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Issue 24 July 2013

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JULY 2013


Articles 4 You Are Part of the Soulution Linda Adsetts

6 All You Need is Love Marlene Cobb

10 Others as Mirrors Gwen Randall-Young

16 Trials along the Transmutation Trail Gail Siler PhD

22 A Journey Through the Elder Futark - Algiz/Aegir Phil Nielsen

38 How My Granddad Taught Me About Trust Jay Atkinson

43 Are You Drinking Enough?

Poetry 9 No Title Necessary Vera Enshaw

20 Living the Dream Margie Kivel

21 One More Chance Margie Kivel

21 At Arm' s Length Margie Kivel

Monthly Nourishment 12 Essential Oil - Melaleuca Ericifolia Vera Enshaw

Channel - Trust, Patience and Staying in the Present Moment 14 by going with the Flow Michelle Hayes

19 Energy 101 - the Journey Continues Vera Enshaw

24 Monthly Astro Tid-Bit - July Tamira

28 Power Animal - Grouse Michelle Hayes

30 Rune of the Month - Wunj o Phil Nielsen

32 Crystal - Ammonite Marlene Cobb

34 Meditation with Ammonite Marlene Cobb

36 Ptarmigan Marlene Cobb

42 Angel Message for July Marlene Cobb

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Welcome to July fellow Nourish readers! Can you believe how quickly June went by? Seemed like we just turned the calendar page and now we turn out attention to July. June brought with it some surprises, flooding happened in many places. The devastation this leaves in its wake will take time to clean up. Not to mention the emotional toll it has on those effected. I would like to keep this welcome short and ask that each of you send your prayers to all who are experiencing any kind of disruption, upheaval or chaos around the world. May the find peace and comfort in some small way to help them see their way through. No matter where the path takes you this month know peace, Enjoy summer this first full month of summer and gather memories to last you through the winter months! Enjoy this month’s magazine. It is filled with love, advice, things to make you think, and make you laugh. I hope you enjoy the articles as much as I have… let me know! Emails are always welcome. Have a joyful July!!

Marlene All content ©2011 - 2013 by Nourish Your Body Mind Soul Nourish Your Body Mind Soul is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life.

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Linda Adsetts Spring is over and summer is on our doorstep. The sun is shining and it beckons me outside onto my patio, into the woods and onto the beaches. The heat of the summer sun, nudges the flowers in my garden, into bloom and exaggerates the already sweet floral smell. The honeysuckle vine has bloomed, attracting the hummingbirds that dart into the flowers to gather the nectar. In the woods the scent of cedar and pine, warmed by the sun, is thick in the air, teasing forth a nos-

talgic feeling that I cannot name or recall. The earth beneath my feet sings with delight in my delight. As I walk, I am emerged in an experience that cradles my soul with love. And then, I notice a pebble, a very small pebble, has worked it’s way into my shoe. Perhaps, if I continue walking it will shift and work it’s way out, back onto the path. I continue to walk, noticing the sun shimmering through the canopy of the trees. The sky is a clear blue, providing the perfect contrast to the many shades of vibrant

JULY 2013

green that make up a late spring/ early summer forest. And the pebble is still there, wiggling it’s way into a more uncomfortable location, declaring its’ presence to me. I can pay attention or ignore it. My experience has been that the more I try to ignore something, the more it demands my attention. “Pay attention! Notice me! Make a decision! Do something or do nothing but put your attention upon me and decide what to do! Ignore me at your peril! I could produce a blister! I could cause


you more unease! could……”

I could get bigger!

I could, I

ENOUGH! I stop walking, lean over and undo my shoelace, balancing on one leg, as I take my shoe off to shake out the pebble, the insistent wanting to be acknowledged pebble. Relief is my reward and I continue on with a lighter step, my mind clear, my senses fully embracing what surrounds me, minus the dratted pebble. And so it is with life. I could substitute a bill for the pebble or a disagreement with my husband or a tooth that is acting up. When something wants our attention we are best served by paying attention and in the paying attention we get to choose, rather than allow, life to happen by default, which in it’s own way is a choice. I have been there and done that and I now prefer to pay attention, sooner rather than later. It makes life far easier. The Group agrees, but then they were the ones who whispered in my ear, “Stop and take that pebble out, you will feel better.” Dear ones, whenever something is tugging at your attention, it does so for a reason. The reason is for you and for anyone else whose attention is being tugged at by it. But, if another is not feeling the same tug, please don’t drag them into your story. Your life is your life to live and when something tugs at you then it is a piece for you. You do not need to have anyone agree with you and your story. How can they feel the pebble in the same way that you do? Some may agree with the ideology of your story but we guarantee their perspective is not the exact same as yours. There are similarities and there are differences. Just because they don’t see things exactly as you do does not mean they do not care, are unloving, insensitive or all the many labels you may heap upon them.

Your life is yours and the pebbles are yours to notice and to perhaps decide to choose something else, something that has more ease and feels better. You could ignore them, but we guarantee that they will simply intensify or show up in another form that you cannot easily ignore. The energies are making it easier for you to deal with the pebbles. The pebbles are easily transformed or removed now. Many of you are coming together with your own perspectives and gifts to offer that will cause soulutions to be found that will be easier for all involved. You will be saying to each other; I didn’t realize it could be so easy. And so it is. Pay attention, acknowledge where you are and then choose what works best for you. How much easier can it be than that? You are not asked to choose for your family, your employees, your friends or the whole world. You can only choose for yourself and what brings more ease for you and we guarantee that when you choose for ease and joy that all will benefit. You will be part of the soulution. Your ease could be the key to solving world hunger. Your ease could cure cancer for a friend. Your ease could prevent a blister, (smile) and someone else might follow you and benefit too. Or not. We know this to be true; it is more simple than you know. Love is the answer. Love for yourself, your body, your planet and everything and everyone on the planet. But, we recommend that you start with yourself and remove an irritating pebble or two or three and you will find that joy will become your dominant way of being. Ease and joy…… Go For It! Linda and The Group

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JULY 2013


Marlene Cobb The Beatles released a song with the above title back in 1967; credits were given to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The beautiful lyrics were written by John, who if you ask me was a light-worker extraordinaire whose impact on our world has continued since his passing. There has been much bantered about in channels, articles, etc. this year about “Love Yourself”, “learn to love yourself”, “love is the answer”. You would think that given how our society has become a “me” society over the past couple decades that we would already be in this mindset of loving ourselves. Yet, if we are being asked to work on that, we must not have got it right yet! I have been pondering this for some time now and I actually don’t think that is the message. Even if there are aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, generally, as a rule we love ourselves.

JULY 2013


This goes beyond just loving ourselves. It is more than just the emotion or the feeling. It is “our true self”. You have probable heard that phrase this year as well. Remember who you are! What we are at our true essence is “Love.” That is what all those messages and channels are referring to. Find your inner essence that is love and you will be in alignment with source and from that, all probabilities become possibilities. How do we get to this essence? How do we remember who we are? For myself, while pondering all of this, I was reminded of my first past life regression. I wanted to have a past life regression because on the message board that I frequented at that time, everyone was talking about what/who they were in past lives. To be part of the group and try to fit in (kind of a giggle now) I needed to have this experience. I set the appointment up with a trusted person and was guided to a past life. Imagine my surprise when I was an orb! While everyone else was some “high” ranking persona from the past, here I was, an orb. I was different, all kidding aside, even in a group of “like” people; I was not following the norm. Interestingly, I embraced being an orb, and did not embrace the other part of the regression which was what I felt. I only felt love. That was all there was. I was love, around me was love. I had been given a gift that I would not fully understand or appreciate, until now. Along comes 2013 and like the good lightworker I am I have been working on my stuff. I have loved myself all ways to Sunday and was not seeing results that were promised, even if they were vague promises. Until, this moment of recollection. I was excited because since I had had the experience, I could recall the experience and revisit it. So I recalled that past life. Instantly I was enveloped in a sea of love. If only I could describe to you what it felt like to be totally embraced and immersed in this. I had figured out my inner essence. I was remembering who I was. From this place I am connected with Source, and no matter what you call source; God, Buddha, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna or the Tao, I am connected. This was what I needed to remember, this was the place that I needed to get to, to be in alignment with myself and for life to flow easier. From this place there is no judgment, resentment, blame, unworthiness, or hate. There is only love, and from this, all probabilities become possible. It does not matter who we think we are on this journey through life, what

