any information no longer needed. I also use this time to scan and organize information. Do a little each day ;-) Venus … Continues through Taurus where she is most comfortable – get out and enjoy the summer sun, walk in the park, garden, enjoy a picnic by the water. Touch / Feel / Smell / Love. On the 23rd she moves into Gemini and is looking for a mind meld ;-) Mars … Now that Mars is moving full steam ahead continue actioning the internal changes you have made. He continues his travels through Libra Jupiter … Continues powerfully through Cancer – look for opportunities and growth Saturn … Continues moving back through Scorpio – dig deep – release your inner fear. Neptune … moving through Pisces (slowly) will start a retrograde on the 9th that will last until the middle of November As an update Pluto continues his long long retrograde in Capricorn now at 3 degrees 02 minutes. Also Uranus continues through Aries breaking and shaking ground.

Sun moves into Cancer on the morning of the 21 st … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Cancers out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality Solar cycles … New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to our sky, both at night dusk - dawn and during the day sunrise - sunset. When we do this we inherently connect to our genetic/collective habits and patterns of our multi-dimensional bodies. Tracking the conditions of our solar and lunar patterns (both collectively and personally) provides insight on the regeneration of our whole being. By tracking this information you awaken to consciousness of patterns and habits that lie deeply within you. This can be easier said than done, but each time you awaken you get closer to experiencing yourself as a participating co-creator in your life.

The Full Moon – Thursday June 12th at 9:11pm 22 degrees 06’ Sagittarius Your love life may feel like it is being suppressed or is suppressing – perhaps falling apart because the love does not feel flowing and generous. This is a wakeup call, it is time to let go of any blocks you hold, tell your loved ones how you really feel and what your aspirations of love truly are – you might be surprised with the response – what do you have to lose, love like you have no boundaries, limitations or baggage. This poem seems a likely candidate to express this Full Moon’s energetic overall signature.

"'Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all", "Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to do and die", "My strength is as the strength of ten, / Because my heart is pure", "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield", "Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers", and "The old order changeth, yielding place to new" Alfred Lord Tennyson 1850:

The New Moon – Friday June 27th at 1:08am 5 degrees 37’Cancer Unexpected change in direction most likely related to a change in your close relationships. If you experienced any unsuccessful attempts at completion during the full moon this may trigger a response that requires you to set and align yourself with new goals. There may be moments when this feels incredibly difficult – but keep your eye on the prize. Relationships are in contestant flux, push – pull, they can be used as a reflective mirror. Look deeply as this will allow you to see these changes and patterns you have created in your life. You attract where you are at … in order to get the best … Be the best.

… Make sure your smaller goals align with your larger goals.


… your reputation is at stake.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Goal Setting on the 9th and 10th Dedicate time this summer to helping others – especially if it is outside your culture.. Contribute where-ever and however you can.

Combine your own Sun sign (ego/identity/core), Moon sign (emotions/ Patterns/Habits) and Ascendant sign (projecting your identity) by reading each sign and combining them into one fabulous guide for the month.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Goal setting on the 11th and 12th It is time to set a fun and frivolous goal … infuse your summer with a bit of fun and a dash of laughter.

Aries (March 21-April 20) Goal setting on the late on the 19th and all day 20th Create new patterns that will a reflect a healthy, successful, sustainable, look to your clan or genetic patterns for the answers – then set your goals to achieve.

Taurus (April 21-May 21) Goal Setting on the 22nd and 23rd Communication is a focal point, set a goal to receive – then be sure to share it with the world.

Gemini (May 23-June 20) Goal Setting on the 24th and 25th An increase in income may be on the horizon – it is all in the networking you do today. Set a goal to get out and connect.

Cancer (June 21-July 20) Goal setting late on the

The theme for the month …

waking up – being called to action – rise and shine Photo: © stillkost - 26th and 27th and up to 6pm on 28th Good times had by all Cancers – growth – prosperity – wisdom – and knowledge. Watch out for over indulgences. Jupiter will be in Cancer for only a month and ½ then he is off to visit Leo Set a goal relating to your physical well-being – especially if this is affecting your career opportunities

your meditation practice – try a new technique. Set a lofty goal to achieve lofty heights.

