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Issue 13 August 2012

August 2012


August 2012


Upcoming Publication Dates September 1, 2012 October 1, 2012 November 1, 2012 All content Š2011 - 2012 by Nourish Your Body Mind Soul Nourish Your Body Mind Soul is a monthly publication dedicated to empowering readers with knowledge that can help them feel fulfilled on this journey called life. All articles are the express views and beliefs of the writer and are provided as guidelines to the readers. Ultimately each reader is responsible for their own choices and decisions. The articles are meant as guidelines and the reader is encouraged to expand on the knowledge presented within these pages to form their own opinions.

August 2012


tunity to learn something new. From the articles submitted and also from the ins and outs of putting a magazine together for the world to see. I am very grateful to all of the readers who continue to support Nourish month after month. Without you, there would not be much purpose to publish a monthly magazine. To the authors who each month share not only their wisdom but also their time to ensure articles are researched and written, I give my eternal gratitude and appreciation. Without you the journey would have been a boring one.

Can you believe it? I sure can’t and I have been the publisher of this magazine for one year now! Happy Birthday Nourish!! Well, officially Nourish will not be a year old until August 13th, which was our first publication date. Nourish started with my desire to pull together a newsletter, but that was not to be. It was apparent early on that it needed to be more substantial. So a magazine was born with 3 authors and 16 pages. To steal the phrase “You’ve come along way baby” , Nourish has grown to 18 contributors and around 50 pages a month. It has been a labor of love for me and each month I get excited as the contributors deadline draws close in anticipation of what they will share. Each month I am afforded the oppor-

I have in the past month been thinking about what I would write here and have found that words escape me. To say I feel a sense of pride might sound conceited, however I am very proud of how Nourish has flourished in just one year. It has not happened with just me but with all of us. So this month enjoy the articles within these pages. Send out an email to the authors and say thanks to them for sharing. Most of all the best gift Nourish could receive is your continued support. Please pass along the magazine to family, friends and coworkers. May the next year be filled with marvelous blessings for each of you and Nourish as well! Angel blessings Marlene

August 2012


An opportunity for Grace, Inspiration and for Healing….A time of reflection, of study and of discovery….A moment in a busy life to stop, still, listen….To connect to, be in the presence of, be fed by….something greater than SELF. There are moments when the wisest move is to stay still. To listen, learn and reflect on what is Within. To remove oneself from the constant chaos, bring oneself to the Center. To the point of Balance. Letting go of requirements, outcomes, goals….just to BE, FEEL, SEE and WITNESS. Witness? To witness is to sit outside of judgment, to sit outside of oneself and watch, listen….with Awareness and Acceptance..

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August 2012


Vera Enshaw oil. The action of both oils is enhanced when used together. Sore, achy muscles? Pine is very soothing for stressed muscles and joints when used in massage. It is also useful for arthritis and sciatica— when rubbed on the area its warming qualities ease the pain. It is also wonderful to put a couple of drops in a bath. Very soothing to muscles that have been overworked, or even to ease a hangover! Aromatically pine oil works well for clearing the air, helping those with asthma, colds, smoker’s cough or sinusitis. Spiritually this oil calls forth the spirits of the mountain. Sit with it in meditation, put some on your forehead in the area of your 3rd eye. It will ground the body and align the root, sacral, throat and third eye chakras.

Have you ever been in a pine forest? On a warm summer day the smell is heady and intoxicating. It is relaxing and nurturing, yet does not make one drowsy. Pine essential oil is steam distilled from Scotch pine—the pine tree that we use for Christmas trees. It can be diffused, used in massage or (if it is therapeutic grade) taken internally. It works very well with Eucalyptus Globulus, sharing many of the same properties as that

Get a lovely, organic carrier oil such as sweet almond or grapeseed oil. Put a small amount in a glass vial and add several drops of pine oil. Put on a pretty label and you have a lovely gift for a friend! Or put a cup of Epsom salts in a bowl, add 3—4 drops of pine oil and 3—4 drops of eucalyptus globulus. Stir well, put into a clear plastic bag and wrap with a pretty ribbon. It’s an inexpensive “just because” gift for someone who may be feeling a bit down and could use some cheering up!

August 2012


August 2012


Marlene Cobb

“I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!” I think we all can remember this phrase from "Alice in Wonderland". The White Rabbit scurrying along, shirt tails flying behind him, holding a big pocket watch as he dashed off down the rabbit hole. This is the beginning of the story and a paramount part, as Alice follows him down the rabbit hole. People have speculated that he was late for the announcement of the Queen to the Royal Garden and feared he would lose his head. Another phrase often quoted from this story "Off with his head". I am quoting the story Alice in Wonderland because it is a great metaphor for my article. Either way, at one time or another, I am sure we have all been the White Rabbit, scurrying to make an appointment or we have been the Queen of Hearts , left waiting and wanting to shout "off with their heads!" Being late can seem like a small thing that really doesn't matter, but it communicates a message to the person waiting that speaks volumes. I am sure that people who are late don't mean to convey a message. In essence what they are saying is "my time is more important than yours" Being kept waiting is an experience no one enjoys, at best it wastes time, and at worst it indicates a lack of regard. Sure, the person kept waiting is polite and accepts the apologies offered by the late arrival, even if they are seething inside and truly would love to yell "off with his head". It can

fire though, and some places, if you are late for you appointment, you lose out and have to rebook. Or worse, you have to pay for the appointment you missed and rebook, which ends up costing you double. A phone call can alleviate some of the distress the waiting person is going through. Yet, if being late has become a habit, we may need to look inside ourselves to see what is going on. It is easy to make excuses for our behavior or project responsibility onto others. For true growth though, we need to take responsibility and accept why we are late, come to terms with it, and work on correcting it. Some of the main reasons we get into the habit of being late are: Lack of self-regard -we aren’t really important anyway, so why will anyone care if we’re late, or don’t show up at all. Being disorganized, or simply trying to do too much in one day. Not wanting to really do it or be there - We communicate our disinterest or boredom by not showing up on time. There is freedom to be gained in taking back your power and addressing the subject of being late! One, you will save time by not running around like the White Rabbit stressing because you are going to be late. Plan ahead and remember most things take

August 2012


longer to do than you think. You are important or the other person would not have set up an appointment with you! Self-esteem is a worthy trait to have and will take you far in life. Start showing up on time and your self-esteem will shoot up just by knowing that you took charge of your time. If you don't want to be at a function or just don't feel like doing it for whatever reason, communicate this. It might just work out that you don't have to participate. Again, you will be saving yourself the stress of dragging your feet, and being bored at the same time.

confrontational way. Let them know that your time is valuable to you. Set boundaries, even if this means leaving when they don't show up or excluding them from the event. True, this one might take a little time to not feel guilty about but in the end, you, as well, have taken your power back and are not being held hostage by their timeframe. What do you think? Are you the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts or a little of both? Discern your truth with regards to lateness. Decide to openly work on it and set yourself free!

The year 2012 is the year to work on our own personal issues, and if being late is one of them, we have the opportunity to deal with it and put it behind us. Understanding the deeper meaning of our inability to show up on time allows us the option to communicate clearly and consciously how we feel instead of communicating unconsciously by being late. I have not addressed the Queen of Hearts factor in the lateness game. For those of you who are habitually waiting for others there are a couple things you can do. Address the issue with the person in a non -

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Rumi

August 2012


It is August 2012! The year is already half over and I am sure it has been an exhilarating year for you. Every month I get excited to contribute to Nourish and to share and grow with all of the readers of this innovative magazine. This month, I felt with the summer here, and everyone out and about it would be a great month to talk about self care. Sometimes when we get busy, work wise, family wise and socially, we forget the keys of our own well being. It seems like everyone I worked with in the last two weeks have been on overdrive! Sometimes the beautiful sun in Vancouver can put us all into a state of over doing. We try to get out and soak up as much of summer activities as we can, knowing that we live in the Pacific North West, and that rain can loom any day. In this heightened state of excitement, we sometimes lose touch with ourselves, and forget to do one of the basic elements of life – consciously breathe. In Western Medicine, it is well studied that our sympathetic nervous system sends us into a state of fight or flight. The sympathetic arousal occurs when we get into any state of perceived fear. We do not need anything sitting in front of us to bring about fear as it can just be a state of our emotions due to our thoughts. Once we enter into sympathetic (Continued on page 11)

By Dr. Divi Chandna

August 2012


arousal, we quickly catapult into physical sensations of increased heart rate, rising blood pressure, dilated pupils, rapid breathing rate, decreased digestion, lower immunity and a mental state of arousal or anxiety.

basic methods of healing. In other countries, where older thinking is still rampant, medications and seeing a doctor are often the last choice. In my country of origin – India, many people spend hours a day practicing pranayama or the science of breathing only with little emphasis on asanas or physical postures.

The opposite being the parasympathetic nervous system gives us a state of mental calm and ease along with physical sensations of decreased heart rate, lower blood pressure, calmer breath and improved digestion and immunity.

We must learn to meditate on our breath. Breath is God in us. Breath is life in us. Breath is us.� --Yogi Bhajan ...

(Continued from page 10)

The only conscious connection that any person can make to transition from the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic is the breath. Conscious, focussed awareness allows us to move from a state of dis-ease to a space of ease. It really is that simple. We all breathe, but do we do it consciously? The average person breathes 16 times per minute, which is 23 040 breaths per day. That is a lot of times for us to bring conscious awareness into the moment. The breath can be focussed on in any way. We can slow down our mind for one second, and then pause. As we pause, we are giving ourselves a chance to reflect, sit and be still. In that space of stillness is a state of relief, absolute magic, healing and the potential to cure. As we run around busy in the fun summer months, we often forget that cardinal rule to breathe. We might be soaking it up in the sun at the beach, but in the back of our mind is the idea that we have to go to a barbeque or party. With that in mind, we lose all of the benefits of present moment awareness.

With this in mind, regardless of what the rest of your week and month have in store, what would happen if you accentuate your breathing? When we are in a space of breath, our thinking minds are calmer, and our bodies are allowed to function in a more natural, healthy way. The human body is a self-healing mechanism. One of the most efficient, easy and dramatic ways of accentuating positive change is the connection with mindful breathing. For the rest of the summer, as you run between all of your fun activities, take a moment to consciously breathe. You can consciously meditate while you do any activity - eat, walk, exercise and work. You will find you will have a calmer mind, and you will automatically bring more balance into your nervous system. The effects of such a simple technique are mind boggling! Enjoy the rest of your summer as you bring the conscious breath to all of those fantastic moments.


I am always amazed that such a simple tool is really all we need to shift our focus and our ultimate health effects. Taking this a step further, I will introduce the next idea that perhaps all disease can be shifted and positively affected through our conscious focus on breath. Some people will shy away from this concept, either because it is too easy and therefore impossible or because they would rather continue their search for healing outside of themselves. In all my years teaching yoga, I saw miraculous healings simply through the profound focus on breath and present moment awareness. Could breathing really heal high blood pressure? Could breath work substantially affect diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pain?