matters is, that our true essence is love. All of us come from love and will return to love when we leave this lifetime. My next thoughts were how do I share this with everyone? How can I help you to get to this place? I can offer guided meditations to anyone who wants to experience this. Yet, if you were not comfortable with experiencing that, how could I verbalize the path to finding this space of love. Can you recall, or are you currently experiencing “being in love” with another person? That feeling that washes over you, that allows your awareness to expand to the point of where you only see beauty and fun in everything around you. It is a keen awareness that gives you an exhilarating glow, and a magnificent sense of wellbeing. It is energizing, and we all love the way we feel when we are “in Love”. That is like a watered down expression of your true essence. While we credit this to the other person, that is not the case, and after a period of time that “new” feeling wears off. Oh, the love remains but the rush is not as present, we are no longer on the “love high”. In your “love high” you are remembering something inherent to your being. You were born with it and it feels so good that there is not a single person out there that does not want it! Being in love is partially reclaiming our inner self, our true self. This love knows no limits and it is this love that brings forth that ecstatic feeling and sense that all is well. The challenge is that we have a hard time sustaining this awareness. Eventually we get bogged down by the limited consciousness that surrounds us. We lose that magical lightness and joy. Life with all its experiences brings us down. When this happens, there is blame, which is placed on ourselves and others, and only serves to take us farther away from our true selves. To get to this source, your true self, you need to get that “love high”. Well, it is a good start and it will expand from there. How do you do that? Fall in love with yourself, even if you think that is silly, look at it this way… you are the one constant in your life, you are not going anywhere. Start with remembering what it feels like to “be in love”. Start a “Youmance” with yourself, not the conceited kind where you think you are better than anyone else, just the kind where you love you, all of you. Love your life, every aspect of it.

JULY 2013


Start by surrounding yourself with only things that make you feel good and that you love. Whatever it takes to fill up your love meter and induce a “love high”. Are you beginning to get a sense of what it would be like to be surrounded by love? It becomes more than a feeling or emotion; it becomes a totality of which you are a part of, and it is a part of you. At the beginning it will be the reference point where you need to go when life is throwing you lemons and you feel overwhelmed. Eventually you will be in this space more and more, you will not consciously need to get to this space; you will be there. This is not to say that everyone needs to walk around spaced out on “love”, far from it. Your purpose is to be all the love that you are. That is the message behind “love yourself”, “love is the answer”, and “remember who you are”. When you are in your “love high” space life gets brighter and others are going to want what you have. You probably know a few people like that now, and want what they have. So discover in your own unique way how to get to your inner essence. Remember, each of you has had the “love” experience, and you are all able to recall the experience and revisit it. Next time you meditate, ask to be given the experience of your true essence, your soul’s truth, your love essence. No matter how you get there, enjoy the process, for that is really what learning to “love ourselves” is all about. Accepting who and what you are and having fun while doing it.

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JULY 2013


Poem by Vera Enshaw No Title Necessary

I speak into a void No one to hear my voice, Attend my words, my message The clouds float by in silent messaging I do not hear the song they sing to me Just as you do not hear the song I sing to you Is there someone Anyone Who hears this message? How will I ever know if it’s been heard Or acted upon? Why do I spend time in contemplation Hearing the song of my heart Sharing the words that come to me If there is no one to hear? What is the purpose of my being here In this space and time If not to share these words of love with you? Is it possible that these words, The whispered messages of love from my heart Are for me? That the hearing by you Or anyone else Is purely incidental? Is it? Possible?

JULY 2013


“ Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.� Carl Gustav Jung

Life is like a laboratory for our learning, and other people are the raw materials with which we work. There are no absolutes however, because everything is based on perception. Human perception is infinitely variable. Everyone has his or her own unique perspective that can change over the course of a lifetime, or in a single moment of insight. The problem is that the human ego believes that its perception is reality. Of course this means that any other perception must be wrong. It is a little like two people having an argument; one is on the fifth floor of a high rise, while the other is on the twentieth. They are arguing over their cell phones about whether the tenth floor is up or down. Each insists he is right, and according to his perspective, he is! Each uses his perspective as his basis for being right. The battle can go on endlessly, unless they stop and take the time to understand the perspective of the other. It is no wonder human communication can be difficult. Not only can we have differing perspectives about situations, but we may also project our own perceptions about a person on to that person and assume that is the reality of who they are. So, I can insist that I know you better than you know yourself, and that my perceptions about your intentions are more accurate than your own statements of intention. This becomes crazy making, because, as in our example above, we can argue endlessly about whose perception is correct. What is the way out of this hall of mirrors type maze? It is to keep our focus on ourselves and maintaining the highest level of integrity we can regardless of what others are doing. Most of us have enough work to do on fixing ourselves without worrying about fixing others. One way to begin to break the habit of criticizing and judging others is to think of others as mirrors of ourselves. If we see something we do not like in another, or that irritates us, consider the possibility we are being shown this behavior because we also possess it perhaps without realizing it. In fact, in my work with couples I so often see one being so upset at things the other does or says, when that individual behaves in exactly the same ways. She wants him to be sweet and romantic, but she is harsh and demeaning towards him. He does not want to be criticized by her, but has an itemized list of all that is wrong with her.

JULY 2013


Think of the things that irritate you the most about someone in your life, or better still, make a list of all the things that irritate you. Then, look over the list, and see how many of those items also apply to you. Get to work on changing those in yourself. What if something really bothers you about another, and you absolutely do not have that quality in yourself? In that case, the situation may be showing you your own tendency to be intolerant, judgmental, and even “holier than thou.” Remember when you were in grade school and on one side of the report card was academics and the other related to personal development? One of those categories was: “gets along well with others.” How well do we get along with others? If we find ourselves often in conflict with others or ranting about their shortcomings, it may be time to take a look in the mirror. We might ask the image staring back at us what exactly it is that gives us the right to be so judgmental of others, what exactly that behavior accomplishes, and exactly how we would feel if others acted this way towards us. Gandhi advised that we should " be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is quite amazing to see how, when we start being what we wish others would be, our world begins to change.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit

Carl Gustav Jung JULY 2013


Essential Oils

I was browsing through my oil collection looking for the oil that wanted to be written about this month, and melaleuca ericifolia came up very strong. ‘ No’ I thought, ‘ I’ve done melaleuca already!’ Then I thought, ‘ well, ericifolia is a different type of melaleuca so I guess I will trust that this is the one to do.’ I was q uite surprised when I checked back over my articles to see that I actually have never done melaleuca! Which is interesting, because I think it is one of the best oils out there. This gentle oil is a cousin of melaleuca alternifolia—and it smells way better, too! It is more commonly known as Rosalina or Swamp Paperbark. It is an effective oil for respiratory problems, either used topically or with a diffuser. Children especially are more likely to appreciate rosalina. It is soothing and calming, so while it helps with clearing congestion it also helps one to rest. One or two drops diluted in a light carrier oil can be massaged on the chest, or massage neat on the balls and top of the feet. It is a wonderful oil to use as a topical antiseptic— this single oil will do the same work as a 50/50 blend of melaleuca alternifolia (also known as tea tree oil) and lavender. If acne is a problem, try Rosalina neat or diluted with hazelnut oil.

Rosalina’s relaxing properties make it a natural for meditation. Diffusing it into the room before a class will help everyone to relax and will have the added benefit of clearing out any nasty pathogens that are lurking in the air. Use it in your massage blend to relax your client—Dr. Daniel Penoël has found that this oil’s capacity to soothe worries, calm headaches and irregular heartbeats and to reduce stress in the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems is almost unparalleled in any other single oil. Put some in your bath salts for a relaxing, rejuvenating tub….put a little in your body lotion...let your children create their own body care products. You might be surprised at how often they use their own creations. For more information on Young Living Essential oils and blends, please contact me by email at or go to the website: Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils. Vera

May 2013


Contact Vera at for more information.

May 2013



Hello Dear Ones, Well another month is upon us and summer has officially begun with the writing of this channel as the dead line looms for WhiteStar Eagle. We had confused her, a couple of times she sat down to communicate with us, to write this channel and we directly told her “no, not today, but it will be before the deadline.� The lessons we were presenting her with were; trust, patience and staying in the present by going with the flow.

have to be hard in fact it can be quite easy if you allow it.

As summer starts our message to you this month is to stay in the present moment and go with the flow. For whether you are looking at the past it is from the present moment or if you are looking towards the future it is still from the present moment. Do you understand? All you ever stand in is the present.

Practice love, trust, patience, going with The flow and listening to your heart and see where it takes you. The possibilities are infinite, open your heart, trust and go with the flow of love.