Leo (July 21-Aug. 22)

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Goal setting on the 2nd and again on the 29th and 30th In order to gain wisdom or spiritual growth it is time to take a fresh look at

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Goal setting on late on the 4th and 5th Set a goal to invest time (perhaps money) with an organization that is of like mind – a long term investment will be well worth it.

Goal setting on the 7th and early 8th Set a goal to achieve independence and balance in an important relationship – others are watching you

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) Goal setting on the 13th and 14th Set a goal that will enrich your family life and build your relationships.

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Goal setting on the 15th and 16th Set a goal to get involved in a mentorship or local recreation program in your community.

Pisces (Feb. 18-March 20) Goal setting late on the 17th and all day on the 18th If you find any old security issues, or vices show up on your doorstep, release them back into the universe with love and light. Set a goal of freedom.


If you keep your feathers well oiled The water of criticism will run off as from a duck’s back. ~ Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

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Serafina Christine

Photo: Š Serafina


Crystal Forecast June 2014

This month of June, the entrance of summer, we bring forth to you these words to help guide your way through these times. For some it is a tumultuous time – the ends of many last strings calling for their final knotting and release before we dive into the next great Age. For many it is speeding up. We are all in perfection of exactly where we are. There is nothing that needs to be changed. You are perfect as you are. And yet there is this inner drive to present the fullness of your soul and soul experience to yourself and beyond, the inner drive to connect. And so we strive from perfection to a deeper perfection. Theme of the Month: Clear Quartz “Light Embodied”

This month feels a lot lighter than the past few months. There are is a feeling of cleanliness and clearness. It feels that many have made their decisions about what is happening within their lives and there will be much joy in the air. There is a feeling of grace and ease that follows this. I see celebrations happening, outdoor celebrations. I see many smiles and balloons. I see that there is a general sense of good well-being within the greater community. Its as if we are rising from a deep sleep and have been shaking off the morning grogginess. Now we are ready to enter the stream of life head on, fearlessly. We are embodying ourselves to the best of our experience unafraid to shine our light as much as we can. I see the chains that held many breaking down and away. Let yourself be reflected always in the best possible ways. Let yourself see your goodness, your loveliness, your purity. Let yourself see your own light with full acceptance of that radiance and let it be mirrored back to you. You deserve that and all the peace that comes with it.

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June 1 – 7 Pearl “Purity” A simpleness is apparent in this week. You are asked to be true to your own truth, purity and desires, and not to let anything sway that truth. Your truth is simple: This works or this doesn't work for me. Perhaps you don't know. All of that is simple. Within the clarity of simpleness comes an ease and grace that allows you to breeze by. You are able to accept what is happening and stay focused on what your goals are. You are able to stand firmly in your truth as you embody the purity of your own Soul. Remember: Be Simple. Breathe. Stay in the present. Life is going to present you with different platters. You are going to sample them or perhaps you will turn them down. It is all a metaphor with the various opportunities you will be presented with and you will have the choice of how busy and challenging your life is versus how not. You have the choice to say yes or no. You have power over your own life. Stay in your power.

June 8 – 14 Hematite “Spiritual Grounding” Take a moment to get your ground again and to get centred again. Take time and space to integrate what you are experiencing for yourself. This week I feel an inward calling to take time for yourself and find your feet again. I feel that there has been a lot of information floating through to the masses and that there is a bit of tension in the air ~ perhaps it is because of what is going on in political sphere at this time. Take a deep breath. This month is calling for a slowness, a deliberateness, a fulfilment on your part of what needs to take rest now. So let it go. It's okay. Let yourself sink deep within yourself and the Earth this week. There is a sensation of sinking deep into self and being nurtured. Allow yourself that space and time if you feel you need it this week. Spoil yourself.

