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they have a book in them but not many sit down and place pen to paper to allow the words to flow. So just what does “Decoding the Butterfly Promise” mean, and how can it help the readers of Nourish while they travel down the road of life? It gives us all a view of what it is like to go from skeptic to believer on the spiritual path. Being a social scientist Gail challenges everything, and takes us on a journey from the safety net of what is considered “normal” to living her authentic life of awakening to the power within. There are numerous references in the book that those of us on the journey to our authentic selves can relate. This book will have you laughing, welling up with tears, and flipping the pages to see what happens next. Gail very candidly shares with us what it was like to go from being a woman with an impressive 11 page resume working in a male dominant field, to being a single mom going through the system and struggling to make ends meet. The journey is not just about that though, she also walks us through tearing down the walls mankind has set in place since the beginning of time on the roles of being male or female. We learn that each of us regardless of the genitalia we are born with have both aspects within us. That, through finding balance in both areas – right brain and left brain – we become whole and as women regain our feminine power. We are taken on a journey, not only of Gail’s journey, but also that of Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephtys. Gail, very brilliantly, weaves how women since the time of Isis, have been following in her footsteps and how we can break free to become a “creatist” of our own authentic lives. We are guided, as was Gail, by the Empress of the Universe and Butterfly woman. We are all invited to have our own experience and aha moments as we drift through the pages. The book is broken down into 4 parts, from Gail’s website here is the breakdown;

Part 1

“Answering the Wakeup Call”

I describe how I got hooked and engaged in joining this project. The section is filled with magical treats of the week and outrageous experiences that helped to break me out of the small box I’d labeled reality. In a word, it’s outrageous! But it’s true. My favorite part is when David helps my guide appear to me. Talk about scared skinny! I was terrified, but I was fascinated in equal measure. It is in this section that I also experience what being equal really feels like and I begin to see a bigger picture of what life really offers us.

Part 2

“Rebuilding the Future”. Vital keys are revealed and pieced together. Many transfers happen that lead me to work with a team of unusual and amazing individuals to help rebuild something that was lost long ago. I think what we did was also pre-paving the future.

Part 3

”Moving Forward and Look-

ing Back”

I move to the other side of the country and leave my ‘stuff’ and everything and everyone I’ve ever known. Think metaphor here. While I explore my new environment, the Empress of the Universe sends me back to review some of my earlier experiences which later fit together in an unbelievable way. I also find my partner in dreaming and experience an hysterical emotional roller coaster ride trying to find him in 3D reality. All of these experiences conspire to get me to shed my old ways and flip the switch on how I participate in life.

Part 4

“Resurrecting the Knowledge of the Ancients”

tells the true ‘first love’ story according to the Empress of the Universe, and straightens out some bad information we’ve had passed along to us. Then it deals with what it means for us now and how we break through and claim our power. Butterfly woman in her feminine aspect speaks up and tells the story of what happened to her and then shows how we keep repeating her experiences with our own lives. Wow. I didn’t want to believe it, but as soon as I looked through my life, the proof was right in front of my face. In fact I kept repeating a biggie she had…playing it again and again. Finally both Butterfly and the Empress of the Universe explain what it is we can do to stop the repeats and create our own lives, and yes, live happily ever after!

Please join Gail, myself and a few others August 1 at 7pm Pacific time on Networthy Radio , The Networthy Project, Blogtalkradio. To hear Gail speak about the book. To order you copy today (and I highly recommend you do so) please go here: you will then be redirected by one click to

August 2012

By Marlene Cobb 43

Nourish - August 2012 - Issue 13  

Free online magazine filled with articles to inspire.

Nourish - August 2012 - Issue 13  

Free online magazine filled with articles to inspire.