The flow of what we speak is about trusting that when the right moment for you to do something, write something, and change something etc. comes you will know. You need to listen with love and your hearts they will guide you!! Trust the Divine and yourselves. It does not

With much trust, love and going with the flow The Angels

Michelle Hayes

JULY 2013


JULY 2013


Gail Siler, PhD

JULY 2013


So here we are in 2013…half way through to be exact. Where has the time gone? Never mind that, where have I gone? Who am I, what are my skills, how can I serve, why am I here? I used to know all the answers to these questions and spent time helping others find their own answers. But something odd is happening. The more the year progresses, the less sure of me I am. Interestingly, I don’t seem to be alone in this either. Each of my friends seems to be living 2013 in a similar quagmire. Quagmire is defined as a difficult or precarious situation; a predicament. Well that about sums it up for me. I’m right in the middle of one big predicament. The other definition of quagmire is muddy land….and that’s exactly what it feels like. So here I sit in my remote office (coffee shop), pondering my situation and that of others around me. My head hurts trying to figure this out. I hear Butterfly Woman whisper “Why don’t you let me address this?”

Butterfly Woman Speaks Part of you is on ‘ Walkabout’ in another dimension Hello Dear Ones. Yes, this is a trying year. Well, more accurately, this is a year of not trying! This is a year just for you to get caught up with yourself inside and out. This is a year to adjust to the new energies and there’s even a time warp that allows for this adjustment. Let me explain. How many of you feel like you aren’t all here? Well just to set the record straight, you really aren’ t all here! You are spending part time here and part time in the higher dimensions. More specifically, part of your energy is here and part of your energy is there. So it’s no wonder Gail and others of you are asking who you are. When the pieces of you leave to work in the other dimension, well, it feels like the ‘ you’ that is here has lost something, doesn’t it? In truth, you are missing those parts of your

energy that are on walkabout in other dimensions. Fear not. You haven’t really lost it and your energy will be back. It is part of the transmutation dance you are all doing. There’s a whole lot of activity, I can tell you that, but much of it is in other places and spaces that you can’t q uite see or recollect yet.

The rest of you in THIS dimension is excavating your experience archives

But there’s another piece of this puzzle I’d like to share with you. Something else is going on at the same time. You are being invited to recover and reintegrate memories that were too strong for you to handle at one time or another in past lifetimes, and even in this lifetime. Some of the memories that are coming back here to you to review are definitely not warm fuzzies. Every one of you old souls and light workers who came here to help with this new evolution of humankind have had life times of experiencing, ‘ not so nice’ things. You have been different from the mainstream in the societies during many of your lifetimes. Being different from the rest of the group often placed you in situations where you were unwanted, ununderstood, unloved, unappreciated….a bunch of un’s happened to and on you in these past lifetimes. Stay with me. What does society do to people who don’t fit in? Well, some of you were burned as witches, tortured, stoned, killed one way or another, betrayed one lifetime and another. Even now in 2013 most of you have grown up with people making fun of you, pushing you away, calling you crazy and weird for your ideas. Is this beginning to sound familiar? Here is the part that is confusing. How can you be so ‘ together’ and evolved and suddenly start to feel so broken? What is going on? Simply stated, the part of you that’s ‘ over there’ is sending yourself subliminal memories from your other life times. The discomfort you are feeling now is coming from slowly being made aware of these uncomfortable and painful old memories. It is easiest to take back these old memories if they are subliminal to start with, so you are introducing the old memories back at that subliminal level first. When they reach the surface of your mind, you begin to re-member them, feel them, hurt from them, remember your anger, feelings of betrayal, shock, and everything else in between. No, it is definitely not a good feeling place. But as light carriers and old souls, you know you need to transmute them and return to neutrality. That’s the dance one does on the way to enlightenment.

The Paradox of Awakening

JULY 2013

That’s part of the lesson of this year and that’s


also why much of what you are doing is processing (or avoiding processing) the pain of the feelings you are feeling. When beings are closest to the goal of ascension they hit this paradox of awakening: It is time to deal with the memories of your worst experiences, your greatest hurts and fears, the numerous betrayals. In our past life times you stored these traumatic experiences somewhere in your energy bodies. Now comes the rub! In order to return to wholeness, all of these memories and pains have to be faced as the veil thins and you now are faced with the challenge of integrating the traumas of past lifetimes. Why is it such a negative scenario? Because when you are happy you are in the flow and you don’t hold back or have to hide things from your psyche in your ‘ shock’ drawer. The good things flow through you. You don’t need to protect yourselves from the good things that happen to you like you do the unpleasant or shocking things that you experience. In a nut shell, you could say that you, as old souls, are clearing out your stockpiles of hidden painful experiences. If I were to say that old souls have PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) it might be a better way of describing it. In science we know that when a trauma happens that is too difficult for someone to process, they close a door on it and it sits there energetically within them. At the time it happens, they didn’t have either the luxury or the skills to problem-solve and deal with it. So it just sits there in cold storage. That would be fine but given the law of Attraction; you replay the essence of the experience over and over in your present lives. In fact much of what you experience as old souls on the path of enlightenment is simply replays of traumas from past lifetimes being drawn into this one. We have explained and demonstrated how this works in our book, Decoding the Butterfly Promise. (see chapter 26.) These replays are actually a loving nudge and a means of helping you dislodge parts of your old stuck energy. Sometimes it works quickly, you get it, you clear it and you are on our way to something else. Other times it requires several instant replays before you begin to see there are some major hints available to you to stimulate you to have a closer look. Processing these old stuck experiences means you face it, embrace it, and then allow it to neutralize within your energy field. The embrace part means you have to feel it again in your hearts and release it. That’s the part you usually try to avoid, and yet avoiding it is just a ticket to another replay. Gail is a master of the repeat performance. Once you have finished processing the experience, taking away the sting of it, forgiving, under-

standing and clearing it, you return that piece of emotional energy to your energy matrix and back to a neutral position. You come back into balance. It’s not a fun task, to be sure, but it is an adventure! It requires commitment and balance and courage, which is also why it’s one of the last tasks on the ladder of enlightenment. The best tool to use to handle these memories as they surface is simply to be open to feeling it and forgiving yourself and others. That’s what we mean when we tell you to process it. That neutralizes it and helps you reclaim your energy. So there are two things going on as this year progresses. You are exploring and orienting bits of your higher energetic selves in other dimensions much like an orientation program. The second thing is you are being invited to clear out your storage bins of traumatic experiences and transmute that energy back into functional energy to use to increase your energy matrix. When your energy trash bin has been emptied and the cleaned up energy put back into your matrix, you are nearly ready to slide into home plate in your ascension process. So process on, dear friends. Make way for your crowns. In Part II of this article we will discuss ways of transmuting your energies back to neutrality and balance.

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JULY 2013


JULY 2013


Energy 101

“How do you recognize fear?” Vera Enshaw Let us address fear. It is a primal response to a dangerous situation, one that spurs us into action in order to stay alive. The surge of adrenalin created by fear lends wings to our feet, strength to our arms— we respond to the stimulus and perform amazing feats of daring and resilience. There are many stories that attest to this, stories of people lifting cars or other heavy objects up to rescue someone. Our actions in the face of fear are not always brilliant and do not always fill us with a sense of pride. Sometimes we carry with us a lingering sense of shame. The aftermath of fear can leave us questioning our honour, our faith, even our light. I think that fear and shame lie at the heart of most of the pain we carry about our selves. Do we know fear and shame at birth, or are they learned responses taught to us by our families and by society? However we come by them, uncontrolled they cause extreme havoc in our lives and in the

world. What would it be like to live in a world where there was no fear? What do you think your face would look like, relieved of the lines of stress and anxiety? What choices would you make about your life if you were not afraid? What is our biggest fear? How do we recognize fear? How do you recognize fear? What physical symptoms do you have when you are afraid? How much do you squash it down, push it away, cover it up? I think that we get so used to living with fear that we would notice the absence of it before we notice fear itself. Living in fear means that fear dictates your actions. We tend to be afraid of that which we do not know or understand. Some of us are afraid of entire races and cultures, religion or the lack thereof, cults and youth groups. We are susceptible to rumour and gossip, and we can behave in a very unloving way.