June 15 – 21 Peridot “The Bringer of Joy” This heart-lifting card feels like it comes to lift you from where you have gotten comfortable, and from where you may have taken a break. I feel a fluttering inside the heart allowing a full expression of the heart-self and knowledge. I feel that there is so much going on in the heart that simply calls for a full expression of joy. It is here I see relaxation mixed with celebration. Happiness mixed with ease and sunshine. I see the radiance of faces glowing bright with all that they are shining through. I feel a shift to an atmosphere that is so much lighter than the previous week. A strong heart can transmute almost anything. It can heal you and anyone else. The hearts frequencies are a thousand times stronger than the mind. Let the heart grow big and strong and joyful. You will not regret it. Allow your heart to be what transmutes the world within you.


June 22 – 28 Apatite “Foresight” Through the depths of the Blue Throat Chakra reaching up towards the Indigo Third Eye we see a new birds eye view of a world we had not though of before. Or perhaps we thought of it. Now it is time to see that this probability is much more probable than previously thought. Apatite shows us the way, guides us the way to make our dreams come true. Invites us to take the steps and manifest our truth through our desire, our voice, our mind, our love, our heart, our hard work, our perseverance. It helps give us the patience that we need ~ all good things come in perfect timing. There is nothing less than perfect in our world or Universe for all is happening as it needs. We look at the macro cosmic view of the world and we can see that. And when we look at the micro cosmic view we are lost in our humanness and sometimes with what is wrong in this world or what we would like to change. Change happens one step at a time, with a focus on creating something better, those steps become more and more powerful with our heart in them, our whole fully behind each step. Rise to the occasion. Take any step, even if it is tiny, towards your dreams and your destiny. You cannot regret it. And keep doing a single step each day. Before you know it you'll be halfway up the mountain.

June 29 – July 5 Moldavite “Starchild” Intense heart opener, a fiery catalyst for change yet a stabilizer, too. This week bodes deep shifts happening within the emotional bodies of many. This week dictates that you may have to especially watch how grounded and centred you are. This feels like a busy and fiery week with many things happening all at once. Stay present, grounded. Stay breathing. Let our heart speak its truth. I feel a major heart opening occurring for the masses as well, a new shift in the frequencies we occupy.

That is all for this months forecast. We hope these words find you well and send you much love and many blessings. May your month be filled with all that you need and your blessings be overflowing. Thank you. The Devas of the Crystal Kingdom.

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Earth Crystals

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All crystals have beneficial properties but each astrological sign has crystals that are said to support those born under that sign. Often one crystal will show up under more than one sign yet offers something totally different. Just as there are many aspects to each astrological sign, each crystal has many aspects that vibrate with different aspects of our body, mind and soul and what works for one person is not necessarily true for the next. Start to collect the crystals associated with your sign and keep them in a small bag you can carry in your pocket. Not all the crystals associated with your sign will resonate with you, as always keep the list for your sign handy and carry around those that do. If a stone does not resonate with you now, still find one that you are attracted to, down the road you might find you are drawn to that one crystal.


The main gemstones: Amber - gives Gemini peace in their search for new and undiscovered territories. It has a warm glow that will help their confidence to realize their plans. Citrine - lights Gemini's path and provides the emotional clarity they need to find their way through difficulties. It also helps ground spiritual insights in the real world and expand their emotional life. Carnelian - this is a potent gemstone for Gemini. It supports spiritual vitality and keeps the volatile Gemini on track. Carnelian serves as a firm platform for their spiritual quest without getting lost in the maze. Yellow sapphire - lends support to all Gemini's goals. It strengthens their will and critical faculties and helps them be more decisive and comfortable with their decisions. Sapphire has effective healing power in cases of stress, anxiety, and nervous disorders. Celestite - its clear white and light blue varieties confer relaxation and calmness of mind. It has a soothing effect and endows its possessor with a clear and awakened spirit as well as being very helpful in combating the feeling of being overwhelmed. With celestite's help, Gemini can enjoy all their various interests, manage their busy schedules and still preserve their good spirits and diplomatic talents.