Dr. Divi Chandna is a family doctor and an intuitive healer. She loves to work with clients who want to get to the root source of their disease process. Dr. Divi believes that illness is not a one way road, but all disease can be unravelled and healed. She stands in her life mission to help people understand the majestic beauty of who they are, and to realize that they have the ability to self heal and release into their own supreme perfection. She intertwines her gifts of intuition and her practical, cognitive mind of medicine to help people on their healing path. Dr. Divi practices in Vancouver and does sessions in person, on phone and via Skype.

In our health care model, we rely so much on the externals, that we have forgotten some of the most

August 2012


This article is about freeing others from the expectations we hold of them. Being a therapist allows me to listen objectively to the expectations one individual, be it partner, parent, child, colleague or friend, has of another. I see the impact of inappropriate expectations, and the way in which the true potential of the relation-

Gwen Randall-Young

August 2012

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ship goes unrealized. It is appropriate for parents to have expectations of responsible behavior from children who are not yet adults. It is appropriate for adults to have expectations of respect, integrity and honoring agreements between one another. It is not appropriate to make another responsible for our happiness. I am reminded of the mother who became estranged from her newly married daughter, because she was no longer top priority in her daughter’s life. She took it personally if her daughter had other commitments and could not stay the whole time at family functions. She showed her anger and resentment towards her daughter, which caused the daughter to avoid her all the more. She tried to control her daughter through guilt in order that she might continue to feel ‘special’. The more she tried to control, the farther away her daughter retreated, and the more bitter and demanding the mother became. It sounds so simple, but if she just dropped the expectations she had of her daughter, and simply loved her, the relationship would be transformed. A similar scenario was being played out with a young professional couple with two small children. The wife had the expectation that her husband would conduct himself in accordance to her idea of what a good husband does. In her mind, a good husband always puts his family first, and has minimal involvement outside of work and home. Unfortunately, she chose to marry a man who loved playing soccer, and who had spent his adult life coaching young players. It was his passion. He truly loved his wife and enjoyed time with his children, but did not want to give up something he loved. She also expected him to call her several times a day at work, send her romantic cards and surprise her regularly with flowers, but that was not his style. He saw no sense in robotically carrying out these gestures, but preferred to allow them to manifest spontaneously, albeit less often. Because he did not live up to her expectations, she was very critical. As he felt increasingly judged and unappreciated, he began to withdraw emotionally. She then criticized him for his lack of affection. A downward spiral was developing. With some work she was able to shift her focus away from

her expectations, towards what she appreciated in the relationship, and so things began to change. As she stopped trying to control him and instead negotiated for what she would like ( a couple of nights a week of couple time, and one night where she could go out and participate in her favorite sport) she became more fulfilled. With fewer complaints and criticisms directed his way, be became more affectionate. As things continued to improve, he wanted to spend more time at home, so cut back on some of his sports commitments. In both of the above examples, we can see how an unconscious ego attaches to another person, and wants to use the energy of the other almost as an emotional life support. The other person, in ego’s eyes, does not exist as an independent being, in his or her own right, but is being pressed into service to meet the insatiable demands of an ego that has not learned to fulfill itself. If ego was successful in continuing to draw on the energy of the other, the vitality and uniqueness of that person would begin to fade, and with it the quality of the relationship. It’s a little like cutting open the goose that laid the golden eggs. You might get what you want in the short term, but you are altering the ability of the individual to give freely and spontaneously in the future. Eventually he or she won’t want to give at all. If you feel your ego is grasping, relax, let go, and move into soul. By loving and allowing, you raise your own vibrational level. This energy then acts as a magnet, drawing towards you easily and effortlessly that at which ego could only clutch and claw, and helplessly watch slip away time and time again. Loving and allowing is easy and natural. Getting ego out of the way so we can do so, is the human challenge.

August 2012

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


I felt to put a few thoughts out there which are intended to help the reader go further than the first thought he or she reads. This was one of my first thoughts. ‘Look further than the thought you first thought you had’. It took me on a soul journey of beauty and wisdom, and today I guide others on their soul’s journey. All my experiences happened with nature in one way or another. I could not control nature with my thoughts. I remember being in front of the plants feeling silly to be communing with them and had the thought about not getting my mind around talking with plants. The next thing a thought came whizzing in; “That is the whole idea”. This was the beginning of my lessons with nature. I just had to learn the language of the nature and my heart which was through feeling. One of the quotes that I would like to introduce at this point is Albert Einstein’s: ‘”The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” To me this is very relevant for now, and I believe that for our health and well- being that both the intuitive and rational minds need to be honored. How is this related to soul grounding you might ask? I think we have an understanding of grounding that has served us so far, however. I feel many have evolved spiritually and with the heightened awareness are still seeming to find it difficult to maintain a calm and balanced perspective, even in the midst of chaos. I have come to understand there seems to be short term grounding and long term grounding. The one that I would like to introduce people to is the long term grounding which involves a sacred relationship with plants and earth.

By Suzanne Robinson Kia ora, Greetings. “Humanity has shown us how to see and think. Nature shows us how to feel.”

Are you ready to experience soul grounding? First you give your rational mind a holiday, to allow the intuitive mind to come out of the closet. With soul grounding it is felt, and relates to the environment through our subtle energies. With the subtle energies did you know that the weather, climate and the atmosphere affect you as well as the air you breathe. In my awakening, many different feelings occurred and I would go to the doctor, but all the tests came back fine. I’m sure many identify with this. This is when I began to look further than the first thought. Do any of the following feel familiar to you? (Continued on page 15)

August 2012


Diagram 6.

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Diagram 1.

Diagram 2.


Diagram 4.

Diagram 5.

Feeling confused, and have difficulty making a decision. Feeling unsure what you want , or what direction you feel you want to go. Feeling cut off, detached, disconnected. Feeling like going in circles, getting no-where. Feeling out of balance, bumping into things. Actions not matching your words.

Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling snowed under. Feeling like the world’s problems are on your shoulder’s. Feeling weighted down, or being dragged down.

Feeling used, as though something is hooked onto you. Feeling forced to say and do things that are out of character with you. Feeling as though you are not in control of yourself. Feeling sharp pressure like a drill in the head in different areas and there is no medical reason for it.

Feeling boxed in. Feeling that everything around you is stopping you from getting anywhere. Feeling anxious as if there is no way out, and everything is closing in on you and you can’t get out.

Feeling spaced out ,zoned out. Feel floaty. Feel like you are spinning, spiraling, dizzy. Feel as is you cannot get a grip on anything.

Diagram 7.

Diagram 8.

Diagram 9.

Diagram 10.

Feeling empty. Feeling lost. Feeling like you keep looking for something. Feeling like you are never satisfied.

Feeling Feeling Feeling Feeling

numb, lifeless. like no-one is home. drained of your energy. tired all the time.

Feel like you are caught in mind games. Everything seems complicated, and long and drawn out.

Feel like you keep butting heads, always competing, especially in family and friend relationships. Feel like you are caught in the workaholic wheel, got to keep moving, everything is speeding up.

Feeling like you are being pushed and pulled. You feel as though you are splitting apart. Feeling caught between doing things to please your friends, and doing things because you want to.

These illustrate some of the feelings that you get when your grounding is not connected with your soul. You can get a quick fix, but until you work with the intuitive mind, which connects you to your soul through experiences of your senses, emotions, thoughts and words and then balance the rational mind to the intuitive mind. (Continued on page 16)

August 2012


As a society we have been inclined to try to ground using our rational mind, e.g imagine walking in the forest, or lying on the ground. It is easier to ground for the short term, however it is not sustainable. On my journey to grounding with my soul I began channeling from the ancient ones to assist with the interconnectedness between people, plants and places. For those who can connect through the feeling of the words, can receive their own wisdom from the vibration, for others the words will help. This is one I’d like to share with you at this time. Love your truth. A message for all; To walk the Path of Love. To be Love, to be at One for the Highest and Greatest Good of All. Being at One with all on the Path of Love. Sharing your Truth through the Light, your Wisdom through the Power, and your Joy through the Peace. To be able to share your Expression of yourself with Love, the Truth in the light, Wisdom in the Power and Joy in the Peace. Be at one with All. Share this essence of who you are so that others may shine their light with Love, Wisdom and Peace. Be at one with all Accepting and Receiving their love as this is their understanding and will help fulfill the Love of Truth you have within.

Aroha nui and many blessings Suzanne

Suzanne has a background as a landscape designer and has been exploring the interrelationship of people, plants and places for over 30 years. She has published a book, “Soul Gardening” to assist people to become more aware of how to change their way of life just by understanding their personal subtle energies through their senses, emotions, thoughts and words, and how to apply this integrated way of being in everyday lives for harmonious relationships. To learn more about ‘soul grounding’ see Suzanne’s web site; or

August 2012



Story It is in the telling that patterns of soul stuff are revealed. even if it is only a bent blade of long grass broken web of yellow spider piled stone of pilgrim the story is there‌ eye was there in form in flesh in spirit something was touched someone was loved memories of dreams lingering giving substance you were there ‌

Margie Kivel 02 January 2010

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August 2012


Plantain, Plantago major, is so common I bet you’ve walked over it a million times without ever noticing. In fact if it’s growing in your lawn it will happily adjust its growth to lie just beneath the height of the mower’s blades. You could curse it for its tenacity, but perhaps it’s telling you in plant language, that by growing in great abundance in close proximity to humans that it is a plant we have a great need for and it should be used often. So let’s take a look! There are two types of plantain. The first picture is the broad leaf variety which is very common in this area. The other has a longer more slender leaf and a more up-right growing pattern that you don’t see quite as often. I like to think it’s the more sensitive version that cannot take the (Continued on page 19)

By Marilyn Dyke

August 2012


(Continued from page 18)

trampling and the mower, but they both work equally well. Both varieties send up long flower spikes that prolifically produce seeds along this spike that will eventually go a brownish color when they are ready for harvest. Birds (wild or caged) love these seeds. Plantain isn’t native to North America and in fact the aboriginal people gave it the name White Man’s Footsteps. I would assume that the early settlers probably brought the seed of this helpful plant with them to North America, or perhaps it found its way to our shores tucked away in clothing, shoes and utensils brought over on the long voyage from Europe. Plantain is high in vitamins C, A and K. The young leaves are tenderest when steamed or added to soups, or you can stuff the leaves with rice filling and simmer in tomato sauce. If you have lots you can make cream of Plantain leaf soup. Once the leaves get older they are tough, you can still eat them but you need to remove the long stringy leaf fibers (too much work I say!) Medicinally this plant really shines and the fact that it’s almost always growing wherever you are is a bonus. I use a bruised leaf rubbed over mosquito bites to eliminate the itching. In fact Plantain is THE remedy for any insect bite or sting. Simply apply the chewed or bruised leaf to the bite and then bandage over it leaving the leaf to do its work. This works amazingly well for wasp stings, the pain will disappear in under 10 minutes. Hot plantain leaves are also used to draw out thorns and splinters. I haven’t tried this but it has been claimed Plantain will draw the poison out from a snake bite, and the root part is said to be used as an anti-venom for rattlesnakes bites - something to remember next time you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a snake bite. Plantain is antiseptic and will staunch the flow of blood. In Janice J. Sheffield’s book, Discov-

ering Wild Plants, Alaska, Western Canada, The Northwest, Alaska Northwest Books,

she writes; Many herbalists consider P. major their “herb of choice” for treatment of infection.