JULY 2013


We also feel afraid when we feel as though we have no power, either over our lives in general or over a specific situation. Let’s face it—we feel fear often! It’s not feeling fear that is the issue. It’s what you do with it. And ultimately it’s about how you feel about what you did with it. I can do no-thing about your fear. I can only become aware of and shift my fear. And I can encourage you to begin to pay attention, to become aware of the fears that you live with. You may identify your fear as anxiety, especially when you are in constant fear about something. First of all you will need to acknowledge that you have fear. Allow yourself the space to sit in quiet contemplation. Is there an aspect of your life where you can readily identify fear? Your job? Your relationship? If you can access that, it will make it easier to identify it in other areas that are perhaps not as noticeable. List each area as you come to it, without going into detail. When it feels as though the list is complete, have a look at it. Which area of your life has the most fear? In my life, my health and the responsibilities of the volunteer positions I hold are where I am most anxious, but I can access fear in a lot of what I do. I’m afraid that I don’t sing well enough, that I won’t get everything that needs to be done accomplished in time, that I am not good enough…..oh, my— the list could go on and on! The fact of being afraid is not the issue. The issue is how I respond to the fear. When I recognize it for what it is, I thank my little fear-filled ego for sharing that thought—and ask for the next one, and continue on until there just isn’t another fear that’s there. I also stand in my knowingness, in that place in my heart where I just KNOW that this is really a non-issue. Sometimes when I need more reassurance than I can give myself I talk with someone I trust to help me to remember what I need to know: that I am all -powerful, that I have choice in everything— even if that choice is how I respond to the situation. I may not be able to change my diabetes, but I sure can choose my attitude around it!

“What tools could you use to help lift you out of your fear?”

When I don’t recognize it right away I begin to experience the symptoms: my digestive system doesn’t work the way it should, I am more likely to get angry and snap at my husband and most interesting of all— I actually sing less. That last one is also the place where I can begin to turn things around. Singing helps to lift me up and out of my self, out to where I can connect with my larger Self. What tools could you use to help lift you out of your fear? There are so many it would be hard to list them all here. What works for me may not work for you, and vice-versa. Writing in a journal, meditation, plain old looking it in the face and asking yourself what is the worst that can happen if…. This month I ask that you do the work of writing down your fears, even the ones that you consider silly or not worthy of mention. Also write down times in the past when you have been afraid, and note what you did to deal with that fear. That is the beginning of creating your toolbox! One of the best books on fear that I have read is “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. Give yourself the gift of reading it. Until next month…...Namastè

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JULY 2013


Poems by Margie Kivel Living the Dream My sister sent me photos from when I was four or five years old, looking over one shoulder in a studio pose from the forties. I was struck by the look of wonder in that little girl’s face, when life was a grand adventure full of undiscovered secrets. There was such an expectation in those wide open eyes and I tried to remember that feeling of promise and innocence long gone. I want to sense that heart beat, be the open lens that sees all, the hand that touches grass and worm and baby bird. I am imagining how that felt, exploring textures and nuance as each memory after that moment is removed to make room for this. A work in progress, this little girl, unknown to me but now being captured from a photograph as her eyes replace mine. Like a delicate flower, this must be handled gently, being careful to preserve the new pattern of promise. Believing in the possibility of time travel, I sit on steps in my gingham dress with a lovely gray cat in my lap. Margie Kivel

JULY 2013


One More Chance Just when you think there is only an empty gray hallway left in the vestiges of your lifetime, doors open and bring in color. How quickly the heart awakens from the inertia of long held sorrows, to the possibilities and promise of buds stirring, birds singing, brooks running beneath the ice. Just when you thought winter was the last month of your calendar,

new voices, hands touch and hold you in their grace of acceptance – welcome home in the vestibule of transition.

brought into the soft light, offered up, the last meal. Margie Kivel

Choices fill hope’s basket without addendums or prerequisites – clean white paper to write and draw. Once more, the dreams of a lifetime come into focus, with its full flavor of the time when choirs will sing their praise-the final, complete summary of the myriads of experience

At Arm’s Length Did I reach down into the still water, fingering the lotus stem to capture the thought, the feeling, the word or reach above into the clouds to find what was real? And does it matter the direction of the movement to pick the fruit of consciousness within the dream because in the gathering I become that which is assembled, the spark? At what point do the transparencies overlaid to bring clarity and truth create opacity that hides connections blurs visions, muffles color’s sounds in the dull uniformity of grey tones? Should I pause, rest a moment to gather a single bouquet of lilies and live with it for awhile on my table, in my mind releasing the scent as by eye I travel its elegant form? Margie Kivel 9 March, 2011

JULY 2013


Phil Nielsen

prayer to the gods. Yet his oversight did not seem to make a difference as they got underway. The vessel was propelled by a favorable wind under a cloudless sky, even if it wallowed a bit from her heavy load. The response of the tiller was sure but slow and sluggish. The weather held, however, as the stars confirmed Hjort was on course.

Algiz/Aegir In my journey through the Elder Futhark and Frank Joseph’s book, Gods of the Runes, the next rune is Algiz or the rune of Aegir, The Oceanic God. This is the story of Hjort who captained a knorr sailing vessel to the West Viking settlement in Greenland from Iceland. To make the long voyage as worthwhile as possible, he loaded on so many extras, such as farm implements, tools, timber, furniture, and whatever else he could find, that his vessel rode too low in the water. Nevertheless, it was midsummer and the seas were usually mild then. He anticipated an uneventful crossing, as he and his crew had made the journey many times before. In his greed and haste to get underway, he had forgotten to offer up so much as a word of

About midway to Greenland, however, the captain saw a powerful storm rapidly approaching from the west, dead ahead. He steered directly for the center, folded his sail, and covered the decks. In moments, the most violent storm Hjort had ever experienced was upon them. Over the noise of the rain and thunder, the helmsman yelled that he was losing control of the ship. She was taking on water from riding too low in the water. Captain and crew worked feverously to untie the cargo and heave everything they could into the ocean. Hammers, casks of nails, beds, plows, harnesses, and enough timber to build a small town went overboard. Soon there was no more cargo and they furiously worked their wooden bailing buckets to keep from sinking. The winds increased, buffeting the sailing ship from side to side. Hjort joined his helmsman at the tiller; it needed the strength of both of them to control the vessel. In the middle of this maelstrom, Hjort called out to the sea god, “Aegir, who has brought about this raging storm to punish me for my greed and lack of piety, end your wrath, see us through to a safe landing, and I will raise a monument to your clemency.” But the god did not seem to hear him and they fought all night against the raging storm.

JULY 2013


Finally, at dawn, the storm blustered away to the east. The ship and its crew were still intact, if only barely, but the crew was too exhausted to celebrate. Badly damaged, the vessel drifted for weeks, while Hjort and his crew worked to make repairs and determine their position. Still unsure where the fates had blown them, they sighted land to the west and made for the coast.. Once ashore, they found thickly forested land with freshwater streams. Fish and wildlife were in abundance and the climate was mild. Most surprising of all, there were lush grapevines growing, so Hjort called this place, Vinland. He also did not forget his promise to Aegir, and after building shelter and securing provisions, he and his men set about raising a three-story building near the coast where they landed. It was a round tower made of stone masonry and stood on eight arches with four small square windows on the second level to face the four cardinal directions. The structure was an observatory to sight the approach of ships and to signal them with watch fires to the dangerous rocks and shoals along the coast. The loftier purpose— a monument to Aegir—was at once responsible for its creation and survival into modern times, for even today, so many centuries later, tourists and archeologists come from far a wide and wonder about the forgotten origins of Rhode Island’s Newport Tower. Aegir’s name is derived from the Old Gothic word for water, ahwa. He is the god of the Midgard oceans, at the bottom of which is his enormous palace. Its vast halls are ornate with the spoils of sunken ships amid profuse decorations of coral, shell, and pearl. As the sea over which he reigns represents the subconscious mind, so does the Aegir (or Algiz) rune signify unconscious emotions and instinctual action or reaction. It is also powerfully protective, the harbinger of new and fortunate influences that are often related to solid friendships or enduring partners, not unlike Aegir’s storm that brought the Norsemen to their higher destiny on the pre-Columbian shores of North America. Part of the sea god’s protection is in the form of strong premonitions or subtle warnings, formerly known as omens, but today regarded as meaningful coincidences. His rune resembles someone with open arms or in a pose of worship. It is better known as Neptune’s trident, the emblem of numerous marine deities—all Indo-European cultural inflections of the same sea god. Nigel Pennick associates Aegir’s rune with dark blue, like that of the azure sea.