Apophylite - alleviates nervousness and helps Gemini find peace of mind even in the most difficult situation. Just as it can be used in cases of bodily paralysis, so it can ensure its possessor never becomes paralyzed by anxiety. Other important gemstones: Aquamarine - helps Gemini attain unity with the deepest levels of their being. It can show the open- minded and susceptible Gemini that true freedom requires certain boundaries. With the support of aquamarine, they can overcome resistances and limitations to their spiritual freedom. Rock crystal - provides Gemini with inner clarity and paves the way to spiritual exploration and meditation. Chalcedony - the blue-white variety will bring Gemini inner peace. It helps them to hear their inner voice and be sensitive to the beauty of color. Chalcedony makes their speech calmer and more precise and can also help them avoid pitfalls along the spiritual path. Moss agate - offers Gemini insight and understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. It gives them the ability to understand the common lot of humanity and live in fellowship with other people. Tiger's eye - encourages them to direct the gaze within and supports clear thinking. Turquoise - protects Gemini from negative influences that can easily disturb their aura. It absorbs unhelpful vibrations and allow them to maintain their spiritual purity and vitality.


Phil Nielsen

Now that we have finished our 24 month, (has it really been 2 years?) journey learning about the runes and the gods they originally represented, we can now delve into rune reading and the various spreads we can use.

think it makes much difference, just what is more comfortable for you. The first rune pulled is the past (Urd) the second is the present (Verandi) and the third rune is the immediate future (Skuld).

Before we cast, we first offer prayers and a modest sacrifice As an example, if we pulled Tiwaz, Wunjo, and Ehwaz, and to whatever god or goddess we are entreating. Then we would lay out a cloth to either place or randomly drop our runes. There are many spreads we can use, depending on the depth of the reading. The first is called the Odin spread and would be used if you wanted a simple yes or no. For example, if one wanted to know if they should undertake a journey and the randomly chosen rune was raidho, upright it would indicate a pleasant trip and inverted it shows the journey could be fraught with problems. If you then wanted a more in-depth answer, you could do a Norns spread, named after the Norns; Urd, Verandi, and Skuld, who were the three Norse Fates. We pull three runes, one at a time, and lay them out left to right. Some people prefer the old way of right to left, but I really don't

all runes were upright, Tiwaz shows that the subject was not long ago in a difficult, or even final, conflict or struggle. Wunjo in the present indicates victory over that conflict and Ehwaz in the future promises a positive change and happy outcome of everything that has gone on before.


While the Norn spread is easier to interpret and shows a good overview of our timeline, it is generalized and not as specific as some need. In that instance, we could use the next casting style known as the Ennead Spread. This involves the original past, present, and future layout, but we also add six more runes. These are laid one above and one below each rune in the same pattern as the original three. The runes above are favorable indicators and the ones below show the unfavorable.

change in the future, but Othala reversed indicates that the subject's difficulties involving possessions and their relationship with their partner cannot be soon resolved but will be dependent upon the subject alone with no help from others.

Carrying on the original example, we add Fehu above and Sowilo below the Tiwaz rune, Isa above and Mannaz below the Wunjo rune, and Raidho above and Othala reversed below the Ehwaz rune.

I hope this helps give a little clarity into basic rune casting. Next month I will show you other types of casts, so until then, Sk책l my brothers and sisters.

Fehu indicates that the struggle we were recently engaged in, resulted in a level of material prosperity through diligence and hard work and Sowilo cautions us to prevent such new found wealth from over inflating our ego. Isa above Wunjo shows that the querent is experiencing an inner peace following the successful conclusion of their struggles but Mannaz below shows a struggle in their love life. Raidho above Ehwaz emphasizes the

If at that point the subject wishes to further explore, they can draw more runes in the same pattern, one above and one below, as far back as the 24 runes allow.