Rosemary Gladstar, founder of the California School of Herbal Studies, vividly describes how a close friend, stranded in a bush situation with blood poisoning streaks running through her leg, recovered completely by applying poultices of the fresh leaves and drinking quantities of plantain tea. Janice also recommends when heading out for a hike line the inside of your hiking boots with plantain to relieve pain and prevent blisters. Take note smokers! Plantain has also been shown to cause a natural aversion to tobacco and apparently is used in many over the counter anti-smoking products. The seeds contain up to 30% mucilage which will swell in the digestive tract acting as a mechanical laxative…….I just love that word “mechanical” BUT take note here and I cannot stress this enough. If you are taking Plantain seeds sold commercially as “Psyllium” for constipation it is extremely important that you drink a lot of water with it because if you only drink a little it will turn into cement in your gut which will only compound the problem. Suffice to say I have had personal experience with this! Try Googling Plantain and read about its other medicinal uses it makes you think twice next time you mow over it doesn’t it? As always be safe and be sure to pick your edible and medicinal weeds away from roadsides and any contaminated areas – this includes lawns that have received chemical fertilizers and sprays. Until next month have a wonderful, safe summer! Marilyn Dyke is a spiritual regressionist trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She has been an active teaching and healing Reiki Master for many years (Usui & Karuna). Much of her summer is taken up communing with her vegetable and herb gardens and concocting herbal creams, salves, teas and herbal essences. It is Marilyn's pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your quest for balance, peace and physical well being! You can visit Marilyn at

August 2012


Maybe it is time to explore?

I named mine “It”. She deserves no embellished name like: witch or gremlin or Tracy-Lou Evans (a name I had used in the past for the editor). “It” is my editor that wants out when I want to play. She tells me to clean up, act right, sit up straight, type it right.... There she is... there It sits. I know I need to quiet her and calm her when I sit and write tonight. It has been a tough month and my Om space has been disrupted. She pushes me, puts tape on my mouth and pain in my fingers. She wants to silence me. I try to reason with her and soothe her with broken promises she has heard before. Nothing I seem to write is right. She has taken the pen and made scribbles along the page. It has even put red ink over words that seem too “touchy feely”. How do I speak to It without her losing her cool and storming away...leaving behind a wave of guilt. Maybe I should have listened to her this time? Maybe It is right? Doubt fills the air and I tuck away my laptop for the night. That was last week and today is a new day. I need to write. I WANT to write. Writing is my playground. In my journal I can jump as high as I want, run as fast as I can, and sing as loudly as the birds down the road. What do I say to her? How do I say it?

August 2012


The Artful Dialogue with editor It. Me: It, can I speak with you a moment? It: No. Go away. I can't deal with you anymore today. Me: Me!? What about you? You poo-poo'd my latest and greatest ideas... It: Go...A....WAY. Me: Not this time. I want to know why you come out when I need space to be who I am? It: I'm not listening and you can't make me. Plus, I highly doubt words like “poopoo'd” are even real ones. I think you should edit that out. It makes you sound immature and whiny. Me: No, no...I have not asked for your suggestions. I want to know why you want out when I am already very stressed out in my life and want to sit and play where I play best? It: HA! You can't even trrrrry to blame me m'am. Nosirreebob. I am here because I am cordially invited to be here at every sitting. Thank you. In fact, while we are on this topic...why do


YOU invite me then blame me?

It: HA. Coward...

What do they look like? Act like? Speak like? Smell like? Who is this editor? Do they have a name? Do they often change appearance or name? Does the same one show up?

Me: Am not...

Write about it. Maybe draw about them?

Me: Do not...

It: I can do what I want, when I want, how When it is time to dialogue there is no I want... “right� way. I choose to do it in the way I have shown you, but the dialogue could go Me: Stop. It is time to stop now. I have an in many directions. Sometimes other voice article to write...and an e-mail and I have (s) enter and give their two cents worth or to pack, and clean and move and plan it is very one-sided and the other does not and..and.. want to speak. That is ok! It: Ok, so what does that have to do with I set my timer for 10 to 15 minutes so that me? I know I have a certain time to write and I have to push through It's words. Me: Can you please be still while I write tonight? Please... And in the words of Tristine Rainer: It: What shall I do if I am not here to screw with you? Me: Help me with the stories that are ready to come out..I know you can. Give me one good story tonight that is ready to be shared..

Write fast, write everything, include everything, write from your feelings, write from your body, accept whatever comes.

It: I thought you would never ask. Do I May you write in peace over the next have a juicy one for you... month. ---By Sita-Rani MacMillan, M.Ed I find that my conversation with the editor becomes very child-like when I confront her. I imagine her sitting there with her arms crossed in a tutu and white shirt with white stockings and stamping her feet.

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August 2012


by Kaye Castleman


A simple word. It sounds so innocent, and can be applied to shifting your position in a theatre seat, changing your choice of ink colours, or seasonally rotating the clothes in your closet. “I'm in transition at the moment.” This comment could be made while you're exchanging the landline phone you've just answered for a more convenient portable, or to describe that awkward phase between colouring your hair and going 'natural'. You're neither here nor there, neither one nor the other, but at some point in between. In limbo. In the midst of change. What the word itself cannot impart is the sheer terror that most transitions inherently carry. We are leaving behind a known quantity and replacing it with something different, something we likely haven't tried before, like marriage, a new job.... or death. In fact, the argument can be made that all transitions are like death because the thing we are leaving behind is dying, at least figuratively. Something must end in order for a transition to take place, and this is a major component of the stress we encounter as things move on. And move on they do, with or without us. All of life is change, whether the simple in and out of our breath, the constant renewing of our cells, or the growth of our hair. The movement and change that takes place in our bodies, even as we sleep, is astronomical. During sleep we are growing, repairing, and preparing for the demands we will place on ourselves when we wake. Nothings stops, not even for a second. Our mind transitions from this reality to a dream state, where we're often busy creating and

exploring. Then, if we're lucky, we transition back again to a state of wakefulness and a new day filled with more opportunities for change. If we can see all of these changes as the mechanism that makes us alive, it can take some of the fear out of the transitions that lie before us now. “Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday,” to quote some timeless wisdom. Yet here we are, despite our apprehension, still alive, still functioning. Seeing life as a series of transitions, filled with feeling and experience, can not only defuse the terror of their approach, but can also help us appreciate the flip side of our fear, which is excitement and anticipation. A friend's son was contemplating going back to university to study architecture. The program he was considering would take five years to complete and be fairly expensive. Five years seemed a long time to a young working man of 21, and the idea of limiting his lifestyle for that period of time felt oppressive. My comment to him was that in five years he was going to be 26, no matter what he chose to do now. How did he see himself in that future? Having a dream can sustain us even through very long and arduous transitions. It can strengthen our resolve to leave behind what is not wholly satisfying, and nurture us through the interim process. For many people, the dream is the thing that makes transitions possible. Without the dream, we would remain forever stuck in routine and safe mediocrity. The desire to live our dream can support us through challenging transitional phases. But this is only half the issue, and often the least problematical half. Visioning our new future may be

August 2012

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the easiest part of a transition. What of the things we must leave behind? What about our attachments to what we have been and done? What does it say about us when we make a choice to change? Have we been wrong all along? Were we wasting our time until now? The transitional state seems to evoke all these questions, and more. Often unconsciously, we doubt our own wisdom. How do we free ourselves from an old vision in order to move more easily into our future? How do we know which parts to take with us, and which to leave behind? How do we avoid the limiting judgements we make of ourselves and the things we are moving away from? It is important to release the negativity connected with your change, because you will bring it with you into your future if you have not found a healthy way to disconnect from it. Any insecurities or fears you have can contaminate your future vision if you do not give them a proper farewell. Saying goodbye is part of moving forward, but the good news is that it need not be difficult or sad. In fact, the most simple and effective way to move into a transition is also the most joyful. It is to celebrate. Celebrate everything you have achieved so far. Congratulate yourself on your courage and stamina, especially in those times when they were tested. Celebrate your achievements – each and every one of them. Be thankful for everyone who played a part, especially yourself. Marvel at your own growth and wisdom. Spend every available minute in appreciation for all you've done to get yourself here, on the verge of something terrifying! The more impressed you are with everything you are leaving behind, the more easily you will move through your transition and into your new future. Not only that, but a sense of loving gratitude for what has been, attracts new experiences to be grateful for. Pay attention here, because this part is key. In this present moment, you are influencing the events in your future. Feeling joyful about your past as you move into a transition, will attract joyful events at the other end. So even if you are leaving behind something painful like a destructive relationship or an abusive boss, it will serve your future very well to focus on how strong you were in spite of it all. And if you are leaving behind something beautiful like a spiritual family or the home your children were born in, it is just as important to celebrate the experience you had there rather than focus on what you will be missing. This perspective will not only make the transition more tolerable, but it will also help to ensure your move into an even more uplifting experience when the transition is complete.

In some cases, it will be necessary to work your way up to grander thoughts. You may need to start with, “I did the best I could at the time,” or simply, “I survived!” Any time you feel yourself drifting into the fear of this change you are considering, bring your thoughts back to all the positive things you have achieved until now. “I was a good friend to them.” “I created something beautiful.” Leave no stone unturned. “I'm great at math/music/interior design.” Every positive thought about your past is a building block for your future. Make lists of them, and read what you've written during the day before you go to sleep at night. During the darker times of transitions, hold yourself up to the light. See the uniqueness of who you are and celebrate the gifts you bring to the world. The more you are able to do this, the more comfortable your transition will be. Your fears will fade, and the doubts about yourself will pale in comparison to your confidence. The things you need to take with you through your transition will accompany you naturally, and the things you need to leave behind will stay where they belong. Spend less time in fretting and trying to figure things out, and spend more time acknowledging the best in yourself and all you have been. So the formula for surviving transition is threefold. First, recognize that change is the natural result of being alive. Second, play with the vision of where you are going, especially how you will feel and what you will do when you are there. And finally, celebrate everything you are and have done that has brought you to this moment. Transitions test us in many ways, and they can seem overwhelming, but they are also an opportunity to discover the very finest parts of ourselves. What magnificent, as yet undiscovered aspect of you is waiting over the crest of your next transition?