pronged weapon of Roman gladiator, who, with his net, was the sacred impersonator of Neptune. Aegir rune (Algiz) corresponds to Capricorn, appropriately, the “Seagoat” beginning December 28 until January 19, Midwinter Day. The Norse associated it with Landvidi, the White Land, a clear reference to Atlantis, the lost civilization which sank beneath the sea during a natural disaster at the close of the Bronze Age, some thirty-two hundred years ago. The Hindu Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana both describe the sunken White Island as Atala, called Atland in Northern Europe, as cited in the Frisian Oere Linda Bok. Literally, The Book of What Happened in the Old Time, it is a compilation of ancient Frisian oral histories transcribed for the first time around 1256 AD and finally published in Holland in 1871. Aegir’s palace is an apparent mythic correlation to the drowned capital, where the runes and their divination magic were believed to have originated. Thanks to Thor, who stole it from the giants, Aegir owns the largest cauldron in the world. It was a mile across and is the ancient vessel of infinite abundance. It was later Christianized and radically downsized to become the Holy Grail during medieval times. Like the cauldron, Aegir’s rune signifies the boundless possibilities of fresh influences and suggests a connection between gods and men. Upright, it embodies life itself, stylistically resembling a human with arms upraised. It is commonly known as the Life Rune. In reverse, it signifies death, the dissolution of forms, extinction, or the necessary end, that no one, not even the gods, can avoid. This concept is exemplified by Aegir’s stone, black tourmaline, symbolizing the dark depths of the ocean and psyche that are his realm. His queen is Ran, who, regarding life and death, shares some influential features with his rune. Like the sea that Aegir personifies, his sign alternates between life and death. More often than not, Aegir (Algiz) inverted, implies that something must end, to allow something new to flourish. It can also suggest deception, bad guidance, or even betrayal by those around us depending on the accompanying runes in the cast. Seemingly attractive opportunities may be, in reality, snares to defraud or mislead us. Vulnerability pervades this inverted rune. The negative side cautions vigilance and discretion. At those times, we must learn to trust our instinct but also be on guard against potential dangers.

Its triune symbol stands for spiritual synthesis, the reconciliation of matter and spirit with the godhood— a meaning also found in the sacred trident of Poseidon, ruler of the seas as well as ruler of the unconscious; the three-pronged scepter of Siva, the Hindu Master of Creation, signifying his third eye; and the three-

JULY 2013

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Mercury in Cancer continues to Retrograde until July 21st, try to give it an extra week ( 28th) before you start making any big purchases or contracts. Until the 28th continue to double and triple check all contracts before signing the dotted line. Mercury in Cancer provides a link between our emotional and intellectual minds, this provides support when we are talking about our emotions. Think of a singer – the artists that we want to hear over and over are the ones that can touch and connect to our emotions and pull on our heart strings. Saturn still in Scorpio finally moves direct on July 8th during the New Moon, this reinforces the need to dig deep and apply commonsense before you manifest your thoughts and goals. It is important that you are really clear on your goals and aspirations while Saturn picks up speed and starts to move full speed ahead. Bring chaos into focused manifested energy. Jupiter starts its long run in Cancer. Jupiter loves being in the sign of the Moon, it brings more, more, more of all the good and nurturing things in your life. In Cancer It is exalted and acts like an honored guest that knows all the rules, including how to schmooze the host/ess to bring out the good crystal! Jupiter is part of the Grand Trine we have going on this summer. Uranus is travelling in Aries and on July 18th moves into a long retrograde. Neptune ( in Pisces) and Pluto ( in Capricorn) already retrograde creates a large inner spiral of all the collective energy. Allow this to inspire your thoughts as you spontaneously transform with acceptance and a new collective understanding . We have a really wondrous “Grand Water Trine” in our summer sky – grand trines remind me of rainbows. They are innate gifts and talents that are there j ust waiting to spill out goodness ( think of the skittles commercials) . If this water trine aspects well in your personal natal chart – get

ready to reach new levels of collective and spiritual connections. This energy is not j ust about reaching up – it is about manifesting your greatest hopes and dreams with wisdom, depth/breadth of knowledge and intuition … dream away! Other Tid bits. Mars moves to Cancer on the 14th it might feel like you are running in knee deep water – and that’s ok as long as you are at the beach J; Venus moves to Virgo on the 23rd ( not so comfortable here – perhaps feeling a little prudish ;-) We also have the Sun moving to Leo on the 22nd during the Full Moon … “see and feel me roar”, said the Leo/ness! New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to the night sky, when we do this we inherently connect and recognize genetic/ clan and collective habits and patterns of those that came before us and of which we carry the environmental signatures. The transiting New Moon at 16 degrees 18’ Cancer on J uly 8th Set some lofty meditation and healing goals between this New Moon and the Full Moon on July 21st. This full moon contains the “rainbow” described above. If this New Moon connects to your Natal chart you will have access to stabilized boundless wisdom but this energy is within you … internal … not outside or external. Dig deep and EnJoy! A lovely joining of communication and emotions – “Think with your Heart”! The transiting Full Moon at 0 degrees 0 6’ Aq uarius on J uly 22nd I don’t know if I love or hate this Full Moon it still contains the “rainbow” and in fact has doubled and thank-goodness because we are experiencing a few T Squares or energy that is trying to push us forward by utilizing confrontation, asking for change. If this Full Moon connects to your Natal chart you will need to hunker down to make this energy productive. Email: for more information on how a Phone or Skype Consultation can help you with any transitions you are experiencing in your life.

JULY 2013


In the following monthly individual horoscope you will find a combination of solar and lunar energy for each sign. Combine your Sun, Moon and Ascendant into one fabulous guide for the month. Ride the wave to set new goals and re-evaluate completion of old goals as you move forward in the month. Writing down your goals is an important step, but being passionately connected to each goal is vital to achieving them. Aries ( March 21-April 20) New goal setting opportunities on July 26th and 27th. Invest in your-self. At first this may feel very selfish and difficult. It is not selfish to make sure that you have what you need to succeed. Remember the rules – always put your own oxygen mask on first … before helping others … otherwise you will end up unable to help anyone, not even yourself. It is important to get out into your community (neighborhood) and mingle, this is not the month to isolate yourself. Loosen up emotional blockages, just let them go – you don’t need them! Love and express yourself like there is no tomorrow … get ready to inspire others with your passion. Taurus Horoscope ( April 21-May 21) New goal setting opportunities are on the July 1st 2nd and 3rd as well as July 29th. Create opportunities to take your relationships to incredible new depths. This is a very Karmic or Dharma oriented month for you – things you will need to take care of from your past may show up … (it is not all negative … good karma). It is important to show others a positive attitude but it must come from within. How you communicate a balanced and positive attitude is key, walk it, talk it, wear it! You need to believe! Gemini Horoscope ( May 23-June 20) New goal setting opportunities fall on July 4th and 5th as well as July 31st. This might be a good time to get to the bottom of things, what do you really want, and what is holding you back … it is time to take responsibility for your own actions. Soak in the revitalizing energy that is coming your way this month. If you have any physical fitness goals - this is the month to drive it home. You can’t live in your head forever – at some point you need to stop thinking about yoga and start doing it. Make if fun! If you are not sure what exercise would create movement for you … what was your favorite exercise when you were a kid … hula hoop / bike riding / skipping? You may have a tiny bit of resistance - but push through.

Cancer Horoscope ( June 21-July 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the afternoon o f the 6th and the 7th. Set goals to understand the difference between power and control within your relationships. Pay attention to your body – it is a truth meter and by developing this “feeling skill” you will always be confident in which direction to go. There are some incredible hidden opportunities that could surface this month, but to grasp them you will need to be very flexible and open… not just physically … emotionally and creatively as well. Take care that you do not use your words as a weapon. Happy Solar Return (Birthday) Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months.


Leo Horoscope ( July 21-Aug. 22) New goal setting opportunities fall on July 9th and 10th. Set a time and place for a daily meditation this month, it is important to look within before you move forward. This will provide all the insight you need into where you are

Be sure to get out of your own way, this includes … communication, security and your identity (ego), no self-sabotaging this month! Even though this is your birthday month you may feel a little bit invisible, like you are walking around but no one can see or hear you. Just know that all you need to do is ask for a hug and you will be wrapped in love. Happy Solar Return (Birthday) Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months. Virgo Horoscope ( Aug. 23-Sept. 22) New goal setting opportunities fall on July 11th (afternoon) and 12th. Set a goal to deepen your spiritual relationships and/or take your personal relationships to a spiritual level. You may find yourself immersed on a mystic path this month, but keep in mind this can leave a feeling of loneliness. Look ahead and see that there is a light shining on your path, and you are being asked to move forward. Journaling or writing may feel a little bit blocked this month – but that is just because you are being asked to dig a little deeper …. Meditation and trust are key.