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Essential Oils– Vera Enshaw

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I truly love my essential oils and blends. I also really enjoy the plants that those oils come from, and I have a small herb garden that brings me a lot of joy. There are some plants that are a delight to have and are very easy to take care of. They work well in a small garden plot or in planters or window boxes. And now that spring has truly sprung there are a multitude of ways to get them into YOUR life. If you like doing things from scratch, buy the seeds and start them indoors. If you don’t have the time or space for that, almost every garden centre or farmer’s market has them for a very reasonable price. A little bit of research for your climate area will help you decide which ones to choose. Oregano— this wonderful herb is incredibly easy to grow. There are many different varieties to choose from. It spreads quickly, which makes it a great filler plant for a bed. The leaves are so tasty in soups, stews, chili and make a perky addition to a salad. Basil is a bit finicky. She likes warmth and is very intolerant of cool weather. Plant early indoors if you have lots of light, but wait until the nights are consistently warm before leaving outside permanently. I really enjoy putting these leaves into my salads! Plant lots—this is the herb used for pesto and in tomato dishes, both hot and chilled. Beware of putting this herb in the fridge! Freeze the leaves if you want to store them for a later day, but if you have a fresh bunch from the market that you won’t be using for a couple of days, put it into a glass of water and keep it on a window ledge or your counter. Otherwise the leaves curl and darken—not a nice experience at all!

heat so it would do well in a spot that has dappled afternoon shade. Peppermint. What herb garden would BE an herb garden without peppermint? This plant is so full of life that it will take over a garden in no time flat! Put it in a pot by itself and harvest the leaves regularly for a really flavorful tea. I pour boiled water that has cooled just a touch over the leaves and create a delicious infusion. Refrigerated, it is a delightful and refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day. Use them for cooking, dry or freeze them for use in the winter. Bruise the leaves lightly to bring their pungent aroma into the air. Sit on your balcony or patio when the weather is warm and enjoy the blended scents. Research all the different ways to use them. Above all….enjoy them! You will find, as I have, that these marvelous plants fill your being with true soul food…. Vera Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils.


Marjoram—sweet marjoram! This delightful little herb is like a tiny bush. Put it in the center of a pot and plant oregano around it. The marjoram will fill the middle and the oregano will dance around the edges. You can bring it inside and keep it for the winter in a south-facing window. Thyme is another little bush plant. It is incredibly hardy—mine stayed green all year, even with winter temperatures dipping below –9 C. Tarragon is a wonderful herb that grows to be quite tall. Unlike basil, it’s not particularly fond of a lot of

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Michelle Hayes

You are magic and spiritual strength

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While I was away for a few days I saw two huge crows. My thought at the time was wow they are large crows. So as crow has visited me it is clear that they wish to speak to us this month. So as I hear the caw of the crows and the flutter of mystical black wings their message to us this month is: “When we are afoot there is always magic nearby, around you and always magic within you. We are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. We remind you of your ability to create and manifest magic in your life. Magic is available every day within our world and it is alive in every moment. Your spiritual strength is like no other and with it you can move worlds, create dreams and bring alive the visions of your hearts. With the magic of your hearts everything and anything is possible. There are infinite possibilities of All of Creation and beyond and it is calling you. Do not try and figure it out just go with the flow of your heart and the magic within it. “ With the magic and love of life and the mysteries of Creation The Crows Contact Michelle blog or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


Rune of the Month


My Odin cast for June is Othala This is the rune of possessions and usually represents the things money can buy, usually land or buildings. When it indicates money, it will be in the form of an inheritance, a trust fund, or pension. When surrounded by runes such as Fehu, Berkana, Naudhiz, or Wunjo, it shows a materialist or tightwad. Sometimes though, especially when paired with Sowilo, it signifies a hard worker, someone not afraid to work long and hard to achieve their goals. If paired with Ansuz or Mannaz, Othala indicates one consumed with a vision or ideal, perhaps someone inspired by the past. Upright, it also suggests help from an older person or perhaps an old friend. It can also signify inherited traits When reversed and in a prominent position in the cast, Othala could indicate difficulties for the querent by going too fast. In that case proceeding at the same pace could permanently damage the outcome of the relationship or problem at hand.

When the other runes in the cast are positive, however, Othala reversed could simply mean that success is still a ways off, perhaps longer than you would like. Patience is then needed as success hinges on attention to detail. Reversed, it shows that the individual can stand on their own two feet. Depending on the other runes in the cast, it could also show that you have a "poor little rich kid" attitude toward life, but in this case you are faced with something that you can't buy your way out of and in fact can expect no financial help from family or organizations. Often this rune in reverse will show that even legal means won't help and trying to "buck the system" or turn it to your advantage is a fruitless proposition at this time. It is then time to face up to the situation and realize that there is no avoiding Karma.