Kaye Castleman, B.A., M.A., Health Intuitive, Channel for Archangel Chamuel, Reiki Master and Certified Attunement Practitioner, has been a practicing alternative healer in the interior of British Columbia for over a decade. She offers massage, Raindrop Technique and body realignment treatments, as well as in house and long distance healing sessions, nutritional counseling, magnetic therapies, and recommendations for all types of holistic health issues. She also offers a collection of therapies and techniques to clear the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of the true health and wellness that are ready to enter your life. To arrange a phone, email or Skype session, contact Kaye at 250 -395-2239 or

August 2012


by Marguerite Paquin, PhD - educator, author, Maya Calendar specialist The Great Cycle of Time, as tracked by the Maya Long Count calendar, incorporates 7200 revolutions of a 260-day cycle known as the Tzolk’in (Count of Days). This Great Cycle, which began in 3114 B.C., comes to a close on Dec. 21 of this year, at which point a whole new Great Cycle of Time begins to unfold.

During the opening days of August the transformational energies of Ix, the Jaguar, influence the nine days remaining in that trecena. As mentioned last month, this is a “warrior” type of energy, often aligned with strength, high rank, and mastery. Under the influence of this force one can often observe a lot of “posturing for power”. The first day of the month brings in 5 Etz’nab’, the “blessing of flint”, a “knife edge” type of force that is often associated with “shock and awe”, a power that can be both divisive and decisive. Lyndon B. Johnson, who assumed the U.S. presidency after John F. Kennedy was shot, was born on a 5 Etz’nab’ day. This is also a Mayan anniversary of the official surrender of Japan at the end of World War II in 1945.

Two days after this, on Aug. 3rd, the Maya day Seven Ajaw arrives, equivalent to the great Aztec feast day devoted to Seven Flower, the god of flowers, games, music, and dance. On this day the Long Count clicks over to and just 140 days will remain until the completion of the current Great Cycle of time on Dec. 21st. Two days later (on Aug. 5th) the birth energy of Quetzalcóatl, the great Feathered Serpent that traditionally symbolizes Higher Knowledge and represents the portal between Earth and the Heavens, comes into place. This is the day Nine Wind (9 Ik’), symbolic of the “outward projection” of wind, breath, and spirit, an energy that can “blow” in any direction and can often bring unexpected change, as in tornadoes that have often manifested under this influence. This is the birth energy of Hillary Clinton, the feisty former First Lady who campaigned hard in the hope of winning the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, and then assumed the role of Secretary of State in Barack Obama’s cabinet. By this point the Olympics will be slightly over halffinished, and Olympic fever should be quite high as the intense four days at the end of this “posturing for power” period come into play. The Quetzalcóatl

August 2012

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energy that was in place on August 5th returns in more of an earth oriented form on August 8th, which will be 12 Chikchan. With this energy Quetzalcóatl can be seen in both the number and the daysign, so this can be a powerful force that can significantly draw people into action for a common cause. This is followed by 13 Kimi, on Aug. 9th, at the point where Venus reaches her Greatest Elongation West. While we can keep our fingers crossed that this powerful “transformational death” force does NOT pack its usual punch in the context of these games, this is an energy that has, in the past, brought such things as tornadoes, intense flooding, and even volcanoes. In 2010 a blast of the brightest X-rays ever detected from deep outer space (from a gamma-ray burst connected with the explosion of a massive star) temporarily blinded the X-ray eye on NASA’s Swift space observatory on a 13 Kimi day. However, this transformation could also relate to something more specific, as in the accession of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952, an event that represented a huge turning point for the U.K. after the death of Elizabeth’s father, King George VI.

As the games begin to wind down the energy of the Manik’ (Deer) trecena arrives on August 10th. Aligned with the resources of the earth, Manik’ is depicted within Maya tradition as a hand holding the sun, and within other Mesoamerican traditions as a Deer or Stag. There are a number of important ideas associated with Manik’, often oriented around the provision of sustenance or aligned with the idea of reciprocity or working towards bringing balance back into various situations. In conjunction with this, the overall theme for this 13-day time frame is Sacrifice and Reconcilation, which suggests that a considerable amount of “giveand-take” may be required in order to achieve the potential of “sacred balance”. Fortunately, one of the main patrons of this time frame is a deity who is oriented towards the erasing of transgressions, so this may be a good time to seek forgiveness or pardon for past issues. There are many examples in the past where this energy, indeed, has brought

forth such things as ceasefires and important negotiated agreements in world events. In January of 2009 it was One Manik’ that kicked off the celebrations surrounding the inauguration of President Barack Obama, with his formal inauguration taking place on Three Muluk, the third day of this time frame. While this was a very joyful day for millions of people who were really in synch with the “sacred balance” potential of this trecena, a massive earthquake three cycles later (in March of 2011) triggered the full force of the “activation of water” power of Three Muluk when it sent a horrific debrisfilled tsunami wave several miles inland, killing thousands of people and causing billions of dollars in damage. In 1997 another major sacrifice had occurred under this influence, with the loss of Princess Diana as the result of a dreadful car crash. This year this energy comes in during the peak of the Perseids meteor shower on the day of the Olympics closing ceremony, on August 12th. August 13th, the first anniversary of the publication of Nourish, aligns this summer with the day known as 4 Ok, a Burner Day, a “defining” energy associated with fire or (heart-fire), which could also be translated as the “defining of love”. In 2008 Barack Obama won N. Carolina by a landslide under this influence, which was seen as a major turning point for him – the real beginning of his march to victory. This energy is followed by 5 Chuwen, a “timeweaver” type of energy often associated with play, that can bring change. In 2009 the announcement that Obama was to be awarded the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts to bolster international cooperation among world leaders was made under this influence, so this trecena has been significant for Obama in many different ways. August 17th brings us to 8 Ix, a “resurrection” type of energy associated with the Jaguar and deep earth mysteries. This was known traditionally as Santo Mundo, a special Maya day devoted to the Celebration of the Earth. The Jaguar has also been associated with the moon, and this day happens to fall at the time of the New Moon, which can add a further sense of mystery. As the Sacrifice and Reconcilation aspects of this trecena intensify towards the end of this 13-day period, we will see the energy of 11 Kab’an come into place on Aug. 20th. This is the energy of “change” combined with the force of evolutionary movement, which will be followed by 12 Etz’nab’ and 13 Kawak. Although the last of these three days can translate as “transformational storm”, all three of these energies have brought “storms” of one kind or another in the past. Although it is not possible to

August 2012

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predict the exact nature of the “Sacrifice and Reconcilation” that may unfold during the 13 days of this trecena, it can be a time of “testing” that can require people to deal with issues that may have arisen during the previous “transformation” oriented trecena, as they work towards regaining equilibrium.

On August 23rd we can welcome in the Ajaw trecena. At this point, with the Long Count clicking over to, just 120 days will remain until the completion of the current Great Cycle of time. But this is a time for celebration as this is a time frame aligned with the arts and revelry, a highly creative period that begins with One Ajaw, representative of the initiation of “Full Sun” or “Full Enlightenment”. Known as One Flower to the Aztecs, this first day of the trecena was traditionally celebrated as the “day of flowers”, and was seen as a joyful and highly auspicious time for “making merry” and extolling the virtues of creativity in all its diverse forms. However, at this point in 2012 Venus as the Morning Star will be in the same position as it has been in the past at the time of some historic hurricanes, so this could bring some interesting developments.

born within one day of one another they will both celebrate (whether they are aware of it or not) this important return of their birth energies on Five K’an (Aug. 27th) for Hugh and Six Chikchan (Aug. 28th) for Colin. (Their Gregorian birthdays are 13 days later). This New Fire marker point can represent an important shift-point in people’s lives, so we wish them well with that. Perhaps a new Brigitte Jones movie? At the end of the month we arrive at Eight Manik’ on Aug. 30th and Nine Lamat on Aug. 31st. In Maya tradition Eight Manik’ was known as the Day of the Lord Deer, a “resurrection” type of energy aligned with sacrifice and reciprocity. Although this could be a “doubly harmonious” type of influence, it is also represents a doubling of solar energy, as happened in 2009 when this day brought the hottest day on record in Australia’s Victoria state, at 48.8° in Hopetown and 46.4° in Melbourne. Nine Lamat, an “outwardly-projecting” type of force aligned with Venus, comes in at the time of the Full Moon, which happens to be a Blue Moon, the second full moon in August.

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The third day of this period will be Three Ik’, the “activation of wind, breath, spirit”, a Maya anniversary of the day in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy announced his goal to land a man on the moon and bring him home, before the end of the decade. During this time frame both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, the two contenders for the hand of Brigitte Jones, in the popular films of that name, will be celebrating their New Fire birthdays. This is the time when all the energies (the number plus the day, and the number plus the month) in any person’s birth signature realigns to the exact same position as was in place on the day of birth. As it takes almost 52 years for this realignment to occur, this is known as a Calendar Round anniversary (or New Fire to the Aztecs). As both Colin and Hugh were

August 2012


Dance the Changes

We are what we

Our capacity to change exceeds our imagination. Concepts of self and other are rooted in the dust of old realities, planetary bygones, cultural apparitions.

repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

The adaptability of birds to use the materials at hand, be it dog hair, feather or plastic strands to make a nest mirrors possibilities long neglected when we chose to take only one route, independent of all creation, to create and fuel our desires. In dreamtime there are glimpses of internal and external connections which expand and breathe new energies into our life maps. Can we, can I, can you, remember long enough, stay awake for, open to‌ a new way of being, responding and creating?


The call is carried by distant drums, ancient songs, rapturous dance. Come home, come into who you are with joy and expectation. Touch one another! The energy passed from hand to hand, heart to heart lights passion’s fires, unbinds the god head within which we all dwell as one, allowing change, allowing love, allowing source to open us. Margie Kivel 27 March 2010

August 2012


Gail Siler, PhD This morning I was sitting in the sunroom having my morning tea ceremony….a pot of tea made with one teabag and morning inspirational reading material….when in pops a voice I know well, making a suggestion: “Why don’t we write an article on 2012.” It wasn’t really a question, and I didn’t really hear the voice in sound, I heard it as words in my head but not my words, if you know what I mean. Then a title flashed through my mind. “Managing Mom’s Metaphors.” And before you know it I was deeply embroiled in a whiney argument with the voice that sounded, even to me, a lot like denial that I could even do it. Which is silly because I just finished writing 350 pages of a book and much of it was in the voice of the one speaking to me during my tea time. I’m finished with my tea now and you can guess who won the argument and it wasn’t me! So here we go. So Butterfly Woman, are you still here?