JULY 2013


Libra Horoscope ( Sept. 23-Oct. 22) New goal setting opportunities are on July 14th and 15th. This month it is important to allow yourself to re-charge your batteries. Go through your past actions, opportunities, failures and successes, then contemplate and plan for the future. You may need to let go of some of your day to day security (or in-security) in order to take your career to the next level. Possibilities of moving to the next level are available but you will need to be very clear in your focus. Scorpio Horoscope ( Oct. 23-Nov. 21) New goal setting opportunities are on July 16th and 17th. Create patterns and habits to support movement forward in your life. You have the potential to accomplish great things of which you may be completely unaware. This is a month of destiny for you, watch for symbolic messages all around you that are here to guide you into your future. The only limits you have are created by your own fears (false evidence appearing real). Sagittarius Horoscope ( Nov. 22-Dec. 20) New goal setting opportunities are from the July 18th and 19th Set a promise to be in-touch with your internal and eternal light and happiness. There are rainbows waiting for you to follow them to the pot of gold. This is a powerful month for you, you can accomplish much, but first you will need to be aware that it is your own emotions that may be your worst enemy. It may look and feel like it is “others”, but don’t be too hard on your partner (business or personal), they are only reflecting back what you need to know about yourself.

needs to be?

Aq uarius Horoscope ( Jan. 21-Feb. 18) New goal setting opportunities are on July 22nd (after 11:07am) and 23rd. Re-evaluate your long term finances, do you have everything were it

How can you bring “service to the collective” and how you make your “living”… a little closer together? Explore your current work that is in service to others, it may be time to formulate a plan to do this service full time as your main career. On the other hand if you are not currently doing service work but are searching for a connection where you can serve the greater good …. Look to your current career for clues that might bring passion to the table. Pisces Horoscope ( Feb. 18-March 20) New goal setting opportunities are on July 24th afternoon and before noon on 25th Make a plan to meditate before bed – yes that means turning the TV off at least 30 minutes before sleep. Use breathwork to help move your body into a safe, comfortable, relaxing rhythm. Be sure to use your time wisely, you may find you need to express yourself creatively this month so keep pen, paint brush, or other artistic instruments close at hand. At the same time it is important that you do not get completely lost in the nebula of time and space. Even when you are tucked away safely in your own home think about productive activities … how about exploring travel to foreign lands and other cultures via your computer or a great book. Keep your eyes open for any unexpected money activities, could be bills or perhaps a win-fall (I vote the win-fall).

Capricorn Horoscope ( Dec. 21-Jan. 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the July 20th (after 11:30am) and 21st. Further developing current relationships and new friendships are great goals to focus on this month. You may find yourself hyper-focused on getting the bottom of everything (this may include a few conspiracy theories that catches your eye). Be sure not to become obsessed to the point that you become exhausted or drained of your vital energy. Relationships grow, new friendships develop.

JULY 2013

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Power Animal

The dance of the sacred spiral of love

When I asked what the power animal this month was and Grouse came forward, I laughed! See only a few days before I had a conversation with a friend and we were talking about Grouse. At the time I thought Grouse would be a good power animal. However none came forward until the day before the deadline. This was interesting to me only because I usually get the animal message a few days before. However, every time I asked up to this point I got an outright “NO” about if animal was coming forward then. It was an exercise in trust. At last though Grouse scurries in like a whirl wind spiral. Their message this month is this: “I am associated with the sacred spirals. Sacred spirals are everywhere in nature and your world. In fact you are made up of sacred spirals .They are called D.N.A, kundalini and chakras. Even your eyes and your finger prints have sacred spirals in them. This is very important to creation. The very act of creation is a merging; a swirling together that creates worlds, universes and the human being. It is so much more then that though because we are the universe, the divine and it is us. Therefor any creation from the fertilization of an egg by sperm to bring forth new life or new ideas, dreams, and thoughts to new perceptions and new paradigms requires the movement of the sacred spiral to bring it forth. So in this time of the moving of the sacred spiral into a new perception, a new shift, a higher vibration, requires that you move with the sacred spiral of All of Creation and the Divine. It requires trust that the next move in the dance of the sacred spiral will come when it is needed. That if you go with the flow and the movement of it, then it will flow with ease. That even if it flies through like a tornado bringing with it chaos that this too is a clearing so that the flow and movement can dance unprecedented through all of creation, the divine and you creating infinite and never ending possibilities within the fabric of time, dimensions, the universe and you.” With the dance of the sacred spiral of love Grouse

May 2013


Grouse medicine is the medicine of personal power. The Sacred Spiral is one of the oldest known symbols of personal power.

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May 2013


Rune of the Month

success, recognition of achievements, reward, joy, bliss, achievement of goals, contentment The rune I chose for the month of July is Wunjo. This is a positive rune, which means joy and when upright will always represent joy and happiness coming into your life. In a cast it indicates that whatever was troubling you will soon be turned to your favor. It could be a successful business venture, good news, a pleasant journey, or it could be a long lasting love relationship, all depending on the other stones cast. Often, Wunjo will signify the inq uirer’s affections. In that case, it usually shows a happy ending to an activity undertaken. It can also represent joy in one’s work, especially if it is artistic or creative. It is often drawn by artists or craftsmen and shows that this creative element is very important to their personal happiness.

are slow in coming to fruition, or you may be experiencing unhappiness in your life. Depending on the other runes in the cast, it could show a journey fraught with problems, dissatisfaction with either your job, or your performance in that job, or in matters of love and relationship, it could show disappointment or delay of some type. Wunjo reversed shows a need for caution, maybe even putting off an important decision until a better time. It could also show trouble is being caused by a third party, so in this instance, be aware of any duplicity on the part of partners or business associates.

In reverse, the meaning is the exact opposite. You may be going through a difficult time, things

May 2013

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May 2013



Marlene Cobb This month’s crystal came to me in a roundabout fashion. I was gifted the crystal for my birthday in March and I was delighted to have it because I have always thought they were neat, yet never purchased one for myself. It is actually a fossil but don’t let that fool you, because it packs a wallop. Fast forward to June, June 17th to be exact, a friend posted a picture on Facebook of a Ptarmigan she had seen that day while hiking. The picture was speaking to my soul and I decided I would look up what Ptarmigan meant. First you need to know that Ptarmigan is also known as a “Willow Grouse”. I only discovered this after I typed Ptarmigan into Google. The first page I brought up had this information; “When the spirit animal of Grouse begins to work with you as a totem, you will be learning lessons that entail understanding and connecting with the Sacred Spiral.

One of the oldest known symbols of personal power is the Sacred Spiral. Grouse medicine can be imagined like a whirlpool or a tornado with the spiral taking one to the center. Going to the center will allow for a personal vision or enlightenment of some kind.” Source: Immediately, I thought of my Ammonite which I had been gifted. I picked it up from the coffee table and held it for a while and as usual was drawn into its intricate pattern. The sacred spiral is one of the forms that keep growing without losing their shape. It just keeps adding another layer and expanding outward in a spiral. Just like humans, we are always growing and evolving both personally and spiritually. Connected to where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. I have said in other articles that our past choices bring us to who we are today, our choices

JULY 2013


today will lead us into our tomorrow. The sacred spiral is a beginning that keeps on evolving until it reaches its life end. In the case of an Ammonite, an extinct marine invertebrate called Ammonoidea, some were very small (an inch or less across) indicating a short life and others reached sizes of 6.5 feet across, which would lead us to believe a long life. The females grew bigger in diameter than the males, but the males were wider across if you were to hold the spiral vertical between your fingers and look down on the top of it. I read somewhere that often they did not live more than one year, but as they are extinct, that would be hard to prove as fact. The neat thing is that from what I can see is they would have expanded around themselves. In the picture to the left, you can see the peaks and valleys which seem to fit into one another as you go from the inner portion of the spiral outward. It would have been never ending and could continue infinite. Ammonite was considered sacred in Ethiopia and was used primarily for prophetic dreams. It has been used to facilitate deep meditation for centuries. It is easy to see how this fossil could draw you in as the spiral does have a hypnotic quality. One of the great things about ammonite is that you have the sacred spiral in physical form and can carry it around with you. Using this perfect little fossil, which is easy to find in most crystal shops, you are able to focus on the spiral which is said to help the conscious accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. It reminds us that we evolve, not only on an inner level but also on the outer level. This helps on the spiritual path, reminding each of us that we need to be centered, and from being centered, we are balanced. Ammonite is said to be the bearer of good luck and prosperity. I will interject here and say that, since packing my ammonite around with me, I have been gifted with some surprises in the realm of fortune. Unexpected windfalls, not large, but welcome just the same. The healing aspects of ammonite are general good health, stamina and high energy. It is also said to assist with childbirth, probably due to being associated with the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. In the case of depression, there are reports that ammonite helps to lift the heaviness associated with depression.