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Michelle Hayes

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Hello Dear Souls,

Finally spring is here we can hear you exclaim. (Laughs). Yes, dear souls it is here at last. For you it is a welcome relief. As the world comes alive again with new blossoms and growth so do you.. Can you feel it? Can you feel your new growth and expansion in all ways? You are not the same as you once were. So much growth and expansion within you we are so proud of you. You should be proud of yourselves. It is time to bring new dreams and visions to light. It is time to birth your new dreams for yourself, others and humanity. The world needs these new dreams!!! It needs your dreams and visions!!! No one else can give them to the world but you!!! These dreams and visions help the world, humanity and “ All of Creation’ to move into the infinite possibilities that is birthed at every moment. These possibilities are forever and always expanding on the waves of love. The waves of love are fed by your dreams, passions and visions of what is possible for you, others, the world and “ All of creation”. Even by the things you never dreamed possible because the universe and All of Creation takes those dreams and passions and expands them to a plethora of everlasting and ever expanding dreams and visions that you would have never conceived of. However Creator and All of creation take those dreams and vision and holds them in the bosom of love, light and wisdom, then births them back to you, others and the world in an ever expanding ever growing cycle. Do you understand?

So, dear souls hold your dreams, visions and passion for the things, people and all those things and dreams yet unseen and un-birthed and know they are but a glimmer of love away in an ever expanding universe of love. Yours in dreams of infinite possibilities The Dream Keepers of the universe

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Message from the Angels

June 2014 Hello Beautiful Earth Angels,

Our message to you this month is a peace offering, an offering from us to help you achieve peace within your life. You see peace begins with you, it is the act of being in balance. No matter how many balls you are juggling, you can be at peace with yourself and your life. We gift Peace to all of you. What would peace look like to you right now? If we indicated to you that waiting to come into your life was the gift of time, money or effort – would that bring to you peace? We hope so, for it is arriving now. If we acknowledged that love was there for you beyond the scope you are used to receiving – would that bring to you peace? We hope so, for it is there now. If we told you – “You are amazing and fully capable of having the life you wish” – would that bring peace to you? We hope so, for you are! A peace offering is a gift showing the laying down of weapons, be they arrows, guns, bombs or words. You are ceasing hostilities. If you are ready to lay down your personal weapons of

destruction, you will see yourself moving towards the life you are searching for. Not an easy task when emotions run radically, as situations arise that you feel are out of your control, which you compound by trying to control anyway. At the first sign of hostile behaviour, take a deep breath and ask us to be with you. All that is going on right now within your world is bringing about an alignment of balance. Everything is being balanced, this is what has been going on and will continue for some time. Balance is about accepting the good with the bad. It is being in balance with all that is happening in your life. When you are in balance, you are in peace. When you are in peace, you extend this space to those around you. No matter what is going on, peace prevails, and instead of more angst and sorrow, resolution comes about. All areas of life can be healed from a place of peace. Balance = peace = balance. No matter what is happening right now see it as bringing your existence into balance. Be at peace with this process, lay down the need to defend the old so as to hold onto what you know, and be willing to accept the 58

present for what it is so that you are peaceful and your future is peaceful. Events will occur at great speed this month, and could feel challenging to you. Recognize that you are more than capable of dealing with anything that comes your way. You are ready. Do not get hung up on the way things used to be, instead see that revisions are necessary in order to regain balance and achieve peace. Do not rush the process, review and assess where peace lies in each situation. We caution that to dilly dally, or avoid, will not delay the inevitable, it will happen with or without your permission. Tarry not long on your search for peace in each situation or you could find yourself tossed onto the stormy sea known as chaos. The line between “do not rush” and “determining peace” is fine. It means allowing things to unfold as they will, not trying to control. If you determine where peace lies, it will be an easy process of allowing. Embrace all that comes to you this month and align it with peace, your peace of mind, body and soul. Go joyously into this month of great alignment…be in balance… be at peace. Ooommm The Power of Three


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