Yes, dear whiney one, it is I joined with you this morning. And we applaud you for your courage even whilst we giggle at your ever constant need to verify everything that happens to you, albeit over and over again! To make it easy for the readers, let’s agree that when I am speaking the words will be in italics. Now let us begin. Let’s talk about how our Mother speaks to us. For starters the Mother I am referring to is Mother Source, She Force, Mrs. God, Mother Goddess, the Empress of the Universe; she’s the Big Mama of all of creation. She’s speaks to us all the time but most of us don’t have enough energy to hear her or pay attention to her, so she uses the language of the right brain. In fact you can say she lives in our right brain. That’s one reason why we encouraged Gail to write about our sacred twins… and the feminine beingness in us that is our direct access to Big Mother Source. That is also the reason why suddenly there’s so much talk about getting into our right brain and getting the two sides

of our brains to work together. That’s also what 2012 is about: an awakening or rather a reawakening of our right brain and returning to balance, returning to one’s true wholeness. Think of yourself as being invited to move from a caterpillar state into a beautiful and powerful butterfly.

Now here comes the rub. We all know that the caterpillar goes into the mysterious state of the chrysalis first, and so must humans. Inside the chrysalis there is magic, but there is chaos too. There, just like the chrysalis, we feel like we are hanging in the dark from a single thread off some leaf that is being blown about by the winds. Fear! Oh Yeah! That’s what it is! But to the butterfly awaiting birth fear is just a necessary stage of falling apart it’s old self. First we must fall apart that US that we once were in order to transform into a new US, a more powerful US: one that can fly, one that can get above the mundane experiences of daily life and see a bigger picture of what life is really all about. In seeing that new picture, we also see our own uniqueness, our unique thumb print and what our wondrous piece of the puzzle we bring to the rest of humanity. I am happy to say that we are lovingly looked after by Mother Source herself and her many helpers even though we feel like we are all alone in this process. In fact the degree to which she makes helpers available to us will astound you. She will send you soothers like songs that make you feel inspired just as you want to tell your boss to take a long walk off a short pier. Or a butterfly just happens to wing past you while you are walking home with a load of work ahead of you. Or someone on the bus or subway across from you smiles at you

August 2012

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what that smile that just melts your heart….there she is….lifting your spirits. And don’t forget the biggie of all times: the little infant or child who runs giggling by you and waves her little chubby hand at you and out tumbles the most holy of holy giggles… straight from you know who! Or is that whom? But you get the drift. Those are just the soothers. Add to that the movies, especially our labeled ‘chick flicks’ that remind us we aren’t alone and give us courage to keep moving forward. Don’t forget the Nora Roberts books that encourage us to keep our hearts open. But there are many ways. Gail was pondering a deep metaphysical question one day years ago whilst sitting in the doctor’s waiting room and impatiently opened a Reader’s Digest at random and the answer sprang off the page at her. We liked that one a lot! And she did too! It really surprised her. There’s a whole lot more. Let Gail tell you what she did this past weekend. Ok, my turn? I was invited in the most amazing way to be in a booth at the Mission Folk Festival this past weekend. It all happened the weekend before when I was walking around at the Caribbean Festival in Maple Ridge, BC. As I wandered around looking at the booths I stumbled into a crystal and stone booth. I love stones so I had to do a more detailed surveillance of the booth. I was touching all the stones that appealed to me and having a grand time when a woman came up beside me and asked the owner of the booth to explain the properties of the stone she had in her hand. He said he loved stones but didn’t know a lot about their properties. So I popped into the discussion and told her that I was a jewelry maker and stone reader and the stone she had in her hand was good for grounding and helping to heal her base chakra or ‘belonging’ issues. In a matter of five more minutes, she had purchased three stones, we were hugging and exchanging cards, and the owner had asked me to join him and his partner at the Folk Festival the following weekend. We had all experienced a win-win-win and THAT is Empress of the Universe/Mother Source herself in action. When it’s easy and it flows like that, you know she’s offering you something that ‘s right up your alley and worth following .

ties to us that take us in the direction that will lead us to our next higher step and recovering more of our energy of wholeness. Is that what you meant, Butterfly?

Exactly, Gail. Let me talk a bit about Mom’s language and the other ways she speaks with us. The right brain doesn’t speak in words very often because most of us still have too low an energy to hear. But as I said, she uses the instant message we call metaphor. You know the story: a picture is worth a thousand words. Metaphors are like pictures to her. So let’s say you aren’t sure what to do about something and you decide to get a stone reading, for example. Or you just take a walk on the beach and find a stone that appeals to you while you are wondering about something. The stone contains energy that speaks to your hand and eventually works its way into your nervous system and you get an ‘Aha!’ and a sudden understanding. Even though you don’t see the pictures like on these stones in the photo, the stones you are drawn to have their own energy personalities just like humans do and are there as Source Mother’s soother and speaking stone to transfer their understanding to you by your energetic connection. Not just stones, but all forms of divination are nothing more than Mom offering info to us in a way that we can understand things better whilst we are either in the stage of caterpillar or chrysalis undergoing change and really wanting reassurance or assistance with getting through the muddle of feelings and fears in order to hear the message she is sending us internally and yes, eternally. So all

I think what Butterfly woman has in mind is not just how easy things are when we are in the flow, but how to know when Mom’s helping us out. When things flow that easily, we can see it’s the hand of Mom guiding us and presenting

August 2012

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forms of divination, you might say, are external expressions of what she’s telling us inside but we can’t yet hear or can but aren’t paying attention to. Even people are mirrors and metaphors like pieces of ourselves we aren’t claiming or owning. By seeing it outside ourselves, she’s showing us in a way that we can see it more easily. The kindness of a stranger, the unconditional love of a child, or the shadow hurts of a friend acting out: they are all pieces of ourselves we want to acknowledge in order to return our energy to ourselves and to regain our wholeness. 2012 is offering a doorway of assistance to give humans a boost up to the next higher level of humanity. We are actually moving from the stage of the Love of Power to the next higher stage of humanity’s evolution. That new form you can call the Power of Love. To do that requires us to willingly step into the chrysalis and hold faith and trust that we will step out as the powerful butterfly and begin the next phase in humanity’s wondrous journey. Come join us for the party. It’s lunch time and I think Gail is looking forward to her afternoon tea! We wish you good journey, happy chrysalis opening and be sure to dry out your wings a bit before you lift off into the air on your wondrous new journey.

About Gail Siler, PhD Gail offers counselling and workshops on maximum wellness and personal energy management. She is founder of The Inner Entrepreneur and Champions of Change programs and creator of the Personal Energy Management Curriculum. Dr. Siler, an international consultant and social scientist worked for more than two decades with corporations, international organizations, governments and communities to help people make creative positive change in their lives. She was Associate Professor with University of Toronto for many years and taught at Humber College School of Business. Gail’s second book, Decoding the Butterfly Promise. Regaining our feminine power and returning to wholeness is available on Amazon August 1, 2012. Join us for the launch radio program August 1 at 7pm Pacific time on Networthy Radio , The Networthy Project, Blogtalkradio. For information on the book , to contact her about this article or arrange a consultation go to

August 2012


JUXTAPOSITION At this juxtaposition of my life choices my satchel of beliefs and scars of experience are being left in their realm of the past. I am moving into a new way of being in a strange yet wonderful landscape. I crack the nut shells of old ideas and toss all into the compost bin. Of what I have, what I need is little. “Have” and “need” are meaningless when it is a constant flow of “from” and” to.” I create each step before I place my foot, and do so from the well spring of my soul. Flickering lights on the peripheral view indicate electrical charges of energy waiting to merge into form and grace. A different stamina and level of endurance is required to be simultaneously in all the aspects of what we do not know, and to remain completely open, without gates to lock and windows to close. But the air at this level of existence is so clear that my lungs no longer struggle to filter the non usable from what is true. Gravity lifts like heavy wings into the flight of angelic grace and allowance. I am ready for a new adventure on earth without personal debris and overgrowth. Catching the wind that carries the scent of new soil’s promise of expansion I am lifted beyond the familiar. Margie Kivel 18 August 2010

August 2012


Our eyes

are such an intimate part of us. Or perhaps it is better said that through our eyes incredible intimacy is allowed and revealed. The phrase “the eyes are the windows of the soul� may be trite and over-used but it is also accurate. This month you will begin to learn how to see yourself in all your glory.


by Vera Enshaw

journey begins, as always, with yourself and relaxation. Take yourself to a quiet spot, a gentle place. Make sure that you have a well balanced portable mirror, soft lighting and a pen and paper. Put on some quiet music, get August 2012


comfortable and go through your favorite relaxation technique. (Don’t have one? There is an easy and effective one in the September issue of Nourish: Your Amazing Energy Field)


you are relaxed, situate yourself so that you can look right into the mirror. Look at your face, notice your eyes. Often we do not actually see our eyes when we look in the mirror. Look now into your eyes. See the physical eye—iris, pupil, white. Take a few seconds to become familiar with them.


now look into your eyes, the whole of your eye. Allow yourself to become totally absorbed in these beautiful windows. You may be able to look into only one eye at a time, you may be able to focus on both eyes. Whichever it is, just look. Blink, if you need to. Resist the urge to look away—yet if you do, gently bring yourself back. Spend several minutes with yourself, noticing what draws you away from yourself and how long it takes you to get back.


heart? Write these questions down beforehand so that you can easily answer them during this practice.


pull your gaze away from your eyes to allow them to rest. Go back to your Self as often as you like.


the next few weeks repeat this exercise several times. Vary it: ask your Self questions, look into your eyes and see the answers.

This one thing that I know: your Self, your Guides, your Angels will NEVER speak to you with harshness, with anger, in judgment. They will not berate you, chide you or insult you. If, when you are seeking your qualities or are looking for answers, you hear anything that is not honoring of you… are hearing your small self that is afraid. Thank it for sharing, and just say “next!” Continue doing this until the words you hear are positive and nonjudgmental. We can see the quality of envy— we do not need the opinion of our small self on that quality!

you have established your connection, I want you to focus your attention on your energy field at the same time as you are looking into your eyes. What do you feel? What do you sense? When I do this several things happen: I feel very expanded, I sense sparkles around me and I begin to be drawn into my eyes, almost as if I could just lose myself in them. Take a few moments and experience what happens for you. Pull back, look away and then go back into it. Jot down on your paper what happens each time.

Until next month…..Namasté!


sit quietly for a time. Do not get drawn so far into your eyes that you lose awareness (although that is a very wonderful experience!). Ask the question “What are my qualities?” then note words, thoughts, phrases that come into your mind. Begin to write them down. (A quality can be kindness, depth, humour, love. Fear, sorrow, anger, envy are also qualities. Each of us has many qualities.) Note how you are feeling as you do this. What emotions are being brought forth? What is happening in your energy field? In your

August 2012


Phil Nielsen


o u r study of the Elder Futhark, we come to the next rune,

Ansuz. The rune for the month is Inguz. When drawn it is almost always a positive rune and only in the most negative of runecasts does it suggest failure. It indicates that the force is available to you to complete any project and it shows a successful conclusion to the problem at hand. Inguz shows the ending of one phase and the beginning of a new and more exciting one. It is a rune of good fortune and a time of positive energies and deliverance.