It can help transmute negativity to smoothly flowing energy Connect with Marlene at

If you have been processing past issues during the year 2013, I would suggest using this stone or, at the very least, carrying it around with you. It helps to release karmic debris and harmful thought patterns. Fossils including, not simply ammonite, but also snake stone, witch stone and sponges, are all negative impressions or remains of ancient creatures and plants that dissipated from the earth millions of years ago, and eons of time have turned them into stone. Since these creatures were once alive, they are linked with the Akasha. Ammonite works on providing clarity and enhancing personal power, making it very useful indeed when clearing out the clutter from this life time or past life times. Lastly, Ammonite has been said to dispel chaos. It changes negativity into smoothly flowing energy. Healers have used Ammonites for activating Kundalini energy, as the spiral shape is similar to the coil of Kundalini energy. No matter if you purchase an ammonite just for the beauty of it alone, or you intend to work with it, I recommend having this fossil in your collection.

JULY 2013


Meditation Using Ammonite

Holding your Ammonite in your hands, quiet your thoughts by taking a deep cleansing breathe. Take 3 more deep breaths and on the exhale of each breath, feel the tension of your day leave your body, relaxing you deeper with each exhale. Now look at your Ammonite and focus on the beginning center point of the spiral deep within the shell. Follow the path the spiral takes from the center outward as it climbs higher and higher, opening to larger and larger chambers. Now reverse and go from the outer chamber into the center. Close your eyes and visualize that central point again and imagine yourself, very small, at the beginning of the spiral. Just as you followed the spiral around and around like a staircase, imagine yourself climbing those stairs, spiraling around and around, climbing higher and higher and moving up and out through the chambers, each chamber being a larger replica of the one before. Go

slowly and allow yourself to experience the turns of the spiral and how it gets wider and wider at each turn. In your mind's eye, look down into the spiral and view the center once again to see how far you have gone. The spiral staircase can go anywhere you want it to go, or you can stop in any one of the chambers to receive the knowledge and wisdom of that chamber. You may decide to go back down the spiral and spend time in the center once you arrive back there, to see what enlightenment comes to you. At any point if you are guided to stop, stop at that point, relax your mind, and rest in the spiral’s energy. Look back to see how far you climbed and when you are ready, open your eyes and write down any experiences or knowledge that you received.

Marlene Cobb

JULY 2013


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JULY 2013


Power Animal

Marlene Cobb The below picture started it all. My soul fell into this picture and took a deep breath that washed over me in total relaxation. Can you see him/her? Blended so well with the background it might take a moment to actually see the Ptarmigan! “Ptarmigan (Willow Grouse) Ptarmigan demonstrates the strength of family relationships and attachments to others. He shows how to balance masculine and feminine energies whether it be personal or with others around you. He teaches to be overall neutral in actions and be more dominant when needed. Ptarmigan gives instructions on the art of camouflage and blending in. He knows the three stages of change that will ultimately give color to your life. Grounding, movement, timing and letting go of

the past are aspects of his teachings. Ptarmigan has high insulating properties as well as teaching how to lightly tread on others emotions. He shows how to walk carefully in mind and spirit. Pay attention to diet; eat more fruit, vegetables and fiber to help integrate Ptarmigan's energy. Time period for Ptarmigan's medicine is about a month. Seven to ten days new things appear. Be mindful of the subtleties. After about 3 weeks developments will be very noticeable as you incorporate his messages. He will assist during this swift adjustment with balance and grace. What he teaches now will have effects over the next two years as you reach another level of spiritual maturity.� S o u r c e :h t t p :/ / w w w . s t a r s t u f f s . c o m / a n i m a l _ t o t e m s / dictionary_of_birds.html

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May 2013


Grounding, movement, timing and letting go of the past are aspects of his teachings. For me, Ptarmigan brought with him the gift of a high five for many aspects of my life that I have been working on. My diet was changing and as the season turns to summer that means more fresh fruits and vegetables make up my diet. It confirms that I need to pay closer attention to this and get a little more focused on what I am filling up on. This year for me has been about going within to find my balance, my center and changing what needs to be changed in order to have more peace within my life. I have also discovered the tool of neutrality and have been working with it, confirmation for me to continue on this path. The main message I received, was that I need more movement in my life. Movement brings balance to our bodies, minds and spirit. It does not matter if I choose to incorporate this movement in the privacy of my own home, or by getting out in public for walks, it only matters that I move. Too long has my body been sedentary, it needs to move. Lastly, I was smacked with the last sentence of “you reach another level of spiritual maturity”. The messages that have been coming to me around this “spiritual maturity” during the last month have been many. It is becoming apparent that we are all being asked to step into this maturity and leave behind our “childhoods” so to speak. The energy that blew in on 12/21/12 has been asking us to let go of our hold on the past, as we need to move forward. I

Photo: Brenda McEachern Leslie have been getting the sense that prior to 2013; it was all of our spiritual “childhoods”. It was when we were birthed, and given our wings to explore, learn and grow. Now we have arrived and entered adulthood. The time has come to get comfortable in our skin and discover how we are going to sustain ourselves over the coming years. When I say sustain, I am not speaking of how we are going to live but rather, sustaining our peace and happiness. It is about accepting who we are so that others may accept us too. I think about how, usually during childhood, we follow the herd of our peers and don’t step too far away from the pack. As adults, do we branch out and follow our own heart or do we continue to follow the herd? Reclamation of self is at hand. Maturity means ripe, fully developed, ready, due. At this point it does not matter what supported (tended, fed, watered, inspired) you. You are ready to make your stand amongst all the rest and take your rightful place in the world. It requires trust, faith, courage and a drop of bravery but when you walk your path fully, the Universe will come up to meet you. It is time to be all that you were meant to be. Look at this little Ptarmigan, what message does he have for you? Allow yourself to sink into the serenity of the picture and listen for his message for you.

May 2013

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This story is not for the feint-hearted. But it is a true story and as ever, I walk my path as authentically as I can, sharing whatever I feel will uplift others along the way. First of all, may I say that one thing in these crazy wonderful times that keeps coming up for review, is Trust. I have always had Trust issues (as have many of us) and we all have our own reasons for not being able to trust, or trusting too much. My trust is imbalanced, in other words! My reason for Trust being distorted for me is sexual abuse in my very early childhood. My granddad was the perpetrator. You don’t need the details, but his actions blighted my life. I am quite sure that some of you reading this will know what I am talking about. I am now 57 years young, and to this day, I struggle with

trusting people. I think I trust and then something happens and I go into 5-year old mode again. For some time, the Mother of All Creation has been talking to me about Trust. In her infinitely loving way, she has been speaking to me of this, and I have been slowly realising that Trust is my final béte noir! I have to say that for a week or more I have been engaging with a meditation I found quite by accident. Ok… I know. Nothing happens by accident. Meditation is not something I normally do and have found other methods of relaxing to be just as effective for me. This one is called the Quantum K healing and if anyone wants the link please contact me and I’ll happily share it. I’ve been doing it for about a week, and the amazing thing is, it seems to be really working. The exercise is enjoyable and works on the subconscious