This is Odin All Father’s rune.

In Frank Joseph’s book, Gods of the Runes, we read that after Odin had finished creating the cosmos he wanted to gain greater wisdom and power so he created two ravens, Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory). Each morning, as he sat on his throne surveying all, they would perch on his shoulders and repeat all the gossip they had learned. In this way he was able to keep abreast of all that went on in the world. (Continued on page 35)

August 2012


(Continued from page 34)

One morning, Hugin told Odin of an ancient creature, Mimir, who had survived the Great Flood and lived alone at the far edge of Jotenheim, realm of the hostile giants. There he guarded a spring that granted deep wisdom to all who drank from it. Odin decided he must drink from the spring and followed Hugin for many days to Mimir’s abode. It was a simple hut where the antediluvian giant rested in a sprawling chair in front of the crudely made stone well. “So, Odin “said Mimir while Odin was a few paces away, “you have come to enjoy my spring, have you?” “I can see you have been enjoying it as well,” said Odin, “or how would you have known all about me. Yes, I mean to have its waters myself for I need wisdom to govern the world.” “If you were truly wise you would not bother, but you seem determined in your quest so you may drink from the well, but there is a price!” said Mimir. “As is always, name your price” “It is costly, but so is wisdom. You must first tear out one of your eyes with your own hand. Then you may drink as deeply as you wish of the spring. If you do not make this payment, however, when you leave this place you will never be able to return for a second chance! Now you know why no one drinks from Mimir’s well!” Odin paused, thinking that although the price was a fearful thing, if he lost his nerve now, his ascendency over the other gods might be called into question and he still lacked the knowledge to order the universe as he should. “I’ll have my drink,” Odin declared. “Here is your payment” And without a moment’s hesitation, he gouged out his left eye and handed it to the giant, who deposited it into a small golden cask filled with other grisly items and handed Odin a clean towel to wash his bloody face. “You have paid the price, son of Burri! Now take your fill, you have earned it” Odin stood at the edge on the well, gazing into its crystal-clear waters with his good eye and took a wooden pail and dipped it into the spring. As he drank, his thoughts seemed to assume the clarity of the water. It was as though his mind was bathed in

sunshine. His perspective was magnified a thousand fold. “Now that you have what you came for,” Mimir warned him “do not think you have all or even enough. What you obtain henceforth, you must obtain on your own, for of wisdom, no one can have too much and there are many pitfalls ahead.” All Father continued to grow in power and understanding but even he was unable to avoid the Twilight of the Gods that would eventually overwhelm him and his universe. That Day of Doom was far into the future, however. “Give me your other eye and take another drink” cried Mimir. “Ha, a fine king I would make then” said Odin. “You cannot tempt me to blindness, Mimir, but thank you for the offer. A dead eye, what is that good for?” “Your eye?” Mimir patted the cask’s locked lid. “Nothing beyond being a souvenir of self-sacrifice.” Later, after Odin had left, Mimir took the eye and threw it into the well. Perhaps its ghastly appearance would be a deterrent to other would-be wise men. On his homeward journey, Odin struck off a branch of Yggdrasil to use as a walking stick. Sitting under the World Tree he began to pare off the twigs. With the spring’s waters still fresh in his throat, a new awareness crowded his consciousness, bursting for expression. His hands seemed as though they had a mind of their own and began carving signs and symbols which were the first runes. When he was done, he proudly examined his walking stick and then resumed his journey. When he finally arrived at Asgard, his fellow gods noticed a profound difference in his aura of newfound wisdom. They were amazed at his transformation and bent down to admire the symbols carved in his staff. It was then that Odin realized, much to his shock, that the twenty-four glyphs corresponded to the same number of gods and goddesses. “Choose one for yourselves and imbue it with your own energies” said Odin. As they did so, the staff became a great wand of potency. Its possession made him the master of the universe. Only after all these things did Frija notice his missing left eye, which he had hidden behind his long hair. She screamed and it took all his newly gotten knowledge to assuage her distress. Balder fetched

August 2012

(Continued on page 36)


(Continued from page 35)

him a simple leather patch to wear and Thor gave him a long sharp lance point to fit on his staff. “Here, this will make your walking staff into something greater and most potent scepters are always


Henceforth Odin wielded his rune carved staff over the destinies of gods and men. As Wotan, Odin’s name derives from the Germanic word, wut, “to rage” Since prehistoric times he has been known as Vodan and Votan to the Indo-European peoples of northern Europe. Odin is the chief deity of the Asgard and the one who invented and brought to humankind, the gifts of poetry, literacy, wisdom, the

nifying his divine primacy. In northern Europe, Ursa Major is known as Odin’s Wain. Wednesday is a contraction of Wodin’s Day. Odin is also known as Galdrafoedhur, “Father of Incantation” According to McVan, “the rune stands for wisdom, divine inspiration, consciousness, intelligence, poetry, magic, ecstasy and order. It is the wisdom of ancestral memory and that ‘small voice within’” Svensson similarly associates it with communication, writing, speaking, and poetry. Guido von List defines it as a “spiritual power working through speech” and Lisa Peschel writes that the Odin rune (Ansuz) “represents helpful advice, the acquisition of wisdom, eloquence, and the power of the spoken word.” Its inverse indicates dishonesty, lies, halftruths, and false speech. Until next month brothers and sisters, I encourage you to look up a few of these references and read what they have to say.

arts, law and medicine. Sometimes he is the Wanderer who roams Midgard, dressed in a great cloak and slouch hat with his staff disguised as a walking stick to learn firsthand how the world is doing. Odin is a most potent sorcerer and brings supernatural powers to those with whom he shares some of his runic knowledge. As such, he is the god of wisdom. Together with Thor and Ullr, Odin oversees Breidablikk, (the Broad Gleaming), from July 21 to Aug 21. His color his deep purple and his rune is known as the god rune,


August 2012


There appears to be so many people searching right now for the answer to “What am I supposed to be doing?” “Where am I supposed to be right now?” “What is my purpose?” that I decided to ask the angels for a message on this very topic. Here is what they responded:

Ah, so you appear to be struggling right now with the here and now, what and where do you think you should be doing right now? We need to go back though to what brought you to this space to ask these questions. Part of the questioning comes when you are unsure of who you truly are. What is your true essence? That is really the question at hand here dear ones. It is not about what you should be doing or where you should be or even what your life purpose is. But who are you? When you discover who you truly are, not what you think you are supposed to be in this moment, but who you truly are, then you will know exactly what you should be doing in this moment. Oh, we know that seems like too much work for most of you and you would rather we just gave you the answer to the questions you are asking but that is not how it works. You need to do the work. Heal the emotions. Smooth the transition from what you were, to who you are. In order to do this, we ask that you find your center and honestly examine, not just your light but your dark as well. There is no judgment in this space; there is only acceptance that both parts, light and dark, make up who you are. Once you have discovered your true essence, right now, today, you will be able to let go of who you were. You have been working towards growth on your path yet have not taken the time to integrate what is different. Discover your essence, break free

of the masks you are wearing for the different roles of your life and just be who you are. Once you have discovered this you should be able to see that you are right where you need to be. This is your life. You got here by placing one foot in front of the other, we call that divine guidance, and you will move from this space when you are ready for the next stage exactly the same way. One step at a time. Have no doubts that this is where you belong and that what you are doing is your life purpose. Oh, wait a minute, did you think your life purpose was something grand and above what you are currently doing? It is, for right now in each moment of each day you are inspiring another just by being you. You are helping others to walk their path. You lead by example. Have faith dear ones, you are indeed doing what you need to do even if it feels like you are lost. The time has come to be impeccable in all your relationships, responsibilities and your home environment. Moving through this stage of learning and integrating will require you to wear your discipline and integrity around you like a sacred cloak. Pay attention to details; maintain your intent and focus. No matter how far you have come or how far you feel you have to go, soon you will know with all your being exactly what you are supposed to be doing. The seeds have been sown in the past, watered and cared for with each step that led you here and soon you will be harvesting the crops of your creation. Know you are loved ….. Your Angels

August 2012


Archangel Chamuel is most commonly known as the angel of love and compassion. (S)He can be helpful in dealing with communication issues, relationships, ethnic and racial tension, and to assist in situations where we are looking for things we have lost, or cannot find. As a channel for messages from Chamuel, I have found he has a strong desire to support the opening of our heart chakra, especially at this critical time in our development.

“Welcome, Dear Heart, to the energy of the angelic realms. It is I, Archangel Chamuel, conversing with you through the human, Kaye. We have just come back from her garden plot, a small space amid many others in a community garden. Kaye loves to go there because she can connect with the earth, an important balance for anyone who spends time in the higher realms. She thinks she likes to go there to relax, but usually she is too busy with gardening tasks or mental exercises to relax fully, so I used a little angel trick to lure her back to that peaceful space in the middle of the day, with the sun's heat on her back and no urgent tasks to perform. While she was relaxing on her garden bench, I suggested she connect with the energy of her growing vegetables. She does this regularly, showering them with love and feeling their warmth return to her, but it is quite a different connection when there is no watering or weeding or picking to do... when they are enjoying the pleasure of the midday together. I prompted her to listen to the energy of each of her vegetables. First the cabbages. Then the kale – two varieties, each with their own resonance, though not nearly so different from each other as from the cabbage. Then the cauliflower, a very different tone from any of the others. Then back to her whole garden again, to notice the symphony of energies they create together. And on to the entire community garden, to hear the crescendo of vibrations, rising and fading, in and out of intricate harmonies. This is a powerful exercise in observation, and can be done in a flower garden, while walking in the woods, sitting on a mountain top, or anywhere in nature. Listening to nature hones your intuitive skills. When we were done our little exer-

August 2012


cise, Kaye left the garden. On the way home she recognized someone getting out of a vehicle. The two of them have had some difficult encounters in the past, so the energy between them is often prickly. This time, however, Kaye greeted this person with a warm smile, an open heart, and thought to herself, “Oh, he's just a cabbage!”

Question: What can we do for you, Archangel Chamuel? Is there anything that angels need or want? AA Chamuel: “What a beautiful question! Thank you so much, Dearest Human, for your loving concern. It is a mark of higher evolution to have concern for others, and to expand that concern to include those beyond your dimensions indicates a truly evolved being. To answer your question specifically, no, there is nothing that we truly need or even want, as you understand those words. As light beings, we have no physical or emotional needs. We are part of All That Is, and this knowledge sustains us in all things. However, and I speak for myself as well as all those in the angelic realms, it brings us great joy when you call on us to serve you. This is our highest mission, our raison d'etre, as you say. We have no greater purpose than to assist humans in the magnificent work you are doing. We exist to connect you with the wisdom that eludes you in your reality – a wisdom that you possess, but have forgotten in order to fulfil your purpose in four-dimensional reality. We are your channel to all that you are, and are ready at any time to assist you on your journey. You may call on us in joy or sorrow, when feeling bereft or confused, or to assist in any task. There is great celebration among the angels when humans and angels work in concert. The grandest thing you can do for me is to open your heart and allow me to speak to you. I'd love to have another reason to celebrate, you see! (wink)”

Question: Do angels really have wings? AA Chamuel: “What an interesting energy we have

this month! Talking with vegetables, angel parties, and now this! (Big smile and chuckle.) To answer this question, I will ask you another question, and then answer it, because the answer to both is the same. My question is, “Is there really a Santa Claus?” And my answer to this question is, “Yes,” which I will explain. Everything that exists is energy, you see, and all energy is mutable. It can be organized and reorganized according to the influences acting upon it. One of the most powerful influences is thought, whether spoken or not. Your thoughts are manipulating energy all the time, which is one of the main reasons we encourage you to have positive, uplifting thoughts. Everything you think and say actually becomes something, in some form or another. Your thoughts can help your flowers to grow or your partner to feel tired. Creative thoughts can spark inventions or combine with other creative thoughts to change systems or beliefs. Thoughts are changing your world all the time. Can you imagine how many thoughts there have been about Santa Claus? All the ideas and images of Santa Claus have created an energy being that exists in a very real sense. He is round and jolly and wears a red suit. He is the creation of many hopes and dreams and poetic songs. He is not a souled being, as you are, but he does exist as an energy being that you can interact with. In the same way, angels really do have wings. You have gifted them to us, and we wear them gratefully!”

Do you have a question for Chamuel? Archangel Chamuel is happy to respond! Please submit your question to if you click on this link it will come up in your email format with Archangel Chamuel in the subject line. If you are going to manually email please include Archangel Chamuel in the subject line. Please include your name, it will not be published, sold or used in any fashion it just prevents us from having bots respond.

August 2012


By Jeannie Magenta


do it!

was the last time you took a day just for you? Often there are days here and there available to each of us, only most of us use them as a catch up day to get done all the things we didn’t accomplish on the other days. As you read this, pause for a moment and listen. Have you already told yourself a story? Such as “Well these things had to get done” or “ wouldn’t it be nice to have a day off” or “I haven’t had a vacation in 3 years”. Whatever your story is and we all have one, I want you to close your eyes and sit and breathe for a few minutes. Allow your hands to rest on the keyboard or your lap and just breathe. What would a perfect “ME” day look like for you? How would you spend your time? Really envision the day. Let your imagination play for a bit. Now if you had the time is this imaginary day within your budget? If the answer is “Yes” take a look at your calendar and pick a day within the next two weeks to make it happen. Even if it means delegating a few tasks to free up some time. If the answer is “No”, your day wasn’t in your budget, then I suggest you begin saving towards that day and planning an affordable “ME” day that you can enjoy in the next two weeks, and circle the calendar. Just

We all have really full lives and scheduling can be a nightmare in itself, and time for you is really important. In all the running around and busyness it can feel like there isn’t an ounce left at the end of the day. You’re right, there isn’t. Unless that ounce of time is deemed necessary, and then a window of time arrives. The question is, are you going to allow yourself permission to have a break or wait until life hands you one? From my own past experience the breaks I choose are much more enjoyable than the ones life places upon me. Broken bones and illness are life imposed breaks and often come unplanned and at inconvenient times. While “ME” days don’t erase these events from occurring, self care does go a long ways on many levels for the vessel we live in. Okay, so you have your day circled on your calendar. Now, in the days to come, begin to set things aside and make little plans for that day, like finding the perfect book. Letting people know you will be unavailable that day and so and so will be covering for you. If you’re at home on your “ME” day have some healthy snacks or heavenly treats prepared for yourself. Make or order in your favorite meal.

August 2012

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Beyond Borders

is your day! Allow yourself to fully relax into this special time you have set aside. Eliminate any distractions. Savor you time and enjoy whatever you imagined two weeks prior.

Are your personal boundaries living fences that allow breezes from distant lands to bring new fragrances, new seeds into your space?


your body to be your guide and rest, relax and repeat often. Your spirit will thank you and so might your friends as they enjoy a more relaxed version of you!

Within that precious patch of ideas, testimonies of existence made valid through ghost words, are there new sprouts lifting up, any possibilities of change? Has your soil of experience and conclusion been turned, aerated and transformed into the fertile ground of receivership? The soul groans beneath the weight of these lead blankets! We do not need the perfect tool to let in air, only the opening of heart and mind and the first sweet taste of love's fruit - peel and all.

Jeannie Magenta runs a weekly non-profit Laughter Club and presents laughter workshops, Sessions, and conference energizers for corporate and nonprofit organizations. Jeannie is also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Wellness Counselor. She has always had a passion for people and spreading joy and once you meet her you will understand why she can help so many find more joy in there life. She can be found at

August 2012

May we be served and may we also serve. May we be, thee and I, as one in service.

Margie Kivel 28 May 2010


“First, this is not fiction, the story is real. Everything I write about I have personally experienced. If you think some of the experiences sound odd or unbelievable, just imagine what it felt like for me, as a social scientist living the experiences first hand.” Gail Siler PhD Let me start at the beginning of the journey. In 2008 a friend of mine from Toronto told me a good friend of hers was moving to the Vancouver area, M would miss Gail but felt I should connect with her. Gail settled in White Rock, I was living in Vancouver and the distance, while short, when looking at a map, does take a bit of planning to arrange a visit. I picked a Saturday and drove out to White Rock with the intent of meeting Gail while having a reading from her at a local gift shop. I arrived and discovered Gail did have an opening so waited my turn. I was excited to meet Gail, yet did not want the reading to be hindered so left out mentioning M until after the reading was done. It was a fantastic reading by the way, a crystal reading that left me with many things to ponder on my hour drive home and the days ahead. It was no nonsense, something I really like in a reader, just get to the point and lay it out, don’t beat around the bush. Gail and I would email occasionally from that point forward, and have a few coffee dates but logistics and life had a way of keeping our friendship on the fringe.

A new book hit the market on July 16th in eBook edition and will be available to order in paperback edition August 1, 2012. I was honored to be able to read this book ahead of the publication date so that I could showcase it here in Nourish. This was one book I was very curious to read. Part of the curiosity is because I know the author and I feel it will give me a glimmer of herself that I have yet to see when out for coffee with her.

I knew Gail was writing a book, in fact that is what prompted her to release all her belongs except for a suitcase and her cat and head from Toronto to White Rock. I recall one of our first visits when Gail mentioned that the book was coming along nicely and would be finished probably in a year. The premise of the book was about completion partners. I was waiting and not hearing anything about the books release date and finally in April of 2012 M got word to me that Gail had sent the book to the publishers. Yeah!!, was my first response, and did she have a website was my first question, http:// When I got off the phone with M, I went to the site and decided that Nourish should be part of this; I sent an email to Gail to arrange a coffee date. Four years from the arrival of Gail to the west coast, one rewrite, and 315 pages later “Decoding the Butterfly Promise” is set to hit the shelves. An accomplishment worthy of applause! Many people feel

August 2012


they have a book in them but not many sit down and place pen to paper to allow the words to flow. So just what does “Decoding the Butterfly Promise” mean, and how can it help the readers of Nourish while they travel down the road of life? It gives us all a view of what it is like to go from skeptic to believer on the spiritual path. Being a social scientist Gail challenges everything, and takes us on a journey from the safety net of what is considered “normal” to living her authentic life of awakening to the power within. There are numerous references in the book that those of us on the journey to our authentic selves can relate. This book will have you laughing, welling up with tears, and flipping the pages to see what happens next. Gail very candidly shares with us what it was like to go from being a woman with an impressive 11 page resume working in a male dominant field, to being a single mom going through the system and struggling to make ends meet. The journey is not just about that though, she also walks us through tearing down the walls mankind has set in place since the beginning of time on the roles of being male or female. We learn that each of us regardless of the genitalia we are born with have both aspects within us. That, through finding balance in both areas – right brain and left brain – we become whole and as women regain our feminine power. We are taken on a journey, not only of Gail’s journey, but also that of Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephtys. Gail, very brilliantly, weaves how women since the time of Isis, have been following in her footsteps and how we can break free to become a “creatist” of our own authentic lives. We are guided, as was Gail, by the Empress of the Universe and Butterfly woman. We are all invited to have our own experience and aha moments as we drift through the pages. The book is broken down into 4 parts, from Gail’s website here is the breakdown;

Part 1

“Answering the Wakeup Call”

I describe how I got hooked and engaged in joining this project. The section is filled with magical treats of the week and outrageous experiences that helped to break me out of the small box I’d labeled reality. In a word, it’s outrageous! But it’s true. My favorite part is when David helps my guide appear to me. Talk about scared skinny! I was terrified, but I was fascinated in equal measure. It is in this section that I also experience what being equal really feels like and I begin to see a bigger picture of what life really offers us.

Part 2

“Rebuilding the Future”. Vital keys are revealed and pieced together. Many transfers happen that lead me to work with a team of unusual and amazing individuals to help rebuild something that was lost long ago. I think what we did was also pre-paving the future.

Part 3

”Moving Forward and Look-

ing Back”

I move to the other side of the country and leave my ‘stuff’ and everything and everyone I’ve ever known. Think metaphor here. While I explore my new environment, the Empress of the Universe sends me back to review some of my earlier experiences which later fit together in an unbelievable way. I also find my partner in dreaming and experience an hysterical emotional roller coaster ride trying to find him in 3D reality. All of these experiences conspire to get me to shed my old ways and flip the switch on how I participate in life.

Part 4

“Resurrecting the Knowledge of the Ancients”

tells the true ‘first love’ story according to the Empress of the Universe, and straightens out some bad information we’ve had passed along to us. Then it deals with what it means for us now and how we break through and claim our power. Butterfly woman in her feminine aspect speaks up and tells the story of what happened to her and then shows how we keep repeating her experiences with our own lives. Wow. I didn’t want to believe it, but as soon as I looked through my life, the proof was right in front of my face. In fact I kept repeating a biggie she had…playing it again and again. Finally both Butterfly and the Empress of the Universe explain what it is we can do to stop the repeats and create our own lives, and yes, live happily ever after!