JULY 2013


as well as the conscious part of us. In addition, and before going to sleep, I settle myself and breathe Peace (more about that later) and then I walk my way through a beautiful visualisation that my lovely friend, Dianne Pegler, channelled and shared with me. Dianne is the author of the wonderful book The Sacred Order of the Magi, by the way! It is called the Healing Dome of the Magi and I am sure she will be sharing it in a downloadable form soon. Last night I had the most amazing and vivid dream. I dreamed about my granddad. I was in my granny's old house where we used to live with granny and granddad and my mum was with me. We were visiting. Only granddad was home and he was really pleased to see us. Mum started telling him about some things she'd seen at work that they were getting rid of for £10 – some cups and saucers that were particularly appealing to her. But the only thing was they had the words Newcastle Brown emblazoned across them. (Newcastle was to where we defected when I was 6 and the birthplace and home of my step-dad with whom we did a runner!) Granddad pulled out his wallet and said to mum, 'Do you want them love? Here's a tenner. Buy them. I've had a bit of a win on the horses and I've got a bit to spare’. But mum wouldn't take it. I went into the kitchen to wash the teacups and mum followed me. I told her off for not taking the money, because I felt she wanted to but wouldn't for some reason. I told her it was as gracious to accept as it was to give. Then granddad came into the kitchen. He came up behind me laughing and put his hand on my legs at the back, just below my skirt. I spun around on him looking him straight in the eyes and shouted, 'Don't even GO there, granddad'. I was furious and let him know it. He laughed and looked surprised and then my mom came into the kitchen to see what was going on. I began shouting at him. 'I AM YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER... and what you’ve done is totally inappropriate. You do not do that with your granddaughter. Do you get that?’ He looked somewhat bemused and tried to pass it off, but I wasn't letting him get away with it. Then my moth-

er chimed in and backed me up. He looked at her and me and said something about not having done anything and it must have been a mistake (on our part) and I yelled at him, 'No granddad, it was no mistake on my part. I remember every detail. I’m not stupid. I know what you did and I know that you did it to mum and you also did it to me!!!’ He walked into the sitting room followed by my mum, and I could hear them talking... he was trying to appease her and she was falling for it. I even started to doubt myself again, but then rage kicked in. I went back into the room and confronted them both. My mum looked terrified, but I wasn’t stopping, not for anything. Then, mum returned to the kitchen, leaving granddad and me alone. As I looked at him, his eyes were really blue, twinkling kindly behind his spectacles. His hair was a soft silver grey and he looked really gentle. I recall that he was wearing a soft, blue-checked shirt (a bit like a lumberjack shirt) and he looked at me and I wanted so much to be held and acknowledged. He opened his arms to me and said, 'I never would have hurt you. I never meant to hurt you. I am sorry. I guess I owe you a big apology, don't I?' I melted into him at last, feeling the love we ought to have shared. I knew then that I could trust him. We hugged and laid my head on his chest and sobbed my heart out... I woke up. It was 5.30am. At some point in my dream, I remember being outside in a busy street and my mum trying to tell me about a spider she could see on a door across the street. I didn't see it, but she kept saying, 'Look its on that house there... No. 134' so I went over to take a look. I saw a spider, but the thing she had been looking at was a TINY HUMMINGBIRD!!! Interestingly, my dear friend India has a soul sister in spirit, and she always brings Hummingbird to let her know she’s around. Then… the release and the understanding, which has left me reeling… At 6am, I went downstairs to make some tea. I stood at the kitchen sink and was aware of a slight headache and a nagging ache – a bit like a period pain –

JULY 2013


stand why he was crying. Now I know. The song? Elusive Butterfly by Bob Lind... as he listened to the song, he urged me to listen to the words. I was moved to tears when it was unexpectedly played on the radio. My lovely friends, I have experienced such a beautiful release... and a deeper understanding in my heart. I wish the same for you. Oh, the bit about Peace… no. I didn’t forget! Mother has been helping me to find equilibrium in very challenging circumstances lately. When I felt my heart was breaking and my emotions were in tatters, Mother spoke in her infinitely gentle and loving way. in my nether regions. As I rinsed out the teapot, I felt my granddad’s presence and I heard his voice, speaking to me from his new perspective… in Source. The experience was infinitely loving and comforting but more importantly, healing. I felt him in my heart and with all my heart I told him, 'I love you granddad. What was that dream about please? Can you explain?’ His voice reverberated in my soul.

‘ Beloved daughter, be still in your heart and hear my voice. Breathe in and out gently, and as you do, feel Peace. Say the word if you wish. But find Peace. Once you do, you will find the state of Peace that passeth all understanding’. She’s right. I have found that when I am in that place, I do not need to work myself into a frazzle trying to understand things with my head. When I understand with my heart, all understanding comes to me anyway! My heartlight and love to you all. Jay xxx

‘ Remember the story about the Little Soul and the Sun? The story you love so much? Well, that is pretty much how it happened for us, too. Before you entered your life experience, you said you wanted to learn more about Trust. I volunteered to help you experience all facets of Trust, including broken Trust, in order that you to learn best how to know it and to regain it for yourself. This beloved child, I want you to know, I did because I love you’. And the lightning flashed in my brain... and I understood. In the peace that truly passed all understanding, as granddad and I met again, Understanding dawned...

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He also shared with me that he had 'boundary' issues in his lifetime, because he had also known severe abuse as a child. Not particularly sexual, but in other ways that were terrible for him. He looked for love in all the wrong places and didn't know what love was. He said he was always angry in the pit of his stomach and in his heart because of the wrongs that had been meted out to him as a boy... he never felt loved and so his quest was to find it. Interesting then that granddad died of a heart attack... More poignantly is hearing his favourite song on the radio; one he once played for me on the old Dansette, with tears in his eyes. At the time I didn’t under-

JULY 2013


JULY 2013


Message from the Angels As the angels step forward this month I hear a soulful rendition of “summertime and the living is easy” sweep across my ears. Easy indeed! We notice from our perspective that all of you tend to slow down during this month of J uly. Days are spent relaxing on beaches; evenings are spent taking leisurely strolls when the air gets cooler; weekends find many of you out camping or on day trips where there is no hustle and bustle of “normal” life. It is a relaxed pace, clocks have less bearing and you settle into a pace that allows your soul to recharge. We encourage you to take on this slower pace. Slow and steady wins the race, while hurry and scurry brings about fret and worry. Slow down this month and embrace life as it happens. Everything you have been fretting about is resolved; there is no need to carry it forward with you. We come to you with assurance that in the moment you slow down, all your cares and worries will be shown to you from a different perspective, one that includes solutions you can integrate into your life. A new chapter is beginning this month for each of you. All we ask is that you trust your inner guidance. If you are confused or uncertain please call upon us, ask us for clarification or a sign that what you are receiving is valid and trustworthy. This means you are making a commitment to improve your current life circumstances. Go forward fearlessly with a complete knowing that you know what is right for you. Forget about looking at what others are doing, follow your own path. Each of you is unique and as we have said before, each of you has a different path to walk. This means that even if the situation looks similar on the surface how you each process it will be unique to your path. Y ou come into your light and power in your own time and way. This is the way all will get to consciousness living, by individually finding their path and not worrying about what others are doing. It is about you and you alone and through this you will see that the duality you are holding onto so tightly, by looking to others, disappears and unity is born. This month, focus on slowing down your pace. Enjoy present moments of ambiguity and rest. Haste and hurry will cause delays, so please do not push for results to match your expectations. Allow the puzzle to unfold and see what new surprises and ideas come to you when you take on “living is easy”.

JULY 2013

JULY 2013


Water that is! Water is the second most important thing we put into our bodies each day, the first being air! As the weather turns warmer it is especially important to ensure that we do not dehydrate our bodies. Dehydration happens when our bodies lose an excessive amount of fluids. There are many things that cause our bodies to lose body water, exercise, sweating, and normal body functions like pumping blood to vital parts of our body. Tea is not water. Coffee is not water. Wine, beer and alcohol are not water. Sugary, salty drinks, such as sodas and energy drinks are not water. Intake of these drinks do not break down like water does, nor do they work with our blood and cells to provide our body what it needs to work properly. Did you know that dehydration plays a big role in precipitation of migraines, headaches, neck pain, back pain, arthritic pain, angina pain, colitis, and a host of other conditions including stress and tension? In fact stress and tension can lead to dehydration which then causes a vicious cycle. When you are a q uart low, your body begins to redirect water to the most critical organs, brain, heart, lungs. The j oints, knees and elbows are given less

and less of the bodies on hand supply. Not to mention the flushing out of toxins! ! It might interest you to know that by the time we sense thirst, our organs have already become dehydrated. Often thirst is presented as hunger, and drinking a glass of water and waiting a few minutes might resolve you hunger sensation. So how much water is enough water? There are as many different answers for that as there are advocates of water. Personally I strive for 0.5 – 1 oz. of water per body weight in lbs. Example; a 120 lb. person should aim for 7.5 – 15 cups of water per day ( 120 x .5 = 60 – 120 x 1 = 120, 60 divided by 8= 7.5, 120 divided by 8 = 15) . Remember this is “water”, do not include your intake of tea, coffee, energy drinks, sodas, or alcoholic beverages, only pure water counts. Watching your water intake can help you maintain good health, without costing you a penny. Even if you don’t care for water, your body and mind need it. This is an essential part of caring for yourself. Make it a habit to include enough water in your diet and see if you notice improved health or less aches and pains.

JULY 2013


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JULY 2013


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Nourish - July 2013 issue 24  

Nourish is a free online magazine for all who seek knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Helping people learn, achieve, and grow one sent...

Nourish - July 2013 issue 24  

Nourish is a free online magazine for all who seek knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Helping people learn, achieve, and grow one sent...