Please join Gail, myself and a few others August 1 at 7pm Pacific time on Networthy Radio , The Networthy Project, Blogtalkradio. To hear Gail speak about the book. To order you copy today (and I highly recommend you do so) please go here: you will then be redirected by one click to

August 2012

By Marlene Cobb 43

The power animal who decided to visit me this month is the Butterfly. Many butterflies have chosen to grace my path this month and I have enjoyed watching their playful flight as they fluttered around looking for nourishment. They lightly touch down on one plant and then they flutter off, like a child skipping along a path, to the next. Now some of you could be sitting there saying, “oh, come on Marlene, it is summer, the season of butterflies�, however, if I see one butterfly per summer I think I am blessed!


are first off, beautiful. They also represent change and transformation. Now, not everyone likes or invites change into their life, but change is good. It gets us out of our ruts and excited about life and our purpose once again. Even if the struggle to get there is enough to slay us and make us want to quit. Let us look at the life of a butterfly. First it is born an earth bound caterpillar, crawling its way through life trying not to get stepped on. It has tunnel vision which is not the best way to see what is happening around it. One day the caterpillar knows it must seek higher ground to start the transformation process. Once it finds this safe place it begins to wrap itself in a protective cover. Once the transformation is complete it starts to emerge out of its tightly woven cocoon. The butterfly spreads its wings and flutters away from its cocoon. Scientific research has shown that the butterfly is the only living being capable of changing entirely, its genetic structure during the process of transformation: the caterpillar's DNA is totally different from the Butterfly’s.

By Marlene Cobb

The caterpillar does not stress about this change it must go through, it just knows that it must. The reward is the rebirthing of something wondrous. We can learn from the journey of the Butterfly that growth and transformation does not have to be traumatic; it can occur genAugust 2012


tly, sweetly, joyfully. While they go through a bit of a struggle, without the struggle the wings would not be strong enough to allow the butterfly to take wing. So to it is with humans, any struggles we go through ultimately change us and make us stronger. Butterfly represents a need for change and greater freedom, and at the same time it represents courage: one requires courage to carry out the changes necessary in the process of growth. Butterfly can help us find clarity on the next step of our internal growth, or to help us birth and organize projects and ideas. If Butterfly shows up in your life it is important to see which phase of the life cycle calls your attention. The egg = the beginning, the birth of an idea or project. Something is there but you can’t quite put your finger on it, you just know something needs to come about. The caterpillar = the decision to manifest something into the physical world (remember earlier I mentioned that they spend their life trying not to be stepped on, and with a very narrow vision (not seeing the bigger picture), could this relate to your life?) The cocoon = going within - this is the safe security blanket area where we can look at our lives and decide what direction we need to take. What needs to be changed and what can stay. The butterfly = Doing the work of breaking free, coming out of the cocoon (the process where change took place, caterpillar to butterfly) and sharing your creation with the rest of the world. Once you have determined which phase you are at, you will know the next step to take. Butterfly enters our life as a messenger for change. Embrace this change with optimism and joy, for just like the butterfly, it brings wondrous gifts. Perhaps butterflies are so joyful to watch because they celebrate all they have been through and live life to the fullest! Next time you see a butterfly, welcome it into your life, enjoy watching it flutter around and embrace the changes you need to make in your life. Know that you are capable of being the master of this change and that your life will be much fuller once it is complete.

August 2012


By Mark Hughey The word Yoga is derived from the word yoke or union meaning to join or make one. One might ask “One with what”? The answer could be one with the divine, or infinite, the universe or simply with one’s self. Yoga has often been referred to as the path of self realization. The search for the true nature of one’s self is equal to the scientific search for the origins of the universe. The search and the journey are simply reversed and instead of looking outward one looks within. There is much that mod-

(Continued on page 47)

August 2012


ern science is now finding to be true that the ancients had already discovered thousands of years ago. While most people in the West look at yoga in terms of Hatha or the physical postures and stretching the true aim of yoga is to prepare the body to sit comfortably for long periods in meditation. Meditation was described by Webster’s as contemplation which is almost the exact opposite of what meditation is. Meditation is about stopping the thought process and letting ones spiritual being be the observer without the benefit of the five physical senses. As we start on our path one of the first things we find is that we are more relaxed and more at peace than we’ve been for years. We find that stress is an unnecessary thing and handle problems with clarity and confidence that used to elude us. As we delve more deeply into our nature we begin to discover a connectedness with nature and our fellow humans. We realize to serve others is to serve God and ourselves. We begin to put our own wants aside and put the needs of others ahead of our own and in doing so realize we were always taken care of. The universe has placed us in a position of having the help we need when we need it and being there for others at auspicious times. Starting with a Hatha yoga class at a local studio is fine but hopefully you will find a teacher that spends part of the class talking about and teaching meditation, as this is the ultimate goal of Yoga. There are some great books that can be studied on the philosophy and science of yoga, one of the best is the classic “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”.

Our five senses are all designed to perceive the world outside us and yet they do so in a very limited way. Our eyes only see what light reflects from. Does this mean that there is nothing else there? Of course not! We hear a limited range of sounds and if the pitch is too high or too low then the brain does not perceive them. When limited to the outward sensations we perceive ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe.

Remember that Yoga is not a religion and can be practiced by those of any faith. You may be surprised that it may not only enhance your own faith but also help you have a greater understanding of other faiths. Our similarities are much more profound than our differences, as we are truly one.

So the practices that make up Yoga including Hatha (physical Yoga), Pranayama (yogic breathing), Mantra (chanting sacred syllables), and meditation are all designed to lead us on the path of discovery not only of our own nature but also of the universe both inner and outer.

August 2012



Our Fool, having taken the advice of the chariot driver, is feeling victorious over his enemies. He continues down the road rather smugly with an air of over confidence and importance. He is vengeful, looking for a fight, and his energy is ramped up and ready for battle. Ahead of him he notices a woman struggling with a lion and races towards her to offer assistance. He arrives in time to see her gently but firmly shut the lion's mouth! In fact, the beast, which seemed so wild and fierce, is now completely at her command. Stunned by what he has just watched he looks at the woman in amazement and asks “HOW did you do that?” The woman smiles at him and calmly replies “I asked the lion to and so he did” The fool is a bit confused by this and asks “Why would he want to do that? He is much stronger than you are and could have easily taken you with one bite.” The maiden looks the fool in the eye and in that moment it is like he is seeing why the lion would obey her. There in her, he sees a gentle, compassionate, warm understanding being who willingly shares all she has. Her energy is amazing and it is in that moment the fool understands. He cannot quite grasp why the maiden would want to hang out with the lion so asks her. “While I have many gifts that are powerful, the lion also has a power that I don’t possess. His energy when combined with mine makes a great combination.” Together they have unshakeable resolve, calm composure, patience, compassion, persuasion and soft control, tempered force. Making them unstoppable in whatever they decide to do. When they combine all parts to be one they become whole. The maiden continues “Much like our passions. Let them run wild and they will do damage. But we can, with gentle fortitude, check and direct those passions. In doing so, we can get so much more out of them. And yet, still sate them." (Continued on page 49)

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The lion's power may be frightening, but it is also desirable. The Maiden is weak of form, but her mastery of herself is powerful. The Lion is strong of form, but weak when it comes to mastering himself. The Maiden's commands overcome the Lion's weakness, and his form overcomes the Maiden's weakness. This is why the Maiden doesn't try to harness the lion to a chariot, nor does she run from it or try to kill it. She meets its eyes, touches it, and embraces it. This is a card about understanding our wild natures, accepting them, yet also gentling those passions so that they work for us rather than against us. Putting these two strengths together creates perseverance, personal honor, and courage. The Fool looks at how well they work together. He understands that strength is more than just a strong body to defeat your enemies, but a strong mind as well. He has seen how a quiet gentle approach achieved both parties working together to form a strong bond that will be unstoppable. The fool thanks the maiden for the gift she has bestowed upon him this day and walks away knowing that it wasn't only the lion that was tamed this day by a Maiden's pure and innocent strength.

Dreams from the Bottom my waking sleep is clouded by a thick blanket of darkness blacker than the belly of the mine in which I tunnel. what was there before this, when did it begin and how? what form am I in this place without relationship’s key? suddenly a hand, or is it two? holding a massive sword with gold hilt carved to hold and support intention rises up, piercing the canopy, a slice in the illusion; it’s like peeling wall paper to find life through a sky blue lens. I am electrified with promise!

“I can handle this”, I whisper. Margie Kivel 16 June 2011

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Marlene Cobb


is a beautiful black shiny mirror-like crystal, which can also be magnetic. The word comes from the Greek word for blood, and you guessed it, it has been used to stop the flow of blood. It also got its name because, when polishing the stones, the water turns blood red. The stone has been used for amulets to prevent and stop bleeding. Native American folklore indicates that war paint made from hematite would make one invincible in battle. Probably the most interesting info I found on this crystal is that in the 18th and 19th centuries people worn this crystal during mourning. Fast forward to today and this crystal is known for its grounding properties and as a protective stone. It is by far one of the most common crystals in the sense that even little gift shops that are not metaphysical in nature often have them in the form of jewelry. Scientists have even discovered deposits of this crystal on Mars. The theory is that it could help to prove that large amounts of water have indeed flowed on the surface. This would be an

amazing discovery, proving that life may have had a chance to thrive on Mars. Most of the hematite we find on the market today comes from Brazil. It is however found in China, Canada, England, and Germany. I found a fascinating discovery while researching Hematite. It is said to utilize the magnetic qualities of our Yin-Yang energy to balance the meridians in our body. As I have always known it to be grounding, this makes perfect sense to me. To be grounded is to be in balance with all aspects between body, mind and spirit. Since the Yin flows up and Yang flows down, think of it as energizing this flow and clearing it out. What a wonderful crystal to use for support if you are going through any transformations right now. It has a calming effect and stimulates concentration and focus. It will also assist in original and logical thinking. Hematite allows us to complete the transformation to a place of clarity and tranquility rather than slogging along from a place of fear and confusion.

August 2012


Since it is also said to endow us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality, any task we undertake should be met with success. As this has been the energy year of shifting and transforming ourselves on a personal level, we should all find a good piece of Hematite and carry it with us daily. Perhaps a little known element to this crystal is its ability to help overcome addictions. It helps to enhance willpower and impart confidence, which would make it a great crystal for those overcoming addictions, treating overeating, quitting smoking, or other overindulgences. Hematite is also associated with protection. I believe this is because it draws negative energy away from you into itself. Making this a great crystal to wear or carry in your pocket if you are going into large crowds. Onto the healing properties of

Hematite, it improves oxygen supply to the body by stimulating iron absorption in the small intestine. It also helps to restore, strengthen and regulate the blood supply, which can help improve blood conditions such as anemia. People have used it to treat leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. A word of caution, Hematite can be placed in direct contact with the skin, however, for some people, this can result in inflammation. Please test before placing directly onto skin and as with all ailments, a visit with your medical doctor is advised. Never treat conditions without supervision from your doctor. Alternative methods of healing are wonderful, especially when combined with traditional methods.

tects us helping to make us feel safe and secure. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality. It is also reputed to help with relationships! So grab a piece of hematite, explore how it makes you feel, and what areas it helps you in. -May you be balanced, at peace and protected!

This month if you don’t own a piece of hematite start the journey to find one. It truly is a marvelous little crystal to have in our arsenal. It grounds and pro-

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